MooDoohello all06:50
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elfyhi - are there any ops in here can deal with an ubuntu cloak for PartisanEntity21:29
Fuchselfy: you'd need both the IRCC and a staffer,21:39
Fuchselfy: plus I think it tends to work better if the future cloakee is actually asking. They at least certainly need to be around-ish to confirm to the staffer21:40
elfythey are - just remembering how to IRC21:40
Fuchsah :)21:41
PartisanEntityi asked on #freenode but it seems not one is around right now :)21:44
Fuchsoh, there is at least one staffer active,21:44
elfythat was for a different cloak PartisanEntity21:44
Fuchsbut for the ubuntu cloak you'd also need someone from the IRCC21:44
PartisanEntityoh i see elfy, man im confused now :)21:45
elfyI don't really want to have to sort the access list for the forum channel out twice21:45
elfyPartisanEntity: :)21:45
Fuchshm?  If you are doing access list entries based on cloaks, you are probably doing something wrong21:45
Fuchsunless you do mass ones, like  /ubuntu/member/*21:45
elfyyea - it's the forum mods channel21:45
elfywe do it like that - don't ask me why :)21:46
elfythe ways of irc are arcane :p21:46
PartisanEntityok its time for me to hit the sack, thanks again for your kind help elfy21:46
elfyPartisanEntity: ok - well I'm about tomorrow - but just come back here and ask again21:47
Fuchsanyway, just wait for an IRCC member, have your launchpad page (with the ubuntu membership) at hand, have them confirm it, have a staffer set it -> don21:47
PartisanEntityok thanks will do21:47
Fuchs(optionally make sure your client is configured to use http://freenode.net/sasl/ so you are authenticated on connect, especially helpful when that channel is an internal one where you can only join when identified)21:48
PartisanEntityim using empathy, does it do that ?21:49
Fuchsnot entirely sure, as I am not very fond of IM clients for IRC. If it doesn't, there is an alternative which works in most cases, that is setting    youraccountname:yourpassword   (including the colon) as the server password21:49
* elfy looked at sasl in hexchat - seems I need to use it on primary nick and this isn't the primary nicjs21:49
PartisanEntitythanks Fuchs, ill look into this all a little more21:50
Fuchselfy: technically you don't have to be _on_ the primary nick, but you need to specify the primary nick. Some clients don't allow you to do that (which is silly)21:50
Fuchsas far as I am informed, hexchat uses the "username"  (which is also your ident, but that doesn't matter anyway), so you can just set the primary nick there.21:50
elfyyea - I just get fail to connect - and couldn't be bothered to look deeper - manana :)21:51
Fuchsas I wrote: optional. In some cases you definitely want it, but it's not needed, just recommended :)21:51
elfyFuchs: then it wants to use that nick - which is sitting in an irssi instance for me - I complicate matters :p21:52
elfyanyway - partisan has gone and will be fine I am sure - I'll leave here now21:54
elfynice to speak Fuchs :)21:54
Fuchs:)  Have a nice day21:54
hggdhoh, I missed them21:59
IdleOneno patience22:00
hggdhanyway, partisanEntity did not provide us with the LP link...22:00
* hggdh goes back to work22:01

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