dholbachgood morning07:16
dholbachfor those of you who were interested in joining dpm and myself in the app dev school call today, we're moving it to 15:30 UTC08:36
josedholbach, dpm: just so you're aware, the LC blog post should be up later today :)08:56
dholbachjose, awesome - thanks a lot!08:56
josealways happy to help :)08:57
dpmthanks jose!09:00
joseoh, dholbach/dpm: I wanted to know if any of you can give me a hand with a problem we have in the LC09:04
dholbachjose, what is it?09:04
joseI would like to be given authorization to have an admin role on the LC blog09:04
joseall non-canonical people have been removed admin permissions on canonical-hosted blogs09:05
dpmjose, I think IS removed all admin roles when they switched to SSO09:05
dpmjose, Canonical people other than IS are no longer admins, afaik09:06
* dholbach has no clue, but would suggest to ask in #canonical-sysadmin09:06
dpmjose, what do you need admin for? If we can justify it to IS, I'm sure they can help us09:06
josehmm, then I'll have to ask and in case it's like that, I'll just have to go through the tedious process of filing an RT ticket and waiting weeks09:06
josedpm: we need some permissions fixed09:06
joseand filing an RT ticket usually takes week to get a trivial change like that09:07
josethat's why I was asking09:07
dpmjose, I know, I know :(09:07
joseblargh, vanguard left a couple mins ago09:07
dpmjose, could you describe the change in detail to me? I cannot promise anything, but I can talk to an IS admin09:08
josedpm: sure, I can send an email with all details09:08
dpmjose, sounds good09:08
josecool, writing that now09:08
josethanks btw :)09:08
josedpm: would it be better for you if I file a ticket and reference it to you?09:09
josemaybe that way it's easier for IS to track it09:10
dpmjose, I think we will need to file an RT, but can you first send me the details?09:10
josedoing that now09:10
CrazyLemonhey dpm 09:16
CrazyLemonare translators tools available for trusty?09:16
dpmhi CrazyLemon09:19
dpmwhich tools do you mean?09:20
CrazyLemondpm well if i remember correctly there was a 'translation-search' tool to search the local strings09:20
dpmCrazyLemon, ah, yeah, I wrote a set of tools a while ago, but it hasn't been updated in quite a long time. It should still be installable in trusty, though. Let me check...09:21
CrazyLemondpm k..thanks09:21
dpmCrazyLemon, they're in this ppa, let me see if I can create a trusty package in the next few minutes: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-translations-coordinators/+archive/ppa09:22
CrazyLemondpm no need!09:25
CrazyLemonthanks! i just downloaded the oneiric package09:25
CrazyLemonand installs just fine09:25
CrazyLemonthanks again :)09:25
dpmCrazyLemon, cool. In any case, I've just copied the precise package to trusty on the PPA, so it should be installable in trusty very soon09:26
dpmCrazyLemon, you can then run "translations-search --help"09:27
dpmand it'll tell you how you can use it09:27
CrazyLemondpm yea..i've used it before on precise - great tool btw :)09:28
dpmgreat, glad you find it useful!09:28
CrazyLemondpm one more question - when will be the next translations update for trusty? yesterdays update fixed some missing translations and created new ones09:47
dpmCrazyLemon, I'd like to give you an answer, but unfortunately on this one I can't :( I'm no longer that involved in translations or in language pack updates09:48
CrazyLemonoh ok.. dpm who's your successor? i'll annoy him/her :D09:50
dpmCrazyLemon, there is not really one, unfortunately. One thing you can do is to ask on #ubuntu-desktop to see when the next language pack update is due09:51
CrazyLemondpm will do :) thanks09:51
drake_krHello, I'm new owner of Korean Lo-Co Team11:27
dholbachdpm, call in 18m? :)15:13
dholbachdpm, do you have time now?15:31
dholbachdpm, I think we can be brief15:58
dholbachdoes anyone want to join in for the call anyway?15:58
josedholbach: I wanted to know if there's anything I can give you a hand with, guys16:23
dholbachjose, do you know how the blog post is looking?16:26
dholbachjose, or reaching out to the teams?16:26
josedholbach: coolbhavi was going to do it, I'm pinging him now16:27
dholbachI'll send a reminder to the list about the Q&A sessions Wed and Thu in a bit16:27
josewe did (repetitively) mention app dev schools on the show Saturday16:27
dholbachjose, awesome16:57
dholbachjose, mail sent out as well16:57
belkinsaAbout the schools?16:57
dholbachI'm going to call it a day now and be there for the q&a session tomorrow16:58
josebelkinsa: yep17:09
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