bazhangis crouton a new flavour of ubuntu?00:17
rwwit's a thing for Chromebooks00:17
rwwmakes chroots of Ubuntu and Debian iirc00:18
bazhangok thanks. never did like debian irc00:18
bazhang<FallenMirror> how can i breath?07:14
bazhangI've seen that question before07:14
bazhang<ksuhku> "Unless you have opted out we will send your keystrokes to third parties including: Facebook, Twitter, BBC and Amazon." -- http://www.ubuntu.com/privacy-policy For the whole list of third parties, see http://www.ubuntu.com/privacy-policy/third-parties08:06
bazhangkeystrokes? really?08:07
tsimpsonthe ones you type into the search box, presumably08:31
jussisounds about correct, each keystroke in search box creates a new search, very similar to google08:35
bazhangthe way he worded it was much worse08:36
bazhangthen linked to fixubuntu.com08:36
tsimpsonselective quoting08:36
bazhangmore reddit-able08:37
jussiyeah, all that is under the dash part of that page08:37
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jbroomeAt what age would one qualify for the old-fart cloak? :)15:46
IdleOnejbroome: if you are ready to ask that, you are ready for the cloak.19:23
* hggdh starts to feel really old...19:25
* DJones suspects he's well and truly old enough for that cloak19:45
hggdhwell, considering that mneptok is younger than I am, I should apply19:48
DJonesAt 47, I suspect I may be older than most, if not all19:50
hggdhDJones: still 12 years to reach me ;-)19:55
DJonesSheesh, I thought I was about the oldest around here20:00
IdleOneI need to thank both of you. I feel young at 39 :)20:01
* IdleOne gives hugs to DJones and hggdh 20:02
DJonesCarefull, don't squeeze to hard,20:03
hggdhyou know when you are getting old(er) when you wake up in the morning, and something hurts20:04
IdleOneI feel like that all the time20:04
IdleOnestarting to get back in to shape slowly though.20:04
DJoneshggdh: You know when your old when you wake up in the morning and everything hurts20:05
IdleOneI should be back to peak physical form in about 2-3 months20:05
hggdhDJones: I do understand you...20:07
* DJones petitions jbroome as staff for an old fart cloak20:19
jbroome/staff/lopsa.member/old-fart/jbroome might be a little much. :)20:40
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