infinitystgraber: If you haven't already, can you work the tracker magic to give me a milestone?00:02
infinityjtaylor: Lemme look.00:02
stgraberinfinity: sure00:03
infinityjtaylor: The pytables that was promoted to -release 7 hours ago?00:03
stgraberinfinity: I'm assuming all flavours are participating this time around?00:03
infinitystgraber: They pretty much have to, following our old rules of "no beta, no release".00:04
stgraberinfinity: ok, done, any build done from that point on will show up in the Beta 2 milestone00:05
infinitystgraber: Kay.  We should probably add and drop some products too...00:06
infinitystgraber: core, netboot, and server ppc64el probably need to exist.  And unless I go and fix it in a real hurry, server omap* are both a lost cause.00:07
* infinity goes to disable both of those right now so we stop trying and failing to build them. If I find the time to fix them (and if anyone cares), we can put them back later.00:08
infinityOh, Laney did that on the 17th. :)00:10
stgraberinfinity: the current manifest is http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/admin/config/services/qatracker/series/42/manifest00:10
stgraberlet me know what we're missing and I'll check if we have it in stock already and it just needs adding or if I need to create a new product entry00:11
infinitystgraber: As above.  Need ppc64el netboot, server, core.00:12
infinitystgraber: And need to drop server armhf+omap and server armhf+omap400:12
stgraberok, dropped the two omaps, ppc64el will need some more work as I need to create product entries for those00:14
infinityAlright, omap server images purged from the mirrors and crontab on manual.00:15
infinityErm, cron slightly too manual...00:15
* infinity reenables self-rebuilds.00:16
infinitystgraber: Do we still want system-image imports running?00:16
* infinity guesses so.00:17
stgraberyeah, don't touch system-image00:17
infinityIs the trusty NEW queue really empty because we caught up, or did stgraber's bot go crazy and accept everything?00:26
knomewhat's wrong with accepting everything once in a while during a full freeze and a LTS release?00:27
infinityAnd, no, we must have actually caught up, the bot's not even running yet.00:27
* infinity turns on the bot.00:28
knomedon't worry, we'll provide you something to work on shortly ;)00:28
* infinity turns on the bot AFTER changing the default series.00:28
stgraberinfinity: core, netboot and server ppc64el added to the tracker and manifest00:29
infinitystgraber: Lovely, thanks.00:29
stgraberinfinity: so if nobody messed up the cdimage code, they should magically auto-publish00:29
infinitystgraber: That auto-accept bot would be a lot less dangerous, if it acted on the current devel series instead of having SERIES hardcoded. ;)00:29
* knome bows for all the hard work the release team does00:29
knomeand for a bit more :)00:30
stgraberwell, netboot is triggered from a cron on my server which I'll manually trigger now00:30
* infinity was --><-- this close to auto-accepting the saucy queue.00:30
stgraberinfinity: isn't it limited to the release pocket?00:30
infinitystgraber: No, proposed...00:30
stgraberoh yeah, that could be dangerous :)00:30
infinitystgraber: So, it would happily accept all the pending SRUs for a series. ;)00:30
infinityknome: Meh, this time of year, the hard work is all up to people like you.00:31
knomehuhu, don't tell me00:31
infinityknome: I just have to write emails and herd cats (neither of which I enjoy), but you have to test, test, test.00:31
knomei still have to squeeze out the last drips of non-commercial creativity juice to the xubuntu wallpaper00:31
knomeand the paperwork related to that ;)00:31
stgraberinfinity: I think I remember why I had to do that...00:32
stgraber>>> list(lp.distributions['ubuntu'].getDevelopmentSeries())00:32
infinityOh look, and there's the bot earning its keep already.  \o/00:32
infinityYay for it not bitrotting.00:32
stgrabersomething to do with a frozen series not being considered as development or something00:32
infinitystgraber: I believe there's a different call that works for frozen too.00:32
infinity    # We care about the development series by defaults.00:33
infinity    if hasattr(options, 'suite'):00:33
infinity        ubuntu = options.launchpad.distributions['ubuntu']00:33
infinity        options.suite = ubuntu.current_series.name + '-proposed'00:33
infinity^-- From some other random script...00:33
infinity>>> print lp.distributions['ubuntu'].current_series.name00:35
infinitystgraber: ^00:35
stgraberah, that's good. Feel free to just commit the fix then :)00:35
Thedemon007Hello, i send a debdiff for this bug  https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1251849 may apply for a SRU?02:34
ubot2Launchpad bug 1251849 in xserver-xorg-video-openchrome (Ubuntu) "[VX820] Regression: driver does not work on Samsung NC20" [High,Confirmed]02:34
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infinityNo more than a few hours after I freeze the archive, I upload d-i, wait an hour, and wonder why it's not been built.04:02
infinityI'm SMRT today.04:02
stgraberah I guess you want that one for beta 2?04:03
infinitystgraber: Yeah, the latest kernel had d-i specific changes to it, I'd like it in the builds.04:03
infinityFigured I'd let lightdm in for free, since it'll happen in parallel.04:04
stgraberyeah, that's fine, nobody tried to spin candidate images anyway yet04:06
infinityNo, I had planned to spin them after d-i built. :P04:07
ScottKSo, if I can get Qscintalla2 for Qt5 building, would it be reasonable to let it in for trusty assuming I'm careful to make sure the existing Qt4 stuff isn't affected?04:07
stgraberinfinity: ah, you're actually doing an initial mass build for everyone? last time around I just told them "we're ready, press the button when you are" and didn't do anything myself :)04:07
ScottKinfinity is full service.04:08
infinityScottK: Like, a new library/soname for qt5, but still also build the qt4 libs?04:08
infinityScottK: That would seem entirely reasonable.  It's not really a new "feature", per se, if the existing stuff is untouched.04:09
infinity(Much like new source packages aren't a new feature, until someone wants to depend on them or seed them)04:09
ScottKThe tricky part here is upstream used the same name for the Qt4 and Qt5 libs, but did leave at least some plumbing in place for renaming and didn't suggest I not do it when I asked.04:10
infinitystgraber: In retrospect, that would have been smarter, but my email did claim I'd do the first spin for everyone.  I should probably stick by that.04:10
ScottKSo I don't know if it'll be done or not.04:10
infinityScottK: So, it would be nice if you schooled upstream about them needing to be a new SONAME if built against a different Qt.04:11
infinityScottK: Unless they mask that very, very well in their ABI and the Qt4 and Qt5 builds really are compatible...04:11
ScottKWe discussed it.04:11
ScottKNo, they aren't and they know it.04:11
infinity(If that's the case, then I'd go for a temp SONAME for now for playtime, and then if you move wholesale later, do some clever renames and replaces)04:11
infinityAhh, kay.  Yeah, if they're incompatible, get them to fix their shit. :P04:12
infinityBut for now, you could just tack a modifier on the end or something.04:12
infinityWhen they sort out how to do it right, you can always rename and rebuild rdeps if there are any.04:12
ScottKThere is allegedly some qmake magic I can do that will make it all wonderful.04:13
ScottKAs I say, this may not make it.04:13
infinityWell, if you get around to it, you have my approval to make it happen.04:13
infinityAnd regardless, upstream needs to get their SONAME story sorted before more people try building against Qt5 and have a sad.04:14
ScottKYeah.  Not holding my breath.04:14
infinitystgraber: So, hrm.  Instead of me driving this at nusakan's commandline, or clicking in a web UI, do you have a way to just blat our "rebuild 'em all" to the tracker DB?04:20
stgraberinfinity: annoyingly, nothing terribly easy... I just checked and I don't export the rebuild method over the API, so I can easily query the manifest and get all the products but I can't actually queue the rebuild over the API (I should probably fix that next cycle).04:27
stgraberso your best bet is to get the manifest, then head to the daily milestone, tick all the things that are on the manifest and click rebuild04:27
stgraberI think that's the most efficient way of doing it. The alternative is to just run all the things in cron but that'd waste quite a bit of livefs buildd time for stuff that don't matter for beta2 (though not as much as selecting everything on the daily page, which apparently has more things than the crontab...).04:29
infinitystgraber: Except that they're not all on the daily.04:29
infinityMeh, I'll just respin the way I usually do when I get home from my late night outing.04:31
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ogra_hey, did anyone diable touch builds in the crontab by accident (seems there was no 3am build)08:02
ogra_yeah ... re-enabling08:03
infinityogra_: I had it in my build pipeline so it would happen eventually.09:08
infinityogra_: I guess you'll get two now. :P09:08
ogra_infinity, heh, k09:09
ogra_there was just a manual build that finished 20min ago09:09
infinitystgraber: Hrm, I don't see server/ppc64el up there.09:09
jibelpython3-apparmor is now in main. Could you build a set of Ubuntu Desktop images?09:17
infinityjibel: There are a bunch of builds in the pipe still.09:20
infinityjibel: Either way, indicator-sound pull all of that stuff in needs to be fixed.09:20
Laneydidrocks: I'll reject that one then10:13
didrocksLaney: oh, you can?10:13
didrocksoh right10:13
didrocksI'm stupid, nice :)10:14
didrocksLaney: so… let me redo with the real version name10:14
LaneyThe queue is saving your ass here :P10:14
didrocks(there is a new one coming with 24.is.2010:14
didrockswhich we can reject as well10:14
didrocksrejecting that one then ^10:15
didrocksLaney: I was wondering why I didn't see it :p10:15
didrocksthe other one should be there soon (uploaded)10:16
infinityI've lost track.  Is 12.10.2+14.04.20140324.is.12.10.2+14.04.20140320-0ubuntu1 the one I want? :P10:17
didrocksinfinity: yeah :)10:18
LaneyShould be10:18
Laneydiff it against that version to double check10:18
infinityToo late.  I'm trusting the Frenchman.10:18
didrocksinfinity: hehe, once I type the correct version and don't s/24/20/, all is fine :)10:19
didrockshttp://launchpadlibrarian.net/170656407/indicator-sound_12.10.2%2B14.04.20140324-0ubuntu2_12.10.2%2B14.04.20140324.is.12.10.2%2B14.04.20140320-0ubuntu1.diff.gz FYI10:19
directhexcjwatson, thanks for letting that dbus# ABI revert bullshit through. banshee upstream are very... agitated... about that particular issue10:20
hyperairagitated is an understatement10:21
* hyperair very nearly put him on /ignore10:21
cjwatsondirecthex: which dbus# thing?10:21
cjwatsonno memory of this10:21
directhexSubject:[ubuntu/trusty] dbus-sharp-legacy 0.7.0-5ubuntu1 (Accepted)10:22
directhexDate:Sun, 23 Mar 2014 18:53:51 -000010:22
cjwatsonglad you're happy but wasn't me :)10:22
cjwatsonI guess somebody was cleaning the NEW queue over the weekend10:22
infinityYeah, no idea who the NEW hero was, but it was empty when I got to work on Monday, which made me both happy and suspicious.10:23
directhexwell, perhaps you could gain some credit anyway: can someone bump it into main, for banshee to be able to build against it? review really shouldn't be needed, it's an old version of an already-in-main package10:23
directhex(also the matching dbus-sharp-glib-legacy)10:24
infinitydirecthex: Yeah, can do.  Does banshee already build-dep on it?10:24
hyperairnot yet10:24
infinityRight, so fix that.10:24
hyperairoh so i upload a new banshee first?10:24
infinityAnd then component-mismatches will prompt us to DTRT.10:24
hyperairokay, that's interesting10:25
hyperairi thought it'd just ftbfs10:25
directhexok. thanks guys.10:25
directhexhyperair, it'll ftbfs, but with a *reason*!10:25
infinityhyperair: It will FTBFS, yes.  Which is fine.  Then we get told by our tools exactly which bits need promoting, and we do our monkey work, and subsequent build retries will work.10:27
infinityhyperair: Do I have a new banshee yet?  *poke, poke*10:37
hyperairinfinity: hang on, test building...10:37
hyperairdpkg -O -i'ing...10:37
hyperairi have my own suspicions that this won't work because libnotify has been ported to new dbus..10:37
infinityhyperair: Oh, not working would be less than ideal.10:38
hyperairinfinity: that's the point when i give the finger to upstream10:38
* hyperair sighs10:38
hyperairoh amazing, it works!10:39
infinityhyperair: I hope upstream likes free fingers.10:39
hyperairlet's upload10:39
hyperairi dunno, maybe upstream eats ladies' fingers10:39
hyperairokay uploaded10:40
hyperairimma go disappear from office now10:40
infinitydirecthex: Err, wait, why did you think we'd need to promote anything?10:51
infinitydirecthex: banshee is in universe.10:51
directhexit is?10:51
infinitySure is.10:51
infinityHas been more or less forever, except that one cycle where it was the default player, whenever that was.10:52
directhexpublishing history says natty, oneiric, precise10:52
infinityWell, natty oneiric, then.10:53
infinityprecise it dropped back to universe before release.10:53
infinityutlemming: Despite promises, you never did seed joyent-mdata-client.  Please find a home for it, or it's going to universe. :P10:55
infinityutlemming: (server-supported, something cloudy, whatever)10:55
* infinity heads off to have a nap.11:25
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stgraberinfinity: looking into ppc64el images now14:16
stgraberNo iso.qa.ubuntu.com product found for ubuntu-server/daily/trusty-server-ppc64el; skipping.14:17
stgraberlooks like the cdimage branch needs some fixing14:17
stgraberinfinity: next time you had new builds on nusakan, don't forget etc/qa-products :)14:18
stgraberupdating now14:18
* stgraber does a respin of core and server ppc64el to confirm they now publish fine14:20
stgraberinfinity: took two tries to get ubuntu-core ppc64el building but that's done now.15:07
seb128could somebody review the ffe on https://bugs.launchpad.net/indicator-power/+bug/880881 ?15:54
ubot2Launchpad bug 880881 in indicator-power (Ubuntu) "[ffe] Power indicator does not combine multiple battery status" [Medium,In progress]15:54
Laneystgraber: want to review activity-log-manager to slip it into the beta as we're respinning anyway?15:59
stgraberLaney: accepted (diffs of diffs are always so readable...)16:00
Laneythat project is bad16:01
Laneyit's sort of owned by us but not really managed well16:01
Laneylike the upstream bzr branch has debian/patches in it that don't apply16:01
Laneyanyway, cheers16:01
LaneyRiddell: there's a kubuntu thingy in the unapproved queue16:03
balloonsis there a reason we don't have ubuntu images as part of the final beta milestone16:18
Laneythat was a quick review16:21
seb128Laney, it likely got autoaccepted by the bot since it's on none of the images16:23
Laneyit is on a few of them, but maybe someone started reviewing before the bot noticed it ...16:25
jibelwhen are expected ubuntu desktop images?17:05
Laneyjibel: infinity said he would spin some when he emerges17:10
stgraberLaney: there are a few exceptions in the bot, maybe that's one of them17:16
LaneyI see17:17
stgraberPACKAGE_WHITELIST = ["upstart-app-launch", "click", "click-apparmor",17:17
stgraber                     "apparmor-easyprof-ubuntu", "ubuntuone-credentials"]17:17
stgraberthose are from last cycle, they may need adapting if no longer relevant17:18
jamespageif have a seed change I'd like to get into the server-ship seed for beta-2 - would one of the release team be able to ack my change please?17:33
pete-woodshi, I have a CI train merge for HUD with some crash bugfixes17:37
pete-woodsI misunderstood the wiki and thought the final freeze was on Thursday17:38
pete-woodswhat should I do to get them landed? / is it simply too late now?17:38
infinityjamespage: Which change?17:40
jamespageinfinity, https://code.launchpad.net/~james-page/ubuntu-seeds/ubuntu.trusty-hv-kvp/+merge/21268617:40
infinitypete-woods: It's not too late for final, might be too late for the beta.17:41
jamespageinfinity, bug 129485617:41
ubot2Launchpad bug 1294856 in hv-kvp-daemon-init (Ubuntu Trusty) "Add hv-kvp-daemon-init to the server seed" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/129485617:41
infinityjamespage: Guessing you haven't kept in touch with apw, who is pulling that init script into linux-cloud-tools, and we're dropping hv-kvp-daemon-init except as a transitional package)17:42
jamespageinfinity, evidently not17:42
* jamespage sighs17:42
infinityThough, for now, this seed change it probably correct anyway.17:42
jamespageutlemming, ^^ you need to be aware of that17:43
infinityAnd if people use the server CD pool for upgrades, it would still be correct for 12.04->14.04 upgrades.17:43
infinitySo, sure, let's commit this.17:43
jamespageinfinity, ack - I'll push now17:43
infinityjamespage: Ta.17:43
infinityI'm literally minutes away from a mass respin, so...17:43
pete-woodsinfinity: okay, does that mean I need to ask to be added to the general phone FFE? (https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/1282590)17:43
ubot2Launchpad bug 1282590 in Ubuntu "[FFe] standing freeze exception in trusty for Ubuntu Touch-specific packages" [Undecided,Confirmed]17:43
ogra_infinity, exclude touch this time :P17:43
jamespageinfinity,done - thanks!17:44
Laneypete-woods: no, and bug fixes don't need FFe17:44
infinityballoons: There were some build/seed issues, respinning nowish.17:44
infinityogra_: Yes dear.17:44
pete-woodsLaney: okay, thanks, is it just a matter of waiting on the archive being un-frozen then?17:45
pete-woodsi.e. for final release17:45
infinitypete-woods: It's not going to be unfrozen, upload at will.  We'll accept what we accept.17:45
LaneyYou can upload and they will get stuck in the queue for release team review17:45
pete-woodsI don't have rights to upload or anything like that, I just have a message in the CI train that I'm in the UNAPPROVED queue17:47
pete-woodsif that means it's already uploaded, and waiting for you guys' approval, then great17:47
seb128that might it got uploaded/published already I think17:47
seb128pete-woods, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/trusty/+queue?queue_state=1&queue_text=17:47
seb128yeah, it's in there17:47
pete-woodsseb128: cool, thanks for the magic URL :)17:48
Laneyoh, I forgot about syncs-in-queue. grr17:48
infinityOkay, world respin in progress now.17:48
infinityWon't touch flavours after this one.17:48
seb128you might want to click the merge&clean button with ignore_not_in_dist17:48
seb128the freeze is not going to play nice with the limited number of silos/ppas otherwise17:48
pete-woodsseb128: okay, thanks, will get my manager to do that17:49
seb128e.g if the silos get locked down until things reach trusty release pocket17:49
* pete-woods has no rights of his own17:50
infinityErk.  Wait.  Is seeded-in-ubuntu just behind the times, or is click *still* being pulled in on xubuntu and kylin desktops? :/17:55
stgraberclick is listed in http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntukylin/daily-live/20140325/trusty-desktop-i386.manifest17:56
LaneyIt parses the manifests AFAIK, so it'll show it as long as it's in the latest image17:56
stgraberand in http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/daily-live/20140325/trusty-desktop-amd64.manifest17:56
infinityOh.  I assumed it worked on germinate output.17:57
infinityParsing manifests is stale data.17:57
stgraberso click sure was on both images last time we built them anyway17:57
infinitystgraber: Yeah, I know why it *was*, and we fixed that, so I was annoyed that it still was, according to the tool that likes to use old data. :P17:57
infinityThe name is misleading. :P17:58
stgraberthe tool really ought to be called on-ubuntu-image or something like that17:58
infinityShould be "was-in-an-ubuntu-iso-recently"17:58
infinityI'd much prefer if it actually did what the name implies, told you what would be on an image based on germinate output.17:59
infinityBut oh well.17:59
LaneySMOP :P17:59
infinityLaney: Send me obfuscated patches?18:05
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stgraberseb128: I think you mentioned the silos earlier. One thing to be careful about is that until a sync is accepted, the files only reside in the PPA.18:17
stgraberseb128: so if you clear a silo before we accept it into proposed, the copy will fail when we finally do18:17
seb128stgraber, urg, I overlooked that18:17
* ogra_ guesses thats something the whole landing team needs teaching about 18:18
seb128can anyone accept the hud upload before it gets deleted? ;-)18:18
seb128stgraber, ogra_: can you communicate that to #ubuntu-ci-eng, I see that being a frequent gotcha this week, we can't keep the silos locked down until after beta or we are going to run out of silos18:19
ogra_seb128, i'll try to remember to bring it up in tomorrows meeting18:19
seb128why do we need the freeze at all?18:20
seb128can't we just britney block things in proposed nowadays?18:20
stgraberthe release team usually wants to review all changes to main from that point on, to make sure people don't sneak in features and to make sure nothing terrible happens to the archive18:20
stgraberunseeded packages get auto-accepted and so do those that are only in touch images, so a fair amount of the CI-Train stuff should go through fine18:21
seb128not so "fair amount"18:21
seb128we have a stack of desktop stuff going through that18:21
seb128including all indicators, compiz, unity, hud, unity-control-center, unity-settings-daemon18:22
seb128we are struggling with the silos being all allocated daily atm, and that was before the beta freeze18:23
stgraberso we could add a massive britney block on top of the freeze so we can let those into -proposed without letting them into the release pocket18:23
seb128that would be nice18:23
stgraberthough I think it'd be easier for the CI folks to just not assign silos to those projects until post-beta18:23
stgrabersince things won't be landing anyway18:23
seb128I'm getting really annoyed at how people want to block others to work nowadays18:23
seb128having silos makes my job much easier18:24
infinityjibel / balloons: According to queuebot, you haz images.  Sorry for the delay.18:35
utlemminganyone around to move an SRU candidate to the right pocket? walinuxagent was put in precise-proposed/universe when it should have gone in precise-proposed.18:46
infinityutlemming: Can fix.18:52
utlemminginfinity: thank you kindly18:52
infinityWe really need to fix that bug.18:53
infinityutlemming: Fixed.18:53
infinity(The override, not the bug)18:53
utlemminginfinity: awesomes, thansk18:53
infinityutlemming: Did you see my joyent ping?18:54
utlemminginfinity: er, where?18:54
infinityHere, last night.18:54
infinity04:55 < infinity> utlemming: Despite promises, you never did seed joyent-mdata-client.  Please find a home for it, or it's going to universe. :P18:54
utlemminginfinity: OH!18:54
utlemminginfintiy: I thought I didn't find it a home :/18:55
utlemminginfinity: I thought I did, but apparently I didn't18:56
infinityutlemming: Anyhow, when I NEWed it to main in November, you promised you'd seed it.   You're a bit late. ;)18:56
utlemminginfintiy: indeed...I deserve the scolding18:56
infinityutlemming: I'm assuming server-ship or supported, but didn't really want to make the call for you.18:57
utlemminginfinity: supported is the right place18:58
utlemminginfintity: that is where hv-kvp-daemon-init lived for so long18:58
infinityutlemming: Want me to JFDI that for you, then?18:58
utlemminginfintiy: yeah, that would be really, really appreciated18:59
infinityutlemming: iz done.19:00
infinitystgraber: Speaking of component-mismatches, I guess you stopped using zram-config?19:00
infinity(at least, I think it was you pulling it into main before...)19:01
infinityYeah, ltsp-client used to pull it in.19:01
stgraberinfinity: ah yeah, the recommends was dropped from Debian in the last merge. (yeah, I know it doesn't exist in Debian but we have a rather weird shared packaging :))19:03
infinitystgraber: Well, my master plan to pull zram-config magic into initramfs-tools is obviously not happening this cycle, so if you still want it, you might want to bring back the dep.19:04
infinity(Otherwise, happy to demote... *shrug*)19:04
stgraberinfinity: apparently some of the biggest ltsp user think nbd-swap is better for ltsp's usecase, so I'm fine having it demoted to universe19:04
stgraber(I still run it on all my machines but I don't really care whether it's in main or universe :))19:05
infinitySwapping over a network?  WCPGW?19:05
infinityI could see an argument for both in tandem.19:05
stgraberwell, when your X session and your rootfs already come from the network, you're already dead without network...19:05
infinityzram to get you the most use of your local RAM, and nbd-swap for when things go to hell.19:05
infinitystgraber: I wasn't thinking of "if the network goes away", just the speed of swapping pages over ethernet.19:06
infinityThough, I suppose, on an uncongested GigE network backed by a very fast server disk array, that may well be faster than swapping to local disk.19:07
infinity(That's a fair few ifs, though)19:07
stgraberyeah, I agree that both would be ideal, with proper priorities set, though I didn't manage to convince someone in ltsp upstream to get that stuff done.19:07
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zequenceAny chance of getting a couple of things uploaded? I need to ask for a rebuild afterwards. Two packages - lp:ubuntustudio-live and lp:ubuntustudio-meta. ubuntustudio-meta has a fix for a critical bug 1297219 ..19:46
ubot2Launchpad bug 1297219 in ubuntustudio-live (Ubuntu) "package selection plugin crashes when deselecting a transtional meta package" [Critical,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/129721919:46
infinityzequence: I can have a look in a bit if no one beats me to it.19:47
zequenceand, also, ubuntustudio-live has a plugin that allows us to select packages from our metas individuall, but the metas aren't yet updated19:47
infinityzequence: If you're doing the ISO testing, I don't much care if you cause yourself respins. ;)19:47
zequenceinfinity: That would be great :)19:47
infinityzequence: So, I'm around now.20:26
infinityzequence: Checking out your two branches.  But what did you mean by "but the metas aren't yet updated"?20:27
jibelinfinity, thanks, syncing now...20:27
infinityjibel: Sorry about the mess.  Between the "hey, look, click on all the desktop CDs" thing and pitti's noticing that all the langpacks were broken, it's been a rocky start. :P20:27
* jibel was wondering what to do tonight, now he knows :)20:28
infinityballoons: I haven't been paying attention to community testing so far.  Do you have any indication that all our flavours are on the ball?20:28
elfythis flavour is :)20:30
elfythis one being xubuntu20:30
balloonsinfinity, yes, lubuntu and xubuntu are out and about20:31
infinityelfy: \o/20:31
elfyinfinity: you can probably tell that given I was hassling you for the url ;)20:31
balloonsno idea on kubuntu or ubuntu gnome.. although I saw ubuntu gnome announce20:31
infinityballoons: Right, but literally everyone should be participating this time.  myth, studio, kylin, gnome, X, K, and L.  I think that's everyone...20:31
infinityballoons: If you have the right contacts for everyone, can you send a gentle prod out? :P20:31
balloonsmyth and studio, yea.. not heard anything from them20:31
infinityWell, studio is zequence above, we know he's doing things. :)20:32
balloonsahh indeed20:32
elfyballoons: we've still got that nasty keyboard issue - no-one really has any idea what to about it20:32
infinitymyth's primary contact is... Mario?  Maybe?20:32
balloonsinfinity, yea20:33
superm1yeah we're in a little bit of a mess right now still20:33
stgraberinfinity: everyone keeps forgetting Edubuntu ;) but yeah, we'll have a beta220:34
infinitysuperm1: Well, validating to the point of "it doesn't blow up computers" is better than nothing.  Something more thorough would be nice by final release, of course. :)20:34
balloonsi'll ping the kylin guys20:34
superm1well it installs, but only if you install in "install only" mode20:34
infinitystgraber: I don't count you, since you're an Ubuntu desktop, and you basically just roll with the punches and get your testing done quietly. :P20:34
superm1which i guess means not blowing stuff up20:34
superm1tgm and I going to try to sort out a few things that are broke, but $life has been in the way lately20:34
zequenceinfinity: I've made some changes in seeds that haven't been updated in ubuntustudio-meta20:57
zequencethe source is updated20:58
infinityzequence: Right, kay.  So, if I review and sponsor these two, want me to refresh meta at the same time and jam it all in?20:58
zequencebut not the uploaded package20:58
zequenceinfinity: If you refresh the meta, without uploading the source, if you like, remove two files..20:58
zequenceI mean, without uploading from lp:ubuntustudio-meta directly20:59
infinityzequence: Oh, I see, you've refreshed it in bzr.20:59
* infinity has never seen a meta in bzr, that's a bit meta in itself.20:59
infinityzequence: That's a whole lot of new audio-recommends... Are those installed by default?21:00
zequenceinfinity: Yes, but with our new plugin, you can deselect stuff21:01
zequenceinfinity: Besides refreshing, I've removed two files, rtprio.py21:01
zequenceand  ubuntustudio-audio-rtprio.conf21:01
infinityKay.  Your call, your flavour.  Just want to make sure you're fully aware of the crazy of blowing out the base install size. ;)21:02
zequencein the root folder21:02
zequenceinfinity: It's a DVD :)21:02
zequencemost of it is pretty small21:02
infinityzequence: Sure, "it's a DVD" is an argument to ship more packages in pool/, but not necessarily to install them. :)21:02
infinityAlso, ARGH.21:02
infinitygit diff ; svn diff ; bzr diff.21:03
infinityThis.  This is my workflow.21:03
infinityStupid fingers.21:03
cjwatsoninfinity: maybe http://www.greenend.org.uk/rjk/vcs/ is your kind of thing21:03
infinitycjwatson: Does that magically make everything one command?21:03
cjwatsonI believe that's roughly the idea.  Though I expect if you're doing anything non-trivial with git then it doesn't wrap that21:04
infinityI suspect that would just be more confusing.21:04
infinityAt least when I screw up an innocent "diff" or "log", I then end up in the right mindset for future scary things.21:04
cjwatsonMaybe you need an sl equivalent.21:05
infinityLike the fantastic semantic difference between "git add" and "anything-else add".21:05
cjwatsonType svn and a mallet unfolds from the back of your monitor to whack you.21:05
stgraberI'm not sure I want to hear what cvs and rcs would do then :)21:06
cjwatsonWater pistols, directed so they hit both you and your keyboard.21:06
elmocjwatson: oh wow, that's awesome21:07
cjwatsonp4 produces a comedy gun with a flower sticking out the end.21:07
cjwatsonelmo: It doesn't really fit my brain, but I can definitely imagine it being helpful for some21:08
cjwatsonAnd Richard has clue21:08
slangasekcjwatson: "svn update" "Ok, installing git"21:10
cjwatsonsccs should just say "Sorry for your loss" and then halt.21:10
cjwatson(As in HCF.)21:11
infinityzequence: Alright, finally getting to your stuff here in parallel with some other things...21:54
infinityzequence: (Why do you have all the .old files checked in to bzr?)21:54
infinityI'll clean that up if I have commit rights. :P21:55
infinityWhich I probably do.21:55
infinityzequence: For future reference, after a ./update, you should run "fakeroot debian/rules clean".22:12
infinityzequence: Alright, live and meta sponsored.  When it all migrates to release, feel free to respin yourself.22:42
infinityzequence: Unless that's a bit of a timezone fail for you, I can respin when I get back from dinner later.22:43
knomehe's UTC+1, so soon midnight for him22:45
infinityzequence: I had to re-rebuild some other bits due to an outage in our DC, so I'm tacking your images on to the list.  Cheers.23:46

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