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mappcold wet andmiserable03:12
mappwhat anice night03:12
shaunono kidding!  my window got hit by a low-flying umbrella earlier :(03:14
mappwish i had an umbrella..normally they break in the wind but tonight wasnt too windy and of course im umbrella-less03:16
shaunoumbrellas should be banned.  they simply don't work here03:16
shaunothey bug me because the trash cans in town are always stuffed full of them.  silly tourists03:17
mapphahahaha yep03:17
mappwhen its windy see em everywhere03:17
mappevery single one iv had has always broken.cheap or expensive03:17
shaunoI'm right on the coast.  it's almost always windy03:17
shaunobut tourists don't seem to realise that the irish solution to rain is pubs, not umbrellas03:18
mappso youre in ireland.didnt know:)03:31
jussifoobarry: I was reading backlog and saw this...06:50
jussi[16:51:00] <foobarry> lately my car leaked, my boiler is playing up, got 2 bikes nicked, hole in my roof, needed a new fence... :(06:50
jussiI think maybe you should write some country music...06:50
MooDooHEllo All06:50
jussi(sorry, sounds horrible what happened)06:51
jussihi MooDoo06:51
* jussi is just waiting for the coffee to brew06:51
jussimorning mapp07:05
jussimissing an s today...07:06
mappmorning mate07:13
mappOH WTF07:13
mappi just saw07:14
mappno wonder i had 40mins downtime earlier07:14
mapplook at my host07:14
mappthat downtime muste been when i went from o2 to bethere07:14
mappjust saw my host skybroadband.com07:14
mappand a different IP07:14
mappi had for 6 bloody years07:14
mappwhy couldnt they switch me over and keep it07:14
mappnow heres a question07:16
mappmy payment with bethere/o2 was manul as they messed it up07:16
mappdo i phone sky and sort it out or leave it and let them contact me:)07:16
jussimapp: be proactive or youll end up with big bills.07:18
mappbut itd be same as if i pay it one by one07:19
mappi planned to switch b4 it went to sky07:20
mappdidnt think itd happen yet07:20
* MartijnVdS "Me too"s on Laney's vim bug07:38
MartijnVdS(bug 1295127_07:38
lubotu3bug 1295127 in vim (Ubuntu) "gvim has messed up global menus" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/129512707:38
diploMorning all09:00
JamesTaitGood morning all! Happy Tuesday, and happy Tolkien Reading Day! :-D09:05
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.09:49
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)09:50
bigcalmCan anybody recommend (through usage) a desktop SIP client?09:50
brobostigonmorning bigcalm09:51
directhexbigcalm, empathy has full sip functionality, if you can make it work & it's not broken in today's ubuntu09:51
directhexbigcalm, whereas sflphone isn't pretty, but *works*09:52
jussihavent used it for a while, but last I remember blink worked...09:53
ali1234N900 makes a nice "desktop" sip/skype phone... you can put it on your desk...09:54
jussi!info qutecom09:54
lubotu3qutecom (source: qutecom): SIP-based software telephone with video and chat features. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.2.1+dfsg1-3ubuntu2 (saucy), package size 2564 kB, installed size 7410 kB09:54
* bigcalm bangs head against desk09:55
TheOpenSourcererbigcalm: sflphone. It's the nuts: http://sflphone.org/09:55
bigcalmSetting up SIP on my android phone was simple with Acrobit Softphone09:56
davmor2bigcalm: stop doing that you might damage the desk09:56
bigcalmBut getting a desktop client to work is not happening for me. None of them have working audio09:57
bigcalmWhich makes me think that there's a problem with Ubuntu 13.1009:57
ali1234probably a codec mismatch09:57
bigcalmGot something working on 14.04 (laptop) last night though09:57
ali1234try calling desktop to desktop and see if that works09:58
bigcalmHow does one do that?09:58
ali1234get two computers and call one from the other09:58
ali1234or run two copies of empathy or something09:58
davmor2bigcalm: telepathy-sofiasip ekiga sflphone and linphone are all on par-ish.  Personally I use sofiasip in empathy09:59
ali1234don't ask me how you would do that. virtualbox maybe?09:59
davmor2bigcalm: empathy + telepathy-sofiasip works fine for me for the company conf system if that helps at all and it is fairly easy to setup10:00
* bigcalm wonders if one can't use the same sip account in more than one place at once10:03
bigcalmSod it, back to work10:05
bigcalmThanks though peeps :)10:05
dwatkinsbigcalm: I believe so (that's exactly what my brother was working on a couple years ago), but I'm not sure you can log in with the same account (e.g. sipgate) from two devices at the same time.10:18
TheOpenSourcererbigcalm: dwatkins That's called SIP branching I think and is a SIP Proxy feature - I don't think SIP servers (Asterisk for example) allow multiple registrations from the same address though.10:34
TheOpenSourcererI think normally, the SIP server will just alert the most recently registered device unless it is explicitly supported.10:36
bigcalmAh. I have my mobile connected to my sipgate account. This would be why it's not working on the desktop?10:37
bigcalmThat would mean having to unplug a desktop SIP phone when away from the office :|10:37
TheOpenSourcererOr have multiple accounts and create a ring group.10:38
TheOpenSourcererThat is the normal way ;-)10:38
bigcalmHumm, fair enough10:38
popeyi have two devices connected to the same SIP server10:44
popeyand they both work for ringing out, but i rarely get people ringing in, if they do, it only rings one device10:44
bigcalmUntil my boss decides to really get SIP sorted out, it's mostly a thought experiment :(10:51
bigcalmWill wait until he orders some desk phones10:52
bigcalmAny good? http://www.ebuyer.com/239679-cisco-small-business-spa-303-ip-phone-spa303-g310:52
TheOpenSourcererYes bigcalm We're using them :-)10:57
TheOpenSourcererWith Asterisk10:57
bigcalmGood to know :)10:57
bigcalmSo you spent the time to set up Asterisk yourself?10:57
TheOpenSourcererWe run FreePBX on a Virtual Machine in germany10:58
TheOpenSourcererHave SIP trunks from our phone provider in Dorchester10:58
bigcalmWho do you use for trunking?10:58
TheOpenSourcererThese guys: http://www.poundbury.com/11:02
TheOpenSourcererBut this is historic, we've been with them for years...11:02
TheOpenSourcererGood service though.11:03
bigcalmDo you use it only in the office?11:05
bigcalmOr do you have something set-up for remote working?11:05
davmor2Morning all11:08
directhexwe use polycom11:09
TheOpenSourcererI have Seimens Gigaset phones at home (pstn & SIP) and AlanBell did have SipDriod on his mobile too I think.11:18
TheOpenSourcererbigcalm: these phones: http://www.theopensourcerer.com/2008/04/siemens-gigaset-685ip-phones/ (Since April 2008) :-) just starting to replace the batteries now.11:19
dwatkinsWe use Asterisk internally for testing SIP stuffs, it's running on a really underpowered virtual machine, so the voice quality is awful, but it works. It didn't take long to setup, either.11:27
directhexasterisk is basically a realtime app11:34
directhexquality suffers immensely if interrupts are not serviced instantly11:35
directhexfreeswitch is much much more forgiving11:35
dwatkinsI imagine it's also best to run Asterisk on the bare metal, not in a virtual machine (unless the server is nice and fast)11:46
bigcalmJust had a call with my father (he rang the number for my sipgate.co.uk account) and it worked really well - on my mobile.11:52
bigcalmBit of a delay from one person to the other though11:52
popeythat's probably provider-specific11:53
popeyi see no delay with our company * server in london11:53
bigcalmI am wondering if we should go with separate * server and trunk provider11:54
dwatkinsbigcalm: I can [privately] give you my SIP number if you want to test the voice quality on a call made to SIPgate (via the mobile phone network's data)12:06
bigcalmdwatkins: maybe another time, but thanks :) Just a bit busy right now12:12
dwatkinsok, no worries12:12
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TheOpenSourcererJust FYI, we don't have any noticeable issues with our * server being in Germany in a VM and our SIP phones in Farnham.13:08
dwatkinsTheOpenSourcerer: I'm guessing the vm server has more than a single Pentium 4 core at 2.8 GHz ;)13:09
TheOpenSourcerer32G RAM, 12 cores (6 + hyperthreads) @ 3.4Ghz IIRC13:10
smittixHas anyone got a finger print reader working in Ubuntu?13:13
smittixOr is it better just to forget about it heh13:14
popeyI have one, but never use it13:14
smittixIt as pretty nice to quickly login with it is all.13:14
smittixI can do with out it though.13:14
smittixNeed to see if I can switch this Nvidia card off next.13:15
directhexi looked into fingerprint reading13:19
directhexbut there's a huge list of problems with using it13:19
smittixBeen away from Ubuntu for too long.13:24
smittixIs Ubuntu Tweak still going?13:24
popeythere's a unity tweak tool which is nice13:26
smittixCool, will check it out.13:26
smittixWill be a little learning for me getting my RTLSDR stuff up and running in Ubuntu too.13:27
Myrttismittix: depends on the hardware, atleast on my work Dell Latitude it's a no-go13:30
smittixWell, there was only 2 things I was worried about on this laptop using Ubuntu. 1, Fingerprint Reader (which I'm not too fussed about) 2, Nvidia optimus13:31
smittixI can do without the Nvidia card so could probably try and turn it off to save battery consumptions (if possible)13:32
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directhexsmittix, you might not be able to do without the nvidia card, depends on how the laptop is wired internally13:55
smittixI will have a gander then. Thanks directhex13:58
foobarryi have multiple google accounts, how do i change the name on one of them to foobarry work or foobarry do not use14:15
shaunonot an answer, but do you ever get g+ sending you emails suggesting you might know yourself?14:34
shaunoI get them about every 2 weeks at the moment :/14:35
smittixDoes anyone suffer lag when dragging an icon from dash to launcher?14:35
foobarryshauno: yes14:36
foobarryi want to disable g+ but i want a youtube account with that login14:36
mappso im with sky now hey...so i had o2 (bethere) before...18 quid o2 10 quid sky..will sky charge me a tenner?14:38
dwatkinsmapp: I had a similar dilemma, and will be switching to PlusNet soon, £25 a month for FTTC.14:41
mappi had no choice..:< sky bought bethere and slowly moved everyone over14:42
mappso i was paying 18quidfor o2 (bethere) but now im moved to sky..will sky charge me 10 quid which is what a sky customer pays?14:42
mappor will they leave it and let me pay more lol14:42
foobarryis it possible to buy cheap broadband with out phoen rental yet?14:43
mapp10 quid !!14:43
dwatkinsyou still have to pay line rental somehow, though.14:44
dwatkinsit might be included, though, not sure.14:44
foobarrynot for ten quid14:44
dwatkinsI imagine if you get your broadband from BT they have a really cheap offer, but yeah - line rental is more than £10 a month, I'm sure.14:44
smittixDoesn't Virgin Media allow you to have bb without a telephone?14:44
foobarrythe only calls i get on the land line are indian people who don't speak english14:44
foobarrysmittix: yes with fibre for ££14:45
dwatkinssmittix: yeah, but if you do have a landline with Virgin, it's practically free if you have broadband with them, iirc.14:45
foobarryso not a good deal14:45
mappoh yea but i thought umeant without oaying the same company14:45
smittixI'm with them, I can't even remember what I pay :S14:45
foobarryno i don't want a home phone14:45
foobarrybut i don't want to be penalised with virgin rip off "deal"14:45
dwatkinsI'm currently with IDNet, they're superb (have UK support department who pick up the phone within 2 rings, network has been superb) but they're £45 a month!14:45
foobarryalso, i need a 3 line bio - anyone done one?14:45
foobarryfoobarry likes open source and haribo.14:46
smittixI do know though every year I go through to customer retentions and tell them I'm going to sky.14:46
dwatkinsfoobarry: make it a haiku ;)]14:46
smittixUntil they give me something free.14:46
mappidnet a small isp?14:47
mappi tried that with o2 on my phone contract and got nothing?! so just left and went with ee14:48
foobarrydwatkins: hmm good one. there are longer haiku too14:48
mapp3 line bio?14:49
foobarrythe first cold shower14:49
foobarryeven the monkey seems to want14:49
foobarrya little coat of straw14:50
mappguess il have to google14:50
mappno idea of 3 line bio or haiku:)14:50
foobarrymapp: 3 lines or 50 words on your career history and summary14:50
mappi thought we were still on isp talk14:51
foobarrya three line bio/is required of my good self/i will write one now14:51
mappso why do you pay so much dwatkins> 45/month seems a lot14:54
dwatkinsmapp: indeed, IDNet are £20 a month more than the same from PlusNet. I think IDNet are mainly a business ISP. Also, I have a cap of 200 GB/month, which is double plus ungood.14:56
mappa cap still sucks:(15:03
foobarryanyone ever experience hung ssh sessions due to lack of serveraliveinterval settings?15:11
dwatkinsnever even heard of it until now, foobarry [ ServerAliveInterval: number of seconds that the client will wait before sending a null packet to the server (to keep the connection alive). ]15:12
foobarryi'm getting hung ssh sessions only on my hpc cluster15:13
dwatkinsI've had ssh sessions drop on some systems, presumably due to this being set to 0, to disable this feature.15:13
dwatkinsAre you sure it's not due to something more fundamental, like the IP address changing?15:13
foobarryon a desktop pc15:13
foobarryi regularly leave ssh sessions open for days15:13
dwatkinsI mean that of the server, unlikely as that is.15:13
foobarrythese ones are freezing15:13
dwatkinsas do I - I'm running this irssi session on a machine across the Atlantic from me, I usually stay logged in to it for hours if not days at a time.15:14
ali1234i irc directly through a ssh tunnel15:14
foobarrychanged my conf file ..let's see15:14
ali1234no remote irssi session15:14
dwatkinsI reconnect to my screen/irssi session from home or work15:15
ali1234you can check the logs to see how often i disconnect... it does happen, but i use autossh to bring the tunnel up if it goes down15:15
ali1234in my experience keepalive doesn't really help at all15:16
ali1234if the connection hangs it's because some packet got lost or something and there's no recovering from that15:17
ali1234so what you want is to make it exit clean instead of hanging15:17
foobarryi suspect its a firwall issue inbetween15:17
foobarrytiming out a session15:17
foobarrythey put a cisco in recently15:18
ali1234here, my ssh connection will fail if my internet goes down and comes back up15:18
ali1234i have a static IP and on my old router the connection would stay alive on reconnect. but on the new one it doesn't, it just hangs - so it doesn't even realise the connection has died15:18
foobarryi'm blaming networks team15:21
dwatkinsI used to have rlwrap+autossh+screen+irssi15:27
dwatkinswhat about it, mapp?15:32
mappi never fully understand ssh tunnelling/port forwarding with it15:32
mappjust never heard of it:D15:32
dwatkinsI don't use port forwarding with autossh, at least not right now.15:32
dwatkinsautossh will keep the connection alive if the network is disconnected and reconnected, so you don't have to press up-arrow and hit return ;)15:33
dwatkinscombined with -t 'screen -drU' it will also reconnect to an existing screen session.15:33
mappcant do that with putty i assume15:33
mappit must be linux only i take it?15:34
dwatkinsI don't know - you can probably have it run a command to reconnect to a screen session at least. There might be some kind of keepalive option in PuTTY.15:34
mappmight look into it..i always have to open putty and connect again15:35
mappi did use some windows client thatd auto reconnect that was neat15:35
dwatkinsmapp: http://superuser.com/questions/187293/putty-automatic-reconnect-after-internet-interruption15:36
mappdont suppose anyone had any idea re my networking question daftykins said it was my wireless card..but say i restat the router it doesnt come back online15:36
mappand if im not at home i cant restart it..and cant ssh in obviously as its just hung..guess thees nothing besides get a new card15:37
dwatkinswhat doesn't restart/reconnect exactly, mapp, or is it that the machine gets a different IP address?15:38
mappsay i restarted my router now or had a powercut the xubuntu machine would just stay there unconected...it may say it has an ip on ifconfig i think i manually set it so its static15:38
mappbut it wouldnt regain connectivity15:38
dwatkinsalso, depending on how it's set up, it might require you to be logged in for wifi to connect.15:38
mappit starts on boot15:38
dwatkinsso you have the SSID and passphrase set in /etc/network/interfaces file or similar, a static IP address, but it doesn't work until a particular point?15:39
mapplike it works now15:40
mappand its all fine..if i turned my router off then back on..it wouldnt work again without me rebooting15:40
mappsurely there's a way to solve that115:40
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dwatkinsmapp: that depends on how the client machine is configured, it might be worth considering having the machine itself use DHCP and have the router give it a specific IP address based on the wifi adapter's MAC address.16:25
dwatkinsI'm not sure at what point the wifi is initialised at boot-time, or whether it will renegotiate if the router is reset in the case of the client having a static IP, of at-all16:26
dwatkins*if at-all16:26
daftykinsmapp: just to confirm, you have the wireless password inside /etc/network/interfaces ? so you don't use network manager at all?17:01
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maps|wrkforgot my sodding ip18:05
maps|wrk5ec3f432.skybroadband.com whats the ip18:06
maps|wrkcant use / dns on webchat18:06
maps|wrkgot it:D useddnssstuff18:07
popeyyour ip is echo'ed here18:07
popey18:05:35 -!- maps|wrk [515ed518@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #ubuntu-uk18:07
maps|wrkthats my work ip:P18:07
popeyah ☻18:07
maps|wrkwanted to connect to my machine18:07
maps|wrkinstalled Zentyal and its taken over my apache18:08
maps|wrkso i cant get to my shellinabox or qwebirc client..hmm18:08
maps|wrkand i cant login to it..great18:08
maps|wrknot what i wanted;/18:09
maps|wrkhttps:// works but yea its going to zentayl not my apache setup..removing it should fix this?18:10
daftykinsor just reconfigure it to run on another port so they can co-exist18:10
maps|wrkand it doesnt appear to use the system u/p for access and i havent set anyt up so i cant login]18:10
maps|wrki cant do that now though18:10
maps|wrki also thought i had i selected port 44418:10
maps|wrkssl is 443 iirc?18:10
maps|wrkbut somehow it's working on https ,,., and my apache isnt listening on 8080?18:11
maps|wrkah well18:11
maps|wrkgot the tennis on at least and theres the big game later..just cant mess about with my machine ;/18:11
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diddledanMartijnVdS: nice18:56
diddledanMartijnVdS: lol @ the last paragraph18:58
diddledanI'm thinking that if you're running XP for those 20 intervening years then you'll be sploited up the wazoo18:59
diddledanheh, looks like it's popular - the backend is down19:00
diddledanError 503 Service Unavailable19:00
diddledancomplete with a guru meditation error19:00
daftykinswhat is?19:01
diddledandaftykins: http://www.computerhistory.org/atchm/microsoft-ms-dos-early-source-code19:01
daftykinsah ok the actual thing, silly me19:02
diddledanyeah I wasn't clear that I'd clicked through :-p19:02
diddledanthis page works: http://www.computerhistory.org/press/ms-source-code.html19:02
daftykinscopying 170GB over USB 2 ;_;19:03
diddledanlarry page on a ted video19:15
daftykinswow he has an... odd voice19:17
diddledanhe had a condition which caused it a couple years ago19:18
diddledanhe disappeared from the public eye because he was so self-conscious about it, and made a "comeback" at a google-io conference19:19
Saur0_hi can anyone help me set up lvm with 4 x 4TB disks?19:23
daftykinsi was under the impression LVM will only pool the disks into one volume - it won't offer any safeguards against data loss?19:24
MartijnVdSnot necessarily19:24
diddledanright lvm doesn't do redundancy by itself IIRC19:25
MartijnVdSLVM can do striping19:25
MartijnVdSlvcreate -i19:26
MartijnVdSalso -I19:26
daftykinsas in striping like RAID 0?19:26
daftykinsor with parity19:26
MartijnVdSstriping as in raid 119:27
MartijnVdSdiddledan: I think.. there's also -m for mirroring19:27
MartijnVdSso.. I don't really know19:27
diddledanraid 1 is mirroring19:27
MartijnVdSlvm can do both I guess19:27
diddledanso.. this is a bit of overkill for your tuesday evening: http://blogs.nvidia.com/blog/2014/03/25/titan-z/20:01
daftykinsjust need a small bank loan and a 2 foot desk fan to cool it20:03
diddledanthen there's their plans for 2016: http://blogs.nvidia.com/blog/2014/03/25/gpu-roadmap-pascal/20:04
diddledanNVLink - 80GB/s interconnect between system and gfx instead of PCIe's 16GB/s20:05
diddledanI wonder what AMD will do in response to that - means that mobos will only be able to support nV or AMD and not both20:06
daftykinshrmm that doesn't sound too practical20:07
daftykinsi don't see intel accepting it20:07
daftykinsthat silly social network sharing bar on the left is stopping me seeing the entire text20:08
diddledanopen the inspector and put a display:none on it's css20:08
diddledanor. get a bigger monitor20:09
daftykinsi browse with sort of just over half width ;)20:09
diddledanwell then, here's a radical idea - resize the window?20:09
daftykinsyes yes :P20:09
daftykinsmore pointing out poor design20:10
diddledanI have three monitors and it still isn't enough20:10
daftykinsyeah more display area is a slippery slope20:10
diddledanI wonder if I can justify a 30" epeen?20:12
diddledanerm.. monitor**20:12
daftykinsi'm not a fan of 30s, my client has one20:13
daftykinsyou have to pan your head =/20:13
daftykinsmuch prefer my pair of 24s20:13
foobarry27 is nice20:16
diddledanis that a mistake - latest updates to 14.04 have brought-in "browser" from touch20:47
diddledani.e. my desktop now has the touch browser in addition to firefox20:48
popeydiddledan: oxide21:25
popeyhmm, i didnt get it21:26
diddledanpopey: in the dash it's listed as "browser" and in it's title bar it says "ubuntu browser"21:26
popeyoh, i have that21:26
diddledana load of qt5 came along with it21:27
popeydo you have aptitude installed?21:28
diddledanit comes from the package "webbrowser-app"21:30
popeyahh, webapp-container, thats why21:32
popey$ aptitude why webbrowser-app21:32
popeyi   webapp-container Depends webbrowser-app (= 0.23+14.04.20140319-0ubuntu1)21:32
diddledanwhich is brought-in by qtdeclarative5-ubuntu-ui-extras-browser-plugin21:33
diddledan(I think)21:33
diddledanmight be the other way about, though, I suck at reading depends/rdepends output21:33
diddledanI get that it's depended-on by unity-webapps-service which depends on webapp-container21:34
diddledanI've installed aptitude now21:34
diddledanyeah it all drills back down to ubuntu-desktop21:36
diddledanubuntu-desktop -> unity-webapps-common -> unity-webapps-service -> webapp-container -> webbrowser-app21:37
diddledanlocally-integrated menus is doing something fun and new in the realm of menus - quite interesting that they're not actually an additional thing but hidden behind the title bar21:39
diddledankinda hybrid between ubuntu's hidden global menu and everyone and their dogs' window-integrated screen-real-estate-using menus21:41
diddledanwhy am I lagging? I just got silenced for flooding #wordpress because of lag21:46
Azelphurhmm...dunno if anyone has noticed this, but go to xubuntu.org, and look at the screenshot on the front page, specifically look at the date on the panel :P22:01
daftykinsFacebook to acquire Oculus22:03
daftykinsoooh dear22:03
* Azelphur is giggling at the silliness xubuntu snuck into the screenshots22:05
daftykinsAzelphur: ? :)22:06
daftykinsoh just saw above comment22:06
daftykinshang on22:06
daftykinsSex! D:22:07
daftykinsand slickymaster22:07
daftykinsbigcalm: http://xubuntu.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/abiword_gnumeric.png22:07
Azelphurat first I thought it was a non-english translation, but all the screenshots are clearly using the english dialect22:07
bigcalmNice :)22:08
bigcalmDay of the week?22:08
Azelphursubliminal messaging is what it is :P22:08
Azelphurbigcalm: indeed22:08
* daftykins goes off with an inexplicable desire to find slickymaster22:08
diddledanI need sex now22:10
Azelphurcareful, don't forget it's a PG channel22:10
diddledanI mean, it's totally the right day of the week!22:10
diddledanI wasn't going to involve the channel ;-)22:11
daftykins* diddledan posts the statement to all his social networks22:11
diddledanhmm, should I buy the humble ebook bungle?22:15
daftykinssounds like it's doomed to fail if it's a bungle22:17
ali1234xfce :)22:20
ali1234that screenshot wasn't intentional22:21
ali1234slickymaster isn't english22:21
ali1234he changed the locale to do the screenshot, but the panel didn't update (would be my guess)22:21
ali1234daftykins: you can find slickymaster in #xubuntu-dev, but the bug was already reported i think22:22
ali1234as for facebook buying oculus... well i hope they fix the license on the SDK22:23
ali1234it's a horrible crayon license currently, which is basically "BSD but we can revoke your rights to use it at any time for any reason"22:23
ali1234yeah, "sex" is portuguese for "fri"(day)22:27
daftykinsthat's quite a cunning association22:28
diddledanI prefer to see it as a reminder22:28
ali1234in portuguese apparently the says are called "first day", "second day" etc22:32
ali1234and sunday is first day of the week22:33
diddledanhow simple22:33
diddledanfirst day, second day, through to sex day and seventh day22:33
daftykinsclient of mine likes Sunday as the first22:33
ali1234sexta-feira literally means "sixth day"22:33
daftykinsbut it's the week-END !?22:33
ali1234daftykins: yeah i know right?22:33
daftykinsbtw i would like to make you gentlemen jealous22:34
diddledanit's melting22:34
daftykinsby design sir, by design22:35
diddledanI wont say that it looks like an orange atop a turd22:35
ali1234is that toffee pudding with a treacle sponge on top?22:36
diddledansilly restaurants and their candle illumination ruining photos22:36
diddledanali1234: isn't that what I said? :-p22:36
daftykinssticky toffee pudding with vanilla ice cream22:37
diddledanice cream ftw!22:37
daftykinssilly restaurants and their 'we can't afford lighting' approach most times, even22:37
diddledanice cream is awesome22:38
diddledanit's almost as good as what happens on fridays22:38
bigcalmpopey: ping22:49
popeybigcalm: pong22:51
daftykinsgeek pr0n anyone?23:07
shaunoI .. uhm .. question your taste23:08
daftykinsyeah a lowly acer 15.6" surely isn't my idea of a good one23:09
daftykinsbut hey, a task is a task23:09
shaunoit's more the dust that turned me off23:09
daftykinsi've seen quite a few of these 5000 series23:10
daftykinshad those two that required new DC jacks a bit ago23:10
shaunothis is my nekkid toys for the day :)  https://scontent-a.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-frc3/t1.0-9/1655995_10153981281380578_1484815336_n.jpg23:10
shaunoa day off quite successfully wasted23:10
daftykinsjust messing about or got a project on the go?23:12
shaunojust put a kit together.  pretty thought-free, but I'm really out of practice, so it was entertaining23:13
bigcalmPeople with SIP experience. Why would an ekiga.net account not be able to call a sipgate.co.uk account and visa versa?23:19
daftykinsshauno: neat - what does it do? :)23:34
shaunoit beeps!23:34
bigcalmDoes it have a blue led?23:36
shaunono :(23:36
shauno:(  sorry23:36
daftykinsgo to your room XD23:37
daftykinshmm still hitting high temps, i'll save it for tomorrow to replace the thermal paste23:37
daftykinsi don't like doing full disassemblies too late at night, i forget things the next day when putting them back together :D23:37
bigcalmWow, it's late. Sleep now23:39
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