ronswiftHopefully we will be joined by others00:00
chuckfwith luck00:00
ronswiftHave you looked at the Wiki to see if you can replace your info with mine00:01
chuckfI didn't yet. Let me look at the page real quick.00:01
ronswiftHi J3ean00:02
JeanYHey Ron00:02
ronswiftI have added info from our meeting last Sat to the website, ubuntu-maryland.org00:03
ronswiftWe are working on getting our Loco reapproved by Ubuntu00:03
ronswiftI need to have all our members listed on the Ubuntu-MD wiki page for starters00:05
chuckfI can't edit the page anymore as i don't have an account. I think that section is probably an include of some sort.00:06
chuckffound it. Edit the page at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MarylandTeam/Sidebar00:07
ronswiftI can edit everything else but not that portion. I will reach out to Ubuntu for help with that00:07
chuckfI think that will do it00:07
ronswiftWe have several events planned over the next month, Bug Jam testing on Apr 4 and Open house release party on Apr 2600:08
ronswifthello Cassie00:08
=== Cassie is now known as Guest4573
Guest4573Hi from Ruth Alice.00:09
ronswiftChuck were the irc meetings a good supplement to actual meetings in the past00:10
ronswiftHi Ruth Alice00:10
chuckfThey were never real popular. we had 3-4 people show up00:10
ronswiftI was hoping it was away to attract people from other areas of the State to participate00:11
ronswiftI would like to get the Western MD, DC and Eastern shore folks invovled, any thoughts on how00:12
chuckfAnd i think if you make them regular and advertise them you might get some interest from other areas. Also finding web interfaces to freenode (I don't know them offhand) and listing them would lower the bar00:13
ronswiftWe have a web interface to freenode on our website, is that what you mean00:14
ronswiftHow can we build interest...00:14
chuckfI didn't know there was one there00:14
ronswiftI will promote that for future meetings00:15
ronswiftMy plan is to have irc meetings the 1st Mon of the month and live meetings the 4th Sat00:16
ronswiftWe have been averaging 6-10 people at the Sat meetings00:16
chuckfalso that's not a bad turnout for a Saturday afternoon00:17
ronswiftOn Sat, Apr 26 we are having an open-house/release party at CCBC Catonsville. Expect 20+ students to attend00:18
chuckfThat'll be nice. i'll mention it at the next CALUG as well00:18
ronswiftWe need volunteers to help...00:18
ronswiftWe are also doing an install fest for laptops only that day00:19
ronswiftHello rblake, welcome00:20
rblakehello, just lurking00:20
rblakeif that's alright00:20
chuckfinstallfests are always interesting00:20
ronswiftThat's fine Have you attended our Ubuntu-MD meetings00:21
ronswiftWe are trying to keep the installfests focused on laptops only and preferrably less than 5 years old.00:22
chuckfgood idea00:22
rblakeI haven't, but I've been lurking on the mailing list for sometime.  I joined the mailing list back when you guys used to hold the LUG at the Node00:22
ronswiftThere is a sample flyer link on the front of the website, ubuntu-maryland.org00:22
ronswiftWelcome. We now meet at CCBC college in Catonsville the 4th Sat of the month.00:24
ronswiftBalto LUG no longer meets00:24
rblakeronswift: Thanks.  I have a small child now, IRC meetings are about all the commitment I can handle. :)00:25
ronswiftRuth Alice I need to add you to the members page on the wiki.00:25
ronswiftIrc meetings will be monthly, 1st Mon of the month and we welcome your participation.00:26
ronswiftPlease feel free to share any ideas you have that can benefit the group via the mailing list or email me directly.00:27
ronswiftAny other ideas or topics you want addressed here.00:27
chuckfI'm good00:28
Guest4573Great - add me to the Wiki.  do you need my email address?00:29
ronswiftIf there are no other topics we can adjourn this session.00:29
ronswiftWe are adjourned, thanks for attending, goodbye00:30
joseron__, ronswift: ping01:16
ron__hello jose01:16

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