rick_h_cmaloney: let me know when you've got time to chat00:25
cmaloneyone sec.00:26
cmaloneyAnd people say I'm hard to shop for01:55
brouschrick_h_: From what I've seen on GSoC I think you will only get 1 slot because you lack a second primary mentor12:40
rick_h_brousch: that's why I roped cmaloney into being a second :)12:40
rick_h_brousch: but yea, I agree my original plan of two students for one mentor is dashed12:41
brouschEach student needs 2 mentors12:41
brouschUnless you think they'll let you be primary on one and secondary on another, with cmaloney as the opposite12:41
rick_h_hmmm, might try it I guess12:42
brouschI wonder how you could demonstrate that you can handle 2 students12:43
rick_h_yea, not sure. I have this dream of making them have stand up calls together and code reviewing each other's branches and such12:44
rick_h_so I really want to get two to make it more 'team' like12:45
mrgoodcathey all12:45
mrgoodcatrick_h_: you might be able to convince a student to stay on even if they aren't chosen12:47
rick_h_mrgoodcat: oh definitely12:47
rick_h_and I'll try that on some of the good ones to have mini-mentorship12:47
rick_h_if they're in it for the experience vs the $$ might get some interested folks12:47
mrgoodcatare applications finished?12:48
mrgoodcatthat's gotta be a load off12:49
mrgoodcatso now you're just waiting to see which student(s) google gives you?12:49
rick_h_yea, so now we sit for a month, not allowed to talk about applications with students, while they wonder if they'll get selected :)12:49
rick_h_but yea, slowing down. Catching up a bit. Managed to get caught up on pull requests this past weekend yay12:50
brouschHm, the message I got says talk to students and refine application. Then tell Google how many slots you want with an ordered list of your selected students12:50
rick_h_brousch: right12:51
rick_h_brousch: and it says not to talk to them about their ranking/etc12:51
brouschAh, about their ranking12:51
mrgoodcatwell that makes sense12:53
mrgoodcati'd assume you wouldn't even if you could12:53
mrgoodcati wouldn't anyways12:53
mrgoodcatmight affect the relationship and/or cause hard feelings12:53
mrgoodcat"how come he got a 7 and i got a 6 when i made 4 pull requests and he made 3" and such stuff like that12:54
rick_h_oh yea, that's already started12:54
rick_h_I did tell one guy he was about 5th on the list12:54
rick_h_and he wanted to know who was about him12:54
rick_h_you know he wanted to compare code contributions/etc12:54
mrgoodcatyea i'd imagine every student that doesn't get picked is gonna want to know why and see if there's any way to appeal the process or something like that12:55
mrgoodcatanybody heard of https://keybase.io/?13:05
rick_h_mrgoodcat: yea, it's going around as the 'easy' pgp13:05
mrgoodcati just heard about it today. have you used it yet? unfortunately there's a waiting list for an account13:06
jrwrenthe cmdline looks just like gpg.  maybe just alias keybase=gpg13:06
rick_h_no, if you need an inviate let me know. Lots of folks on my team have accounts13:06
rick_h_jrwren: yea, it's the whole 'twitter verification' thing or what not seems to be the first thing that gets people13:06
jrwrenzomg, I'd never twitter verify to them! :)13:07
mrgoodcatrick_h_: i'll let you know if i need one. i think one of my buddies from school has an invite though. he's the one that sent me the link this morning13:07
rick_h_mrgoodcat: cool13:10
mrgoodcati'm pretty excited about the service though. the only problem is it doesn't become useful until a bunch of people sign up and people won't sign up if it isn't useful13:11
cmaloneyGood morning again.13:26
rick_h_heh, party party13:27
cmaloneyMan, did not want to get up this morning13:27
brouschDid you shovel?13:27
cmaloneybrousch: No, fortunately we have only had flurries over here.13:33
cmaloneyJust tired. That's all.13:34
cmaloneySpent most of the night trying to sleep around the cat.13:34
cmaloneyand some of it failing.13:34
brouschjrwren: Are you going to KalamazooX?13:59
jrwrenit shall be glorious!14:05
jrwrenare you going?14:06
brouschI'll go if the boss will pay14:06
jrwrensure, why not?14:07
brouschI'm skeptical14:07
jrwrenit was great last year.14:07
jrwrenbest conference I've been to in years.14:07
mrgoodcatis it a tedx?14:07
jrwrenTED sucks.14:07
mrgoodcatjust saw the x on the end and assumed14:08
brouschI went to 2 TEDx Grand Rapids conferences. they were pretty good14:08
mrgoodcatwhy hate ted?14:08
mrgoodcatted's a cool guy14:08
mrgoodcatbut seriously why don't you like TED conferences?14:09
jrwrenthey are all talk, no action.14:09
widoxjrwren, brousch I'll be at KalamazooX14:10
mrgoodcatisn't that the definition of a conferene?14:10
mrgoodcattalking about things14:10
jrwrenmrgoodcat: yes, and TED exaserbates the lack of action.14:10
jrwrenmrgoodcat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yo5cKRmJaf014:10
jrwrenthere is a TED talk on what is wrong with ted talks14:10
brouschThere. I worded the request so he almost has to approve it14:13
brousch"I would like to attend the KalamazooX Conference on Saturday, April 26. A ticket will cost $50, and it's about 100 miles round trip. This conference focuses on soft skills, which is what I often lack according to my yearly reviews."14:13
wafjrwren: interesting, you liked last year's kalamazooX conference? i thought it was pretty bad.14:17
wafsearl's and rubybuddha's talks were good, but the rest of it was not for me14:17
wafthough as far as i can tell, it's impossible for searls and rubybuddha to give bad talks, no matter what subject. they are amazing presenters.14:18
jrwrenwaf: really? what were you looking for?14:23
jrwrenI loved all of them.14:24
brouschSo full of love14:24
jrwrenI thought searls was bottom of the bunch. still OK, but meh by comparison to the rest.14:24
wafmost of the talks could have been read straight out of a self-help book14:26
brouschSee that's why I am hesitant to attend14:27
wafbrousch: give it a shot, most people liked it14:27
brouschI will if my boss pays ;)14:27
wafi liked searls's talk because he talked about real-life soft-skill challenges, and how he navigated the murky waters14:28
wafthat was the sort of stuff i was expecting14:28
wafand it was useful. the stuff that was more like "find your center and be happy" i was a bit disappointed with14:29
jrwrenwaf: ah! that is understandable.14:29
jrwrenwaf: i just assumed all the talks are by people going through a midlife crisis.14:29
Havenstancewelcome back mrgoodcat14:35
Havenstancemorning everyone14:35
jrwrengood morning14:36
HavenstanceGot some real work for a few minute then I'll be back to "waste Time" :)14:38
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brouschResponse from boss re KzooX: "Nerdfest.  I'll cover the ticket and the mileage.  Bar tab is on you.  Live long and prosper."15:15
wafhaha, nice15:17
brouschSo, I'll be there15:22
HavenstanceThinking I might go myself15:31
greg-gbrousch: I thought you didn't want to go?15:34
greg-gg'morning/almost afternoon, east coast15:34
brouschgreg-g: I questioned the usefulness of the talks, but jrwren's endorsement made me thing more. Also, the boss is paying15:35
brouschthink, too15:35
greg-gfree trip's are good15:35
HavenstanceI would be 10-1 I could get my boss to do the same if I asked lol15:38
HavenstanceBut I'll probably just foot the bill myself and go. I need a damn road trip15:38
brouschHavenstance: Feel free to use my wording to help you get funding15:40
Havenstancebrousch, most likely my boss would send me just to improve my skills and usefulness to him15:40
HavenstanceHe gave me the days off for Penguicon15:40
HavenstanceI just have to reserve the ticket for that15:40
brouschI just have to show some business usefulness to the conference, and have it not be crazy expensive15:41
Havenstancehe wants a list of the conferences and/or courses and he's said he'll pay for that too15:41
brouschHeh, he is paying for penguicon?15:41
Havenstancemy problem is getting mileage out of him for the trip from Traverse City to Detroit15:41
greg-gwow, yeah, penguicon is a bit of a stretch :)15:41
brouschThat's a bit of a drive15:42
Havenstancehe wants me to improve my skills....15:42
HavenstanceIts actually quite hilarious at the stupid shit this guy will pay for15:42
greg-gin drinking and polyamory with furries?15:42
brouschBTW, I will camping with my family in Traverse City this summer.15:42
cmaloneyAs someone who really likes Penguicon, that's a bit of a stretch. :)15:42
cmaloneyBut hey, come on down for the release party. :)15:43
greg-gPenguicon: The Weirdest Ubuntu Michigan Release Party Venue15:43
cmaloneyFriday is nowhere near weird15:44
cmaloneySaturday night though...15:44
cmaloney"It's life Jim, but not as we know it"15:44
havnestance3they mentioned that the preview of ubuntu 14.10 would be shown there15:45
havnestance3he thinks that somehow requires my attention15:45
havnestance3er 14.0415:45
cmaloney14.04 should be released by then15:45
havnestance3i politely remided him that it'd be out by then15:45
cmaloneyif we're lucky we'll have discs15:45
havnestance3he was like you might learn something here15:46
cmaloneyYeah, the names and faces of folks on IRC> :)15:46
havnestance3i was like if you mean how to get blasted & fuck nerdy girls yeah I might learn something15:46
havnestance3his response was classic "as long as you get some useful skills out of the class I don't care what you do with your dick"15:47
greg-ghe should15:47
havnestance3yeah, I know me15:47
havnestance3alcohol + hot nerdy girls = no class for me15:47
havnestance3hell alchohol + girls = no class for me15:48
greg-gpro-tip: treat women well, with alcohol or not, and you'll find you have class :)15:48
havnestance3didn't have the heart to tell him that i've already been playing with 14.04 dailies at home15:48
havnestance3greg-g, im aware of that good sir :)15:48
havnestance3I just choose to hang out with the women vs being bored to tears all day15:49
havnestance3I would most certainly go to the release party though, because I'd be interested to see some of the major changes hilighted15:49
brouschcmaloney: Hear that? Now you need a formal presentation for 14.04.15:50
havnestance3he don't need a formal presentation :)\15:50
brouschI expect a proper slide deck with musical accompaniment15:50
greg-ghavnestance3: :) :)15:50
havnestance3By then I'll have it loaded on a VM and be playing with it anyway15:51
havnestance3His release party could include spiked punch and I'm game15:51
havnestance3brousch, could just bring booze and say we are partying because its "Finally" out :)15:53
brouschI will not be there15:54
havnestance3heh, I'm not 100% that I will be yet either16:05
havnestance3He wants me to go but I may be switching jobs. I'm in the process of talking with another company who has already offered me 65k a year for what I know. Not the greatest salry but its pretty damn good for someone with no college16:06
cmaloneyThat's the great thing about a community - delegation. :)16:52
jrwrenhow many years of experience do you have?16:58
cmaloneyYay new Animals as Leaders album.18:12
rick_h_cmaloney: with http://r.bmark.us/u/976f93a3c1fc36 your storage is down from 200 to $50/mo18:35
greg-gtypo in articled18:37
brouschIs anybody using Drive like Dropbox?18:37
brouschCan it even work like that on Linux?18:37
greg-gif you use git-annex :)18:38
greg-ggit-annex supports gdrive18:38
rick_h_so this isn't gdrive but their compute cloud18:39
rick_h_oh, but you mean in reference to dropbox18:39
cmaloneyrick_h_: Yeah, I'm starting to think seriously about offloading some of my less-critical backups18:41
cmaloneyBut I also need to consider what I'm going to do about my current storage as that's pretty maxed out.18:42
* cmaloney just needs to bite the bullet and get some new drives.18:42
cmaloneyA lot of that can just be offloaded into cold storage18:43
greg-gdash h man, -h18:43
cmaloney(/home that is)18:43
greg-g865gigs used in a 1tb (961gig) drive18:44
* greg-g hates having to highlight text to count digits :)18:44
rick_h_cmaloney: -h man -h18:47
rick_h_oh, greg-g already got you18:47
brouschcmaloney: D00d, did you know you can use -h to get more human-readable units?18:48
cmaloneyApparently df without -h is like tossing acid in people's eyes.18:49
rick_h_pretty much18:49
brouschIt's like sitting on a rusty fence post. Please train yourself to always use it.18:50
jrwren/dev/mapper/datavg-music  4.7T  3.4T  1.2T  75% /music18:56
jrwrendid you know that sort can read the -h output?18:56
jrwrendu -h | sort -hr | head18:56
cmaloneyI did not know that.18:56
jrwrennewer feature18:57
jrwreni know not when it was added18:57
greg-gjrwren: wait, just kidding that that is your music library?18:58
jrwrengreg-g: right.18:59
jrwrengreg-g: that is my movies, tv and music.19:00
jrwren/dev/mapper/datavg-nomirror  4.7T  3.4T  1.2T  75% /nomirror19:00
jrwreni doctored it ;)19:00
greg-ghmmm, my lastpass login takes substantially less long now (I had it set at the maximum number of hashes, to slow down repeat attempts)...21:00
cmaloneyjrwren: https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-VgGMV22t-yw/UuauqiaCACI/AAAAAAAAAjw/cJd6VgGy77o/s480-no/785a2bc7-f6e9-4d7c-bfcc-3926cce9169021:31
cmaloneyDidn't half recognize you in that photo. You look like you should be carting a Macbook Pro to a Rails conference.21:32
cmaloneyFacebook acquires Occulus Rift21:48
cmaloneylet the wailing and gnashing of teeth commence.21:48
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jrwrencmaloney: its cold. I need the extra insulation23:20

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