ProfessorKaos64Would someone mind just clicking my blog link to see how fast it loads for you?00:31
KyleYankanjedijf: everything before 1776 was a mistake01:26
lazyPowerMutantTurkey: I saw the #python banter. I think that's a common perception on freenode. The public seems to wax and wane with the purist pedantics.02:54
teddy-dbearMorning peoples, dogs, turkeys, hamsters and everything else12:12
InHisNamemorning Randy & bear12:16
ChinnoDogAnyone have opinions on the new Canadian anti-spam laws that take effect in July?13:35
ChinnoDogThere is a summary.13:36
ChinnoDogmm, nuked scrambled eggs14:41
MutantTurkeylazyPower: perception? i think it's a reality15:33
MutantTurkeyit's a real issue, if there's a person looking for programming help, it's unlikely they also understand ettiquite or how to use SO or google effectively15:33
MutantTurkeyand what - they get turned away from programming because of some ass on IRC?15:34
JonathanDMutantTurkey: yes.15:41
lazyPowerMutantTurkey: Start the revoluion. Create a PA LOCO coder haven15:45
lazyPoweri'd buy into this group15:45
=== MutantTurkey is now known as argv_turk

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