Private_Usercheers everybody chat later02:26
Kilosmorning nlsthzn and all others05:08
Kiloshi jabberwocky93  05:39
jabberwocky93morning Kilos05:41
jabberwocky93o/ everyone05:41
Kiloshi Spekko  05:49
Spekkomorning Kilos05:50
inetprogood mornings06:15
Kiloshi inetpro  06:16
Kiloshi bduk1  06:24
bduk1morning everyone06:30
Kiloshi Vince-0  07:33
Vince-0Hai Kilos 07:46
Kiloshi tinuva  08:01
Kiloshi Golynx  08:15
Golynxhi Kilos08:15
Kiloshi magespawn  11:52
jabberwocky93looks like I'm going to miss another meeting. I've got an examination tonight, starting at 19:0012:03
Kiloswell save logs for you jabberwocky93  12:06
jabberwocky93thanks guys :-)12:07
Private_Usergood day all12:37
Golynxhi Private_User12:38
Private_Userhey Golynx12:38
Kiloshi liamT  12:44
Private_Userhmm... I wonder if liamT is studying Biology or Information Technology or is actually a lecturer or maybe even the Dean?12:48
Kiloswhy you wonder that kinda stuff12:49
Golynxhey liamT12:52
Private_Userlol, yeah Kilos his domain name pc51.bioinf.wits.ac.za12:53
Private_UserI am wondering what the bioinf means12:54
magespawnmaybe that is just the name of tha lab that he is in12:54
Private_Userhmm... yeah could be hey magespawn could be...12:54
Kilosweve had lecturers here on and off12:55
Kilosbut they dont stay long12:55
Private_Userbut wondering why liamT aint answering though12:55
Kiloshe does normally12:55
Kiloshe must be busy12:56
Private_Usermaybe since it could be a lab pc somebody else logged in without realizing that it was his profile12:56
Golynxsome people just log on and dont bother checking the channel after a few hours later12:56
liamTsi, normally busy12:57
liamTgreetings everyone12:57
liamTnot biology and IT ?12:57
Golynxo/ magespawn12:58
liamTPrivate_User: bioinformatics12:58
Kilosthats a big word12:58
liamTit is a mouthful12:58
Private_Useraha was thinking of maybe it could be short for something12:59
Private_Userhey liamT12:59
Private_Userso what is bioinformatics all about?13:00
Kilosits teaching bio peeps how to format stuff13:01
liamTha, exactly, though generally i'm the one formatting it13:01
liamTit's to do with all the interactions of proteins, dna, rna and all the other things, how they relate to each13:02
liamTother, you can imagine how complicated or interconnected things get13:02
GolynxliamT: so did humans really evolved from bacteria 3 billion years ago ?13:02
liamTand neither did we evolve from monkeys13:03
GolynxliamT: no , is a very uneducated answer :-/13:04
liamTthere was a common ancestor, from which we both came13:04
Kilosif we had evolved from monkeys or anything else there would be no monkeys left13:04
Golynxhow else did you expect us to have gotten here13:04
liamTa common ancestor13:04
KilosGod made us as you see us13:04
Golynxi know of the cavemen , \13:05
Golynxi mean the core , the very beginning of DNA13:05
liamTif you believe that god made us fine, i prefer to think that God started the process of evolution13:05
liamTeven though I don't believe in God13:06
liamTbut let's not get into too heavy a discussion13:06
Golynxi believe we are one invisible spirit named God , animating the physical universe13:06
Kilosno religion or politics allowed here13:07
liamTbut i'd be happy to answer questions in biology13:07
Kilostell me13:08
Golynxlol, i thought so13:08
Kiloswith the genetically modifying of vegetables is it part of the plan to make the seeds infertile13:08
GolynxliamT: so your still new in the field13:09
Kilosor is nature stopping it like with donkey horse crosses13:09
liamTGolynx: i've been in the field for 12 years13:10
GolynxliamT: okay13:11
liamTKilos: possibly, i wouldn't trust Monsanto. sometimes the cross breed is not reproductively viable, sometimes a modification will affect seed viability, sometimes its intentional13:11
Kilosah so they can control it?13:11
Private_UserI was just reading about bioinformatics on the net13:12
Kiloshard to find seeds today that can reproduce again13:12
Private_Useryou know when I was in school I never knew about any of these fields13:12
liamTKilos: i'm not a plant person, but i suspect they can control it13:12
GolynxG.M food can cause long term health issues , in same cases as exposure  to nuclear radiation13:13
Private_Usermaybe I was stupid then or just not informed13:13
liamTKilos: buy heirloom seeds13:13
liamTGolynx: There is not evidence for that. We've been eating GM foods for centuries.13:14
Kilosoh liamT  are they still good to use13:14
Private_Useryou mean decades liamT? or has it really been centuries?13:14
GolynxliamT: studies is still going on for the long term effects of it13:14
liamTPrivate_User: i would say centuries. The difference between now and centuries back is that back then it was selective breeding (a long arduous process), whereas today this can be finely controlled.13:15
KilosMaaz  google where to buy heirloom seeds13:15
MaazKilos: "Heirloom Seeds | Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Co" http://www.rareseeds.com/ :: "Seed Savers Exchange - Organic, Heirloom Garden Seed Info & Store" http://www.seedsavers.org/ :: "10 Best Heirloom Seed Companies as Selected By Readers ..." http://www.treehugger.com/lawn-garden/10-best-seed-companies-selected-by-readers.html :: "HEIRLOOM SEEDS - over 145013:15
Maazvarieties of heirloom (non-hybrid ..." https://www.heirloomseeds.com/ :: "Heirloom Seeds and Pla…13:15
Kilosty liamT  13:16
Private_Userbut you know studies can be manipulated to give you what ever results the people who benefit financially from what ever results they give you13:16
liamTthe difference between selective breeding and genetic engineering  is really a semantic argument, they are both genetically modified, one is just faster13:16
liamTPrivate_User: absolutely13:17
Private_Userah ok liamT that actually makes sense hey almost like GM food is just a quicker process of what would have been done manually before science13:17
liamTthe difference between the US and EU perspective is that is the US, someone else has to prove that it is damaging (safe unless proven otherwise), whereas in the EU, you must first prove that it is safe (not safe, unless proven otherwise)13:18
Golynxtoday more and more chemicals are used in processing such manufacturing , adds to the health problems the future human populations will face13:18
liamTGolynx: sure, so eat unprocessed foods, and wash what you eat13:20
GolynxliamT: yeah , seems like that is all we can do.13:21
Private_Userbut in the US people will find any reason to find something dangerous so they can just sue the manufactures producers for money, like the McDonalds case and also tobacco companies. When I heard about the Mcdonalds case it was funny to me cause we all know that if you eat too much junk food especially too much carbs and are not active you will get fat but then I realize its the US and people will do anything to make a quick bu13:21
Private_Userman I am really slow at typing hence the reason for my poor grammar did not even re-read that one13:22
liamTja, but I think it is better to err on the side of caution, especially when dealing with global food systems, or climate. Why wait until everyone is half dead, or the climate dramatically altered before saying, "hey, guess we should have stopped that"13:23
Private_UserGolynx: also grow you own "organic" garden. Nothing beats freshly cut vegetables straight from the garden into the pot13:24
=== Rynofear is now known as rynomster
liamTPrivate_User: they taste better because they ripen in the garden, as opposed to store bought which are picked when unripe, and then put into ripening rooms with special gases and temperatures13:25
Private_Useryep we have a garden here and most of our vegetables are from there13:26
Private_Userbut I do admit they have to be prepared well most people hate veggies cause they grew up eating veggies that were not prepared well13:27
Golynxwhen you have  to feed 7 billion mouths , i guess there is no other way but G.M 13:27
GolynxPrivate_User: what about the compost , have to make sure there is no dangerous chemicals in there13:28
Private_Userhmm... I never thought of that hey13:29
liamTI'd be worried more about the bacteria in the compost that chemicals13:30
Kilosmake your own compost and get red wrigglers13:31
liamT"than chemicals"13:31
Kilosno need for fertilizers with them worms13:31
Golynxi read somewhere we have more bacteria in our mouths than on a toilet seat lol13:31
GolynxKilos: yeah worms and other kinds of friendly bugs likes eating the dangerous pests13:33
liamTGolynx: we have more bacteria on us that we have human cells13:34
GolynxliamT: sure , thats a no brainer ofcourse13:35
Golynxa few trillion cells will never compare to quadrillions of bacteria :D13:36
KilosGolynx  you must read up on them red wrigglers. one can sell the produce from them too13:41
Kilosi have 2 dustbins with them in and use on my strawberries and chillies and peppadews and so on13:41
Golynxbut i'm happy to see DNA changing/evolving to grow the brain and make other body parts less useful. Humans will for sure look like the Grey Alien type someday in a few 100k or million years :)13:42
Kilosi dont want to live that long to find out13:43
Private_Userlol hopefully Golynx is talking about his upstairs brain13:43
GolynxPrivate_User: lol 13:44
Golynxwe humans tend to keep on using the brain mostly , so the DNA will slowly evolve to give full evolution advantage to that part of the body13:45
Private_Useryeah I agree Kilos I do not wanna live that long or even till 100 nope I have seen how my grand dad was in the last few years of his life and I do not want that for me13:45
Golynxsadly there will be no "lower brain" by then and we will have to clone babies in test tubes13:46
Private_Userthat would be boring Golynx13:46
Private_UserI would like to go back to cave man days, if you saw something you want you take it ;)13:47
GolynxPrivate_User: thats great news for woman  lol 13:47
Golynxno more child birth :D13:48
Golynxlol , just klap over the head and drag to the cave 13:49
Private_UserHAHAHAHAHA, yeah13:49
liamTsigning off, have a good avie13:52
Private_Usercool cya liamT, I guess you will not be at meeting13:53
liamTwhich meeting ?13:53
Private_Userhopefully I remember when its time, I missed the last 213:53
Private_Userubuntu-za meeting tonight13:54
Private_Userhere on IRC13:54
liamTtime ?13:54
Private_UserKilos: give liamTinfo on the meeting13:54
nlsthznuncle Kilos ... just installed hexchat and the sound works out of the box... 13:54
Kilosoh sorry13:55
Private_Userat 20:30 I think liamT, Kilos can confirm13:55
Kilostonight here at 20,30\13:55
liamTwill try my best13:55
Kilosim busy doing plumbing in between13:55
Private_Usercheers liamT13:56
Private_Userhopefully you don't get any water on your PC there Kilos... hehe13:56
Kiloslol no man its in my sisters bathroom14:04
Private_Userah ok so its away from your PC14:08
Kilosyeah far away14:14
magespawnsee you at the meeting, later all14:23
Private_Userthat was my alter ego buwahahaha15:08
Kilosnuvolari  ping15:10
Kiloshi psydroid  16:00
Golynxhey psydroid16:03
psydroidhi Kilos 16:04
psydroidhi Golynx 16:04
psydroidI've been a bit busy lately16:04
psydroidbut now it's ok16:04
psydroidI got tests yesterday and today and did well on them, so tomorrow I can start working16:05
psydroidon first-level support, but that's just for 2-3 weeks maximum16:05
kbmonkeyhi hi16:34
Kiloshi kbmonkey  16:34
Kilosdid you brin nuvolari  with you16:35
kbmonkeyno I have not seen him hey Kilos 16:35
kbmonkeyjust popping in to say Ill be here tonight16:35
kbmonkeyIm going for some food now16:35
kbmonkeygot the agenda open here...16:36
kbmonkeyit was hot and windy today Kilos 16:37
Kilosi just mailed the list. i totally forgot this month16:38
Kilosgetting colder here. expecting 13°c here tonight16:39
Kiloshi Wraz  captine  16:40
captinehi there Kilos 16:40
Golynxcolder here Kilos, raining too16:41
Golynxhey captine16:41
Golynxhi Wraz16:41
captinehey Golynx 16:43
Kiloshi amanica  16:56
Kiloslong time no see16:56
Golynxhey amanica116:58
Kiloswhew bad connection ther16:58
amanicahi Kilos, Golynx;  had to convince Quassel a little to start working again. it must be rusty from disuse17:06
charlgood evening17:11
charlMaaz: coffee on17:11
* Maaz starts grinding coffee17:11
MaazCoffee's ready for charl!17:15
charlMaaz: thanks17:24
Maazcharl: Okay :-)17:24
Golynxamanica: np17:29
Golynxhi charl17:29
charlhi Golynx 17:32
Kiloshi charl  17:33
Kiloshi superfly  17:34
charlhi Kilos 17:37
Kilosevening liamT  17:40
Kilosi looked at http://www.organicseed.co.za/17:41
Kilosty for the push in the right direction17:41
Golynxwb liamT17:41
liamTevening all17:44
Kiloshi nlsthzn  hows neelsie?18:01
Kiloshiya maiatoday  18:02
maiatodayhi Kilos18:02
Kiloshows our girl?18:02
maiatodayI'll try to make it for 20:30 might be distracted, dinner guests18:03
maiatodayI am well and you?18:03
Kilosim well ty maiatoday  18:03
Kiloshi smile  18:03
Golynxhi maiatoday18:04
Golynxhey smile18:04
smilehi! :)18:04
smilehi, Golynx :)18:06
charlhi smile 18:10
charlhi maiatoday 18:11
smilehi all :)18:14
Kilosinetpro  coowweee18:14
Kiloswhew liamT  you got a genetically modified internet connection there18:24
* inetpro joins #ubuntu-za for some meeting event18:24
Kiloswrong dna mod though18:24
Kiloshehe hi inetpro  18:24
liamTi do, my router or isp is incompatible18:24
inetprogood evening18:25
inetprooh and hi Kilos18:25
Kilosha as a secong thought18:25
kbmonkeyhello hello.18:27
Kilosmy monkey you well?18:27
Golynxhi chairman18:27
Golynxand vice chairman18:27
Kilosnuvolari  ping18:28
kbmonkeyfine fine Kilos - eating an avo.18:29
kbmonkeyis nuvolari around?18:29
Golynxvice chairman is here :)18:29
Golynxvice chairman aka kbmonkey sorry18:30
Kiloshim and nuvolari   swop places18:30
kbmonkeyya ya :)18:30
Kiloshe is young kbmonkey  forgive him18:31
inetproKilos: did he say he would not make it?18:31
Golynxyou cant forgive overtime :-/18:31
Kilosstill got some windows genes floating aroung there18:31
Kilosi havent heard from him at all inetpro  18:31
Kiloshi Vince-0  18:32
Kiloswe better get going18:32
kbmonkeyyes Kilos I think we should get going. andiamo!18:32
Kiloshave you got permissions yet18:33
kbmonkeyMaaz, start meeting about Monthly Ubuntu-ZA IRC meet18:33
* Maaz gets out his memo-pad and cracks his knuckles18:33
superflyMaaz: I am Raoul Snyman18:33
Maazsuperfly: Sure18:33
Kiloshi superfly  18:33
* superfly bows out of the meeting now, he has housework to do18:33
kbmonkeyMaaz, I am Wesley Werner18:33
Maazkbmonkey: Sure18:34
KilosMaaz  I am Miles Sharpe18:34
MaazKilos: Okay18:34
inetproMaaz: I am Gustav H Meyer18:34
Kilosty for popping in superfly  18:34
Maazinetpro: Done18:34
captineMaaz I am Bradley Putzier18:34
Maazcaptine: Alrighty18:34
kbmonkeyMaaz, topic Welcoming and Introduction18:34
MaazCurrent Topic: Welcoming and Introduction18:34
kbmonkeyHello everyone and welcome to the Ubuntu ZA IRC meet!18:35
GolynxMaaz I am Jarryd Lynx18:35
MaazGolynx: Yessir18:35
Kiloswb georgl  18:35
kbmonkeyyou may tell our minute taker Maaz who you are18:35
Vince-0Maaz I am Vincent Swart18:35
MaazVince-0: Okay18:35
Vince-0kbmonkey: Sup18:35
kbmonkeyhey hey Vince-0 !18:35
liamTMaaz: Liam Thompson18:35
MaazliamT: What?18:35
amanicaMaaz, I am Marius Kruger18:35
Maazamanica: Alrighty18:35
kbmonkeyThe agenda for today's meet can be seen at http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-za/743/detail/18:36
inetproliamT: Maaz: I am ...18:36
liamTMaaz I am Liam Thompson18:37
MaazliamT: Done18:37
kbmonkeyThat's it :)18:37
georglhi hi18:37
kbmonkeyAnyone else is free to tell Maaz their name throughout the meet too18:38
kbmonkeyhello georgl 18:38
kbmonkeyso let's get going!18:39
charlMaaz: i am Charl van Niekerk18:39
Maazcharl: Okay18:39
kbmonkeyMaaz, topic Review previous minutes18:39
MaazCurrent Topic: Review previous minutes18:39
kbmonkeyoh by the way nice to see everyone again!18:39
Kiloshi Private_User  sign in with maaz please18:39
Kilosyeah kbmonkey  we just kinda min18:41
kbmonkeySo the minutes from the last meet can be seen at http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2014-02-25-18-32-23.txt18:41
captineam checking them now18:41
kbmonkeyWe agreed that mandatory nick registrations would not be needed.18:41
maiatodayMaaz: I am Maia Grotepass18:42
Maazmaiatoday: Yessir18:42
Kilosai! maaz maiatoday  be a lady18:42
Kilosstupid bot18:42
kbmonkeyAlso, the 15th was hardware freedom day. Did anybody do anything special that day?18:43
Kilosi think thats when i got a telkom modem18:44
captinedidnt know it was that day... Owning a mac probably excludes me from celebrating... ;)18:44
kbmonkeyheh captine :P18:44
captineSpeaking of hardware freedom, are there any vendors selling linux hardware like system76 in the US?18:45
captineAnyone know?18:45
captinemight be off topic.  sorry18:45
kbmonkeycaptine, there was a thread about this on the mailing list, I recall some sites were mentioned...18:45
Kiloslinux hardware?18:45
liamTno idea sorry18:45
amanicaalso didn't know about hw freedom day, it is AFAIK arduino day this saturday18:46
captineKilos, yip.  i.e. hardware put together to ensure compatibility with linux from bios to wifi to graphics18:46
Kiloswow that sounds cool18:46
kbmonkeyKilos, buying a pc or laptop with Linux out of the box18:46
Golynxhardware freedom day ? nope never heard of it18:47
captineI contacted www.system76.com to find out about resellers in SA etc, but they dont have plans to expand to our little country just yet18:47
Kilosin za we force whatever hardware we have to accept linux18:48
Golynxi'm sure the guys at ##hardware threw a big party lol18:48
captineKilos, lol.  agree18:48
Golynxyeah Kilos18:48
liamTit at least teaches you18:49
Kilosyeah but can be tiring at times18:49
kbmonkeyah, here we go. captine you can try this thread: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-za/2013-January/010130.html18:49
captinefor sure18:49
Kiloshi BothWays-Saucy  18:49
Kilosbot time again18:50
MaazKilos: Huh?18:50
kbmonkeyKilos, do you know what admin or announcements nuvolari had in mind?18:50
BothWays-Saucyhi .. just got the message ,... thru google .. Aloha from the IOM .. good luck guys !18:50
kbmonkeyif not I will skip to Events topic18:50
Kiloswelcome to ubuntu-za BothWays-Saucy  18:50
kbmonkeyyes welcome BothWays-Saucy 18:51
Golynx hiBothWays-Saucy18:51
captinekbmonkey, thanks.  zareason and system76 are not shipping to SA..18:51
BothWays-Saucyok .. I will sit back for a while .. good luck for 14.04 18:51
Kilosty BothWays-Saucy  18:51
captinekbmonkey, not sure the market is big enough here, esp with government not encouraging opensource software (from what I understand)18:51
KilosBothWays-Saucy  where is IOM18:52
Kilosnope kbmonkey  sorry thats a mont ago you know18:53
kbmonkeyah sorry about that captine. I was hoping that thread would lead to at least one site.18:53
kbmonkeyMaaz, topic Events18:53
GolynxAloha is Hawaian18:53
MaazCurrent Topic: Events18:53
BothWays-Saucygoogle : #manx18:54
kbmonkeySo upcoming, http://www.softwarefreedomday.org/ on the 20th September18:54
amanicaeish so soon again, totally burned out on the last one..18:55
kbmonkeyI'm going ahead and adding a reminder for this so long18:55
Kilosseptember is far still man18:55
kbmonkeyMaaz, idea SFD 20 Sep http://www.softwarefreedomday.org/18:56
MaazIdea recorded: SFD 20 Sep http://www.softwarefreedomday.org/18:56
kbmonkeyey Kilos us old folks don't have such good memories anymore ;)18:56
inetprokbmonkey: Trusty Tahr (Ubuntu 14.04 LTS), scheduled for release on 17 April 201418:57
kbmonkeyI wont ask to set up meeting plans this early, but check out the site!18:57
Kilosdid you read the minutes18:57
Kiloshe musta logged something18:57
amanicaany plans for release parties this time round? :)18:57
kbmonkeythis is before the next irc meet!18:58
Kilosask maiatoday  she is good at planning things18:58
kbmonkeyI think Durban can have a celebratory party at our usual Gloria Jeans coffee shoppe18:58
captineSFD... looks good.18:59
maiatodayI don't know of any18:59
maiatodayI am away until 14 april18:59
kbmonkeyI will try take lead on this with william and Vince-0 18:59
captineanyone here from Jhb area?18:59
maiatodayI did put the order in for the DVDs18:59
Kiloswow maiatoday  busy bee hey18:59
kbmonkeyah great thank you so much maiatoday :)18:59
maiatodaySo hopefully we won't have any customs problems18:59
captinemaiatoday, where do you order? from ubuntu direct?18:59
maiatodayOnly the team contact of approved locos can request the dvds19:00
maiatodayso I got an email and then put the request in on the website19:00
liamTcaptine: i'm in jhb19:00
GolynxDVD's ? where how is this possible ?19:00
kbmonkeyyes, and then maia distributes them from there to us19:01
maiatodayonce the box gets here I'll make up some parcels19:01
maiatodaybefore then I'll send out a mail and find out who is willing to distribute in the area19:01
amanicacaptine: I'm from Roodepoort; had a dismal release part for 13.04 I think we should do one in PTA again..19:01
maiatodayI'll do this on the mailing list again unless people want to do the comms elsewhere19:02
amanica(was in randburg)19:02
kbmonkeymaiatoday, yes please email. I be willing to sponsor some cash if need be.19:02
captineliamT, amanica I am in Boskruin (randburg)19:02
maiatodayok cool lets talk about it once the box gets here19:02
Golynxmaiatoday: okay so that how it works now , thanks19:02
kbmonkeyMaaz, idea Waiting for Ubuntu 14.04 DVD's before discussing distribution19:03
MaazIdea recorded: Waiting for Ubuntu 14.04 DVD's before discussing distribution19:03
captinemaiatoday, awesome.  19:03
captinewould love a dvd.19:03
inetpromaiatoday: how many did you order?19:04
maiatodaywe usually have about 20 people on the list. I just divvy up the dvds.19:04
=== AndChat|27729 is now known as magespawn
maiatodayyou can't choose, the numbers are fixed19:04
Kiloswb magespawn  19:04
maiatodaysomething like 25 server 125 desktop 19:04
maiatodaycan't remember exactly19:04
kbmonkeyI'm generally happy to part with the DVD once I made an ISO copy of it19:04
captinesounds good19:04
kbmonkeyI'd rather let someone else grab it to get excited ;)19:04
captineamanica, I struggle to get out with a little dude having recently been born, but would be keen for a release party.  never been to one.19:05
magespawnAre we meeting?19:05
maiatodaydo the idea is that if people need a dvd they can contact someone closer to them to get one19:05
kbmonkeyit makes for great excitement, to hold a physical printed disc19:05
captinekbmonkey, for sure19:05
Kilosyes magespawn  login19:05
amanicacaptine: yeah we should do one. will pretoria be ok for you?19:06
kbmonkeyMaaz, topic19:06
Maazkbmonkey: Huh?19:06
Kilosi think well need to get contact peeps in each area again maiatoday  the last lot have faded19:06
maiatodayYeah I always refresh the list before I send, otherwise it is just a waste of postage19:07
captineamanica, will try make a plan.  just dread the e-tolls... avoided them thus far19:07
amanicacaptine: yeah, me too :(19:07
Kiloswhats happening kbmonkey  ?19:08
captineliamT, would you be good with PTA?19:08
kbmonkeyhello magespawn. We are on Events, just discussed SFD and upcoming 14.04 DVD's19:08
kbmonkeyKilos, I thought Maaz would echo the current topic, oh well19:08
Kilosah too19:08
liamTcaptine: sorry when ?19:09
Kilosi want to enquire about something but dunno when19:09
kbmonkeyliamT, captine, if you are on the ubuntu-za mailing list, its good to plan event details there.19:09
kbmonkeyas more peeps are on the list than here in irc19:10
captinekbmonkey, thnx. will do19:10
kbmonkeyoh dear, we spammed mage :p19:10
captineliamT, no idea on timing.  will take kbmonkey advice and turn to the mailing list :)19:10
Kilosyou can chat here captine  after the meet19:11
Kilos20 mins more only19:11
kbmonkeyby all means decide here if you like! just mail the list, you may find others keen too :)19:11
Kilosthen what you decide you put on the list and invite others19:11
kbmonkeyMaaz, agreed 14.04 release parties planning via mailing list19:12
MaazAgreed: 14.04 release parties planning via mailing list19:12
captineback onto the dvd's.  who would the contact be in Jhb area?  Or is that still to be finalized?19:12
GolynxKilos: its probably safe to enquire now19:13
kbmonkeycaptine, maiatoday will email the list when we have the DVD's, and we will build a list from there for whoever wants19:13
kbmonkeygo ahead Kilos 19:13
kbmonkeyunless you want to wait for next topic, misc19:13
captinekbmonkey, thanks for clarification.  am with the program now... :)19:13
kbmonkeycool captine :]19:14
Kilosi was hoping someone would come up with a good idea on what we can do about the fly's goodie couplaq meets back19:14
Kilosi forget the word now19:14
maiatodayok I tell you what, I'll start the poll for the dvd contacts before I go. It always takes some time to collect all the addresses.19:14
Kilosremember that thing about the internet in za inetpro  19:15
* kbmonkey prizes maia with a banana19:15
kbmonkeyRight, we got the SFD and the release parties down19:16
Kiloskbmonkey  were you here for the survey?19:16
inetproKilos: I'll pass on that for now... nothing I can think of to do19:16
kbmonkeyThat is all the events I can figure at this time...19:16
captinei was lost with fly's goodie couplaq....19:17
kbmonkeyvote to move topic?19:17
inetprokbmonkey: +119:17
captinekbmonkey, +119:17
kbmonkeyseconded, motion carried. lol19:17
kbmonkeyMaaz, topic Miscellaneous19:17
MaazCurrent Topic: Miscellaneous19:17
kbmonkeyby the way anybody can shout at me if I go too fast.19:18
kbmonkeyKilos, I am a bit confused about what you were asking just now...19:19
captinefor Miscellaneous, I would like to ask if anyone has a listing or reference etc for companies in SA using open source software for running their businesses.  e.g. my IT department only has eyes for MS products and believe it is the only supportable software stack etc.19:19
Kilosthe fly did a survey here about our local internet and if we were happy with it19:19
captinewould be nice to have a reference page etc somewhere19:19
maiatodayok I just sent a mail to the list so I'll start collecting the addresses. Hopefully we won't have post office strikes19:20
maiatodaythanks for the banana kbmonkey19:20
Kilosthere were some complaints and if you watch the net then something should be done about it19:20
Kilosthats what i wanna know from the clever peeps19:20
Kiloswhat can we do19:20
kbmonkeyoh really? that sounds interesting Kilos, I'd like to do that survey19:21
GolynxKilos i remember that , yeah i wasn't sure why the fly did it 19:22
Kilosi just want an idea what each of us can do to rev the powers that be to improve the net19:22
kbmonkeycaptine, I don't know of any such companies. Vince-0 might actually point out some that use OSS19:22
liamTcaptine: i don't know of any list. 19:22
inetprokbmonkey: topic was "The current state of Internet in South Africa" in our meeting in January http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-za/716/detail/19:22
Vince-0clug wiki has a list,19:22
Vince-0lsd, obsidian, synaq19:22
Vince-0most companies use free software without knowing it19:23
GolynxMTN and Vodacom sueing ICASA is not good news for local internet in the near future i think19:24
kbmonkeyah thanks inetpro !19:25
captine thnx Vince-0 .  will check clug out19:25
captineGolynx, agree.  19:25
amanicacaptine: and I think there are a lot of companies that mix and match as needed..19:26
amanicacaptine: it depends a lot on the experience of the sysadmins, if they are used to something they tend to stick with it..19:26
captinelots is not good.  local loop unbundling not happening is apparently bad from what  I have read.  Also, the poor upload to download ratio on ADSL is, in my view, a killer for small businesses.  Slow at reaching your customers is a bad thing19:27
captineamanica, thanks.  our company has no sys admins.  all  being outsourced so going with windows providers... only small group of support staff in hous19:27
kbmonkeycaptine, years ago FNB switched to Linux clients, not sure if that is still the case19:28
kbmonkeysee http://tectonic.co.za/?p=1562 19:28
kbmonkeyRight, before we get too off course...19:29
captineon the internet topic, I am not sure how we get away from the wireless craziness.  the lack of cable investment and available fibre to the home coupled with the quick rollout for 3g and push to LTE makes cable less likely to be a dominant connectivity means... cable is certainly my prefered connectivity19:29
captinethanks kb monkey.  i did see ubuntu on fnb machines in East London when visiting the bank there last year19:30
kbmonkeycaptine, that is interesting because the past 2 years I avoid cables simply to not deal with telkom :P19:30
captinekbmonkey, I hear you19:30
kbmonkeyand with the last 3 weeks of dsl line downage in kzn I am glad I don't19:31
captinebut to use 200gb a month on wireless is not viable for me19:31
GolynxMany businesses still use winXp 19:31
Golynxcaptine , agree19:31
kbmonkeywe're coming up to the end of our meet19:31
captinespeaking of win xp, anyone read about the banks in UK etc paying microsoft a killing to support XP for longer, as their ATM's all run it...19:32
kbmonkeylet us elect next chair and close it off, then we can continue the rants :D19:32
captinekbmonkey, must admit, my ADSL experiences have been very good19:32
inetprokbmonkey: +119:33
captinejust wish I didnt need to pay the phone line rental19:33
GolynxKilos lol 19:33
captinekbmonkey, +119:33
kbmonkeyMaaz, topic Elect chair for next meeting19:33
MaazCurrent Topic: Elect chair for next meeting19:33
Kiloskbmonkey  the job is yours19:33
kbmonkeythe next meeting is... um .. (checks calcurse)19:33
captinekilos, you beat me to it19:33
Golynxkbmonkey: +119:33
Kilosyou must fight with nuvo for not being here or asking for timeout19:34
kbmonkeythe last tuesday right? or the 4th tuesday?19:34
inetprokbmonkey: 4th Tuesday19:34
kbmonkeybecause april has 5 tuesdays19:34
kbmonkeyah thanks inet!19:34
kbmonkeyMaaz, agreed kbmonkey to chair the meeting on 22 April 201419:35
MaazAgreed: kbmonkey to chair the meeting on 22 April 201419:35
kbmonkeyhah Kilos !19:35
kbmonkeyhe probably got stuck at work. You know how us developers get abused ;)19:35
Kiloshehe jou beurt is jou beurt19:35
Kiloshe knows how to let us know19:36
kbmonkeyMaaz, topic Closing words19:36
MaazCurrent Topic: Closing words19:36
maiatodaythanks kbmonkey19:36
kbmonkeyThanks all for joining! It was great to have your input19:36
Kilosty kbmonkey  well run meet19:36
Kilosnot enough coffee19:36
kbmonkeyFeel free to stay and rant on, maaz will now don their barissta hat and serve fresh coffee19:36
captinethanks kbmonkey 19:37
kbmonkeyMaaz, end meeting19:37
MaazMeeting Ended19:37
MaazMinutes available at json: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2014-03-25-18-33-36.json :: txt: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2014-03-25-18-33-36.txt :: html: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2014-03-25-18-33-36.html19:37
kbmonkeyMaaz, coffee on19:37
* Maaz puts the kettle on19:37
Kilosnice seeing you here maiatoday  ty19:37
charlMaaz: coffee please19:37
Maazcharl: Yessir19:37
maiatodayty Kilos19:37
inetprothanks kbmonkey19:37
KilosMaaz  coffee please19:37
MaazKilos: Yessir19:37
Kiloscharl is your nick registered?19:38
charlKilos: no19:38
kbmonkeywelcome inetpro Kilos charl maiatoday captine Private_User magespawn Golynx !19:38
Kilosthats why you were against it so vehemently19:38
* kbmonkey makes next agenda page before coffee arrives19:39
kbmonkeyhouston, we have a problem19:40
inetprokbmonkey: sup?19:40
charlKilos: nickname registration is against the original design of irc and against the decentralised model of irc19:40
kbmonkeyI can't create meeting pages anymore, "You are not a member of any LoCo Teams."19:40
charlKilos: freenode is also the only network i use regularly which allows nickname registration19:41
Kilosoh my kbmonkey  19:41
MaazCoffee's ready for kbmonkey, charl and Kilos!19:41
maiatodayare you still a member of the team on launchpad. kbmonkey19:41
charlMaaz: thanks19:41
Maazcharl: Okay :-)19:41
Kilosmaiatoday  danke19:41
KilosMaaz  danke19:41
captineso kbmonkey you use 3g for connectivity?19:42
Trixar_zacharl: It's not really against the original intention19:43
Trixar_zaActually, CTCP and actions themselves weren't in the original design either19:43
Trixar_zaNor was DCC for that matter19:44
charlthe difference being that dcc and ctcp are not in contradiction to the original design19:44
kbmonkeycaptine, yes. at this moment it is more like 2g.19:44
Kiloskbmonkey  get a telkom 3.75g modem19:44
Kilosthey fly19:44
kbmonkeymaiatoday, you are right - I am not on any team on Launchpad anymore19:45
inetprokbmonkey: how about renewing your membership on launchpad?19:45
Kilostakes a while to get nm to see it but once switched they rock19:45
kbmonkeyI can't seem to find where teams are listed on launchpad :P19:46
Trixar_zacharl: Well, it's not mentioned at all in any of the RFCs, but a few features used by current IRCds aren't mentioned either. It's a gray area. It's actually ironic that some IRC indexers are against Meta-Networks, but that was one of IRC creator's later vision for IRC :P19:46
kbmonkeyThat was very helpful, thanks inetpro - joined!19:47
charlTrixar_za: i saw a very nice piece on it the other day but unfortunately i can't find it now19:47
charlTrixar_za: if i find it again i'll send you the url - but as with all things in life, it's subjective19:48
inetprokbmonkey: yw19:49
Trixar_zaTrue - I once read a very good essay on why case insensitivity in programming is a good idea. Ultimately it's down to your tastes :P19:49
Trixar_zaDoesn't matter so much for me - I have a pretty unique nickname19:49
kbmonkeylet us type in morse then case won't be an issue XD19:50
Kilosinetpro  how do we get maaz to say how lame a nick is19:50
kbmonkeyMaaz, morse Hello World19:51
Maazkbmonkey: Encodes as .... . .-.. .-.. ---   .-- --- .-. .-.. -..19:51
inetproKilos: nickometer?19:51
KilosMaaz  nickometer Trixar_za19:52
MaazKilos: Trixar_za is 14.4% lame19:52
Trixar_zaMaaz nickometer Kilos19:52
MaazTrixar_za: Kilos is 0.0% lame19:52
Trixar_zaYou so modified that19:52
Kilosi figured it out19:52
Kiloshe dont like other characters in nicks19:52
KilosMaaz  nickometer Kilos-19:53
MaazKilos: Kilos- is 0.0% lame19:53
Golynxnice toy19:53
Kilosoh my19:53
kbmonkeyNeo, is that you...?19:53
GolynxMaaz nickometer Golynx19:53
MaazGolynx: Golynx is 0.0% lame19:53
Golynx:-/ 19:54
Golynxwho made this i want my money back19:54
kbmonkeyMaaz, nickometer kbmonkey19:54
Maazkbmonkey: kbmonkey is 0.0% lame19:54
Kilos0% is good man19:54
kbmonkeyMaaz, nickometer 1337_h4ck3r19:54
Maazkbmonkey: 1337_h4ck3r is 99.8% lame19:54
Golynxoh lol19:54
kbmonkeyand of course....19:55
Kilosdid you close the meet kbmonkey  ?19:55
kbmonkeyMaaz, flame Gill Bates19:55
MaazGill Bates, thou headless, tardy-gaited bladder19:55
kbmonkeyKilos, yes the meet is closed19:56
kbmonkeythe minutes can be seen at http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2014-03-25-18-33-36.txt19:56
kbmonkeyended @21:3719:56
charlgood evening all19:57
kbmonkeywell, the loco site tells me I am a member ot the za team already, but still says I am not apart of a team when creating a new meeting19:58
kbmonkeyI will try again later19:58
Kilosoh my19:59
kbmonkeybut now, I must go make some tea and stretch my back. 19:59
kbmonkeymaybe move the laptop to a table, this is uncomfortable19:59
liamTciao peeps20:01
Kiloscheers liamT  20:01
Kilosty for attending20:01
Kilosmethinks its bedtime for ballies20:09
Kilosnight all, sleep tight20:09
kbmonkeyI'll bookmark the minutes and try again tomorrow]20:09
Kilosok kbmonkey  20:09
kbmonkeygn Kilos thank meneer!20:09
Kilosits in your hands20:09
Kilosdont be a starnger hey20:10
Kilossleep tight laddy20:10
kbmonkeygot to sort out some stuff for the move saturday, have a good night all20:10
=== Symmetri1 is now known as Symmetria
BothWays-Saucysorry I missed you guys , today .. the time flew by . http://forums.xkcd.com/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=18520&sid=b774c9aedeb2e95bfc6ba7d2ea4bfe7321:27
Private_Userhey Kilos, kbmonkey, sorry I missed the meeting again this time it was my fault went to lay down for a bit, rest my eyes ;) but instead fell of to sleep and only woke up like an hour or 2 ago23:02

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