sasha-fraq: I'll see if the guys at #wireshark can help me out, otherwise I'll get this sorted out at my hs00:01
fraqsasha-: there really is a channel for everything, isn't there?00:03
sasha-yup :D00:03
microsoftlessjonhttp://ubuntu http://ubuntu!00:07
microsoftlessjonimma link sender00:07
microsoftlessjonhow are you doing00:09
hacker_doing good twnsk00:10
hacker_how are you00:10
crouton-userHi. Would anyone be willing to help a keen to learn novice with an external ext4 hard drive partition that doesn't have exec privilidges? Running crouton Ubuntu 13.10 on a Chtomebook.00:16
zzxcHey guys, I'm trying to get my a machine running 12.04 server to play audio and keep getting this message 'ALSA lib pcm_dmix.c:1018:(snd_pcm_dmix_open) unable to open slave' anyone have any ideas?00:18
tableshow do i set the password in linux through terminal?00:18
zzxctype passwd00:18
warluI recently install a ATI Rage XL 8MB PCI(not express) grpahics card and ubuntu refuses to boot with it, enough though it displays perfectly well otherwise.00:19
tableshow do i do it with one command?00:19
tableswithout getting the password prompt00:19
warluIs there any workaround? I've tried just about everything.00:19
zzxctables: Hmmmm00:19
warluIt's tried doing something on failsafeX, but it just dies right there.00:20
zzxctables: I can think of any way right off.00:20
warluMeh, I don't expect to be going far anyways.00:23
=== duoi_afk is now known as duoi
mdevmv: cannot move `msg0000.txt' to `msg0000.doc': Permission denied00:23
mdevwhat would cause that? i'm su'd00:23
zzxcwarlu: What do you mean "enough though it displays perfectly well otherwise"00:24
mdevand sudo doesn't help either, why wouldn't I have permission?00:24
zzxcmdev: Funky. whats the ls -l on it?00:24
warluThe POST screen and BIOS setup show up. I wonder why it's JUST ubuntu00:24
mdev-rw-rw-r-- 1 nobody nogroup 352 Mar 10 14:33 msg0000.txt00:25
zzxcwarlu: Did you install this after you install ubuntu, and do you still have another graphics card (ie intergrated)00:25
warluBoth, yes.00:25
warluJust the int. graphics is 1MB and the dash home lags the crap out of it00:25
zzxcmdev: Welll thats funky.00:26
mdevcan't chmod it either00:26
mdevdefinitely running under root too00:26
zzxcmdev, still question what happens if you do a chown?00:27
mdevgive example please00:27
mdevnot familiar with that one00:27
crouton-userHi. Would anyone be willing to help a keen to learn novice with an external ext4 hard drive partition that doesn't have exec privilidges? Running crouton Ubuntu 13.10 on a Chromebook. I've tried the fixes that I've found online but although they don't give any error when I run them from terminal they don't seem to fix the permissions. I ideally want to change the permissions on one folder recursively00:27
zzxcwarlu: Did you try plugging up through the port on the intergreated card?00:27
zzxcmdev chown root:admin msg0000.doc00:28
warluYes, and that boots fine as long as the BIOS is set to onboard/PEG00:28
mdevchown: invalid group: `root:admin'00:28
fraqtry root:root00:29
zzxcmdev: what Fraq said00:29
mdevchown: changing ownership of `msg0000.txt': Operation not permitted00:29
fraqsudo !! now00:29
warluI have an idea of what could fix this, but I do not have my installer drive handy.00:30
zzxcfraq he's already running as root00:30
mdevi'm under root, and sudo not changing the message00:30
mdevlol at this untouchable file00:30
fraqfor real00:30
zzxcwarlu: Have you tried using jockey to install drivers for it?00:30
fraqcan you chmod it instead of chowning?00:31
zzxcfraq: it also nobody as the owner and no group as the group00:31
warluNo, but it isn't detected at all when booting with onboard00:31
zzxcAnd no weird bit on the front either00:31
fraqcat file.txt > file.txt.new00:31
fraqrm -f file.txt00:32
fraqcat file.txt.new > file.txt00:32
warluThis is a straight PCI(not express) card, too00:32
fraqthat might be a viable workaround00:32
mdevbash: msg0000.txt.new: Permission denied00:32
mdevfor the cat00:32
zzxcwarlu: Its been a while since I've worked with anything with a graphics card that isn;t a laptop.00:32
zzxcmdev: What it the filesystem?00:33
warluMeh. I saw something on ubuntu forums on this. Will try with installer tomorrow.00:33
lateniteHi folks / devs, why does Ubuntu not have the "common" way of storing keymaps? like in https://gist.github.com/anonymous/975256300:33
fraqmdev: what the heck is this for? this is an odd file00:33
zzxcwarlu: Alright sorry I wasn't able to help00:33
lateniteHow what is the idea behind /etc/X11/xkb ?00:33
zzxcBastad left before I could say buy00:34
mdevzzxc project i'm doing00:34
mdevfor a client00:34
fraqand you said the owner and group are both Nobody?00:34
fraqcan you su nobody?00:34
zzxcmmm? sorry?00:34
mdevyeah su nobody works haha00:35
wiakxar-  still there?, am trying to figure out how to add version to this script https://paste.gparent.org/214 like lftp -v | head -n1 | awk '{print $4}' on the file and then add that to generated filename00:35
fraqcan you cat the file now?00:35
zzxclatenite: Ubuntu. You know I'm not sure there are ways to do it but its generally a pain.00:36
mdevnah can't cat or move it i've always been able to read it in nano or whatever00:37
mdevI wrote a file monitor was just trying to rename it to detect changes but clearly it's not gonna let me oh well00:37
latenitezzxc, ways to do "what" ? :D00:37
fraqmdev: and you can't even touch it as user nobody?00:38
latenite Why is Ubuntu using /etc/X11/xkb ? instead of /etc/X11/keymaps ?00:40
latenitewhat is the /etc/X11/xkb structure about?00:40
zubuntuhi again00:40
zzxcmdev: Can you tell what the file system is formated as (like ext4 or fat)?00:41
zubuntustill boot doesnt work in ubuntu ?S00:41
zubuntucan somebody help me pl ?00:42
zubuntuboot menu doesnt show ubuntu00:42
zubuntui installed windows 7 first and then ubuntu00:43
zubuntubut it boots to win 7 automatically00:43
zubuntuit doesnt show menu00:43
crouton-userHi. Please help if possible. I'm trying to change my Steam install directory to an external drive formatted at ext4. It says it doesn't have exec privileges. The fixes I've found online don't seem to help, although I'm pretty inexperienced and don't really know what I'm doing. Can anyone spare 5 mins to help an idiot?00:43
zubuntuhello anybody ?00:43
xparanoikzubuntu do you know if your system runs on UEFI or legacy BIOS ?00:44
zubuntuhow can i find out xparanoik ?00:44
zubuntuit has BIOS for sure00:44
zubuntuit s windows laptop00:45
xparanoikwhen you boot your computer you should be able to see it, if it is a pretty new laptop then it's probably UEFI00:45
zubuntuit s about 3-4 yrs old laptop00:45
zubuntulenovo thinkpad edge 1300:45
zubuntuit was DOS free when i bought it00:46
zubuntuand i installed 700:46
zubuntunow ubuntu00:46
zubuntuother day i formatted00:46
zubuntuand clean installed 700:46
zubuntuand now ubuntu00:46
zubuntuit should show the menu to choose which OS to run in startup00:47
zubuntubut it doesnt show ?S00:47
zubuntualso i tried to run boot-repair in ubuntu live usb00:47
xparanoikthat can happen when you install ubuntu and windows00:47
zubuntuit didnt work00:47
xparanoikit didn't? hmm00:47
xparanoikthat's what I was going to suggest you do00:47
zubuntuit suppose to show me menu after repair finished and restarted but it s still same00:48
xparanoikcheck your bios and see if the ubuntu option is there (in case it's UEFI)00:48
zubuntuxparanoik:  there s no ubuntu  option in bios00:49
zubuntulet me try this boot repair again00:50
xparanoikboot-repair has a couple of options, sometimes when there is an error you can try different options00:51
zubuntuwhich option to apply?00:51
xparanoikbut if it's a legacy bios, then just installing grub on the MBR should suffice00:51
zubunturecommended repair or advanced00:51
zubuntuit said installing grub while installing ubuntu already00:52
xparanoiklater on there are a couple of options (i haven't done this in months)00:52
zubuntulet me try recommended repair then00:52
zubuntuit asks me something about pastebin00:52
zubuntuenabling bootinfo00:53
zubuntuwb Beldar00:53
xparanoikwas there a message that you may want to try something else? i forgot what it's called00:53
zubuntuxparanoik:  -> http://paste.ubuntu.com/7149048/00:53
zubuntuxparanoik:  it installed ubuntu without error00:54
zubuntuand boot-repair also didnt give error00:54
zubuntuBoot successfully repaired.  Please write on a paper the following URL: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7149048/00:54
zubuntuso what does that document mean _00:55
zubuntulooks like everything is ok00:56
xparanoikzubuntu i didn't see any error messages, just info00:56
haTi need help00:56
xparanoikzubuntu see which boot options are available on your bios00:56
zubuntuso what should i do now ?00:56
zubuntuah wait00:56
amigamagicI would like to say that the "deadline" I/O scheduling algorithm is a very bad choice for a standard ubuntu desktop distro00:56
zubuntu1st boot device was set to usb to install windows and ubuntu00:56
zubuntudoes it make sense to u xparanoik  ?00:56
zubuntui should change it to HDD i think00:57
zubuntuok then00:57
zubuntusee u after restart00:57
amigamagicon my system, the responsiveness of the gui (ubuntu 12.04 LTS) was very VERY bad when there were consistent hard disk operations...00:58
amigamagicsorry, the gui is gnome classic, the system is Ubuntu 12.04 LTS00:58
haThey guys in the terminal, this is my name montre@linx:~/home$00:58
haTif i want to change the linx part00:59
haThow do i do it ?00:59
xparanoikhaT http://askubuntu.com/questions/87665/how-do-i-change-the-hostname-without-a-restart00:59
amigamagicI solved the problem by changing the I/O scheduling to the classic CFQ... Now is near responsive as a Windows machine00:59
haTohh ok01:00
amigamagicI think "deadline" scheduling algorithm is best suited for very fast SSD hard drive or for database servers01:00
haTso that's the host name01:00
amigamagicbut it shouldn't be the "default" scheduling of a normal ubuntu distro!01:00
zubuntuxparanoik:  are u there ?01:00
zubuntuit works now :)01:01
zubuntuGRUB bootloader menu01:01
zubuntuis it possible to turn it back to windows bootloader menu ?01:01
lorenzohi! do you know if mate 1.8 is in the repos?01:03
zubuntuis there a way to go back to normal boot startup menu  instead of GRUB ?01:04
amigamagiczubuntu: http://superuser.com/questions/499675/how-to-restore-windows-8-gui-boot-loader-after-installing-windows-701:05
amigamagicI don't know if it could be helping you, but maybe you can try01:06
lorenzoalso , what would you recommend for mint? install a plain ubuntu first then mint on it?01:06
zubuntuthx amigamagic01:07
zubuntusee u later :)01:07
zubuntuthx for everything guys01:07
zubuntuu r nice ppl01:07
amigamagiclorenzo, mint is not ubuntu01:08
amigamagiclinux mint is another distro01:08
lorenzoaeeh sorry :D01:08
lorenzofor mate01:08
lorenzoit's 2 am here01:08
amigamagicyes I know01:08
amigamagicI'm from IT too01:08
lorenzoah nice01:08
Sir_LetoAnyone familiar with boot-repair01:09
amigamagicI tried to install cinnamon after ubuntu, but it was very bad... Many icons and various things missing01:09
amigamagic(or maybe it was mate desktop, I don't remember)01:10
Beldaramigamagic, Which ubuntu release was this?01:10
lorenzowell I'll try, the night is long01:10
amigamagicBeldar ubuntu is 12.04 LTS01:10
amigamagicnow I remember: it was cinnamon01:11
amigamagicafter installing it from an ubuntu 12.04 LTS reverted to gnome classic, the cinnamon start menu was very bad01:11
amigamagicwith many icons missing01:11
Beldaramigamagic, Neither mate nor cinnamon were in the 12.04 repos, those were *PPA's not supported here, and it does not help to make random this didn't work minus a context.01:12
amigamagicBeldar, it wasn't a critic at ubuntu01:13
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amigamagicit was only an observation from my experience on installing it01:14
Beldaramigamagic, No biggie, however my point is, this is support not your blog.01:14
amigamagicthe critic that I address to ubuntu 12.04 LTS is the 'deadline' I/O scheduler01:14
amigamagicis very bad for a desktop machine with a traditional hard disk (not SSD)01:15
=== tech is now known as Guest76695
amigamagictry to revert to a more classic CFQ scheduler and you will see BIG improvements in responsiveness when you copy some big file or watch some videos01:16
lorenzoamigamagic, where did you learn those things?01:16
lorenzoI barely know what a scheduler does01:16
amigamagiclorenzo, there was a time when I modded the linux scheduler01:17
amigamagicfor an exam at my university01:17
amigamagicbut it was MANY years ago01:17
amigamagicnow I'm doing all my research using google and experimenting myself... :D01:18
nreynolds_anyone here have some experience with ubuntu studio 13.10,  the ubuntu studio channel is dead01:18
lorenzonice :D01:18
amigamagiclorenzo, the problem is that I couldn't accept that a Windows machine could be MUCH faster than a Linux machine01:19
amigamagicat basic tasks01:19
amigamagiclike copy a big file01:19
Beldarnreynolds_, There is this channel too, #opensourcemusicians01:20
amigamagicso, I googled, tried messing with system options and configuration files, and I found that the default I/O scheduler of Ubuntu 12.04 was very bad for a desktop distro01:20
Laslo7Is there a better RDP client than remmina?01:21
lorenzoLaslo7, try vinagra01:21
nreynolds_is this the support channel for ubuntu?01:21
amigamagicI use X2GO as server and client01:21
lorenzoLaslo7, * vinagre01:21
amigamagicvery fast01:21
lorenzoremmina works fine here, besides from some issues with Windows Server 201201:22
nreynolds_Beldar, I have more of a ubuntu question then a A/V based question01:22
Laslo7I have been using remmina.  I just reinstalled and thought to see if there were better options01:23
lorenzoLaslo7, if it works, stick with it01:23
lorenzoI use it on a daily basis and it's quite nice once you set it up with favourites01:23
Laslo7Thanks for the info.01:24
nreynolds_I installed ubuntu studio 13.10 to take advantage of the tweaks already in place, however I want to use Unity as my daily DE, I've run into some problems01:24
amigamagicif by chance someone want to check what I/O scheduler your ubuntu uses, you can do the following: "cat /sys/block/sda/queue/scheduler"01:25
nreynolds_Anyone else tried installing unity under Ubuntu Studio 13.1001:25
Laslo7amigamagic: noop [deadline] cfq01:27
amigamagicLaslo7 so you use 'deadline' scheduler01:27
amigamagicthat is very bad for normal hdd01:27
amigamagicif you have an SSD drive, then it's good01:28
Laslo7I am running a SSD01:28
RefinersFireI am having an odd problem with Ubuntu Server 12.04... I can't wget or ping ANY .org addresses... I have tried .com and .net and they're okay, but NO .org will work... I get, "wget: unable to resolve host address `owncloud.org' " or whatever address I try.01:28
lorenzoRefinersFire, other machines working fine?01:30
amigamagicI think Ubuntu distros should stick with a solid cfq scheduler. Maybe it should automatically change to a deadline scheduler only if the system detects you are using an ssd drive.01:31
lorenzoRefinersFire, looks like a bad dns server to me01:31
lorenzotry adding or other (like opendns)01:32
lorenzoin your network config01:32
Laslo7The and are google's dns servers01:32
RefinersFireI will try lorenzo01:33
lorenzoLaslo7, that's why I said "or other"01:33
amigamagicif someone want to check "in realtime" (without reset your pc) if another I/O scheduler is better for your system, it's very easy: "echo cfq > /sys/block/sda/queue/scheduler" and you will use cfq instead of deadline scheduler.01:34
amigamagicbut you should change /etc/default/grub too if you want to make the change permanent01:35
zubuntuagain me01:36
amigamagicwho are you?01:36
zubuntuamigamagic:  :p01:36
zubuntuto install gnome look for 12.0401:36
zubuntuwhat do u suggest me ?01:37
zubuntusudo apt-get install gnome-session-fallback  ?01:37
Laslo7lorenzo: Nothing wrong with them, I use them myself.  Just wanted to make sure RefinersFire knew they were ok01:37
amigamagiczubuntu, yes01:37
=== kavan_ is now known as KavanS
amigamagicand I would do: "sudo apt-get ubuntu-tweak" too01:37
zubuntuok let me do that01:37
zubuntudoes ubuntu support gnome officially ?01:37
zubuntuagain ?01:38
RefinersFireMy server settings are the same as my Mint desktop and only the server cannot access .org addresses01:38
amigamagiczubuntu, unity use gnome01:38
amigamagicso gnome is supported01:38
zubuntuamigamagic:  it s not gnome :p01:38
zubuntui mean it s ugly :S01:38
amigamagiczubuntu what I mean it's that unity is based on gnome01:38
zubuntuyea i got it01:38
zubuntubut i really miss gnome 2 classic interface :S01:39
amigamagicanyway gnome-session-fallback is in the official repository, so it's supported01:39
zubuntuso it will get the updates automatically ?01:39
zubuntuanother question01:39
zubuntuopen office vs libreoffice01:39
zubuntuwhich one is better ?01:39
zubuntui love openoffice more01:40
amigamagicso use openoffice01:40
zubuntuhow will i install ?01:40
amigamagicI don't know01:40
zubuntuand how about its support and updates ?01:40
lorenzozubuntu, libreoffice should be more developed and supported01:40
lorenzowow ubuntu 13.10 boot time is blazing fast :O01:40
amigamagiclibreoffice is very very fast in ubuntu01:41
zubuntulorenzo:  it s new and supported i know but it looks ugly :S01:41
amigamagicI think openoffice is the same thing01:41
amigamagicbut libreoffice is what ubuntu uses01:41
amigamagicas a default office app01:41
zubuntuby the way amigamagic sudo apt-get ubuntu-tweak  ->>  E: Invalid operation ubuntu-tweak01:41
saiarcot895libreoffice is a (IMO, more developed) fork of openoffice01:41
saiarcot895zubuntu: you forgot "install"01:41
=== carlos is now known as Guest1576
zubuntuwell openoffice was much more good once01:42
zubuntuwhen ppl stopped developing it01:42
amigamagicsorry, I forget install01:42
zubuntulibre got its place unfortunately01:42
zubuntuafter 10.10  i didnt install ubuntu also01:42
amigamagicon windows openoffice is faster at first loading01:43
amigamagicso I prefer openoffice on windows01:43
zubuntubut i want to use it again01:43
amigamagicbut on linux I think they are the same thing01:43
zubuntuwith gnome ofcourse :S01:43
zubuntuamigamagic:  yes but maybe i care about appearance :p01:43
Sir_LetoDoes open offie not have a prreloading application in linux?01:43
zubuntuopenoffice was looking more professional in my eyes01:43
Sir_Letoand what about lubre office?01:43
zubuntuSir_Leto:  nope01:43
zubuntuu need to download and install manually01:44
Sir_LetoDo devs for other OSes not communicate?01:44
zubuntuSir_Leto:  i didnt use libre much but even its name is ugly lol01:44
amigamagiczubuntu: www.openoffice.org/it/download/3.1.1/download311.html01:45
zubuntuE: Invalid operation ubuntu-tweak01:45
lorenzoanyone using unity as main de?01:45
lorenzoon a desktop01:45
zubuntuamigamagic:  can u give me exact command to install ubuntu-tweak pls :/01:45
zubuntuit s still giving error01:46
amigamagicsudo apt-get install ubuntu-tweak01:46
zubuntuand thx for the open office link :)01:46
Beldar!anyone | lorenzo Really?01:46
zubuntuReading state information... Done E: Unable to locate package ubuntu-tweak01:46
zubuntuamigamagic:  :/01:47
amigamagiclorenzo, what de are you using?01:47
amigamagiczubuntu, on my ubuntu 12.04 lts it works01:47
zubuntui am using 12.04 too but why is it giving error ?01:47
amigamagictry with ubuntu software center01:48
varunendraBeldar, looks like the bot is not working properly :(01:48
amigamagicmaybe the bot hates unity01:48
zubuntui need to install PPA first01:48
varunendralorenzo, why not ask your question directly?01:49
Beldarthat or the punctuation broke it, ;)01:49
varunendraBeldar, I just tried many known keywords, so unless I'm making the same mistakes.. :p01:49
amigamagiczubuntu: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-tweak/0.8.x/0.8.6/+download/ubuntu-tweak_0.8.6-1_all.deb01:50
zubuntuthx amigamagic  :)01:50
amigamagicyou are right, it's not in the official repo01:50
amigamagicI forgot01:50
amigamagicbut I suggest you to install it, because with it you can place icons on your desktop, like the Trashbin, computer, home, etc.01:50
amigamagicand you can change themes01:50
amigamagicand many other things01:51
zubuntui want that too01:52
zubuntuas ex ubuntu versions01:52
zubuntudesktop icons01:52
amigamagicyes you can if you install the right theme package01:52
zubuntushould i install theme ?01:53
zubuntugrrr really01:53
zubuntuwhy doesnt ubuntu put gnome look as an option in system ?01:53
zubuntuthey should let ppl to choose what to use01:53
zubuntulike windows put classic theme01:53
zubuntuwhat do u use currently amigamagic  ?01:55
zubuntuunity or gnome?01:55
=== megabit|away is now known as megabitdragon
amigamagicto me, Unity is a desktop manager too simple and rigid01:56
amigamagicso, I stick with the classic gnome01:57
zubuntui need to find out how to use ubuntu tweak01:57
Callen 01:59
Arnau_Wena JoseVienBeLLAcko02:02
kostkonJoSEVienBellaCko, Callen, hi02:02
Arnau_What's up?02:02
JoSEVienBellaCkoArnau it's the first time i've been here02:03
JoSEVienBellaCkoSo... where are you from callen?02:04
JoSEVienBellaCkoand Arnau?02:04
Arnau_I am from Chile02:04
Arnau_And you JoSEVienBellaCko?02:04
JoSEVienBellaCkowow! i'm from chile too!02:04
JoSEVienBellaCkowhat state are you from callen?02:05
CallenNorth carolina02:06
adrenalinkHello! This is a tricky issue: I have an ubuntu installation on a hard disk A and a debian installation in hard disk B.  Each hard disk has a bootloader installed on it, so that changing boot priority from bios let me load the bootloader from hard disk A or B. THE QUESTION is: Why the Ubuntu partition give me an error on mounting its /home while the debian one start successfully?02:07
googchenghi, all! how to degrade 12.04.4 to 12.04.3?02:07
Beldargoogcheng, No standard way.02:08
googchengBeldar, is there a way02:08
Callenwipe and start over id assume02:09
Beldargoogcheng, Not that I know of.02:09
varunendragoogcheng, perhaps something 'similar' is possible, depending upon why you need it.02:09
thoonaiheyho, I want to execute a command as another user with sudo. Now I have two questions: 1. where do I can find some good example rules? 2. Can I get the user id from the user which is executing the sudo foobar command?02:11
googchengvarunendra, i run 12.04.4 now but graph image broken, the kernel is 3.10.1802:11
varunendragoogcheng, looks like you did an 'upgrade', because the point-release of 12.04.4 comes with kernel 3.1102:14
varunendra!nomodeset | googcheng02:15
ubottugoogcheng: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter02:15
=== z_ is now known as Guest1961
dayhey guys - I'm trying out ubuntu for the first time.02:18
dayI'm cloning a drive with dd - but apparently I need to be root?02:19
googchengubottu,  i could go into the os , but unity application logo lost and the background becomes blue02:20
ubottugoogcheng: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:20
Callenits always a bot02:21
varunendragoogcheng, if you can boot into "Recovery mode", maybe a "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" could fix it for you. Just a guess.02:22
=== Callen is now known as Invctui3
=== Invctui3 is now known as Callen
owen1how to use my .Xdefaults file in ubuntu? (coming from debian)02:35
owen1basketball: ?02:40
basketball owen1  idk sorry i was just checking02:40
owen1i have to use it since i use solarized colorscheme - http://askubuntu.com/questions/302736/solarized-color-name-not-defined02:44
owen1but i don't think it's being applied. my terminal background color is still the default (purple)02:45
davidrsmorrisHey, I'm using a non-unity tray, and I'm trying to stop Skype 4.2 from showing its ugly lime icon.  I've uninstalled sni-qt, set up an apparmor profile, and Skype is still setting up an icon.  Help?02:46
elementarypls help!02:46
elementaryCan anyone help me?02:46
davidrsmorris<owen1> are you using gnome-terminal?  I always set its colors through the menus.02:46
smacktalkif I wanted to rdp from one ubuntu box to another, how would I do that?02:47
elementaryim that noob that comes daily (i guess im not the first one asking for help here)02:47
smacktalkI have an ubuntu vm I'd like to rdp to...02:47
davidrsmorriselementary: ask away!  (we generally ask without asking, saves lines on chat)02:47
basketball!help | elementary02:47
ubottuelementary: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience02:47
smacktalk!help | rdp02:47
ubotturdp: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience02:47
Zoidberg2i like the !help thingy02:48
owen1davidrsmorris: i do, but i don't want to. i would like to use xterm. how do i change that?02:48
davidrsmorrisowen1: Xdefaults.02:48
elementaryI had Windows 8 and Ubuntu, I deleted Ubuntu, Grub Rescue error, did Boot-repair recommended option from live usb (it says I have legacy mode activated), and now I have the error Such device not found (grub rescue too). Im using Elementary OS live usb. What should I do?02:49
kostkondavidrsmorris, which tray then02:49
Bruno_Cavalcantistart boot live-cd an start the command update-grub02:50
elementaryhmm... boot live-cd?02:50
Bruno_Cavalcantior live-usb02:50
davidrsmorriskostkon: Awesomewm's awful.widget.systray02:50
Beldarelementary, What is the end goal?02:50
elementaryHaving my windows 8 and my elementary OS.02:51
kostkondavidrsmorris, ok02:51
BeldarBruno_Cavalcanti, update-grub on a live cd does nothing02:51
elementaryelementary@elementary:~$ update-grub02:51
elementarygrub-mkconfig: You must run this as root02:51
Beldarelementary, This is not elementary support, they have a channel.02:51
elementaryI supposed it was the same.02:52
elementarySo I should ask there? Because I think this error is common.02:52
davidrsmorrisowen1: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/rxvt-unicode gotta love archwiki.  xterm shares most options and xdefaults switches with urxvt, which you should look at for a minimal term02:52
Beldarelementary, ubuntu derivatives are not supported here is all, grub is in like most of linux.02:53
owen1davidrsmorris: i'll try that if xterm will fail me.02:53
elementaryBut what can I do with this grub problem.02:54
Beldarelementary, Not ask here unless you are running ubuntu.02:54
ubottuElementary OS is an Ubuntu derivative which is supported in their IRC channel #elementary on irc.freenode.net - http://elementaryos.org/ for more information on this distribution.02:54
smacktalkdoes anyone use the vnc console to get the rdp experience between linux hosts?02:55
Bruno_Cavalcantiif elementary use the grub repair the system on a recovery mode updating the grub02:55
davidrsmorrisowen1: this should show some of the differences from that urxvt article I sent: http://j.rigelseven.com/read/55816/02:56
owen1davidrsmorris: wow. i'll read that tonigth02:59
cfochI would like to solve a bug of Ubuntu03:03
cfochhow do I start?03:04
SchrodingersScatcfoch: you want a problem to tackle?03:04
cfochThere's going to be a Ubuntu Global Jam in my city and I want to solve a fck(#$(#$ bug :)03:04
cfochI don't use Ubuntu for 1 year. But I was thinking on installing Ubuntu as my second OS.03:06
kostkoncfoch, start from here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGlobalJam03:06
kostkoncfoch, so i guess you are looking for this page https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HelpingWithBugs03:07
demophobiaHow do I see how much free space is on my iPod?03:08
kostkondemophobia, file -> properties maybe, in nautilus03:10
cfochDo that guide explain me  what does mean to solve a bug in Ubuntu? I mean... I could solve a bug in gnome-terminal for example, but doing it I've solved a bug in Ubuntu exactly or in GNOME?03:10
demophobiakostkon, not sure of the location, it's afc://[stuff]03:11
kostkondemophobia, afc? no idea about that. can you browse its contents with nautilus03:12
kostkondemophobia, is there a menu option File -> properties when browsing your ipod03:13
alkethi, is there any alarm clock which wakes up from suspend ?03:16
pvl1alket: yeah i think. hold on03:18
Odd-rationalealket: I've read that rtcwake can do that. Haven't tried it myself, though. http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/precise/man8/rtcwake.8.html03:18
pvl1http://www.osnews.com/story/24111/Wake_Your_Linux_Up_From_Sleep_for_a_Cron_Job alket03:18
alketthank you pvl103:18
pvl1alket: np they said to use trcwake as Odd-rationale said03:18
alketthank you Odd-rationale too03:19
Odd-rationaleNo problem, alket03:20
unicornjedihello, my /boot is running out of space. How do I free it up?03:26
Bruno_Cavalcantipress ctrl+alt+f103:27
unicornjediangel_, hello03:27
angel_i have question03:27
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience03:28
somsipunicornjedi: try removing old kernels03:28
pvl1(or libreoffice)03:28
angel_how can i block an ip address or domain name from accessing my server03:28
ubottuUbuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has built-in firewall capabilities. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | GUI frontends such as Gufw also exist. | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo03:28
Bruno_Cavalcantilog in system03:28
pvl1!iptables | angel_03:28
ubottuangel_: please see above03:28
=== megabitdragon is now known as megabit|away
angel_ohw.. iptable? sorry can you provide link for me where can i read about iptable?? thank you03:29
angel_ubottu: thanks...03:31
usr13angel_: /sbin/iptables -A INPUT -i eth1  -p tcp -s ###.##.###.## -j DROP03:31
Bashing-omunicornjedi: If you are running 13.04 ++, terminal command ->sudo apt-get autoremove <- will also remove old kernels.03:32
angel_usr13 thanks.. but i don't understand it.. hehe03:32
usr13angel_: Substitute the actual IP you wish to block instead of ###.##.###.## in the above command.03:34
alteregodos[Linux 3.14.0-031400rc7-lowlatency - Debian wheezy/sid - Ubuntu 13.10 saucy ( http://www.ubuntu.com )] | up[2 days, 19 hours, 41 minutes] | cpu[Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2500 CPU @ 3.30GHz SMP (4 processors), 3384.562 MHz (26375.28 bogomips)] | chipset[Intel Corporation 2nd Generation Core Processor Family DRAM Controller (rev 09)] | video[Intel Corporation 2nd Generation Core Processor Family Integrated Graphics Controller (rev03:34
alteregod09) at 2560x1418 (24 bits)] | opengl[ATI Radeon HD 5750 OpenGL Engine powered by ATI Technologies Inc. with driver 1.4 (2.1 ATI-1.20.11)] | xchat[Version: 2.8.8] | [sysinfo-dg 1.1-DocTrax_1.47]03:34
usr13angel_: Well, actually, you would need to preface it with "sudo"03:34
usr13angel_: sudo /sbin/iptables -A INPUT -i eth1  -p tcp -s ###.##.###.## -j DROP03:35
angel_usr13 can i also put a domain name there instead of IP??03:35
pvl1hm. where can i check uptime03:35
pvl1the command uptime, duh03:37
Bruno_Cavalcantips -aux | grep command03:39
Bruno_Cavalcantiinfo the stat and time of the processor03:39
q0I'm looking for a CLI solution to stream music from sites like grooveshark without having to use API. Any suggestions please ?03:41
Bruno_Cavalcantiyou rave has the URL the archive?03:45
Bruno_Cavalcantiyou has the URL the archive?03:46
pvl1q0: theres cli pandora interfaces... like that?03:47
q0yes yes yes03:48
Bruno_Cavalcantibye everyone! ;]03:51
pvl1bye Bruno_Cavalcanti03:51
pvl1q0: this is the best i can do atm: http://blog.superuser.com/2011/04/26/listen-to-pandora-in-your-terminal-via-pianobar/03:51
pvl1i crash too03:52
demophobiakostkon, thank you, yes. Now I have the problem of Rhythmbox not successfully copying music onto it, though ...04:18
fallengrubI installed Ubuntu deleting all04:19
fallengrubAnd now its... Loading operating system04:19
fallengrubWhat can i do?04:19
groki_good evening, guys. i need some help04:20
fallengrubEveryone does.04:20
pi__fallengrub: ubuntu software center04:20
fallengrubIts loading operaring system, in the beginning, after bios logo.04:21
fallengrubPlease someone...04:21
groki_someone can help me out, please?04:21
groki_whats yout problem fallengrub?04:21
groki_maye i can help you.04:21
fallengrub"loading operating system"04:22
fallengrubOnly that.04:22
groki_and nothing happens?04:22
fallengrubAfter Installing Ubuntu04:22
pi__fallengrub: new install04:22
groki_do you checked the media md5sum?04:22
fallengrubI didnt.04:22
groki_did you*04:22
groki_you should.04:22
fallengrubWat is dat.04:22
groki_it's like a code that tells you if your media was rightly writed or not04:23
fallengrubHow can i check it.04:23
SchrodingersScat!md5 | fallengrub04:24
ubottufallengrub: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows04:24
groki_many programs come with hashs check out of the box04:24
groki_many burning programs, sorry04:24
fallengrubMm i used live usb04:24
fallengrubAnd i dont have more pcs...04:24
groki_Unetbooting always give some trouble, try installing it another way.04:25
fallengrubAnd now how...04:25
lickalotthey guys, does anyone here have a feathercoin wallet on thier ubuntu rig?04:25
fallengrubAnother pen drive...04:25
Bashing-omfallengrub: This tutorial to verify the .iso file -> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM <-.04:25
groki_guys, i need some help with my keyboard config04:26
groki_i got this thinkpad t410 and the keys "?/" aren't working while i'm on console.04:26
Bashing-om!nomodeset fallengrub04:27
groki_they used to not work after starting x too, but i managed to fix it changing some values in my xorg.conf.d04:27
groki_but i really want to be able to use my keyboard normally while on framebuffer04:28
zeiousanyone ever used lazarus/delphi xe5 for creating mobile apps?04:28
groki_someone can help me, please?04:28
Bashing-om!nomodeset | fallengrub04:28
ubottufallengrub: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter04:28
fallengrubCan anyone help me? Im in a hurry, i need my computer working no matter how.04:31
pi__fallengrub: live cd04:34
fallengrubIm in live usb04:34
Bashing-omfallengrub: We are trying .. see my aboves.04:35
fallengrubHow can i solve "loading operating system"04:37
good1102Does anyone know how to get firefox downloaded ?04:45
good1102when you can't access04:45
Tilo15good1102, Um, through the software centre or as a .deb?04:45
good1102terminal 'apt-get install firefox' won't work and the ubuntu software center tells me to use the main source and then nothing changes.04:46
Tilo15how did it get Unisnatlled?04:47
good1102I was using it, and it wouldn't load any webpages for a few hours and i was on xbox playing online with a 4 bar and on an irc channel and there seemed to be no problem, but it wouldn't work so i removed it.04:48
Tilo15through the software centre or apt-get04:48
good1102i removed it through apt-get04:49
good1102if you want we could speak in a different channel and i can paste the error codes i am getting ???04:49
Tilo15good1102, Okay04:50
good1102channel 'tiloiscool'04:50
Tilo15How do I do that (IRC noob)04:50
good1102'/join #tiloiscool'04:50
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fiasco_avertedI have two-factor authentication setup in Ubuntu 13.10 using pam.d and google-auth. It prompts me for username then password then two-factor-auth token. I'd like it to only be two total prompts, one for username, and one for password+2FA-token05:21
=== makije|away is now known as makije
fiasco_avertedany idea how to set that up? I assume it's a line or two in /etc/pam.d/sshd, but after trying a few examples from blog posts and reading the man page on pam.d I haven't found a working solution.05:22
yiwantwo SSDs build RAID-0 by mdadm,get a very high %util,05:22
yiwanWho can help me05:23
JiHui_Choi[Q] I registered a php cli job on cron with common user account, then cron runs /bin/sh -c php -f ... and php -f ... It seems strange. How can I run only one job?05:27
chillibiteis there a USSD gateway simulator available on ubuntu05:32
=== onbot is now known as andrex
abaddonMmmmk, does anyone know how to manage a radeon cards fan speeds with the open drivers?05:38
d1g1talph3r3tHow is everyone in here?05:51
chillibitefucking excellent, my dear sir, and how are you?05:53
xar-!language | chillibite05:54
ubottuchillibite: The main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList05:54
chillibitei am really quite sorry the, for using such foul language05:55
owen1i am trying to get solarized colors in xterm. i use the solarized .Xresoures file and run the xrdb command. opened new terminal but it didn't change the colors. any ideas?05:57
=== d1g1talph3r3t is now known as happyfr0gg
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JiHui_Choiubuntu 13.10, there's only one job on crontab.. but pstree shows two pid06:02
JiHui_Choish,6333 -c php -f /home/incorpcnm/scripts/parsing_rawdata.php cnm b=view06:03
JiHui_Choi  │           └─php,6334 -f /home/incorpcnm/scripts/parsing_rawdata.php cnm b=view06:03
JiHui_Choiwhat's wrong with this?06:03
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James116Hey, anyone know a way to get an Ultra USB Wireless card working on Ubuntu? Note: I've been using Ubuntu for like an hour.06:09
happyfr0ggJames116 - What is the model number of the card in question? I will try to look it up for you.06:10
James116U12-42422 is the part number.06:11
James116I tried google to the full extent of wht seemed relevent. =/06:11
cfhowlettJames116, wifi dongles are cheap.  might be easier overall to just amazon a known compatible replacement06:12
happyfr0ggJames116 - is it currently plugged in?06:13
James116Yes. Currently plugged in. The included driver wont instal though.06:14
happyfr0gggive me a minute or so.06:14
James116Thank you. =D06:14
happyfr0ggJames116 - find out which wireless interfaces are available by running iwconfig in terminal.06:17
JackbotHello people xDD06:18
James116Ok, I'll check it out. BRB.06:18
Jackbotdat brb06:18
owen1i have a commmand (xset r rate 200 60) that i want to run on boot. i tried putting it in .bash_profile but it didn't do anything. where should i locate t?06:18
=== king is now known as Guest82305
Guest82305please anybody suggest me the good and best book to learn bash language i want to learn full bash language06:20
Guest82305only suggest the best book i want to know everything about bash06:20
Guest82305how it works ..06:21
cfhowlettGuest82305, "the linux command line" http://www.linuxine.com/linuxbooks06:21
happyfr0ggGuest82305 - look on amazon and read the reviews about various Bash books.06:22
owen1i use i3 and would like to enjoy wirless connection. i tried running wicd but i see: 'starting network connetion manager wicd ...fail' any ideas?06:23
=== andrex|off is now known as andrex
happyfr0ggAlso, physically visit a Barnes and Noble store and see which books you find easier to understand. Each author has a different writing style than most others.06:24
Guest82305can i devlop a gui application with bash06:24
Guest82305is zenity will support that much06:24
happyfr0ggI don't know anything about Bash.06:25
=== Sudo is now known as Guest7701
xizdaqrianZenity is good for simple dialogs and stuff. It depends upon how complex your app is going to be.06:26
happyfr0ggJames116 - are you still on and available?06:26
James116Just got back.06:27
cakranandaany indonesian here?06:28
James116It's identified to card, but now I'm having a diferent issue which I think is hardware related.06:28
ubottucakrananda,: join ke #ubuntu-id untuk membahas ubuntu dalam bahasa Indonesia06:29
avisnever a firewall always black forever until the pope not evil mail relay06:29
avisnever a firewall always black forever until the pope not evil mail relay06:29
avisnever a firewall always black forever until the pope not evil mail relay06:29
premhi all06:29
rwwhi avis06:29
rwwhi prem06:29
happyfr0ggJames116 - does iwconfig recognize your card in question?06:29
premhow can i open and edit 3dXMl files created using CATIA in ubuntu06:29
premwhich application i have use for this ?06:29
James116Yes. I believe that's what I got into, and I must have activated it somehow, I see the ability to connect to the wireless network.06:31
James116However, my keyboard seems to have crapped out, so I cant take the next step.06:31
premdoes anyone know how to open and edit 3dXML files in ubuntu06:31
rotrotprem: that's Microsoft trash06:32
premrotrot, may b but that is needed06:33
premwhat is the option?06:33
cfhowlettprem, glc player06:33
rotrotprem: try Firefox. Maybe a Firefox addon?06:34
premcfhowlett, glcplayer helps to open the file., but for editing ?06:34
cfhowlettprem, blender possibly06:35
James116But thank you for the help Happyfr0gg. I'll plug a new one in tomorrow and see what happens.06:35
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Dylan_I currently have two keyboard input methods for English and German. How do I enable switching between them with a keyboard shortcut (preferrably ALT+SHIFT_L)?06:37
rotrotprem: virtualbox, maybe winehq.06:38
premrotrot, no i want it in linux only06:38
premno windows variants06:38
rotrotprem: it's proprietary Windows trash. Maybe convert it online somehow.06:39
premrotrot, in that case is there any conversion tool available in ubuntu ., instead of going online?06:40
cfhowlettprem, I guess you didnt' see: BLENDER06:41
happyfr0ggrotrot - what is it that you thought about converting online?06:41
rotrothappyfr0gg: prem has a 3dxml file. Similar to a cad file. Its proprietary06:43
=== jakew02 is now known as jakew02|away
rotrotprem: checkout meshlab06:44
trii want to devlop a debian package suggest me a good book06:49
ubottutri,: Ubuntu and Debian are closely related. Ubuntu builds on the foundations of Debian architecture and infrastructure, with a different community and release process. See https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/installation-guide/i386/what-is-debian.html - Remember, !repositories meant for Debian should NOT be used on Ubuntu!06:50
cfhowletttri,  ask the debian channel.  this is ubuntu06:50
grekhi anyone know how i can install kernel headers for this kernel - uname -a06:55
greki dont know what is this06:55
grekapt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r)  not install06:55
grekor replace this ketnel to normal06:57
sohail-ahmedI have xubuntu with network manager purged. I can ping google.com, I can ping my local lan adresses but I am unable to open google.com in my browser, any help. Further I am writing this from a live usb session from the same computer06:59
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
rick_Hi all, I saw ubuntu kernel git repository doing rebase onto mainline linux kernel source, how could they push the changes to their own repository after rebase to mainline linux source?07:00
rick_I fail to do the same thing07:00
FallenMirrorHello, I have a quick question.07:06
ubottuFallenMirror,: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience07:06
FallenMirrorHow can I avoid the password petition always?07:06
FallenMirrorI mean, when I install a program or whatever.07:06
FallenMirrorIs there any option to stop that?07:07
cfhowlettFallenMirror, password level privilege is there for your protection.  disable at your own risk.07:08
FallenMirrorBut how to disable.07:08
snuffthi guys!07:10
guest0292Using Lubuntu 13.04 and updated the system using sudo apt-get dist-upgrade.  Is dist-upgrade recommended or dangerous?   I notice my firefox browser keeps crashing now, but the other apps seem to be working ok.07:12
sohail-ahmedhow can I restart a network when no network-manager?07:12
FallenMirrorhow can i breath?07:13
cfhowlettguest0292, dist-upgrade brings all installed packages to the current repo release.  It's not *generally* dangerous and is a recommended practice.07:13
wheatthinsudo service networking restart07:13
ljsoftnetsohail-ahmed dude goto /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf edit it07:13
ljsoftnetsohail-ahmed change managed=false to true07:15
ljsoftnetsohail-ahmed save file and reboot07:15
happyfr0ggHow do I change the proxy settings for Elinks?07:15
grekplease help07:15
ubottugrek,: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)07:15
sohail-ahmedThanks for responding, sudo service networking restart does not do it job it returs, stoping/waiting.  more ljsoftnet, how can I go to networkmanger dir when its purged.,07:15
wheatthinyou can also try sudo ifdown eth0  && sudo ifup eth007:16
cfhowlettZALTHOR, drop the caps07:17
cfhowlettand give the details07:17
ljsoftnetsohail-ahmed try this sudo gedit /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf07:18
grekcfhowlett: ubottu: - ok i write details07:18
happyfr0ggwhat is the etc directory07:19
ZALTHORone of my deathstars got a virus07:19
ZALTHORgod damn bill gates07:19
sohail-ahmedDear ljsoftnet, the network-manager is already purged and I think there would be no NetworkManger.conf07:19
wheatthinzalthor, not here man.. and watch the language07:19
ljsoftnetsohail-ahmed w907:19
ljsoftnetsohail-ahmed w807:19
cfhowlettZALTH, this is ubuntu support - please take comedy and off-topic discussions elsewhere07:19
ljsoftnetinstall it then, sudo apt-get install network-manager07:20
sohail-ahmedHow can I install it with sudo apt .. when I am without a internet connection.07:21
ljsoftnetsohail-ahmed you have no internet connection? but your connected here in IRC?07:22
cfhowlettsohail-ahmed, http://jeffhoogland.blogspot.com/2010/06/howto-installing-ubuntu-packages.html07:22
sohail-ahmedyes. At present I am  using live usb to connect IRC07:23
ljsoftnetsohail-ahmed your fixing your previous ubuntu installation?07:23
sohail-ahmedcfhowlett, thanks I am looking in to it07:24
sohail-ahmedljsoftnet, all I want is to connect to the internet. I have experimented with different interfaces entries in /etc/network/ but it got me no where, now I can ping google.com but can not open it in my browser07:25
ljsoftnetsohail-ahmed your in a live-cd, if you have plans installing ubuntu, then you wont have that problem07:26
JiHui_ChoiIs anyone who helps me? http://stackoverflow.com/questions/22626797/ubuntu-13-10-cron-makes-two-pids-for-one-job07:26
grekcfhowlett: ubottu:  i update informations http://superuser.com/questions/732971/virtualbox-no-suitable-module-for-running-kernel-found07:26
ljsoftnetsohail-ahmed if you dont have anything important on that hard disk install ubuntu on it07:26
ZALTHORzalthor try to install FLstudio with wine but samples not found07:27
ZALTHORzalthor sad07:27
ubottuZALTHOR,: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu07:27
sohail-ahmedI have no way of backing up about 500gb data and further it was working perfectly alright when some thing happened and I do not remember what exactly it was, since it was a month ago.07:28
ZALTHORthat's cool07:28
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu07:28
ubottuThe Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help07:29
grekcfhowlett: ubottu:  if i need provide more information please tell what infomation i should write -07:29
bluefrogsohail-ahmed, if you can ping a domain but cannot not open it in firefox, you should be aable to use apt-get07:29
cfhowlettgrek, that is not a standard kernel for sure ...07:30
sohail-ahmedbluefrog, are you sure????07:30
sohail-ahmedthanks but what might be causing the problem.07:30
cfhowlettgrek,  and virtualbox requires a windows manaqer to run.07:30
grekso how to replace to standat kernel07:30
bluefrogif you can ping a domain, it means the name resolution is working07:30
cfhowlettgrek, reboot to an older kernel version07:31
sohail-ahmedyes I have manualy configured resolv.conf07:31
grekno virtual box  they have php front https://sourceforge.net/p/phpvirtualbox/07:31
bluefrogsohail-ahmed, have a look inside firefox preferences / connection tab. remove proxy and such07:31
grekbut how to select it - this is remote server - i dont see boot window :)07:31
sohail-ahmedok. shutting down the live usb session07:31
greki can reboot but they select default07:32
cfhowlettgrek, when grub comes up, select advanced options and use the older kernel or pass the kernel boot option07:32
ubottuThe core of Ubuntu is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, and if you need to troubleshoot issues, you can try a !Mainline kernel instead, but if you insist, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile (see also !Stages)07:32
grekthis is remote sever i dont see grub - this computer dont have monitor this is dedicated server on OVH07:33
cfhowlettgrek, ask #ubuntu-server     sorry, never done what you're trying ...07:33
thoonaihello. where do I find good example sudo rules? I want to allow a user to execute exactly one command as another user07:35
thoonai!sudo thoonai07:35
ubottusudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo07:36
thoonaiok question is still open07:38
bluefrogthoonai, man sudoers07:40
thoonaibluefrog: man sudoers is a bit cryptic ^^07:41
bluefrogthoonai, bit long to read maybe, cryptic not07:42
bluefrogthoonai, and your question is not clear: o do you want to impersonate?wh07:43
thoonaia system user which only can execute a script07:44
Mothershiphow to keep persistent attached device names, if they have the same serial numbers? is it even possible?07:45
bazhang!blkid | Mothership07:45
ubottuMothership: To see a list of your devices/partitions and their corresponding UUID's, run this command in a !shell: « sudo blkid » (see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LibAtaForAtaDisks for the rationale behind the transition to UUID)07:45
bazhangMothership, put them in fstab07:45
bluefrogmothership hardly possible they have same id07:45
Mothershipusb to serial devices in particular, I was going trough this tutorial http://hintshop.ludvig.co.nz/show/persistent-names-usb-serial-devices/ and in var/log/messages devices had the same id's07:49
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ksuhku"Unless you have opted out we will send your keystrokes to third parties including: Facebook, Twitter, BBC and Amazon." -- http://www.ubuntu.com/privacy-policy For the whole list of third parties, see http://www.ubuntu.com/privacy-policy/third-parties08:05
cfhowlettksuhku, do you have a question?08:05
ksuhkucfhowlett, why is that not opt in?08:06
ksuhkuseems pretty abusive to me08:06
cfhowlettksuhku, old news - very old, but feel free to discuss in #ubuntu-offtopic.08:06
ksuhkuit's a current policy and very much on topic08:07
cfhowlettksuhku, yes, but not in this channel which is for folk trying to maintain their systems08:08
sadpuppyos crapping out come here08:08
ksuhkufixing this spying is maintenance of the first order of importance08:08
ubottulinlan_,: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw08:08
sadpuppynsa branch08:09
cfhowlettksuhku, this is ubuntu support.  rants/complaints/petitions belong elsewhere.  also, the policy only applies to users with unity - so it is OPTIONAL as you need not use unity.  please take this to #ubuntu-offtopic08:10
ubottuksuhku,: Ubuntu 11.10 and higher use GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default. To use GNOME Shell instead, from 12.10 and up install the "ubuntu-gnome-desktop" package. From 11.04 to 12.04, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic08:10
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ksuhkuso it's default and opt out, so the vast majority of people are subject to it08:11
giggseyI'm trying to add a new partition (to resize my partition), but I'm getting no sectors available. Any ideas? http://paste.ubuntu.com/7150150/08:17
herol3oyhi. how can i recover my windows data in ubuntu?\08:18
cfhowlettherol3oy, more details needed08:18
ubottuPlease elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)08:18
iancurtisgiggsey, can you make a current partition smaller to free up space?08:19
herol3oycfhowlett: i've got a sony vaio my friend formatted all the drivers and i need my datas back08:19
iancurtisGparted is a great tool for this if you didn't already know08:19
raggghello, my lubuntu install in vmware fusion  is reporting a size on disk thats 10x larger than size of files, is that normal?08:19
ragggmy install is taking up a lot more space than I would normally expect, what could be wrong?08:20
iancurtisIt depends on the virtual hdd, I would imagine, raggg08:20
cfhowlettherol3oy, boot a liveusb session, mount the partition and navigate to /windows.  copy data to USB08:20
|usefedoraHi. I have a laptop that's running some important daemons, and I'd like it to be able to keep running them after the lid is shut. Does anyone know how I could go about that?08:20
thoonaiwhats the sudoers entry for: user a can execute only <onlythiscommand> as user b?08:21
iancurtisIsn't there a setting in the Unity tweak tool for that? |usefedora08:21
thoonaiman sudoers is a bit cryptic about that08:21
|usefedoraiancurtis: well, i'm on server edition, so no unity to speak of, unfortunately.08:22
giggseyiancurtis, I'd rather not reboot into a livecd08:22
thoonaior I'm to stupid to understand the examples :/08:22
cfhowlett!server||usefedora, ask the server channel08:22
ubottu|usefedora, ask the server channel: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Precise (Precise Pangolin 12.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/ - Support in #ubuntu-server08:22
|usefedoraah, ok, well thanks, cfhowlett08:22
iancurtisI'm not sure if I can help, |usefedora08:23
herol3oycfhowlett: now i boot the ubuntu with cd and i mount all the drivers but there are no datas there.. it's formated.. is there any command to recover all the datas back?08:23
ubottuherol3oy: To rescue a broken system, boot the alternate install CD and select "Rescue a broken system"08:24
cfhowlettherol3oy, wrong factoid.08:24
cfhowlettherol3oy, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery08:28
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JiHui_Choiwhen I tried to remove php5-fpm, apt-get attempts to install apache2. why? (I use nginx, so I don't need apache)08:33
Segajahi, for a while now i have a problem when running apt-get upgrade because procps doesn't want to upgrade. i have an Ubuntu 12.04.4 LTS and the result I get is this: http://pastie.org/private/psramiobh1zx0zb0pvrkw08:33
guest3780ever since i apt-get dist-upgrade my system it's acting wierd.   When I generate a md5sum of an iso image it outputs a different sum each time.  What's wrong?08:34
cfhowlettSegaja, "fork is not configured yet" package manager will have to fix.08:34
cfhowlettguest3780, I'm guessing you're doing a direct download of the ISO???08:35
Segajacfhowlett: the problem starts with procps08:35
Segajaall depends on that. the problem is that now my apache is dead08:35
cfhowlettSegaja, over my head ....08:36
ragggdf -h reports 8.5G used but the disk image is 22gb???08:39
cfhowlettraggg, NO ubuntu image is 22g ...08:39
ragggcfhowlett: then what is going on :(08:39
cfhowlettraggg, you've not shared enough details to guess ...08:40
ubottuPlease elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)08:40
ragggcfhowlett: its a lubuntu minimal install on to vmware fusion08:40
prainworkergood mornin  g ! yesterday night i try to install the pkg ubuntu restricted extras it did fail to install and now software store is not working any more please help08:40
somsipprainworker: are you still on 14.04?08:40
somsipprainworker: use #ubuntu+1 then, as you've been told before08:41
prainworkersorry somsip08:41
Segajacfhowlett: lol i fixed it by moving the procps config to procps.conf.old and then tried the update again08:41
ragggcfhowlett: i've installed eclipse and some libs i need to work, and suddenly vmware is reporting the disk image is 22gb, lxde for most files says size on disk is about 10x larger than size of files08:41
cfhowlettSegaja, nicely done!08:42
xrealWhy has auFS and OverlayFS support been dropped in ubuntu kernel 3.13?08:42
Segajacfhowlett: the thanks goes to google :D08:42
cfhowlettSegaja, lol.  good job anyway08:42
Segajaor better yet the askubuntu forum08:42
cfhowlettraggg, over my head, askubuntu forums with this question?08:43
ragggcfhowlett: will do thanks anyways08:44
guest3780cfhowlett:  Yes i downloaded the iso using wget and completed.  Then md5sum kept displaying different sums each time i tested it.  Can't figure out why, unless my system corrupted.  I did "apt-get dist-upgrade" my system previously.08:46
sudosandwichhey there everyone08:47
cfhowlettguest3780, I'd suggest you torrent the ISO - integrity protection generally is much more robust08:47
sudosandwichso, I unfortunately have a non-ubuntu *nix OS issue, and I was hoping a kind soul here might be able to help :D08:48
cfhowlettguest3780, different sum checks indicate that the ISO is indeed scrambled08:48
cfhowlettsudosandwich, we can't help with non-ubuntu OS issues08:48
cagritepebasiliwhat do u think about ubuntu studio have u tried yet08:49
sudosandwichoh, even though it should be the same command in my *nix emergency console? Because I just need to know the name of one command but I forgot what it was :<08:50
sudosandwichif you still can't helkp that's fine though08:50
cfhowlettcagritepebasili, do you have an specific question about ubuntustudio?08:50
ubottucagritepebasili,: UbuntuStudio is a collection of packages for the artist who wishes to use Ubuntu as their Digital Audio Workstation. It contains all the best Audio/Visual components from the Ubuntu repositories. For more info and install instructions, join #ubuntustudio or see http://ubuntustudio.org08:50
cagritepebasilioh, i dont have spesific question but ill usin linux for development08:51
cagritepebasiliubuntu studio seems nice but it has any spesific thing08:52
cagritepebasilii mean08:52
cagritepebasiliwhy should i use ubuntu studio08:52
cagritepebasiliis there any diffrent between other versions of ubuntu08:52
cfhowlettcagritepebasili, come over to #ubuntustudio08:53
cagritepebasilioh sory okay08:53
cfhowlettcagritepebinasili, no worries.  see you in the other channel08:54
guest3780cagritepebasili:  ubuntu studio is more for media production although you can download the exact same applications in a regular ubuntu.08:55
taropaloI think big difference comes that studio is shipped with real time kernel08:58
prateekpusb ubuntu install through usb not starting09:05
prateekpi created startup disk but when i select boot option via pendrive09:05
prateekpit takes directly to my old ubuntu09:06
prateekpis there anything i am missing09:06
ubottuprateekp,: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI09:07
xrealIs there an ubuntu kernel with overlayFS ?09:08
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libreofficefreakHi guys. I just want to ask if anyone has tried out libreoffice 4.2 from the ppa, and if there are any serious stability issues?09:26
mikecmpbllhi all, does a file at ~/default have any meaning on ubuntu, to do with bash options or something?09:27
gcbirzanIs there an equivalent of snapshot.debian.org, where all ubuntu packages that were ever in the repos are?09:27
gcbirzanThere's archive.ubuntu.com, but I can't find the package I have there.09:30
Little-Chipwhen I power on my computer, I have to force turn off my wlan, if not, I will get a Shutdown, and when the OS has run, I turn on my wlan, it work...09:34
bluefrogmikecmpbll, you may want to rephrase your question09:36
MrMovlhi there09:36
mikecmpbllbluefrog: sure, explain?09:36
MrMovlI am struggeling with a startup script on my ubuntu server.09:37
bluefrogmikecmpbll, can't explain what i don't understand. rephrase your question09:37
mikecmpbllnvm, i don't think i can explain it09:38
Little-Chipmy computer is hp mini with b43 wlan...09:38
mikecmpbllthanks anyway.09:38
MrMovlI used the /etc/init.d/skeleton, but the problem is that my params need ". so when I add "-s -d --port 8000 --auth=\"trac,/trac.htdigest,trac\" /var/www/internal/trac" the escaped inner " are not really escaped. when starting the service I get an error from tracd that it doesn't know trac" when he should be looking for trac09:39
MrMovlIf anyone could follow me, how can I correctly escape the " ?09:40
somsipMrMovl: \"09:40
MrMovlsomeone, yeah, I tried that. but when starting the service tracd is started, but the end of this param --auth=\"trac,/trac.htdigest,trac\" is recognised as trac"09:42
ActionParsnipLittle-Chip: do you have the latest BIOS09:42
SAM____mais c'est en anglais ...arf09:42
Little-Chiplates BIOS?09:43
MrMovlsomsip, , yeah, I tried that. but when starting the service tracd is started, but the end of this param --auth=\"trac,/trac.htdigest,trac\" is recognised as trac"09:43
SAM____il existe une version du site en  Français ?09:43
guest0292If i include /home in the same partition as the system, will it eventually corrupt the system (because /home data is constantly being written to the disk more than the system)??09:43
DJones!fr | SAM____09:43
ubottuSAM____: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.09:43
ActionParsnipguest0292: no, it's fine09:43
KingArthur55Hi all!09:44
=== sjh_ is now known as __sjh
guest0292is the xx.04 versions of ubuntu less stable than the xx.10 versions?  The reason I ask is i installed 13.04 and not long after updates were no longer supported and the system corrupted.09:45
KingArthur55could you please tell me how to configure SendMail in order to avoid every time to insert every domain I want to forward mail inside Relay Domains (CR) ?09:45
guest0292Seems to me that ubuntu is destined to corrupt soon as updates stop being released (18 months or so?) causing the user to have to re-install every 18 months.09:47
Little-Chipso.. I need try to update my BIOS...?09:47
iwantoskiif I have two directories. Both have could (do) have the same sub-directories, and both do have exclusive directories with contents (files). How can I merge two directories contents into a third destination?09:47
bluefrogguest0292, use LTS version and you will be cool09:47
=== Left_Turn is now known as Looney_Asylum
bluefrogiwantoski, mv dir1/* dir209:49
guest0292are .04 releases experimental?   Which are more stable .04 or .10 versions?09:49
bluefrogiwantoski, mv dir1/* dir2/.09:49
guest0292my 13.04 only lasted a few days before it corrupted after updates.09:50
iwantoskibluefrog: thanks - that won't override files or directories?09:50
bluefrogiwantoski, make  a small test to be sure first...09:50
iwantoskibluefrog: I will!09:50
bluefrogguest0292, 14.04 is the next LTS09:50
greyhatpythonHi Guys i hate red hat, is there anyway to get certified in Debian/Ubuntu Linux?09:54
bluefroggreyhatpython, write canonical to find out09:58
Emily92had an accident this morning and forgot the command to delete this directory test6467 in /var/www/tes646709:59
ActionParsnipgreyhatpython: yes09:59
greyhatpythonwell what others doing? Nobody is thinking like me in this world?09:59
ActionParsnipEmily92: sudo rm -r /var/www/tes6467    will delete the 'tes6467' folder and it's subfolders09:59
bluefroggreyhatpython, even better, search google and find... http://www.ubuntu.com/news/ubuntucert09:59
greyhatpythonthat page is outdated10:00
Emily92ActionParsnip thanks babe10:00
KingArthur55guys is there someone knows how to configure SendMail in order to avoid every time to insert every domain I want to forward mail inside Relay Domains (CR) ?10:00
uncle_beni don't know much about routers. there is a direct cable connection from outlet to modem, ethernet cable to computer. i want to connect a router to the modem for wifi access for my phone, but i don't want to change the ethernet connection to my computer...can i do this?10:01
KyouReeUs4nfouncle_ben: try ##networking10:07
uncle_benKyouReeUs4nfo, ok thanks10:08
dreamerhi all, one of my desktops running 13.04 has a firefox (26.0) that instantly segfaults. reinstall of the package didn't fix it, so now I'm dead in the water. any ideas on how to debug/fix?10:12
cfhowlettdream_code, 13.04 has reached end of life and is no longer supported.  consider your options10:14
dreameruntil 14.04 is released we won't build a new image for our usersw so until then I'm stuck with it10:15
cfhowlettdreamer, install chromium-browser10:17
dreamernot like it segfaults on all my systems, just on this particular one10:17
dreamerchromium is already installed, but that's hardly a "solution"10:17
sephnixwhats the prob?10:20
bristlebackhow can I install google v8 on ubuntu 13.1010:20
sephnixgoogle v8?  or chrome?10:20
bristlebackgoogle v8, the javascript engine10:21
Emily92i created a .htaccess but its not asking for it when i very myself. I use an htaccess generator and i think its not working in terms of the password is in md5 hash which is not secure. How can i generator a secure password in ubuntn if i remember correctly they is command for that10:21
Emily92mysite not myself lol10:22
DJonesbristleback: http://packages.ubuntu.com/saucy/libv8-dev10:22
DJonesbristleback: Looks like that package may be what you need10:22
bristlebackI installed that but i don't know how to access the executable10:23
ActionParsnipsephnix: how is that a question?10:29
sephnixWell normally you can tell if somethings a question as its followed by something called a questionmark10:30
sephnixturnip fool10:30
ActionParsnipsephnix: so,  I like blue?   is a question?10:31
ActionParsnipsephnix: no, its a statement10:31
sephnixits you being a fucking idiot is what10:31
clue_hthis is a question mark, ?10:31
ActionParsnipsephnix: if you phrase a full question, you will get answers10:31
cfhowlettsephnix, dial down the attitude10:31
DJonesActionParsnip: Actually I read it as being a reply to the previous line asked by somebody else10:31
ActionParsnipsephnix: if it was a reply, as DJones states, then I apologise10:32
sephnix''preciate djones10:33
sephnixty bean. no offense take10:33
sephnixi tell you what.10:33
Biomechdhey guys, any idea as to what's going on here? starting rhythmbox gets it to count up to like 48 artists in my library in rapid succession, and then it crashes. http://pastebin.com/HhKKFQTm10:33
sephnixfirst time i've installed irc on this box10:33
sephnixfirst channel i joined#10:33
sephnixfirst thing i said10:34
sephnixwas that aha10:34
Biomechdalso, as you can see, it outputs a different kind of error message each time i try to run rhythmbox.10:35
bristlebackany other ideas about that v8 engine I asked earlier?10:36
cfhowlettbristleback, assume that no one remembers your thread out of the hundreds here.  restate the issue for clarity10:37
bazhanghttp://askubuntu.com/questions/141252/is-there-a-package-for-an-executable-version-of-v8 bristleback10:39
llutz_times changing. our generation associates mustang or corvette with "v8 engine", clearly not askubuntu .. scnr10:41
cfhowlettsad but true10:42
aze_hello world10:42
bgardneraze_: World says hello back10:42
aze_i am new here , how are you ?10:43
Biomechdi compute, therefore i am.10:43
googchenghi! after from 12.04.3 to 12.04.4 , the os broken , like https://www.dropbox.com/s/cavqscq8lf8mbpv/QQ%E5%9B%BE%E7%89%8720140325172900.jpg10:44
red234324Running 12.04 - I tried moving /tmp to RAM so far seems to have improved the overall speed and responsiveness without any downsides10:49
Biomechdno suggestions to my rhythmbox issue?10:50
red234324got the suggestion from http://ubuntuone.com/4mrpWg8P6GtxxqeYeHTn6w which also has instructions how to move chromium-browser cache to /tmp10:51
ubottugoogcheng,: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw10:51
red234324but I use firefox so is there a similar code for firefox cache to /tmp?10:52
cfhowlettgoogcheng, also see http://www.ubuntukylin.com/#10:52
googchengcfhowlett,  is this your answer?10:54
cfhowlettgoogcheng, my suggestion ...10:55
platypushello everyone,  I cant make youtube-dl work. I get this error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7150653/10:55
ActionParsnipplatypus: what is the output of:  cat /etc/issue10:57
ActionParsnipred234324: you can make a symlink of the cache folder to /tmp10:58
ActionParsnipred234324: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/768867  may help10:58
platypusActionParsnip, the output is: Ubuntu 12.04.4 LTS \n \l10:59
ActionParsnipplatypus: have you tried prefixing the command with sudo?11:00
platypusActionParsnip, I'm not sure. will try it now11:00
ActionParsnipplatypus: its worth a test11:00
hans__good morning11:00
platypusActionParsnip, it is the same: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7150680/11:01
ActionParsnipplatypus: are there any bugs reported?11:02
ActionParsnipplatypus: you could use an addon to your web browser and download videos that way11:02
ActionParsnipplatypus: is your intention to rip the audio from the video once downloaded?11:03
cfhowlettplatypus, there are plenty of firefox plugins to download YT video11:04
ActionParsnipplatypus: do yu wnat only the audio, ultimately?11:04
platypusActionParsnip, I have the fantastic WinFF for audio, I do audios with it. I also have firefox addons for video, but not all of them worked somehow, and the one that works always gets stuck while doing audio (which I actually dont need for I have winFF as mentioned)11:05
ActionParsnipplatypus: why not just use this then: http://www.youtube-mp3.org/11:06
ActionParsnipplatypus: why reinvent the wheel....11:06
platypusActionParsnip, but this seems to be for mp3?11:06
platypusor for videos, too?11:06
ActionParsnipplatypus: you give thepage the youtube URL and it will rip the audio from it to MP311:07
emxi updated to ubuntu 13.10. now apache doesn't seem to include my configurations from /etc/apche2/sites-enabled11:07
red234324ActionParsnip, had a look at that link then opened FF about:config and created browser.cache.disk.parent_directory and set it to /tmp/firefox and tmp is already in RAM - so I think on reboot that should put ff cache into RAM - does that sound about right to you to?11:07
emxwhat can i do?11:07
ActionParsnipred234324: why do you need to reboot?11:07
red234324just assuming ActionParsnip11:08
ActionParsnipred234324: you will need a command to run at boot to recreate and chown the folder to your user. Contents in RAM are lost at reboot, including your subfolder11:08
platypusActionParsnip, but I have no problem ripping audios, as I said. the problem is my firefox addon downloads video and subsequently rips audio. however, the latter always jams the browser, when I dont even need it, as I can rip audio with WinFF if I want to.11:08
platypusin short, I need a video-only downloader.11:09
ActionParsnipplatypus: doesn't minitube do youtube downloads?11:09
platypusActionParsnip, I dont know now.  minitube had been working a while ago, after which it didn't work multiple times, and I'd quit using.11:10
roppongininjaHey guys how do I remove gnome desktop environment11:11
roppongininjafrom ubuntu11:11
platypusActionParsnip, will try minitube again11:11
ActionParsniproppongininja: are you that low on disk space?11:13
q0Hello, does anybody know why gnome-terminal -e "cmd" isn't working with Keyboard bindings in unity ?11:15
q0it really isn't11:15
q0no response at all11:15
ActionParsnipq0: how about if you run it from another terminal? It should spawn another11:16
q0yes it works11:16
ActionParsnipq0: sounds like a bug then11:16
ActionParsnipq0: have you tried the absolute path to gnome-terminal11:16
q0yes that's also not working11:17
ActionParsnipq0: sounds like a bug then11:17
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q0there was a screenshot hotkey that also stopped working, there's something going on I guess11:18
ActionParsnipq0: if you make a fresh ubuntu user and try it there, is it the same?11:18
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red_cyberoam unable to open restricted sites any suggestion.11:25
scrapcodeCan I install Xubuntu from the Ubuntu Live CD, without all the "fluff"?11:25
ikoniathe install cd installs the standard install11:27
ikonianothing different11:27
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lopitHi guys, one Q. Which would you say is more heavy on the resources of the two best looking desktops: unity or KDE?11:33
llutz_lopit: depends on the apps your using. blank DEs differences are marginal11:35
lopitThe usual. Rhythmbox&FF/unity, amarok%FF/KDE11:35
lopitusually, + libreoffice in both11:35
lopitthree most used apps :)11:35
ActionParsniplopit: unity is a plugin for compiz and Compiz is far from light11:38
llutz_With >2GB RAM it's just a matter of personal preferences, both will run fine, both aren't "light". But as i said, it's mostly the apps running making the difference11:41
userWhat's the driver for microphone?11:46
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kingplusplushttp://pastebin.com/tTRHFdnN guys please am having trouble returning content and the xpath is correct so i presume. Using lxml to get content of a paragraph11:50
kingplusplussorry wanted to put that in #python11:51
miraj9093helllo ,  i am using 12.04 LTS. i have a zip file of some drivers .i want to install them is it possible to do installation with zip file?11:55
guest0292miraj9093:  depends what drivers you have for Windows or linux?  Windows drivers probably won't work unless they're network drivers to use with ndiswrapper.11:59
miraj9093guest0292: actually I am installing mobile connection(net dongle 's) drivers..12:01
madridme haces una paja12:01
miraj9093guest0292: i mean want to install..12:01
DJonesmadrid: No thanks you12:02
guest0292miraj9093:  You will need to extract the drivers from the zip using an archiver or use wine to install them and find the .inf and .sys files.  Then install ndisgtk (sudo apt-get install ndisgtk) to actually install the driver .inf/.sys files.  This is the only way i'm familiar with.  Maybe an easier way...12:06
guest0292miraj9093:  Finally, run the network manager to activate your device.  Even then there's no guarantee the dongle will work as it's always best to use hardware compatible with linux drivers.12:08
dheerajHi guys12:08
dheerajI accidentally erased my /run folder12:08
dheerajand now internet is not working12:08
dheerajany help is much appreciated12:09
llutz_dheeraj: reboot12:09
rockyrockI logged to a machine using ssh and ran a long-running command. However I'm afraid my internet connection might disconnet in anytime. If it disconnets, is the command going to be cancelled?12:09
dheerajllutz_: thats when then internet stopped working12:09
somsiprockyrock: best to run it under something lie screen or tmux12:09
rockyrocksomsip: what to do now?12:09
rockyrocksomsip: it's running already :(12:09
dheerajllutz_: but thats when the internet stopped working12:09
somsiprockyrock: you could try to release it from the shell that started it. I can never remember the command that does this...hang on12:10
abrotmanDoes Ubuntu have an equivalent of snapshot.debian.org, a place that holds old package revisions?12:10
somsiprockyrock: https://github.com/nelhage/reptyr12:10
guest0292miraj9093:   I should also mention if your zip contains linux driver source code you will most likely need to compile the drivers, so you'll need to install all the necessary compiler software and linux headers first.12:11
miraj9093guest0292: thank you .i will try this..12:11
miraj9093guest0292:sorry which type of compile softwares??12:13
=== hggdh_ is now known as hggdh
guest0292miraj9093, do have linux source or windows drivers?  you never said12:15
OsGeoanyone ?12:15
somsip!anyone | OsGeo12:16
somsip!ask | OsGeo12:16
ubottuOsGeo: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience12:16
roppongininjaCan anyone tell me how to delete gnome from ubuntu (I've installed and am using xfce now so I dont need it anymore)12:16
ActionParsniproppongininja: if you remove gnome-common    does it threaten to remove xfce too?12:18
ActionParsniproppongininja: or remove gnome-desktop-environment12:18
ActionParsniproppongininja: you will be trying to remove several packages that start with 'gnome' to see which does not remove xfce packages12:19
roppongininjaActionParsnip: let me try12:19
rockyrockI'm connected to a machine via SSH. I want to move files between my machine and the remove one. Is that possible?12:19
OsGeoI have the OSGeo 6.0 installed, and wanted to upgrade to the 7.9 OSGeo, is to do within OSGeo own?12:19
llutz_rockyrock: scp file user@remote:/path/to/copy12:19
roppongininjaPackage 'gnome-desktop-environment' is not installed, so not removed12:20
ActionParsnipOsGeo: how did you install OSGeo ?12:20
ActionParsniproppongininja: ok, try just 'gnome' on its own12:20
ActionParsnipOsGeo: so you mounted the DVD in ubuntu and installed some packages?12:20
roppongininjaI still get that its not installed although it IS12:20
ActionParsniproppongininja: dpkg -l | awk {'print $2'} | grep gnome12:21
roppongininjawhen I log out from xfce I can still login using gnome12:21
OsGeodvd live12:21
ActionParsnipOsGeo: so it is it's own distribution?12:21
Samurai_Champloohey guys, i am doing an ubuntu update right now, a sort of big one, half way through 126 MB, wondering if it is ok to use xchat while i do this? am i presenting a problem to my system?12:21
OsGeonao, Xubuntu distro12:21
ActionParsnipOsGeo: then how is this ubuntu related, if OSGeo is a live DVD?12:22
roppongininjaSamurai_Champloo: no12:22
Samurai_Champloothanks roppongininja do you know why it is not a problem? just out of curiosity.12:22
roppongininjaSamurai_Champloo: because u are not updating xchat12:23
ActionParsnipOsGeo: OSGeo is nothing to do with Ubuntu in any way. Its is a completely separate distribution/12:23
ActionParsnipOsGeo: they have a support channel on Freenode:  #osgeo12:23
ActionParsnipOsGeo: your distribution is supported there12:23
OsGeoi dont know12:24
Samurai_Champloooh. ok, cool. i was hoping you knew something about the nature of the os that allows for no-affected areas to continue to fiunction during updates, but the update is complete. no prob. thanks12:24
ActionParsnipOsGeo: #OSGeo or #OSGeolive  are the support channels for OSGeo, not here12:24
roppongininjaSamurai_Champloo: well Im not an expert in any way and I know out of experience so :D no problem12:24
Samurai_Champloothanks :)12:25
rafals1Hello, I have Lenovo Z510 (Optimus with Intel HD4600 and Nvidia GT740M as 3D Card) and I have a problem to use an external monitor. in Xorg.log I do not see any errors or problems. I was trying with Fedora live or Zorin Live(some Debian distro) and there is no problem with an external monitor. Does anyone have some similar problem? I was comparing packages list. I do not how to compare Xorg config because Xorg.conf doesn't exist.12:34
OnslauthHi guys, I am looking for some help regarding linux namespaces, would this be an appropriate channel to discuss it?12:36
=== rickyb98 is now known as RickyB98
guest0292If i abort apt-get install while it's working (using ctrl c) will it corrupt the system?  Or will simply running it again fix any problems?12:39
ActionParsnipguest0292: it may, you will need to do a few commands to kick it back off12:39
ActionParsniprafals1: what distro are you using now?12:39
abrotmanDoes Ubuntu have an equivalent of snapshot.debian.org, a place that holds old package revisions?12:41
abrotmanOr should I perhaps ask something like #ubuntu-server?12:41
hvn2hi, I have a boot problem. Running 12.04, and after installing a new kernel using dpkg, the grub menu shows the new kernel, but at boot it claims that the disk (UUID) is not found. I've found numerous posts with the same problem, but none of the proposed solution (e.g. rootdelay) works for me. Any ideas ?12:43
rafals1ActionParsnip: I have tried Ubuntu 13.10 and 13.0412:44
=== richard is now known as Guest36959
Welastevilhy people!12:47
Samurai_Champloohey guys, one more thing, i'm having a bit of trouble with my screen sometimes, it goes black for a sec. i installed xscreensaver a while back and i think thats when the problem started, when i went to uninstall it, it diddnt fully uninstall. any ideas about that? did that happen to anyone else?12:56
ActionParsniprafals1:but what are you using now? What OS / Release has the issue?12:57
rafals1ActionParsnip: I am using Ubuntu 13.10 where an external outputs (CRT/HDMI) don't work. But when I use for example Fedora Live or Zorin8 (Live) they work without any problem.12:59
hvn2hi, what is the best place to ask about boot problems with uuid messages ?13:00
PlxAnswerHelp by answering a single stupid question. Thanks in advance! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1pv0Fq87udiUXLQ-DJhDQnKwjZFGpX4D-3y2OMaEvaeY/viewform13:03
PiciPlxAnswer: This is a support channel for Ubuntu, please take this elsewhere.13:04
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legiongood morning all13:08
ActionParsniprafals1: have you installed bumblebee?13:10
=== ghostcube_ is now known as ghostcube
legiondoes anyone know if in 14.04, the pulse audio bug with latency, if it was fixed,...skype issue?13:12
dhaval2712How stable is 14.04 beta 1 and can it be used on my Dad's 1 GB RAM laptop?13:14
Emily92hi guys just a quick question please i have a file .ssh/aut_key. i want to make the permissions are set to 0600 and that only the ssh key user "john" can access it  how can i do this pleasr13:14
=== AC_BF2 is now known as AC_BF
dhaval2712I suppose if you simply have "John" own the file that should accomplish what you need.13:15
llutz_Emily92: if you aren#t john: sudo chown john:john file && sudo chmod 0600 file13:15
Emily92llutz_ if you are not john? or if you are join?13:16
llutz_Emily92: if you are john, you don't need sudo13:16
hvn2legion: good question...have the same issue13:16
llutz_Emily92: well, if the file is owned by you already13:16
Emily92llutz _ right  now i am log in as root but i want only john to have access to that file and also the directory name "john_folder"13:17
llutz_!permissions | Emily9213:18
ubottuEmily92: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions13:18
rafals1<ActionParsnip> Yes, I followed instruction in wiki, bumblebee sees my Nvidia Card, but when I run any software by Nvidia then the screen "blinks" and all the outputs work with the same settings (I see the same output on all of the connected screens)13:18
Emily92llutz_ "sudo chown john:john  /home/john/.ssh/aut_key && sudo chmod 0600  /home/john/.ssh/aut_key"13:19
ShutterstromIf I'm using key based authentication using SSH to access my headless server, will any failed logins be written in /var/log/auth.log then? (I have already disabled plain user/password authentication).13:19
llutz_Emily92: and /home/john/.ssh should be 0700 too, check13:20
sylvanicaI am going to try to reinstall Ubuntu today on my Windows 8.1 laptop (EFI). Last time, I had a major problem wherein grub would not get loaded, even with secure boot off, and there was weird wacky stuff going on. I barely got Windows back up and running. Has the process been improved at all in the past six months?13:21
llutz_Emily92: even /home/john should be 0700, not sure if that is default in *buntu now13:22
Emily92llutz_ this is what i am about to run. "sudo chown john:john  /home/john/.ssh/aut_key && sudo chmod 0600  /home/john/.ssh/aut_key" and for the .ssh direcotry   "sudo chmod -R 0700 /home/john/.ssh"13:22
llutz_Emily92: don't use -R 070013:23
llutz_Emily92: chmod 0700 /home/john/.ssh13:23
Emily92llutz_ just  "sudo chmod  0700 /home/john/.ssh"13:24
llutz_Emily92: yes, no need for recursive setting 0700 to all files inside .ssh/13:24
=== Rynofear is now known as rynomster
Emily92llutz_ thanks will do that now13:25
=== proje1 is now known as projex
=== llutz__ is now known as llutz_
Emily92I granted permission to the wrong user before. how do i cancel that permission and grant it to a different user?13:32
llutz_Emily92: chown13:33
Emily92llutz_ this want i ran before and granted the wrong permission "sudo chown -R $alex:$alex /var/www/dev.example.com/public_html "13:34
Emily92llutz_ the person was meant for "emy" instead13:34
llutz_Emily92: so use chown -r emy:emy /path.....13:35
llutz_Emily92: so use chown -R emy:emy /path.....13:35
llutz_sry dangerous typo*13:35
RoryOn Ubuntu 12.04, if I repeatedly run a "sudo" command 4 or 5 times (e.g "sudo ls") there's a noticable delay in executing future sudo commands. Sudo is configured to run without a password13:39
=== rickyb98 is now known as RickyB98
OerHeksRory, nice observation.13:41
Rorystrace shows it hanging at: sendto(7, "<86>Mar 25 13:26:43 sudo: pam_un"..., 78, MSG_NOSIGNAL, NULL, 0) = 7813:42
Emily92llutz_  another question. I trying to ssh tunnel using Dbeaver (mysql client) i have the public key in "/home/john/.ssh/au_key" anyways i have set everything right and include the path to the private key in my local machine. what i try to connect i get an error "can't initilize tunnerl" "cannot establish tunnel" "Auth fail"      but the funny thing is when i do include the private path and just use the path instead its works so i am w13:42
Emily92llutz_ because when i am use the root user i include the root user ssh private key and it works but john ssh key doesn't13:42
=== makije is now known as makije|away
RoryOerHeks: Do you know how I can fix it?13:44
llutz_Emily92: did you add the servers hostkey to johns known_hosts?13:45
OerHeksRory, set password for sudo?13:46
RoryOerHeks: Not appropriate for this environment13:46
RoryOerHeks: The user is permitted to execute one particular command with elevated privileges without a password, because it's part of a script, and a full automated system13:47
PeterGriffinHi guys.13:47
PeterGriffinI want to use tar just to store without compression, but can't find the option in the man. How canI do it?13:48
llutz_PeterGriffin: tar cf foo.tar /path/to/store13:48
PeterGriffinllutz_: So is it the default way it does it?13:49
Emily92llutz_ what do you mean please?13:49
llutz_PeterGriffin: tar creates archives, it only compresses if you tell it to do13:49
PeterGriffinThank you.13:50
llutz_Emily92: the first time john connects to your remote-host, it needs to confirm the host-key, which will be stored in known_hosts file. are you sure that is done already13:51
Emily92llutz_ i am using puttty and i can connect using the root user private key13:52
llutz_Emily92: and you tunnel is established how?13:52
rafals1ActionParsnip: I think I found the solution, I will try to use vga_switcheroo13:52
Emily92llutz_ am tunneling using Dbeaver13:52
llutz_Emily92: which i don't know. sorry can't help13:53
nicklas_hello, ubuntu 14.04 will have nvidia optimus support?13:56
DJonesnicklas_: Best place to ask is in #ubuntu+113:56
DJonesnicklas_: If you join there, I'll be happy to go through how I found it13:57
llutz_!info bumblebee trusty13:57
ubottubumblebee (source: bumblebee): NVIDIA Optimus support for Linux. In component universe, is extra. Version 3.2.1-5 (trusty), package size 43 kB, installed size 231 kB (Only available for linux-any)13:57
OerHeksRory, as far as i understand sudoers, you have  a certain time to do a next sudo command without sudo, time-frame might be overlapping your previous sudo commands13:57
nicklas_DJones: ty13:57
LaStikHi, does anybody use Lenovo X230 Tablet?13:57
Rory!anyone | LaStik Ask anyway13:58
oxsynOn 14.04 when I run apt-get dist-upgrade, my custom compiled vim binary in /usr/local/bin is removed from the system and my update-alternatives configuration is reset. Is this the way it's supposed to act?13:58
zymogensAnyone know what might be going on here. I have a VPS with UFW enabled - It blocks incoming by default. ‘ufw status’ says it is active and only allows connections on 22 from anywhere. It is blocking nginx without a problem. However my mongo shell on my home pc can connect remotely to it (the VPS) no probs - Not sure how that is possible? It seems like it is letting some things through?13:58
Rory!trusty | oxsyn13:58
ubottuoxsyn: Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty Tahr) will be the 20th release of Ubuntu.  See the announcement at http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1295 for more info. support in #ubuntu+113:58
RoryThey got rid of !anyone factoid?13:59
llutz_ubottu lost a lot of useful factoids13:59
ubottullutz_: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)13:59
llutz_i never would13:59
OerHeksRory, this page may be a help with setting sudo timeout https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudoTimeout14:00
RoryNo OerHeks I appreciate that, but that isn't the problem I'm having14:01
Emily92llutz_ i can connect to my server with the key i generated for john14:01
RoryThis isn't about being prompted for a password, this is about sudo hanging after the 4th of 5th consecutive run14:01
Rorystrace shows it hanging at: sendto(7, "<86>Mar 25 13:26:43 sudo: pam_un"..., 78, MSG_NOSIGNAL, NULL, 0) = 7814:01
llutz_Emily92: you'd better to ask people knowing dbeaver about that issue14:02
OerHeksRory, i think that is the loop you described, sudo without password time-loop within timeloop14:02
[conrad]Hello everyone. I'm using 12.04 and just recently installed a new NIC, and now my LTSP doesn't work anymore. Specifically the DHCP server isc-dhcp-server. I presume it's because my interface went from eth0 to eth4, but I can't figure out how to update isc-dhcp-server to comply. I changed /etc/default/isc-dhcp-server to have eth4 in the interface item ( though there was no value there previously ). Trying to start the server via init or se14:02
Emily92dbeaver  irc doesn't exist atleast no one is on14:02
llutz_[conrad]: remove /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules14:03
platypusActionParsnip, thank you for your help! minitube works this time.14:03
llutz_[conrad]: it will be re-created next boot and your new nic (if it is the only one) will be eth0 again14:03
RoryOerHeks: Please forget about the no-password thing, that is not the issue here. I'm trying to debug this issue regarding the sudo command hanging (not prompting for a password, just hanging), and I can provide strace output if necessary14:04
[conrad]llutz_:  It's not the only NIC. Though I might be able to work with this. I'll give it a try and let you know. Thanks.14:04
llutz_[conrad]: you also could change the MAC inside that file to your needs14:04
nicklas_thanks for all the info, need to go :-)14:08
techie123can anybody help me? I am trying to install a filed.deb on a foresight linux system using conary command but is not working. Still quite new at this?14:27
Rorytechie123: What Ubuntu version are you running? (You can check by running the command: cat /etc/issue )14:28
seednodeWait, /etc/issue is supposed to tell version? Or is that something ubuntu specific?14:28
techie123Rory, when I use that command it tells me "Welcome to Foresight"14:29
Roryseednode: There's a few ways, but /etc/issue gives the version on Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, Arch, and a few others I can thnk of14:29
RoryThe point I'm getting at is that techie123 isn't using Ubuntu14:29
seednodeRory, does it? My Arch one was empty on install14:29
RorySo we can't support him14:29
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!14:29
cfhowletttechie123, foresight is not ubuntu14:29
techie123Rory do you know whether we have a foresight linux in here as a chanel14:29
seednodeRory, would make more sense to maybe direct him to the relevant channel instead of just calling ot14:29
cfhowletttechie123, perhaps #linux can hel14:30
Rorytechie123: google.com14:30
cfhowletttechie123, perhaps #linux can help14:30
techie123cfhowlett understood.14:30
Rorytechie123: "Foresight linux irc"14:30
techie123which release version do you recommend for ubuntu and I will Install it14:30
seednodeOn here14:30
techie123Thanks Rory14:30
seednodeBut there's like 8 people there14:30
techie123thanks you all14:31
Rorytechie123: Install 13.10 and you can upgrade to 14.04 when it's released in 3 weeks or so14:31
cfhowletttechie123, 12.04 is the current long term support release.  14.04 is the next LTS and will be published next month.  direct upgrade 12.04 to 14.04 is available. do you need server or desktop functionality?14:31
[conrad]llutz: The file you provided helped get me back my interfaces to the proper names, but isc-dhcp-server is still failing as described.14:31
cfhowlett.aaaaaaaaaaaaand he's gone  :)14:31
[conrad]Hello everyone. I'm using 12.04 and just recently installed a new NIC, and now my LTSP doesn't work anymore. Specifically the DHCP server isc-dhcp-server. I presume it's because my interface went from eth1 to eth4, but I can't figure out how to update isc-dhcp-server to comply. I changed /etc/default/isc-dhcp-server to have eth4 in the interface item ( though there was no value there previously ). Trying to start the server via init or se14:33
cfhowlett[conrad], ask in #ubuntu-server?14:33
cyberalex4lifehello, is there a way to change each type of themes sepparetly with unity-tweak-tool?14:35
Rorycyberalex4life: What do you mean by "each type of themes separately" do you mean, to have icons from one theme, cursor from another etc?14:35
cyberalex4lifeyes, and metacity, and gtk, like in gnome-shell14:36
=== kat is now known as Guest51606
cederfjardWhat's the connection between the software center and Ubuntu One accounts? I can't seem to find a good explanation anywhere. Trying to install Steam currently, and there seem to be no way to do through there without logging in?14:37
cyberalex4lifeRory each different if I want to14:37
Rorycyberalex4life: What Ubuntu version are you running?14:37
Rorycyberalex4life: technically unsupported here, but anyway14:37
cfhowlettcyberalex4life, #ubuntu+1 for trusty support14:38
Rorycyberalex4life: But take a look here http://askubuntu.com/questions/361422/how-can-you-change-the-gtk-theme-and-window-decorations-separately-in-unity14:38
cyberalex4lifeRory: thank you very much, sorry for wrong channel14:38
RoryIt gets more and more awkward to bat people away to #ubuntu+1 as release day approaches; it seems almost churlish14:39
cfhowlettRory, it's set up that way for good reason.14:39
Guest51606I'm trying to uninstall Ubuntu and get windows 7 instead. I've been trying to follow these steps using a disk with windows on it http://www.wikihow.com/Erase-Ubuntu but when I choose windows in the first steps when I turn on the computer nothing happens. Any help is much appriciated of how I can fix this problem since Ive been at this for weeks and not being able to get a solution.14:40
RoryI know14:40
RoryGuest51606: You can set a more friendly nickname with the "/nick" command - for example to change my name to Rory I typed "/nick Rory" (without the quotes)14:40
RoryGuest51606: Hang on, you deleted Ubuntu and are having trouble installing Windows?14:40
sydneyWhat is the words that i have to use to install ubuntu software center in terminal?14:40
cfhowlettGuest51606, forget uninstalling ubuntu.  get windows, set up the entire HDD, format and install14:40
RoryGuest51606: Go ask a windows channel like #windows14:40
Rorysydney: It's already installed in ubuntu14:41
Rorysydney: but if you removed it, I believe the package is called "ubuntu-software-center"14:41
=== CyberJacob is now known as CyberJacob|Away
Rorykatih: type /join #windows14:48
Rorykatih: This is still #ubuntu :P14:48
katihoh god, I really am like the worst person in teh world with compyter, trying to boot or whatever it's called is making me cry xD ty I'll type in that now.. lol14:49
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ljsoftnethow do i point volti to select the correct sound card?14:53
=== kermit1 is now known as kermit
=== kermit is now known as Guest69209
=== Guest69209 is now known as kermit
ljsoftnethow do i point volti to select the correct sound card?14:59
=== chin-tas` is now known as chin-tastic
=== justinS_ is now known as jhsimpson
RubasHi, I'm trying to get my wireless card to work, but it says that wireless is disabled by hardware switch, but the switch is set at On15:07
cfhowlettRubas, computer make?15:08
rabbel_Hey guys ... I have a question about automated ubuntu server install. Is this the right place to ask?15:08
Rubascfhowlett: Sony15:08
Rubascfhowlett: Sony laptop15:08
=== rabbel_ is now known as rabbel
cfhowlettRubas, Dell here.  dual booting.  in windows the F2 key turned wifi on/off       turns out that alt F2 would do the same in ubuntu.  no reboot to windows required.  only took 4 years to discover that secret.15:10
Rubascfhowlett: alt + F2 will turn wireless on?15:11
cfhowlettRubas, on my DELL, yes.  experiment. whatever your switch key is plus alt, ctrl, or windows super key15:12
techie123good morning I decided to install 13.10 ubuntu but not as a desktop but as a program, can I still do this via vmware on a mac? if so can anybody provide me with additional instrucitons15:12
cfhowlettrabbel, ask15:12
techie123already have foresight linux installed as a virtual machine, or should I try to desktop ubuntu first?15:12
cfhowletttechie123, we have NOTHING to do with foresight ...15:13
rabbelcfhowlett: ok. I am currently busy with automating my ubuntu-server (precise) installation. I followed this (http://askubuntu.com/a/122506) tutorial. It works perfect if I test it on a virtual machine. But if I try the same on a bare metal machine, it suddenly does not work anymore.15:14
rabbelI put the .iso file on a USB stick, it looks like it's booting but it says it can't find CDROM files.15:14
rabbelSo my question, do I have to do something else if I put the iso file on a USB stick?15:15
cfhowlettrabbel, yeah, that's a NICE challenge!  however you might want to take this #ubuntu-server.  I suspect someone there has already done what you're now attempting.15:15
ActionParsniprabbel: did you MD5 test the ISO you downloaded?15:16
bluefrograbbel, netboot and preseed should do the trick for you15:16
ljsoftnethow can i edit and update /proc/asound/cards15:17
rabbelbluefrog: I don't have netboot available. Well actually i have but I think it's better if I use an usb stick...15:17
bluefrograbbel, have you used usb disk creator to put the iso on the usb?15:17
rabbelbluefrog: I used LinuxLive, it works for a non-custom iso.15:18
rabbelSo I can boot into the installer which isn't customized ..15:18
bluefrogI don't know then. perso I would go netboot. faster.15:19
rabbelbluefrog: thank you anyway :)15:19
awakecodingwhere would be the best place to get information on packaging software for ubuntu for ARM? is there such a thing as a "generic" ARM build?15:19
ubottuARM is a specific (RISC) processor architecture used in a variety of applications such as handhelds and networkdevices. For more information see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM . For ARM specific support, stop by the #ubuntu-arm channel.15:19
j4sonARM ftw15:20
rabbelActionParsnip: the iso is correct15:20
bluefrograbbel, https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/installation-guide/i386/automatic-install.html15:20
rabbelHmm, what I could do, is defining my kickstart file & preseed on the www/ftp server... Maybe that helps.15:22
rabbelThanks for the link bluefrog!15:22
ljsoftnethow can i edit and update /proc/asound/cards15:23
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kuroarashihi there15:29
kuroarashihow to use the docky application15:29
rabbelbluefrog: by the way, why I don't want to do netboot, every pc I need to build does not has it enabled, I have to set the option in the BIOS, and that's not what I want :(15:31
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bluefrograbbel, up to you. in any case you need to be by the computer as I understand15:32
rabbelI actually just want to plug in the USB stick and just let it do for a while, after that it cat just report itself to my puppet master15:32
bluefrograbbel, once network boot is enabled it's for life15:33
kuroarashirabbel how to use docky application in ubuntu15:33
rabbelyes but i have to do it on every machine ...15:33
rabbelkuroarashi: no clue mate ;)15:34
kuroarashirabbel thanks15:34
kuroarashibluefrog how to use the docky application in ubuntu15:34
bluefrogkuroarashi, don't know15:34
kuroarashibluefrog thanks :)15:35
tgm4883!patience | kuroarashi15:36
ubottukuroarashi: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/15:36
Rubascfhowlett: Hi now it is enabled, but my nm-applet does not show any connections.. (but I can scan and see wireless networks in the area)15:37
Rubasbtw scanning through the terminal15:37
cfhowlettRubas, again: I've not done what you're attempting.  that's why I suggested you ask this in #ubuntu-server15:37
kuroarashitgm4883 thanks for the advice15:38
Rubascfhowlett: okay :) Thanks15:38
kuroarashiwhat is the reason in error when installing phpunit when i install it seems clear but when i run phpunit --version theres so many error come up15:40
kuroarashiin terminal15:40
tgm4883!details | kuroarashi15:41
ubottukuroarashi: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)15:41
kuroarashithanks :)15:42
DominciiHey folks, trying to install Windows from disk. When I try to run the disk from the GRUB menu it just skips the disk and boots into Ubuntu for some reason. The disk works fine on my laptop and PC that both already have Windows installed but it just isn't doing anything on my Ubuntu PC15:42
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cfhowlettDomincii, you have to set your bios to boot the windows disk.  ask in #windows15:44
johelishI just installed my new system and I went for 13.10 instead of 12.04 which was probarbly stupid.. I'm trying to find a way to get my Logitech DiNovo Keyboard to run but it won't..15:45
johelishAnyone else has this problem?15:45
cfhowlettjohelish, is that a bluetooth device15:45
johelishcfhowlett: Yes15:46
ubottujohelish,: For instructions on how to set up bluetooth, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothSetup15:46
johelishcfhowlett: but when I look in dmesg it looks like there's two spectrums.. one HID and one bluetooth15:46
johelishcfhowlett: Everything is already installed and it renders zero devices.. hcitool dev15:49
cfhowlettjohelish, all my BT devices just worked - can't help with troubleshooting.  sorry15:50
sydneyJDykstraubuntu hello15:52
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DominciiAnyone here who can help me with the Windows installation? I don't know why my disk drive isn't working on Ubuntu. Can I set it to automatically mount the disk drive? The drive is present in the Disk Utility selector but whenever I try to watch movies etc on there nothing happens. Presumably the problem is the disk drive not mounting the disks and stuff15:53
cfhowlettDomincii, you're installing windows INSIDE ubuntu?15:54
philinuxDomincii;~ or are you trying to share files on a win disk15:55
Dominciicfhowlett, Im trying to boot a windows install disk but when I try to run the installation iso from GRUB it just boots straight into Ubuntu, skipping the disk installation altogether.15:55
Dominciiphilinux that reply is to you too15:55
cfhowlettDomincii, you MUST specify to the machine bios that it boots the windows install disk.15:56
Dominciicfhowlett, how can I do that? I'm not great with computers15:56
LaykeHi. Is it possible to have two of my network interfaces up, but of which is connected to the internet, however, be able to specify which one I use to connect out? One of the interfaces is actually used for my LAN15:56
cfhowlettDomincii, during power on self test, a message will appear "to change boot options, hit F something"15:57
b3rz3rk3rDomincii, go into the BIOS and set the windows disk to be first boot device15:57
LaykeAnd I need to be able to connect to other systems on the same gateway, however, I don't want to actually use the ISP provided through that interface.15:57
Dominciicfhowlett, b3rz3rk3r I've already done that15:57
cfhowlettDomincii, I doubt it.  otherwise the drive would have  booted.15:57
b3rz3rk3rDomincii, then it is not set as bootable and your pc is defaulting to next device15:57
cfhowlettunless the drive itself has failed.  try this.  disable all drives EXCEPT the disk drive with windows.15:58
philinuxDomincii;~ is the win disk in a dvd player15:58
Dominciib3rz3rk3r cfhowlett, when I run the disk on my windows laptop it boots perfectly but when I do it from my Ubuntu PC it doesn't work15:58
Dominciiphilinux yes it is15:58
cfhowlettDomincii, you're confusing the issue.  during power on NEITHER OS is running.15:59
philinuxDomincii;~ to eliminate. try an ubuntu livd disk in the same dvd player16:00
philinuxDomincii;~ if that boots then dvd player ok16:00
Dominciicfhowlett when I open my BIOS options my number 1 boot option is the CD/DVD drive, when I save the changes the PC boots into Ubuntu, when I force a GRUB entry and try to boot from the disk that way it again boots into Ubuntu, when I try to press F11 to enter the BIOS boot menu and manually choose the disk again it boots into Ubuntu16:01
b3rz3rk3rDomincii, it sounds like you have burned an image to a physical disk and now it won't boot from it after BIOS. In which case you have not set the disk to be bootable.16:01
Dominciib3rz3rkr3r when I use the disk from my Windows laptop it creates the installation prompt, is there any way to check it's been installed correctly?16:02
cfhowlettDomincii, this is the original windows disk?16:02
b3rz3rk3rDomincii, Yes, it will show up with the files when you are in an OS, but computers won't be able to boot from it.16:02
b3rz3rk3rDomincii, have you tried to boot it in another machine?16:02
Dominciicfhowlett no its an iso I've manually burnt to the disk, b3rs3rk3r I've not, I'll do so now to check16:03
cfhowlettDomincii, test it in a different machine16:03
b3rz3rk3rDomincii, 99.9% chance you haven't set it as bootable. You need to re-read the guide you followed and make sure you get the bootflag set correctly16:03
gdoteofso i just went through getting a sytem set up, as root.  my intention was to then use .bash_history to 'document' what i did16:03
PlayerHey, I was wondering if I went ahead and upgraded to the 14.04 beta if I'd be able to keep that install when it's released.16:04
gdoteofbut .bash_history doesn't have most/any of what i have done this session16:04
gdoteofif i press up i can see all of my commands16:04
PlayerHey, I was wondering if I went ahead and upgraded to the 14.04 beta if I'd be able to keep that install when it's released.16:04
gdoteofwhat i'd like to do is dump all of those commands, basically everything i have done this session into a file16:04
Dominciib3rz3rk3r could you recommend a guide to create the installation CD from a windows computer? thats what im using to burn the iso to disk currently16:04
OerHeksgdoteof, sure, as root you don't want bash to log your private stuff16:04
gdoteofOerHeks: that makes sense.  i mean, if i look in there it does have some stuff.. ls \ cd \ apt-get install vim16:05
gdoteofbasically that's it16:05
gdoteofin any case, is there some way to extract what i have in my cached history into a file?16:05
cfhowlettDomincii, windows has a USB creation too as well as data cd tools.  ask #windows for details.  this is not an ubuntu problem16:05
Dominciicfhowlett thanks for your help and patience16:06
b3rz3rk3rDomincii, I can't, I haven't used it in many years.16:06
Spr1ngIs there a way to make the default built in mail handler use an ISP SMTP smarthost to relay system generated mail instead of using DNS MX lookups and sending direct to the recipients mail host?16:06
cfhowlettDomincii, hope I helped a little.16:06
OerHeksgdoteof, maybe this page is any help http://www.commandlinefu.com/commands/view/7041/dont-save-commands-in-bash-history-only-for-current-session16:06
b3rz3rk3rDomincii, Top results on Google will help though for sure16:06
Dominciib4rz3rk3r thank you for your help. I'll likely return if the problem persists.16:07
gdoteofOerHeks: yep.  the command, "history" is totally what i needed.  thanks!16:07
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ActionParsnipgdoteof: if you use an exclamation mark and the number on the left, it will run the command for that number.16:08
ActionParsnipgdoteof: you can run the last command again by typing:  !!    (aka bang bang)16:08
gdoteofActionParsnip: ah, good to know.  i did know !! but not that i could query like that.  in any case i needed the commands i had run to create a docker file.  appreciate the help16:09
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zetherooAfter performing an update and rebooting the server will no longer boot up .. trying in recovery mode it comes to the point "Gave up waiting for root device." and dumps me into initramfs ... :P16:14
zetherooAbove it says "Alert! /dev/disk/by-uuid/*UUID* does not exist."16:14
VictorCLis there a live verision of ubuntu to run from pendrive?16:18
DJones!live | VictorCL16:20
ubottuVictorCL: The Ubuntu Desktop CD is a "LiveCD" which can be run without altering existing files on your harddrive. Especially useful for testing your hardware's compatibility, it also includes an install option.16:20
DJonesVictorCL: Just use the standard desktop iso, put it on a usb stick, and you can boot up and run it16:20
VictorCLwhere are the steps to install it on the pendrive?16:20
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent16:20
DJonesVictorCL: The bots info should help16:20
max__ciao a tutti16:23
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funskterdoes anyone know how i can use curl on command line to POST data, but i looking to post an array like  cars=(honda,toyota,nissan)16:26
zen_monkeyHi, i am attempting to install precise via the mini iso and it hangs forever after choosing the country/mirror on the purple screen with a grey bar below... anyone knows what may be causing this?16:27
BurritoIf someone installed 14.04 Beta now, would they be able to upgrade to the official release later without reinstalling?16:30
OerHeksBurrito, yes16:30
BurritoPlayer, ^16:30
ljsoftnethow do i remove 1 entry in /proc/asound/cards16:34
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots16:35
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ActionParsnipzen_monkey: can you ping in TTY2 ?16:41
ljsoftnetcan somebody help me with xfce-volumed?16:42
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DominciiHi guys I'm back, the bootable DVD was working in my laptop but I still can't run in on my Ubuntu machine.. At the moment I can't even watch DVD's or play CD's via the drive in Ubuntu, perhaps it's mounted incorrectly?16:43
DominciiIt shows up in the Disk Utility just fine it just doesn't seem to be 'spinning' the disks at all16:43
sydneyJDykstraDomincii: Is it junk?16:45
ActionParsnipDomincii: have you tried different players?16:46
jhutchinsDomincii: Does anything happen to dmesg when you insert a disk?16:47
DominciiActionparsnip the actual DVD doesnt show up in my drive, I can't try to run it from anything. I can see the DRIVE though16:47
jhutchinsDomincii: Does the eject command work?16:48
DominciiThe drive doesnt even seem to be attempting to read the disks16:48
DominciiI can check, what is the commed jhutchins?16:48
jhutchinsDomincii: eject16:48
Dominciijhutchins, i just write that in terminal or what?16:48
geo_hi everyone16:49
zen_monkeyActionParsnip, on sec... is alice! :D16:51
zen_monkeyActionParsnip, i meant alive, not wonderland ;)16:52
jhutchinszen_monkey: Did you verify the md5sum of the iso and whatever you burned it to?16:54
sydneyJDykstraDomincii: I have a drive that does that. It is junk. :)16:54
Dominciisydneyjdykstra you mean the drive is broken?16:54
cfhowlettDomincii, they DO fail ...16:54
Dominciiwhen I do lshw -C disk it shows up the drive, but when I type eject it says it cant access the disk drive16:55
sydneyJDykstraIf it ejects fine,but doesn't read I think so. :'(16:55
Domincii sorry for the wall here but this is what I see when I do lshw -C16:55
Domincii *-cdrom                         description: DVD-RAM writer        product: iHAS124   E        vendor: ATAPI        physical id: 0.0.0        bus info: scsi@3:0.0.0        logical name: /dev/cdrom2        logical name: /dev/cdrw2        logical name: /dev/dvd2        logical name: /dev/dvdrw2        logical name: /dev/sr0        version: 4L04        capabilities: removable audio cd-r cd-rw dvd dvd-r dvd-ram        configuration: a16:55
Dominciiit wont eject though16:55
sydneyJDykstraHow do you open it then?16:56
Giant81_evolution: Depends: evolution-common (= 3.8.4-0ubuntu1) but 3.8.4-0ubuntu1 is to be installed..... ?? did I do something wrong?16:56
wheatthinsudo eject /dev/sr016:56
wheatthinif that works, make sure you're in the cdrom group too16:57
Giant81_so I went to isntall evolution..... I added the repository, did a 'sudo apt-get install evolution' everything worked well... went to install the -ews or -mapi for exchange support, won't install needs an older version of evolution16:57
Dominciiwheatthin it worked16:57
Giant81_running ubuntu 13.1016:57
eightyeightare archive.ubuntu.com and security.ubuntu.com the same server?16:57
eightyeightdig(1) seems to say so. just making sure16:57
wheatthinDomincii, sudo gpasswd -a <username> cdrom16:57
sydneyJDykstraDomincii: Personally I think it is junk. I have one that shows up in my computer,but it doesn't read any media. Sorry to break the news. :-(16:57
Giant81_so uninstalled evolution, removed the repository, did an update, went to isntall it with the software center16:58
Giant81_get dumb dependancy problems that it needs xxx. but it's instlaling it16:58
Giant81_evolution: Depends: evolution-common (= 3.8.4-0ubuntu1) but 3.8.4-0ubuntu1 is to be installed16:58
Dominciiwheatthin done, it said it added me to group cdrom16:59
Dominciisydneyjdkstra possibly, id like to pretty much exhaust any possibilities before buying a new one though16:59
wheatthinit should work on your next login.. or might work on the next command execution .. i'm medicated and forget now16:59
ram_what is the advantage of labview in ubuntu16:59
cfhowlett!info labview17:00
ubottuPackage labview does not exist in saucy17:00
Dominciiwheatthin ill reboot now17:00
ram_hardware communication in ubuntu17:00
cfhowlettram_, it's not in the repository17:00
ko_loI got a ubuntu 10.04 here and I would like to switch to the next lts17:02
JimFenton_Hi, sorry I'm late17:02
sydneyJDykstraDomincii: I understand completely!!17:02
ko_lothere is a update sugggested by  the update manager but it fail every time I try to download17:02
cfhowlettko_lo, desktop or server?17:02
JimFenton_oops wrong chatroom (sorry)17:02
Dominciisydneyjdykstra is there any way to tab respond to people as opposed to writing their names on the freenode webchat? I used to use an irc client but am using the webchat atm and its irritating writing the names of those i need to respond to constantly17:03
awakecodingI'm having trouble installing 32-bit development packages on a 64-bit system, for the purpose of building 32-bit packages on a 64-bit system. every time I tried to install a 32-bit package, it wants to uninstall the 64-bit equivalent: http://pastie.org/896785217:03
awakecodingany help on ubuntu multi-arch?17:03
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ko_locfhowlett: desktop sorry17:03
ram_how can i connect chatroom in xchat17:03
owen1i use i3 and would like to enjoy wirless connection. i tried running wicd but i see: 'starting network connetion manager wicd ...fail' any ideas?17:04
cfhowlett!end-of-life|ko_lo, 10.04 is end of life.  see the update/upgrade options in the wiki17:04
ubottuko_lo, 10.04 is end of life.  see the update/upgrade options in the wiki: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades17:04
cfhowlettram_, /join #chatroomname17:04
Dominciiwheatthin hey ive rebooted and put a normal DVD into the drive, nothing is happening though and I cant see the DVD in my home folder17:05
sydneyJDykstraDomincii: Yes,i actually just started using pidgin about a hour ago. You should be able to type out three to 4 letters of  that persons name then hit tab.17:05
DominciiSydneyJDykstra: thanks17:05
wheatthinDomincii, how does your /etc/fstab look? can you paste it into pastebin?17:05
Dominciiwheatthin how can I do that? sorry I'm not great with ubuntu17:06
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.17:06
zen_monkeyjhutchins, the sha1 it's OK, is it possible to check the integrity of a "mini" iso in some other way?17:06
wheatthinDomincii, you can open a terminal and type cat /etc/fstab   then copy and paste it to paste.ubuntu.com17:07
wheatthinthen give us the link17:07
wheatthinor pipe it using pastebinit17:07
wheatthincat /etc/fstab | pastebinit17:07
ko_loty cfhowlett :)17:07
maujhsnSASL: added ubuntu: [PLAIN] maujhsn *17:07
cfhowlettko_lo, don't forget 14.04 LTS comes out next month17:08
wheatthin<-- can hardly wait :P17:08
wheatthinI'm on 12.04.. shouldn't be too different.. but yeah :)17:08
ram_is  antvirus are needed for ubuntu also formoney  transcation17:08
sydneyJDykstracfhowlett: I know,I am excited for it!17:09
ubotturam_,: Antivirus is something you don't need on !Linux. except where files are then passed to Windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus17:09
sydneyJDykstrascinawa: Hi17:09
cfhowlettsydneyJDykstra, I only install LTS so - xmas every other year!17:09
Dominciiwheatthin http://paste.ubuntu.com/7152119/17:09
sydneyJDykstracfhowlett: Same with me!!17:09
ram_thank you for ur quik rply17:10
sydneyJDykstraDomincii: Good job!!17:10
DominciisydneyJDykstra: what did I do O_O17:10
sydneyJDykstraDomincii: Figured out how to use paste bin. I took me  much longer than you to figure it out.:-D17:11
DominciisydneyJDykstra: Oh ahaha, is there anything you can see concerning the drive from the fstab command I pasted here?17:12
ram_how can i manage net speed in my modem (inc and dec speed of modem) ??17:12
sydneyJDykstraDomincii: I am not sure...17:13
DominciisydneyJDykstra: that's, fine. What about you, wheatthin?17:13
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wheatthinDomincii, I'd add the /dev/sr0 cdrom entry into fstab17:15
Dominciiwheatthin how can I do that?17:15
jhutchinsram_: Depends on the modem.17:15
wheatthinDomincii, /dev/sr0       /media/cdrom0   udf,iso9660 user,noauto,exec,utf8   0       017:16
wheatthinadd that line into /etc/fstab        gksu gedit /etc/fstab17:16
violetFX!ask | violetDX17:18
ubottuvioletDX: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience17:18
sydneyJDykstraKeOps: hello17:18
KeOpswhat s the best text editor alternate to notepad++ for ubuntu ?17:19
Dominciiwheatthin I tried sudo /dev/sr0       /media/cdrom0   udf,iso9660 user,noauto,exec,utf8   0       0 and i'm getting the command not found response17:19
Giant81_anyone know why software center would tell me it needs a dependancy, then tells me it's going to install the dependancy ?17:19
Giant81_evolution: Depends: evolution-common (= 3.8.4-0ubuntu1) but 3.8.4-0ubuntu1 is to be installed17:19
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sydneyJDykstraKeOps:  Try Libre Office Writer or Abiword.17:20
KeOpswhat about Vİm and EMacs ?17:21
clue_hKeOps, or nano17:21
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KeOpsby the way why doesnt Wine show all programs in my windows partition?17:22
KeOpsit just shows internet explorer17:22
sydneyJDykstraKeOps: that is what I have tried and trust.17:23
Dominciiwheatthins: you there homes?17:23
KeOpswhat do u trust sydneyJDykstra ?17:23
sydneyJDykstraKeOps:    Libre Office Writer and Abiword.17:24
KeOpssydneyJDykstra:  it s just normal word editor17:25
KeOpsi am looking for text and code editor like Notepad++17:25
sydneyJDykstraKeOps: Well then I am not sure.:-(17:26
KeOpsok thx sydneyJDykstra17:26
sydneyJDykstraKeOps: you are more than welcome! ;-)17:26
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KeOpswhy doesnt wine show all programs in my hddd ?17:27
KeOpshdd *17:27
utackhow does "dd" work if the block size is bigger than the space left on a device. let's say i want to wipe a usb drive and it reaches the end. does it write to the very end or does it notice the last block of data won't fit and quit?17:28
jhutchinsKeOps: What does a "17:28
=== makije|away is now known as makije
jhutchinsKeOps: What does a "program" consist of in Windows?17:28
KyouReeUs4nfoKeops: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/72106/what-can-i-use-as-a-notepad-alternative-in-linux-ubuntu17:28
xutlubuntu@ubuntu:~$ dmesg | tail [224877.516278] scsi 29:0:0:0: CD-ROM            HUAWEI   Mass Storage     2.31 PQ: 0 ANSI: 0 [224877.518102] scsi 29:0:0:1: Direct-Access     HUAWEI   SD Storage       2.31 PQ: 0 ANSI: 2 [224877.527236] sr1: scsi-1 drive [224877.527458] sr 29:0:0:0: Attached scsi CD-ROM sr1 [224877.528262] sr 29:0:0:0: Attached scsi generic sg1 type 5 [224877.528982] sd 29:0:0:1: Attached scsi generic sg2 type 0 [224877.568117:29
KeOpsthx KyouReeUs4nfo17:29
xutlhow to open this attached cd-rom drive ?17:29
KeOpsbut i am not sure how to use Vim or Emacs17:30
KeOpsthey dont seem to appear in software center17:30
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jhutchinsxutl: Does the "eject" command work?17:31
wheatthinDomincii, Umm no... it's    gksu gedit /etc/fstab     add      /dev/sr0 line to it17:31
jhutchinsKeOps: Both require some learning, but reward you with amazing capabilities.17:31
ActionParsnipxutl: is this a 3G modem?17:31
KeOpsi found it17:31
jhutchinsKeOps: Emacs is possibly the more elaborate system, with many extensions and modules.17:31
xutljhutchins: it will eject my cd drive, but this drive is internet dongle ec122, i wanna open it so that can copy files and install it on ubuntu17:32
jhutchinsKeOps: vi/vim will be available and work the same way on almost any *NIX system.17:32
xutlActionParsnip: yes17:32
xutlhuawei ec122 ActionParsnip17:32
ubottukvm is the preferred virtualization approach in Ubuntu. For more information see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/KVM17:32
ActionParsnipxutl: if you eject the storage (which windows uses to put the driver on) it will then 'flip' and become a serial modem which are as old as time17:32
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ubun00bhi guys17:33
ubun00bi think i need some hints to understand what i did with my graphics driver17:33
BlackOpWine is super :D17:33
ubottuText Editors: gedit (GNOME), Kate (KDE), mousepad (Xfce4) - Terminal-based: nano, vi/vim, emacs, ed - For HTML/CSS editors, see !html - For programming editors and IDE, see !code17:33
KeOpsreally cool :)17:33
KeOpswell i opened Notepad++ with Wine17:33
ubun00bHow can I check if i'm using xorg.conf in my 13.10 or not?17:33
xutlActionParsnip: ??? meaning ???17:33
KeOpsit s cool17:33
ActionParsnipxutl: if you run:  sudo fdisk -l    you will see a USB storage, eject the drive using the drive name.  eg  /dev/sga   then it should work17:34
jhutchinsKeOps: http://www.atmos.albany.edu/daes/atmclasses/atm350/vi_cheat_sheet.pdf http://www.lagmonster.org/docs/vi.html17:34
Dominciiwheatthin will doing this work http://paste.ubuntu.com/7152262/17:35
xutlActionParsnip: sudo fdisk -l showing nothing17:35
ubottuThere are several solutions for running other operating systems (or their programs) inside Ubuntu, while using the native CPU as much as possible: !kvm is the preferred approach in Ubuntu.  See also !QEmu (with !KQemu), !VirtualBox, !VMWare, as well as !WINE and !Cedega for Windows applications17:35
jhutchinsKeOps: http://www.viemu.com/a_vi_vim_graphical_cheat_sheet_tutorial.html17:35
ActionParsnipxutl: it should at least show your Linux drive17:35
ActionParsnipKeOps: not used Sublime?17:35
xutlActionParsnip: its showing nothing17:35
ActionParsnipxutl: the option is minus ell, not minus one17:35
=== bfiller is now known as bfiller-afk
KeOpsdo u suggest me use wine ?17:36
KeOpsit works like a charm17:36
KeOpsi can even play games :)17:36
ActionParsnipKeOps: sublime is native, no need for wine17:36
xutlActionParsnip: ??17:36
KeOpsActionParsnip:   there s no sublime in software center17:37
KeOpsshould i install manually ?17:37
ActionParsnipxutl: sudo fdisk -l   not:  sudo fdisk -117:37
KeOpsand can u give me link for that or tell me how to install pls ?17:37
ActionParsnipKeOps: what is the output of:  cat /etc/issue17:37
KeOpswhat output ?17:37
xutlActionParsnip: yes, doing -l only and not -1, but nothing showing17:37
ActionParsnipKeOps: run the command in terminal, what is output?17:38
jjavaholicdoes virtualbox need kvm?17:38
=== makije is now known as makije|away
ActionParsnipxutl: prefixed with sudo?17:38
KeOpsActionParsnip:  i am newbie :S17:38
=== makije|away is now known as makije
KeOpsi dont understand what u mean17:38
ActionParsnipKeOps: copy the comamnd and press CTRL+ALT+T17:38
xutlActionParsnip: ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ dmesg | tail [234544.757878] usb 2-1.2: GSM modem (1-port) converter now attached to ttyUSB2 [234544.758020] usb-storage 2-1.2:1.3: USB Mass Storage device detected [234544.758558] scsi34 : usb-storage 2-1.2:1.3 [234545.757152] scsi 34:0:0:0: CD-ROM            HUAWEI   Mass Storage     2.31 PQ: 0 ANSI: 0 [234545.759101] scsi 34:0:0:1: Direct-Access     HUAWEI   SD Storage       2.31 PQ: 0 ANSI: 2 [234545.7617:38
ActionParsnipKeOps: paste the command to the terminal and press ENTER17:38
KeOpscat /etc/issue  ??17:38
ActionParsnipKeOps: copy the output and paste here17:38
ActionParsnipKeOps: yes, the command is "cat /etc/issue" without the quotes17:39
xutlActionParsnip: ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo fdisk -l ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ dmesg | tail [234544.757878] usb 2-1.2: GSM modem (1-port) converter now attached to ttyUSB2 [234544.758020] usb-storage 2-1.2:1.3: USB Mass Storage device detected [234544.758558] scsi34 : usb-storage 2-1.2:1.3 [234545.757152] scsi 34:0:0:0: CD-ROM            HUAWEI   Mass Storage     2.31 PQ: 0 ANSI: 0 [234545.759101] scsi 34:0:0:1: Direct-Access     HUAWEI   SD Storage     17:39
KeOpsActionParsnip:   Ubuntu 12.04.4 LTS \n \l17:39
jjavaholicwhat is the difference between kvm and virtualbox?17:40
xutlhttp://pastebin.com/Ga8KPnWw ActionParsnip17:40
KeOpsoh >  [19:39:38] BlackOp [~Achilles@unaffiliated/achies/x-0403923] has quit IRC: Read error: Connection reset by peer17:40
KeOpswhy did my clone in wine closed ?17:40
ActionParsnipKeOps: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/sublime-text-2; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install sublime-text17:42
KeOpsthx ActionParsnip17:43
declan2Hi all, I'm trying to get jackd to work, but when I start it it says "Cannot connect to server socket err = No such file or directory"17:43
declan2does anyone know what I could try?17:43
ActionParsnipKeOps: that's one big command17:43
ActionParsnipKeOps: it will add the package source then install the editor17:44
KeOpsinstalled sublime  thx ActionParsnip :)17:44
KeOpsthank u a lot17:44
KeOpsadded ppa too17:44
xutlActionParsnip: http://pastebin.com/Ga8KPnWw17:44
KeOpsso i can get updates17:44
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KeOpswhat is the ctrl+del  in ubuntu ?17:48
KeOpsto kill process ?17:48
KeOpsi tried to run a game and it ruined the screen now :S17:48
beandogpkill programname or kill if you know the pid17:49
camaradI cant detect blank cd/dvd in ubuntu , and same in windows 7 ???17:49
Jordan_U!details | camarad17:49
ubottucamarad: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)17:49
camaradWHy I cant detect blank cd/dvd in ubuntu , and same in windows 7 ???17:49
=== Marc_ is now known as Guest41610
xutlcamarad: your problem sounds like faulty cd/dvd drive or its bad connection, check connection, drive in other system and diagnose more17:50
camarad<ubottu> I am tryig to burn iso in a dvd17:51
=== ram is now known as Guest21865
Jordan_Ucamarad: How are you trying to burn the iso? What happens when you try to do so? Do you see any error messages?17:52
xutlJordan_U: he is saying, he can't detect blank dvd's in ubuntu or in win717:53
xutlJordan_U: http://pastebin.com/Ga8KPnWw how to open huawei cdma modem in 13,10 so as to copy its linux driver and install it ?17:54
camarad<Jordan_U> I said i can't even detect the blank cd after pluging it in ? the laptop isn't mine so i dont know if it's a hardware issue ??17:54
ActionParsnipcamarad: if you run:  sudo lshw -C drive     do you see the optical drive? Sounds like a dead drive if its not working in either OS17:55
=== Vampire0_ is now known as Vampire0
vladivostoqhello everyone, how can I install xampp? I am getting this error : http://paste.ubuntu.com/7152342/17:57
camarad<ActionParsnip> I get "  PCI(sysfs) " it seems like it ...17:58
xutlActionParsnip: http://pastebin.com/uRzJC45F17:58
=== chiburbs_ is now known as chiburbs
vladivostoqhello everyone, how can I install xampp? I am getting this error : http://paste.ubuntu.com/7152342/ ...or should I just install the LAMP stack, as advised by one user on askubuntu.com ?17:59
ActionParsnipxutl: sudo eject /dev/sr1 /dev/sg2 /dev/sg118:00
xutlActionParsnip: whats sr1 sg2 and sg1 here ?18:00
oshakati_Heya folks18:02
ActionParsnipxutl: drives etc, you need to get rid of them, the device will then flip18:02
xutlActionParsnip: I hope none of them is my physical dvd drive, as I am running an imp. file from it18:03
xutlActionParsnip: ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo eject /dev/sr1 eject: unable to find or open device for: `/dev/sr1' ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo eject /dev/sr1 /dev/sg2 /dev/sg1 eject: too many arguments ubuntu@ubuntu:~$18:03
scinawahow do I know which of the various version of nvidia-driver (319,304,331..) should I install18:03
mwrki have an oldish version of ubuntu from 2012, which had pip 1.1. 'pip install --upgrade pip' said permission denied to /usr/bin so i reran it as sudo and it uninstalled it from /usr/bin and put pip 1.5.4 in /usr/local/bin.18:04
ActionParsnipxutl: ok do them one at a time18:04
mwrkbut i think my original pip was installed via apt-get pip, so that's not what i should have done. How can i undo the upgrade?18:04
ActionParsnipxutl: if you run:  lsusb   you will see an 8 character hex ID, you can use that to find guides18:04
ActionParsnipscinawa: what nvidia gpu do you have?18:04
xutlActionParsnip: ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo eject /dev/sr1 eject: unable to find or open device for: `/dev/sr1' ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo eject /dev/sr1 /dev/sg2 /dev/sg1 eject: too many arguments ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo eject /dev/sg1 eject: unable to find or open device for: `/dev/sg1' ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo eject /dev/sg2 eject: unable to find or open device for: `/dev/sg2' ubuntu@ubuntu:~$18:04
ActionParsnipscinawa: is it an optimus setup?18:05
UrlichAnybody have an update on this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/network-manager/+bug/111844618:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1118446 in network-manager (Ubuntu) "NetworkManager[14155]: <warn> nl_recvmsgs() error: (-33) Dump inconsistency detected, interrupted" [High,Triaged]18:05
xutlhttp://pastebin.com/uRzJC45F ActionParsnip ActionParsnip 12d1:140b for huawei ?18:05
Urlich@ubottu: we talking about the same bug?18:06
ActionParsnipxutl: http://askubuntu.com/questions/6001/how-to-configure-tata-photon-ec1261-huawei18:07
ActionParsnipxutl: http://www.zyxware.com/articles/2252/setting-up-reliance-netconnect-wireless-broadband-modem-on-ubuntu-11-10-oneiric-ocelot18:07
scinawaActionParsnip: it's a geforce 610m18:07
xutlActionParsnip: mine is mts mblaze huawei ec122 cdma modem18:07
ActionParsnipxutl: dude there are tones of guides for this thing18:07
scinawawith ubuntu 13.1018:07
ActionParsnipxutl: it doesnt matter what is printed on the pretty plastic shell18:08
xutlbut how to open it, it has its linux in it18:08
ActionParsnipxutl: the IDs are what you need.18:08
xutllinux driver*18:08
ActionParsnipscinawa: if you run: sudo lshw -C display      do you see an Intel GPU too18:08
scinawayes, intel vendor18:09
ActionParsnipxutl: the make and model is of zero value, the guys at mblaze buy the chips in the device and make their products, Linux does not care about manufacturers, only what it can see18:09
ActionParsnipxutl: you don't need a different driver for an MSI Gefore video card to an ABIT one, do you?18:09
ActionParsnipxutl: if they are both the same GPU...18:09
UrlichI'll check back in later18:11
scinawai can see the login of gdm but after everything is black and i can use only the mouse18:12
ActionParsnipxutl: no, its an nvidia driver, the same driver for both, same here18:12
omarHi all.18:12
xutlActionParsnip: ok, http://pastebin.com/XXkYwaaE new paste, its getting ejected now, so now what to do ?18:13
ActionParsnipxutl: check the guides I gave18:13
omarI am using Ubuntu 13.10 on a Toshiba Satillite, and for some reason when I put it to suspend it wakes up autmatically a couple seconds later. What could be the problem?18:13
ActionParsnipomar: 13.10 does not have much support left, you may want to upgrade soon18:14
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owen1i am trying to install wicd from this ppa - https://launchpad.net/~chilicuil/+archive/proposed-fixes18:14
owen1i get 'cannot add PPA: 'ppa-chilicuil/proposed-fixes'.18:15
omarActionParsnip, But 14.04 is not out yet... And it still not much better than 13.10..18:15
owen1all i did was using the add-apt-repository command18:15
xutlActionParsnip: but I still can't understand is that why are they not opening like a drive ?18:15
afreidah2hoping somebody can help me figure out if what I am trying to do is possible and if I am doing something stupid:  I had an ubuntu physical machine running windows XP inside of virtualbox.  Everything worked as expected.  I want to be able to run this whole setup off of a usb drive.  I used remastersys to create an iso file of the ubuntu machine and then dd'ed it to the usb drive.  I am able to boot straight18:15
afreidah2to the usb drive and virtualbox is present and can see the windows XP machine, but whenever I try to start the XP vm I get errors: VD: error VERR_DISK_FULL.  Failed to attach driver below us! Disk is full.       There is currently 1.8 gb of free space left on the usb stick and the windowsxp vdi file is 3.6 gb.  To boot the vm does virtualbox require grabbing additional disk space or somethin?18:15
=== [yalue] is now known as yalue
ActionParsnipowen1: wicd is in the official repos...18:17
Fjorgynnaptitude <318:17
ubottuaptitude is another terminal-based front-end to APT. You may encounter multiarch problems on non-updated 12.04 installs, see  http://pad.lv/831768 for more information.18:18
ActionParsnipFjorgynn: apt-fast for me :)18:18
owen1ActionParsnip: true, but it's not running for me - https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/wicd/+bug/113252918:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1132529 in wicd "Can't start wicd daemon" [Undecided,New]18:18
=== gcollura is now known as gcollura|afk
owen1so i am trying to get the PPA but maybe i don't know how to get PPAs ):18:19
camaradcan anyone tell how to format a USB  ??18:19
omarActionParsnip, What is OHC and EHC?18:19
ActionParsnipcamarad: use gparted18:19
ActionParsnipomar: no idea, sorry18:19
scinawaActionParsnip: you are a master :D18:20
ActionParsnipscinawa: not yet, been around a while though18:20
mwrkif i installed pip with apt-get install python-pip, how can i upgrade pip when the normal command is pip install --upgrade pip, but that installs it to a different place than apt?18:20
vladivostoqhello everyone, how can I install xampp? I am getting this error : http://paste.ubuntu.com/7152342/ ...or should I just install the LAMP stack, as advised by one user on askubuntu.com ?18:21
scinawai did not get correctly the relation between18:22
junaos_I am running Ubuntu alongside with windows18:22
scinawabumblebee, nvidia propietary driver, cuda driver (which are nvidia driver!)18:22
junaos_I am a newbie18:22
scinawaand why should i trust somebody unknown that put his driver on ppa for me :D18:23
ActionParsnipscinawa: if you have a switchable GPU you will need bumblebee to support it in some fashion.Lots of guides online18:23
junaos_I accidentally deleted all the files on a ntfs partition18:23
junaos_windows was installed on that partition18:23
ActionParsnipscinawa: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bumblebee18:23
junaos_If I try to unmount the disk I get18:24
junaos_In order to regain the free space on this volume the trash must be emptied. All trashed items on the volume will be permanently lost.18:24
scinawabut it's a cli software as far as i can see!18:24
junaos_I can;t find those files in trash too18:24
junaos_can anybody help me recover windows?18:24
[Gentoo]junaos_: what files18:24
owen1can someone run this and tell me if it's working? sudo add-apt-repository ppa:chilicuil/proposed-fixes18:25
Z33KHello what IRC channel is this?18:25
seednode#ubuntu, as should be fairly obvious...?18:25
[Gentoo]Z33K: #ubuntu18:25
ActionParsnipjunaos_: you'll need your backups18:25
Z33Kthanks I was informed to download this on my webtop18:26
[Gentoo]one does not simply "have backups"18:26
[Gentoo]junaos_: how did you delete the files18:27
junaos_ActionParsnip: can you explain how to recover?18:27
junaos_i am not sure, by mistake it happened, I think it is just unavailable currently18:27
ActionParsnipjunaos_: yes, if you have a backup, restore from that18:27
junaos_no backup ActionParsnip18:27
ActionParsnipjunaos_: then you may be able to get some of the data back with foremost in Ubuntu live CD18:28
ActionParsnipjunaos_: if space where the data once resided was overwritten with new data then it is GONE18:28
junaos_I have not done anything to it18:28
junaos_just few minutes ago it happened18:28
ActionParsnipjunaos_: you may get partitial files, or complete files but file name and folder location will also be lost18:28
[Gentoo]junaos_: its probably not gone18:29
[Gentoo]what did you do18:29
JFranksDamn... I almost want to boot this machine off a disk with a GUI so I can partition my RAID5 properly.. Is there no CLI based tool that would go "Here's a list of disks, pick one.. Okay you picked this device, it has no partitions, would you like to make a default linux partition using the whole disk space?"18:29
[Gentoo]some cli stuff>18:29
junaos_not cli18:29
junaos_I did something while every thing in C: was selected18:29
[Gentoo]be easier if you say the steps what you did18:29
[Gentoo]junaos_: from windows?18:29
junaos_no Ubuntu 12.0418:30
junaos_that's the problem18:30
[Gentoo]well it is possible to delete entire ntfs contents without root permissions18:30
junaos_that is how it got deleted :(18:30
[Gentoo]check .local/share/Trash18:30
junaos_in cli?18:30
[Gentoo]no idea if external data goes there or not18:31
[Gentoo]i dont use it18:31
junaos_how to access it in cli?18:31
[Gentoo]ls ls -a .local/share/Trash18:31
[Gentoo]one ls not 218:31
junaos_ls -a /local/share/Trash?18:32
=== darek is now known as Guest55027
[Gentoo]junaos_: yea things might be in there18:32
[Gentoo]by default things go there when deleted from file manager18:32
junaos_I got following18:32
junaos_.  ..  files  info18:32
[Gentoo]ls -a .local/share/Trash/files18:33
ArceyeHi all, what do I need to download to allow me to watch DVD's in xubuntu ?18:33
[Gentoo]im not really familiar with the Trash layout18:33
Jordan_Uafreidah2: What filesystem is the vdi contained on? Fat32 has a 4 GiB limit on individual files.18:34
[Gentoo]or just do it from the file manager see if you can find anything in there18:34
[Gentoo]make sure show hidden filed is on18:34
junaos_how to do that? lol18:34
ActionParsnip!dvd | Arceye18:34
ubottuArceye: Ubuntu's default installation and repositories do not include packages needed to play commercial DVDs for legal reasons. For information on adding them, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs | For information on the legalities involved, see the "DVD" section of https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats18:34
=== Guest55027 is now known as rec
junaos_enable show hidden18:34
[Gentoo]junaos_: in the options somewhere18:34
[Gentoo]view options probably18:35
=== makije is now known as makije|away
=== rec is now known as recx2
quebrehi all, writting from tablet coz cannot finish ubuntu instalation, the problem is: the installer went to the post-install, then my network died so the instalation hanged, i haave rebooted in hope the installer will resume where it hanged, grub load on boot but when i select to boot ubuntu, nothing happens. how can i resume the installer? please help....18:35
ActionParsnip[Gentoo]: ctrl + H I believe18:35
[Gentoo]ActionParsnip: ok :)18:35
omarActionParsnip, No problem. It seems like I managed to fix it. :)18:35
ArceyeActionParsnip, Thanks18:35
[Gentoo]junaos_: if you go into the file manager you'll probably see not too much until you enable hidden file view so you'll see all the files beginning with a dot.18:36
junaos_file manager or trash?18:36
zen_monkeyHi, i am attempting to install precise via the mini iso and it hangs forever after choosing the country/mirror on a purple screen with a grey bar below... anyone knows what may be causing this? btw, the ISO sha1 it's ok. TTY4 shows some debug info (with a bad typed url) then 4 gpgv outputs and hangs on net-retriever:....18:36
[Gentoo]junaos_: just run the command ls -a .local/share/Trash/files18:37
Jordan_Uquebre: You can't "resume" an installation. You can only re-install over the partial installation, or manually perform all of the steps the installer didn't get to.18:37
ActionParsnipor CTRL + .18:37
junaos_nothing found18:37
[Gentoo]junaos_: ok18:38
quebrejordan, how i can manually finish it?18:38
junaos_did yo see my error message while unmounting18:38
[Gentoo]junaos_: no18:38
junaos_wait a sec18:38
junaos_Do you want to empty the trash before you unmount?18:38
junaos_n order to regain the free space on this volume the trash must be emptied. All trashed items on the volume will be permanently lost.18:38
[Gentoo]junaos_: what did you do?18:38
[Gentoo]that sounds like it18:38
Jordan_Uquebre: It depends on what things the installer didn't finish doing, and I don't know Ubuntu's installer well enough to tell you that even if I knew exactly where it stopped.18:39
junaos_clicked on unmount Drive C:18:39
[Gentoo]junaos_: probably all gone tbh18:39
[Gentoo]who knows18:39
[Gentoo]sounds like the trash got emptied18:39
junaos_not emptied18:39
junaos_it is askinf me to do18:39
junaos_three options came up18:39
junaos_Empty trash18:39
junaos_Do not empty18:39
junaos_I clicked on DO not empty18:40
[Gentoo]and now you mount the drive and nothings in it right?18:40
ActionParsnipjunaos_: why do you not have a backup?18:40
quebredoes that mean i cant install ubuntu? my network speed  is 50kb/s and disconnects every hour... it will hang again...18:40
junaos_56.5 GB used18:40
junaos_in properties18:40
[Gentoo]junaos_: ok18:40
vladivostoqhello everyone, how can I install xampp? I am getting this error : http://paste.ubuntu.com/7152342/ ...or should I just install the LAMP stack, as advised by one user on askubuntu.com ?18:40
[Gentoo]sounds promising18:40
Jordan_Uquebre: What happens if you chose recovery mode from the "Advanced Options for Ubuntu" submenu?18:40
[Gentoo]junaos_: and whats in the mountpoint?18:40
junaos_When I clicked on unmount18:41
[Gentoo]auto mount normally goes in /media usually18:41
junaos_Unmount C:18:41
DJones!xampp | vladivostoq18:41
quebrejordan i can see normal and recovery mode18:41
ubottuvladivostoq: We do not support XAMPP installs here. Please use the LAMP stack that is in our repositories; see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP for more information.18:41
[Gentoo]C: isnt linux drive type18:41
junaos_I get that error message along with three buttons18:41
[Gentoo]/dev/sdc etc etc18:41
junaos_not like in cli18:41
junaos_In GUI18:41
[Gentoo]ah ok18:41
Jordan_U[Gentoo]: /run/media/username/ in more recent times.18:41
junaos_three buttons are18:41
[Gentoo]so what i mean is, what happens when you mount it18:41
[Gentoo]Jordan_U: ok18:41
junaos_nothing happens18:42
junaos_its just shows up empty18:42
vladivostoqDJones..didnt know it..then I install LAMP, guess it should work fine..18:42
[Gentoo]junaos_: empty dir?18:42
[Gentoo]i got to go18:42
[Gentoo]parents evening18:42
junaos_yes but the properties shows there is data18:42
junaos_56.5 G18:42
DJonesvladivostoq: Hopefully that will all go ok for you, but if you get any issues, just ask in the channel, hopefully people will be able to suggest suitable solutions18:44
vladivostoqDJones, thank you, I will go about it now, and will return if anything comes up! :)18:45
FapFlop|WorkHey fellas. How would I go about setting up the clock in Cinnamon like this guy has? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VE7N510tQCc18:48
FapFlop|WorkFrom what I've seen, you can only use one line.18:49
UrlichSo why is ubuntu (saucy) opening every download package in gedit even when its an executable?18:50
UrlichI thought it was an issue with earlier packages but after DLing a more well know app I realized18:51
UrlichAnyone know why this is happening??18:51
Jordan_UUrlich: Packages should not have execute permissions.18:52
Jordan_UUrlich: What exactly are you downloading, and what do you expect to happen when you open the file (presumably by double clicking the file in Nautilus)?18:55
willwhUrlich: when you say exetcutable, are you talking about a shell script? like something.sh (which is executable)18:56
willwhor a .deb package?18:56
Urlichwillwh: yes exactly. Explain.19:00
muktiI know that CJK characters don't display by default in the terminal, and programs like zhcon exist to display them if needed; but I'm running a headless VPS. Do I have any options to display CJK characters in the terminal (mostly for IRC, I don't need them for file names, or text files on the system). I'm running Ubuntu 11.04 if that makes a difference19:00
wiebelsHi, I just noticed my auth.log no longer updates and found this in my syslog (should I worry, im not the only admin): sudo: root : TTY=pts/0 ; PWD=/var/log/apache2 ; USE R=root ; COMMAND=/usr/bin/apt-get remove rsyslog19:00
bluefrogUrlich, open files (nautilus) preferences, behavior tab19:01
SergioADHello I am using Xubuntu 14.04, I have a little problem how can I remove the CSSD decorations from the Gnome 3.10 apps? apps like gthumb looks uggly19:01
Jordan_Uwiebels: I would make sure you find out exactly who ran that command and why.19:03
wiebelsJordan_U Im trying to find out now, I do not trust this19:03
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
jhutchinswiebels: Somewhat typical of a rooted server.19:04
wiebelsjhutchins I doubt its rooted however I'm not the main admin (I just check the logs every now and then). I'll give them a call. Whats a good first to investigate this, netstat?19:05
ilhami /setWLSEnv.sh: 41: .: Can't open /wlserver/common/bin/commEnv.sh19:08
ilhamiWhy cant it open?19:08
grimetonilhami: it's not there19:08
grimetonilhami: find / -iname \*commenv.sh\*19:08
ilhamiok let me try.19:08
ilhamiit is?19:09
grimetonilhami: yeah different path - i guess you have to modify the setWLSEnv.sh file19:10
MedericHello everyone ! I'm looking for people using minify & css19:10
ilhamigrimeton, can you help?19:10
ilhamiI will try.19:11
grimetonilhami: i don't know the script and i can't fix it19:11
The_Guythinkin about getting ubuntu on my desktop. can i still game and everything with it? whats the easiest way to get and install ubuntu and where should i start learning about linux etc?19:13
daftykinsThe_Guy: not all games work, but Steam is getting there19:13
daftykinsThe_Guy: do you have a spare USB flash drive or blank DVDs you can burn to?19:14
moondoggySomeone helped me shop for a printer for my Ubuntu machine...19:14
FapFlop|WorkThe_Guy: Dual boot it.19:14
FlacBean02Is there a way to always boot into a certain kernel version?19:14
daftykinsFlacBean02: set a default with grub19:14
moondoggyFYI, I was suprised to find that the Samsung 2165W works on it *including* the wifi printing!19:14
moondoggy*works on Ubuntu 13.04, that is.19:14
EvilRoeyhey all what's the SSH flag for just forwarding a port on another system and not opening a new shell on it?19:15
daftykinsmoondoggy: that's wonderful but this channel is for support questions only19:15
daftykinsFlacBean02: pretty sure the header of that says DO NOT EDIT ME, PEOPLE WILL DIE!19:16
daftykins!grub | FlacBean0219:16
ubottuFlacBean02: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub219:16
wiebelsjhutchins solved it; IT guy made an odd mistake.19:16
BeldarThe_Guy, Help here is based on specificities and details, so broad questions are mute.19:16
SergioADdaftykins do you know how can I remove the CSSD decorations of the GTK 3.10 apps with CSSD decorations19:17
daftykinsSergioAD: no sir19:17
SergioADmmm I see19:17
SergioADthe windows with these decorations looks uggly19:17
SergioADon Xubuntu only :/19:18
bluefrogwiebels, an admin removed syslog by mistake. time to boot the admin and reinstall the server19:18
FlacBean02hmmm so on a haunch it probably has something to do with set default="0"19:19
JoelI have a key for ssh, when I connect to the name I have in my ssh config, which also has the key, I connect fine. This means the key is good. When I ssh on the command line to the ip, I get permission denied. The key shows up in ssh-add -l. Thoughts on what else I can check?19:19
daftykinsFlacBean02: indeedy19:19
FlacBean02i have no idea what the value would be though19:19
bluefrogwiebels, not to mention investigate everything that could be compromised19:19
moondoggydaftykins: Sorry.  Where would I go to find help getting printers to work, etc?19:19
moondoggy*what channel, I mean.19:19
daftykinsFlacBean02: so you've got to count down the menu list to the one you want, bearing in mind 0 will be the first kernel, then 1 will be the recovery of that version, then 2 will be the first older kernel... etc.19:20
daftykinsmoondoggy: sure you ask here, but try and be more concise and on one line :)19:20
MaksimMHello, can anyone tell me if Ubuntu OS supports Intel® i217LM and Intel® i210AT NIC drivers?19:20
SergioADanother image viewer like Shotwell but with not the ubuntu accounts integration and with not CSSD?19:21
wiebelsBluefrog well, its not production and its a local server, they tried syslog-ng for a while.19:21
red_maxm sites are blocked in my network how unblock it ?19:21
daftykinsMaksimM: look it up online with regard to the Linux kernel in general, not so much ubuntu specific19:21
bluefrogwiebels ok that's all another story then19:21
FlacBean02ohh coool thanks19:21
FlacBean022 it is :)19:21
Picired_: speak to your network administrator.19:21
red_PIci:I can't19:21
daftykinsFlacBean02: be sure to run update-grub or whatever it is to enact your config change19:22
red_Pici: Its college LAN19:22
wiebelsbluefrog yes, and Im glad it is. It was just an odd entry. I noticed it when looking for the reason why my apache2 goes to 100%.19:22
daftykinsred_: they have an IT department, talk to them...19:22
FlacBean02right. thanks again19:22
Picired_: We can't help you override your network policies here. You need to speak to someone in charge of your network.19:22
wiebelsbluefrog which is mySQL related19:22
red_ok just tell me how to configure vpnbook in xubuntu.19:23
FlacBean02wait one more question. How do you mention someone in a reply like you are with me19:23
ubottuYou can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.19:23
BeldarFlacBean02, You can boot per session or change the default OS.19:24
Beldaror kernel19:24
daftykinsFlacBean02: i type the first character of your nickname then use tab-complete19:25
daftykinsoh Pici got there, heh19:25
red_vpnbook configure in xubuntu ?19:25
FlacBean02Beldar Ubuntu is the only main OS. With the current Kernel not sure if its proposed or released but I can't boot into desktop so I have to jump back a version.19:25
bluefrogwiebels being a deployment project guy, I find it strange that you don't talk altogether though...19:25
bekks!vpn | red_19:26
ubottured_: For more information on vpn please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/VPN19:26
bluefrogwiebels, or at least document changes made to a machine, especially a server, even if it's not in prod19:26
FlacBean02daftykins like this19:26
wiebelsbluefrog its a local server used to run heavy numerical computations. It's maintained by the power-users.19:28
BeldarFlacBean02, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#Configuring_GRUB_2 lots of info on the web.19:28
bluefrogwiebels was just a my thought. you do as you wish19:28
wiebelsbluefrog I agree with you, we should keep a list of changes19:28
autoplayerhi. I need a command to list the uid of the logged users19:29
Piciautoplayer: who19:29
wiebelsbluefrog thanks ;)19:29
autoplayerwho can list the ids?19:29
BeldarFlacBean02, I would remove the kernel that does not boot, there are several ways to do this.19:29
autoplayerPici: who can list the ids?19:29
=== steffan is now known as Guest50624
FlacBean02I know how to remove the kernel but as it's the newest version available, upon removing it wont software update prompt me again to install the same version i removed?19:31
mwrkautoplayer: i'm sure there's a better way but you can type 'w' and then when you have their user names, grep <username> /etc/passwd19:31
bluefrogautoplayer, who19:31
autoplayeregrep -i "$(who -q | tr ' ' "|")" /etc/passwd | cut -f3 -d:19:31
daftykinsFlacBean02: it would yes19:32
ilhamihow do I start Oracle Weblogic server?19:33
geirhailhami: By reading the documentation that comes with it19:34
red_vpn connection failed ? any solution19:34
Piciautoplayer: you should be able to get it from ps too.19:34
Saur0_hi can anyone help me set up lvm with 4 tb disks?19:34
BeldarFlacBean02, Why don't you address this non working kernel, for example are you using proprietary graphic drivers?19:35
bekksSaur0_: you have to use gpt labels, not mbr. that means, you have to use gparted, not fdisk for partitioning.19:35
Biomechdcould anyone tell me what's going on here? rhythmbox will open, then it starts counting artists (up to around 48), but then it crashes. i'm on 12.10.19:35
Saur0_i'm using commandline19:35
matrixhi all19:35
ilhamigeirha hahahaha :D19:36
bekksSaur0_: Yes. Which doesnt affect what I just said :)19:36
FlacBean02thats what i was thinking. i was using radeon drivers but they no longer show up in synaptic so not sure. i was going to research that after i fix not having to hold shift upon boot19:37
=== HDRNotDanny is now known as HDRDan
HDRDanHow do I install Java 7 on Ubuntu 12.10?19:37
matrixuse wine19:37
HDRDanNo GUI, mate.19:37
HDRDanAnd no, that's not what I meant.19:38
waltercoolHDRDan: openjdk19:38
bekks!java | HDRDan19:38
ubottuHDRDan: To just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.19:38
waltercoolsun jdk = Crap19:38
waltercoolsun jdk = Oracle = Crap //Sorry19:38
HDRDanwaltercool, is there an apt-get for it?19:38
bekksHDRDan: Please read the link given.19:38
HDRDanThat's for openJDK?19:38
bekksRead the link...19:39
red_vpnbook connection failed always any soln ?19:39
bekksred_: Whats "vpnbook" and whats "soln"?19:39
waltercoolHDRDan: No, you need to "alien"ize it19:39
HDRDanNo clue what that is.19:39
FlacBean02Beldar: No synacptic shows them not installed19:40
bekksred_: Please keep it in this channel, not in my query.19:40
Piciwaltercool, HDRDan: you shouldn't need to use alien to install anything.19:40
HDRDanWell, with the install on that page, I can't click, because I don't have a freaking GUI.19:41
HDRDanI need to do this from console.19:41
waltercoolPici: another idea?19:41
red_bekks:I am unable to connect vpn.19:41
FlacBean02daftykins: hey thanks again for your time.19:42
PiciHDRDan: You don't need a gui.19:42
waltercoolPici: HDRDan Oracle don't provide and don't let provide deb package for Oracle JDK.19:42
CodeGosui have a problem with intel-linux-graphics-installer, on "listing packages -> updating package cache" phase i get "E:Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored" however instaler dosent give me an option to continue install, is there some place where i can just download .deb file that will simply install drivers without bs19:42
bekks!details | red_19:42
ubottured_: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)19:42
HDRDanCan I just give one of you access to the box? >_>19:43
PiciHDRDan: no19:43
PiciHDRDan: There are a few options listed here, they are very simple: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java#Installing_Oracle_Java_7_by_a_script_or_from_the_command_line19:43
bekksHDRDan: Why dont you just read the link given?19:43
HDRDanI don't want Oracle.19:43
jhutchinsred: What did you try to do?  How did you try to do it?  What did you expect to happen?  What happened instead?19:43
HDRDanI want OpenJDK.19:43
bekksHDRDan: Then just read the link...19:43
PiciHDRDan: I thought you said you did want oracle. Sorry. Then install the openjdk-7-jre or openjdk-7-jdk package(s)19:44
HDRDanOkay, how do I do that without a browser to click in?19:44
HDRDanThere's no wget or anything for the OpenJDK version.19:44
PiciHDRDan: sudo apt-get install packagename.  Just like you'd install any other package.19:44
HDRDanI've already tried apt-get install openjdk-7 and openjdk19:45
HDRDanThey were both not found.19:45
jhutchinsHDRDan: You may find it convenient to install a console browser like lynx, and possibly to install and enable GDM for mouse capabilities in the console.19:45
kostkonHDRDan, search for it in the software centre19:45
jhutchinskostkon: Pay 'tention: no GUI.19:45
kostkonHDRDan, ah no gui19:45
PiciHDRDan: one moment...19:45
HDRDanthanks. lol19:45
jhutchinsHDRDan: You may need to enable additional repositories.19:46
PiciHDRDan: what release of Ubuntu are you using again?19:46
=== Sudo is now known as Guest89431
PiciHDRDan: Then it should be available in the main repository.  You need to type in the correct packagename though.  It is openjdk-7-jre or openjdk-7-jdk19:47
HDRDanYeah, I'm installing now. >_>19:48
HDRDanThanks Pici.19:48
umib0zuhas anyone had issues with touchpads in 13.10? I'm looking to fix mine since when I upgraded, the touchpad movement no longer works but clicking works fine19:48
red_umib0zu:1 time I had this problem19:49
umib0zured_ how'd you fix it?19:49
raj__within bash script I use "for file in /xx/* " to refer to all files within /xx but to refer to all files within xx as well its subfolders in the for statement, what can I use ?19:51
umib0zuit happens to be an elantec touchpad too. and its weird since it's totally detected in xinput19:51
red_bekks:I used it that time and it worked19:54
HDRDanPici, now it's just sitting at http://puu.sh/7Jff7.png19:55
HDRDanDoing nothing.19:55
HDRDanThis keeps happening.19:55
ubuntuhi chanel19:55
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest48530
red_umib0zu:I used it and it worked for me19:55
Biomechdanyone have any clue as to why my rhythmbox opens for a couple seconds and crashes? http://pastebin.com/HhKKFQTm19:55
waltercoolHDRDan: But you don't need the sun jdk, isn't? In some way, sun jdk is different to openjdk (icedtea)19:57
bekksred_: I am sorry, but I cant help you as long as you do not provide any details but just generic statements like "doesnt work" or "this time it works".19:58
HDRDanwaltercool, what?19:58
=== bfiller-afk is now known as bfiller
waltercoolHDRDan: Exists two java jdk, openjdk (opensource by SUN) and Oracle jdk (commonly sunjdk), the official one20:00
HDRDanI installed openjdk-7-jre20:00
HDRDanand it won't finish.20:00
waltercoolHDRDan: You need to compile or execute a java code?20:01
red_bekks:I am configuring vpn(virtual private naetwork) in xubuntu.I have install it throug sudo apt-get install openvpn.but still I am unable to connect.20:01
waltercoolHDRDan: Oh, so, jre is what you need20:01
HDRDanI'm trying to get a freaking MInecraft server running.20:01
HDRDanAnd it won't finish the install.20:01
waltercoolgo with openjdk jre20:01
HDRDanI did.20:01
HDRDanand it's sitting here.20:01
waltercoolwhat error gives you?20:01
HDRDandoing nothing.20:01
HDRDanno error.20:01
unopasteHDRDan you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted20:01
logikosi need to convert a pdf file to postscript so i can send to a printer using rlpr ... how do i convert a pdf to postscript ?20:01
logikosits on a LAMP server, no gui20:02
HDRDanwaltercool, So what do I now?20:03
HDRDanI don't want to interrupt it because it would almost certainly break something.20:03
waltercoolHDRDan: if you type java -version, gives you something?20:04
HDRDanI can use "java -version"20:04
willwhlogikos: pdf2ps should do what you want20:04
iop__iam conducting a contest for my students on ubuntu i want to give only commandline interface for them how can i give that to them20:04
willwhoh, sorry, pdftops20:04
waltercoolHDRDan: So, you need to run minecraft server doing: java -jar <your minecraft server jar file>.jar20:04
HDRDanIt responds as it should, with java version "1.7.0_51"20:04
bekksred_: Define "unable to connect". Did you read the link given and did you configure openvpn?20:04
HDRDanWell, I'm installing McMyAdmin instead to take care of all that.20:04
willwhiop__: install ubuntu server20:04
iop__without installing ubuntu server can't i give that20:05
HDRDanBut as I was saying the other screen that's open is still just sitting there, not finishing.20:05
iop__by some modifications20:05
logikoswillwh, ty20:05
daftykinsiop__: what's the setup? class of computers you have no admin rights on?20:05
waltercoolHDRDan: Oh, that's a bit far of my help, IDK about McMyAdmin20:05
willwhiop__: well, you could probably play with run levels, or remote ubuntu-desktop package20:05
HDRDanI know how to install and use all of that.20:05
sylvanicaI just 'flashed' the install ISO onto a USB stick on OS X, and when I put it in my drive, I get "The disk you inserted cannot be read by this computer" o.o20:06
HDRDanTHe problem I'm still having is that http://puu.sh/7Jg8c.png is still there.20:06
iop__no remote session20:06
iop__by using runlevels?20:06
HDRDanThat screenshot was taken just a second ago.20:06
iop__cant i give by using tty concept20:06
HDRDanwaltercool, http://puu.sh/7JgdC.png20:07
HDRDanNone of that is related to McMyAdmin.20:07
waltercoolHDRDan: I see no problem with java, it's installed20:09
HDRDan... okay...20:09
HDRDanhttp://puu.sh/7Jgq9.png waltercool: So that's normal?20:10
willwhiop__: yes probably20:11
iop__how to do that20:11
willwhI don't understand what you want fully though20:11
willwhno remote session?20:11
willwhwhat does that mean?20:11
iop__i want to give the individiual systems to my students20:11
iop__which would be open in commandline only20:12
bekksiop__: the most easy way would be creating one virtual machine, and just clone it.20:12
iop__how to do that20:12
willwhyep - look at virtualbox.... or vagrant is pretty nice20:13
bekksiop__: Install virtualbox, create a virtual machine, configure it to your needs, and clone it.20:13
willwhit uses virtualbox and let's you have templates20:13
iop__no no i didt want like that20:13
willwhbut you don't really need vagrant, just make the image you want and clone it, like bekks says20:13
bekksvirtualbox lets you have ovf/ova templates. No need for vagrant :)20:13
waltercoolHDRDan: No, seems like you are installing other stuff20:13
iop__can i initialize the tty1 at startup20:13
HDRDanI tried to install something else.20:14
waltercoolHDRDan: apt-get isn't very thread friendly20:14
iop__tty7 is gui  but tty1 is not20:14
HDRDanI just restarted the box and said fuck it.20:14
bekksiop__: Using ubuntu server, you dont need to initialize anything.20:14
iop__can i do that20:14
iop__no no20:14
iop__i havent that much installation time20:14
IdleOneHDRDan: Please keep the language clean in here.20:14
bekksiop__: So you have to have that ready in 1 hour?20:14
HDRDanIdleOne, Sorry.20:14
IdleOneno worries20:14
HDRDanI've been told before, but I'm really frustrated.20:15
willwhiop__: pm coming20:15
iop__no i want to open the system in tty1 session20:15
willwhor I'll paste it's only 3 lines (hehehe)20:15
willwh(1) Edit /etc/grub.d/10_linux (e.g. "sudo nano -w /etc/grub.d/10_linux") and comment out the line containing "vt.handoff", or change the number from 7 to some lower number. (I tried it both ways; they both worked.)20:15
willwh(2) Run "sudo update-grub" to apply the new configuration.20:15
willwh(3) Reboot. A usable virtual terminal with a login prompt comes up automatically.20:15
bekksiop__: press ctrl alt f1 then.20:15
iop__ctrl+ alt + f120:15
willwhwhat I just pasted will start up tty1 instead of 720:15
iop__if i initialize that to the system at startup20:16
willwhon boot20:16
iop__ok tell me20:16
willwhiop__: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=183698520:16
willwhgoogle man20:16
willwhthat's all I am doin20:16
waltercoolHDRDan: So, you rebooted and still with this problem?20:16
HDRDanNot anymore.20:16
bekksiop__: He already told you :)20:16
willwhdon't ask to be spoon fed, use your brain20:16
iop__i used my than u man20:16
iop__u said it cant possible with the system20:17
iop__u said to use server os20:17
bekksiop__: Then please read what has been told, because it was a step by step guide.20:17
willwhyou didn't give much context20:17
iop__but i given u the suggestion that tty session20:17
willwhwhy are you arguing, you have a solution and deadline20:17
willwhget going!20:17
iop__mind ur language20:17
bekksiop__: then stop argueing and read what has been said, three steps. follow them.20:17
=== unix is now known as Guest11850
Guest11850hi ! help me please TR20:19
iop__without pressing ctrl+alt+f120:19
iop__ my system automatically logs into tty120:19
bekksiop__: without pressing ctrl alt f1. Still three steps which has been given.20:19
willwhGuest11850: what do you need?20:20
Guest11850ubuntu TR please20:20
willwh/join #ubuntu-tr20:20
jaapioI have some issues with some pictures that are shown in the wrong colors. But when I switch to an other user every thing looks normal. Does anyone have a clue where to look?20:21
=== Guest11850 is now known as olgac
jaapiofor example green is shown pink in this image http://ic.tweakimg.net/ext/i/1392816987.png20:22
Jordan_Ujaapio: Pictures showing up with the wrong color is generally an issue with ICC color profiles. I've only encountered it that bad with a monitor that reported completely bogus ICC information to the OS.20:22
logikoswillwh: how do i use that with rlpr to send it to the printer ?20:23
jaapioJordan_U: but in that case it would happen to every user using this computer?20:23
tnkI was distro upgrading from 12.10 to 13.. And it crashed after hours of running.. not sure what to do now.. Don't want to restart or reboot for fear computer in unusable state.. I can still get online now here, and I am in a cl terminal.. Please advise20:23
jaapiowhich is not the case20:23
Jordan_Ujaapio: So you'll notice that you're *more* likely to see the issue on professionally made pictures, where color matters, as they'll actually have an ICC color profile rather than only having RGB values.20:23
mustmodifyHow do I concatenate to stdout-puts? like ... `tail -n1 file.csv` + `tail -n 200 file.csv | head -n 20`20:23
Jordan_Ujaapio: I expect that color profiles can be configured per-user. So figure out where they're stored and rename / reset them for the problematic user.20:25
iop__in my system there is no vt.handoff here is the code of 10_linux http://pastebin.com/qSg0LAak20:25
iop__then how can i change vt.handoff20:25
=== Dawn_ is now known as Rarity
bekksiop__: In the greb menu.20:25
bekksiop__: In the grub menu.20:25
iop__didnt get that20:26
bekksiop__: Or in the grub config, as described here:20:26
bekks!grub2 | iop__20:26
ubottuiop__: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub220:26
iop__in grub_cfg?20:27
bekksiop__: Did you read the link given? :)20:27
bekksiop__: the second one.20:27
iop__i will read20:27
iop__my system is kali linux20:27
bekks!kali | iop__20:27
ubottuiop__: Ubuntu channels can only provide support for Ubuntu itself, as other distributions and derivatives have repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), kali-linux (#kali-linux), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)20:27
bentSpaceIs there any point in wiping the hard drive before installing Ubuntu, if Windows is currently intsalled?20:31
JFranksHmmm... I'm using a crusty Intel desktop board with ICH7 and 4 disks in a RAID 5 .. the server boots off a spare single drive and I intend the RAID5 to be used for MySQL data.. When I do an fdisk -l  .. it lists all the disks in the array and then lists the array as some wacky long /dev/mapper/ style id followed by the volume name I picked for the disk array.. I assumed I wanted to format the array but I get the following error when I try it:20:32
JFranksWARNING: Re-reading the partition table failed with error 22: Invalid argument. The kernel still uses the old table. The new table will be used at the next reboot or after you run partprobe(8) or kpartx(8)20:32
sylvanicaI just 'flashed' the install ISO onto a USB stick on OS X, and when I put it in my drive, I get "The disk you inserted cannot be read by this computer" o.o20:32
sylvanicaAnyone else run into this from OSX?20:32
=== ping_ is now known as Guest9521
Guest9521like the ctf challenges is there any ubuntu challenges to practice and solve20:33
Guest9521like the ctf challenges is there any ubuntu challenges to practice and solve?20:33
bentSpacesylvanica: Yes OSX can’t read it, mine did the same.20:33
sylvanicabentSpace: cool, but if I try to reset and install ubuntu (on a windows 8.1 computer) it'll work?20:34
bentSpacesylvanica: yes, windows should be able to read, just stick it in and do the try Ubuntu option and see if it works.20:35
runvncso I am not sure wat did it,maybe it was installing this ia32-libs thing for "Beyond Compare" or maybe just holding down the power button, but I am stuck in text mode20:35
runvncstartx just shows a black screen20:35
sylvanicabentSpace: okay, thanks. I'm not looking forward to being locked out of my windows if it messes up the UEFI like it did last time :(20:35
runvncthe x log indicates that x windows thinks everything is normal20:35
runvncmaybe I am reading the wrong log20:35
runvncbut it is booting to a text prompt20:35
bentSpacesylvanica: are you using the 64bit ubuntu?20:36
sylvanicabentSpace:  yep20:36
Guest9521like the ctf challenges is there any ubuntu challenges to practice and solve20:36
JFranksThe new CLI in Win8.2 has a cygwin plugin that allows apt-get style installs for certified packages that don't call the window manager?20:36
bentSpacesylvanica: I don’t know anything about that, sorry.20:37
lduroshi, I have a laptop with no display (dead video card), and I would like to boot a USB stick with Ubuntu and ssh server installed so I can remote in right away20:37
runvncI like terminals, especially the nice colors in weechat and stuff, but I appreciated text mode more when I had the option to use graphics20:37
ldurosdoes anyone know how i can set up a flash drive like this?20:37
runvnclduros borrow an old video card20:38
runvncyou need _some_ kind of display dont you?20:39
ldurosno, I'll use it as a fileserver20:39
ldurosand to remote in at my home20:39
ldurosi just want to install ubuntu server or something else into it20:39
runvncwell I mean to install20:40
runvncthen you could take it out20:40
ldurosso once I have an old video card, how do I connect it to the laptop?20:41
runvncoh its a laptop lol20:41
lduros"hi, I have a laptop with no display (dead video card)"20:41
runvncI have a laptop that has a display, but won't let me use xwindows.  it just comes up with a black screen20:42
runvnci think some ia32-libs or something like that that I installed with apt-get yesterday messed up a bunch of stuff on my 64bit system, including apparently the display somehow20:43
runvncI need to figure out how to get x windows to work so that I can do my job20:43
JFranksomg.. Why is remote desktop so much better than everything on Linux??20:44
* JFranks is pretty sure he's disconnected..20:44
runvncI tried installing the drivers with apt-get but it says they are already installed20:44
runvncwe can read you jfranks20:44
JFranksOddd.. Nobody knows about fakeraid/ICH based arrays and formatting the array?20:45
tnkI'm attempting to finish this crashed upgrade from 12.10 to 13.04... dpkg won't run.. keeps giving errors.... can someone help??20:45
willwhtnk: pastebin some errors?20:46
willwhis it about unconfigured packages?20:46
runvnccan someone help me figure out why x windows is just a black screen20:46
tnkwillwh, what do you want to see?20:48
tnkwillwh, give me whatever commands you want to see20:48
JFranksrunvnc: video display in xwindows could be a long stack of issues.. from the drivers for your card, to the video modes selected, vs. the available modes on the display.. :(20:48
JFranksrunvnc: did it ever work? what changed?20:48
runvncJFranks: yes it has been working perfectly20:49
runvncJFranks: last thing that I did that was weird was hold down the power to turn off the computer20:49
tnkwillwh, what commands do you want to see?20:49
JFranksrunvnc: So probably a corrupt config forcing it to default to a basic config.. Hmmm20:49
runvncJFranks: reason I did that was because when I went to unlock the screen,20:49
runvncJFranks: I wasn't able to get back to the prompt to type my password20:50
UltimateNateI forgot how to delete files on the terminal20:50
JFranksOh.. or it did a driver update while it was locked.. ? :p20:50
runvncJFranks: I could only move the mouse and look at the time, no keystrokes did anything.  so held down power to shut down the machine20:50
runvncJFranks: before that, I suspect what jacked it up was20:50
runvncJFranks: I wanted to install this program called Beyond Compare which is a 32 bit program20:50
runvncI am on 64bit20:51
=== makije|away is now known as makije
runvncJFranks: so when I finally got it installed, I had to install this ia32-libs thing, and apt-get removed a ton of programs20:51
runvncafter that, some things didnt work like double clicking on the folder icon to open the file browser20:51
runvncso I believe that apt-get decided I needed to remove some core packages related to 64bit something display20:52
runvncI mean I am guessing20:52
runvncat least I got to use Beyond Compare for awhile20:52
runvncits a great program20:52
runvncnot really worth losing my display though20:52
UltimateNateI forgot how to delete files on the terminal20:52
UltimateNateCan anyone tell me how?20:52
runvncrm filename20:52
Bashing-omUltimateNate: What files ? and where are these files located ?20:53
runvncUltimateNate: let's swap problems, you can have mine, I will take yours20:53
k1l_UltimateNate: "rm file"20:53
tnkwillwh, http://paste.ubuntu.com/7153222/ copies of the dist-upgrade logs20:53
UltimateNateThere, I had to remove the xtightvnc tmp locks20:54
runvncmaybe I don't really need graphics20:54
runvncI need to debug this web application, but maybe lynx or something will load the javascript20:55
runvncis there another text mode browser that is as good as or better than lynx20:55
phpNoobis making a user a sudoer user giving the user a root user access privilege20:55
tnkCan anybody help??  Distro upgrade went wrong.. I can't turn the computer off yet until I get this fixed, or it may be a dead system.. I can't afford this to be dead or so problematic.. These distro upgrades have got to work better than this!20:55
tnkPlease see dist-upgrade log error here http://paste.ubuntu.com/7153222/20:56
tnk12.10 to 13.0420:56
tnkCan't get dpkg to run.. Unless I'm trying the wrong commands..20:56
Bashing-omrunvnc: Hoe about "elinks" -> apt-cache show elinks <- .20:57
k1l_tnk: plain ubuntu sources?20:57
runvncBashing-om: thanks, I will try that20:57
k1l_tnk: try a "sudo apt-get install -f"20:58
uiWhich of the following commands will you run to list all files that have been modified within the last 90 minutes?20:58
uigive me the command20:58
runvncui if you want help with your homework multiple choice quiz, at least give us the options20:59
willwhui: find $1 -type f -exec stat --format '%Y :%y %n' {} \; | sort -nr | cut -d: -f2- | head20:59
runvncor do what willwh says lol21:00
willwhmake it a bash script, and run it in the directory you want21:00
willwhdon't forget to chmod +x21:00
willwhand just, ./edits (if you called your script edit.sh)21:00
tnkk1l_, says errors were encoutnered processing blueman and sub process dpkg returned error code 121:00
KyouReeUs4nfoui: use find with -ctime21:00
willwhthatworks too21:01
uifind  -ctime after what21:01
JFranksSo I can see my RAID array with fdisk -l .. Disk /dev/mapper/isw_djcghaiccf_R51400p1: 1500.3 GB, 1500314599424 bytes   ...  Disk /dev/mapper/isw_djcghaiccf_R51400p1 doesn't contain a valid partition table    ...  Now how do I partition and format it?21:01
k1l_tnk: upgrade should work because they get automated testing since some time. are that plain ubuntu souces? or are there 3rd party packages or sources?21:02
FapFlop|WorkUPS failure took down the entire virtual cluster.21:02
tnkk1l_, say what???21:02
FapFlop|WorkSomething something single point of failure.21:02
k1l_<k1l_> tnk: plain ubuntu sources?21:02
tnkthere are many sources21:02
tnkubuntu as well as third party21:02
tnkit's a large desktop system i am upgrading21:02
k1l_so dont blame ubuntu that upgrades dont work :/21:03
k1l_tnk: try a sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade21:03
willwhtnk: do you need blueman?21:03
willwhI'd just apt-get remove --purge blueman21:04
willwhit's just a bluetooth manager applet21:04
willwhbut ye - an upgrade dieing is a real pita to fix21:04
willwhyou didn't take a backup before dist-upgrading?21:04
tnkwillwh, i just removed blueman. i think it was a bluetooth management thing. i have no idea. and then i ran sudo apt-get install -f again, and this is the note i got: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7153294/21:04
k1l_if that and a aptget install -f doesnt work try "dpkg-reconfigure -a"21:04
willwhso do that :)21:05
willwhtnk: apt-get autoremove21:05
willwhthen I would apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade one more time21:05
willwhjust to be safe21:05
k1l_dont autoremove. first run the update&&dist-upgrade21:05
runvncBashing-om: elinks is awesome21:05
DQSIIi never upgrade over the internet im a download the iso make dvd then do my distro upgrade guy <321:05
tnkk1l_, i am running dpkg-reconfigure -a right now, which seems to be processing...21:06
jhutchinsDQSII: Do you have a particularly unreliable interenet connection?21:06
DQSIIno i just dont trust doing it over the net i prefer doing it the way i stated to21:07
tnkk1l_, there are a bunch of errors about pdfstudio, a wine program, and apparmor21:07
jhutchinsDQSII: You might consider joining the rest of us here in the 21st century some time.  Dist-upgrade over the net has been reliable for quite some time.21:07
=== quba is now known as Su7
naeglinghey so I'm trying to test a website and my ninja fast internet is a problem. I need to slow things down. Is there any way to do that?21:08
willwhnaegling: of course!21:08
willwhtc <321:08
tnkk1l_, should resolv.conf settings be overriden by bind9 daemon?? what is that?21:09
willwhnaegling: here's a real good s.o question on it: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/614795/simulate-delayed-and-dropped-packets-on-linux21:09
jhutchinstnk: Um, no, they get overwritten by the dhcp client though.21:09
willwhtnk: why do you have bind installed on a desktop system?21:09
willwh(I'm wtf'ing right now)21:09
KyouReeUs4nfoui: find . -cmin -9021:10
DQSIIbtw @jhutchins i only use lts ubuntu so for me i just do it the way i stated cause i dont have to do it often21:10
tnkno idea. so don't override resolv.conf?21:10
willwhDQSII: sounds like a sensible way to dist-upgrade to me :)21:11
owen1can someone run this and tell me if it's working? sudo add-apt-repository ppa:chilicuil/proposed-fixes21:11
jhutchinstnk: Your question makes no sense.21:11
DQSIIit is u dont run into issues doing it the dvd way like u can doing it over the internet that is why i prefer using a dvd to upgrade21:12
jhutchinsDQSII: You're downloading hundreds of packages you don't need and will never use.21:12
DQSIIu know u can remove what u dont use i always do :)21:13
jhutchinsDQSII: And yea, you'll be installing the same packages, so you'll run into the same issues.  (Conversely, if you don't run into issues with the DVD, you won't on-line either.)21:13
tnkjhutchins, just relaying the dpkg reconfigure question displayed in the install screen21:14
jhutchinsDQSII: You're still downloading - I didn't mean that you're installing them, you're downloading them and burning them to the disk and they never get installed.21:14
DQSIIstill ive been doing it that way since karmic koala im not about to change x321:14
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=== makije is now known as makije|away
jhutchinsI told Wilbur, and I told Orville, and now I'm tellin' you: they'll never get it off the ground.21:16
=== Sickki_ is now known as Sickki
Bashing-omrunvnc: Yeah, a lot of effort has gone into "elinks" !21:17
=== Thor|Away is now known as Thorium220
tnkjhutchins, should i have clamav installed? or is it not necessary in ubuntu?21:20
skinuxWhat is the best tool for creating Desktop links for applications?21:21
tnkk1l_, jhutchins, it ended with a lot of 'not found' on compiz.config21:21
jhutchinstnk: It's only necessary if you deal with Windows files and programs, and then it's not much good.  The only thing it's actually good for is if there's some requirement that you be running "antivirus sofware".  If you really need something that actually works, check out AVG.21:22
iDevelopln -ls /path/of/application ~/Desktop21:22
jhutchinstnk: As far as your installer question, I hope you've moved on.  I last ran the installer more than two years ago.21:22
tnkjhutchins, i'm in the commandline.. what do you mean?21:23
bcuraboy hi guys.i'm trying to install minitube-ubuntu on my laptop but it tells me that i have unsatisfied dependencies... it depends on phonon-backend-vlc but it won't be installed because i have ruined (hold) packages...i already cleaned the sources,updated and configure them,also with the apt-get install-f ,but still no success.. :/ what can i do? i'm running ubuntu gnome 13.1021:23
tnkjhutchins, i'm trying to repair a partially incomplete install/upgrade of 12.10 to 13.0421:23
tnkjhutchins, i can't tell if the upgrade finishec ompletely because it gave errors and stopped at the end, which was why i was running dpkg-reconfigure -a now, which also gave an error when it finally got to compiz.config21:24
tnkand stopped then too21:24
tnkjhutchins, i don't even care if/use compiz, i don't think..21:24
tnkjhutchins, should i just remove it, too?21:24
iDevelopbcuraboy: got team viewer or join.me?21:25
tnkjhutchins, i really just want simple fast basic xubuntu system that is rock solid21:25
bcuraboyi can do it..just gimme a minute21:25
iDevelopbcuraboy: alright. PM me the link/information or just simply post it here.21:25
Bashing-omtnk: Foood for thouhgt. minimal install, xorg, xfce4 -> real quick, and solid as a rock on my box.21:26
tnkBashing-om, if you can help me get from my current system without having to reinstall everything and help me fix this incomplete upgrade, i would love to do that21:27
tnkBashing-om, i may even have most of it already setup.. but am not sure where the 12.10 to 13.04 upgrade stopped/errored21:27
Bashing-omtnk: Might be a tall order, End Of Life upgrade, to an End Of Life release .. we can work on it .. but do not hold your breath.21:28
tnkBashing-om, what do you mean end of life release?21:28
bekks!eol | tnk21:29
ubottutnk: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades21:29
sharonHow can I chown a file directory so that it can be read and write permitted to multiple users?21:29
bekkssharon: chown -R username:groupname directoryname/21:29
tnkBashing-om, i will upgrade to whatever isn't end of life, too.. whatever will be fastest and most solid..21:29
Bashing-omtnk: 13.04 is End Of Life, and the software repository has by now ( I expect) moved to "old releases" .21:29
=== TheFuzzb_ is now known as TheFuzzball
iDevelopI made a video about file permissions.21:29
bekkssharon: In your case, vbox, the files do need to belong to the user running the vm. It is not possible to set the permissions to the group, sicne vbox does not evaluate that.21:30
iDevelop>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZRlUboUpiOw21:30
Duckilyis there a way to encryrpt a text file with a password and have it openable on windows without any special utility?21:31
iDevelopDuckily: Use a zip or tar file.21:31
DuckilyiDevelop: thanks :-)21:32
iDevelopDuckily: No problemo.21:32
tnkBashing-om, if you help me get to 13.04, i will then upgrade to whatever is current, too, after21:32
tnki just don't want to lose all current programs and settings and what not.. and not do it all from scratch/liveinstall again21:32
tnkBashing-om, anyway should i remove compiz?21:32
tnkand unity?21:32
sharonbekks, Thank you, you have been most helpful21:32
bekkssharon: you're welcome :)21:33
tnkBashing-om, compiz and unity gone now. done.21:33
Bashing-omtnk: Like I say we can try. Have you seen/done ->https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades ?21:34
tnkBashing-om, should i run dpkg-reconfigure -a again to see if the same error or others happen?21:34
tnklet's try21:34
tnkBashing-om, just tell me what commands/pastes you need to see to get started21:35
Bashing-omtnk: To keep me from re-reading the channel, where are you now in the upgrade process ? what returns from terminal commands -> lsb_release -s . uname -r <- .21:36
Bashing-omtnk:*** lsb_release -A ***21:36
JFranksOkay now my next hurdle is renaming the mysql data dir and /var/www/ dir and making the right symlinks off the RAID to replace them..21:37
Bashing-omtnk:*** lsb_release -a ***21:37
owen1i uninstalled network-manager and now i can't access the internet. not even wired. how to install it back? using usb stick with the deb file?21:37
tnkBashing-om, what's the command for pastebinit to pipe in the output of those two commands in one command line?21:38
tnkpastebinit "command1 && command2"?21:38
=== jakew02|away is now known as jakew02
Bashing-omtnk: -> sudo apt-get install pastebinit , then Simple usage: command | pastebinit .21:40
bekkstnk: command1 | pastebinit; command2 | pastebinit21:40
prod_My ubuntu installer wont detect my sdd on my marvell 6gbps sata? any ideas?21:40
iDevelopCan't help but LOL at that.21:41
tnk1_Bashing-om, sorry got booted a second; back now21:43
=== GJdan_ is now known as GJdan
Bashing-omtnk1_: that you "tnk1" ?21:44
=== tnk1_ is now known as tnk1
tnk1Bashing-om, yeah21:44
tnk1xchat irc or something.. anyway, yeah21:45
tnk1Bashing-om, posted the two pastebin21:45
Bashing-om tnk1_, ok, you see the lasters, from bekks ? bout pastebinit .21:45
bekksprod_: Try the ubuntu server iso.21:45
Beldarprod_, More details, any other OS, file type on the SSD......etc21:45
tnk1Bashing-om, i got it.. know how to use pastebinit.. posted the two pastebins..21:46
tnk1Bashing-om, http://paste.ubuntu.com/7153465/21:46
tnk1Bashing-om, http://paste.ubuntu.com/7153467/21:46
prod_the ssd is unformatted, after installing onto a different hdd its visible. using tahr daily iso21:47
Bashing-omtnk1: ya shud have gotten a url back .. post that url here and I will hunt it up.21:47
tnk1i just posted both21:47
tnk1Bashing-om, just posted both21:47
Beldarprod_, The SSD has a partition table right?21:48
Bashing-omtnk1: rgr, lookin at the pasties. brb.21:48
runvncthanks guys. not sure what I did but when I rebooted this time I got into gnome. yay!21:49
prod_didnt think that mattered when the block isnt even visible in /dev/?21:50
=== Dureiken_ is now known as Dureiken
Bashing-omtnk1: well, that ain't good "3.5.0-41-generic" still with the old kernels !, let's try and see what results -> sudo apt-get dist-upgrade <- .21:52
Tijuanensewhy does ubuntu keep freezing up21:52
=== YamakasY_ is now known as YamakasY
Tijuanenseevery time I run candy crush on facebook?21:52
Tijuanensehere is the screenshot with the error popup21:52
iDevelopTijuanense: I've watched that porno.21:53
HDRDan_Trullo, please don't curse in this channel.21:53
tnk1Bashing-om, it just prompts a few nvidia and ssh packages.. i am still in the "upgrade" session where i'm not sure the upgrade/update manager finished the install of 13.04 from 12.10 and this old kernel which i am currently in session on21:53
iDevelopHDRDan: he deserved it. ;)21:53
HDRDanSo that makes it right?21:53
IdleOne_Trullo: mind your language21:53
Tijuanensewas it good idevelop21:53
HDRDanYour dog pisses on my lawn and I murder you, right?21:53
HDRDanFollow the rules, regardless.21:54
iDevelopHDRDan: words are not as strong as murder.21:54
HDRDanOh, piss off.21:54
Tijuanensei like having an emo cock spray its cum into my face21:54
Tijuanensejust like in that pic21:54
Tijuanensewhat about you guys?21:54
iDevelopTijuanense: wasn't right, but it brought back good memories. Don't do it again though.21:54
tnk1Bashing-om, how do i know if the upgrade from 12.10 to 13.04 completed itself successfully?21:55
iDevelopBashing-om: you'll get the 13.04 logo21:56
Bashing-omtnk1: well.. the lsb_release says you are up to 13.10 ! .. what returns from -> cat /etc/issue <- ??21:57
tnk1Bashing-om, ubuntu 13.10 \n \l21:57
Bashing-omiDevelop: Thanks, just getting my feet wet on this one, all help is welcome.21:58
tnk1but what about the errors that stopped the gnome flashback session and such in the log of the dist-upgrade?21:58
bentSpaceWhich is a better app to use as a backup for someone who, the default Backup, dejadup or rsync or something else?21:58
bekksbentSpace: "better" is defined by your personal opinion and requirements.21:59
bentSpaceSorry, Which is a better app to use as a backup for someone who’s new to Linux , the default Backup, dejadup or rsync or something else?21:59
tnk1Bashing-om, http://paste.ubuntu.com/7153537/21:59
Bashing-omtnk1: OK, are you in the installer, as well as having a terminal open during the upgrade process ? It matters if the upgrade is still in progress.21:59
tnk1Bashing-om, i had originally launched the installer from the terminal, yes21:59
Bashing-omtnk1: look'n at pasties.21:59
tnk1Bashing-om, i tried to follow the ubuntu wiki -- superkey, update manager, etc.. (but my super key didn't work, so i used terminal, and did the update-release-manager or whatever)22:00
tnk1(upgrade-release or something)22:00
bentSpacebekks: just need something simple for someone else, would use the default, but I read some bad reviews, what do you think, is it safe?22:00
HDRDanAnyone here have experience with McMyAdmin and Ubuntu 12.04?22:01
FulciLivesI'm fooling around with Ubuntu Server 12.04 command line only and I'm still learning. Anyway, for some reason, I can log in but I can't CD into my home folder. I can CD into /home but not the sub directory under that which matches my username. I have no idea why.22:01
iDevelopFulciLives: cd ~/22:01
bekksbentSpace: It doesnt matter what I think at that point. You should choose the backup method which meets the requirements.22:01
ikoniaFulciLives: look at the permissions22:01
bekks!backup | bentSpace22:01
ubottubentSpace: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning22:01
iDevelopchown myusername:myusername ~/*22:02
ikoniathere is no need to randomly change permissions22:02
ikoniaLOOK at the permissions before doing anything22:02
FulciLivesHow do I check the permissions :(22:02
iDevelopstat ~/*22:02
ikoniaFulciLives: ls -la22:02
iDevelopikonia: stat is better, just sayin'. :P22:03
willwhtnk1: you still having trouble?22:03
FulciLivesdrwxr-xr-x 3 fulcilives fulcilives22:03
bentSpacebekks: Thanks.  They wouldn’t make deja dup the default backup program if it sucked too bad, right?22:03
ikoniabye then,22:03
tnk1willwh, yeah.. Bashing-om is trying to help me... http://paste.ubuntu.com/7153537/22:03
darthanubisbentSpace, it works22:03
bekksbentSpace: My personal opinion doesnt count ;)22:04
tnk1i need to know if the upgrade went through to successful completion. i'm still in the previous session where i ran the upgrade. i am trying to get to a solid upgraded xubuntu from this..22:04
=== Dawn_ is now known as Rarity
willwhcat /usr/bin/lsb_release22:05
willwhtnk1: ^22:05
bekkswillwh: "lsb_release -a"22:05
bekkswillwh: cat on a binary file will mess up your terminal.22:05
tnk1Bashing-om, what do you think?22:06
FulciLivesIf I type "stat ~/*" then I get: cannot stat '/home/fulcilives/*': No such file or directory22:06
beandogbekks: reset22:06
beandogthat (should / could / might) clear your terminal22:06
bekksbeandog: I know. But using cat on /usr/bin/lsb_release is nonsense, nonetheless :)22:06
beandogbekks: ? why22:06
monstI want to run /home/user1/script.bash as user1 at boot. Anyone know how?22:06
beandogon the binary22:06
* beandog read as /etc22:06
spjtFulciLives: ls -lad ~22:06
bentSpacewill Deja dup automatically start deleting old backups if it runs out of space on the external hard drive it’s backing up to?22:07
bekksbentSpace: No.22:07
willwhtnk1: I think you're good....... if, you run apt-get update, apt-get upgrade22:07
bekksbentSpace: You have to configure what it should do.22:07
willwhand it returns fine22:07
bentSpacebekks: Is there a way to configure it, so that it does?22:08
bekksbentSpace: I never used dejadup, because it doesnt meet my requirements.22:09
tnk1willwh, then what was the meaning of the gnome flashback error and the error ending of the upgrade process?? and the dpkg error 1?22:09
tnk1Bashing-om, what do you think?22:09
tnk1Bashing-om, from the pasties?22:09
tnk1did the upgrade actually succeed?22:10
tnk1is it safe to reboot?22:10
FulciLivesIf I type "ls -lad ~" then I get: drwxr-xr-x 3 fulcilives fulcilives 4096 Mar 25 12:47 /home/fulcilives22:10
spjtFulciLives: and 'whoami' says that name?22:10
apb1963Okular includes a feature to annotate PDF files.  The following link explains both the problem I am having, as well as the solution.  However, it explains it for OpenSuse.  Could someone help me understand what I need to do in order to apply this information to Ubuntu 12.04 please?  https://forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?f=95&t=9520922:11
tnk1Bashing-om, willwh, also check this pastebin out when i just attempted to install xubuntu-desktop... which i think i already ahve, because that's the lighter and more solid version i want to use from now on... http://paste.ubuntu.com/7153568/22:11
bekksapb1963: You have to use a more recent version of okular.22:12
bekksapb1963: At least an okular version more recent than KDE SC 4.922:12
bentSpacebekks: Acutally is says “Old backups will be kept until the backup location is low on space”, which sounds like it will start deleting if space gets low.22:12
spjtFulciLives: Try ls -nd ~ ; echo $UID and make sure the numbers match22:12
bekksbentSpace: If that meets your requirements, then you can be happy. It doesnt meet mine :)22:13
FulciLivesI did that spjt, take a look see: http://i.imgur.com/lsaD9GZ.png22:13
apb1963bekks: Thank you.  But, I'm using the most recent version available in the ubuntu repos.22:13
bentSpacebekks: sounds good to me, what’s the problem?22:14
yeyemanis it just me, or did a recent update for ubuntu break the scroll change tab in firefox?22:14
bekksapb1963: Which, for 12.04, does not necessarily mean that you are using a version newer than KDE SC 4.922:14
bekksAPLU: Which version are you actually using?22:14
APLUbekks: 12.04, why?22:15
bekksAPLU: Sorry, tabfail. :)22:15
tnk1Bashing-om, should i sudo apt-get autoremove the list they provided?22:15
APLUbekks: okey, np ^^22:16
spjtFulciLives: check the permissions on /home with ls -ld /home22:16
yeyemancan someone confirm if it still works, if you updated today22:17
Bashing-omtnk1: lemme get caught up on all the aboves, menawhil .. let's look at kernels pastbin -> ls -la /boot <-.22:17
apb1963bekks: Sorry.. Konversation crashed again... so I missed any response you might have made.22:17
FulciLivesI can't get to /home but not /home/fulcilives22:17
HDRDanAnyone here know anything about McMyAdmin?22:17
daftykinsFulciLives: what does 'pwd' return?22:18
bekks!anyone | HDRDan22:18
bekksHDRDan: Please just ask a specific question.22:18
spjtFulciLives: I can get to /home but not /home/user if /home is go-x22:18
nonoI have installed ubuntu in vmware in windows  but , i want it to connect to the network just like an other computer , so i don't know which network connection to choose NAT or bridge or only-host , can any one help me out ?22:18
FulciLivesType "pwd" returns: /home/fulcilives22:18
HDRDanWell, I'd like to just chat with someone who knows what they're talking about.22:18
spjtFulciLives: make sure all the directories above your home directory are a+x22:18
bekksHDRDan: Then you have to search of a specific channel for McMyAdmin - or you just ask a specific question.22:19
HDRDanI'm having an issue with MCPC+ finishing it's start up. It locks up and does nothing after a certain point.22:19
daftykinsFulciLives: so you're already *in* your home folder because ~ is short-hand for /home/$current_user22:19
FulciLivesNot sure how to do that a+x thing you just mentioned spjt22:19
iDevelopI know about McMyAdmin22:19
bekksHDRDan: And do you mind to share "the specific point" with us?22:19
bazhanghttp://stanto.me/software/installing-mcmyadmin-2-4-3-0-on-ubuntu-server-13-04-64-bit/ HDRDan22:19
spjtFulciLives: sudo chmod a+x /home22:19
HDRDan... I've got the software installed.22:19
HDRDanThe server just won't finish starting up.22:20
nonohelp please,22:20
bekksHDRDan: So you did follow http://wiki.phonicuk.com/Installing-McMyAdmin.ashx ?22:21
bekksnono: With what exactly? :)22:21
nono<bekks> I have installed ubuntu in vmware in windows  but  i want it to connect to the network just like an other computer , so i don't know which network connection to choose NAT or bridge or only-host , can any one help me out ?22:21
FulciLivesWell I did the a+x thing but it is still behaving the same: http://i.imgur.com/CQqeDIV.png22:22
daftykinsFulciLives: heh you're trying to run stuff in your VM but there are no files in your home directory for anything to work, so i don't think there's anything wrong :)22:22
bekksnono: Well, did you read the vmware documentation on what those networking modes actually mean?22:22
daftykinsFulciLives: do you understand what i meant when i said "/home/fulcilives/" = "~" ?22:22
spjtFulciLives: ...22:22
daftykinsFulciLives: type "ls -al" right now, you will see any *hidden* files in your home folder22:22
hillaryHi all, when i write sudo apt-get update i get "sudo: fatal error, unable to load plugins" ubuntu 12.04.22:23
tnk1Bashing-om, i will just reboot now and see if it comes up on 3.11 - that should be the more recent, right?22:23
hillary It just started when i was grant read write to some directories22:23
spjtFulciLives: It says ~ because ~ is a shorthand for /home/fulcilives22:23
daftykinsFulciLives: now type "echo test > textfile" and "ls" you will see "textfile"22:23
hillarywhere could have messed?22:23
tnk1Bashing-om, brb22:23
daftykinsspjt: there's an echo in here22:23
KyouReeUs4nfonono: https://pubs.vmware.com/workstation-10/topic/com.vmware.ws.using.doc/GUID-D9B0A52D-38A2-45D7-A9EB-987ACE77F93C.html22:23
adashey everyone22:23
Bashing-omtnk1: Does not look real bad, I reseave my opinion till I see what kernels are presently availabale -> ls -la /boot <- .22:23
seednodedaftykins, for the purpose of that test, wouldn't touch textfile have sufficed?22:23
daftykinsseednode: how many ways do you think there are to achieve any given task on a computer?22:24
FulciLivesSo I'm in my "home" directory then? http://i.imgur.com/ubCa5HM.png22:24
tnk1Bashing-om, it's in the pastebin22:24
daftykinsFulciLives: yes22:24
hillaryThis is the command i was using sudo chmod -R 777 /opt/google22:24
seednodedaftykins, never enough ;)22:24
tnk1Bashing-om, http://paste.ubuntu.com/7153620/22:24
FulciLivesI'm so stupid, huh?22:24
daftykinsFulciLives: "pwd" which i told you to run - "print working directory" confirms this22:24
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seednodeBut in the interest of saving keystrokes, because laziness is a virtue22:24
hillary"sudo chmod -R 777 /opt/google"22:24
seednodeAnd saving nearly 10 whole bytes22:24
FulciLivesahhh okay I see now what pwd is doing or saying22:25
FulciLivesGee I'm sorry guys22:25
bekkshillary: Thata very bad idea. A very very bad one.22:25
FulciLivesThanks for the help22:25
daftykinsseednode: ok, appreciate the input - but please reduce it to actual critical things such as where i fly off the handle and tell a user to nuke their system ;)22:25
delinquentmeso I've been doing some algo design for hadoop. At current I've been using $ cat testfile | ./mapper.py  to check the progress on the output22:25
spjtFulciLives: I should know by now when someone says something "doesn't work" to ask what it does22:25
seednodedaftykins, it's just a question22:25
seednodeWas wondering if echo is better for some reason22:25
bekkshillary: You should consider reinstalling everything that is installed under /opt/google22:25
daftykinsoh you were actually asking - ok22:25
delinquentmethough with this new exercise we need to use 2 files as inputs ... how can I do this in a similar manner?22:26
beandogFulciLives: dude, don't sweat it, at all ... it's all good :)22:26
beandognoobs ftw22:26
hillarybekks :oops how do i go about?22:26
delinquentmeI attempted to pass both files using cat as a directory  $ cat dir/* | ./mapper.py ... to no luck22:26
FulciLivesI'll idle while I play around some more in case I have more questions heh but yes thanks again all.22:26
bekkshillary: Most likely, using the software center or your package management system.22:26
skjoneswhere can i find the daily builds / beta of ubuntu 14.04?22:26
daftykinsspjt: btw please don't be too quick to throw around permission commands... especially when nothing's wrong ;)22:27
bekkshillary: Actually, you messed up permissions under /opt/google22:27
daftykinsskjones: google22:27
spjtdaftykins: It would only have set them to the default.22:27
* kelpie brings the donuts, says "hi"22:27
daftykinsunnecessary = unnecessary :)22:27
hillarybekks: ok. any terminal command i can run to correct the anormaly?22:28
bekkshillary: chmod -R is irreversible. Uninstall all applications under /opt/google and reinstall them.22:28
Bashing-omtnk1: OK, caught up, have you now rebooted ? all looks fair, may have a bunch of ancillary stuff to deal with, basic system looks good. we do some clean up soonest.22:28
beandogbekks: well, I dunno about *irreverisble*22:29
beandogdifficult to restore to its native state, sure22:29
bekksbeandog: Impossible, without reinstalling.22:29
beandogbut if you know which files were supposed to be executable22:29
beandogthen you could fix it22:29
bekksbeandog: If you knew that, you would not have used chmod -R22:30
spjtSonds like they're all executable now22:30
bekksbeandog: .22:30
beandogfind . -type f -print0 | xargs -0 chmod 064422:30
beandogfind . -type d -print0 | xargs -0 chmod 075522:30
beandog^^ fixxor to normal22:30
bekksbeandog: LOL, no.22:30
beandogbut you'd still have to chmod +x the binaries (whatever they are)22:30
bekksbeandog: That messing up even more.22:30
zeroRooterif i want to have some fun with the ubuntu src, should i be learning C or C++ or both?22:30
spjtzeroRooter: depends what you mean22:31
beandogbekks: I don't even know what the program is in /opt/google, so I could be totally off base.22:31
bekksbeandog: What about binaries being 0555 or even setuid'22:31
zeroRooterspjt, i'd like to contribute in some way, and the only language i'm fluent in is java and java for the desktop is a joke22:31
bekksbeandog: Reinstalling those applications is the only safe way to get them working properly again.22:31
beandogbekks: dude, I already said *twice* if you knew what the original perms were, you could fix it ... freep22:31
beandogbekks: and yes, I agree.  reinstall ftw. :)22:31
zeroRooterbut anyway22:32
beandogzeroRooter: learn C22:32
bekksbeandog: Please refrain from personal offenses. Thank you.22:32
tymatis there a limit to the number of devices that can be connected on a 28 port USB 2.0 hub?  for some reason on Ubuntu I can only recognize 7 devices on the same USB hub while on Debian I can see all ports?22:32
=== RickyB98 is now known as rickyb98
beandogbekks: *how* was that a personal offense???  whatever, tho, happy land is back.22:32
beandogbekks: curious though, I really did miss what program they installed .. what was it?22:32
tymatthis is on the same hardware (just different boot partitions)22:32
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tymatis Ubuntu 13.10 USB code/kernel crippled for some reason?22:33
bekksbeandog: Ask hillary, not me :)22:33
spjtzeroRooter: Depends what part you want to work on. The kernel stuff is C, the GUI stuff is probably more C++, but a lot of the ubuntu-specific stuff is Python.22:33
bekkstymat: No, why?22:33
seednodetymat, wait, are you seriously using a 28-port unpowered USB hub?22:33
beandoghillary: what'd you install?22:33
beandogbekks: thx22:33
seednodeOr is it powered22:33
tymatis there a limit to the number of devices that can be connected on a 28 port USB 2.0 hub?  for some reason on Ubuntu I can only recognize 7 devices on the same USB hub while on Debian I can see all ports.22:33
sydneyJDykstraHow long will it take to upgrade from 12.04 to 14.04 using a flashdrive?22:33
tymatthis is the same exact hardware22:33
bekkstymat: The limit is 28. And thats a theoretical one, sonce you have to have an external power source for the hub.22:34
tymatwhen I boot on the debian partition I can see all devices just fine but when I'm on ubuntu 13.10 partition I just see 722:34
zeroRooterspjt, what do you mean the ubuntu-specific stuff22:34
tymatso why is it working on Debian wheezy just fine?22:34
zeroRooterthe desktop apps?22:34
hillarybeandog: was installing netbeans7.422:34
spjtzeroRooter: The utilities, etc22:34
beandoghillary: oh okay22:34
bekkshillary: Under /opt/google ??22:34
tymatbut not being seen (and sometimes kernel panics) on Ubuntu... on the same physical machine22:34
beandogzeroRooter: The question is, what do you want to build?  Then go from there.22:35
tymatlooks like a BUG!22:35
bekkstymat: then create a bug report :)22:35
beandogtymat: or just ... kernel configuration ...22:35
spjtzeroRooter: You'd have to pick a specific thing to work on, things are written in many different languages22:35
beandogoh, kernel panics22:35
beandogyah, that sucks.22:35
tymatso "crippled configuration" might be true22:35
zeroRooternot sure what i want to build atm i have no good ideas :(22:35
tymatLinux is linux22:35
hillaryNo under opt/google is wtk (wireless tool kit for java me22:35
tymatit works on Debian (which has a slightly older kernel version)22:35
tymatbut not on Ubuntu22:36
beandogzeroRooter: if you figure that out, you'll be golden. :)  Otherwise, pick some languages, and go through the tutorials, and find what you like22:36
spjtzeroRooter: Find something that annoys you.22:36
beandogspjt: heh, that's actually the best place to start ... find an itch to scratch22:37
zeroRooterspjt, many things annoy me about ubuntu but i doubt i will be good enough to fix them22:37
spjtzeroRooter: You don't know until you try. Besides, you don't really have to know a language to fix bugs sometimes, if you know Java you'll probably be able to figure it out just from the context22:37
sacramentothere is diference betthen kernel ubuntu and debian22:38
hwamokp66Hi, how do i access my site through FTP? I have been tinkering through Putty and SSH22:38
bekkshwamokp66: Install a FTP server.22:38
spjthwamokp66: You might just want to use sftp22:38
hillarybbekks: I cannot access even Synaptic package manager. It vibrates and disappear!!!22:38
hwamokp66spjt: is there a package i can use apt-get isntall for?22:38
spjthwamokp66: If you have ssh, you should have sftp already22:39
bekkshillary: Did you run another chmod -R command, accidentially?22:39
hwamokp66spjt: so i should use the ip of my server and the account info for my root user?22:39
bekks!root | hwamokp6622:39
ubottuhwamokp66: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo22:39
spjthwamokp66: It might not work for root. Try "sftp user@host" where user is the username and host is the hostname22:40
hwamokp66I want to use filezilla, is this possible?22:40
bekkshwamokp66: sure.22:40
hwamokp66what are the steps i need to do for that?22:40
bekksInstall it, start it.22:41
hillarybekks:yes i did i have seen. But this was on some files in usr/lib which i neede to write data to them22:41
hwamokp66i have filezilla, i know my ip adress, idk what i put in for he user and pass22:41
bekkshillary: As a user, you never need to do that. I suspect, you messed up even more.22:41
spjthwamokp66: your username and password on that machine22:41
hwamokp66spjt: so isnt htat my root account for the ssh? same info?22:42
tymatConclusion: Ubuntu still sucks.  Goodbye22:42
hillarybut when i do using su everything goes well.22:42
bekkshwamokp66: By default, there is no root account accesible using ftp or ssh.22:42
hwamokp66bekks: so how do i set up a ftp server? i have no cpanel. I'm running the server myself22:42
bekkshillary: su implies that you set a root password set as well. Do you have more desasters to tell us?22:42
bekkshwamokp66: you can use sftp which is already running.22:43
bekkshwamokp66: just use your username, your password and port 22 - in filezilla22:43
hwamokp66bekks: worsk great! thanks. the 22 is the ssh port?22:43
bekkshwamokp66: Yes.22:44
hillarybekks: yes i did set root password. Indeed i have messed up i can see.!!22:44
bekkshillary: I suggest a clean reinstallation of the entire system then.22:44
ubottusudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo22:45
hillaryyou mean i reinstall the ubuntu 12.04??22:45
ubottuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo22:45
bekkshillary: Yes.22:45
hwamokp66is it normal to have /www/webiste.com?22:45
hillaryAm done?22:45
hwamokp66or should it be /www/public_html/website.com22:45
bekkshwamokp66: No. Neither nor. Those arent Ubuntu paths. :)22:45
bekkshillary: I'd say yes.22:45
beandoghwamokp66: general syntax is /var/www/website.com/htdocs22:46
hwamokp66beandog: oh gotcha, thanks22:46
hwamokp66i can change permissions through sftp right?22:46
beandogdepends on your client22:46
bekkshwamokp66: if your user hass the permissions to change permissions, yes.22:47
hwamokp66its the root!22:47
hillarybekks: Since i can work from the root is okay i continue working from root?22:47
bekkshwamokp66: Hopefully it is not.22:47
bekkshwamokp66: Clear NO.22:47
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bekkshillary: clear no.22:47
hwamokp66i thought i was using hte root?22:47
hwamokp66ru telling me not to use it, or its prob not a root22:47
bekkshwamokp66: We dont know which username you entered.22:47
beandoghwamokp66: dunno if filezilla has an interface to let you do it, right click on a directory / file and see22:47
bekks!root | hwamokp6622:48
ubottuhwamokp66: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo22:48
hwamokp66i put in root and the password that the clodu hosting company gave me when i first started up the server?22:48
bekks!root | hillary22:48
ubottuhillary: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo22:48
beandoghwamokp66: you're fine22:48
hwamokp66i didnt need to do sudo to run anythign when i was in throuhg Putty22:48
hwamokp66so its safe to say it IS the root accoutn no?22:48
tnk1Bashing-om, will reboot it when finished with the work day... will keep you posted.. do you stay signed in to this irc channel?22:49
bekkshwamokp66: yes, thats safe. but it is not safe to use it all the time.22:49
zeroRooteris there no way to highlight in the default document viewer?22:49
freeone3000I would like to install mongodb-server and mongodb-clients from saucy, while still keeping the remainder of my packages at precise. Is there a way to do so? (It's not in precise-backports, so I'm going a bit more manual.)22:50
hillarybekks: infact when i write su put password and invoke apt-get update it runs well22:50
hwamokp66bekks: I will make another acocunt and disable the root. I haven't had the time to make the server a little more secture yet! :D thanks for the help22:50
bekkshillary: Since you said that you messed up even more permissions, and opened up the root account, I am resting your case. My only advice is to entirely reinstall that machine.22:51
spjtzeroRooter: You might want to try okular22:51
zeroRooteri can't live without highlighting ^_^22:51
lickalottGents, has anyone installed CAC certificates on an Ubuntu rig and been able to use them to sign/view PKI emails?22:52
spjtzeroRooter: okular does highlighting and annotations and all that stuff22:52
Bashing-omtnk1: , no I do mot stay signed on here, my primary focus is ubuntuforums. This issue, I think the next thing is to RE-boot, and clean up lots of things - that is a process in and of it's self. Re-boot and let's see where we stand.22:53
tnk1ok, one sec22:53
hillarybekks: Thanks i will.22:53
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HDRDanbekks: yes and I just installed Mono, and it's STILL not helped.22:59
zubuntui am having annoying warning at startup :  the disk drive /tmp is not ready yet or not present   in ubuntu 12.04 lts23:07
zubuntuhow can i fix it ?23:07
bluefrogyou wait and it's here, no?23:08
Bruno_Cavalcantiverify the archive /etc/fstab ?23:09
Cygnus-X1Looks like a known issue zubuntu:  http://is.gd/gfFmSl23:09
bluefrogzubuntu, eventually the boot process finishes or not?23:09
HornetI seem to have no working keyboard in gnome ubuntu 13.10 64bit?23:09
Hornetnumlock works, key input does not23:10
Hornetobviously I can't use the terminal to even begin to debug23:10
spjtzubuntu: is it encrypted? I had that warning before23:10
OerHeksHornet, does the 4 & 6 number move your mouse?23:11
HornetOerHeks, one moment23:12
Hornetpc in question in other room23:12
OerHeksHornet then you have mouse emulation enabled, see if your keyboard or mouse menu has a mouse emulation option, i believe the keyboard menu23:12
HornetOerHeks: no, but numeric enter works23:14
Hornetscroll lock won't toggle on either23:14
OerHeksHornet, then i have no clue23:14
Hornetthanks all the same23:14
Hornetgoogle seems to imply I'm the only person to have experienced this, eve23:15
dragonflyHornet: is it a USB or PS2 Keyboard?23:15
Hornettried a usb, same23:15
Hornetplugged in concurrently though23:15
Hornetrunning from live env, if it matters23:16
Azendaleis there a way to upgrade 12.04LTS server to the latest 14.04 beta/daily build?23:16
Hornetneed to do some cli stuff before I can install23:16
Hornetand can't do that without a keyboard...23:16
HornetAzendale: probably but not sure you'd want to yet, may as well wait23:18
zubuntubluefrog:  it opens ubuntu normally but it is giving that warning or error at start up23:18
zubuntudont know why23:18
spjtI'm more interested to find out how to downgrade 14.04 :)23:18
Hornetdragonfly: does that narrow it down at all?23:18
AzendaleHornet: I've used betas before and it worked alright23:18
OerHeksspjt, re-install, there is no other downgrade23:18
spjtOerHeks: Yeah, I know.23:19
zubuntucan somebody help me pls ?23:19
dragonflyHornet: have you rebooted and gotten the same result?23:19
spjtAzendale: If you really want to, you have to upgrade to each release before it. Then edit /etc/apt/sources.list to get 14.04.23:20
spjtThe only real "problem" I've had with 14.04 is if you need anything from a ppa, forget it23:20
zubuntufstab  report is this :  http://www.icqturkiye.com/paste/view/raw/5bcdc19523:20
bluefrogzubuntu, then all is cool23:21
zubuntubluefrog:  why do i get that warning while booting then ?23:21
bluefrogbecause it has  to wait for it to be ready. it's written23:22
Wulframnzubuntu, is the word wrap present in the file or just in the upload?23:22
AzendaleThis is an install of server version, yes, but it is not currently in use. The tool I was going to put on top of it wants python3-requests package, which is not in 12.04, but is in >=12.10. I'm fine with it being beta stuff while I'm working on getting the tools all going, but I eventually want to leave it at an LTS. So my thought was to go to the beta in one LTS -> LTS (beta) hop (I was hoping), and I just wont declare that machine r23:22
zubuntuwhat Wulframn  ?23:22
zubuntusorry i didnt understand what u mean23:23
spjtAzendale: You'd be better off just upgrading to 13.1023:23
Hornetdragonfly: it's live, but yes23:23
WulframnWhen I view the file you linked the lines are wrapped. Each line should be all on one line.23:23
Hornetit has an error on startup, and the error reporter then has an error so I can't see what broke23:23
spjtAzendale: Or, just try to install whatever you want by hand23:23
zubuntuWulframn: let me try it again23:24
spjtAzendale: or maybe it has a ppa23:24
zubuntuWulframn:  it s how you see23:25
zubuntunot wrapped or something else23:25
Azendalespjt: upgrading to 13.10 would be better because the upgrade from 12.04 -> 14.04 is iffy (nonexistant) or is it because 14.04 isn't declared "stable" yet?23:25
zubuntuwhat should i do now ?23:25
dragonflyHornet: try it without that keyboard and use a different one instead?23:25
zubuntuby the way what are the copy-paste-cut  shortcuts in terminal ?23:26
zubuntuctrl+c doesnt work23:26
zubuntualso ctrl+v23:26
spjtAzendale: Because 14.04 is less stable than 13.10, and you can just upgrade to 14.04 when it comes out.23:26
bluefrogzubuntu, shift ctrl c23:27
zubuntualways shift ?23:27
zubuntuok thx23:27
spjtAzendale: Besides, if you do it now you're going to have to do every version upgrade anyway23:28
WulframnInclude shift. Or just type out the commands slowly and correctly23:28
Hornetdragonfly, that's the only good keyboard I have, but I can try with an ancient USB one23:28
=== Extensa5630 is now known as Shut-in
dragonflythat would be my next attempt :S23:29
Hornetk, back in a while I suppose then23:29
Artemis3zubuntu, select command you want to copy, don't bother with ctrl c, then in terminal press the middle mouse button (usually a wheel), Magic!23:29
Hornetit's live so takes about 10 mins between reboot -> usable23:30
Azendalespjt: ah, so whatever "magic" to allow an 12.04 -> 14.04 upgrade isn't set yet? Or are you saying after I'm on 14.04 and I want to go to 16.04 (when that happens) i'll have to go through 14.10, 15.04, 15.10 to get there?23:30
zubuntuArtemis3:  i m using laptop no wheel23:31
Artemis3Azendale, you can upgrade from LTS to LTS23:31
Artemis3zubuntu, often, pushing both mouse buttons do the trick23:31
spjtAzendale: It will work after it's released, but now you need to do every version23:32
wiakin a bash script how can i remove 3 parts of a read down input?23:32
zubuntuArtemis3: pushing how ?23:32
WulframnZubuntu, using your fingers23:32
Artemis3if your touchpad has 2 buttons press both lol :)23:33
zubuntulol Wulframn  :p23:33
unicornjedihello, my ubuntu desktop wont wake up from suspend properly. All I get is a black blank screen.23:37
Azendalespjt: Ok, thanks for the clarification. I think that makes the decision easy. I think the big reason to try to go to 14.04 was the one hop.23:38
unicornjedihello, my ubuntu desktop wont wake up from suspend properly. All I get is a black blank screen.23:39
dragonflyunicornjedi: do you see your cursor when this happens or not even that?23:40
daftykinsAzendale: fwiw i think you can only go LTS -> LTS once 14.04 hits a 14.04.1 release23:40
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plasmadragonfly: i have the same problem, and i see my cursor23:40
plasmabut is frozen23:40
dragonflydo any menus come up when you right click?23:40
unicornjedidragonfly, nope no cursor23:41
Azendaledaftykins: wow, I didn't know that. Maybe I'm just too impatient for new releases and can't wait a whole two years, so LTS -> LTS upgrades are rare for me :)23:41
GuegsIs there any way to get the tail command to only display a small portion of a line? IE I only want it to display the next 15 characters in my iptables log.23:41
GuegsErrr, UFW log.23:41
unicornjediGuegs, see if #networking23:42
daftykinsAzendale: hehe, tbh with you we're not far away from 14.04 release, if i were you i'd just get experimenting with what you want to run with that23:42
unicornjediwill provide some help23:42
GuegsOK. Thanks unicornjedi. :-)23:42
unicornjediSoooooo can anyone provide some help? my ubuntu desktop won't wake up properly from suspend23:44
Lord-RagnarockIs anyone willing and able to help an Arch user? The channel doesn't seem to want to answer me :/23:45
daftykinsno, ubuntu support only in here i'm afraid23:45
Lord-RagnarockAw :(23:45
daftykinsyou'll have to be patient in their channel23:45
Koledathey are slow like ...23:45
Lord-RagnarockWell, the problem does have more to do with the kernel and some firmware. Think that could be asked? xD23:46
runvncLord why did you even mention Arch lol23:47
unicornjedimy ubuntu desktop wont wake up from suspend properly. All I get is a black blank screen.23:47
runvncLord-Ragnarock: I would ask anyway, some people might know23:47
runvncunicornjedi: I was having a blank screen today also23:47
Lord-RagnarockHaha, alright :D23:47
runvncunicornjedi: did you recently install any software?23:48
unicornjedirunvnc, i updated the ubuntu base23:48
BeldarLord-Ragnarock, ##linux is a general help channel.23:48
runvncunicornjedi: what do you mean you updated ubuntu base sorry23:48
unicornjedirunvnc, the problem keeps coming and going. For a month I dont have any problems... then BOOOOOM ubuntu slaps me in the face23:48
runvncwith apt-get or what23:48
unicornjedirunvnc, like sudo apt-get dist-upgrade23:49
runvncunicornjedi: is that when the problems started, after the upgrade?23:49
thoonaihey, having little problems with sudo: somehow it wants the password, though I told not to ask :/23:49
unicornjedirunvnc, i dont really know. It comes and goes. I dont know the cause(s)23:50
runvncthoonai: http://askubuntu.com/questions/334318/sudoers-file-enable-nopasswd-for-user-all-commands23:50
unicornjedirunvnc, would you like to see some logs and graphic card info?23:50
runvncunicornjedi: did it happen before the upgrade?23:51
thoonairunvnc: thats exactly what I don't want ^^23:51
unicornjedirunvnc, yes23:52
runvncthoonai: if you describe what you do want that is different from what you said, then someone will be able to help you23:52
runvncput your sudoers in a gist23:52
Azendaleso, I'm planning on upgrading a machine that lives at an ISP. Is there any way to find what mirror has best bandwidth?23:52
runvncunicornjedi: if it happened before the upgrade then I guess we should assume the upgrade isnt relevant23:52
thoonairunvnc: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7153939/23:52
thoonaiI hope this helps23:52
Koledadid anyone tried vimium ?23:53
runvncthoonai: what do you want to do if its not what the link I pasted does23:53
unicornjedirunvnc, please see these two pastebins23:53
sarthakI'm getting some major tearing when moving windows up/down. Monitor rotation 90*. Any ideas?23:54
thoonairunvnc: I want to exactly let the user thoonai to be only allowed exactly this command without password23:55
runvncunicornjedi: have you tried this https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Troubleshooting/BlankScreen#Problem:__Black_screen_after_resume23:55
unicornjedisarthak, switch video drivers?23:56
Koledano vimium users here ?23:57
Bashing-omAzendale: Do not know of a terminal way, there is a means from the GUI Software Center.23:57
unicornjedirunvnc, i dont understand this23:57
shadykhan-laptophey guys i bought a new laptop recently and put ubuntu 13.10 on it but it randomly restartes my session and takes me to the login screen any idea?23:58
thoonairunvnc: ^^?23:58
sarthakunicornjedi I will try looking for updates. Though I should mention I am running gnome3 and HD2000 onboard.23:59
runvncthoonai: did you try USER HOST= NOPASSWD: VBOX  exactly like that? is there anything else in the sudoers23:59
thoonairunvnc: as the paste :/23:59
runvncunicornjedi: that link seems to apply to your situation doesnt it?23:59

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