cubI'm downloading beta2 i386 and will start testing during the day.08:38
cub-testingI don't use live sessions often so I'm not sure if this is a bug or normal behaviour? When I start beta2 in live session I only get US keyboard layout and a one hour time difference.10:31
cub-testingI didn't have wifi when booting in case it needs that to check where I am_10:31
cub-testingSo, I don't know whether to file a bug or check it as normal.10:32
cub-testinggoing for lunch in the mean time10:32
cub-testingHmm a thought, the test case states When ubiquity starts select your language in the left column. That never happened when I booted.10:35
cub-testingmaybe that's because I used unetbootin to create the usb10:36
zequencecub-testing: could be the test is old. Could also be we're lacking something others have10:37
zequenceWe should check with Xubuntu10:37
cub-testingI was hoping elfy might know. 10:37
zequencecub-testing: There's one bug in the plugin - don't deselect any of the two transitional metas: ubuntustudio-recording, or ubuntustudio-generation, or the installer will crash10:38
elfywhat's that10:38
zequenceWe should blacklist them. I'm going to try to do that before the Beta release10:39
cub-testingif live session usually starts with us keyboard by default_10:39
elfywe've got all sorts going on with keyboards here bug 128463510:39
ubottubug 1284635 in ibus (Ubuntu) "Keyboard layout changes after login" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/128463510:39
elfyyou're affected by that10:39
elfyI'm also seeing bug 120176210:39
ubottubug 1201762 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Install from live session: Failed detection of keyboard layout" [Undecided,Expired] https://launchpad.net/bugs/120176210:39
elfyif that's any help :)10:39
elfyand good morning cub-testing zequence :)10:40
cub-testingi was looking at 1201762 but it's a bit old10:40
cub-testinghehe good morning elfy 10:40
elfyI know - couldn't decide whether to do a new one or just me too that10:40
elfycub-testing: if you want to do a new one - let me know the number and I'll amend my result10:40
cub-testingI press me too on 1284635, but that is about after doing an installation. 10:41
cub-testingi just booted the live session10:41
cub-testingand perhaps that's normal then?10:41
elfyI've never ever actually had a livesession recognise the keyboard layout as UK though10:41
cub-testingnot UK, English US10:42
elfyyes 10:42
cub-testingbut the time is set for UK time. 10:42
elfyboots to en_us - then ubiquity sets TZ correctly, but doesn't see UK layout10:42
cub-testingI will file a bug then10:43
cub-testingbut first food. 10:43
elfyI'm painting a bedroom ... 10:43
cub-testinglucky you haha10:43
elfynot sure which is best - testing or watching paint dry :D10:43
zequenceI fixed the plugin. No more transtional metas in it11:22
cub-testingelfy, I created #129723411:41
elfybug 129723411:41
ubottubug 1297234 in console-setup (Ubuntu) "Live session set wrong keyboard layout and time zone" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/129723411:41
cub-testingconsole-setup.. I tried to get it to keyboard-configuration as the other but it seems it decided against me11:42
elfychanged it to ubiquity :)11:43
cub-testingI was wondering about that, but since i was already logged in so to speak i wasn't sure11:43
elfyoh - did you do this from the installed studio?11:44
cub-testingno running from usb stick, live session11:44
cub-testingis that part of ubiquity?11:45
zequencesince the user logs in automatically, the keyboard layout is always default (US)11:45
elfycub-testing: ok cool - yea, as far as I know should be ubiquity11:46
zequenceubiquity is the installer itself (the window that opens, when you select Install Ubuntu Studio )11:46
zequencethe live session is something else11:46
elfyzequence: yes agreed - but once install is started it should recognide keyboard - or at least guess that a keyboard should be close to tz11:46
zequencenever happened to me. I always select it manually11:47
zequenceduring the installation11:47
elfyzequence: from the iso tracker "... during the installation itself: ubuntu-bug ubiquity"11:47
elfyzequence: I've not had it not set keyboard to UK 11:47
zequenceI think cub-testing is talking about just the live session itself11:48
cub-testingbut zequence I have not started any installation yet, so no question about where i am or keyboard11:48
zequenceso, not ubiquity11:48
elfymmm - ok - so I'm reading you wrong - but I am seeing this as an issue here during install11:49
cub-testingi made a usb, booted, chose Try ubuntu11:49
cub-testingand here I am11:49
elfyI did the same and have installed 5 times - each time it does not recognise the keyboard11:50
elfycub-testing: I've changed it back to console-setup - I'll do a bug myself then11:51
elfycub-testing: what you're seeing is normal afaik - as zequence says11:52
cub-testingthat's why I asked before, I never use live session otherwise11:53
cub-testingso I wasn't what was normal and not11:53
elfy:) I was getting confused with how I was reading it and what I've been seeing today11:54
OvenWerk1zequence: I was trying to install linux-lowlatency from synaptic, it said (at the time) the -18 was the latest, but when I tried to download it failed with file not there. Then I downloaded an ISO and it had -19 so it must have been a transient fail.15:06
* OvenWerk1 is having wierd problems all over15:14
OvenWerk1I had a fresh install, did upgrade which included new kernel, Had tons of kernel oops faults on the new kernel... and even a testing kernel... the old kernel was ok. did a chkdisk and the problem went away :P15:17
zequenceOvenWerk1: So, you don't get kernel oops at all now?15:49
OvenWerk1zequence: Its gone, I ran the same problem kernel for over an hour of hard use with not one problem.16:35
zequenceOvenWerk1: Good to hear.16:36
OvenWerk1It seems to have been a write problem with an external USB drive I have been using to test the images with.16:37
OvenWerk1(disk drive not memory stick)16:39
OvenWerk1I am just printing the latest ISO to stick so I can test it later today.16:42

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