nreynoldsanyone around?01:08
nreynoldsgot a few ?01:12
cfhowlettcagritepebasili, hey.  US is usually used for developing - it's for multimedia creation08:55
cagritepebasilicfhowlett, i realize that actually, but i mean is that all ? just multimedia creation ?08:57
cagritepebasilifor instnse im a programmer so what can i get from US08:57
cfhowlettcagritepebasili, it has everything the vanilla ubuntu has plus the multimedia creations apps overlaid on it08:58
cfhowlettcagritepebasili, not much benefit if you are not a creator - unsure why you think there might be ...08:58
cagritepebasilidont get me wrong btw im a new in linux08:58
cfhowlettcagritepebasili, OK try this:08:58
cfhowlettcagritepebasili, dell has the xps13 developer edition laptop with the customized sputnik ubuntu ISO.08:59
cfhowlettcagritepebasili, why not either install sputnik or add the sputnik packages to your ubuntu08:59
cagritepebasiliwhy not u right09:00
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TerranceWarrioris Ardour very buggy or is it just me?23:19
holsteinTerranceWarrior: not here..23:21
holsteinis it ardour? or JACK? ...are you trying to push your hardware too hard?23:23
TerranceWarriorthats what *she* said! :)23:26
TerranceWarriori had ardour working fine well what fine is to ardour.23:27
holsteinTerranceWarrior: ?23:27
TerranceWarriorexit, come back in again. poof no longer works.23:27
holsteinTerranceWarrior: i use it all the time, friend.. its quite stable, and solid here23:27
TerranceWarriorimpossible to get going again. and I'm an ex software engineer.23:27
TerranceWarriormaybe I should use the source code version?23:27
holsteinTerranceWarrior: i mean, i dont consider it a compromise in any way.. i prefer it, and chose to use it23:27
TerranceWarriorI am just using whatever is in the ubuntu colletion.23:28
holsteinTerranceWarrior: i use the one from the repos, or the one from las on the site23:28
TerranceWarriori'll try the latest.23:28
holsteinTerranceWarrior: sure.. try the one from las, if you like.. i just pay for the latest binary23:28
TerranceWarriori am so pissed today. nothing but trouble recording using sound recorder and then i find my new korg has 3 fucked up notes.23:28
TerranceWarriorthe resonance of them is terrible.23:29
TerranceWarriorit's like a synth wrench in an otherwise good sound. all the others notes are fine.23:29
holsteinTerranceWarrior: do  try and keep in a family show in here. thanks23:29
holsteinyou should be able to adjust in whatever sequencer you are using23:30
holsteinor, play it in off an octave, and avoid the bad keys23:30
TerranceWarriorholstein: ha, what a hack!23:33
holsteinTerranceWarrior: ?23:34
TerranceWarriorit makes no sense to have some bad keys on a $1200 keyboard.23:34
holsteinTerranceWarrior: you think its a hack to avoid the broken keys?23:34
TerranceWarriorholstein: absolutely.23:34
holsteinwell, replace them?23:34
holsteinim not sure how to respond to that..23:34
TerranceWarrioryour not listening, it's not the keys, it's the sound they generate.23:34
holsteini mean, fix it, replace it, or work around it..23:34
holsteinor deal with it23:34
holsteinTerranceWarrior: i dont think so23:34
holsteinTerranceWarrior: dont use that sound then.. or, see if you can go in and adjust some settings23:35
holsteinshouldnt be that 3 notes in one sound setting in that unit is "bad"23:35
TerranceWarriorholstein: yeah, i have to work more with it. but that is sound 00, the default!23:35
TerranceWarriorWhat a hack!23:35
holsteinmaybe you edited them by accedient23:35
TerranceWarriorholstein: maybe not.23:35
holsteinTerranceWarrior: im not following you.. on "what a hack"23:36
holsteinsounds like you have bad keys, or have edited the sound.. you can always just midi out from that unit, and see if the keys are effecting a sound that is not being gernerated from that unit23:36
TerranceWarriori am going to check the speakers. but i feel that the source is the sound generation in this Korg.23:37
holsteinsure.. put on some headphones.. that'll rule out the speakers.. try another voice, and an external voice as well23:38
fibz_i would think it's the korg23:38
TerranceWarriorall other notes are fine and these notes are directly in the middle, the worst place for them to be.23:38
TerranceWarriorfibz_: +1!23:39
holsteinsure.. sounds like its the keys.. they get crap in them, or break23:39
TerranceWarriorfibz_: i like you, you're reasonable.23:39
holsteinyou'll be able to tell by bypassing the internal voices23:39
fibz_which sucks because im sure it wasnt cheap23:39
holsteinthe keys usually are.. under $20 US23:40
holsteinfor most models23:40
fibz_i dont think it's the key ut the logic23:40
holsteinyeah, you wouldnt.. but, it can be23:40
holsteinthe mechanism23:40
holsteini have a yamaha like that.. and i cleaned out a few alesis's like that recently23:40
holsteinsame deal... stuck on "loud" pretty much.. but, those were just dirty23:41
holsteinbut.. what do i know.. i just fix things when they are broken ;)23:41
TerranceWarriorThe D Key is terrible on headphones, the other ones got a bit better.23:46
holsteinso, its likely not the speakers then23:47
TerranceWarrioryamaha has terrible sound but they made decent grade hammer keys.23:47
TerranceWarriorThis is not funny, nor this is a joke.23:47
holsteinprobably either the logic boards or the keys/mechanism23:47
TerranceWarriorthing is i have proof that it is really bad.23:47
holsteinTerranceWarrior: im not joking, or laughing at you23:48
holsteinTerranceWarrior: im not saying its not bad23:48
holsteinTerranceWarrior: im suggesting what i think could be the issue.. but, i'll just leave you to it23:48
fibz_worth breaking it down and taking a look, or just return if in warranty23:48
holstein^yup.. it could be an easy clean to fix type thing..23:49
TerranceWarriorwhat else could I get in it features set or price range?23:50
TerranceWarriorThis is not good.23:50
holsteinim not suggesting a replacement23:50
holsteinid just fix that one23:51
TerranceWarriorThis happened to me 2 years ago with a Flamenco Yahmaha Guitar.23:51
holsteinnot likely...23:51
holsteinguitars are quite different23:51
fibz_i like roland23:51
TerranceWarriorholstein: Can I borry your oscilliscope and chip making facilities?23:51
holsteinanyways.. i would diagnose what the issue is.. and even if its a board, i would think about replacing it23:51
TerranceWarriorfibz_: ok! :) Thats *something*.23:51
fibz_casio has a good model but the keys are loud23:52
TerranceWarriorAll the other notes I love on this though.23:52
TerranceWarriorDoes this happen in the industry?23:52
holsteinthen, just use those23:52
holsteinTerranceWarrior: yes23:52
TerranceWarriorholstein: are you okay?23:52
holsteinTerranceWarrior: it happens to *all* gear, at some point... they can all get dirty or break23:52
TerranceWarriorholstein: you have in your mind that this is a mechanical problem. of which I'm not sure why.23:52
holsteinTerranceWarrior: when i encountered the exact issue you are explaing on more than one keyboard, cleaning the mechanism repaired it23:53
TerranceWarriorholstein: if you say so.23:53
holsteinTerranceWarrior: because, as i stated, when i cleaned the mechanical mechanisem on more than one unit that had that exact issue, it addressed that issue23:53
TerranceWarriorit's 7 days old!23:53
holsteinTerranceWarrior: then, as already suggested, return it to the store23:53
TerranceWarriorholstein: E.P. Mark V Distortion and those same keys are fine.23:56
holsteinTerranceWarrior: ok. enjoy it then23:56
holsteinTerranceWarrior: i would return it23:56
TerranceWarriorIt's a recording or electronic generation error.23:56
holsteinTerranceWarrior: could be the distortion has different settings that equalize the sounds a bit more, and make the issue less obvious23:57
holsteinTerranceWarrior: ok23:57
TerranceWarriorI get the feeling it's a design issue.23:57
TerranceWarriorholstein: are you new to music?23:57
holsteinTerranceWarrior: no23:57
holsteinTerranceWarrior: im a volunteer here23:57
holsteinTerranceWarrior: i also repair many instuments.. but, i'll just wait til you have a question, if you prefer23:58
TerranceWarriornot happy.23:58
fibz_there is also #opensourcemusicians23:58
holsteinTerranceWarrior: i would just return it, and ask23:58
TerranceWarriorfibz_: yes thank you.23:58

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