David-Aglitchd: when you right click, isn't there a title  at the top of the menu that appears?00:00
glitchdDavid-A, i figured it out just a minute ago actually00:00
glitchdi ran across a post that said exactly what it was00:01
glitchdits a bug in xubuntu 13.10 and logitech00:01
glitchdwhen i unplugged my nano receiver, the icon disappeared.00:01
glitchdso all is good00:02
Berylwhy is xfwm even used when openbox seems to be better... just sayn'00:12
knomebecause it wouldn't be xubuntu with openbox...00:14
Berylwell xubuntu is a suite of software, xfwm is jsut one piece, people like xfce for it's stuff not the wm itself00:14
Berylwhisker, panel, thunar, addons, theming00:15
Berylall of the other apps00:15
Berylxog-buntu, xfce/openbox/gdm, all heil xog, all heil xog00:16
knomewell, feel free to set a project for that up...00:16
sohail-ahmedI have xubuntu with purged network-manger. Now I can ping google.co, annd my local lan adresses but I am unable to open google in my browser?07:07
sohail-ahmed any help?07:07
baizonsohail-ahmed: ufw is enabled?07:12
ubottuUbuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has built-in firewall capabilities. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | GUI frontends such as Gufw also exist. | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo07:13
sohail-ahmedBaizon, I don't know for sure but perhaps there has to be one. Since I am on internet and at present I using the internet from the same machine with live usb.07:17
sohail-ahmed** I am on interanet07:18
bazhangsohail-ahmed, please dont crosspost to multiple ubuntu channels07:27
sohail-ahmedbazhang, I did that after i found no one responding to my question there07:28
Cw3DHey folks xfce power manager not starting error reads "Xfce Power Manager is not running Would you like to start it" when I click run I just get the spinning circle08:21
Cw3D lost my battery indicator too08:21
Cw3DI'm using ubuntu studio 13.1008:22
ochosiCw3D: have you tried to start xfce4-power-manager from the terminal?08:40
Cw3Dochosi: No, I am new to Linux what do I run to do that08:49
ochosiyou open the terminal as a first step08:49
ochosishould be in the menu in accessories08:50
ochosithen type "xfce4-power-manager" and hit enter08:50
ochosithen copy-paste the result (copying works with a slightly different shortcut in the terminal)08:50
ochosior just tell me08:50
ochosianyway, you'll know a bit more about why a programme crashes if you start it from the terminal usualyl08:51
Cw3DI got nothing just my user name to enter a new command08:53
Cw3Dyeah it's weird absolutely nothing from terminal08:56
Cw3DI tried "start xfce4-power-manager" and I got "start: Unknown job: xfce4-power-manager"09:00
ochosiCw3D: without "start"09:12
ochosiyou gotta follow the instructions i gave you, you know ;)09:12
ochosianyhoo, gotta go09:12
Cw3Dalright I tried it boath ways. but thanks for your effort :)09:13
Cw3DI'll look into starting it from terminal that seems like a good idea.09:14
rafals1Hello, I have a question, I have Lenovo Z510 (Optimus with Intel HD4600 and Nvidia GT740M as 3D Card) and I have a problem to use an external monitor. in Xorg.log I do not see anything. I was trying with Fedora live or Zorin Line(some Debian distro) and there is no problem with an external monitor. Does anyone have some similar problem ? I was comparing packages list. I do not how to check or "download" actual Xorg config because Xorg.conf doesn't exi09:55
zadkielHi everyone10:40
bgardnerzadkiel: Hello10:42
zadkielIs this a good place to ask a question I haven't found answers to elsewhere?10:43
bazhangfor xubuntu support, yes10:45
zadkielGood, I didn't want to barge in with unrelated stuff. So, my problem is sound related. I've googled all over the place for topics about headphones not working in xubuntu 13.10 and haven't anything helpful.10:46
zadkielCan someone give me some names to search for related to the audio jack handling in Linux?10:47
zadkielPulseaudio and alsamixer are working fine afaik but I intermittently don't get output to the headphone jack10:47
bazhangcheck it's not muted in alsamixer (in terminal)10:47
zadkielI looked, it's not10:47
bazhangwhat about pavucontrol / padevchooser10:48
zadkielpavucontrol reports audio levels, even though there is no out signal10:48
zadkielpadevchooser I didn't look into10:49
zadkielIs there a detailed page, out of the ubuntuverse collating information about these topics? I fell like I've been over every page mentioning audio on the wiki & forums10:53
zadkielWell, thanks for helping bazhang. I think I'm going to nuke pulse and see what I can do from there10:58
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xubuntu333Hello. I have a problem xrandr : "Failed to get size of gamma for output default" I use NVIDIA Geforce FX5200 with nvidia-17316:38
xubuntu092Hi, I am novice with Xubuntu 12.04.4. My problem is that I cannot get laser printer Canon i-sensys LBP7010C to work.16:39
holsteinxubuntu092: it may not be able to work.. maybe the manufacturer doesnt allow or provide linux support.. i usually use the GUI wizard to try many different drivers on printers that are not able to be supported in linux16:40
xubuntu092thanks holstein, I'll try that16:42
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Dr_Nocongrats for an excellent distro, well done xubuntu!18:39
Dr_Nokeep up the good work guys18:39
SergioADHello I am using Xubuntu 14.04, I have a little problem how can I remove the CSSD decorations from the Gnome 3.10 apps?18:56
SergioADGthumb looks awfull with them18:57
alcidesguys, where is terminalrc is xubuntu 13.10? I want to change my terminal colors...19:12
elfyalcides: .bashrc https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CustomizingBashPrompt19:13
koegsalcides: ~/.config/xfce4/terminal/terminalrc19:14
alcides[alcides@proteus:~/.config/xfce4]$ pwd19:15
alcides[alcides@proteus:~/.config/xfce4]$ ls19:15
alcidesdesktop  helpers.rc  panel  src  xfconf  xfwm419:15
alcideskoegs I don't have this 'terminal' dir19:16
koegsalcides: did you change something in xfce4-terminal? if not, no file is generated inbefore19:16
alcidesnot yet19:17
alcidesso... I have to change it to get the folder?19:17
koegseither create the directory and the file or just change something in the config of xfce4-terminal and the file will be created19:17
alcidesthanks koegs19:17
alcidesright now I don't have local access19:18
alcidesI don't know what I can do19:18
alcidesto change xfce4-terminal config using gui19:20
koegsjust open xfce4-terminal, right-click, "settings"19:20
Picikoegs suggested that you could just create the directory and file instead...19:20
xubuntu405hi everyone19:26
xubuntu405i have a problem19:26
xubuntu405with xubuntu 12.0419:26
xubuntu405when i try to browse a shared folder19:26
xubuntu405i get asked for a password19:27
xubuntu405and i dont know the password19:27
holsteinxubuntu405: try pinging the host machine.. confirm that the share is being shared, if possible.. try and see *exactly* where the breakdown is19:27
xubuntu405i want to configure that password setting but i dont know where are the settings19:28
holsteini usually just setup ssh servers on my boxes, and use gigolo to connect, if im not needing a permenant connection19:28
holsteinxubuntu405: server side, typically. and you are addressing this from the client, as i read19:28
xubuntu405how can i set up a ssh server?19:28
ubottuSSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)19:29
holsteinxubuntu405: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH/OpenSSH/Configuring is where i would start19:29
xubuntu405ok ty19:30
Berylscreensaver off, screen set to go off after 50 mins.. but for some reason it goes off after 10 mins...20:43
ochosiBeryl: what version of xubuntu?20:44
Berylup to date, nvidia drivers20:45
Berylno screensaver service20:45
Berylyet it still blanks after 10 mins instead of the time i have ti set to.20:45
ochosicheck xset -q20:46
BerylDPMS (Energy Star):   Standby: 2700    Suspend: 0    Off: 3000   DPMS is Enabled   Monitor is On20:47
Berylwell it sure is turning off faster than 2700 seconds20:47
ochosiyeah, screensaver20:48
ochosinot dpms20:48
ochosido "xset -q | grep Saver" if you don't see it20:48
BerylScreen Saver:   prefer blanking:  yes    allow exposures:  yes   timeout:  0    cycle:  020:50
ochosiusually it's set to 10mins by default20:51
ochosii.e. 60020:51
Berylwell it's blankign after 10 mins despite being 0, hmm20:51
ochosithat's why i presumed it would be that20:51
ochosibut if it's already set to 0 then i'm not sure20:51
Beryli wonder what else can blank20:52
Beryli see the fadeout, then it blanks20:52
ochosiok, with fadeout it can't be X11's screensaver extension20:52
ochositry xscreensaver's settings then20:52
Berylhmm, xscreensaver is set to 10 mins and it was on even though i had it set off... and there's no service running, something must call it20:56
Mr_SpeedArtIt is possible to have intel & nvidia drivers installed all toghether?20:57
Berylyou can but if you touch the nvidia control panel it'll ruin the settings20:58
Berylmixing open source driver gpus seems easier, but nvidia has awful 3d with the open drivers20:59
ochosiBeryl: no clue, havent used xscreensaver in a while21:02
Berylwhy does xubuntu use the sound indicator instead of the sound panel item, hmm21:02
Berylochosi: i removed it entirely, can't call something that doesn't exist :P21:03
Berylxubuntu sure is quick on a cheap old ssd, intel x40v21:06
BerylWhat's the closest thing to mousepad with syntax highlighting? gedit has a ton of weird deps22:04
holsteini like gedit.. i just get it, cause im used to it22:04
holsteinshould be able to install it with minimal deps22:04
ochosiBeryl: mousepad has syntax highlighting22:05
knome...in the latest version, which will be in 14.0422:06
Berylwell, one of my two xubuntu installs is 14.04...22:06
Berylaww man there's no syntax highlighting for some of the  languages i use22:07
Berylwhere are the scripts for highlight licated?22:08
AzelphurI dunno if anybody has noticed, but look at the screenshot on the front page of http://xubuntu.org, specifically at the date in the panel.22:12
knomeAzelphur, noticed numerous times.22:13
bekksSo whats that noticable at the date? :)22:14
Azelphuris there a technical explanation, or is it just a joke? :P22:14
Azelphurbekks: the day is supposedly "Sex", even though the language on the screenshots is set to English :P22:14
elfylocale is Portuguese I assume22:14
* knome breathes out slowly22:14
Azelphurelfy: that's what I thought, but nothing else anywhere on any of the screenshots is translated22:15
bekksUh, oh. He said the s word :D22:15
knomeis that really the only thing the users notice on the website?22:15
knomemaybe we should move the main message of our website into subliminal messages22:16
Azelphurhahaha yes :P22:16
bekksOR just use jpeg2ascii :P22:16
knomeconsider this discussion done and move on. further general chatter at #xubuntu-offtopic22:16
AzelphurSorry, didn't realise discussion about the xubuntu website was offtopic on the xubuntu irc channel ;)22:20
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