cmaloneyjsjgruber: Awesome!00:02
jsjgrubercmaloney, Monthly meeing at 9?00:08
cmaloneyThat's the plan. :)00:10
jsjgruberI gotta put it on the calendar.00:10
cmaloneyI have it on the loco calendar but for whatever reason Google Calendar isn't picking it up00:10
jsjgruberStrange. Looking forward to the MUG meeting Tuesday.00:11
cmaloneyme too00:11
jsjgrubercmaloney, I took a look at http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-us-mi/753/detail/ical/ and it only has one event--next month's regular meeting on 5/5.00:23
jsjgruberJust used wget on it00:23
jsjgruberI think I'm full of it. I'm going to try it again.00:26
jsjgruberI was full of it, wasn't looking at the correct calendar. When I tried to add the correct calendar to google I got a parsing error. Subsequent retries don't give me a message though. python vobject seems like it can read it however.00:46
cmaloneyrick_h_: http://www.rushisaband.com/blog/2014/04/06/3987/Grapes-Under-Pressure-Wine-Event-with-Geddy-Lee-and-Alex-Lifeson-charity-auction00:51
cmaloneyYeah, there's something screwy with Google and that calendar.00:51
cmaloneyWe'll be starting the meeting in about...00:59
cmaloneynow. :)01:00
cmaloneyWelcome to the April Ubuntu US MI meeting01:00
cmaloneyMay I have a show of hands for who all is part of the meeting tonight?01:00
cmaloneyDon't be shy.01:01
* widox may or may not be here01:01
jsjgruberI'm here01:01
cmaloneyAnyone else?01:02
cmaloneyOK, well let's get started then01:04
cmaloneyFirst order of business" Ubuntu Global Jam recap01:04
cmaloneyhttp://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-us-mi/752/detail/ (Here's the agenda)01:04
cmaloneyI think I can speak for everyone when I say "snuck up on me"01:05
cmaloneyOr at least it feels like this release snuck up on me. :)01:05
widoxyep. wait, its Apirl?!01:05
cmaloneyI didn't get a chance to get to any jamming01:06
cmaloneyI think the only person I saw jamming was jsjgruber01:06
cmaloneywidox: Yep, it's April. :)01:06
jsjgruberThen I guess I wasn't late :-)01:06
cmaloneyjsjgruber: Not really01:07
cmaloneyI think you can congratulate yourself on being our participant in the Global Jam01:07
cmaloneyAny participation is better than none. :)01:07
jsjgruberOutch. Gotta stop that back patting.01:07
cmaloneybut yeah, I think last month's missed meeting really put a damper on things.01:08
jsjgruberNo doubt01:08
cmaloneyThat and we haven't been paying a whole lot of attention to the outside world.01:08
cmaloneyLikely the snow. ;)01:08
cmaloneyI'm OK with chalking it up to snow.01:08
cmaloneyAnyone opposed? :)01:08
jsjgruberNo objection, it was definitely the snow.01:09
cmaloneyCool. We're blaming the snow. :)01:09
cmaloneyAnyothing else on the Global Jam?01:10
cmaloneyIf not I'd like to move on to the next topic:01:10
cmaloneyPenguicon is happening next month (First weekend of May)01:10
cmaloneyAnd as luck would have it we're celebrating the release of 14.04 LTS around the same time01:11
cmaloneyAnd since we've had good participation at Penguicon for the previous release parties I went ahead and scheduled us an event there.01:12
cmaloneySo we'll be meeting at Penguicon for one of the Ubuntu Release Parties.01:12
cmaloneyNote: if you want to schedule an Ubuntu MI release party please feel free to do so01:12
cmaloneyLMK and I'll get it on the Loco event calendat01:13
cmaloneyAnywho, last I checked we were scheduled on Saturday from 8pm to 9pm.01:15
cmaloneySorry, 8pm-10pm.01:16
cmaloneyWhich is right against the Smithee awards. :(01:16
cmaloneyBut alas, that's the plan as of this moment01:17
cmaloneymore to come of course.01:17
cmaloneyUNfortunately that means we'll be meeting the day after the release party in IRC, so this is the last "big meeting" before the release party.01:18
cmaloneyAgain, if you want to organize a release party outside of the Penguicon party please let me know01:18
cmaloneyand publicize it on the mailing list.01:18
cmaloneyI know not everyone is going to Penguicon01:19
cmaloneyand I know that West Michigan might have something amorpheously planned as well.01:19
cmaloneyI'd like to have other folks take over some of the event planning if possible.01:20
cmaloneyand I know we're a lattitudinally and logitudinally diverse set of folks.01:20
cmaloneyso if Penguicon's distance might as well be the "Here be Dragons" part of your mental map and you want to have a release party please feel free to start one up.01:21
cmaloneyRegardless, I hope to see and meet many of you during the release party.01:22
jsjgruberI'm not aware of anyone interested in Ubuntu in my area. There's a Toledo unix users group but they seem to be more interested in Arch et al.01:22
cmaloneyYeah, I think Ohio has the same issues that we have: lots of geographically diverse cities.01:23
cmaloneyGrand Rapids, Lansing, Traverse City, Detroit, Port Huron01:23
cmaloneyEven Flint.01:23
cmaloneyThere's some distance between us01:24
jsjgruberYep, at least it seems like Columbus is a hotbed of interest in all things *nix.01:24
brouschI have nothing planned01:26
cmaloneybrousch: You just don't know it yet. :)01:26
jsjgruberThanks for arranging the Penguicon event, Craig.01:26
cmaloneynp. Twas easy01:27
cmaloneyPenguicon does a lot of heavy lifting for the event.01:27
cmaloneyAnything else related to the release party?01:28
cmaloney(Also: I ordered the 14.04 discs. Not sure if they'll be here in time for the release party)01:28
cmaloneyBut will send them out to folks as requested01:29
cmaloneyI'll send out a note to the mailing list once I have them in my hot little hands.01:29
jsjgruberThat's good.01:29
jsjgruberWhat's the date for Trusty?01:30
cmaloneyApril 26th01:31
cmaloneyer, sorry.01:31
cmaloneyApril 17th01:31
cmaloneyAny other questions?01:34
jsjgruberI have a suggestion01:35
jsjgruberOff the topic of release parties01:36
cmaloneySure thing01:36
jsjgruberA little thing I try to do to help a little in bandwidth for the release--01:37
jsjgruberI wait until a few days before release and zsync the last daily for the development release (this time after this Thursday)...01:38
jsjgruberThen I zsync the release, which has never changed a thing...Then I join a bittorrent becomeing a seeder within just a couple of minutes.01:39
jsjgruberI figure it helps get the torrent going01:39
cmaloneyyeah, I think I'm going to try to do something like that as well01:39
cmaloneyespecially since this is a LTS01:40
jsjgruberI'm doing well with Trusty. How are reports? Anyone hear anything?01:40
HavenstanceHow can I install Ubuntu on a separate drive from my windows without breaking win 8?01:40
cmaloneyI haven't played with it but from what I've heard it's really shaping up to be a solid release.01:41
rick_h_I've got it on 3 machines now01:41
rick_h_get it now, less installing to do on slower pipes later01:41
jsjgruberHavenstance, when you install from the CD you can download from the Ubuntu web site, it presents you with that option. I'd wait for the next release is released on the 17th, however.01:44
jsjgruberHavenstance, you can have a look at askubuntu.com, ask here and on #ubuntu for help when you are ready to do it.01:45
HavenstanceYeah I found it I'm doing a test run now I want to see what all I can run on it before the new release when that drops I plan to install it fresh without win if possible01:45
HavenstanceI picked erase then chose the disk I wanted vs the ssd it will either work or not lol01:46
HavenstanceI have a ghost IMG of win so I'm not to worried just didn't want to if I didn't have to01:48
jsjgruberHavenstance, yep, I often install to flash drives myself. Nice and cheap if a little slow. cmaloney anything else we should cover in our meeting?01:48
HavenstanceOh shit didn't know there was a meeting haven't checked my email lol sorry guys :(01:49
jsjgruberNo problem.01:49
HavenstanceIf the meeting is regarding the new release do we know what type of ssd support if any there will be?01:50
HavenstanceThat's been my question since 13.1001:52
cmaloneyI think we're set for the meeting.01:54
cmaloneyHavenstance: I don't know particulars about the release.01:54
jsjgruberThanks, Craig.01:54
cmaloneyThanks everyone for coming out!01:55
HavenstanceHeh sry for hijacking the meeting01:56
jsjgruberHavenstance, np, you didn't know.  I'm afraid I don't know about SSD support either. I know there are some UI changes, but I'm more interested in robustness issues than hardware.01:57
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Havenstancejsjgruber, yeah I was only asking because the one time I tried to put 13.10 on my SSD in place of windows I spent days trying to get this thing working and it wouldn't. Unless I ran the SSD in IDE mode which seemed to defeat the purpose of having an SSD anyway01:59
Havenstancebut even still ubuntu is a great OS and I appreciate everything that everyone who works on it is doing for the community. I've always liked ubuntu's approach to Linux02:00
jsjgruberI see. I just don't know about SSD's. They sound cool, and I tried to debug a problem that people were having, in part, because their systems booted so fast. askubuntu may have some information for you. There have also been some recent Ubuntu 14.04 reviews that might mention this area.02:01
jsjgruberHavenstance, yep about Ubuntu itself. I think the community is generally very cool.02:03
HavenstanceI'll do some reading, I just figured while we had some people who work for canonical in here figured maybe someone might know :).02:03
rick_h_Havenstance: what are you looking for?02:07
rick_h_Havenstance: what kind of ssd support are you looking for? It adds trim support, but that's all I know about.02:07
rick_h_and I don't recall if that's trusty or the last release that had that02:07
Havenstancerick_h_, if it has trim support then it will probably run on SSD02:08
rick_h_Havenstance: it's run on ssd's forever02:08
rick_h_I've been ssd only for 4 years? 5 maybe?02:08
HavenstanceIIRC, it had trim in 13.10 but it didn't support AHCI boot mode at least not with my particular mobo02:08
Havenstancesoon as I went to IDE with no AHCI mode it worked well02:09
rick_h_I've been using ssd in desktop and laptop for at least 4 years. It's not ssd that's the issue. Must have been something else with your chipset02:09
Havenstancepossibly, they just said that the SSD wasn't officially supported yet.02:10
rick_h_yea, whoever told you that was nuts02:10
Havenstancesome guy in #ubuntu02:11
Havenstanceno clue the name lol02:11
rick_h_ok, well nuts with taste :)02:11
Havenstancebeen over a year ago02:11
cmaloneyThey may mean some of the special SSD extensions02:12
Havenstancehe said its been known to run on some SSDs but the SSD wasn't offcially supported by canonical. whether its true or not I don't officially know as I never really took the time to research it, I took it at face value and put ubuntu on my ATA and never had a problem again.02:12
cmaloneylike TRIM support02:13
cmaloneybut I think TRIM is on by default for 14.0402:13
rick_h_I guess. Maybe I've not run into strange ssd drive implementations and not noticed it02:13
HavenstanceOnly reason I even asked tonight was cuz I haven't dual booted in so long I forgot. but I ended up going with a VM on my 2nd screen so I could use Ubuntu and Windows side-by-side.02:13
rick_h_I'm pretty much intel or bust on ssds, though I have two non-intel for my msata second drives02:13
rick_h_but never had to think about it02:13
Havenstancerick_h_, its possible that I did something wrong too02:14
Havenstancethis was like my first go with 13.10 I think02:14
Havenstancebut I have an OCZ Vector as my SSD02:14
Havenstanceso maybe its actually the prob vs SSD in general who knows :)02:14
rick_h_greg-g: or widox didn't one of you run tt-rss?02:20
cmaloneyLooking into running your own?02:25
rick_h_cmaloney: no, someone suggested an extention to submit links to bookie02:25
rick_h_cmaloney: and looking for someone that's used it that can advise or be bribed :)02:25
cmaloneyAh, OK.02:25
rick_h_https://github.com/bookieio/Bookie/issues/384 ftr02:26
bookiebotopen - bookie sending plugin for tt-rss02:26
cmaloneyI might be bribed into using it. :)02:26
rick_h_I've had an open bug about trying to get newsblur updated to work with it02:26
cmaloneybut currently am running rss2email02:26
rick_h_I love the idea of sending stuff from rss straight to bookmarks02:26
cmaloneyyeah, that's an interesting prospect.02:26
cmaloneyEspecially since I'm pretty vicious with deleting old RSS entries.02:27
rick_h_yea, same here. I go through, and if I want to keep it around open it, then bookmark it02:27
greg-grick_h_: yeah, for a bit, I'm on newsblur03:40
rick_h_greg-g: ah ok03:41
Havenstancenew 14.04 just installed in less than 5 mins... EPIC11:53
cmaloneyHow's the morning so far?11:55
Havenstancenot too bad, I'll be leaving for work in just a couple minutes11:56
Havenstancebut once I get there it shouldn't be too bad11:56
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Haven|Homeearly though, hate early days lol. but anyway heading out i'll see ya in about an hour cmaloney12:03
widoxrick_h_: I used to, I'm currently using feedly13:03
cmaloneyApparently nobody wants to run their own RSS service :)13:03
widoxthe biggest reason I stopped using it was for the lack of being mobile friendly13:04
widoxbut, that was a few years ago13:04
greg-gthere's now a ttrss app in F-droid, haven't used it...15:02
brouschcmaloney: There are a couple of newer forks of planet-planet15:03
brouschI guess that' more aggregator than reader though15:04
brouschAutomatically submit each RSS feed item to Bookie with a tag "unread", then create a reader that polls those and removes the "unread" tag as you read15:06
cmaloneybrousch: That sounds painful15:06
cmaloneyI think I'm going to try to install tt-rss in a lxc container and see if I like it15:07
brouschNah, a small call to the bookie api from a modified planet-planet, then a mobile app15:07
cmaloneyor I can just use rss2email and be done with it. :)15:08
brouschI might make the Bookie thing once private bookmarks are available15:09
cmaloneyIf you want to complicate a workflow please start with your own. ;)15:09
brouschDid you rent drums yet?15:10
cmaloneysee above15:10
cmaloneybrousch: If drums are delivered to Pycon I will gladly bang on them.15:11
cmaloneybrousch: Nice15:14
cmaloneyThough I think that's not his setup from that era.15:15
cmaloneyThere's a set that I would love to play sometime.15:16
brouschThat's a lot of drums15:17
cmaloneyYep. :)15:18
cmaloneyActually, the more I look at that model I think it is closer to his setup than I remember.15:18
cmaloneyThough the heads aren't quite right.15:18
cmaloney<- big nerd.15:18
cmaloneyReminds me of someone dissing a Star Trek Miniatures game because the ships were't the right scale.15:19
brouschI want video of you sitting in the hallway with posters playing those tiny drums and singing about pyohio15:21
cmaloneyPeople in hell want ice water. :)15:22
brouschIncorrect. There are no people in Hell because Hell does not exist15:23
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greg-gjrwren: free-software only 'app store' (have we decided if that is a generic term or owned by Apple yet?)16:29
jrwrenso... a repository16:29
Haven|Workgreg-g, im impressed with the new installer 14.04 installed in about ten minutes16:38
brouschjrwren: I mentioned F-Droid to you before, when you were ranting about openness on Android17:06
greg-gjrwren: yeah, just has it's own app that kinda acts like google play17:07
brouschI'm trying to get my Kivy apps in there, but they do an automated build thing that assumes normal Android apps17:08
jrwrenyes, I couldn't remember if f-droid was the same as the app repo you mentioned before17:14
brouschF is for Free!17:14
greg-gshould I capitalize the F in F-Droid, "big F Free"17:14
jrwrenfree and in freedom of speech?17:15
cmaloneyFree as in Freedom17:16
jrwrenwhooo hooo! i gotta addthat story to my shitty tablet17:16
brouschGoogle Drive section is interesting http://www.linux.com/learn/tutorials/769023-three-alternatives-to-ubuntu-one-cloud-service/17:18
jrwrenless of this: http://www.androidpolice.com/2014/04/06/the-1-new-paid-app-in-the-play-store-costs-4-has-over-10000-downloads-a-4-7-star-rating-and-its-a-total-scam/17:23
jrwrenmore freedom17:23
brouschDamn fool users17:28
cmaloneyjrwren: How would you suggest they fix the store?17:29
jrwrencmaloney: I was not being serious?17:33
cmaloneyJust checking. :)17:43
jrwreninteresting... awscli is python3 only in trusty - http://packages.ubuntu.com/trusty/admin/awscli17:49
jrwrenpackaging your own stuff and relying on mirrors is fun. but I end up with - while ! apt-get install mynewpkg ; do sleep 60 ; apt-get update ; done18:05
mrgoodcatif pip is so much better, why is easy_install still a thing?18:16
mrgoodcatis there any reason at all to use easy_install over pip?18:16
brouschI use easy_install to install pip18:16
brouschI think easy_install can do eggs, but pip cannot18:17
jrwrenyup, there are reasons, but you don't need to know them until you need to know them :p18:17
rick_h_jrwren: ftw18:18
mrgoodcatwell that's helpful18:18
mrgoodcatthanks brousch18:18
brouschLike Internet Explorer is only useful for downloading Chrome and viewing govt websites18:19
rick_h_it'll disappear as python 3.4 has pip ootb and wheels are gaining support18:20
rick_h_man, I finished up that hatching twitter book. I wasn't going to mess with it but kept hearing about it. Crazy crazy stuff18:21
rick_h_anyone else read through it?18:21
rick_h_crazy book18:23
jrwreneggs are cool, its too bad they weren't used more.18:23
jrwrenI think now is a turning point in python world.18:23
jrwrenwe will look back on the last 5 yrs as the black death time of python18:23
jrwrenwhen eggs weren't used for reasons18:23
jrwrenwhen there were many python version.18:23
cmaloneyrick_h_: Will add it to my goodreads list.18:24
cmaloneyI'm up to ch. 6 of the Debt book.18:25
cmaloneyI really wish the library catalog had a way to save URLs.18:27
cmaloneytheir URLs are completely non-functional out of the session.18:27
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