jeaI think that won't work properly, due to flash not being supported on Linux except in Chrome00:00
ttttttttttit works ok if i dont install the plugin 00:01
ttttttttttif i install the plugin the video is distorted00:01
jeamaybe without the plugin the sites are serving video using HTML5 objects00:02
tttttttttt@ youtube 00:02
meetingologytttttttttt: Error: "youtube" is not a valid command.00:02
jeawhich is the preferred way now, and should be smoother00:02
jeayes, youtube definitely can do HTML5 video00:02
ttttttttttok so maybe its not flash that i am viewing00:03
jeatry right clicking on a video without flash install00:03
jeaif it says flash, then it is using it. if not, then HTML5 video00:03
ttttttttttyoure right its html500:05
jeai would keep flash removed00:05
jeaand only use it in chrome00:05
ttttttttttbut i need flash for another site i use 00:06
jeachrome flash uses the Pepper API00:06
jeaand is kept up to date, meaning you get latest features and security patches00:06
jeaI realise that Chrome is not as open as Firefox, but I prefer the security of flash being updated over a old version of flash00:07
ttttttttttso there is no way to get flash to run in firefox?00:07
jeaonly the old version, something like 11.200:07
jea(i haven't looked at the version number for a while)00:07
tttttttttti will give chrome a try but i see google as spy net and try to avoid 00:08
jeayes, i can understand00:09
ttttttttttok i will look into getting older plugin thanks00:09
ttttttttttjea  are u still here  ...just installed chrome ..same thing happening.. flash is distorted same as firefox.. must be something to do with codecs00:32
jeayou are using the latest version of chrome, not chromium?00:34
ttttttttttchromium from synaptic00:34
jeachromium does not include the latest flash00:35
ttttttttttmaybe i need to reboot ?00:35
jeaonly chrome straight from google includes the flash plugin00:35
jeanope, i don't think rebooting will change anything00:35
ttttttttttso i uninstall chromium and get chrome from google ?00:37
tttttttttt ok will try  ..be interesting to see what happens.. i just tried chromium codecs extra package made no difference . 00:48
jeayeah, i doubt that would change anything unfortunately00:49
ttttttttttthanks jea...chrome flash works.. will also look into getting older plugin for firefox.  in the meantime will use chrome for flash sites 01:02
jeai suspect you had the older plugin for firefox, which didn't work01:03
jeai personally would just leave flash out of firefox, due to the security issues01:03
ttttttttttno i have  the latest01:04
jeachrome will keep its own flash updated all the time, so it will be more secure01:04
jeaAs that says, Linux (firefox and chromium) only support up to 11.201:04
jeaChrome will use the latest, currently 1301:05
ttttttttttyoure right i'll stay with chrome thanks again01:08
jeano worries. glad it got sorted out01:09

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