shaunoI think I'm just gonna give up and go to sleep.  strings in C should be banned.00:19
ali1234depends on your definition of "round it" i guess00:30
diddledanali1234: I would guess by the context he meant massage to the _nearest_ integer01:59
diddledanrather than floor or ceil02:00
mappswhos still up then eh03:27
* diddledan hides03:33
mapps:) been doing much?04:20
diddledanthis evening I been looking at posix implementations for windows04:21
diddledanthey all suck04:21
diddledanwith only 8GB of RAM running a VM can get painful04:27
mappsdpkg: error processing zentyal-core (--purge):04:31
mapps subprocess installed post-removal script returned error exit status 104:31
mappsRemoving zentyal-common ...04:31
mappsPurging configuration files for zentyal-common ...04:31
mappsErrors were encountered while processing:04:31
mapps zentyal-core04:31
MartijnVdSmapps: check /var/lib/dpkg/info/zentyal-core.postrm04:33
MartijnVdSmapps: find the line it's erroring on04:33
mappsit hink its because ive half removed it04:34
mappswhat a mess04:34
MartijnVdSit should be in the "dpkg" log a few lines above what you pasted04:34
MartijnVdSmapps: ^04:34
mappsoke:D lets see04:34
diddledanmorning, MartijnVdS04:35
mappsim not sure what im looking for :(04:38
mappsebox       648  0.0  0.2   9240  2568 ?        Ss   05:31   0:00 uwsgi --ignore-sigpipe --buffer-size 10240 --plugins 0:psgi --uid ebox --gid ebox --umask 000 -s /run/zentyal-webadmin/webadmin.sock --psgi /usr/share/zentyal/psgi/zentyal.psgi04:38
mappspesky things still running, which is why apache isnt working on non https04:38
diddledandoes anyone use microsoft's onedrive/office thingy?05:29
diddledanI'm trying to get it to edit a newly created document and it's just failing outright05:29
diddledanin chrome it says "a timeout occurred"05:29
diddledanand in a windows vm running IE11 it says "this page cannot be displayed"05:30
MooDoomoaning all05:40
miseria"los discursos politicos y su demagogia, para torturar un pueblo, son decorados con la frase: *derechos humanos*" bienvenidos: http://castroruben.com *temo_a_un_ser_sin_rival*05:42
diddledanI was about to say the exact same thing05:42
MooDoowhat lol05:42
MooDoodiddledan: ah it's about human rights05:43
diddledanI couldn't be assed to gtranslate it05:44
MooDooi shouldn't have been really, but pah i'm a sucker05:44
diddledannow then. why won't office365 work for me?05:45
MooDooyou broke it?05:46
diddledanI only wanted to see how it behaved with my file, but it won't even load on a blank document05:47
diddledanhttps://office.live.com/start/excel.aspx fails, as does going via onedrive.live.com and clicking on an xlsx file05:47
MooDooI'm not at home or i'd try it myself05:48
diddledanoh wait. it's suddenly working now05:48
diddledanor not05:49
diddledanthe start/excel.aspx actually got further by displaying a splash but clicking through to a "new workbook" fails again05:49
diddledanit's not limited to one system either05:51
diddledanboth a windows vm and my mac are failing05:51
jussimorning all06:13
diddledanello jussi06:15
jussihi diddledan06:15
MooDoohello jussi06:17
* IoTDayCharredWin gives a shout out to www.mnubo.com as it be the IoTday - must be worth a tweet, huh .06:52
MooDoowow another?06:53
jussioh hiya MooDoo :D06:53
MooDooyeah yeah jussi didn't see me eh¬06:53
jussiMooDoo: I was busy updating06:54
jussihrm, it is far too easy to accidentaly write busty instead of busy...06:55
MooDoooh done that a lot of times.06:55
diddledanI'm often accused of being too busty06:55
MooDooespecially to a female boss, I know your busty but can you.....06:55
jussithats an embarassing one...06:56
diddledanfunny cat is funny06:59
smittixMorning all07:11
* smittix yawns07:11
smittixHow goes MooDoo?07:11
MooDoosmittix: yeah fine thanks :D07:12
smittixGood good. Morning bashrc07:12
smittixYou still using 14.04 MooDoo ?07:12
MooDoosmittix: dual boot, win 8.1.1 and ubuntu07:13
smittixTried Elementary OS yesterday.07:14
smittixVery pretty heh07:14
MooDooyeah I saw the video07:14
MooDoonew version is based on 14.04 LTS07:15
smittixJust doesn't feel as stable though07:15
smittixYeah ISIS looks hot.07:15
diploMorning all07:19
knightwisemorning everyone07:26
knightwisesmittix: what version of elementary ? the one based on 1204 ?07:27
knightwiseI have reinstalled my wifes imac with elementary07:27
MooDooknightwise: that's the only one that's available isn't it?  isis isn't released yet from what the video said07:28
knightwiseyep ,07:31
knightwisebut its a cool distro07:31
knightwisenice mix between speed and looks07:31
knightwisesimple and done right.07:31
* knightwise thinks KDE should take a page from their book07:31
diploI want to send emails via a particular mail server so need to specify it, my company currently use a program called "email" on the cli which allows that07:40
diploAnyone recommend another ?07:40
diplomail doesn't offer that option as far as I can tell07:40
jussiknightwise: elementary does some strange things that I would hat for KDE to do07:45
jussilike binary configs for example...07:45
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.07:45
dwatkinsallo allo08:01
brobostigonmorning dwatkins08:03
BigRedS__diplo: ssmtp? It basically replaces sendmail with something that punts everything at a smarthost08:06
diploBigRedS__: You read my mind, installed about 10 mins ago08:11
diploJust configuring nwo08:11
brobostigonhas anyone seen the following error, when tyring to install a new package. please.08:13
brobostigonbin/sh: 1: /usr/sbin/apt-listbugs: not found08:13
brobostigonE: Sub-process /usr/sbin/apt-listbugs apt returned an error code (127)08:13
brobostigonE: Failure running script /usr/sbin/apt-listbugs apt08:13
brobostigonFailed to perform requested operation on package.  Trying to recover:08:13
brobostigonits blocking apt-get upgrade also.08:14
BigRedS__at the risk of suggesting the obvious, can you apt-get install apt-listbugs?08:15
brobostigonapt-listbugs is already the newest version.08:17
brobostigonand it is there. ls /usr/sbin/apt*08:21
JamesTaitGood morning all!  Happy Cherish An Antique Day! :-D08:37
* DJones cherishes himself08:38
* brobostigon joins in.08:38
* jussi polishes DJones08:39
DJonesooh shiny08:39
DJonesI must be an iProduct :)08:39
dogmatic69I got a new toy http://www.adafruit.com/products/60908:39
awilkinsNetwork question : Having problems with H2 (Java) databases because they set themselves up to listen on
awilkinse.g. adwi2@tachikoma:~/h2/bin$ java -cp h2-1.3.176.jar org.h2.tools.Server08:45
awilkinsTCP server running at tcp:// (only local connections)08:45
awilkinsPG server running at pg:// (only local connections)08:45
awilkinsWeb Console server running at (only local connections)08:45
bashrcwhat is neTV?08:45
awilkinsBut they don't listen to but they will accept connections on
awilkinsThis sucks because apps that believe they are on then fail to work08:46
MartijnVdSawilkins: ip addr show dev lo08:46
MartijnVdSawilkins: it should have:08:46
MartijnVdS    inet scope host lo08:46
awilkinsMartijnVdS, Yup, do have that - inet scope host lo08:47
awilkinsOk, so the browser works if I fiddle with my proxy settings08:48
awilkins(ie - turn off my PAC script)08:48
* awilkins adds an exception for his own hostname08:49
MartijnVdSawilkins: check the hostname for in /etc/hosts08:49
awilkinsOk, that doesn't work08:49
awilkinsIt's the right hostname08:49
awilkinsI've seen the Debian bug discussing this...08:50
awilkinsMain problem it's causing me is Jubula in Eclipse is refusing to connect to an embedded H2 database08:51
awilkinsGetting this in the stack dump : org.h2.jdbc.JdbcSQLException: Exception opening port H2 TCP Server (tcp:// (port may be in use), cause: timeout [90061-117]08:51
awilkinsnetstat sayeth : org.h2.jdbc.JdbcSQLException: Exception opening port H2 TCP Server (tcp:// (port may be in use), cause: timeout [90061-117]08:52
awilkinstcp6       0      0 [::]:42457              [::]:*                  LISTEN08:52
* awilkins adds exception for to Eclipse proxy settings08:53
* awilkins turns off proxy in Eclipse08:55
awilkinsAT LAST08:55
awilkinsOk, problem solved08:56
selinuxiumMorning ol08:56
awilkinsWell, changed08:56
awilkinsNew problem is how to keep Eclipse connected to update sites and things through proxy...08:56
MartijnVdSthis kills the proxy08:56
jussitoday's music :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PdiCJUysIT009:05
* diddledan hunkers down for gentoo patch-hell09:13
awilkinsFor Heartbleed bug?09:14
awilkinsOk, so turning off proxy totally in Eclipse makes it work, but configuring it properly doesn't. I hate proxies.09:16
andrewebdevon Ubuntu server, can I just do a apt-get update && apt-get upgrade, to fix heartbleed?09:17
awilkinsandrewebdev, Yes09:17
andrewebdevonce fix was applied?09:17
andrewebdevcool thx09:17
andrewebdevhave the patch been pushed to the repos yet?09:17
awilkinsHeartbleed fix is already available in all current lsb-releases09:17
diddledanandrewebdev: you should restart anything that uses ssl09:18
awilkinsHas been since yesterday09:18
andrewebdevcool tyvm :)09:18
diddledanI saw a nice one-liner to figure out which apps were using the old version but I've since lost it09:18
diddledansomething to do with /proc/*/map IIRC09:18
MartijnVdSor just reboot09:21
diddledanheh mission critical stuff can't be down for the length of a reboob09:26
jussithis is pretty cool... http://www.ponomusic.com/09:28
bashrcgot the ubuntu one shutdown email.  I did use ubuntu one to some extent, but once I started running my own server then I no longer needed it.09:28
awilkinsUbuntu One's major problem was the Windows client..09:32
awilkinsWell, and the Linux client09:32
jussinope. its major issue was no one cared...09:33
awilkinsWell, that too09:33
awilkinsNo-one cared because the Windows client sucked hard though09:33
bashrcI never even tried to use it on windows09:34
awilkinsWhen Dropbox generally works, why would you want to install something that doesn't work well, and has a name tied up with an OS that you are not using?09:34
jussiHere is neil young talking about that Pono device: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pa2rpJtUItE09:34
MartijnVdSawilkins: the name Canonical One was taken09:34
awilkinsNow Dropbox has the name-recognition and you have the upstarts trying to get in on their turf by offering storage sizes an order of magnitude larger (and presumably, they also have clients that work well)09:35
awilkinsDropbox could improve. The main thing that would make it better for me would be better proxy support09:36
awilkinsAFAICR the Ubuntu One client (at the time I tried it) didn't even support the system proxy settings on Ubuntu, and didn't have any proxy settings you could access on either platform.09:37
awilkinsDropbox doesn't support PAC scripts, which is gripe one, and NTLMv2 auth, which is gripe 2, but at least you can manually configure it09:38
awilkinsThanks for reminding me, actually, will have to migrate Mom to Dropbox.09:38
MyrttiI use, when I need to use something to sync stuff with, either rsync to my own server, or Spideroak09:47
BigRedS__Anyone know if dig is installed on OSX Mavericks by default?09:57
diddledanBigRedS__: yes09:58
BigRedS__whoop! ta09:58
davmor2Morning all10:06
BigRedS__Good Morning!10:09
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codecowboyhi all. is there a one liner to list all users with ftp access?11:01
directhexcodecowboy, no, because it depends on your ftp server configuration11:02
codecowboydirecthex cool thanks. ps aux shows me sftp-server is running. i guess that means anyone with ssh can ftp in?11:04
directhexSFTP isn't the same thing as FTP. but i suspect anyone with SSH access can SFTP in in your configuration11:05
jussibreaking the law, breaking the law.... you dont know what its like!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11:29
jussioh come on... you arent ALL  asleep ?11:31
jussihi MartijnVdS :)11:33
BigRedS_jussi: Have you been on the E-numbers?11:36
jussiBigRedS_: maybe...11:36
diddledanwhich law?11:36
jussiBigRedS_: I dunno what is in this Ramen... its only got chinese writing...11:37
jussididdledan: THE law11:37
MartijnVdSof the land?11:37
jussiMartijnVdS: I dunno. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L397TWLwrUU11:37
MartijnVdSjussi: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KsS0cvTxU-8 ?11:38
BigRedS_Well, I'm still hearing Limp Bizkit for the "you don't know what it's like" bit... :/11:39
BigRedS_And I think that' the wrong lyric for the song anyway11:40
popeyhey, any github experts.. ?11:47
popeythat first git clone line fails for me...11:47
diddledanpopey: use https://github.com/asyncjs/asyncjs.github.com.git instead of the git@github bit11:48
diddledangit clone https://github.com/asyncjs/asyncjs.github.com.git11:49
popeyhuh, ok11:49
diddledanoh maybe I'm wrong, but that will work - USERNAME needs to be changed in the line they give11:49
diddledanaah you want to edit?11:50
diddledanif you want to edit your own copy then you'll need to give github an ssh key that you'll use11:50
popeyi want to edit11:51
popeyand they have my ssh key11:51
diddledanhave you clicked the "fork" button on the repo you want to fork?11:51
diddledanI don't see the asyncjs.github.com repo in your personal list11:52
diddledango here: https://github.com/asyncjs/asyncjs.github.com and click the "fork" button top-right11:52
diddledanthat'll create a copy that you can then clone and edit11:53
diddledanonce github has forked it you should be able to use the line you previously failed on11:54
diddledanno probs :-)11:55
diddledangrr @ heartbleed12:02
diddledanI've spent all morning so far and only managed to update 6 machines12:02
diddledanonly another 28 to go12:03
MooDooit's a pain a big pain12:04
MooDooluckily unless you have ssl's it's an easy fix.12:05
jussididdledan: my comiserations. Im glad I do not have your job :D12:06
diddledan4 more are compiling away now12:08
diddledaneffing gentoo12:08
MartijnVdSdiddledan: and then there's the certificate replacement12:09
MartijnVdSdiddledan: well, KEY replacement12:10
jussididdledan: own fault.. (if you were the one who chose gentoo)12:12
MooDoogentoo ouch12:12
diddledannope, gentoo was decided upon before I got here12:13
popey\o/ pull request created12:14
popey42 is the best pull request number12:14
jussifar out12:15
jussihow hard can it be to write: :D12:15
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mappshm hm hm now what to do about zentyal14:15
shaunonuke it from orbit14:18
MooDooit's the only way to be sure14:18
mappsi tried14:20
mappscant get rid of it totally14:24
mappsreally becoming a pain14:24
shaunohow did you install it ?14:25
mappsi cant remember tbh i thought i ust added their repo and used apt-get zentyal14:33
mappsbut ive remoed it that way and it fails..and theres stll something running..clogging up port 808014:33
SirMarkyHello - anyone here who can answer a quick Nvidia question for me and overclocking with 13.10?14:35
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mappsask away14:40
SirMarkyI've installed the latest driver and set the nvidia tool to overclocking mode, but I'm uncertain which values will be stable.  I need a tool to show me output on graphics as I migrate up the stages.  With the ASUS Windows software I just move up the slider until it stops responding.  That doesn't seem to work as well here14:44
SirMarkyI want to push the card to the highest for x-plane.14:44
mappsoh, no idea sorry hopefuly someone else does14:50
* mapps is a n00b14:50
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bigcalmGood morning peeps :)19:04
davmor2bigcalm: what timezone you in ;)19:05
bashrcmorning bigcalm19:06
brobostigonnos da19:12
brobostigonnoswaith dda, :)19:13
davmor2brobostigon: you're not allowed to go the internet says so, so less of you good night :P19:14
brobostigoni misremebered my welsh, not bed time yet.19:15
davmor2popey: my adb permissions fix works but so far I've had no joy moving file via mtp/file path19:20
davmor2popey: bash insists that the path doesn't exist which doesn't help19:48
dogmatic69_everyone seen this... http://heartbleed.com/21:05
ali1234yes, about a million billion times :/21:08
dogmatic69_look at it again21:08
diddledannothing new21:13
daftykinsdogmatic69_: yeah what are you getting at?21:21
dogmatic69_daftykins: ?21:29
daftykins'look at it again' ?21:29
daftykinswhat were you pointing out21:30
dogmatic69_nothing specific21:30
dogmatic69_just like billion times was not enough :P21:30
shaunothat's pretty evil21:37
diddledanthe inevitable heartbleed-related password reset requests are starting to arrive22:21
shaunoyou know this is all your fault, right?22:25
shaunoif you hadn't gone upgrading those 4yo boxes, you wouldn't have been exposed :)22:26
shauno(file this one under "things not to mention when you're begging them to drop gentoo")22:33
shaunolxde doesn't fit on this touchscreen very well :/22:36
diddledanI'll leave this here and go to bed22:50
daftykinsfor the WHOLE series!?22:51
diddledanthey're up to ep1522:51
daftykinsever hear of the series Twin Peaks?22:52
diddledanI only know the name22:52
daftykinsah well, amusingly fans are continuing it on twitter XD22:53
daftykinsquite an amusing idea22:53
shaunoI still haven't watched any of the "star trek continues" stuff23:16
daftykinsreally? so anything beyond the film?23:17
daftykinsoh my bad i read stargate instead of star trek ¬_¬23:18
shaunooh, stargate I've only seen the film23:19
shaunowell, the odd episode when I'm suffering from 200 channels of tripe, but they never grabbed me23:19
daftykinsit's one of the classic style of series where there's lots of filler and only some over-arcing plot23:22
daftykinswatching with a guide that spells those out might be easier23:22
ali1234sg1 is like x-files, in that the filler episodes are the best ones23:23
daftykinsnot so sure about that, heh23:24
ali1234and also they both started to suck after like 6 seasons23:25
daftykinsyeah X Files went funny when Mulder left23:31

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