AlienFreakhi all.00:56
AlienFreakso... haven't done an Ubuntu release party yet, but I'm presuming there's more going on there...then just installing Ubuntu? I've been running it for a while already...00:57
pleia2AlienFreak: there is an installfest in Orange county, but the release party in SF shouldn't have any installs at all01:09
AlienFreakworks for me. :)01:09
AlienFreakorange county is a bit of a drive coming from sf.01:10
pleia2there will be a short presentation, demo systems with some of the flavors (hopefully a couple tablets),01:10
pleia2free pizza and drinks :d01:10
nhainesAlienFreak: "release party" tends to mean a social event, usually with food.01:47
nhainesSo usually there's no installing of Ubuntu.  But it depends on the venue!  :)01:47
AlienFreakk.  That's fine.  I've been meaning to get more involved with the FOSS community in the are (SF) just always miss the dates.  or keep forgetting to mark them down in my calendar01:50
nhainesThe release parties are no pressure events, so it's a great time to come down and say hi to everyone and just get to know everyone.01:50
nhainesWe can rope you into volunteer work later.  ;)01:50
AlienFreaklol.  That's fine.  As long as it's for a good 'cause i'm pretty open to that... time pending01:54
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raevolhalfway there...16:16
sudormrfto where?16:39
raevolsudormrf: Friday16:56
ianorlinsigh thinking there are stores that sell laptops with ubuntu on it is a wierd reason to take a job that will require me to move to china and I should definitely not say that in the interview.18:54
kdubraevol, yesterday, i was so pumped that it was friday 'tomorrow'21:30
kdubwas pretty bummed out when I was told it was only tuesday21:30
raevolkdub: that's the worst, hahahaha21:39
nhainesI'm very happy with the installfest computer data sheet and liability release forms I whipped up in LibreOffice last night.22:36
nhainesThey're slightly modified from the installfest HOWTO on TLDP, but they look nice and are single page now.22:37
rwwwhoo, leaving for SF Ubuntu Hour and Debian Thing now :322:39
sudormrfrww, I was thinking about going to that22:48
sudormrfanyone else in here going?22:49
nhainesrww is.22:49
sudormrfdo you guys put up something on your table so we know who you are?22:49
sudormrfnhaines, lol I know :D22:49
sudormrfI just don't want to show up and look like a nugget asking random people if they do the uboontooz22:49
nhaines"No, I've been clean for 3 years now."22:50
sudormrfwould probably get those kinds of answers in SF :P22:50
sudormrfbut srsly though, how is a n00b to the group supposed to know? :D22:51
nhainesWhen pleia2 hosts them, there are a few small plushies on the table.22:51
darthrobotTitle: [Ubuntu Hour San Francisco | Ubuntu LoCo Team Portal]22:52
sudormrfwho is hosting this one?22:52
sudormrfTUX PLUSHIES!22:52
nhainesI don't know if pleia2 is around or off on one of her fantastic voyages right now.  I know there are replacement hosts lined up for those meetings.22:53
nhainesI'd say to look out for Ubuntu shirts as a start.22:53
sudormrfhopefully with tux plushies?22:53
sudormrfhopefully people don't look at me scornfully with my fedora install :P22:53
nhainesIt's okay.  14.04's almost out of beta so we can fix that.  ;)22:54
sudormrf14.04 is going on my servers :D22:54
sudormrfwork laptop...maybe not :D22:54
nhainesThey won't even know.22:55
sudormrfman.  replaced my two raspberry pi's with a single i3 NUC running ubuntu server.  My goodness this NUC is blowing them out of the water22:55
sudormrflol my work would probably prefer that I put a windows install back on this laptop.  NEVAR!22:55
sudormrfnot on bare metal at least22:55
nhainesOoh, I want a NUC.22:57
sudormrfyeah.  I was REALLY taxing my raspis22:57
sudormrfI bought the cheapest NUC with a core i processor I could find.  found out it didn't have ethernet after it got delivered.  but it does have thunderbolt.  solved wired networking problem with apple thunderbolt-ethernet adapter22:58
sudormrfSOOO much faster on the network than the raspis.  raspis share the same lanes as the USB does on the raspi PCB.22:59
sudormrfso any ethernet intensive stuff taxes the CPU hard on the raspi22:59
sudormrfthe NUC is cool though.  if the next mac mini doesn't have AC wifi and iris pro (they probably will) then I am going to buy a gigabyte brix.23:00
nhainesNice.  I've heard good things.  :)23:02
sudormrfyeah.  now if only someone would release an internal laptop 3x3 AC wifi card already23:17
nhainesHehe, oh well.  eventually!23:19
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