lazyPowerbalboah: Yep. Considering MAAS has no idea how to communicate with the machines through a virtualbox's hypervisor. If you were testing with KVM you could setup the machines power management via virsh and it would properly start/stop the instances.03:16
joseit looks like someone's not partying this weekend03:17
joselazyPower: checking how to implement that03:21
lazyPowereh i'm only around for a bit longer. Doing a Digital Ocean juju deployment of owncloud and documenting the process03:21
lazyPowerwe need to get SSL support on this charm before we can make it a suggested path forward03:22
josethat's what I meant, I'll check and see what can I do with the charm03:22
lazyPoweralso, i would nack your deb install - because you removed the option to install from source :(03:22
lazyPowerit should be extended, with the deb being the default03:22
joseI haven't removed the option to install from source?03:23
lazyPowerlet me double check, when i scanned the MP i saw red over the source installations03:23
lazyPowerok, thats what i get for not looking closer03:24
lazyPoweryou added the option. right on03:24
joseyeah :P03:24
lazyPowerjose: i'll nack it just to make you ask questions, cuz i'm a spaz like that ;P03:25
lazyPowerjose:  you dont remove the .migrating file in here after restoring the data.03:27
lazyPowerlooking athttp://bazaar.launchpad.net/~jose/charms/precise/owncloud/port-change+repo-support/view/head:/hooks/upgrade-charm03:27
joseoh, whoops, will fix that now03:28
joselazyPower: a problem I find with SSL is the cert, but if you have to go I think we can discuss this on Monday03:32
lazyPowerCerts are a solved problem03:32
lazyPowerLook at charm helpers SSL module03:33
lazyPowerand other charms that have a ssl-everywhere branch. They use charmhelpers to build the self signed certs03:33
lazyPoweri plugged the modification into Nagios about a month ago03:33
josehmm, I'll check03:33
joseI should mention, charm-tools failed to build on the PPA03:35
lazyPowerjose: charmhelpers != charm tools03:43
joseoh, do you have a minute to check on my amulet test?03:44
joseseems to be failing, no idea why03:45
lazyPowerlink to code + output?03:45
josecode is https://code.launchpad.net/~jose/charms/precise/subway/add-tests03:45
joseand I'm running the test now to get the output03:45
lazyPowerhaha, you took my approach of using splinter03:46
lazyPowertheres one problem with this approach - it will fail CI consistently03:46
lazyPowerfor whatever reason teh dependencies never get loaded properly03:47
josehmm, maybe that's the problem03:47
joseI remember something about a file not being found03:47
lazyPowerI would just use python requests and parse the output for abs match's03:47
lazyPowereg: <title>Subway</title>03:47
josehmm, ok, I'll investigate tha03:48
lazyPowerhah cool04:05
lazyPowerthis seems to work pretty well04:05
lazyPowerre: owncloud on DO with a 1GB memory provider and a single user04:05
lazyPowerjose: did you add the desktop client and interface with this at all when you were testing?04:10
joselazyPower: desktop client and interface? huh? what?04:11
lazyPowerjose: there's a desktop client for owncloud, akin to the ubuntu1 desktop client for sync'ing content to owncloud04:11
joseI didn't test it with that04:11
joseI can test it now, though04:11
lazyPoweri'm putting it through the ropes as we speak04:12
lazyPowersyncing about 8gb worth of content04:12
josethank you04:13
josemy upload speed is 20KBps04:13
lazyPowerjose: yeah i've got ya beat. this is with the sync in progress - http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/345019351604:15
joseI want those speeds! :(04:16
lazyPowerand, done04:20
lazyPowernot bad04:20
lazyPowerwith a single client this setup works pretty well. I need to make some files collide04:21
lazyPowersee how it handles it, but i'm pretty happy with the results of this04:21
joseI tried with two users on the same instance, but we didn't get to upload too many files04:21
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ghartmannmy juju local provider machines lock on pending state and never get delivered, I tried finding hints on the logs but I couldn't find anything20:29
joseghartmann: it's a known bug (bug 1309805)20:34
_mup_Bug #1309805: LXC / Local provider machines do not boot in 1.18 / 1.19 series <juju-core:Confirmed> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1309805>20:34
josecan you mark that it affects you, please?20:35
ghartmannI am using local providers to validate my charms20:39
ghartmannso it is a blocking issue20:40
ghartmannwhat alternatives do I have ?20:40
ghartmanndo we have an older ppa that would point to an working version ?20:42
joseghartmann: not exactly, you may use other providers such as EC220:46
joseif you are new to EC2 I can help you configure it with juju for free usage for a year (they give a free tier)20:46
ghartmannI have used EC2 for a few years it's just that I am prototyping locally now20:53
ghartmannI was very happy on how quickly I could spin dbs and apps on my local server20:54
ghartmannso I moved from using vagrant+lxc to juju20:55
joseyeah, unfortunately that bug's preventing from deploying in local20:56
joseunless... let me try something20:56
josenope, I don't know of a workaround21:00
ghartmannah, well ...21:01
ghartmannit's go now right ?21:02
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joseyou mean, the language juju-core is written in?21:02
joseyes, golang21:03
ghartmannI will see if I can find out why it is getting in this state21:03
josecool :)21:04
jose#juju-dev may have people who know about it more than myself21:04
ghartmannnot so familiar with go though21:04
ghartmannha thanks .. didn't knew about this channel21:05

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