Kilosmorning all06:37
Kiloshi Golynx 08:40
Golynxhi Kilos08:45
Kilosmorning nlsthzn 09:13
Kilosso how is your 14.04?09:13
nlsthzngot annoyed with Ubu so now on busy setting up Xubu 14.0409:14
Kilosyou too impatient09:14
Golynxhi nlsthzn09:15
nlsthznthere comes a time when stuff should start to work as intended, especially after so many years :p09:15
Kilosmine worked lekker09:17
Kilosi think09:17
Kilosmaybe im just used to first having to sort things09:17
nlsthznthat shouldn't be the norm :p09:20
Kilosxubu was even worse for me09:20
nlsthznnah, in xubu so far no issues09:20
Kilosdidnt last 2 days09:20
nlsthznnot yet anyway09:20
Golynxxubu is like xp :-/09:21
Golynxonly better 09:22
Golynxonly thing i dont like in xfce is the lack of search for files. You gotta install a search app yourself09:24
Kilosnlsthzn, what didnt work with buntu that you got annoyed09:24
nlsthznnah this time it wasn't anything with ubu that got me annoyed, I didn't keep it long enough for it to annoy me... but I need a better DE for gaming than Unity09:35
nlsthznI install Synapse... finds and launches and opens anything/everything...09:36
charl_good morning all10:04
charl_Maaz: coffee on10:04
* Maaz washes some mugs10:04
charl_hi Kilos 10:04
charl_hi nlsthzn 10:04
Kiloshi charl_ 10:04
charl_hi Golynx 10:04
KilosMaaz, coffee please10:04
MaazKilos: Done10:04
Golynxhi charl_10:04
MaazCoffee's ready for charl_ and Kilos!10:08
KilosMaaz, danke10:08
charl_Maaz: thanks10:53
Maazcharl_: No problem10:53
charl_it seems like the new ubuntu release went pretty well11:01
charl_i have been hearing positive things all round11:01
Kilosworks great here11:50
charl_yeah here too11:51
charl_even unity seems to be maturing now11:51
charl_i watched a review on tweakers and they said that this is a pretty solid release, even for unity11:51
Kilosberus even founf macfanctl in the repos11:59
charl_bertus ?!12:00
charl_is that some new package management tool ?12:01
Kilosno man new ubuntu user12:03
Kiloswiped all windows yesterday12:04
charl_ah, then his windows are clean so he can get a good view of outside12:04
charl_i need to clean my windows in fact, they are dirty from the winter12:04
charl_full of dust12:04
Kilosyou only need to clean them if you want to see through them12:05
Golynxlol @ charl_12:10
Kiloshi smile 14:55
smilehi! :D14:55
captineevening all.  How is everyone's 14.04 treating them. I am loving it.  Seems rock solid16:29
Kiloshi captine 16:40
Kilosyeah mine also works kiff16:40
Kilosyo bduk1 wat nou?17:11
bduk1Nie veel nie Kilos  en daarso17:12
Kilosspeel met 14.0417:12
Kilosjulle kuier mos net op werks dae, is jy siek?17:13
bduk1Nee darem nie Met die laaang naweek besluit om my ubuntu bietjie by die huis in te plug17:14
bduk1Ek was Vrydag aand ook op maar julle was so besig my nie eers gesien nie17:18
Kiloshaha skuus man17:18
Kilosjy moet groet as jy inkom17:18
bduk1Ek dink ek het doen gewoonlik. Maar ek doen so 3 of 4 dinge gelyk terwyl ek vir een ding wag doen ek al iets anders en my groet kon dalk daar verlore geraak het17:20
bduk1One track minded met maaany things in mind17:22
Kilosthats a sign of oncoming old age17:23
bduk1shuuut 17:24
Kilosoh my18:12
Kilosirc timed me out?18:12
captineubuntu 14.04 review on Linux Action Show is getting an awesome review (and the hosts moved from ubuntu months ago to Arch and are loving it)18:14
Kiloscaptine, how clever are you in the linux field18:15
Kilosi need someone to check something with apt-get and see if im mad or not18:16
captineI am pretty new18:16
Kilosok you lucky then18:16
captinemainly copy paste from websites.  am wanting to do a course for fun18:16
captinewhat's the apt-get issue?  I have had some in the past18:17
Kilosi do apt-get update18:17
Kilosthen apt-get upgrade18:17
Kilosthen aptitude upgrade which does the kernel sutff too18:17
Kilosso the system should be fully up to date right?18:18
Kilosok do you have synaptic installed18:18
captineshould be.  I have found that sometimes there is a slight delay in the repo's sync'ing... once it happened to me.  18:18
captinenope.  i dont have synaptic at the moment18:19
captinetrying to act like a newb and use software centre...18:19
Kilosok this has been going since 10.10 days18:19
Kilosi open synaptic and reinstall everything from there . like all the a's and b's then apply18:20
Kilosive just been through everything and it downloaded over 300m more to get everything up to date18:21
Kilosso imo apt-get is missing something18:21
Kiloshi superfly 18:22
Kilosi get the same in kde with muon18:22
Kilostumbleweed, hi, do you perhaps have an answer for this18:24
Kilosi need an aptitude or apt-get command to reinstall to reinstall all installed packages18:28
Kilosmanually in synaptic takes all day18:28
Kiloslol have you tried?18:37
captinejust the issue is weird18:38
Kilosmaybe its just by me i dunno18:38
captinenope.  maybe change your repositories to the uk ones and see if that works?18:39
captineor to some other ones18:39
Kilosno man its not the repos its something in apt-get that isnt seeing that lots of the installed packages are latest version18:40
Kilosit accepts them as installed but the reinstall sees there is stuff missing18:40
captinesorry i cannot be of more assistance Kilos20:01
captineI am one that just re-installs when totally stuck... not the best.. but sometimes quicker20:01
Kiloslol np captine i been doing it the hard way for years20:01
Kiloseverything is working, its just they arent updated to the latest thats all20:02
Kilosill figure it out one day maybe some thing in the line of20:04
Kilossudo aptitude reinstall *.deb20:04
Kilosthere must surely be a command along that line20:05
Kilosill go to one of the dev channels one day20:06
Kilossuperfly, look at the synaptic way to install packages to offline pcs from usb stick20:16
Kiloslooks easy enough20:17
Kilos3/4 way down the page20:17
Kiloswith a script made by synaptis for the usb20:17
captinei was reading this to save me time next time i re-install something20:24
Kilosnight all. sleep tight20:36

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