mspittel1961My desktop icons keep rearranging themselves on each boot. Can this be prevented?00:04
creeeaturahi everyone. can anyone kindly assist a newbie? :)00:07
mspittel1961what's your problem?00:07
knomemspittel1961, are you by any chance running xubuntu in a virtualized environment?00:07
creeeaturaI'm installing xubuntu on an old laptop for my mom - problem is, I'm lacking the firmware for the wireless card00:08
mspittel1961Not now. Bare metal recovered from somebody's trash can.00:08
knomemspittel1961, are you saving your session?00:09
mspittel1961No. I even deactivated the option in the shutdown menu.00:10
knomemspittel1961, you might need to save once with the new order00:10
mspittel1961This machine is for a gift to a linux newbie and I want a reboot to be a reboot00:11
knomerather than doing desktop icons, why not save items to the whiskermenu favorites?00:11
mspittel1961I'm using Xubuntu in Spanish and whisker is unusable. Y deleted it and put classic "Applications menu" instead00:13
knomemspittel1961, you can edit the regular applications menu with menulibre as well00:13
mspittel1961I tend to use the desktop as a temporary storage for things waiting to be stored somewhere else or deleted00:14
mspittel1961Let say for ongoing tasks.00:14
knomeright... so why does it matter if they got rearranged?00:15
mspittel1961I don't have launchers on the Desktop, just regular folders an files00:15
knomebut it's potentially a bug00:15
knomethe icons should be saved per resolution00:15
knomeso if you change your resolution, even by one pixel (possible in a virtual machine), they get restored to the original state00:15
knomebut this is obviously something else00:16
knomefile a bug in launchpad :)00:16
mspittel1961When I have let's say, 25 files and folders on the Desktop, I want them to stay where I put them.00:16
knomeubuntu-bug xfdesktop400:16
mspittel1961Imagine if stuff on your REAL desk top were moving around (OK, sometimes this happens with the night shift cleanning personnel!)00:18
knomewell fortunately the "real desktop" metaphor doesn't apply to the (xfce) desktop...00:19
knomethat is, real desktop isn't searchable etc.00:19
mspittel1961this is another weakness in xfce. Catfish never finds the files I'm searching for.00:20
mspittel1961I don't know if I'm entering the wrong syntax or what00:20
knomei'm not too familiar with catfish, i order my stuff on the directory structure00:21
mspittel1961OK, may be "never" is to harsh. But "frequently" is more accurate00:21
amigamagicmspittel1961, there is a bug with current xfdesktop implementation where it doesn't save icons positions if you change the resolution and after that you logout, or if you change some icon position and logout before waiting 7 seconds.00:22
knomemspittel1961, if it should find something it doesn't... well, you know the story: file a bug00:22
mspittel1961besides these small nuissances, Xubuntu 14.04 rocks!00:23
KekaiI am experiencing a bug in where i put my pC to sleep then wake it up, it askes for my password. When I put in my passwords I get a black screen.00:23
mspittel1961let me try to see if the same happens here00:24
mspittel1961And to get out of the blank screen? Hard reset?00:25
mspittel1961ok. I'll test this and be back in a few moments00:25
KekaiWill this get fied anytime soon?00:25
knomeKekai, once it's triaged, developers can start working on it00:26
KekaiI never ad this problem in 13.1000:27
KekaiI think this would be something to fix ASAP00:27
Kekaias people need to hard reset and that can kill people's hard drives and PCs00:27
mspittel1961I just tested it and couldn't reproduce this with the "Suspend" option.00:28
amigamagicKekai, have you tried with ALT+F1 when you have this black screen?00:28
mspittel1961It worked as supposed.00:28
Kekailet me see00:28
james0r3both laptops i've got running 14.04 have problems coming back from suspend when using light locker00:35
james0r3after logging in i just get a blank display00:36
james0r3if i disable lock on suspend in light locker settings all is well00:36
amigamagicI have a similar problem, but only on a virtual machine. On a real PC is working well. I suppose it depends from your particular GPU and its drivers for linux.00:37
amigamagicOn the virtual machine I have to disable light locker to not make it hangs.00:38
james0r3seems to be just a light locker issue for me. both of these laptops lock fine with xscreensaver00:38
james0r3i might just go back to xscreensaver. the screensavers are kinda cool anyway00:39
amigamagicmaybe xscreensaver is more "conservative" in the way it uses the hardware00:39
james0r3light locker is sort of a new project too right?00:39
amigamagicI'm not sure but I think it's recent.00:40
Kekaimspittel1961: I just tried ALT-F100:40
Kekaiot working00:40
Kekaimaybe I need its a light locker issue00:40
amigamagicKekai, so just disable light locker and be happy00:40
Kekaiamigamagic: its an issue with sleep mode00:41
james0r3amigamagic, you can use xscreensaver as a locker/screen saver instead. found of lots of xfce desktops00:41
mspittel1961A newbie question: what is light locker?00:42
KekaiI go to sleep mode and it locs, but goes toa  balck screen upon login.00:42
amigamagicjames0r3, yes, you can use it.00:42
amigamagicKekai, disable light locker00:42
amigamagicand check if this solve your problem00:42
Kekaiif it des I have  backup of Xubuntu 12.04 LTS on a USB drive00:43
james0r3 00:45
KekaiNow I am not getting any lock screen.01:03
KekaiI turned of light locker. Is there a way to lock my screen at all?01:03
Unit193Sure, you can use something else.01:03
Kekailike 12.04 LTS?01:06
Unit193xscreensaver is what that one used.01:06
Kekaiand yet...I never had any issues where I need to hard reset my system01:07
amigamagicKekai, install xscreensaver and be happy01:10
KekaiI installed it, now how do I activate it?01:13
amigamagicin the settings there should be a new screensaver icon01:13
Unit193Alt+F2 -> xscreensaver -no-splash01:14
Unit193(Or that, there you can start the daemon as well.)01:14
seekwillHmm, new install of 14.04. Anyone have issues with Parole Media Player saying "GStreamer backend error. Could not initialize supporting library"?01:28
nobody18188181With xubuntu 14.04 LTS how do I enable Shift + Delete for directories? It's only working for files.01:33
seekwilloooh, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/parole/+bug/1309951 That fixed it...01:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1309951 in parole (Ubuntu) "Parole reports "Gstreamer backend error, could not initialise supporting library" because "gstreamer1.0-pulseaudio" is missing." [Undecided,Confirmed]01:39
Kekaiisnt parol the music player?01:41
seekwillI think gmusicbrowser is... at least the default... :/01:43
* seekwill <-- xubuntu newbie01:43
KekaiI just installed Nightingale01:47
Kekailooks better and handles my library so much better01:48
nobody18188181Kekai: Try deadbeef; much better.02:18
KekaiI like Songbird/Nightingale02:18
nobody18188181It's not supported anymore02:19
Kekaiyes it is02:19
KekaiSongbird is Nightingale02:19
Kekaisame team02:19
Kekaijust new project02:19
nobody18188181oh i see02:19
nobody18188181either way deadbeef is still nicer ;)02:20
cfhowlettif unfortunately named ...02:22
bluesabreNoskcaj: would you mind terribly to add gstreamer1.0-pulseaudio to recommends, we've had several reports of that fixing the above bug02:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1309951 in parole (Ubuntu) "Parole reports "Gstreamer backend error, could not initialise supporting library" because "gstreamer1.0-pulseaudio" is missing." [Undecided,Confirmed]02:24
nobody18188181Anyone have issue with SHIFT + DELETE on directories on the desktop not working?02:25
ToHellWithGAxubuntu is the right fit between debian squeeze and debian wheezy that convinced me to give ubuntu another chance after a few years off03:11
ToHellWithGAit actually runs on my 7-year-old laptop yet has current enough packages that i don't feel like i'm settling for ancient versions in exchange for performance03:12
ToHellWithGAwith that being said, is it possible to set auto-login?  i have no personal data on this laptop and intend to only use it for VNC/ssh to my home computer03:13
nhojToHellWithGA, Settings -> Users and Groups -> Select user -> 'Password' Change...03:15
james0r2okay, removed light locker and using xscreensaver now and i can lock on suspend now. i imagine this light locker issue must be affecting lots of others.03:16
nhojToHellWithGA, select 'Don't ask for passwork on login'03:17
localhosthi all03:20
localhosti am nobody03:20
nhojyikes, my computer is talking to me!!03:20
abhraany information on this? https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/130905403:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1309054 in modemmanager (Ubuntu) "huawei E355 usb router not working properly in xubuntu 14.04" [Undecided,New]03:21
holsteina USB hub?03:21
HaggardThat is weird.03:23
ToHellWithGAnhoj: that didn't work at all, man03:23
ToHellWithGAi just rebooted and there was still a login screen and it still required a password03:24
ToHellWithGAis the login screen part of xfce or is it something external, like gdm?03:24
nhojToHellWithGA, hmm, that is the place to change that I believe.  lightdm is the displayed manager03:25
nhojToHellWithGA, check to see if the button is still checked on the Settings for Users and Groups03:27
ToHellWithGAis is03:27
ToHellWithGAs/is is/it is/03:27
ToHellWithGAplain as day it says "not asked on login"03:27
ToHellWithGAi'm thinking maybe i need to configure the login screen rather than my user settings03:28
ToHellWithGAif i can tell the login screen to autologin my user, the password prompt should be irrelevent unless i for some reason must logout and log back in without rebooting03:28
nhojToHellWithGA, If you log out the password would be required I think if I understand your statement that is.03:30
nhojToHellWithGA, Should work on reboot though, correct?  Is that what you expect?03:31
nhojToHellWithGA, That is, no password required on reboot.03:31
ToHellWithGAthe prompt is still there03:31
ToHellWithGAi click my name then must hit return with no password03:31
ToHellWithGAi'm trying to avoid the entire login process - boot direct to desktop03:31
ToHellWithGAnothing of value on a laptop not worth stealing, so i just want it to be usable as soon as i plug it in - that's right, the battery is shot :-)03:32
nhojToHellWithGA, Oh, it is not what I would expect either from earlier versions. Must be the way it works.  I will test here.  c u l8r eh03:33
ToHellWithGAthanks man03:33
nhojToHellWithGA, It goes as you experienced her as well.  Perhaps, because there is that Guest login, another words another user, it must check to see who wants in after a restart.03:36
nhojTheSheep, otherwise, it would only go to one user when other ones could then never to available for login.  Just reasoning and guessing really.03:38
nhojToHellWithGA,  otherwise, it would only go to one user when other ones could then never to available for login.  Just reasoning and guessing really.03:40
ToHellWithGAmaybe so03:40
nhojToHellWithGA, the guest user is really a kiosk mode I believe.  You could use that for your purposes as well.03:41
Unit193Why not use autologin?03:42
nhojUnit193, ToHellWithGA is not satisfied because the autologin present the display manager instead of going straight to his desktop.03:43
ToHellWithGAUnit193: i would like to do so, but i can't find a way to enable autologin03:43
ToHellWithGAi can skip entering my password, but i still have to pick a user from a login screen03:43
nhojOne does not need a password for autologin but one must select a user if only the default one.03:44
nhojlike, what he said, man :)03:45
Unit193https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/LightDM#Enabling_Autologin Did you edit the config then add your user to the group?03:45
nhojno just selected 'Don't ask for password on login'03:47
xubuntu934hello there..03:51
ToHellWithGAUnit193: that worked03:52
xubuntu934i have a question.. can xubuntu use csd03:52
Unit193ToHellWithGA: Great!03:52
ToHellWithGAthe file is actually /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf.d/10-xubuntu.conf03:52
nhojToHellWithGA, enjoy!03:52
ToHellWithGAthanks guys03:52
Unit193ToHellWithGA: Right, that's the xubuntu session one, you can make your own there too (I do to disable the guest account.)03:53
Unit193OH bah.03:53
Unit193!info csd03:53
ubottuPackage csd does not exist in trusty03:53
xubuntu934thanks... ubottu03:56
Unit193What is it?03:57
HaggardThink he's talking about gnome's client side decorations.03:58
xubuntu934yeap client side deco...03:59
HaggardXFCE is migrating to gtk3 I believe so we might see it at some point.04:00
Unit193Correct wording, at some point. :P04:00
xubuntu934anyway.. is there a way not to use the title bar and just use csd when using new gnome/elementary apps..04:00
xubuntu934cause am impressed how CSD conserves space on my netbook.. plus the autohide panel..04:02
Unit193There's another branch of Xfwm to work better with headerbars at least.04:02
xubuntu934can you point me out how to's for that to work.. if its okay04:04
HaggardI wouldn't mind the option myself. Title bar, menubar, toolbar; lot of space there.04:04
tonystarki m new04:44
RenoHalhi tonystark04:44
tonystarkso anyone here knows how to get shutdown and login sound in xubuntu 14.0404:44
tonystarkReenoHal: NYC TALKING TO U04:45
x-ubuntu0orgwhy is Xubuntu giving me a 640x480 display on VirtualBox? I'm using Xubuntu 14.04 right now.04:45
tonystarku using wubi?04:45
tonystarkstrange i faced these issues when i used wubi .. can u give me more details about how u installed partitions and all and solve my problem also u getting sound in ur xubuntu like login sound and all04:46
x-ubuntu0orgI just stuck the .iso image into my Virtualbox image (20GB VHD). It installs fine but the desktop now has 640x480.04:47
tonystarksee try to use a usb device and then reinstall it and try to use some other version becz 14.04 which u downloaded is in beta version04:48
x-ubuntu0orgno it is the final 14.0404:49
tonystarklts stable version are meant to be released in july the version would be 14.04.104:49
`Fibzhave you run updates yet?04:49
tonystarkcheck on omgubuntu.co.uk04:49
tonystarkor give it a try with usb stick04:50
`Fibzi've been having problems with 14.04 and video. just update and reboot, solved04:50
x-ubuntu0orgThe headers for current running kernel were not found. This is what I got when installing Guest Additions on Xubuntu.04:50
x-ubuntu0orgalso, unknown version if the X Window System installed. Not installing X Window System drivers.04:51
tonystarkbro reinstall it stop cplicating it04:51
ddssswhat does xubuntu uses for keyring? gnome-keyring?05:05
RenoHaltonystark: check this out. fixed my events sounds: http://forum.xfce.org/viewtopic.php?id=861805:06
tonystarkthnks man05:07
RenoHalno problem =)05:08
tonystarkshit now working again05:08
tonystarkthanks RENOHAL05:11
RenoHalno problem05:11
nicklashello. its weird, when i tried live mode with both latest ubuntu and xubuntu, additional drivers tab in software properties found showed usin xorg and found nvidia drivers available for selecting. but after installing, when i open that tab for installng nvidia drivers, it crashes. i have a nvidia optimus asus ultrabook. what to do?05:21
abhraany information on this problem with huawei e355 modem and xubuntu 14.04? https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/130905405:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1309054 in modemmanager (Ubuntu) "huawei E355 usb router not working properly in xubuntu 14.04" [Undecided,New]05:21
nicklashello? is my problem a known bug or something?05:30
RenoHalnicklas: so it's crashing after installing the nvidia drivers? works fine before installing, right?05:33
nicklasit crashes when clicking the tab05:34
RenoHaloh.. after installing xubuntu but before installing nvidia05:34
nicklasRenoHal, you want output05:34
nicklasRenoHal, i have to use pastebin right?05:35
Unit193Pastebin if you could.  Also, apport should detect the crash and pop up.05:35
nicklasit did, and i did crash report05:35
Unit193Ah cool, what bug number?05:36
nicklasUnit193, no idea, it doesnt show05:37
nicklasUnit193 RenoHal , this is pastebin, note that i can click all tabs without any error: http://pastebin.com/e3a8GMmT05:38
* Unit193 ponders https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/software-properties/+bug/126875005:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1268750 in software-properties (Ubuntu) "software-properties does not recognize Nvidia Optimus hardware" [Medium,In progress]05:38
nicklasits weird, in there a guy says it doesnt show up in live, but shows up after installing, but its the opposite for me05:41
nicklasyou guys got the pastie?05:42
Unit193Yeah.  You can dpkg -l | grep nvidia  and remove it, or whatever you want from there at least though.  What's the end game?05:42
nicklasUnit193, what do you mean, what should i do?05:43
nicklasUnit193, well, that didnt show me nothing05:44
nicklasUnit193, nicklas@nicklas-S551LB:~$ dpkg -l | grep nvidia05:45
Unit193Really?  Strange, gives me http://paste.openstack.org/show/Ysf3gdl4Tmx5cVw1bzXR/ (Older card, I know. :) )05:45
RenoHalThis is what I get, but I have xedgers configured. I'm noticing Prime is listed: http://paste.openstack.org/show/76404/05:48
RenoHalis Prime same as Optimus?05:48
nicklasUnit193, uhm, thats not the card (hardware) just the nvidia packages (software) you have installed. i dont have any nvidia stuff installed since the tab crashes so...05:48
Unit193I am aware it's the packages.  I seem to have misunderstood about what you had, sorry.05:49
nicklasneed to go eat breakfast apperantly with family, before they get mad05:50
nicklasdo i have to do a bug report manually about my problem, or is it enough to report the problem ticking the report problem box when the error window pops up?05:52
Unit193When the error pops up, it should give you the option, but it'll open a browser for you to log in to Launchpad and finish the bug report.05:53
nicklasUnit193, ah it doesnt05:53
nicklasthe window just disappears after clicking close or ok05:54
nicklasguess i should do bug then05:55
nicklasbye an ty05:55
Unit193Sorry couldn't help.05:55
tonystarkanyone here can tell me how to get sytem sounds in xubuntu 14.0405:56
RenoHalthat post didn't work for you?05:57
tonystarkproblem again05:57
tonystarkonly a beep sound tht too once05:57
tonystarkseem to be unlucky05:58
tonystarkanyone here?05:59
RenoHaltonystark: what do you get from this? xfconf-query -c xsettings -p /Net/SoundThemeName06:01
tonystarki cant get to this06:01
tonystarki have got every sound installed06:01
tonystarkbut cant use them06:01
tonystarknot working tried everything like autostart at the session06:02
tonystarksays default06:03
RenoHalyou need to install Borealis from post #6 and follow the directions on post #206:04
tonystarkxfce supoorts event sounds??06:06
RenoHalwhen it's configured correctly. they don't have an actual event sound settings.. not on their priority list06:07
tonystarkthen not to worry i thought something wrong with my version06:08
tonystarksorry bro06:08
tonystarki just eat half of ur head06:08
RenoHaloh no.. it's alright06:08
tonystarkso anything i can do with xubuntu something exceptional06:08
Aurvandillgood morning06:11
tonystarkshut up06:11
tonystarklolz kidding06:11
tonystarkgood morning06:11
RenoHalit's better for older computers like mine...other than that, would recommend ubuntu or ubuntugnome06:12
RenoHalwaiting for mint to come out with 1706:12
tonystarklolz i installed it becz i like minimalist things06:13
RenoHalyeah, I do too.. but some things do get sacrificed like the event sounds.. other then that, it's perfect for me06:14
xubuntu030hi. can anyone help me installing amd driver for xubuntu 14.0406:32
xubuntu030i have a radeon 425006:32
xubuntu030i dont know if its supported by fglrx06:33
Aurvandilltry the normal flgrx driver under settings> additional drivers06:38
xubuntu030i tried that. xubuntu doesnt recognize the video card06:39
xubuntu030i also tried to load amd control panel.. it loaded fine but didnt find any card06:40
xubuntu030i thing the driver is not compatible06:40
gre-i got a problem with fullscreen under 14.04 when im playing at minecraft06:40
cfhowlettgre- youu06:41
gre-windows game becomes transparent06:41
gre-so im forced to restart the game06:41
cfhowlettgre- if you're running ubuntu, this channel is not the one you want06:41
gre-under 12.04 everything worked well with f1106:41
cfhowlettgre- suggest you file your bug report and search for a fix06:41
gre-xubuntu isn't the same?06:41
gre-its just xfce instead...06:42
ubottuXubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce as the desktop environment. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels06:42
gre-yes so no big differences06:42
cfhowlettgre- and yet it IS different.  you're running ubuntu.  unity desktop interface.  different apps.06:43
gre-ok so im on xubuntu and i got a fullscreen problem, can you help?06:43
cfhowlettgre- same solution.  you said "bug"..  file the report and see.  I don't minecraft06:43
gre-fullscreen code isn't similar? ok06:43
gre-minecraft or other games, same problem06:44
gre-bye bye06:47
=== mike is now known as Guest69895
xubuntu897happy Easter everyone07:33
xubuntu897is there anybody out there?07:33
cfhowlettxubuntu897 ask your support questions07:34
xubuntu897Hello. My first time with Xubuntu (many years on ubuntu and mint...): my question is: I want to install serviio dlna server, but i can't find ffmpeg (easily). How can I setup it?07:36
cfhowlettxubuntu897 ffmpeg has been deprecated.  use avconv07:36
xubuntu897I'm not sure serviio can work with avconv as it is a prerequisite to it07:37
xubuntu897I will give it a try anyway07:37
RenoHalFFmpeg 2.2.1 was released on 4/10/2014.. how is this depreciated? just curious, cause I thought they were gone long time ago07:42
cfhowlettRenoHal acerimmer@Emperor:~$ ffmpeg -i07:43
cfhowlettffmpeg version 0.8.10-4:0.8.10-0ubuntu0.12.04.1, Copyright (c) 2000-2013 the Libav developers07:43
cfhowlett  built on Feb  6 2014 20:56:59 with gcc 4.6.307:43
cfhowlett*** THIS PROGRAM IS DEPRECATED ***07:43
cfhowlettThis program is only provided for compatibility and will be removed in a future release. Please use avconv instead.07:43
cfhowlettMissing argument for option 'i'07:43
cfhowlettRenoHal that's my output in precise ...07:43
brainwash!pastebin | cfhowlett07:44
ubottucfhowlett: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.07:44
RenoHalhmm.. maybe ubuntu is just not supporting it anymore..07:44
RenoHalcfhowlett: looks like debian stopped supporting ffmpeg deb's and went to avconv.. so you have to compile it yourself: http://ffmpeg.gusari.org/static/64bit/07:54
RenoHalor /32bit/07:54
cfhowlettRenoHal ah, good to know.  Thank you for tracking this down!  Think I'll just stick with avconv - command line structures are not dissimilar to ffmpeg's ...07:55
RenoHalyeah, good idea, I did the same =)07:55
james0r2trying to get skype to activate from one click on the tray icon08:34
james0r2had this on non-ubuntu distros. pretty convenient08:34
kubuntuis it normal for xubuntu 14.04 livecd to identify as kubuntu everywhere?09:43
=== kubuntu is now known as Guest91226
Guest91226is it normal for xubuntu 14.04 livecd to identify as kubuntu everywhere?09:43
Unit193...No, are you sure you don't have Kubuntu?09:44
well_laid_lawnwhat do you mean by identify and everywhere ?09:45
Unit193Seems his live session username at least.09:45
Guest91226Unit193, yes, i am, i am on the livecd with no packages installed09:46
Guest91226no extra ones, i mean09:46
Guest91226well_laid_lawn, for example, after booting up, the livecd said, "Install Kubuntu" / "Try Kubuntu"09:46
Guest91226my username is also kubuntu09:46
well_laid_lawnwhen you try it do you have a xfce desktop ?09:47
Guest91226i am on the livecd right now, and it is xfce09:47
Guest91226the icon on the desktop also says "Install Kubuntu 14.04 LTS"09:47
Unit193Source of the download and md5sum of the ISO?09:47
Guest91226give me a sec for the md5sum09:48
well_laid_lawnlsb-release is still a valid check ?09:48
Guest91226lsb_release -a says "Ubuntu 14.04 LTS"09:48
well_laid_lawnthe source of the iso might be the problem09:49
well_laid_lawnpeople play silly games sometimes09:49
Guest91226ae446659057ee49e57773bf446398856  xubuntu-14.04-desktop-amd64.iso09:49
Meerkatmy xubuntu iso also has that md5. I will try it.09:50
Guest91226yes, md5sum matches with what is on http://mirror.internode.on.net/pub/ubuntu/xubuntu/14.04/release/09:51
elfylooks fine here - try xubuntu - xchat wants me to be xubuntu09:52
Guest91226i do have kubuntu installed on my system, but that should not matter, right?09:52
well_laid_lawndoes mount list any of you hdd's09:53
Guest91226yes, well_laid_lawn , it lists /dev/sda3 now because i mounted it to run the md5sum09:54
Unit193Oh, real quick, cat /proc/cmdline09:55
Guest91226$ cat /proc/cmdline09:56
Guest91226file=/cdrom/multiboot/xubuntu-14.04-desktop-amd64/preseed/xubuntu.seed boot=casper cdrom-detect/try-usb=true noprompt floppy.allowed_drive_mask=0 ignore_uuid live-media-path=/multiboot/xubuntu-14.04-desktop-amd64/casper/ initrd=/multiboot/xubuntu-14.04-desktop-amd64/casper/initrd.lz quiet splash -- maybe-ubiquity09:56
Unit193And to be complete, pastebin /etc/casper.conf (IIRC?)09:58
Guest91226yes, that does say kubuntu at a few places, Unit19309:59
Unit193Indeed, now if I could only remember how it picked that up.  I know one way is boot options.10:00
Guest91226i used the multiboot tool in windows to create a liveusb with xubuntu, ubuntu-gnome, and plain ubuntu -- could that be a problem?10:02
Unit193I noticed the boot line was different, yeah.  Well, something made a difference for sure, not sure if it's that though.10:02
Guest91226probably not a bug in xubuntu then, correct?10:04
Unit193Not Xubuntu itself, but perhaps a core component.  I sure wouldn't expect an Xubuntu live disk to say Kubuntu. :)10:05
elfyneither 32 or 64 bit do anything unexpected10:05
Guest91226did you want me to file a bug for this?10:05
Guest91226http://www.pendrivelinux.com/yumi-multiboot-usb-creator/ -- is what i used10:06
Unit193I'll try and take a look later.10:11
Guest91226Unit193, tanks10:11
Guest2199Unit193: actually, never mind, the problem exists on all multi-boots created by this tool10:16
Guest2199even ubuntu-gnome thinks its kubuntu10:16
=== Guest2199 is now known as guest2199
Unit193Mhmm, figured.  Taking something from the system, just not sure if casper or the tool is to blame.10:16
ZeuGiRDoRI have problems with desktop icons arrangement in Xubuntu 14.0410:18
ZeuGiRDoRSometimes change position after reboot10:19
ZeuGiRDoRIt seems to be this same bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xfdesktop4/+bug/119099010:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1190990 in xfdesktop4 (Ubuntu) "Xfce4 mess up with icon positions" [Undecided,Fix released]10:20
qwertz_hi there. seems the upgrade to 14.04 broke the "lock screen" feature. i still had xscreensaver installed. deinstalled it meanwhile. now, how do i place lightlocker in its place?10:30
qwertz_do i need to start it with my session?10:31
Unit193qwertz_: Have you checked in light-locker-settings?10:32
qwertz_Unit193,  yes, it says it's activated10:33
Unit193So, what makes you think it isn't?10:33
qwertz_okay, idea: i used to lock my screen using the Kupfer lanucher. this doesn't work. going the direct way using the menu does work.10:34
qwertz_okay, so Kupfer's fault.10:34
Unit193Have kupfer call xflock4?10:34
qwertz_the xfce session management plugin doesn't offer options, but luke will use the source here.10:35
qwertz_yep, "LOCKSCREEN_CMD = (["xdg-screensaver", "lock"], )"10:37
Unit193Mmmmm... I see, yeah.10:37
qwertz_yep, will fix that10:37
Unit193Wonder if even though light-locker isn't technically a screensaver, if it should go there.10:38
qwertz_hm, xflock4 has no ma page on xubuntu10:39
Unit193Bash script.10:41
qwertz_cool, this seems standard xfce, doesn't it?10:48
qwertz_if so, calling xflock4 works for most XFCE-based distros, i guess?10:49
Unit193It's from the xfce4-session package, it's an upstream file (http://git.xfce.org/xfce/xfce4-session/tree/scripts/xflock4) so should.10:50
qwertz_great, thank you very much, Unit193!10:52
ReptiliaDell Latitude E 6520 won't boot to Xubuntu, while using a Live USB to boot. I'll click on "Try Xubuntu", and it freezes. What could the problem be?11:37
ReptiliaDell Latitude E 6520 won't boot to Xubuntu, while using a Live USB to boot. I'll click on "Try Xubuntu", and it freezes. What could the problem be?11:46
elfy!patience | Reptilia11:48
ubottuReptilia: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/11:48
keeper_19_86Hi, i've installed xubuntu-12.04 yesterday and i checked "install 3rd party stuff (mp3 support etc.)" However i cant play video or audio (mp3) files neighter in parole nor in the gmusicbrowser. There always follows a message like "your installation of gstreamer is missing a plugin". Unfortunatly it doesnt tell me which one, nor does it install it automatically11:57
keeper_19_86Has anybody here had the same issues?11:57
well_laid_lawncheck in synaptic for gstreamer-dirty11:58
well_laid_lawniirc that's the name11:58
ReptiliaWhat a nice support, no one will reply, lol.11:59
well_laid_lawnReptilia:  I'm not familiar with that issue12:00
well_laid_lawntry again in a little while12:00
keeper_19_86I got a reply ... @well_laid_lawn: Is it "gstreamer1.0-plugins-ugly"?12:00
elfyReptilia: first check that the download is good - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM12:00
well_laid_lawnkeeper_19_86:  sounds like it might be12:01
Reptiliaelfy: It is good, because i've already installed Xubuntu on another laptop, with the same USB.12:01
Reptiliaelfy:And it's significantly older hardware than the DELL, and it booted relatively fast, and installed fast too.12:02
elfyReptilia: k - when you boot - at the mbd/human symbol stage - hit any key - F6 and try nomodeset12:02
Reptiliaelfy: What is "human symbol stage"?12:03
well_laid_lawnthe boot menu12:04
elfywhen it boots there is a screen with a smbol of a keyboard and human - hit any key then12:04
keeper_19_86well_laid_lawn: nope didnt work. Since i couldnt find any gstreamer dirty, i would try "gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad" next okay?12:07
elfykeeper_19_86: yes :)12:07
well_laid_lawnbad dirty ugly - how many do they need ?12:08
elfyjust the good, the bad and the ugly :)12:09
keeper_19_86not funny ...12:15
elfythat's the names of them keeper_19_8612:15
keeper_19_86i know, but do i really need all of them? (i'd like to keep the system minimalistic)12:16
brainwash_keeper_19_86: see http://gstreamer.freedesktop.org/documentation/plugins.html12:18
brainwash_so, install what you actually need12:18
keeper_19_86brainwash_: problem is, i'm not really an expert at all this media/encoding/decoding/streaming - Stuff. I have a mp3 file and it wont play, and the player software keeps thelling "some gstreamer plugin is missing" but not which one ..12:22
brainwash_should be -bad in this case12:23
keeper_19_86installed it, still not working ...12:24
Naughxmp3 is a bad format anyway.12:24
keeper_19_86i know, but the only solution for this issue can't be "re-encode your music collection to ogg vorbis"12:27
Naughxsudo apt-get install gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly12:28
cfhowlettkeeper_19_86 sudo apt-get install xubuntu-restricted-extras12:28
keeper_19_86cfhowlett: oh this sounds good ... i'm on it ...12:29
flan_suseThe Indicator Plugin is very glitchy in 14.04.12:33
flan_suseIf I connect / disconnect from networks, or use the sound icon, etc... the pop-up menu will be too small, or float way above the tray, or force me to scroll to select an item.12:33
flan_suseI haven't tested Ubuntu itself, only installed Xubuntu 14.04. Not sure if it's a GTK / Xfce issue.12:34
keeper_19_86cfhowlett: Thank you! It works :) :) :) (and of course thanks to you other guys - this just made my day a bit brighter)12:35
cfhowlettkeeper_19_86 glad to help12:36
NaughxI don't like mp3 because it proprietary and lossy; Ogg is just lossy and Flac is lossless and open. (But for the latest the file size is "bigger")12:40
Naughx(Ogg is open too)12:40
keeper_19_86but lame is open right?12:41
flan_suseXF86Sleep button doesn't work on 14.04... works fine on 13.10 and earlier. :(12:41
Naughx@keeper_19_86, the encoder is, but not the format.12:42
flan_suseErm, it says I got a notice?12:46
flan_suseAnyone using 14.04 with the panel on the bottom of the screen?12:46
keeper_19_86allright i'm off - once again Thank you!12:56
deltjust wondering, in pavucontrol there's a setting for "system sounds" ... i never hear those, why?13:33
delti only hear a "pop" sound when setting certain volume levels13:34
peyamxfce doesnt make so much sound. but it still good to have it there13:34
delt*sigh* now my keyboard's key repeat doesn't work. even if i set it again from the keyboard settings :/13:35
deltoh btw, someone on here or #ubuntustudio told me a workaround for bug #1292290 (Window manager shortcut keys don't work after reboot)13:38
ubottubug 1292290 in xfce4-settings (Ubuntu) "Window manager keybindings don't work after reboot" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/129229013:38
deltyou have to delete the current mapping twice before setting a new one13:39
deltthen it will be stored in the config.13:39
deltcfhowlett: awake?13:39
deltholstein: awake?13:40
cfhowlettdelt what up?13:40
cfhowlettdelt oh, I see13:40
deltcfhowlett: read above, i think it might help a lot for this bug13:40
delt09:37 < delt> oh btw, someone on here or #ubuntustudio told me a workaround for bug #1292290 (Window manager shortcut keys don't work after reboot)13:40
ubottubug 1292290 in xfce4-settings (Ubuntu) "Window manager keybindings don't work after reboot" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/129229013:40
delt09:37 < delt> you have to delete the current mapping twice before setting a new one13:40
peyamdelt, actually it worked for me just fine13:41
deltah, it's already listed on launchpad: "I found a workaround: clear before reassign!" \n "To make a shortcut to work ok, select an action you want to reassign and click 'Clear' button until it will really empty. Sometime if there is some (hidden?)duplicates, you will still see some shortcut(the same or different), even you clicked 'Clear' button. In this case just click the button again. Since the action shortcut is really empty, just assign your custom one as usu13:45
DaveTheRaveHi, I upgraded from 13.10 to 14.04 and some of my notification area icons aren't displaying (notebale; Dropbox, deluge, Xchat). I've restarted and checked each app is set to go to system try but no joy. Other apps lite bitcoin-qy and owncloud show in the notification area fine. Any ideas?13:46
delt14.04 still uses xfce 4.10 right?13:47
DaveTheRaveNetwork icon is also misssing13:48
DaveTheRaveyes 4.1013:48
peyamDaveTheRave, terminal : dropbox start13:48
peyamno 4.11 i believe13:49
DaveTheRaveits already running13:49
nhojapt-cache policy xfce413:49
amigamagicactually some things are 4.11, others are 4.1013:49
deltlooks like a recipe for disaster :/13:50
nhojapt-cache policy xfce4-panel13:51
amigamagicI think they tried to mix the more stabler ones.13:51
DaveTheRavexfce4:   Installed: (none)   Candidate: 4.10.1   Version table:      4.10.1 0         500 http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ trusty/universe amd64 Packages         500 http://gb.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ trusty/universe amd64 Packages13:51
DaveTheRavexfce4-panel:   Installed: 4.11.0-0ubuntu1   Candidate: 4.11.0-0ubuntu1   Version table:  *** 4.11.0-0ubuntu1 0         500 http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ trusty/universe amd64 Packages         500 http://gb.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ trusty/universe amd64 Packages         100 /var/lib/dpkg/status13:52
deltcfhowlett: there's also this slight bug with mouse cursors14:04
cfhowlettdelt sorry, I'm not qualified to advise or fix that kind of stuff.14:04
deltwhen you logout and log back in, sometimes the default mouse cursors are shown instead of the ones selected under settings ---> mouse14:04
gumbleunder Linux Mint XFCE Edition I could right click on the speaker symbol and in the appearing dialog then put the volume to about 150%. I can't now under xubuntu, is there a way to do this?14:07
deltpavucontrol should be the default volume applet in xubuntu right?14:09
deltbug #125933914:11
ubottubug 1259339 in xfce4-power-manager "Xfce4 Power Manager does not restore screen power" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/125933914:11
deltplanning to install on my parents laptop... :/14:11
deltif i disable all actions on lid close, does this bug still occur?14:11
elfydelt: I'll check - not sure what the state of that is - been testing with a ppa14:17
gumblehmm pavucontrol is installed indeed14:19
gumblebut it isn't used as applet in my top bar14:19
gumbledunno why14:19
elfygumble: it is in the indicator panel for sound - sound settings14:19
deltgumble: install package indicator-sound-gtk214:20
deltthat fixed it for me14:20
gumbleis installed. but I am using the old home folder I had under arch linux14:21
gumblecould be that some settings here mess it up14:21
gumbleI'll look that up later14:21
gumblefor first manually starting pavucontrol is enough :) thanks!14:22
deltgumble: you can bind a key to start it, i have ctrl+alt+v =)14:22
gumbleoh yea thats a good idea! thanks again14:22
elfydelt: seems so I'm afraid14:26
deltelfy: this bug isn't new from 14.04?14:26
elfynot sure if there was an old one - but I didn't know anything about it till a short while ago14:27
deltin /etc/systemd/logind.conf changing HandleLidSwitch to ignore - should this fix the "screen stays black" issue?14:38
deltelfy: in /etc/systemd/logind.conf changing HandleLidSwitch to ignore - should this fix the "screen stays black" issue?14:39
deltie. closing lid should do nothing?14:39
deltinteresting... https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/acpi/+bug/4952114:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 49521 in acpi (Ubuntu) "Screen locks up black on laptop lid close." [Medium,Confirmed]14:44
deltis there any way to still use xscreensaver in 14.04?14:46
amigamagicknome, are you there?14:49
nhojdelt, it appears that others here have switched to xscreensaver; perhaps remove lightlocker14:50
deltlight-locker looks like junk! why did they choose that over xscreensaver???14:58
nhojdelt, there are many fastidious comments averring xscreensaver unattractive, even 'butt-ugly.  Go Figure. I am sure there are more pertinent technical reasons.15:00
nhojdelt, ;|15:01
roelhi. how can I add more stuff in my notification area like volume indication, lan connection indication,... http://roelaro21.twentyone.axc.nl/press/notif-area.png ?15:01
deltgreat. now i insert a usb reader and it doesn't appear on the desktop. I need this to be user-friendly for my parents :(15:03
nhojWhat is a 'usb reader'?15:05
deltuh... sd card reader15:05
deltconnected to the usb port. it should appear on the desktop right?15:06
nhojlsusb -- check usb15:06
deltyeah, i can mount it manually15:06
deltbut the average newbie user probably couldn't15:06
nhojthere was a bug against thunar volman about automatically detecting media and showing it in the file manager. Yes I believe it should be on your desktop.  Unless perhaps it does not have a storage card inserted.  Dunno?15:09
deltyeah, like i said the partition shows up with 'dmesg' and i can mount it manually15:11
nhojI thought that bug was confirmed and released fixed however.15:12
deltmight be something i disabled/modified....15:12
nhojlotsa stuff to fiddle with yet eh :)15:13
nhojlook in Settings -> Removeable Drives and Media15:14
deltyeah i did15:15
nhojhopefully someone else will take a look at the problem for you15:16
Guest7802hi all, I just installed xubuntu but are not able to enter the pass phrase  at login15:17
Guest7802find this bug report https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/initramfs-tools/+bug/1238194  but can't find any info on how to edit the filesystem from the DVD15:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1238194 in initramfs-tools (Ubuntu Saucy) "keyboard doesn't work to enter password with encrypted partitions ubuntu 13.10 saucy" [Critical,Fix released]15:18
nhojGuest7802, do you mean that the password you know is not accepted or there is not place to put it?15:18
Guest7802nhoj, the keybord don't work15:19
roelhallo ? can I get help?15:19
nhojWell, that would do it eh :(15:20
Guest7802as I understand the bug report  I need to edit a file on the OS using the install DVD but are not able to find any info about how this is done, do anybody know ?15:21
nhojroel, please just ask a question or describe your problem15:21
nhojGuest7802, ^^ several ways are described therein15:22
roelnhoj, I did above: volume indication, network indication are missing in notification area15:23
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/15:23
nhojroel, take a look Settings  -> Panel -> Items while you are waiting.15:25
Guest7802nhoj, I don't think how to do this is described in the link you provided, what I need to do is to edit "/etc/initramfs-tools/modules"15:29
Guest7802but how can I mount that file ?  (from DVD)15:30
sjakooHi I just installed xubuntu 14.04 and I am wondering how to create links to the desktop with Thunar, any ideas?15:30
sjakooThere used to be something like send to the desktop15:30
nhojGuest7802, sorry, hopefully someone will understand and respond later15:30
Guest7802nhoj, ok, thanks for trying15:31
MighoHi! I had a lot of problems when installing newest xubuntu into my old non-pae laptop, but seems like its working now. i have only one problem: the wifi indicator appears to the panel maybe ~5mins after launch, and before this i cant use wifi. any ideas why it takes so long?15:32
nhojsjakoo, right click in thunar and selected sent to...Desktop (create link)15:32
sjakoonhoj that's what I remembered but it's not there in 14.04 (fresh install)15:32
roelnhoj: i see it now there, but I'll beter restart after those errors. I restart now.15:33
nhojsjakoo, perhaps you can look elsewhere while you wait for some response here15:34
sjakoonhoj, yeah I already looked on google, but it seems this feature is only recently/hidden or removed can't find anything about it15:35
sjakooHope thunar does not goes the same direction as nautilus, where all the useful bling is being stripped off15:36
elfysjakoo: I have that option in thunar here15:36
nhojme 215:37
elfynhoj: will you please stop trying to trigger the bot for no reason15:37
sjakooelfy, 14.04?15:37
elfysjakoo: yep15:37
nhojyes, sorry, the reason was that it shows other resources.  That is not the right way then15:37
sjakooelfy, fresh install?15:37
elfysjakoo: more or less15:37
elfyjust booting live session15:38
sjakooelfy, that's weird15:38
sjakooelfy, I really don't have it there only is create url link15:39
sjakooand create launcher or create folder15:39
Guest7802so I got the bug described here https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/initramfs-tools/+bug/1238194  and need to mount the filesystem from the DVD but are not able to figure out what to mount and what command to use15:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1238194 in initramfs-tools (Ubuntu Saucy) "keyboard doesn't work to enter password with encrypted partitions ubuntu 13.10 saucy" [Critical,Fix released]15:40
elfysjakoo: what type of file are you trying to create a link for15:40
Guest7802here is a gist over what "mount" return https://gist.github.com/anonymous/1111706215:40
sjakooelfy, link to folder on the desktop15:40
Guest7802where can I find "/etc/initramfs-tools/modules" ?15:41
sjakooelfy, I am an idiot, if you select a folder you can send it to the desktop15:42
sjakoopfff sorry bothering you & thanks for your time15:42
elfysjakoo: :)15:42
roelnhoj, i'm back: the indicator plugin crashes too often to use volume indication15:43
Guest7802that you are not able to login to a new installed system total suck !!!  I have a 13.10 DVD  but maybe this issue is fixed in 14.04 ?15:47
nhojroel, perhaps someone else can help...15:47
deltheh, i try a different sd card and now it appears on the desktop :D15:47
roelnhoj, i think i found it finally : the plugin forced the menu to move, but that was a problem for much programs15:47
deltand cd's don't appear because i added the cdrom device to my /etc/fstab15:47
Guest7802also maybe I selected the wrong install medium, then I boot the DVD I get 2 options 1. windowns and 2. EFI  what are th difference between them ?15:48
nhojroel, do you mean that there were too many programs to display in the indicator?15:49
roelno, stuff like 'File', 'Edit',... where shown there. That was the problem of the errors.15:50
nhojroel, So, is it now fixed?15:51
roelyes, although I don't know why I cant choose it's position exactly... maybe because of the plug in...15:52
nhojroel, can you use the Settings/Panel/Items method to arrange them?15:53
snuggyfoofyIs anyone available to help me out with a fresh install + ATI proprietary drivers/xinerama ?15:54
roelyes, although I tought I was able to indicate what can be set in corner right.15:54
Guest7802I give up on getting 13.10 running and will try 14.04 instead,  are there any image provided for macbooks (EFI) ?  Are the ubuntu spyware included in this new distro ?15:58
snuggyfoofyDoes anyone here successfully run dual monitors + ATI + 14.04?15:59
nhojspyware? seriously?15:59
knomeGuest7802, please quit the FUD15:59
knomenhoj, he's referring to the feature that gets amazon search results by default on the unity dash16:00
knomenhoj, spyware? not really.16:00
nhojSnowden did not mention unity, I gather. ;)16:01
knomeif you want to discuss the amazon search result feature in unity, you can discuss it on #xubuntu-offtopic16:02
Guest7802knome, I don't want to discuss it, I just want to know if it is included in 14.0416:03
delthaha "snuggyfoofy"16:04
deltbest name ever :D16:04
knomeGuest7802, there is no such feature on xubuntu 14.04 by default.16:04
knomedelt, this is a support channel, please let's keep on topic16:05
heikkiketDoes anyone else have problems with Thunar and html filenames with spaces?16:06
Guest7802knome, thanks16:06
knomeheikkiket, do you mean with opening them in firefox?16:06
knomeheikkiket, or $browser16:06
heikkiketWhen I try to open html file from folder that has space in itse filename, Firefox doesn't get the name right16:07
heikkiketknome: I have tried just Firefox16:07
knomeheikkiket, yeah, i think the filename isn't passed correctly16:07
heikkiketbut in Thunar the function is "Open in Web browser", so maybe it's $browser then?16:07
knomeheikkiket, i'd file a bug. if you do, ping me back with the bug number, and i'll "me too" it16:07
knomethunar could be nicer and put the filename in quotes16:08
knomebecause it should work then even with firefox16:08
heikkiketknome: can I file bug in Launchpad or should I use xfce bugzilla?16:15
=== [1]amigamagic is now known as amigamagic
folkiehi. is there an easy way to change the whisker menu icon?16:18
=== [1]amigamagic is now known as amigamagic
amigamagicfolkie, right-click on the whisker menu, properties, and icon16:21
folkieman, didnt expect it to be that simple. thanks!16:21
deltknome: ok, sorry16:24
knomeheikkiket, launchpad is fine16:25
heikkiketknome: https://bugzilla.xfce.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1083716:28
ubottubugzilla.xfce.org bug 10837 in general "Thunar doesn't handle filenames with spaces correctly" [Minor,New]16:28
heikkiketDidn't find bug reporting link from launchpad so created xfce bugzilla account16:29
knomeheikkiket, ubuntu-bug package-name16:29
knomeheikkiket, ..but xfce bugzilla is fine as well16:30
qwertz_how do you get indicators back once you clicked "clear known indicators" in the menu?16:58
brainwashsimply relog17:03
=== xubuntu is now known as Guest46218
xubuntu422frohe ostern :)17:15
xubuntu422can anybody tell me how to untervolt a amd-cpu using xubuntu 14.04? there are no sources for linux-phc :-((((17:17
McManiaCwhy wont my compose key work if i assign it to the print key17:18
sirudoes xubuntu have a keyring/keychain app?17:24
flux242does anybody know what package creates /usr/share/app-install/icons/ folder?17:44
nhojflux242, app-install-data |  apt-file search  /usr/share/app-install/icons/18:15
flux242nhoj: good tip, thanks18:16
nhojflux242, apt-cache policy app-install-data18:16
nonilhi how to connect to wifi18:16
pratzHello guys18:54
pratzI just installed xubuntu 14.0418:54
pratzand conkyrc is not working for me18:54
pratzI can not see the graphics, though i can see the text18:54
pratzwhat might be the problem ?18:54
McManiaCis it possible to use fglrx + grub2 with a non standard resolution (framebuffer)?19:13
McManiaCie. my laptop has 1336x768 as native res19:13
deltMcManiaC: yes19:15
deltMcManiaC: though it takes a bit of futzing around with config files19:15
delttake a look at: http://askubuntu.com/questions/103516/grub2-use-maximum-detected-resolution19:15
deltor http://forum.linuxcareer.com/threads/1661-Change-tty-font-size-with-Grub-2-boot-console-resolution19:16
deltor this one might be better: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=195651119:17
ZatsuneNoMokouanybody here?19:21
knomeZatsuneNoMokou, no, we're all hiding.19:28
ZatsuneNoMokouXD ahahah19:28
ZatsuneNoMokouEvil people19:28
knomedid you have a support question?19:28
ZatsuneNoMokouis there a way to re-generate completely menu? I'm on the 14.04 with whisker/menulibre and the old config made with alacarte to hide some programs is getting on my nerves19:30
ZatsuneNoMokouI tried to delete ~/.config/menu the thing in the ~/.local too19:30
McManiaCdelt: doesnt really work19:31
bluesabreZatsuneNoMokou, to clean it up...19:32
nhojZatsuneNoMokou, I don't know if that would do what you want but while you are logged in you won't be really able to get rid of those.  Log out then Cntrl Alt F1 to get a shell perhaps it will stick.19:32
bluesabredelete ~/.config/menus/xfce-applications.menu19:33
bluesabreand remove items in ~/.local/share/applications19:33
bluesabreyou may need to log out as well19:33
nhojlog out before you delete with the tty terminal I think.19:34
ZatsuneNoMokouand closing xfce-panel and restarting after? xD19:34
ZatsuneNoMokouthanks still, there's no other hidden file?19:35
bluesabreyeah, that should restore it to defaults19:35
bluesabrethere is also *-merged in ~/.config/menus19:35
bluesabreother than that, that's everything19:35
ZatsuneNoMokouthe merged, there's only wine stuff inside19:36
bluesabrealso, try this command19:36
bluesabrexdg-desktop-menu forceupdate19:36
deltcheck. from the 14.04 livecd, simply closing the laptop and reopening it: unusable state, black screen.19:37
bluesabredelt: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xfce4-power-manager/+bug/130373619:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1303736 in xfce4-power-manager (Ubuntu) "Black screen after login from suspend in Xubuntu 14.04" [High,Confirmed]19:37
bluesabrethere is a fix-in-progress for this bug19:38
delti can't believe this hasn't been fixed immediately... let alone years later :/19:45
knomedelt, well, patches are welcome19:46
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deltwell, this fix didn't work :/ http://askubuntu.com/questions/76994/screen-stays-black-after-closing-and-reopening-the-lid20:05
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brainwashdelt: are you familiar with PPAs? if yes, please test xfce4-power-manager from https://launchpad.net/~thad-fisch/+archive/test20:09
deltbrainwash: yeah, although i prefer to avoid using them if possible :/20:14
delt2sec. i'll connect to this session from the laptop20:15
brainwashit's only for testing purpose20:15
brainwashand you are running a live session, right?20:15
brainwashyou have to restart xfce4-power-manager (or the session) after installing the new package20:16
delt*sigh* my laptop is UNUSABLE again, after just closing and reopening the lid20:20
delthow did this junk even get released??20:20
brainwashso the package from my PPA did not resolve the problem?20:22
delt"xset dpms force on" - still black screen20:22
deltbrainwash: i will test it as soon as i get my laptop back in a usable state20:22
brainwashah ok20:22
brainwashyou have to run "xrandr --auto"20:22
brainwashor restart lightdm with "sudo restart lightdm"20:23
deltah, ok now we got it.20:23
deltis there any way to auto-run this when the lid gets open?20:23
deltsome callback script somewhere?20:23
deltanyway, first let's test your power management package...20:23
brainwashmake sure to restart xfce4-power-manager20:24
deltok,, i'm at the laptop now.20:24
deltso what was the command to add the ppa?20:25
brainwashsudo add-apt-repository ppa:thad-fisch/test20:25
deltthen apt-get install xfce4-power-manager right?20:26
brainwashapt-get update20:26
deltyes, i remember doing this when i installed this laptop originally20:27
delt(now it's running a live session)20:27
delttheoretically i could just save the .deb package and run it if my parents laptop don't have internet access, right?20:28
deltok great.20:28
deltnow i just kill the power manager process?20:28
deltuh it didn't come back. i run it again?20:29
brainwashrun "xfce4-power-manager --debug" in a terminal window20:29
brainwashthis also enables debug mode20:29
deltok, outputting a bunch of stuff20:29
deltnow i test closing and reopening the laptop lid?20:30
deltnope. still had a black screen. had to go to the other machine and reset it again with xrandr20:31
brainwashok, thanks for testing :)20:31
deltno prob20:31
deltis there some callback script where i can run xrand from, when the lid gets open20:31
brainwashmaybe we need to think about a complex fix20:31
brainwashyou could add a pm-utils script which gets executed on resume20:32
TaxmanBDhey guys, is it worth it to upgrade to 14.4 on my lowend netbook, the highlights features seem to be mostly visual enhancement.20:33
brainwashupgrade from?20:33
TaxmanBD12.4 LTS20:34
deltbrainwash: it doesn't matter what i set "when lid is closed" even to "nothing", still black screen20:34
brainwashdelt: oh, that's odd20:34
brainwashbut "nothing" does not trigger the lock screen, right?20:35
brainwashTaxmanBD: I suggest that you wait until 14.04.1 is released (in few months)20:35
delt"lock screen" either afaict20:35
TaxmanBDbrainwash, ok thx, and the iso seems heavier ~900 mb, I really need a lightweight OS on my poor netbook20:37
deltbrainwash: what about stuff in /etc/acpi ?20:37
brainwashdelt: mmh, I don't think that there is any script for the lid close event present in 14.0420:38
brainwashyou could try to stop the acpi daemon (sudo stop acpid) and test again20:38
deltwhat about /etc/systemd/logind.conf ?20:39
holsteindelt: pong20:40
brainwashnot sure, do you want to change anything in this config file?20:40
brainwashthe black screen problem is caused by xfce4-power-manager triggering light-locker (lock on suspend)20:42
delt#HandleLidSwitch=suspend    changed to:   HandleLidSwitch=ignore20:42
delteven if it's a completely black screen, with no prompts or anything?20:43
delteven trying to change vt's doesn't fix it20:43
deltthe LCD is off20:43
deltnot just black pixels20:43
brainwashyou can try this, but the power-manager "should" prevent systemd from doing anything on button events and lid close20:43
brainwashoh, so the backlight is off20:44
deltbut it does come back on (and usable) with xrandr --auto20:44
brainwashdoes it also happen after disabling "lock on suspend" and light-locker (settings manager > light locker settings)?20:45
deltit's already disabled20:45
delt(i guess default for the live session)20:45
brainwashindeed, forgot about that20:45
deltdamn, i need this usable in the next hour at most! :(20:46
deltbtw what was wrong with xscreensaver?20:47
deltit had some nice screen savers with it :(20:47
deltanyway, what script gets called when the lid is opened?20:48
brainwashI prefer xscreensaver :)20:48
delti'd just add "xrandr --auto" to that20:48
brainwashsee http://askubuntu.com/a/9223520:49
deltbrainwash: but i'm not suspending on lid close20:51
delti just want it to do nothing20:51
brainwashah ok20:52
brainwashcan you kill xfce4-power-manager and test again20:53
brainwash+ #HandleLidSwitch=suspend    changed to:   HandleLidSwitch=ignore20:53
brainwashso neither power-manager nor systemd should do anything on lid close20:53
deltwhat about systemd, do i restart it as well?20:54
brainwashusually no20:54
brainwashshould take effect immediately20:54
deltnow my laptop HANGED.20:55
delt(back at the main machine)20:55
brainwashyou cannot switch to tty1?20:55
delti can't even ping it20:56
brainwashvery strange20:56
deltalthough the caps lock key still toggles20:56
brainwashnot a fun thing to do, but can you verify this by doing it again?20:57
deltdoing the whole thing again, ie. rebooting, installing your ppa, updating xfce power manager, etc ...?20:59
delt*sigh* here we go....20:59
brainwashjust rebotting20:59
deltyeah but it's a live session... well was a live session21:00
deltso i have to start by reconfiguring my network21:00
deltok, laptop is booting from the xubuntu cd21:01
brainwashit would be also interesting to know what happens if you logout out from the live session and close the lid21:01
brainwashso only the login greeter is running21:02
deltabout 30 minutes left till my brother comes to pick me up....21:02
brainwashI'm not a magician :) on top of that, your problem seems to somewhat different than the widely reported black screen issue caused by light-locker21:03
deltok, i'm at the laptop....21:07
deltso, people have a DIFFERENT problem than this one?21:07
deltyeah in my previous attempt i removed light-locker and installed xscreensaver21:07
brainwashmost solved it by removing light-locker or going back to xscreensaver21:08
brainwashso your issue differs a bit21:08
brainwashbut it might be the same cause21:09
deltok, so i'm going to logout from this session, and close the lid21:09
deltjust installed telnetd so i can log back in from the other machine21:10
delthad to reboot21:13
deltit gave me a black screen, but the lcd was on (black pixels)21:14
deltso it's rebooting now... AGAIN21:15
deltlaptop is a toshiba tecra btw....21:16
brainwashsadly no clue why it fails21:19
brainwashnext step would be to test xubuntu 13.1021:19
brainwashxubuntu380: hi21:21
xubuntu380I've upgraded to 14.04 from 12.0421:21
xubuntu380It works fine, just some little quirks21:21
xubuntu380For example, Mugshot doesn't start21:22
deltbrainwash: i'll test this at my parents house and report back how it goes...21:22
xubuntu380I tried in a terminal and got this http://paste.ubuntu.com/7294516/21:22
xubuntu380Any hints?21:22
knomexubuntu380, do you have PPA's enabled?21:22
xubuntu380yes, i think21:23
deltbrainwash: actually i have 13.10 installed on this laptop and it works fine.21:23
bluesabrexubuntu380: that looks like a legitimate bug in mugshot21:24
xubuntu380@knome do you mean i have to explicitly re-activate the old PPAs?21:24
deltjust had a similar (but much less severe) problem with xfce4-power-manager that got fixed with, i believe, the one on your ppa21:24
bluesabreare you familiar with reporting bugs on launchpad?21:24
knomexubuntu380, no, i'm asking if you have PPA's enabled21:24
brainwashdelt: so you keep 13.10 for a bit longer21:24
xubuntu380not really21:24
deltyeah, looks like it...21:24
knomexubuntu380, ok, then follow bluesabre's suggestion21:24
bluesabreit's really easy, if you're interested in learning :)21:25
knome(and very helpful)21:25
bluesabrefrom terminal, just do "ubuntu-bug mugshot"21:25
xubuntu380ok, i'll try, thanks!21:25
bluesabreit will open a web browser at launchpad21:25
razorbuzzGood afternoon / Happy Easter.  I just updated to 14.04, had a few issues, so ended up doing a "reinstall" from the install media.  Home folders were kept, but users were deleted.  Do I just recreate the same user, rename the userfolder, and update permissions?21:29
razorbuzzAnd followup: One of the users had an encrypted Home. I know how to access them as another user, so I can just move them into the recreated user, but is there a way to maintain the encryption?21:29
xubuntu380Mmm, I can't log in to launchpad (Invalid OpenID transaction) in order to send the mugshot bug report21:40
knomexubuntu380, do you have a launchpad account?21:42
xubuntu380yes, my password manager remembered it (i didn't)21:43
xubuntu314I'm having an issue with window transparency in a fresh install of Xubuntu 14.04. Left clicking the mouse wheel lowers the transparency of a given window, but I cannot revert the transparancy (used to with ctrl + mouse scroll) nor can I find the options to change how I adjust this setting.21:44
xubuntu380@knome but i can't login (four tries already)21:44
TheSheepxubuntu380: that's alt+scroll on the window title, afair21:45
xubuntu380TheSheep sorry?21:46
xubuntu314It is adjusting desktop zoom when I use alt+scroll21:46
TheSheepxubuntu380: wrong nick, sorry21:46
xubuntu380ah, ok, theSheep, you were talking to xubuntu314 :)21:47
TheSheepxubuntu314: desktop zoom? are you using xubuntu?21:47
xubuntu380yeah, we're cousins :921:47
TheSheepxubuntu314: because I don't remember xubuntu having any form of zoom enabled by default21:48
xubuntu314Yeah, just installed 14.04 Xubuntu21:48
xubuntu314Fresh install, nothing changed at all21:48
bluesabreTheSheep, window zoom was added to the xfce compositor with 14.0421:49
TheSheepah, no idea about 14.04, didn't try it yet21:49
TheSheepI'm waiting for a clear upgrade path21:49
bluesabrenot sure about how to toggle window transparency now21:49
wyeHey, installed the new xubuntu a few days ago. I'm getting dropped to an21:57
wyeinitramfs screen, I ran ubuntu boot repair but it didn't do anything.21:57
wyeHere's the log: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7294702/21:57
crackosclcom canonical indicators sounds blacklisted no works22:12
subverthi.. i have a complaint about xubuntu22:12
subverti installed the latest version on my hp 2000 laptop it began to crash after about 10 minutes into my first boot.. the laptop then attacked and killed my dog22:14
subvertis this normal?22:14
nhojbut it should not take 10 minutes22:18
ParkerRDog attack mode shouldn't take more than about a minute to initalize22:19
xubuntu164openjdk 1.722:43
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pandragonI am trying to install inkscape 0.48.4. I have the right ppa, I think, but synaptic only shows the -3 version. The trunk versions give me an internal error on launch.  Any ideas? Thanks!22:48
pandragonxubuntu 12.0422:49
ace_caseI'm having some odd display issues22:59
ace_caseIn the terminal, when entering comands it will often make that whole line semitransparent and show whatever program is behind it23:00
ace_caseAlso, in the settings, some icons are missing23:00
ace_caseI can still access it, but the image for it isn't there23:00
ace_caseSometimes it appears after I roll over it, but other times it doesn't23:01
ace_caseAnd most of the time when it appears after rolling over it, it disappears when I roll over the next one23:01
ace_caseI have a screenshot here23:02
ace_caseDid anyone see my problem from before?23:49
ace_caseI don't have an image for the terminal issue23:51
ace_caseBut parts of it randomly go transparent23:51
nonyacan not seem to get the desktop background to change and the right click menu not showing23:53
ace_caseHere's the image of the terminal issue23:54
ace_caseI just installed the Terminator terminal, and the issue is still present23:56
nonyayet when i hook up my iphone 4 the files are there in gigalo but rythmbox keeps crashing  gtkpod will not show the files when i pick iphon4 from the drop down list23:56

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