Makyolp, put in an offer00:40
MakyoThat was most of what I typed.  Thanks xchat.00:40
rick_h_Makyo: lol00:46
rick_h_Makyo: so you put in an offer on the houes you saw?00:46
rick_h_jcsackett: recorded myself with that headset. Crazy that noise. Doesn't do it on the air running ubuntu. My other headsets haven't been an issue. 01:18
frankbanmorning rick_h_: do you have a minute for a quick look at https://codereview.appspot.com/90220043 (charm)?10:57
rick_h_frankban: will do11:11
frankbanrick_h_: thanks11:11
rick_h_frankban: I've got to take the wife's car into the shop, will be in/out but will be working through it and do qa from there11:14
frankbanrick_h_: ack11:14
* frankban lunches11:42
bacfrankban: thanks for the review.  i think your idea is good.12:14
rick_h_geeze this is why I <3 working from home12:26
rick_h_stupid rush hour12:26
bacrick_h_: at the subaru dealer all morning?12:29
rick_h_bac: yea,verified her car is leaking oil in the driveway. She just had an oil change done so I htink they munged up something12:29
rick_h_trying to be the good husband and get it handled for her12:30
bacwell hopefully it is just a small leak.  i've had friends go to jiffy lube and drive away only to get a mile or two before the engine seized since the plug fell out12:30
rick_h_yea, I had that happen when I was a kid12:30
rick_h_plug fell on the highway in a construction zone12:31
rick_h_had to go 4 miles by the time I could pull over12:31
rick_h_new engines for me!12:31
bacthen JL wanted to pay her a pro-rated amount for her dead engine.12:31
rick_h_I only got mine 'rebuilt' but as a college kid I was happy12:31
bacoh no, LP hates me12:32
bacerror: Failed to load data for member "bac": Get https://api.launchpad.net/devel/~bac: EOF12:32
rick_h_you've been cut off12:32
bacfrankban: i've proposed changes back to error: Failed to load data for member "bac": Get https://api.launchpad.net/devel/~bac: EOF12:33
baclet's try that again12:33
bacfrankban: i've proposed changes back to https://codereview.appspot.com/9006004312:33
baci kept the change s/get_admin_secret/get_value_from_jenv/ as it is more generic and may be useful in the future.  but it may be YAGNI.  let's discuss.12:34
bacrick_h_: the deploy of the migration to staging on prodstack failed yesterday.  i had to run a full ingest on my laptop last night so i can try to reproduce the problem12:35
rick_h_bac: :(12:35
rick_h_bac: good to know thanks. Yay for staging doing its job I guess12:36
rick_h_bac: there was an ingestion issue yesterday as well. I filed a bug on there 12:36
bacyeah, but having the other we control would've been nicer12:36
frankbanbac: cool, taking a look12:36
rick_h_bac: I tried to look into it but something in charmworld hates that charm. 12:36
bacrick_h_: is it on the board?12:36
rick_h_bac: yes, the vsm charm12:36
frankbanrick_h_: thanks for the review, I already created a card to update docs while making a release, my next thing after this branch lands12:36
rick_h_frankban: awesome, thanks. I need to rename my code reviews to "rick thinks out louad" :)12:37
rick_h_bah, can't type on this air12:38
frankbanguihelp: charmworld shows that Last ingest job "finished at 2014-04-18 17:34:37Z". 12:49
rick_h_frankban: oh hmm, well that may be the ticket. Oh, and the queues are where I saw them yesterday12:50
bacfrankban: looking12:51
rick_h_lol, I just saw the queues and missed the numbers didn't change12:51
rick_h_frankban: does this not need a functional test run?12:52
frankbanrick_h_: I run the suite, and I'll run it again for the release, so it's not required now12:53
rick_h_frankban: rgr12:53
rick_h_frankban: LGTM then, after the release please ping jcastro so he knows his fix is out. 12:55
frankbanrick_h_: sure, thanks12:55
rick_h_luca: morning13:07
jcsackettmorning all.13:07
frankbanbac: your branch LGTM13:07
bacfrankban: thanks13:07
rick_h_jcsackett: party13:08
frankbanjujugui: heads up email to peeps re: charm development environment13:08
rick_h_frankban: ty much kind sir13:08
lucamorning rick_h_ 13:09
rick_h_luca: hey, any chance of bumping up our catchup?13:09
rick_h_luca: or are you guys busy? :)13:09
lucarick_h_: you want to have it sooner than later?13:09
rick_h_luca: yep13:10
lucarick_h_: I can do it in 10 mins if thats ok13:10
rick_h_luca: sounds good thanks!13:10
lucarick_h_: no worries13:11
jcsackettrick_h_, given the MV priority, should i be looking at that stack of cards for today's work? and follow up question: if yes, what should i take a look at to get up to speed on said project? :p13:11
rick_h_jcsackett: stick in project A if possible13:12
jcsackettrick_h_, you got it.13:12
rick_h_jcsackett: either the charm search card or the charm browser home button with kadam's face on it13:12
rick_h_just take him off13:13
rick_h_lazyPower: marcoceppi https://jujucharms.com/precise/vsm13:19
bacjujugui: m.j.c is ingesting charms again.13:19
baclooking at log files and keeping an eye on it13:19
jcsackettbac: what was preventing vsm from being ingested?13:19
bacjcsackett: nothing was being ingested and i haven't looked at that one specifically yet13:20
rick_h_bac: it's all good13:20
rick_h_clsoing the bug13:20
jcsackettbac: ah, ok.13:20
rick_h_it was due to no ingestion at all happening13:20
bacrick_h_: that's what i assumed13:20
rick_h_luca: no hangout on that calendar entry to please invite me to whatever you guys set up. 13:21
bacrick_h_, jcsackett: weird, it looks like ingest just gave up a few days ago. https://pastebin.canonical.com/108930/13:26
baci assume the two github attempts right after midnight are due to it being kicked by logrotate or something13:26
bacthe IngestErrors for "charm contains no files" are handled and aren't fatal to the process13:27
jcsackettbac, yeah, i think i recall no files being handled back in the orangesquad days.13:29
bacjcsackett: but then it just went on strike13:30
bacservicectl status showed it was alive.13:30
jcsackettbac: eh, ingest is a tetchy beast. it probably just wanted a holiday.13:37
rick_h_bac: rgr, we should add a low maint task to add a nagios check for that last run stuff13:39
rick_h_bac: so at least if it gives up the ghost for a day we know about it 13:39
rick_h_or at least make that RED on heartbeat13:39
rick_h_so blind people like me can see what's up :)13:39
jcsackettjujugui: i'm finding that `make clean-all test-debug` is requiring my password for sudo rights. any idea what i goofed?13:44
rick_h_jcsackett: check perms on ~/tmp and ~/.npm13:45
rick_h_jcsackett: the instructions should have had you chown those during the setup13:45
rick_h_jcsackett: but you shouldn't need to run make clean-all much13:46
bacjcsackett: oddly enough it did shut down right on good friday.13:46
rick_h_as well13:46
jcsackettrick_h_, it just tells you to make them, which shouldn't be a problem since they should default correctly.13:46
jcsackettand indeed, i am owner &c.13:46
rick_h_jujugui on the road back home, biab13:46
jcsackettha! i love that it died on good friday.13:46
jcsackett...oh, bad word choice on my part...i love that it took good friday off.13:47
lazyPowerrick_h_: thanks for looking into that.14:17
bacjcsackett: the exodus branch from yesterday failed when deployed to staging.  this branch is the fix.  could you take a look at it?  https://codereview.appspot.com/9030004314:24
jcsackettbac, lgtm14:27
bacty jcsackett.  now to try to deploy to staging and make it happy again14:27
* rick_h_ is back14:31
rick_h_jcsackett: not sure then on the sudo thing.14:31
jcsackettrick_h_, no worries, i'll poke at it later. it's doing something with /usr/local/src, but it's an LXC so meh.14:34
jcsackettrick_h_, got a quick sec for g+?14:34
rick_h_jcsackett: sure thing14:34
rick_h_shoot me a link14:35
jcsackettrick_h_ https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/7acpj4cuggoppve90pnm3v27hs?hl=en14:35
jcsackettjujugui: can someone take a look at a short PR for me? https://github.com/juju/juju-gui/pull/25214:50
bacjcsackett: i will after the meeting14:52
jcsackettbac, thanks.14:52
bacjujugui: meeting at :0014:52
* jcsackett needs coffee for meetings14:54
frankbanjcastro: new precise and trusty charms released/ingested with the apt-update fix14:54
kadams54Question about testing and flags: I see a slew of tests in test_browser_app.js that check to make sure various routing situations are handled correctly. It seems like they're all run sans flags. Is there a way to easily control flag values for a test?14:57
jcastrofrankban, thank you sir!14:58
jcastrorick_h_, man I can't believe I found a bug and a fix!14:58
rick_h_jcastro: :)14:58
jcastrorick_h_, and you were probably bored at some meeting14:58
rick_h_jcastro: someone has to plan for everyone else to be bored in vegas :P14:59
Makyojujugui call in 114:59
jcsackettkadams54, you'll see many a test set window.flags = $flag_you_need15:00
jcsackettjust make sure there's cleanup as well.15:00
rick_h_Makyo: join the hangout again?15:20
bacjcsackett: i'm looking at your branch.  i'm trying to see the broken behavior on jujucharms.com15:23
bacjcsackett: i searched for mysql and then clicked on the home icon.  seemed to work.  what am i missing?15:23
jcsackettbac: with il?15:24
bacOH ff15:24
bacjcsackett: like so?  https://jujucharms.com/sidebar/search/:flags:il/?text=mysql15:26
bacjcsackett: or is there another slash after :flags:15:26
baceither way i don't see it misbehaving15:27
rick_h_bac :flags:/il/?15:27
jcsacketthuh, it isn't misbehaving on jujucharms; it does on develop locally tho.15:27
rick_h_jujucharms is old15:28
rick_h_use comingsoon15:28
bacahhhh.  doh.15:28
rick_h_it's stuff that's broken in code since the last release15:28
bacok, that is def broken: http://comingsoon.jujucharms.com/:flags:/il/?text=mysql15:28
rick_h_and now hopefully fixed 15:29
jcsackettrick_h_, responded to your comment with updated branch. bac, you still looking?15:45
bacjcsackett: done15:46
bacjcsackett: now, really done15:47
jcsackettbac: the test is just for metadata being safely reset--component resets are already tested.15:50
jcsackettrick_h_, the other card you told me to look at was the one about updating charm-search.js to use new state? just confirming what "charm search card" meant.15:51
rick_h_jcsackett: that one and the one that kadams54 is working on are closely related. That one needs to bring the filters object back into the state code15:57
rick_h_kadams54: sorry, I mixed up this card and yours this morning15:57
rick_h_jcsackett: yes that's the card I mean and it's updating the charm-search.js and bringing the filters back for managing the query string/search api call15:57
jcsackettrick_h_, dig. i'll start looking into it post lunch.15:58
jcsackettoh, wait, missed what you just said.15:58
jcsackettshall i leave that one to kadams54 then, post his work?15:58
rick_h_jcsackett: I think you can get started, but will have to incorporate his work. Maybe sync with him on it. 15:59
rick_h_jcsackett: he's not touching things like charm-search.js but he is in the state code dealing with filters/query string changes15:59
jcsackettrick_h_, dig. i reiterate my post-lunch remark then. :p15:59
jcsackettkadams54, you likely to be around to chat a bit past 1?16:00
jcsackettcool beans. i'll ping you around then and we can make sure i don't wreck anything. :)16:10
jcsackettkadams54, free to chat at 1:30?17:16
kadams54jcsackett: let me ping you when I'm ready. Just got a call from my son's school that he's had an accident and I need to run out a fresh change of clothes :-(17:17
jcsackettkadams54, dig. that is def a priority situation.17:18
Makyojujugui review/qa of relations+ecs stuff https://github.com/juju/juju-gui/pull/25317:19
MakyoLost my pre-push hook, so lint may be bad.17:19
jcsackettmakyo: i can look, but please tell me what does ECS stand for?17:20
Makyojcsackett, Environment Change Set.  Local transaction that will be tied to a deploy button, so that you can work locally, then deploy all changes at once.17:21
jcsackettah, so set up the whole set of relations and go rather than just one service at a time.17:21
jcsackettcool. looking now, makyo.17:21
MakyoIt's all hatch 's fault, jcsackett 17:24
Makyo(well, okay, 90%)17:24
* jcsackett laughs17:25
jcsackettMakyo, i've finished looking at code, QAing now--none of my comments are major.17:50
jcsackettlooks like hatch is reviewing it too.17:50
MakyoThanks guys17:50
jcsackettMakyo, looks like your QA directions got cut off? "ensure that the relation"17:54
Makyojcsackett, oops, sorry.  Ensure that the relation is in the changeset by investigating app.ecs.changeSet in the javascript console.17:54
jcsackettMakyo, thanks. it passes your QA instructions--ping me when you address rick_h_'s comments about flags and i'll double check QA again.17:57
Makyojcastro, will do.  Thanks!17:57
Makyojcsackett, Sorry, thanks.17:58
Makyojcastro, Lazy fingers, don't mind me17:58
kadams54jcsackett: ready to talk when you are17:58
jcsackettkadams54, awesome, i'll pass your a URL momentarily.17:59
jcsackettkadams54, https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/7acpj3384g52o10sitntlhkh3s18:00
kadams54Says the party is over :-/18:01
jcsackett...bloody hell.18:02
jcsackettkadams54, are you signed in as your @canonical.com self?18:02
jcsackettwhat is your email?18:02
jcsackettkadams54, give it a try now.18:03
rick_h_Makyo: comments added, I'm curious on the ecs as an arg vs communicating with the env 18:03
Makyorick_h_, Every time I bring up events, I get in trouble, so I avoided it.  If that's the path we're heading down, I'm all for it.18:06
MakyoIn particular, hatch__ has been a pretty big opponent of event-based work such as the topology.18:07
MakyoNot quite sure who to make happy here :)18:07
jcsackettrick_h_, you got a second to chat? 18:08
=== hatch__ is now known as hatch
rick_h_Makyo: k18:09
rick_h_Makyo: I'm just curious if there was a big reason18:09
hatchwho said what in the where now?18:09
rick_h_Makyo: I think it makes the topology simpler and keeps it cleaner especially as it's nuts for it to deal with the ecs everywhere18:09
rick_h_jcsackett: sure thing18:10
rick_h_jcsackett: linky?18:10
Makyorick_h_, sure, makes sense.18:10
jcsackettrick_h_, https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/7acpj3384g52o10sitntlhkh3s18:10
Makyohatch, using events to communicate between layers of the application.18:10
rick_h_jcsackett: is that from your url in the browser?18:10
jcsackettrick_h_, nope, that's from the share window, where i just invited your canonical address.18:10
rick_h_jcsackett: no worky, invite me?18:10
hatchahh yeah18:10
rick_h_jcsackett: oh you've got to start it first then give me the live hangout url18:11
jcsackettrick_h_, it's started. i'm sitting in it.18:11
rick_h_jcsackett: invite again please. 18:11
jcsackettrick_h_, hang on, i'm just going to start a new one.18:11
rick_h_Makyo: well I appreciate your thoughts on the two paths. 18:11
jcsackettrick_h_, invite sent.18:12
rick_h_Makyo: we can mute hatch if we have to, he's on vacation and we can do what we want :P18:12
jcsackettrick_h_, https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/7acpifdroro7ler4og7bqoom8k18:12
* hatch is wondering if he should join this hangout18:12
rick_h_hatch: not yet18:12
Makyo+ like a million18:12
rick_h_Makyo: k, then we can chat with hatch if he has issues but I like the simpler use of events in this case18:13
hatchI'm not done going through the review yet18:13
Makyorick_h_, sure, I think it's a good direction to move in.  I'll investigate heading in that direction.  Thanks for the multiple reviews18:13
hatchI'll hold off until then18:13
Makyohatch, go ahead and finish if you find anything outstanding.18:14
MakyoI'll get them all in one go.18:14
Makyothe asynchronicity was something we agreed on, hatch. Wait until each layer of the hierarchy came back before starting the next so that we were sure the entities existed in the state machine.18:15
MakyoAs in, can't create a relation between services that don't exist in the state machine yet.18:15
rick_h_Makyo: yea, and my comments on that I realize are more wide ranging than this branch18:18
rick_h_Makyo: so you hatch and I should chat about the long term usage of this in real life use cases18:18
hatchMakyo ok right, I'm just trying to see if I see a better way for that18:23
hatchI don't like using Y.soon just to pop things to the top of the stack18:23
Makyohatch, ah, okay.  More than happy to change it, I don;'t like it either.18:24
MakyoThough it does show up elsewhere in our code.18:24
rick_h_Makyo: big one at https://github.com/juju/juju-gui/pull/253/files#diff-2396c727b78bbe8c6ff20dc9a231ee2aR935 though18:24
hatchyeah it does....but it's pretty much a hack everywhere 18:24
rick_h_bah, never mind18:25
rick_h_Makyo: ok, so env has an add_relation method? 18:25
Makyorick_h_, yes, though you're right that could do with a test.18:25
rick_h_can we not just ecs or not ecs it there in the env then and forget events or passing it in?18:25
rick_h_then the topo code doens't need to be changed at all in this branch18:26
MakyoOh, does the env have ecs?18:27
rick_h_the env is passing the ecs into topo I thought?18:27
rick_h_maybe I'm not following stuff /me looks again18:27
hatchthe environment view is passing ecs into the topology when it creates the topology18:28
hatchnot the env18:28
rick_h_oh ok18:28
hatchconfusing name clash :)18:28
MakyoYeah, yikes18:28
rick_h_bah, this is nuts18:28
rick_h_ok, so then is there value is giving the env the ecs and making everyone work with him18:29
rick_h_vs passing hte ecs into topo/etc?18:29
rick_h_the inspector/config changes will want access right? 18:29
rick_h_what else?18:29
hatchthink of the env as a bunch of utilities that the ecs controls in the proper order18:30
hatchso the ecs is what other things need to make requests of18:30
rick_h_ok, if we swap the env for the ecs I'm ok, but adding to feels like we're muddying things up even more18:30
hatchwell keep in mind that this is a wip, the ecs never used to exist so everything was calling the env18:31
hatchit'll take time for things to move over18:31
rick_h_I know but I want to make sure we're thinking/planning for the future and trying to lay down a cleaner path as we go18:32
rick_h_if you're saying that all things should talk to the ecs vs the env, then let's do that. 18:32
rick_h_I mean if the flag is set pass the ecs into the topology and if not, then pass in the env. Then we have an XXX that when the flag is removed to rename the var or something. 18:33
rick_h_but this doesn't plan does a life without env atm 18:33
rick_h_it just adds more code and more required setup and more things to keep in your head in the end18:34
bacjcsackett: yet another... https://codereview.appspot.com/9042004318:38
rick_h_so in looking at this, if we moved the ecs into the env, then we could simplify things. The env is already passed around and is on the environment View. hatch Makyo 18:38
rick_h_Makyo: hatch the ecs could be setup with different options as required for sandbox vs go18:38
rick_h_Makyo: hatch and things like add_relation could just be 'ecs' enabled?18:39
MakyoI can see that working, yeah18:39
rick_h_hatch: have time for a call? 18:39
rick_h_maybe worth a chat?18:39
hatchsec just otp18:42
rick_h_hatch: np, appreciate your thoughts while you're away. 18:42
jcsackettbac, so we're just losing any bundles that got grandfathered? will those be reingested eventually if they're updated to pass proof?18:42
bacjcsackett: yeah, if they are fixed18:42
bacjcsackett: it is no loss, they cannot be deployed18:43
bacas is18:43
bacwe've just never had a process to do any housekeeping.18:43
jcsackettbac, dig.18:44
hatchok off the phone18:45
rick_h_hatch: k, setting up a call18:46
rick_h_hatch: Makyo https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/76cpik3in0rjn0urt22rbvjpo8?authuser=1&hl=en 18:47
bacjcsackett: your approve comment in RV needs to include the magic string LGTM somewhere in it.18:47
jcsackettbac: duh, of course. sorry.18:49
jcsackettbac, done.18:50
jcsackettjujugui: i believe CI is stuck. is there a means of terminating a build?18:52
rick_h_jcsackett: yea second18:52
hatchrick_h_ yeah this will be a good change, will make it easier to follow when some things use/don't use the ecs19:08
rick_h_hatch: cool19:08
rick_h_hatch: thanks for taking the time to chat about it. 19:08
rick_h_now go have fun!19:08
hatchannnnnd my flight out of YXE is delayed 3H19:09
hatchhow the heck....19:09
hatchit's not until tomorrow19:09
hatchhow can it be delayed so bad already lol19:09
rick_h_3hr is quite the delayed19:09
hatchI guess I get to sleep in more19:10
rick_h_well I'd make sure to watch it. Might move back :P19:10
hatchhaha yeah wouldn't doubt it 19:10
hatchthe new google transit maps are pretty cool19:11
hatchit was just delayed another 20 mins.... umm19:11
hatchmaybe I'm driving to Denver19:11
jcsackettwe only filter on categories now, right? there's no UI to say "just recommended" or "just aws" is there?19:21
rick_h_jcsackett: no, there is not19:21
rick_h_jcsackett: there's talk of a future "tag based" search UI that we'd detect words as things like that 19:21
rick_h_but no current UI 19:22
jcsackettrick_h_, awesome. so we don't need to maintain the FILTER_SERIES &c bits? just the categories.19:22
rick_h_jcsackett: yes19:22
jcsackettalright, i'm not going to delete those bits in this branch, but i'll put a card saying once we remove the il flag they can be whacked.19:23
jcsackettthough, maybe a card as well?19:23
rick_h_stick a card in the backlog for it19:23
rick_h_and we'll try to get a big cleanup phase into the plans at some point19:23
jcsackett"pool" vs "on deck"? i'm guessing pool, but the meaning isn't inherently obvious.19:26
rick_h_yes, pool19:26
rick_h_on deck is what we planning poker and has a chance to be in the next 2wk iteration19:26
rick_h_pool is long term19:26
jcastrohey rick_h_19:30
jcastroI have an awesome idea19:30
jcastrofor demo mode19:31
rick_h_jcsackett: otp, but love ideas19:34
jcsacketthe meant jcastro. :p19:35
jcastrohey so19:35
jcastroremember how the old old old gui stuff had an idea for a terminal in the webui19:35
rick_h_jcastro: but that would have to run on each machine right?19:52
rick_h_jcastro: in the environment19:52
rick_h_jcastro: we've got tasks for debug-log and juju run to try to do next cycle, should help with some of it19:53
jcsackettrick_h_, just a reminder, there's a build stuck on CI.20:15
rick_h_jcsackett: ah thanks 20:15
jcsackettit's based off my branch, which is a tad alarming, but it doesn't hang locally on a make test or make check20:16
rick_h_jcsackett: looks like you've got a login20:16
rick_h_jcsackett: so you have to login and then stop it20:16
jcsacketti have a login? that's news to me.20:16
rick_h_you're in the list :)20:17
jcsacketthuh. i wonder what my login info is.20:17
rick_h_guihelp anyone seen ERROR no such request - method Client.PrivateAddress is not implemented20:17
hatchthat's new to me, where are you getting that?20:18
rick_h_hatch: juju ssh jenkins/020:18
hatchoh that's very odd20:19
* Makyo returns from house.21:06
MakyoSigned my half of the contract, woo21:06
rick_h_Makyo: wooo! 21:09
hatchoo whats woo?21:11
hatchrick_h_ so I'm on test coverage/improvements with kadams54 next wk?21:11
MakyoSigned my half of the contract on the house.  Need to get James to sign, then the offer's official.21:11
hatchright on!!!!21:11
rick_h_hatch: if he's interested21:12
rick_h_or Makyo if he is, or jcsackett if he is21:12
rick_h_hatch: you just need a programming buddy 21:12
* hatch brings a rubber ducky 21:13
kadams54hatch: sure, test coverage it is21:13
kadams54Makyo: congrats!21:14
MakyoThanks :)  Going heads down again to get this branch up ASAP.21:15
hatchoh Makyo  the lazyAddRelation is a little confusing around the 'if deploy' block, can you add some comments there?21:15
jcsacketthatch: i may be very interested in test coverage next week. i have concerns about things that are only implicitly tested.21:28
hatchjcsackett we need a refactor of our entire test suite so maybe the three of us can chip away at it in the down time21:28
rick_h_let's try to get coverage without a rewrite though 21:29
hatchjust want to make sure we end the week with a 'shippable' project21:29
rick_h_something we can accomplish, a rewrite will be a stuck branch21:29
jcsacketti'll accept all parts of state being explicitly tested. :p21:29
jcsackettalso, maybe we can just kill those 13 pending tests that have been around for ever.21:29
hatchhaha, they are....you see all those url tests?21:29
jcsacketthatch, i just changed the new ui state object to load a filter object into metadata.search instead of a string. *nothing* broke.21:30
jcsacketti don't for a second believe that means everything is just working. :p21:30
hatchsure - that means it's working exactly as intended 21:31
rick_h_admittingly search is already broken per kadams54's branch but not a good sign21:31
* jcsackett laughs21:31
hatchhonestly though, search is just a key, if you put the wrong stuff in it, that's not the state systems fault21:31
rick_h_hatch: but the url generation stuff should go boom21:32
rick_h_hatch: I'd expect at least21:32
rick_h_hatch: then again I guess the tests put a string in there21:32
rick_h_so it's still passing 21:32
jcsackettah, that's true21:32
hatchthis isn't "enterprise" software, it can only be SO resilient lol21:33
rick_h_it's not perfect, but gets better every day21:34
hatchoh man I saw some .NET the other day....instead of whitelisting a specific kind of input, it blacklisted......EVERYTHING21:34
hatchhonestly, it was like 2000 lines 21:35
hatch"enterprise yo"21:35
jcsackettthat's both entirely unsurprising and sort of horrendous.21:35
hatchhaha true true21:35
=== hatch___ is now known as hatch
Makyorick_h_, hatch did we agree to postpone possible changes re ecs/env to a future branch, or should I work in that direction with a comment?22:08
hatchfuture branch22:08
rick_h_Makyo: yes, let's do a future branch. Feel free to note any XXX so we can remember what we talked about22:08
rick_h_Makyo: but yes, let's get this landed and get the deploy button triggering to this for demo at least 22:08
MakyoSounds good.22:08
rick_h_Makyo: I'm 100% ok with a hack for the deploy button. Then we can come back around on this env thing and refactor that up22:09
* rick_h_ is tempted to just make 'onclick=xxx.commit()'22:09
rick_h_does that have an english translation?22:10
hatchgoogle it22:10
hatchI'm probably using it wrong.....oh well, I live in a bubble22:12
rick_h_kadams54: any luck? I was looking at the code on that and I don't see how the code uses the renderSearchResults or anything at all22:13
rick_h_kadams54: so it looks like there's a chunk of wiring to make that work on page load22:14
rick_h_the dispatch stuff runs sidebar.showSearch but nothing actually makes sure the view is there with any content. 22:15
rick_h_in the il flagged dispatch work22:16
hatchcool, I have a broken, but working, code coverage implementation working already22:25
hatchrick_h_ kadams54 jcsackett - it's ALLLLLIVEEEE (sortof) https://www.evernote.com/shard/s219/sh/12455d7f-3ed4-4884-ba5c-e7fbedcac294/2103b2b738982a28bebe7df94ee63219 22:32
hatchthis is as far as I'm taking it :)22:32
hatchbefore the sprint that is22:32
kadams54hatch: Nice.23:02
kadams54rick_h_: Yeah, that tracks with what I was finding. Two options: 1) re-jigger routeDefault to somehow get the search into sidebar rendering, likely by taking it from the request rather than from state or 2) re-jigger routeView to render the sidebar if it's not present, likely similar to how routeDefault does it.23:04
kadams54huwshimi: Morning :-)23:04
huwshimikadams54: Hey!23:05
rick_h_kadams54: have time to chat or want to do it first thing in the morning?23:16
rick_h_huwshimi: morning, welcome back23:17
rick_h_huwshimi: I've got a mission for you if you're looking for something to do?23:17
huwshimirick_h_: Thanks.23:17
huwshimirick_h_: Sure!23:17
huwshimi(was taking a look at the minimize removal)23:17
rick_h_huwshimi: invite inbound23:18
hatchkadams54 I spent a bunch of time looking at how to do the search within the same code....mind running the issue past me?23:30
hatchI may have already explored some routes you're going down :)23:31
rick_h_hatch: the thing is that if you have a search in the initial page load /?text=apache then in the old code it would call this.renderSearchResults(req, resp, next)23:31
rick_h_hatch: and the new dispatch stuff only calls this._sidebar.showSearch()23:32
rick_h_which is the show/hide bit, but not creating the instance of the View for results and such23:32
rick_h_hatch: at least that's my cursory look over it atm23:32
hatchright, when the sidebar is created it instantiates the search view so it's always rendered23:33
hatchjust hidden when the inspector is rendered23:33
rick_h_hmm, I missed that connection then23:33
hatchso where is the problem with that? I'm guessing search + inspector is causing issues?23:33
rick_h_just /?text=apache23:33
hatchoh, that should work just fine23:34
rick_h_the query string search never gets to the dispatched work that I can see23:34
hatchhmm that's definitely not right23:34
hatchlemme check real quick23:34
rick_h_kadams54: the trick is that when the flag is set you shouldn't be hitting defaulrRoute or routeView. 23:34
rick_h_hatch: if you can note out the dispatch path on a fresh request maybe that would help. 23:34
hatchthat works....?23:35
hatchwithout the flag is broken23:35
rick_h_http://comingsoon.jujucharms.com/:flags:/il/?text=apache doesn't23:36
hatch^ that is the same link that I had working :)23:36
hatchdid you mean to have that without the il flag?23:36
rick_h_oh it's the stupid slash thing23:36
rick_h_take that last slash out23:36
rick_h_and the url updates to with, but no search is dispatched23:36
hatchohh right23:37
hatchI think that's an issue with the namespacing23:37
hatchthat's technically an invalid url 23:37
hatchas far as the namespacing is concerned 23:37
hatchif I remember correctly23:37
rick_h_ok, so have to look at how the dispatch to sidebar to search results works23:37
rick_h_and how to get the metadata.search down into the widget23:37
rick_h_which is probably expecting a filter object to be sent in23:38
hatchyeah, check the state object going to the dispatcher to make sure it has the proper data in it23:38
rick_h_which jcsackett is working on adding23:38
hatchdebugging this is very trivial now23:38
rick_h_kadams54: is confused in routeDefault vs routeView vs what is called with the flag23:38
rick_h_which is just _sidebar right?23:38
hatchI can run you through the execution order if you like23:39
rick_h_oh, no wonder kadams54 was confused.23:39
hatchthe -only- route which gets hit when it's under the il flag is the { path: '*', callbacks: 'routeDefault'},23:39
rick_h_that was not clear23:39
rick_h_kadams54: man I lead you so wrong. I'm sorry23:40
rick_h_ok, will have to pull the code down and debugger through after the boy goes to bed. 23:41
hatchrick_h_ when You have a moment I can give you the tour through the execution order23:43
hatchI gave it to kadams54 but it's a lot to digest in one sitting :)23:44
rick_h_hatch: I'll walk it. So that calls sidebar, but the thing is that what is this.state at that point? Does it have the query in it? It's not loaded in routeDefault until after sidebar() is callled23:45
rick_h_it might be as simple as moving the loadRequest to before sidebar, but there's a race because it's doing one call23:45
hatchso sidebar's job is just to render the 'dumb' container then the loadRequest is what parses the url and dispatches stuff to render into the sidebar view23:46
hatchto fix the search results....23:46
rick_h_right, but sidebar() does a bunch of stuff23:46
kadams54Back, though only temporarily… getting the kiddos settled into bed and then I'll have more time.23:47
hatchyeah only when it's not under il, under il, sidebar() is never called23:47
hatchthe issue is likely with the filter23:47
rick_h_kadams54: understood, it's past EOD so we can punt until tomorrow. Just trying to understand better and apologize early/often for leading you wrong23:48
kadams54Yeah, it's not as simple as switching loadRequest and sidebar… I tried that already :-)23:48
rick_h_right, the search widget expects that filter object I think. 23:48
kadams54I've been down about 5 rabbit holes so far with this bug23:48
hatchbasically rick_h_ when it's not under il, it should be running the same path as it did before23:48
rick_h_I think we need jcsackett's branch + a tweak to make this work23:48
rick_h_hatch: right, but the il flag at the start of sidebar doesn't put the rest of the work in an 'else' 23:48
rick_h_hatch: so it's still run23:48
rick_h_kadams54: :(23:48
hatchoh right right, so my guess is that the filter parsing got busted somehow....23:49
hatchalthough won't all of this be moot come Fridayish?23:49
kadams54I'm not sure anything's busted23:49
huwshimirick_h_: There is code that minimises the sidebar so that other things can use the space on the screen. Should I stop that happening as well?23:50
kadams54We just need to settle on *one* spot for storing filter/querystring info23:50
kadams54Right now it's in state.sectionA.metadata.search and state.filter23:50
rick_h_huwshimi: oh crap! that's the missing bit 23:50
rick_h_huwshimi: we haven't updated the inspector charm details/unit details to pop out right yet23:50
hatchoops, I forgot about that too23:50
rick_h_huwshimi: yes, that should stop and go away though23:50
* hatch blames rick_h_ 23:50
* rick_h_ checks schedule for code-time available tomorrow23:51
kadams54Right now state.filter is fed into the pipeline that eventually renders the sidebar23:51
kadams54See line 133 in browser.js23:51
kadams54So that's the first problem…23:51
huwshimirick_h_: So should I remove it in my branch and someone will fix up the details panels?23:51
rick_h_huwshimi: yes23:51
kadams54The second problem is straightening out sidebar() and loadRequest()23:51
huwshimirick_h_: Thanks :)23:51
kadams54Seems like we ought to be able to render the sidebar, then call loadRequest23:52
kadams54And calling loadRequest should populate the empty search input with the search string23:52
hatchnonono, the problem is that the filter class was ignored23:52
kadams54Which would resolve the current race condition23:52
hatchthe filter class needs to be updated with the information from state23:52
hatchso that when it's passed in all of the rquired data is available23:53
rick_h_kadams54: let's catch up in the morning on it. Go tuck in the kids23:53
kadams54OK :-)23:53
rick_h_it's past EOD everyone needs some wine time :)23:53
kadams54But I can definitively say hatch is incorrect ;-)23:53
kadams54hatch: In my branch filter is updated with info from state23:53
kadams54But it still doesn't work23:53
kadams54Because state doesn't exist when sidebar() is called23:53
hatchthat's fine23:54
hatchit doesn't need to be23:54
kadams54And there's nothing in loadRequest to trigger a re-render of the sidebar if the querystring is present23:54
hatchthe search view needs to be updated with the _charmbrowser dispatcher23:54
hatchright now the search view was always re-rendered23:54
hatchbut the new implementation just hides it23:54
hatchI'm not available tomorrow but If you'd like we can chat about it tonight23:59

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