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josejcastro: so, Nathan Williams deactivated his LP account and hasn't responded to my email, I wonder if it's good to take ownCloud maintainership by now05:11
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bloodearnesthello charmers - I have a gunicorn MP here: https://code.launchpad.net/~bloodearnest/charms/precise/gunicorn/upgrade-path/+merge/21323610:20
bloodearnestit does not appear in the review queue, I think because Michael Nelson +1'ed it, and he is a member of ~charmers (although unsure as to his official status as able to merge)10:23
bloodearnestalso it fixes 3 minor outstanding MPs, listed on the MP comments10:23
bloodearnestso, if some one could land it, that would clear 3 MPs of the charm review queue. As well as including all the fixes10:24
marcoceppibloodearnest: yeah, so because of the way charmers is structured, people like inactive-charmers and former charmers are also in the group, so if a now defunct member of the team +1's a review but doesn't merge it - it gets lost :(11:15
marcoceppibloodearnest: we have plans to address that next week11:15
bloodearnestmarcoceppi: good to know11:20
jcastrojose, yeah, might as well12:53
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marcoceppimbruzek: can you review/merge this?13:46
mbruzekmarcoceppi, Yes I can13:47
marcoceppimbruzek: thanks13:52
bloodearnestmbruzek: thanks. cheat sheet for testing the upgrade path: https://pastebin.canonical.com/108935/13:52
mbruzekmarcoceppi, bloodearnest There is another gunicorn MP before this one, do either of you know if they depend on each other?13:53
* marcoceppi heavy shrug13:53
bloodearnestmbruzek: this one includes the fixes from all 3 currently in the queue (see comments on MP)13:55
bloodearnestmbruzek: 2 of those are duplicate fixs of the same problem, anyway13:56
mbruzekbloodearnest, ack13:56
bloodearnestmbruzek: this one is actually older than all those 3, but got lost13:56
bloodearnestmbruzek: I just updated it today to include all those issues, and fix an issue michael found about not removing the old service13:57
bloodearnestmbruzek: you partially reviewed this originally, IIRC, so hopefully is familiar?14:00
mbruzekyep, I just need the time to review it.14:01
mhall119jcastro: marcoceppi: what am I doing wrong?14:06
mhall119mhall@mhall-thinkpad:~/projects/Ubuntu/summit/charms/trusty/certification$ sudo juju bootstrap14:06
mhall119uploading tools for series [trusty]14:06
mhall119Bootstrap failed, destroying environment14:06
mhall119ERROR bootstrapping a local environment must not be done as root14:06
marcoceppimbruzek: don't use sudo?14:07
josemaybe he's doing local14:07
marcoceppimbruzek: as of 1.17, bootstrap on local no longer requires sudo14:07
marcoceppimhall119: ^^ jose ^^14:07
josethat's news for me :P14:07
mhall119oh, must *not* be done as root14:07
mhall119I fail at reading14:07
mhall119I assumed it was the old message14:08
marcoceppimhall119: np, it's a depature from the previous functionality14:08
marcoceppimhall119: you may also need to do some permission fixes in you ~/.juju directory14:08
jcastromarcoceppi, https://github.com/juju/docs/pull/7914:08
jcastrocan you confirm the syntax on Note: pls14:08
jcastroI fixed the other stuff14:08
josemhall119: make sure to set the default series on your environments.yaml to precise or trusty (I recommend precise) or LXC machine creation will fail14:09
mhall119jose: it's set for trusty14:12
joseit's up to you :)14:12
mhall119well, I'm targetting trusty, so that's what I need :)14:14
mhall1192014-04-22 14:30:37 INFO config-changed OSError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/etc/postgresql/9.1/main/postgresql.conf'14:31
mhall119using the IS charm for postgresql on trusty, any idea why I get that error?14:31
marcoceppimhall119: postgresql is 9.3 on trusty14:35
marcoceppimhall119: the charm store charm has already compensated for this14:35
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marcoceppifwiw, you can mix series in your deployment. IE, deploy IS postgresql from precise, your charm from trusty14:36
mhall119ok, thanks marcoceppi14:39
mhall119how do I do that with juju?14:39
marcoceppimhall119: just deploy with the series in the deploy command14:43
marcoceppimhall119: juju deploy cs:precise/postgresql14:43
marcoceppiwill give you postgresql on precise14:43
marcoceppisame with local:14:43
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mhall119marcoceppi: now I'm seeing a lot of:14:55
mhall119machine-0: 2014-04-22 14:55:09 ERROR juju runner.go:220 worker: exited "environ-provisioner": failed to process updated machines: cannot start machine 1: no matching tools available14:55
mhall119machine 1 is my precise target14:55
marcoceppimhall119: ah, local provider doesn't upload multiple tool sets :\14:55
mhall119so I can't mix and match trusty and precise with the local provider?14:56
marcoceppidoesn't seem so, there might be a beter way14:56
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mhall119mhall@mhall-thinkpad:~/projects/Ubuntu/summit/current_work/summit$ juju deploy cs:postgresql postgresql15:05
mhall119ERROR charm not found: cs:trusty/postgresql15:05
mhall119what am I doing wrong now marcoceppi ?15:05
lazyPowermhall119: There isn't a trusty version of the charm in the store.15:10
lazyPowermhall119: you can do some testing locally if you have charm-tools installed.  charm-get postgresql  in a trusty directory in your local c harm repository15:11
lazyPowerthen deploy from there.15:11
mhall119marcoceppi said the charmstore charm was ready for trusty :(15:12
lazyPowermarcoceppi: has postgres been promulgated for trusty? i dont see it... but that doesn't mean I missed it.15:14
lazyPowers/missed it/didn't miss it/15:14
lazyPowermhall119: we're in a meeting, and i'll follow up once we're out.15:14
mhall119lazyPower: I'm jumping on a call now myself, so whenever you're free15:31
josehey guys, I'm having some troubles with charm helpers, http://paste.ubuntu.com/7307816/ is giving me ImportError: No module named lib.charmhelpers.contrib15:34
mhall119lazyPower: marcoceppi: one more issue, though postgresql charm didn't work, my django and gunicorn charms say they started, but I can't connect: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7307845/15:36
mhall119not even to get a django error message15:36
lazyPowermhall119: i'm fairly certain we haven't reached those charms in the audit. It may be experiencing silent failure on the charm. Without interfacing directly with that deployment i'm not sure.15:39
marcoceppihey stub, is postgresql ready for trusty? Should I test for compat?15:58
bigtreejuju bootstrap is timing out when using /etc/rc.local to set up a raid0 and mount it...the script is running fine but juju hangs on 'attemping to connect' when it finishes...any ideas?16:00
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renierbigtree, I read somewhere that the firewall could interfere with juju. I had to disable it `sudo ufw disable` in my trusty vagrant box.16:40
bigtree@renier, thanks -- I added a 'sleep 60' to the beginning of the script ....that solved the problem but I'm not sure why17:14
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Tughow can I force a unit to stop when I have an error ?17:53
TugI ran juju destroy service myservice17:53
Tugas it was already in an error state it could not stop17:54
TugI ran juju resolved myservice/x17:54
TugI didn't want to run debug-hooks for each unit (because I just wanted to stop them) so I tried several times17:55
Tugnow I have an error if I try debug-hooks: ERROR cannot set resolved mode for unit "shard1/1": already resolved17:56
Tugis there a way to force this? I would prefer not destroying the environment nor the machines17:58
avoineTug: not that they are  in the resolved status you can't destroy them?18:00
Tugthey are not in resolved status, resolved brought them back in error state18:01
Tug(because I did not run juju debug-hooks to return 1)18:01
TugI just needed to be patient18:02
Tugthey just got removed18:02
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bigtreeUsing juju bootstrap on MaaS is successful, but when trying to add units/other machines juju hangs on login and the juju agent is never started.18:48
bigtreeAnyone have any ideas?18:48
bigtreeDoes juju prevent rc.local from running?19:06
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marcoceppimbruzek cory_fu: https://github.com/marcoceppi/amulet/pull/28#issuecomment-4108122819:37
mbruzekmarcoceppi, we both commented on this.  The changes are safe to make19:39
tvansteenburghwhen i terminate a unit in a peer relationship, is it possible to determine in the relation-departed hook which of the two peers is going away?20:08
hedinhey, I just installed a 14.04 server and put juju-quickstart on it but when I try to run it, I only get this traceback https://dpaste.de/CEh420:31
rick_h_hedin: looking20:33
hedinrick_h_: thanks :)20:35
rick_h_hedin: yea, that's odd and not seen that. Filing a bug and will try to replicate.20:35
rick_h_hedin: ever do much python development?20:36
rick_h_hedin: I wonder if getting quickstart from another source has the same issue.20:36
rick_h_hedin: https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-quickstart/+bug/1311321 at the moment20:36
_mup_Bug #1311321: ascii can't decode error in 14.04 server install <juju-quickstart:Confirmed> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1311321>20:36
Tugis it possible to run a hook again, even when the status is `started` ?20:38
hedinrick_h_: no, just a bit of scripting...20:39
rick_h_hedin: ok, I've filed the bug and will work on seeing if I can replicate in a VM20:42
tvansteenburghhedin: curious what the output of `echo $LANG` is on your juju-quickstart machine?20:46
hedin$ echo $LANG20:54
hedinI have installed ubuntu-14.04 LTS server on top of proxmox... After ubuntu installation, with only openssh-server selected, I ran:20:57
hedinsudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade20:57
hedinrebooted and sudo apt-get install juju-quickstart20:57
hedinand then juju-quickstart, as you saw in the dpaste20:57
hedinhmm... locale might give an answer... https://dpaste.de/qCeb20:58
tvansteenburghtry this:20:59
tvansteenburgh$ python -c "import locale; locale.setlocale(locale.LC_ALL, ''); print locale.getlocale()[1]"20:59
hedintvansteenburgh: output: https://dpaste.de/oO2v21:01
hedinthere is no locale.gen file in /etc/ on 12.04 and debian, I just uncomment the fo_FO.UTF-8 line and run locale-gen21:02
tvansteenburghhedin: i don't follow...you fixed it?21:08
rick_h_hedin: this is 12.04? I thought you were on 14.04?21:10
hedinit is 14.0421:11
hedinLinux ubuntu 3.13.0-24-generic21:11
tvansteenburghi would try:21:11
tvansteenburghsudo locale-gen en_GB.UTF-8 fo_FO.UTF-821:11
tvansteenburghdpkg-reconfigure locales21:11
hedintvansteenburgh: that fixed it, now juju-quickstart runs21:12
hedinthanks for the help :)21:13
hedinmaybe there should be added a check if locale's are configured ?21:13
tvansteenburghhedin: you're welcome, of course21:15
rick_h_thanks tvansteenburgh, notes added to the bug. We'll look into a good way to watch for that21:16
tvansteenburghrick_h_: sure thing21:16
* tvansteenburgh goes back to minding his own business21:16
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james_whi, I have an environment using lxc on trusty, and machine 1 doesn't seem to be starting. Where would I find the logs for that machine?21:54
james_w~/.juju/<env>/log only has machine-0.log21:55
james_w(and a couple of other files)21:55
tvansteenburghjames_w: any clues in the all-machines.log ?21:56
james_wERROR juju runner.go:220 worker: exited "environ-provisioner": no state server machines with addresses found21:56
james_wthat's the only error-looking thing21:56
james_wto my eye at least21:57
tvansteenburghjames_w: using local provider?21:59
james_whttps://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-core/+bug/1248800 has that message21:59
_mup_Bug #1248800: worker/provisioner missed signal to start new machine <deploy> <hs-arm64> <juju-core:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1248800>21:59
james_wand says "restarting the provisioner fixed the problem"21:59
james_whow would I try that?21:59
tvansteenburghi would just destroy the environment and start over22:00
james_wtried that22:00
james_wI can try again22:00
bloodearnestjames_w: do you have juju-mongodb installed?22:02
james_wre-bootstrapped and the same message trying to deploy cs:ubuntu22:03
bloodearnestjames_w: do you have default-series: specified in your env config?22:03
james_wonly type and admin-secrey22:04
bloodearnestjames_w: when you bootstrap, does it say "uploading tools [trusty, precise]" or similar?22:06
bloodearnestso, not sure it this is the issue here, but it will be an issue with some charms, but you need default-series: precise to get juju to upload precise tools22:07
james_whttp://paste.ubuntu.com/7310317/ is the all-machines.log22:08
josejcastro: hey, the 'Please remove jenkins from trusty' bug, would adding the source specified on that page you mentioned and apt-getting work?22:09
jcastrothe charm needs to get from their repo22:10
jcastrosince it's not in ubuntu22:10
joseok, I'll see if I can work in getting that fix into the queue22:11
lazyPowerHey so, question22:28
lazyPowerwith our current juju boxes not being in alignment with the tutorial that we have on the docs, we should probably temporarily remove that doc section? There's not a planned fix on the horizon for the juju vagrant boxes - pending additional work from hazmat from what i observed earlier today22:29
lazyPowerjcastro: ^22:29
jcastrolazyPower, I agree22:37
lazyPowerok just so i'm on the right path, i need to make that fix in the MD docs in the /EN branch?22:37
jcastrothe instructions are up to date22:38
jcastrocheck contributing.html22:38
lazyPowerthanks! i'll mmake that PR before i EOD for the morning.22:38
jcastroon the live website22:38
lazyPowerwow that came out all janky. I'll make a PR for first thing in the morning.22:38
josehow should I specify that a charm can relate to *all* interfaces?22:39
jose(in the metadata.yaml)22:39
lazyPowerjose: what do you mean?22:46
joselazyPower: I have the pagekite charm and I want it to be able to relate to literally any other charm22:47
lazyPowerjose: well, thats tricky. there's no catch-all.22:47
lazyPowermy suggestion would be to either define an interface for pagekite, or impelement the interfaces that pagekite should work with, eg: http, reverseproxy, et al.22:48
lazyPowerand go from there. breaking off the expected workload in chunks after its been verified to work. If you do that you'll take care of most of the charms you're concerned with supporting, and users that want something specific can open a feature request22:48
james_wjose: juju-info I think is the name of the minimum interface supported by every charm23:08
josehmm, ok23:08
joseI'll work in that one tomorrow I think, apparently I have to do some homework today :)23:09
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lazyPowerjames_w: while that works, it only exposes the remote IP address. I'm not sure how pagekite works but i assume it requires more than just the ip?23:29

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