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webchatsucksDoes anyone know how to change all trackers in ktorrent using sed or something? A tracker I use has it's URL changed. I tried doing this and it did change it in the files, but then I started ktorrent up again and the tracker wasn't changed. I tried this: for a in tor*/tracker_status tor*/trackers; do sed -i 's/oldtracker.com/newtracker.com/g' "$a"; done01:21
webchatsucksI'm asking here because the ktorrent channel is dead.01:21
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SWSI have a question about Kbuntu 12.04LTS preload02:31
SWSI purchased a couple of Optiplex towers from a recyler in town, and they have Kbuntu loaded. But when I fire them up, the strat as if they were being loaded for the first time with the welcome screen coming up as if the os has never been registered. How is this done?02:33
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silv3r_m00ni upgraded from 13.10 to 14.04, now the external repositories that were added previously, do i need to manually change them from saucy to trusty ? is there a shortcut ?04:00
valoriesilv3r_m00n: they didn't automatically change?04:14
valorieit has been a long time since it was advised to manually change the repositories in order to upgrade04:15
silv3r_m00nvalorie: during the upgrade the ppa and other repositories were just disabled04:16
silv3r_m00ni actually used update-manager program04:17
silv3r_m00nand when i look at the sources.list i see them pointing to saucy, so i guess i first have to change them to trusty before enabling04:17
valoriewhich repos are you thinking about re-enabling, silv3r_m00n?04:21
valorieold PPAs and other specialty repos may no longer be needed04:21
valoriequite a few people had difficulties upgrading because of them04:21
silv3r_m00nvalorie: there are quite a few, virtualbox, simplescreenrecorder, codelite and many others04:22
silv3r_m00nand many games, whose latest versions are not available in the default ubuntu repos04:22
silv3r_m00ni was just wondering, if the ppa urls were supposed to become trusty on their own, or its always done manually04:23
valoriethose sound ok04:23
valoriebut I guess you should check and see if there are trusty packages or not04:24
valoriewe don't package stuff like that04:24
ubottuVirtualbox is a virtualizer for x86 and amd64 architectures. It's available in the package "virtualbox" in the !repositories, and you can download the Virtualbox Extension Pack for additional, non-Free functionality at http://virtualbox.org . Additional details can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox04:24
silv3r_m00nyeah that i would, and run add-apt-repository with the ppa url again04:24
silv3r_m00ni notice a line in my sources.list, # deb http://repos.codelite.org/ubuntu/ trusty universe # disabled on upgrade to trusty    how did it change from saucy to trusty ?04:25
silv3r_m00ni didnt do that04:25
valoriethat sounds like it might be a partner repo04:26
valoriethose might be auto-updated04:26
valorienot sure04:26
valorie!info codelight04:26
ubottuPackage codelight does not exist in trusty04:26
valoriesilv3r_m00n: I had a further thought -- if you have found software that you think should be packaged by Ubuntu, please file a bug asking for it05:03
valorieit's better to have great stuff in the repos rather than using lots of PPAs05:04
silv3r_m00nvalorie: many of the apps are there, but still using ppa just to get the latest versions, for example 0ad game05:06
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jawootadoes anybody else think the fonts setup in kubuntu out of the box are fugly??05:09
valorieagain, a bug can be filed to ask for the latest version05:09
valoriejawoota: show me what's ugly?05:09
valorieI haven't messed with the fonts at all05:10
jawootathe ubuntu font *barf*05:10
jawootaOxygen-Sans should really be the default05:10
valorieah, I like it05:10
jawootaoh well05:10
valorieI use Oxygen Mono for Konversation05:11
jawootayeah that's a good one05:11
valorieeven better than ubuntu was05:11
valorieI agree that a disagreeable font can make using your computer less enjoyable05:13
valorieand more difficult05:13
valoriefortunately, like everything else, they are easily changed05:13
* jawoota farts05:16
skramer_Hi, I upgraded to Trusty yesterday. The only problem is Akonadi: It fails on migration of KNotes and seems to crash at start leaving me unable to access KMail. Here is the crash report: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7304626 it creates05:26
skramer_How to solve that problem and get KMail and Akonadi to work again?05:27
valorieskramer_: you might have better luck in  #kontact05:33
valoriewhere the devels and other experts live05:33
skramer_valorie: :) Thanks, Valorie!05:33
valoriethere is also #akonadi, but I bet the PIM folks can help05:33
skramer_How to solve that problem and get KMail and Akonadi to work again?05:35
skramer_valorie: Do you know if there´s some effort on bringing Basket back?05:36
valorieskramer_: afaik, the maintainer left, and no one has yet stepped up05:39
valorieit makes me sad; I loved that application05:40
skramer_yes, it has been very helpful & I did not really find any other application to replace it...05:41
jhunoldskramer_: this is https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=33186705:49
ubottuKDE bug 331867 in server "mysql: column 'name' can not be null when migrating PartTable" [Grave,Confirmed]05:49
jhunoldskramer_: see comment 16 and following for a manual solution.05:49
skramer_jhunold: thanks for the tip. However, it seems I still have Akonadi crashing after I followed the suggested manual solution.06:05
skramer_jhunold: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7304801 is the new crash report06:07
jhunoldthis is essentially the same crash. can you follow commt #7 and use "SELECT DISTINCT(name) FROM PartTable;" to see if you have more problematic entries?06:09
skramer_jhunold: I did the steps of #16 one more time & it seems to work now :) Already got a reminder of a birthday tomorrow while Akonadi now seems to migrate e-mails06:13
valorieskramer_: \o/06:18
skramer_jhunold: Now KMail works normal again :) Thank you for your assistance!06:24
aguitelkubuntu 14.04 is lts?06:30
jussiaguitel: yep: http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kubuntu-14.0406:34
Kilosmorning all. how do i find the workspace switcher on 14.04 please06:43
lordievaderGood morning.06:55
silv3r_m00nis kubuntu-restricted-extras the same as ubuntu-restricted extras ? or should i install both ?07:21
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valoriesilv3r_m00n: you might look at the dependencies and see if they are the same07:58
valorieI doubt it, or there wouldn't be two07:58
valoriethat said, I've never tried using the ubuntu one07:59
valorieonly kubuntu07:59
hateballSo... I upgraded to 14.04 (from 12.04) and now I a telepathy plasmoid in my system tray, something I do not wish for. I don't see where I can disable it08:06
hateballI can hide it from showing, but I rather it not start at all... since I don't even use it08:07
hateballheh... I added another instance of the plasmoid, suddenly I could remove the one previously locked in the system tray as well :)08:08
valorieyou can uninstall telepathy, can't you?08:09
hateballit depends on kubuntu-desktop iirc08:10
valorieI also upgraded, but have no such plasmoid or ktp itself either08:10
hateballperhaps I installed it at some point08:10
hateballoh well, problem solved! I don't mind having packages installed, just no need for them to be running08:11
hateballSo... now if I run krdc I get errors relating to telepathy, what the...08:14
klewdoes anyone know if KDE/kUbuntu plan to implement a "scaler-slider" like the one in Ubuntu 14.04? I really like KDE but that slider just made me choose Unity instead ^^08:17
klew(sitting on a 13.3" with 3200x1800 scaling is quite important)08:18
valorieklew: why not file a bug marked as a wish?08:19
hateballHmmm, bringing back the telepathy plasmoid still makes krdc throw errors. And I can't connect to... anything. Fun.08:19
klewvalorie: mainly because the thought hadn't occured to me xD Will do that :)08:19
valorieklew: I've never heard of it before08:20
klewvalorie: it's new in 14.04, just a slider similar to the one you get in OSX on Retina Macbooks08:20
klewand it scales beatifully, even when connecting external monitor with lower resolution which was a big issue for me in kUbuntu 13.1008:21
valoriesounds cool08:21
kleweven handles the different aspect ratios rather well (13.3" 16:9 3200x1800 and 24" 16:10 1920x1200)08:22
klewAlso, Chromium-browser handles scaling quite well if people are interested for future reference, way better than FF08:23
hateballtoo bad the state of chromium 34 is rather dire ;{08:26
alvinAny zsh users? man zsh seems to be missing. What's the manual called?08:26
alvinNever mind. Found the reason. It's bug 1242108.08:33
ubottubug 1242108 in zsh (Ubuntu) "all zsh manpages are missing" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/124210808:33
hateballAha, seems the backend in krdc is freerdp and not rdesktop any longer... breaking things if you have extra options added in krdc gui08:44
hateballtoo bad there's no feedback to the user about that ;f08:45
valoriehateball: please file a bug at bugs.kde.org about that08:50
valorienothing we can do in kubuntu08:50
valorieunless it's a matter of the wrong dependencies or something08:51
alvinhateball: That's bug https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=248896 FreeRDP is better in most cases. Better keyboard handling, and support for recent versions of RDP. (Though in some cases rdesktop works better. That's true. I'm anxiously waiting for a new stable release of FreeRDP with many bugfixes.)08:57
ubottuKDE bug 248896 in RDP "krdc should use freerdp instead of rdesktop" [Wishlist,Resolved: fixed]08:57
alvinOption syntax is different from rdesktop, and it will change again, but they will probably keep the current one too.08:58
hateballalvin: Yes I know it's better, just annoying when the frontend tells you nothing :p09:00
hateballand I have quite a few objects saved with various options09:00
alvinTrue. I know, because I followed that bug in order to know when they switched. I thought both options would stay available. Anyway, I understand the decision. If I'm not mistaken, development of rdesktop has ceased.09:01
alvinWhat's missing now is a decent man page. Take clipboard redirection for example. That's --plugin cliprdr. Nowhere to be found in the man page.09:01
rethusafter I've ubgrade Kubuntu 13.04 on another pc, i upgrade it on my workstation. Works like a charm. No problems.09:10
rethusnow i try to test telepathy VOIP-support, which was broken in previous version. I have a fritzbox and setup all the stuff.09:10
rethusbut i got Network-Error as message below the 622@fritz.box account if I try to connect.09:11
rethushow can i got more detailed messages what's wrong with the connection09:11
rethusapparmor="DENIED" operation="ptrace" profile="/usr/lib/telepathy/telepathy-*" pid=19538 comm="telepathy-haze" requested_mask="read" denied_mask="read" peer="unconfined"09:18
rethusthis is in syslog09:18
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nginx_hi,help me09:33
eagles0513875hey guys why on the website does it recommend downloading 32bit over 64bit?09:42
lordievader!ask | nginx09:42
ubottunginx: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience09:42
rethuseagles0513875: i use 64bit a long time now, works perfekt. I can recommend it.09:43
lordievadereagles0513875: See thread https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/kubuntu-devel/2013-September/007305.html09:43
JoeyChanHi geeks.   Is anyone tried Chinese language support in Kubuntu 14.04 ?09:59
muscalordievader:  so for ubuntu 64-bit is already default, but still not for kubuntu?10:03
lordievadermusca: Correct.10:03
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natacusI dont get the startup music when i log into Kubuntu 14.04 - is there a way to enable it?10:12
eizohi, after i've upgraded to 14.04, networkmanager cannot remember the wifi passwords anymore; i have tried with kwallet on or off, but it's the same (kde 4.13)10:23
natacusI dont get the startup music when i log into Kubuntu 14.04 - is there a way to enable it?10:45
natacushow do i get the "icon only taskbar" to use launcher icons?10:58
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BluesKaj'Morning all11:09
soa2iiHi, I got a fresh install of 14.04 here. According to lspci my wifi is "0c:00.0 Network controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4311 802.11b/g WLAN (rev 01)". So I installed firmware-b43-installer and tried to "modprobe b43" but the command just hangs. What's the way to go to get my wifi running?11:10
soa2iiok … maybe this'll do it http://ubuntu.flowconsult.at/linux/ubuntu-14-04-installation-on-dell-vostro-1000-broadcom-bcm4311/11:13
BluesKajsoa2ii, yes it's worth a try. Did you not see the wifi driver optional install during the OS install?11:20
soa2iiBluesKaj: Nope. And it did work it seems.11:23
BluesKajyes soa2ii when I installed 13.10 and 14.04 ubiquity gave the wifi driver and network manager settings option11:27
soa2iiHm. It just got skipped here …11:27
BluesKajsoa2ii, check out the STA driver in system settings>driver manager, it might work too.11:32
soa2iiBluesKaj: Yeah, but if the oss kernel driver works im fine, or?11:32
BluesKajyes soa2ii the STA wasn't a reliable connection here on my BCM431311:34
soa2iiOK then.11:34
soa2iiWasn't a big problem for me … but the notebook is for an elderly person … hope now it just works.11:34
* BluesKaj nods11:35
soa2iiBluesKaj: I got some other issue it seems. If I choose "shut down" it seems to get stuck at the shutdown animation (the kubuntu text)11:35
soa2iiAnyone noticed something like that? There is just a really short flash of kernel stuff … looks almost like a panic …11:35
soa2iior some driver crash …11:35
BluesKajsoa2ii, have you updated and upgraded since the fresh install?11:35
soa2iiBluesKaj: Yep11:36
soa2iiCan I somehow get to see what's under the kubuntu shutdown animation?11:38
lordievadersoa2ii: Press escape?11:38
soa2iilordievader: Will try it.11:38
BluesKajsoa2ii, try, init 0 , to shut down11:39
average_guyWhen Kubuntu 14.04 starts up, my conky starts twice, on top of each other.  It is easy to fix but it happens on every boot.  I am totally new to KDE and don't know where to adjust the startup behavior.  My conkystart script is not listed in autostart.11:39
dcorbinWhere in the settings can I configure the "start menu" in terms of "look and feel"?11:40
eizohi, after i've upgraded to 14.04, networkmanager cannot remember the wifi passwords anymore; i have tried with kwallet on or off, but it's the same (kde 4.13)11:42
vistakilleris there a way to work notifications of thunderbird, pidgin with system notifications?12:00
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natacushow do i get the "icon only taskbar" to use launcher icons?12:34
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tom004vistakiller: for pidgin head to tools > plugins and enable libnotify popups12:54
retrikI cant change my wallpaper wtf?!12:57
natacusmy desktop crashs if i open the instant messanger!12:57
retrikNatacus can you explain it abit more?12:58
natacusretrik: I boot up, then i click kmenu and select the instant messenger and once my presence is set to online the plasma desktop crashs - and i need to restart my computer12:59
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alketis it just my machine or when you change the volume it actually takes effect 1-2 seconds late13:13
shadeslayernatacus: please file a bug on bugs.kde.org13:51
shadeslayersoa2ii: why not use the new driver manager?13:52
shadeslayerfor your wifi13:52
soa2iishadeslayer: Because it didn't list my driver.14:13
shadeslayersoa2ii: oh ok, might also want to try out linux-firmware-nonfree instead of b4314:16
vistakilleri there a way gtk programmes to use system notification system?14:18
rcw2i upgraded and chromium has an issue.  i want to completely uninstall it.  What else needs to be done besides this: sudo apt-get purge chromium-browser and this: and this rm .config/chromium -rf14:26
rcw2and is it recommended to reboot before reinstalling chromium after uninstallation?14:27
vistakillertry to delete and hiden folder of the programm14:28
vistakilleri see you have done that with rm14:28
hateballchromium 34 has many issues sadly14:30
hateballI see some of mine are fixed in 35, so that should be pushed down soon14:30
rcw2deleted /root/.config/chromium as well14:31
rcw2now reinstalling through Discover14:32
rcw2looks good so far14:32
rcw2ah, still has the same flash issue14:33
stxaBehateball: me too, found a bug14:33
lordievaderYeah the state of chromium is quite sad. Copy and paste doesn't work :(14:34
stxaBeI even can't type in form bar14:36
lordievaderI switched to Google Chrome :(14:40
MrSassyPants1x speech dispatcher removal. Fast, clean, unproblematic please.14:41
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vistakillernotification appear in system tray and in upper left corner like a plasma add on14:43
vistakilleris like this https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-Prs7qmt8Hm4/U1Z_6oBjRxI/AAAAAAAAAjA/7nj7ExRhG6A/w543-h319-no/dekstop.png14:43
vistakillerwhy this happen?14:43
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ezra-svistakiller, it's yakuake terminal14:45
vistakilleri know but why notification window goes in system tray and uper left corner14:46
vistakillerboth of them14:46
ezra-snotification will show wherever you have them configured to show14:47
ezra-syou can disable them from showing up14:47
vistakillerbut i dont configured to show in left uper corner14:47
ezra-sup or panel or wheever14:47
ezra-svistakiller, probably it was modified by upgrade14:47
ezra-sdid you upgrade?14:47
vistakillerbut in the previous version works perfect14:47
vistakillerhow can i change it?14:47
ezra-sgo to system settings  - Application and system notifications - Ohter notifications14:48
ezra-sat the bottom you have where you want them14:48
vistakilleris not working this14:48
vistakillerwhatever i change the uper left corner still exists14:49
ezra-svistakiller, which setting have you set now?14:49
vistakilleri am not new kde user i use it for 6+ years now14:49
vistakilleri change it to system tray14:50
ezra-sthen file a bug if you think it's not working correctly14:50
vistakilleris there a file in hidden folder that keep that settings?14:50
vistakillercan you write my name to see notification?14:55
lordievadervistakiller: ping14:55
vistakillersame :(14:55
vistakilleri have notification in system tray plus a icon in left uper corner14:56
vistakilleranyone again?14:57
lordievadervistakiller: ping14:57
vistakillersame :(14:57
lordievaderNot really sure what you're trying to do.14:58
vistakilleri try to see notification only from system tray14:59
vistakillerand one more time someone to write my name?15:07
vistakilleranyone please?15:08
lordievadervistakiller: ping15:09
vistakillernow is not write anything :P15:09
vistakillerone more?15:10
lordievadervistakiller: ping15:11
vistakillernice i completly break it...:P15:11
vistakillerfor that i love linux when you try to fix something you break 10 others.. :P15:11
vistakillertime for a restart15:11
vistakillerok i fix it :)15:13
vistakilleri delete one hiden file with notification settings15:14
vistakillerand is done15:14
vistakillerone last ping from someone please?15:14
lordievadervistakiller: ping15:15
vistakillerok nothing but i will find a solution.. it seems i have now problem with gtk programms15:16
vistakillerthe kde programms works perfect with notification15:16
vistakillerok thx for the pings :P15:17
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partha_Hello everyone!15:18
partha_I am trying to use 2 separate X servers on 2 screens. Tried with Ubuntu Unity but it just starts on one screen. So, installed the "kubuntu-desktop" package. Logged out and tried to login to the KDE session. However, this froze my computer almost instantly. Then rebooted. But now, the computer freezes within a couple of seconds after Grub. Can someone please help?15:20
partha_BTW, I am using NVIDIA with binary driver v33115:20
yossarianuk14.04 seems pretty damn awesome so far16:09
MoonUnit`every except audio for me, clitchy in vlc.16:12
ezra-syossarianuk, oh really? lucky you, I'm having issues16:14
BluesKajyossarianuk, not to put a damper on your enthusiasm , but awesome is an over used word for anything that works ok these days :)16:14
ezra-sat least on the work laptop16:14
ezra-sakonadiserver enjoys to eat my cpu, then the baloo-file-* thing16:15
yossarianukwell it just seems that little bit better/more refined that 13.1016:15
yossarianukalso first time using kde 4.13.16:15
ezra-sno argue on that16:16
yossarianukezra-s: did you upgrade ?16:16
ezra-syossarianuk, yes, upgrade from 12.0416:16
yossarianukperhaps - try to clear on .kde and other settings .local .config , etc16:16
BluesKajezra-s, if you don't need a database server then don't us akonadi16:17
yossarianukor try to make  anew user and test that.16:17
ezra-sBluesKaj, I don't know is up and running to be honest16:17
yossarianuki.e a clean profile16:17
ezra-syossarianuk, that would be cool but I have several configurations I don't want to lose16:17
yossarianukI just mean for testing (to see if issue is still tehre..)16:18
BluesKajezra-s, type akon in the kicker search bar then akonadi should show, then you can disable it16:18
ezra-syossarianuk, will do16:18
ezra-sBluesKaj, thanks, I saw options to stop it, not sure that will remain disabled on restart16:20
BluesKajezra-s, it will16:20
ezra-sBluesKaj, thanks for the great tip! :)16:21
ezra-sfinally cpu load decreasing16:21
ezra-sselecting my home for desktop search to not be searched helped with the baloo thing although it remains there using some cpu, is there a way to completely disable it?16:22
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BluesKajyes add your /home dir to the exclusion in baloo in system settings16:23
ezra-sBluesKaj, yes, thats what I did ^^16:24
BluesKajoops you already did16:24
ezra-sI meant, completely disable it, if there is a way16:24
BluesKajezra-s, hang on16:24
BluesKajezra-s, http://askubuntu.com/questions/437635/how-to-turn-off-baloo-in-kde-4-1316:26
ezra-shehehe, I see I'm not the only one with issues..16:27
vistakilleri cant fix it16:27
vistakilleri have delete the .kde to see if was the settings but nothing16:28
vistakilleri think is a distro version bug the notifications16:28
yossarianukezra-s: have you tried asking in #kde ?16:29
ezra-syossarianuk, nope, I use kubuntu16:30
yossarianukkubuntu runs #kde as its desktop //16:30
BluesKajezra-s, completely disabling can be done but baloo only runs for a few mins at startup depending on your file base size16:33
ezra-syossarianuk, :)16:33
ezra-sBluesKaj, it's been running for hours and cpu load does not decrease enough, so Im trying disabling first and see if I find the culprit taking too much16:34
ezra-scompletely disabling it like in that link, symlinking to bin/true has finally reduce the load under 1.016:34
ezra-swhereas it was always like 2.XX or 3.xx minimum16:34
ezra-sim surprised really because I have another kubuntu for my main pc with no issues, I guess I will have to do as yossarianuk suggests and do a clean start, but it¡s a work desktop, so much configuring to do later... :(16:36
yossarianukwell you could just create a new user on your existing install first (I personally always fresh install...)16:37
vistakilleri cant find a solution :(16:37
lolmausAfter updating my Kubuntu to 14.04 i receive this in Chrome: http://i.imgur.com/W5xNjSf.png Ideas?16:38
BluesKajlolmaus, chrome or chromium ?16:41
lolmausBluesKaj: Chrome.16:41
BluesKajlolmaus, chromium for linux , chrome for windows16:43
vistakillerin chrome i dont have that problem16:43
lolmausBluesKaj: do i get Google sync in Chromium?16:43
vistakillerhave you try if the problem exist in chrome?16:43
vistakilleri see and another one that copmplain about chromium problems16:44
lolmausBluesKaj: you mean you managed to reproduce my issue in Chrome?16:45
BluesKajlolmaus, nope16:45
lolmausOh sorry16:45
vistakilleri use chrome but i have not this problem16:48
vistakilleri use chrome beta16:48
vistakillerlolmaus beta or stable?16:48
lolmausvistakiller: stable.16:48
vistakillercan you yty and beta?16:49
lolmausvistakiller: the bug appears spontaneously. I don't know any method to reproduce it. I've switched to Chromium for now.16:49
vistakillerwhat gpu do you have?16:50
ezra-slolmaus, which compositing type are you using?  (system settings - desktop effects - advanced)16:55
lolmausezra-s: OpenGL 3.1. I think i didn't change that option.16:56
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vistakillerand gpu nvidia?16:59
ezra-slolmaus, try default xrender, see if artifacts dissapear17:00
ezra-sopengl 3.1 is not the default afaik17:00
lolmausvistakiller: Intel HD 400017:00
lolmausezra-s: the artifacts appear not too often so i can't tell whether any change is successful until some hours of browsing.17:01
BluesKajlolmaus,have you upgraded to the latest kde ?17:01
ezra-slolmaus, well, then you know what to do now :D17:01
BluesKajkde 4.1317:01
lolmausBluesKaj: i did dist-upgrade and apt-get upgrade17:02
BluesKajalways update, upgrade, then dist-upgrade in that order17:04
lolmausBluesKaj: so i did17:04
alketdo you know how to check software version before downloading in apt-get ?17:05
vistakillerimo is something with the gpu driver17:05
lolmausalket: aptitude show package_name17:05
lolmausalket: i think it's `apt-cache show package_name` for vanilla apt17:05
vistakillertry to use chrome beta maybe therei is no problem there17:05
alketlolmaus: thank you17:06
BluesKajor look in muon discover17:06
BluesKajor just muon itself, it's great for referencing packages17:07
vistakilleri have install collibri17:15
vistakillercan anyone have the time to ping my name to see notifications?17:15
vistakillerok thx that works :)17:18
lolmausAs far as notifications are concerned... are there no active notifications in KDE?17:18
vistakilleri have disable kde notifications and i have install collibri17:20
vistakillerwith kde notifications i had this issues17:20
vistakillernow it works and with thunderbird :)17:20
lolmausvistakiller: don't you hate that you can't just click the notification to get to the corresponding program?17:24
lolmausvistakiller: it says "you've been pinged at IRC" and you find yourself looking for your irc client17:24
vistakillernotifications now is totaly break in my system17:25
vistakillercollibri is an solution but not a good one17:25
BluesKajvistakiller, what's collibri?17:35
vistakillera notifications system17:35
BluesKajobviously, but from where?17:36
BluesKajobviously, but from where?17:37
vistakilleri give up :( i spent hours to find a solution but i cant fix it17:37
vistakilleri think is a bug with notifications in new version of kubuntu17:38
BluesKajglad I don't worry about the notifier much, unless the app has a system tray notification system like konversation highlighting17:41
vistakilleri have lost and the notification icon in system tray and in the uper corner the notifications is like this17:43
qdatakvirc has a notifier such that when you use nick highlighting set to highlight your own nicj anything with your nick in it pops up in a notifier box for a length of time you set17:46
qdatait can either use its own or KDE;s17:47
vistakillertake a look here https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-o6AsQyn4K5c/U1arEBy-fWI/AAAAAAAAAjs/Wx3E5QCwaqM/w1565-h978-no/dekstop2.png17:47
haitham_barhello, anyone familiar with laptop's keyboard issues on linux distros?17:49
haitham_barit's not working on any release, new or old17:49
floryn90hi everyone18:12
floryn90i have a problem with upgrading from kubuntu 13.10 to kubuntu 14.0418:12
floryn90i did a sudo do-release-upgrade from terminal18:13
floryn90and after reboot a have no desktop and some blocked packages18:13
floryn90now i can't install kubuntu-desktop18:14
floryn90that depends by kde-window-manager and kde-workspace18:14
yossarianukfloryn90: from a terminal - check all sources.list entries show 'trusty'18:15
yossarianukthen try18:15
yossarianuksudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade18:16
floryn90yossarianuk, i taked it18:16
floryn90all entryes are with trusty18:16
chachanyossarianuk: also be sure you don't have anything broken with: sudo apt-get install -f18:16
yossarianuk- it will recommend that apt-get -f install if its needed...18:17
floryn90with apt-get -f install and with apt-get dist-upgrade or apt-get upgrade it says that all is updated18:17
yossarianukfloryn90: in that case - what is blocked ?18:18
floryn90it seems that kubuntu-desktop is broken18:20
floryn90can't resolve some dependences18:20
floryn90such as kde-window-manager and kde-workspace18:20
yossarianukyou should pastbin your complete errror.18:20
floryn90yossarianuk, this is my sources.list: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7308925/18:26
BluesKajfloryn90, try installing kde-workspace. then upgrade and dist-upgrade18:27
floryn90yossarianuk, this is output of sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7308934/18:28
floryn90BluesKaj, kde-workspace depends by kde-window-manager and kde-window-manager-active that can not be found18:29
yossarianukfloryn90: it sounds like you do not have a full sources.list18:37
floryn90on my laptop i have ubuntu 14.0418:38
yossarianukI suggest generating one http://repogen.simplylinux.ch/18:39
yossarianukshould be the same sources.list18:39
floryn90ubuntu 14.04  sources.list and kubuntu 14.04 sources.list are the same ?18:39
floryn90so i can copy my sources.list to kubuntu and the problem should be resolved18:40
floryn90i'll try18:40
yossarianuktry that18:40
yossarianukare you new installing or upgrading?18:40
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Guest40801Hi. Just installed 14.04. In previous versions, I used to use the file copy dialog instead of the notification area. It was very simple to detach it (a simple checkbox) in the preferences. Now in 14.04 I can not see that checkbox. Anyone knows where is it? IOW, how to get the classic file copy dialog?18:45
Guest40801Oops... sorry. Found it. Please, disregard....18:46
floryn90yossarianuk, on my desktop i'm upgrading from kubuntu 13.1018:48
floryn90on my laptop i have new install18:48
yossarianukyes I would copy over the sources.list18:48
yossarianukalso disable any ppa's.18:48
yossarianukmake sure you do - sudo apt-get update18:49
floryn90yossarianuk, i copied sources.list and after that did apt-get update and apt-get upgrade18:50
floryn90i tried apt-get install kubuntu-desktop but now are more dependencies18:50
yossarianuk- try sudo apt-get dist-upgrade18:50
floryn90same result18:51
yossarianukfloryn90: do yuou try 'do-release-upgrade'18:52
yossarianukalso you do have network conniectivty now ?18:52
floryn90yes but it tell me there is no updates18:52
floryn90yes i have it18:52
yossarianukok - if you have an unusable desktop now I would try and remove the packages mentioned18:53
yossarianukthen try installing kubuntu-desktop18:53
yossarianuksudo dpkg -r kde-window-manager18:54
yossarianuksudo dpkg -r  kde-workspace18:54
yossarianukthen try to install kubuntu-desktop again18:55
alketis it just me or when changing volume level it actually takes 1-2 seconds to take effect ?18:55
floryn90kde-workspace is not installed18:55
floryn90i have installed kde-workspace-data, kde-workspace-kgreet-plugins18:56
floryn90kde-window-manager is not installed too18:56
yossarianukremove all blocking packages18:56
floryn90is there a way to remove all kde ?18:57
yossarianukjust remove packages blocking the install18:57
floryn90but when i go to install kubuntu-desktop it tell me that cannot resolve some dependencies such as kde-window-manager18:58
yossarianukfloryn90: pastebin the latest error18:59
alketbut never remove kubuntu-desktop if you have installed, it might uninstall all the system, this happened to my friend18:59
floryn90yossarianuk, this is the output of the command that you told me to execute: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7309166/19:00
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yossarianukfloryn90: i'll send you my sources.list - as a test please try and replace your version with this19:02
yossarianuk(doesn;t matter that i'm in the uk)19:02
yossarianukalso move anything out (temporary) from /etc/apt/sources.list.d/19:03
floryn90yossarianuk, it seems that is blocked (file transfer)19:05
yossarianukok ill pastebin it19:06
Linusnewbhi all19:09
LinusnewbI have dist-upgraded my kubuntu tu version 14.04 and now I have a dpkg error for some packages.. it seems it won-t reconfigure it19:12
LinusnewbI also use the apt-get -f install command and have the same error pls help me19:13
floryn90Linusnewb, i have the same problem19:15
Linusnewbfloryn samba and winbind?19:16
BluesKajLinusnewb, in order to upgrade from 13.10 to 14.04 run sudo do-release-upgrade. dist-upgrade only upgrades packages in 13.10 which fine before doing r19:16
BluesKaje release upgrade19:16
Linusnewbblueskaj I have installed via pop up I think muon makes the upgrade install19:18
yossarianukfloryn90: pastebin the latest dep errors when you go to install kubuntu-desktop19:19
floryn90yossarianuk, http://paste.ubuntu.com/7309297/19:20
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BluesKajLinusnewb, run lsb_release -a to see which release you have19:24
Linusnewbubuntu 14.04 LTS trusty19:27
Linusnewbto many depencies for samba-common samba-common-bin samba winbind libnss-winbind:i386 libpam-winbind:i386 smbclient19:31
PooshhMaohello, i have some problems with installing qtcreator on 14.0419:31
PooshhMaothe 5.21 installer from digia doesn't work either anymore19:32
BluesKajLinusnewb, have you tried, sudo apt-get -f install ?19:37
yossarianukfloryn90: duoble check you haven;t any packages on hold - i;e - dpkg -l | grep ^h19:41
yossarianukalso try sudo apt-get clean19:41
yossarianukthen sudo apt-get update/uograde19:41
floryn90i generated a new sources.list from that tool you shown me19:42
yossarianukcool - anynjoy?19:43
yossarianuk*any joy*19:43
yossarianuk(back in 5 mins)19:43
floryn90after that i found sum hash not corresponding19:44
BluesKajLinusnewb, sometimes sudo dpkg --configure -a helps with interrupted installations, if that's what happened in your case.19:44
LinusnewbBluesKaj samba-common (2:4.1.6+dfsg-1ubuntu2) configured..... rmdir: `/etc/dhcp3/dhclient-enter-hooks.d' folder or file not found19:45
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BluesKajok Linusnewb. run sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade19:46
Linusnewbsame eror messages19:48
geniiIt might be helpful if you put the output in a pastebin for us to view19:49
Linusnewbwich error messagefrom apt-get upgrade?19:51
geniiLinusnewb: Yes.19:51
BluesKaj!paste | Linusnewb19:52
ubottuLinusnewb: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.19:52
floryn90yossarianuk, tell me19:53
yossarianukfloryn90: double check you haven;t any packages on hold - i;e - dpkg -l | grep ^h19:53
yossarianukfloryn90:: also try sudo apt-get clean19:53
yossarianukthen sudo apt-get update/uograde19:53
yossarianuksorry  sudo apt-get update &&  sudo apt-get dist-upgrade19:54
yossarianukfloryn90: do you have any held packages ?19:56
yossarianukfloryn90: dpkg --get-selections | grep hold19:56
floryn90yossarianuk, Wait a moment19:58
floryn90yossarianuk, no i haven't help packages20:01
geniiLinusnewb: What do you get if you try: dpkg-reconfigure samba-common20:03
geniiAlso, I'll spare you the lecture about running as root ;)20:03
Linusnewb/usr/sbin/dpkg-reconfigure: samba-common is broken or not installed20:04
geniiLinusnewb: Try then: apt-get install --reinstall samba-common20:05
LinusnewbE: Internal Error, No file name for samba-common:i38620:07
geniiLinusnewb: You're running a pure 32 bit install, or mixed 64 and 32 bit?20:09
Linusnewbpure32 bit20:09
Linusnewbit's an old celeron computer 64 bit won't work with it20:10
geniiLinusnewb: I think I might try: apt-get clean && apt-get install -fy    ...and if that completes, then to do: sudo dpkg --configure -a20:13
geniiwork, afk20:14
Linusnewbsame error20:16
geniiLinusnewb: What says the result of: apt-cache policy samba-common20:16
Linusnewbwhere is this20:17
lordievaderLinusnewb: It's a terminal command ;)20:18
Linusnewb*** 2:4.1.6+dfsg-1ubuntu2 0   500 http://ftp.linux.org.tr/ubuntu/ trusty/main i386 Packages   100 /var/lib/dpkg/status20:19
Linusnewbit says it's installed20:21
geniiLinusnewb: Looks like you have some weird repository there20:25
geniiLinusnewb: Can you pastebin the output of: ls /etc/apt/sources.list.d/20:26
lordievadergenii: That isn't the Turkish mirror?20:26
lordievaderHmm, guess that would be tr.archive.ubuntu.com...20:26
geniilordievader: If so then why isn't it in the usual format of http://<country-code>.archive.ubuntu.com/    ..?20:27
geniiYes, exactly20:27
lordievaderThen it might be to blame.20:28
lordievaderLinusnewb: Could you also pastebin your /etc/apt/sources.list?20:30
geniiYou have PPA/repositories there from at least two previous versions20:31
Linusnewbbash: /etc/apt/sources.list: Erişim engellendi20:32
LinusnewbI have no acess to sources list as root?20:32
lordievaderDoes it exist?20:33
lordievader(Phew, this time I didn't make a typo)20:33
geniiIt's not an executable file ( bash is trying to run it there)20:33
lordievaderAh, right.20:33
geniiLinusnewb: More like: cat /etc/apt/sources.list      ... and then to pastebin the result20:34
geniiLooks like it's using that ftp.linux.org.tr as it's main instead of tr.archive.ubuntu.com20:41
loverdriveHi. When i format a new partition (with sudo mkfs.ext4 /dev/sda3), then the non-root user can't access to this partition.  Is not strange?20:42
loverdriveI'd like to have partition accessible to all users20:42
Linusnewband what does it mean is it a fake adress?20:42
LinusnewbI'M coming soon Must go to work yet20:45
geniiLinusnewb: First, I think you need to move all the PPA files somewhere. Like:  cd ~ && mkdir bork  && mv /etc/apt/sources.list.d/* bork/     ... then clear out the cached lists:  rm /var/lib/apt/lists/partial/* && rm /var/lib/apt/lists/*    ...then I would change all occurence of ftp.linux.org.tr to the official one of tr.archive.ubuntu.com in the /etc/apt/sources.list file20:45
* genii goes back to his mug of coffee20:46
AndyMan1Kubuntu 14.04 64-bit, Firefox 28.0. I just upgraded. Is it just me or does firefox seem to sit consistently at 10% CPU usage?20:49
EtriaphHow do I get Kate to remember the files I had open the last time I quit the application?20:50
lordievaderloverdrive: Probably just the permissions.20:57
loverdrivelordievader: yes, i just solved with chown :)20:57
lordievaderloverdrive: Nice :)20:57
loverdrivebut it is the first time it happens20:57
lordievaderThen you've learned a bit about linux permissions :)20:58
loverdriveyes :)20:59
keithzgAnyone else have samba (the server component, so, smbd and nmbd) stop working with the upgrade to 14.04?21:08
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Guest94705having an issue on ubuntu 14.04.  using disks(palimpset) to mount a partition at startup, but if I turn off the automatic mounting options, the partition fails to mount21:50
Guest94705any suggestions21:50
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keithzgpalimpset? Isn't that the GNOME Disks utility?21:58
keithzgWhat kind of disk is it and how are you trying to mount it, exactly?21:59
leomcabrallI`m trying to upgrade to 14.04 but I`m having a python issue "You python instalation is corrupted. Please fix the symbolic link '/usr/bin/python'. Any one had this issue?22:17
SeanFromQueensafter upgrading to 14.04 laptop boots to error: symbol "grub_term_highlight_color' and LS returns (hd0) (hd0,msdos6) (hd0,msdos5)... then only ¨returns error: unknown filesystem.¨ for each partition23:03
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douglso I used to be able to get videos off my iphone and now I cannnot?23:17
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