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cjwatsonwgrant: Is there a particular value in the approach of having binarypackagefile_id_seq rather than just having BinaryPackageFile.id be SERIAL PRIMARY KEY?  I'm wondering what I should be doing for the analogous LiveFSFile.15:50
* cjwatson wonders how anyone ever gets database/schema/security.cfg right short of sheer guesswork20:16
cjwatsonconfigure.zcml mistakes really are capable of generating ginormous tracebacks20:26
wgrantcjwatson: That's the implicit sequence created by serial PRIMARY KEY21:09
cjwatsonAh, so it's just what pg_dump produces?21:10
wgrantRight. serial is shorthand for creating an integer column bound to a sequence.21:10
cjwatsonAll right, that makes sense21:10
wgrantBut pg_dump can't tell that it was used initially.21:10
cjwatsonI'll probably be able to get at least some set of simple livefs tests working tomorrow.  But not tonight because argh Processor.21:13
cjwatson(Spent most of today on it, up to 1100 loc or so ...)21:14
* cjwatson tries to figure out why status is apparently denormed across BuildFarmJob and some of the BFJ implementations22:40
cjwatsonIs the former deprecated or something?22:41

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