KyouReeUs4nfoAh sound works without pavucontrol and pulseaudio :)02:38
wxlKyouReeUs4nfo: thank god,  right?03:36
wxllove that film.03:44
wxloops wrong channel :)03:44
wxlusual suspects for the curious XD03:44
KyouReeUs4nfowxl: yeah, too much unnecessary (con)fusion with those two installed.04:38
wxlKyouReeUs4nfo: well admittedly pulseaudio does work well, but it's just completely unnecessary. if you're going to give me an ADDITIONAL audio server, give me something like jack which is actually useful.04:40
KyouReeUs4nfowxl: Isn't jack used for recording, mixing, etc. ?04:43
wxlKyouReeUs4nfo: yes, and that's what i mean by useful. it's useful to the person that uses it. i make sure to include jack on all my machines but that's because i do a bunch of audio work.04:43
KyouReeUs4nfowxl: usual suspects was a great movie, still is actually.04:44
wxlKyouReeUs4nfo: yes but we'll save that for #lubuntu-offtopic ;)04:44
KyouReeUs4nfowxl: okay, let's commit.04:45
ianorlinhow do I find out what resolution my intel onbaord graphics supports?05:25
ianorlinI am thinking of getting a new monitor05:25
JohnDoe_71Rusianorlin: see xorg.0.log file05:28
ianorlinI want to know I can use the features of a monitor before I buy that just tells me my current resolution loaded05:37
jablesI tried to install wine and I get the following:08:15
jablesYou might want to run 'apt-get -f install' to correct these:08:15
jablesThe following packages have unmet dependencies:08:15
jables libasound2-plugins:i386 : Depends: libasound2:i386 (>= 1.0.25) but it is not going to be installed08:15
jables wine1.6-amd64 : Depends: wine1.6:any (= 1:1.6.1-0ubuntu1~ppa1~precise1)08:15
jables wine1.6-i386:i386 : Depends: libasound2:i386 (>= 1.0.23) but it is not going to be installed08:15
jables                     Depends: wine1.6:any:i386 (= 1:1.6.1-0ubuntu1~ppa1~precise1)08:15
jablesE: Unmet dependencies. Try 'apt-get -f install' with no packages (or specify a solution).08:15
jableshow do i fix this08:15
jablesi tried 'apt-get remove wine1.6'08:16
jablesbut still get that message08:16
=== xnox is now known as NoNameYet_xnox
sneskerDoes Lubuntu come with that program that tries to sell you magazines in the package manager?11:52
sneskerAm I going to have to remove ubuntu's spyware?11:56
dzhosnesker: http://www.theinquirer.net/inquirer/news/2337185/ubuntu-to-ditch-amazon-product-suggestions-from-its-search-results12:26
holsteinsnele: lubuntu *is* ubuntu... same access to the same repositories.. you are free to add and remove whatever you like13:01
holsteinsnele: sorry13:01
holsteinsnesker: ^13:01
holsteinsnesker: the unity lenses come with unity.. and lubuntu ships with LXDE.. but, what most folks are worried about is http://linuxaria.com/howto/how-to-remove-zeitgeist-in-ubuntu-and-why?lang=en13:02
sneskerthank you, holstein13:26
djsuprinDo you know why there are two keyboard layout icons in tray in Lubuntu 14.04? And why Wi-fi icon was removed and if it will be fixed in future updates?13:42
sneskerbased on what I know about lxde, you should be able to customize that by right-clicking the task bar and going through the options13:44
sneskerbut I've been running lxde on mint and haven't tried lubuntu yet13:44
holsteinsnesker: yes, there are many customization options in LXDE.. try the live CD for lubuntu if you like13:48
djsuprinsurely it is customizable. I just expected that LTS release will be stable since the first day of the release. And didn't expect stupid mistakes like missing nm-applet in tray. etc13:49
sneskergonna try out lubuntu right now14:08
Waynes1I've got a 2 gbyte mp3 player of which 1,5 gbyte are accessible from the mp3 player and 50 mbyte accesible from lubuntu, what's happening and how do I fix that?15:36
wxlWaynes1: which?15:38
Waynes1wxl: Waynes1, Waynes just died15:38
wxlWaynes1: which mp3 player, i mean.15:39
Waynes1odys mp x30v, but it only has 2gbyte of memory, not 8 http://www.amazon.de/Odys-MP-X30V-Video-Player-LC-Display-MicroSD-Kartenslot/dp/B002R68SIG15:41
Waynes1I succeeded formatting it, but now it can't find the mp3s I'm copying on it15:42
wxlWaynes1: am i correct that it has 2gb internal memory and then is expandable by sd card?15:42
Waynes1might be, it appears to have a micro sd card slot15:43
Waynes1but there's nothing in it so that can't be it15:43
wxlhuh bizarre15:43
wxlwhat did you format it with?15:44
wxlwhat program, silly?15:44
Waynes1your questions are ambiguous15:45
wxlfat32 is a a type of filesystem. you don't use it to format something.15:45
wxltry using gparted15:46
Waynes1now I can access the full 2 gbyte on lubuntu, but the mp3 player appears to be unable to find any data I copy on it15:57
wxldid you use fat32 for the fs or the default ext3?15:58
wxlthe thing didn't come preformatted?15:58
Waynes1it did, but apparently it only recognizes files I put on it from a windows pc15:59
Waynes1I'll be downstairs and see if that still works15:59
wxlWaynes1: says it works with linux 2.4. assumedly that's the kernel version. and we're well beyond that, so unless there's a regression affecting this particular device you should be fine with regards to the os. i can't find a manual to give any instructions about how to deal with formatting, etc.16:03
Waynes1wxl: who says it works with linux 2.4?16:07
wxlWaynes1: odys16:07
Waynes1now I fat32 formated that mp3 player on windows, copied a file on it (still from windows), that file was accessible on the mp3 player, then I plugged the mp3 player into lubuntu and pcmanfm "experienced an internal error"16:09
wxlso here's an idea. in (if i remember correctly) the pcmanfm command is in /etc/xdg/lxsession/Lubuntu/autostart16:11
wxlfind it16:11
wxlthen kill pcmanfm16:11
wxlthen run the command again16:11
Waynes1second try worked, but I still can't access the files from lubuntu to mp3 player16:11
wxlin a terminal16:11
wxladd a "> somefilename" to the end16:12
wxlbetter yet16:12
wxladd "| pastebinit" to the end16:12
wxlmake sure you have pastebinit installed before you do that16:12
wxlthen plug in the mp3 player16:12
wxland give me the resulting url from pastebinit16:12
Waynes1I'll just use windows for copying files, thanks four your help though16:13
Waynes1have a nice day :)16:13
NRDisciplehey, got a question.  Just installed Lunbuntu 14.04 the other day, and it will not let me change the monitor resolution16:40
NRDiscipleI hit apply and the desktop remained at the monitor default.  The user claims it's too small, so i need to decrease the resolution.16:41
NRDiscipleIs there any way to fix this?16:41
DiplomaticoHello, I want to install 14.04 in a pen drive, but I want to do it without creating a Swap partition, is it possible?19:20
wxlDiplomatico: yep you can partition however you want19:24
DiplomaticoI mean,  I think lubuntu asked me to create a swap partition when i installed it...19:26
DiplomaticoSo is it necessary, that is my question...19:27
wxlDiplomatico: no, assuming you have plenty of memory19:30
wxlin more ways than one19:30
DiplomaticoOh, ok.19:30
DiplomaticoSo what is the worst case scenario?19:31
DiplomaticoIf I dont happen to have the memory?19:31
wxla lot of waiting19:31
wxlswap can be thought of as hard drive memory19:31
DiplomaticoOh ok, as virtual memory...19:31
DiplomaticoGot it, thank you so much wxl!19:32
wxlDiplomatico: you can also use swap FILES19:32
DiplomaticoWhat is that?19:32
wxlDiplomatico: same difference but it doesn't require a separate partition19:32
DiplomaticoOk, do you know how to configure it when i install lubuntu?19:33
wxlDiplomatico: you can't at install time but you could install without swap and then set up the file19:33
ubottuswap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info19:33
wxlthat page has the information you need to do it19:33
DiplomaticoGreat, thanks again!!19:33
KyouReeUs4nfowxl: I am kind of back to square one on sound issue. It partially works without pavucontrol and pulseaudio in vlc, but it doesn't work with flash/browser. how do I make it work with Alsa only?19:35
wxlKyouReeUs4nfo: that's bizarre. works fine for me! what browser19:39
KyouReeUs4nfowxl: midori19:40
wxlKyouReeUs4nfo: do you have the same issue with firefox or chromium?19:40
KyouReeUs4nfowxl: works in firefox, sounds like browser issue19:42
wxlKyouReeUs4nfo: yep19:42
KyouReeUs4nfowxl: it works in midori too, damn I feel silly. I just needed to relaunch it.19:44
wxlKyouReeUs4nfo: oh yeah that happens with linux. you can update and change things and it doesn't always have an affect on running applications.19:44
wxlKyouReeUs4nfo: windows would just MAKE you restart ;)19:45
Unit193Use `checkrestart`, or the other application.19:45
wxl!info checkrestart19:45
ubottuPackage checkrestart does not exist in trusty19:45
wxlwuzzat, Unit19319:45
Unit193!info debian-goodies19:45
ubottudebian-goodies (source: debian-goodies): Small toolbox-style utilities for Debian systems. In component main, is optional. Version 0.63 (trusty), package size 61 kB, installed size 190 kB19:45
Unit193!info needrestart | Never used this one though.19:46
ubottuNever used this one though.: needrestart (source: needrestart): check which daemons need to be restarted after library upgrades. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.5-1 (trusty), package size 9 kB, installed size 121 kB19:46
wxlKyouReeUs4nfo: make sure pulse is not running, either. that happened to me after i removed it. `ps aux | grep -i pulse`19:46
KyouReeUs4nfowxl: I take it back, I installed pavucontrol few mins ago and that is why sound works in both browsers. hold on brb lol19:47
Unit193echo autospawn=no >> ~/.config/pulse/client.conf19:47
KyouReeUs4nfowxl: okay I removed pavcontrol and autoremoved the rest, checking again19:50
KyouReeUs4nfowxl: it works in vlc19:50
KyouReeUs4nfowxl: now, it doesn't work in any of the browsers19:52
wxlKyouReeUs4nfo: did you check if pulse was running?19:52
KyouReeUs4nfowxl: I removed pavucontrol but surprisingly there is a process running for /usr/bin/pulseaudio, should I kill it?19:54
KyouReeUs4nfowxl: pulseaudio was removed too19:54
wxlKyouReeUs4nfo: yep kill it19:55
KyouReeUs4nfowxl: done19:55
wxlnow restart the browsers19:55
KyouReeUs4nfowxl: okay, testing.19:55
Guest80623Hello, does anyone else have problems with m4a (mpeg4) in 14.04? they dont play in cmus, moc or guaydeque for me. though they play fine in vlc.19:57
Guest80623cmus - > distorted; moc -> cant decode error message; i installed both with ffmpeg plugin19:57
KyouReeUs4nfowxl: nope, it doesn't work still19:57
wxlKyouReeUs4nfo: check if anything's muted in alsamixer19:59
wxlUnit193: you know of a surefire way to test if alsa is running?20:00
wxlGuest80623: i'd talk to the maintainers of those programs. works fine for me in mplayer, too.20:01
KyouReeUs4nfowxl: I can listen to music in vlc and I checked in alsamixer to double-check nothing is muted20:01
wxlKyouReeUs4nfo: yeah duh. hm. firefox behaving or not?20:01
KyouReeUs4nfowxl: firefox, midori, no go.20:02
Unit193wxl: Isn't it always?  Try speaker-test20:02
wxlKyouReeUs4nfo: can you play ANY audio in the browsers?20:02
KyouReeUs4nfowxl: no audio in browsers at all20:03
Unit193firefox works on just alsam20:03
KyouReeUs4nfowxl: trying speaker test20:03
Guest80623wxl: i will try, thanks. i just though someone might have a same problem since 14.04, coz I have same versions of those players in 13.10 and everything works ok20:04
wxlGuest80623: file a bug and you'll reach a wider scope of people20:05
wxlKyouReeUs4nfo: try this http://download.2600.com/mediadownload/www.2600.com/offthehook/mp3files/2014/off_the_hook__20140402.mp320:06
KyouReeUs4nfowxl: no music via speaker either, works through headphones only20:08
KyouReeUs4nfowxl: and it's not muted20:08
wxlKyouReeUs4nfo: try toggling it just for fun.20:08
KyouReeUs4nfowxl: now speaker works via vlc, qasmixer had speaker muted and I unmuted it, restarted vlc, now testing browsers again20:12
KyouReeUs4nfowxl: no sound through browsers whatsoever20:16
wxlKyouReeUs4nfo: did you click that link i gave you?20:16
KyouReeUs4nfowxl: what is it?20:16
wxlKyouReeUs4nfo: the podcast of the latest off the hook show from the 2600 crew20:17
wxlKyouReeUs4nfo: the content is irrelevant20:18
KyouReeUs4nfowxl: ah, okay20:18
wxlKyouReeUs4nfo: although 2600 radio is always entertaining20:18
KyouReeUs4nfowxl: should you play it using aplay?20:19
wxlKyouReeUs4nfo: no, open it in your browser20:19
KyouReeUs4nfowxl: okay20:19
KyouReeUs4nfowxl: it doesn't play in browsers, i can play in vlc however20:25
wxlKyouReeUs4nfo: wow, i'm stumped!20:26
KyouReeUs4nfowxl: do I need flash supporting sound library for alsa ?20:29
wxlnot that i know of, KyouReeUs4nfo20:32
KyouReeUs4nfowxl: okay, so you are saying it is possible to not use pavucontrol/pulseaudio/jack/jackd and just use alsa and hear sound from browsers as well as other applications, right?20:33
wxlKyouReeUs4nfo: no, i'm saying it works for me20:33
KyouReeUs4nfowxl: did you have to tweak anything?20:34
wxlKyouReeUs4nfo: nope20:34
KyouReeUs4nfowxl: u r using lubuntu 14.04?20:35
wxlKyouReeUs4nfo: yep20:35
KyouReeUs4nfowxl: hmm, no clue what is wrong with my setup. It's a clean, but now not so clean, install.20:36
wxlKyouReeUs4nfo: backup /home and reinstall ;)20:36
KyouReeUs4nfowxl: well, thanks I will let you know if I fix it20:37
wxlKyouReeUs4nfo: ko20:37
KyouReeUs4nfowxl: is there a way to choose default sound card for apps? aplay -l shows 2 cards in my case.20:51
KyouReeUs4nfowxl: hw:1,0 works (in vlc only), which is analog one and HDMI doesn't work for some reason. I need to figure out a way to choose default sound card in browsers20:54
ianorlindo you have amd graphics card KyouReeUs4nfo20:55
KyouReeUs4nfoianorlin: yes20:56
KyouReeUs4nfowxl: I am going to make .asoundrc21:01
ianorlinhttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2152486&p=12686399#post12686399 has the solution I think21:02
KyouReeUs4nfoianorlin: thanks, I will reboot shortly. I have updated grub and made a change per this link https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/alsa-driver/+bug/86473521:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 864735 in alsa-driver (Ubuntu) "[ATI HDMI] HDMI Audio Disabled by Default (since oneiric)" [Low,Fix released]21:14
KyouReeUs4nfoianorlin: no go after making a change and updating grub, and I would rather install pavucontrol and pulseaudio back instead of installing anything proprietary21:38
KyouReeUs4nfosound doesn't clearly work out of the box in my case, any other suggestions folks (except re-installing lubuntu again :)21:45
holsteinyou might need the code to support an HDMI output21:46
holsteinif thats a dealbreaker21:46
KyouReeUs4nfoholstein: atm I am not worried about HDMI, I just want to hear some sound from browsers first be it coming from analog soundcard21:55

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