gerlowskijaIs there a coding standard/style guideline for the core app autopilot tests?00:01
gerlowskija(or for Python autopilot tests in general?)00:01
Aki-ThinkpadOkay seriously; is there a way in QML to write the user input from a TextArea to a text file?00:19
Aki-Thinkpadright now I am using qprocess, but there is just so many ways for that to go wrong.00:19
gerlowskijaAlso, is anyone familiar with the KTerminal object used in ubuntu-terminal-app.  I'm looking for a way to check some text I type onto the command line (for an autopilot test)00:53
Aki-Thinkpadgerlowskija, what is an autopilot test? Should I be putting one in my program?00:54
gerlowskijaThey're high level regression tests.  And you should definitely write some, they're a good way to make sure everything's in working order for your app.  You can simulate swipes, clicks, keyboard types, etc and then check how your app responds00:59
gerlowskijaAki-Thinkpad: ^^00:59
gerlowskija(not meant to be a smiley, I just typed two ^'s to point to my last comment)01:00
Aki-Thinkpadgerlowskija, oh... I thought you liked me there for a sec01:00
gerlowskijaI've got nothing against you Aki, just had to be honest! : )01:04
gerlowskija(if you're interested in trying out an autopilot test though, http://unity.ubuntu.com/autopilot/tutorial/getting_started.html might be a decent place to start)01:06
Aki-Thinkpadgerlowskija, Thanks, I really appreciate it! Do you suggest I write it while I am still developing my application, or after?01:12
Aki-Thinkpadlike for example, I am still making UI choices in regards to, well, a keyboard layout01:13
Aki-Thinkpadhttp://imagebin.org/306859 for reference :)01:14
gerlowskijaWell, for the record, I'm definitely not an expert.  So take my opinion with a grain of salt.  (Anyone else feel free to correct me if I say something dumb ^^).01:20
gerlowskijaBut I'd say it makes sense to write them early.01:20
gerlowskijaIf you have the tests around, and then change your UI.  All you have to do to make sure everything still works is run the tests01:21
gerlowskija(in theory ;-p)01:21
gerlowskijaYou might have to alter some of the tests if you do a huge UI overhaul, but hopefully the time you save catching mistakes offsets the time you'll spend updating a few of the tests.01:23
Aki-Thinkpadsarnold, thanks :)  I plan to make ubuntu the first ever phone os to have an implimentation of APL01:38
Aki-ThinkpadThe geek credwill be amazing.01:38
sarnoldAki-Thinkpad: with an APL implementation, finally smartphones may catch on :)01:39
Aki-Thinkpadha ha ha01:39
sarnoldI always got the feeling that I'd really like APL if I were to put in the effort01:39
Aki-Thinkpadsarnold, half the battle is inputting the symbols01:39
sarnoldAki-Thinkpad: no kidding01:40
sarnoldAki-Thinkpad: step 1: buy an ancient keyboard. step 2: try to figure out how to hook it up. :)01:40
Aki-Thinkpadsarnold, they have alternative languages which just use ascii, but I don't see the fun in that.01:41
sarnoldAki-Thinkpad: it'd more than double the length of programs for starters..01:42
Aki-Thinkpadwhat is this, JAVA?!01:43
Aki-ThinkpadWill anybody be at jono's q&a tomorrow? I won't be there, but I want to ask a question.01:49
Aki-ThinkpadNamely, will the ubuntu-terminal, namely root, be disabled in the upcoming ubuntu phones, and what will this mean for convergence? If I can not use the terminal on the phone, what about when I dock it to the desktop?01:50
sarnoldAki-Thinkpad: I think we're all pretty interested in making a phone that is still a useful computer when running 'converged'01:52
Aki-Thinkpadsarnold, I can't imagine the phone manufactures wanting to enable root though...01:53
sarnoldAki-Thinkpad: yeah, me neither :)01:53
sarnoldAki-Thinkpad: hopefully we'll find some enlightened oems and cellular providers who are interested in selling a full-blown computer that also fits handily in a pocket :)01:54
Aki-Thinkpadsarnold, they could also alternatively just put, "Enable root, VOID YOUR WARRANTY!!!!"01:55
Aki-Thinkpadsarnold, maybe system 76 will get in the biz01:55
sarnoldAki-Thinkpad: heh, that'd be fun, but perhaps outside of their experience range by a bit too much01:55
Aki-ThinkpadI hate the name, "System76".01:56
Aki-Thinkpadits like that beatles song, "Number 9, Number 9...."01:56
ambush276hey guys i was wondering how to execute an SH script during an installation of a deb file02:05
ambush276basically the user has downloaded my deb file and is going to install it. when the click install i want it to install some items in a directory (already done) but then run an sh script02:06
ambush276if that is not possible can i run terminal commands (like wget , cd, etc..) during a deb package installation?02:06
sarnoldambush276: removing the ability of packages to specify post-inst script was one of the motivating factors behind the design of the new click packages02:11
ambush276sarnold so how can i install certain packages02:11
sarnoldambush276: if you want to create a .deb, you can use a post-inst script. if you want to create a .click package that can be installed via the software store, you cannot02:11
ambush276basically i have an SH file that has a bunch of includes im checking for and if they do not exist install them02:11
ambush276well its not really via the software store.. they DL the deb from my site02:12
sarnoldambush276: well, that'd be the wrong way to install them even for .deb packages :)02:12
sarnoldambush276: ah, good good good02:12
ambush276so i guess then.. Is there a way for someone to DL something.. from my website.. and just click on it once to install it02:12
ambush276none of this go to terminal, find file, and do sh run.sh02:12
ambush276i know this seems really trivial but for the people this is going to be used for.. sadly.. its not02:13
ambush276a click and go architecture02:13
ambush276(if possible)02:13
sarnoldambush276: simple set some Depends: or Pre-depends: headers in your control file as described here: https://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/ch-relationships.html02:13
ambush276the depends though are in python02:14
ambush276pip install02:14
sarnoldeww ;)02:14
ambush276hahah yea.. kind of eww02:14
sarnoldsorry, no idea there. best is if you can just use a debianized version of the dependency....02:15
ambush276hahaha kk02:15
sarnoldbut that's just not always possible :(02:15
ambush276so technically there is no way to execute an SH script by a one click n Go02:15
ambush276i dont mind hodling the files in a wget command and installing them manually via SH02:15
sarnoldwell, if you drop off a /usr/lib/ambush/install_deps.sh file, you could have someone click it..02:16
Aki-Thinkpadambush276, didnt read much, but there is #ubuntu-packaging02:18
Aki-ThinkpadI assume they are experts02:18
ambush276ok ill give it a shot thanks guys02:18
ambush276well. I think the issue that i want to look into now is making a file executable on download02:44
DanChapmanGood Morning05:29
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dholbachgood morning07:05
mihirdholbach: good Morning :)07:13
dholbachhey mihir :)07:14
mihirhey dholbach  :)07:14
dholbachhow'S life over there?07:15
mihirdholbach: heating india :) and rest is good07:17
dholbachnice :-)07:23
justCarakasgood mornign07:47
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mihirpopey: ping09:16
popeyhi mihir09:16
mihirpopey: hi popey :)09:16
mihirpopey: just wanted to confirm, our meetings are continued , or we taking break for couple of weeks?09:17
popeymihir: I'll keep the meetings in the calendar for now, but will confirm with you once I speak to jono/dpm/mhall later..09:17
mihirpopey:  okay sure , if any updates could you please shoot an email :)09:18
nerochiarofginther: do you know why trying to download this gives me a 500 server error ? http://s-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/view/click/job/gallery-app-click-from-branch/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/out/com.ubuntu.gallery_2.9.1.954_armhf.click09:55
nerochiaroom26er: ^09:55
om26ernerochiaro, francis is sleeping. I need to setup VPN connection first10:00
om26ernerochiaro, here https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/gallery-app-click-from-branch/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/out/com.ubuntu.gallery_2.9.1.954_armhf.click10:02
om26erdownload that10:02
nerochiaroom26er: is it from the same branch of the other link ?10:04
om26ernerochiaro, it is the lastSuccessfulBuild which is the same your link would direct to10:04
om26er(if that was working)]]10:04
nerochiaroom26er: ok, well, what I'm trying to do is going here: http://s-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/view/click/job/gallery-app-click-from-branch/build?delay=0sec and putting in the LP address of a branch10:06
mihirpopey:  i see, if events are recuurent, i don't see in event details , could you confirm on device ?10:06
nerochiaroom26er: to have jenkins build the click package for it for armhf10:06
mihiri guess it has some EDS change.10:06
mihirpopey: also, you won't be able to update event10:07
om26ernerochiaro, if that page does not open thats a problem then10:08
nerochiaroom26er: the problem is that whenever i insert any branch tehre, it always brings me back to http://s-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/view/click/job/gallery-app-click-from-branch/ and shows the latest successful builds. I don't think that is what is supposed to happen10:10
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mihirpopey: ping !!12:07
popeymihir: pong12:07
mihirpopey: could you quickly check on latest image , for calendar, user won't be able to update event12:08
popeyi can in a moment..12:08
mihiralso , won't be able to see proper recurrence in event details, it will be always ONCE12:08
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ogra_daker, do you know a way to access the DOm tree of a webview ? (i know i can do a XMLHttpRequest to load a local doc in parallel, but was wondering if the webview doesnt perhaps offer a method)13:06
dakerogra_: with oxide ?13:06
ogra_the app currently still uses the old webkit API13:07
ogra_its a personal ebook reader ... that converts pdfs into a click package (and the pdf itself into html ... with one anchor for each page ... to get the total number of pages i need to know the number of anchors inside the doc)13:08
fginthernerochiaro, om26er, the storage array attached to s-jenkins is having issues today, that's causing the issues you're seeing13:08
dakerogra_: you can still use the devtools13:08
dakerogra_: you need something using JavaScript ?13:09
nerochiarofginther: aw, ok. please let us know when things are back to normal13:09
ogra_later on perhaps, first of all i want to know how to access the content of the webview13:09
dakerogra_: ah you mean from QML ?13:10
ogra_i.e. something like webview.url ... but rather webview.content.anchors :)13:10
dakeryou can use for ex : webview.experimental.evaluateJavaScript()13:11
ogra_i know it is easy to load it in a XMLHttpRequest and inspect it from there ... but that means i need to load it twice13:11
ogra_ok. i'll take a look at that, thanks !13:12
dakerogra_: can you explaina the use case exactly ?13:12
popeytsdgeos: seen https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/QTBUG-38451 by any chance?13:13
dakerogra_: or something like https://stackoverflow.com/questions/14342220/invoke-c-method-from-webviews-javascript/14365144#1436514413:13
popeytsdgeos: any suggestions on a workaround or what we can do to mitigate the issue..13:13
ogra_daker, well, its my personal ebook reader app, all my books are scanned paperbacks as pdfs ... http://paste.ubuntu.com/7306919/ the first one is the script creating a html book from the pdf and rolling that into a click package ... the second one if the actual qml app13:14
tsdgeospopey: nope haven't seen it, but i'd say you can try forcing the JIT to be off and see if that helps13:15
tsdgeospopey: QV4_FORCE_INTERPRETER=113:15
tsdgeospopey: or maybe even swtiching off the registry allocator13:15
tsdgeosQV4_NO_REGALLOC=1 should be faster than QV4_FORCE_INTERPRETER=113:15
tsdgeossince it still JITs13:15
tsdgeosalso if you find out it works with any of those13:16
tsdgeostell Simon in the bugreport13:16
tsdgeosactually i guess i can try the minimum example too13:16
tsdgeospopey: hmmm, i get "-2124464854" that the reporter says it's the correct result both with the console.log commented or uncommented13:17
tsdgeospopey: is the reporter using ubuntu packages?13:18
popeyShould be.13:18
dakerogra_: i see now you want to get all the anchors from the webpage, so the user can choose with page to open, right ?13:18
tsdgeosmaybe it's one of those i386 vs arm vs x86?13:18
tsdgeospopey: is he on IRC?13:18
ogra_daker, well, i just want the upper limit of pages (teh page selectiojn dialog should become a slider and that needs the upper limit)13:19
popeynot right now.13:19
tsdgeospopey: are you in i386?13:19
ogra_daker, its also nothing that will ever go to the store ... just my little toy project for home use and reading in bed ;)13:19
tsdgeosok, same here13:19
popeyi have an i386 vm up13:19
tsdgeospopey: can you try https://bugreports.qt-project.org/secure/attachment/40019/BugJsMin.qml both with the console.log line commented and uncommented13:20
tsdgeosand see what you get13:20
popeytsdgeos: i get same result with ConsoleLog commented or not13:22
popey(on amd64)13:22
popeylemme try on i38613:22
tsdgeospopey: and the i386vm?13:22
tsdgeoswouldn't be the first bug that depends on the registry allocator and thus happens only on i38613:23
popeyneed a few mins, i stated a dist-upgrade on it a few mins ago13:23
tsdgeoswhich has a different and less tested allocator13:23
tsdgeosping me back when you're done :)13:23
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dakerogra_: here is my idea(not tested) http://paste.ubuntu.com/7307034/13:34
ogra_daker, cool, i'll test it later and will let you know if it works13:35
ogra_thanks a lot !!13:35
dakerthis kind of APIs Webview <=> QML doesn't exist yet13:36
dakerin oxide13:36
ogra_right, i guess in webkit it can still work ... and it looks like we will still carry webkit with us for a while13:37
ogra_(and as long as the app isnt in the store i dont really care for latest API if it works)13:37
ahayzen_t1mp, ping13:38
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cat_Anybody can help me with Powerd in UT?13:41
popeytsdgeos: on i386 it's different!13:43
tsdgeospopey: use QV4_NO_REGALLOC=113:43
tsdgeosQV4_NO_REGALLOC=1 qmlscene blalba.qml13:43
popeythat changes it13:44
tsdgeospopey: with it, it's correct all the time, right?13:44
tsdgeospopey: can you comment that in the bug? or want me to?13:44
popeyi can13:45
tsdgeoscool :)13:45
cat_I want to add Powerd support to my music app, how I can do it?13:46
cat_Ubuntu.Powerd? Ot Qtpowerd?13:47
cat_popey, "i can" - you told to me?13:53
popeycat_: no13:53
cat_popey, sorry in that case)13:54
cat_popey, but who can help me and is it possible now to make music app, that are working when phone is suspend.13:54
ahayzen_cat_, this is the code to *remove* powerd from the ubuntu music-app13:55
ahayzen_cat_, https://code.launchpad.net/~vthompson/music-app/remove-qtpowerd/+merge/21094413:55
ahayzen_cat_, however we run unconfined but there is a service landing soon that will allow the music to run with the app suspended13:56
ogra_cat_, no app can access or modify powerd actually ... your app needs to use the new media-hub (which didnt make it into trusty but should land within the next days once U is open)13:56
cat_ahayzen_, ogra_, thank you for your answers! It is great!13:57
t1mpahayzen_: hello14:03
ahayzen_t1mp, i'm on trusty desktop running the music-app and when i scroll a gridview i'm getting some strange flickering of the whole window14:03
ahayzen_t1mp, https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B3XynHVKfrvMQTBOVFhMWUpva0U/edit14:03
ahayzen_t1mp, was wondering which of u SDK guys are best to talk to about it?14:03
ahayzen_t1mp, or if u have seen the issue before/know how to resolve14:04
ahayzen_t1mp, it happens when i 'throw' the view so i have to click-drag and release it then flickers, it doesn't occur if you click-hold and drag the view14:05
ahayzen_t1mp, or if i use the smooth scroll on my touchpad14:05
t1mpahayzen_: I'm back. Sorry my PC crashed :s14:08
ahayzen_t1mp, hah no problem14:08
t1mpI have some broken hardware... waiting for my new laptop to be delivered today :)14:08
t1mphmm.. I haven't seen that flickering before14:08
ahayzen_t1mp, the strange thing is popey couldn't replicate14:09
t1mpahayzen_: is that on desktop?14:09
ahayzen_t1mp, yeah14:09
t1mpahayzen_: how did you record it?14:09
ahayzen_t1mp, the only major difference we could see between our installs is that i have unity8-desktop-session-mir installed14:09
t1mpahayzen_: I'd say it looks like a driver issue.. but then if you have software to record you wouldn't see it in the recording14:09
ahayzen_t1mp, gtkrecordmydesktop14:09
t1mpahayzen_: you could try without unity8-desktop-session-mir, or popey with :)14:10
ahayzen_t1mp, we are both intel14:10
t1mpI don't think I can test it now. My PC is crashing all the time, I think because of a gpu driver issue14:10
ahayzen_t1mp, no worries i'll try removing unity8-desktop-session-mir and see wht happens14:11
t1mploicm: do you have ideas what might cause this flickering in 14.04 on desktop? 16:03:39 < ahayzen_> t1mp, https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B3XynHVKfrvMQTBOVFhMWUpva0U/edit14:11
ahayzen_t1mp, just gonna restart be back in a second14:12
t1mplooks like really slow redawing of the scene withouth double-buffering in gpu14:12
ahayzent1mp, it still occurs :/14:13
t1mplooks like really slow redawing of the scene withouth double-buffering in gpu14:13
t1mpahayzen: which gpu do you have?14:13
ahayzent1mp, $ lspci | grep VGA,  00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 3rd Gen Core processor Graphics Controller (rev 09)14:13
ahayzent1mp, it is an Intel® Core™ i5-3210M14:14
t1mpas far as I know the drivers that we have for intel graphics are quite good14:14
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ahayzent1mp, i haven't seen any other issues only in the music-app but i guess that we have quite a large gridview14:15
t1mpahayzen: before you were running 13.10 and all was fine?14:15
ahayzent1mp, yep14:15
t1mpdid you try the 14.04 beta before the release?14:15
ahayzent1mp, no :/14:15
t1mpon 13.10 do you remember which qt version you had? perhaps it was 5.0 and now you have 5.2?14:16
ahayzent1mp, i had been running in KVM but that obviously uses different drivers and was really laggy anyway14:16
ahayzent1mp, yeah i suspect 5.0 i was just running all of the PPA for sdk, coreapps etc14:16
ahayzent1mp, but it is strange how others don't see the same issues14:17
ahayzent1mp, and nothing appears in the console14:17
cat_About Showdown: deadline was change, so judging period was changed too?14:18
cat_*was changed14:19
t1mpahayzen: you could test by using Rectangles instead of UbuntuShapes. If that fixes it then I'd say we have a bug for UbuntuShape with Qt 5.2/trusty14:20
ahayzent1mp, ok i'll try that... i was gonna try creating a mini app with just the gridview etc14:21
om26ernerochiaro, ping14:23
om26ernerochiaro, you used to work on mediaplayer-app, who works on it now ?14:23
ahayzent1mp, ok i see no flicker when changing UbuntuShape to Rectangle14:25
loicmt1mp, ahayzen: mmh, looks like you've just revealed a new bug with the shape on Qt 5.214:28
nerochiaroom26er: i don't now, i think gunther was but he's not working for us anymore. not sure though14:28
nerochiarobfiller: ^ do you know ?14:28
t1mpahayzen: can you report the bug here? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-ui-toolkit14:28
ahayzent1mp, yep will do14:29
bfillerom26er: no real owner, I'm familiar with it and so is renato14:29
bfillerom26er: if there is a bug assign it to me please14:29
om26erbfiller, ok, I am testing the ubuntu sdk apps with a touch screen laptop, so mediaplayer wouldn't play what totem is playing just fine14:30
om26erError: "Your GStreamer installation is missing a plug-in."14:30
bfillernerochiaro: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/camera-app/+bug/129907314:30
ubot2Launchpad bug 1299073 in camera-app (Ubuntu) "[desktop] Video recording is not working" [Critical,Triaged]14:31
bfillerom26er: right, makes sense. it's a codec issue14:31
bfillerom26er: mediaplayer-app uses gstreamer0.10 and totem uses gstreamer1.014:31
om26erbfiller, oh, that might be the case then14:31
bfillerom26er: if you are trying to play an mpeg4 you need ffmpeg codec which is no longer in trusty (:14:32
bfillerom26er: you have to install it here: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mc3man/trusty-media14:32
bfillersudo apt-get update14:32
bfillersudo apt-get install gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg14:32
om26erbfiller, ok, I'll do that14:33
om26erbfiller, regarding gallery-app who works on it ?14:33
om26erI reported bug 131112314:33
bfillerom26er: artmello and nerochiaro and myself14:33
ubot2Launchpad bug 1311123 in gallery-app (Ubuntu) "'Configure facebook for sharing' does nothing on the desktop" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/131112314:33
om26erit should not be there if its not supposed to work14:34
bfillerom26er: ack, that should be disabled for desktop.14:34
bfillerom26er: I'll assign it14:34
ahayzent1mp, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/+bug/131115514:37
ubot2Launchpad bug 1311155 in Ubuntu UI Toolkit "Flickering occurs when scrolling a GridView with UbuntuShapes" [Undecided,New]14:37
t1mpahayzen: thanks14:38
t1mploicm: I assigned you14:38
loicmt1mp: alright, that's on my plate14:39
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t1mpahayzen: probably it is helpful to have a simple qml app that can reproduce it, without having to branch the full music-app14:39
t1mploicm: cool :)14:40
ahayzent1mp, cool i'll have a go in a bit :)14:40
ogra_.oO( why has nobody writtne a raw data GPS sattelite tool yet)15:20
popeywe dont provide that data do we?15:21
ahayzent1mp, appears to be related to having an Image inside the UbuntuShape within the GridView15:35
om26erbfiller, video recording does not work on desktop with front cam, well it pretends its recording but does not actually record anything, shouldn't that be disabled ?15:49
bfillerom26er: it works for me, should work15:50
bfillerom26er: this bug is tracking the issue https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/camera-app/+bug/129907315:50
ubot2Launchpad bug 1299073 in camera-app (Ubuntu) "[desktop] Video recording is not working" [Critical,Triaged]15:50
bfillerom26er: you sure there is no .mkv file in ~/Videos?15:51
om26erbfiller, it actually creates a .ogg file which is 0kb15:52
bfillerom26er: interesting15:53
bfillerom26er: must have something to do with gstreamer configuration15:53
bfillerom26er: please add any info into the bug, nerochiaro_ is going to be looking into this one15:54
om26erbfiller, does it also require gstream0.10 ?15:54
bfillerom26er: yes15:54
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t1mpahayzen: that's useful information.16:22
t1mpahayzen: note that you don't need to have the @30 inside the image source. It is automatically converted from 30 to whatever pixels per grid unit you have when running the app16:22
ahayzent1mp, i've commented on the bug with an example attached16:23
ahayzent1mp, yeah i just quickly put it together aha16:23
ahayzent1mp, i realised something else wasn't needed either i'll patch it up ;)16:23
t1mpahayzen: it is loic's bug now :) he knows the UbuntuShape best16:23
ogra_every corner of it ?16:24
ahayzent1mp, hmm taking out the @30 makes it really blurry on the desktop16:24
t1mpperhaps the input image is not really @30 but less?16:25
t1mphmm... or it is because of the scaling of the image16:25
ahayzent1mp, maybe, i just ripped the stuff out of the music-app and QtCreator suggested to put @30 so i did16:26
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Aki-Thinkpad#ubuntu-classroom-chat if anyone is interested in juju development18:21
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balloonsahayzen, ping20:05
ahayzenballoons, pong20:05
ahayzenballoons, i see u've been battling autopilot ;)20:06
balloonsahayzen, hey, trust you had an enjoyable release and perhaps a bit of holiday. I'm curious about what's going on with grilo and music. What is the timeline for the plugin?20:06
ahayzenballoons, short hopefully20:07
balloonsahayzen, I was battling python3.. but it was me being stupid as usual. I solved popey's annoying bug about killing his music library20:07
ahayzenballoons, i'm running the silo with the media-hub at the moment (which will hopefully land soon) and i think Victor started looking in mediascanner-2.020:07
balloonsahayzen, what are we waiting on exactly? We can get tests running on real devices now, but we need the click package to either include the plugin, or for music to not need it20:07
balloonsahayzen, ok so do you have an MP tracking the changes, or a branch?20:08
ahayzenballoons, i'm just looking at this to remind myself https://code.launchpad.net/~music-app-dev/music-app/use-mediascanner2.0/+merge/21414020:08
ahayzenballoons, i guess now i'm on trusty it will be easier to test/develop against :)20:09
balloonsahayzen, perfect.. I'll sub to that proposal and watch20:09
ahayzenballoons, i need to catch up with Victor to see how far he has got20:09
ahayzenballoons, i've been testing the NonBlockingSwapTesting and media-hub lately20:10
balloonsahayzen, thanks for the update. It's ramping up time again after release20:11
ahayzenballoons, it is gonna be awesome when it all lands (hopefully pretty soon :) )20:12
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