dholbachgood morning07:05
dholbachkyleN, mhall119: I'm just going through all content on developer.u.c for a general review - and I wasn't quite sure: what is http://developer.ubuntu.com/apps/platform/apis/ for?14:40
dholbachis this supposed to go to developer.u.c/api at some stage?14:41
mhall119dholbach: those look like balloons' docs....not sure why they're under the main platform section14:42
mhall119maybe the page can just be renamed from API to Quality or Testing14:43
dholbachmhall119, reparented as well?14:43
dholbachballoons, ^14:43
kyleNi think he said some of his testing apis are platform appropriate (like autopilot generally) and some are toolkit specific and they would be placed in the apt sections there14:43
dholbachhum hum...14:43
mhall119dholbach: I think a reparenting isn't needed if we rename te page14:44
dholbachI think from a "which bucket does this fit in" perspective it makes sense14:44
dholbachbut for a new user going through the items in the navigation it's a bit confusing14:44
dholbachor it might be14:45
kyleNalso, so far we have strictly required api docs to fit into the current api scheme. these do not though14:46
kyleNmhall119, ^14:47
dholbachkyleN, it might be more a question for Nick14:48
kyleNdholbach, doesn't mhall119 manage all the api docs?14:48
mhall119the autopilot API docs are not strictly API reference, it's reference + tutorials + FAQ + more14:49
mhall119kyleN: I don't14:49
dholbachkyleN, from the discussion above (I haven't checked) it looks like Nick wrote the article and might know more14:49
balloonsyes, we had the 'quality' section, but it was agred to drop it and place the docs in existing sections14:50
kyleNballoons and I had agreed quality should be a side nav  but that idea was modified in a meeting as I recall14:51
dholbachballoons, kyleN: the reason I brought it up was that it might look to somebody who's new like "this is platform api docs"14:52
dholbachwhile it's actually (if I understand correctly) links to apis which are platform agnostic or didn't fit elsewhere14:53
dholbachI don't know if we should fix this or what a good way to clarify this might be14:53
dholbachI just wanted to bring it up14:53
kyleNi still think a quality section/side nav would solve this14:53
kyleNI wonder if we are overconcerned about the proliferation of side nav items. I tend to think a set of sid nave topics would be very useful.14:54
dholbachmaybe we should have a "you might be looking for the <link to the api website>" to the top of the page somewhere as well14:54
kyleNand some other dev sites do it that way: https://developer.apple.com/library/ios/navigation/#section=Topics&topic=Mathematical%20Computation14:54
balloonsI have no horse in the race, except the content. I'm ok with placing it inside the existing sections, and agree quality as a sidenav could be weird. But yes, the AP docs and linkouts to other tool docs need to live somewhere.. a bit like linking to third party apis14:59
dholbachballoons, sure sure - I didn't mean to say that they should be kicked out or something :)15:01
balloonsdholbach, I know.. you are just confused and want things to be logically laid out. I agree :-)15:01
dholbachballoons, I was first just wondering what they were and then how we can make it a bit clearer to somebody who has little idea where they're headed15:01
balloonsI'm wide open.. let's try some of your ideas15:07
dholbachall right my friends - see you all tomorrow - have a great rest of your day!16:21
jcastroczajkowski, wow really18:49
jcastroan aircraft carrier?18:49
czajkowskijcastro: eh ?20:32

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