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pittiGood morning05:20
mlankhorstLaney: don't see a ping from you :P07:32
seb128good morning desktopers08:03
Laneymlankhorst: hmm/08:03
seb128Laney, hey, how are you? had a good easter?08:03
Laneyhey seb12808:04
Laneygood thanks, just starting to get rested ;-)08:04
Laneyit was nice, went to the seaside and for walks / kite flying on the beach / fish and chips08:04
Laneywhat about you?08:05
mlankhorstooh nice08:05
seb128Laney, work days are good to rest right? ;-)08:07
Laneythere's more sitting down in those at least :P08:07
seb128Laney, w.e was great, weather was mostly nice, some walking outside, some playing tennis, family gathering for eastern, some reading in the sun as well08:08
Laneyyeah the weather was great08:11
Laneyand today it's back to grey and rainy :(08:11
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mlankhorsthehehe yeah it was great weather08:41
mlankhorstI had girlfriend's birthday on saturday eve, nice outdoors horseback ride sunday all day (it was sunny!), and monday i celebrated easter with family :)08:42
czajkowskimlankhorst: you're just rubbing it in now we had rain for most of EAster! :(09:51
czajkowskimlankhorst: if you live in the UK you tend to just get used to ti09:56
Trevinhoseb128: Hi!11:15
seb128Trevinho, hey, how are you? had a good w.e?11:17
Trevinhoseb128: very good, thanks... It has been a loong weekend, as also yeasterday was holiday here (was it also in France)?11:18
Trevinhoseb128: you?11:18
seb128Trevinho, same here, great w.e ;-) yesterday was an holiday in France (and friday was one in my corner of France as wellà11:19
Trevinhoseb128: anyway, I've been upgrading one of my friends' notebook from 12.04 in the past days, but I got some desktop-side issues: (1) old .gconf files were resetting at each restart the compiz gsettings setting (not sure that some script was trying to migrate them all the times), including the plugins list (=> unity not loading)... Removing them fixed the11:20
Trevinho(2) (maybe attente knows more about) Although my keyboard input settings should be fine, all the times I reboot, the english layout is used for the keyboard.11:20
seb128back to work today though! ;-)11:20
Trevinhojust doing a "gsettings reset org.gnome.desktop.input-sources current" gets things back to work11:20
Trevinhoalthough the value won't change from 0, but it probably notifies usd( is it?) to set the proper locale11:21
Trevinhothis one about locale was experienced also by another friend that upgraded by his own11:21
seb128Trevinho, (1) is weird, do you still have the buggy config/are able to reproduce to get info or did you just resolve it?11:22
seb128Trevinho, they use Unity right? (there is a known issue with ibus in !Unity sessions)11:22
Trevinho1) no, sorry I just removed the ~/.gconf files and all worked11:22
Trevinhoseb128: yes, unity11:22
Trevinhoseb128: mh, ibus should be disabled there11:23
Trevinholet me check11:23
Trevinhooh, no it's ruinning11:23
seb128running or ruining, or both? ;-)11:23
mlankhorstweee sru's11:25
Trevinhoseb128: sorry, running.,.. but yeah also probably ruining :D11:26
Trevinhoseb128: I've disabled it, let me check now..11:26
seb128Trevinho, it's supposed to run, but not to screw input methods11:28
seb128that's something happyaron should investigate11:28
seb128happyaron, hey, going to look at that "ibus forcing qwerty" issue?11:29
seb128Trevinho, did your friend ever tweak the ibus config? what keyboard layouts are configured in "text input" in settings?11:29
Trevinhoseb128: was this the bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ibus/+bug/1284635 ?11:30
ubot2Launchpad bug 1284635 in ibus (Ubuntu Trusty) "IBus does not support certain keyboard layouts" [High,Triaged]11:30
Trevinhoseb128: no at all, he's a newbie :), and the text input was only italian11:30
seb128Trevinho, yes, that bug11:30
Trevinhoseb128: as said, just making gsettings notify that the "current" setting was changed, made things to fix11:31
seb128Trevinho, does it fix it for good or do you need to do that at every login?11:31
TrevinhoI thought about adding an upstart job that does that for now, but removing ibus seems to fix it for now, and since he won't need it, I'll go for that11:31
Trevinhoseb128: every login11:31
Trevinhoseb128: somewhat random, but 90% of times it is needed11:32
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Trevinhoseb128: it might be a race between two different gsettings clients?11:32
seb128Trevinho, could be11:32
NoNameYet_xnoxi'm confused about bug #1301720 and i don't see anything special that ubiquity does/doesn't do to get the right behaviour post-install11:49
ubot2Launchpad bug 1301720 in Ubuntu Trusty "[Text Entry] Missing English input in Simplified and Traditional Chinese default enviroment" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/130172011:49
NoNameYet_xnoxcan somebody who knows input methods / keyboard layouts better check what's going on with the two zh_* locales?11:50
seb128NoNameYet_xnox, we have a name nowadays, "Ubuntu" ;-)11:53
NoNameYet_xnoxseb128: we have no development series name yet =) this is my protest.11:53
seb128NoNameYet_xnox, we have quite some work on the LTS though, you can SRU meanwhile11:54
mlankhorstjust call it 14.1011:54
seb128happyaron, ^ can you have a look to that bug?11:54
NoNameYet_xnoxmlankhorst: if only we opened the archive and started to accept uploads...11:54
seb128NoNameYet_xnox, LTS, SRU!11:55
mlankhorstyeah :P11:55
mlankhorstjoin me in watching https://launchpad.net/~canonical-x/+archive/x-staging/+build/5926490 build11:55
seb128NoNameYet_xnox, I saw quite some ubiquity bug reports in the recently open bugs, I'm sure there is enough to keep you busy11:56
qenghoUbiquity, Unity, we claimed the good U words already, says me.11:58
seb128qengho, Ubuntu as well ;-)11:59
qenghoWell, if we're straying into Xhosa of all things, we have plenty of languages to pick words from too.12:00
NoNameYet_xnoxhah - https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/untitled12:00
qenghountitled is a good bad codename.12:01
mlankhorstand after that numbers12:01
qenghoMy last team was heavy on spanish speakers, and they were disappointed we didn't have double-l as a code letter.12:03
mlankhorstNoNameYet_xnox: but xnox is annoying for me too :P my brain keeps mapping it to Xnox, the x server without x o.o12:05
NoNameYet_xnoxmlankhorst: =) yeah slangasek were asking if i'm going to change my nick to mirnomir with 14.10 release12:06
mlankhorstwhy not?12:07
ogra_mirnox :P12:07
NoNameYet_xnoxogra_: i'll go with that one, if mlankhorst changes to xnomir. that will not be confusing at all =)12:07
mlankhorst14.10 release you say ? :P12:08
NoNameYet_xnoxmlankhorst: or was it 13.04? i can never remeber.12:08
NoNameYet_xnoxmlankhorst: we want timetravel to be discovered, it doesn't matter when ;-)12:09
andyrockseb128, hey which you unity branch should we use for sru?12:10
seb128andyrock, hey, dunno, up to your team ... check with bregma?12:10
seb128you can either branch or keep using one serie and limit to bugfix for a while12:10
ogra_not unity8 :P12:10
seb128limiting to one serie is easier to manage12:10
andyrockbregma, you here?12:12
andyrockseb128, https://bugs.launchpad.net/oem-priority/+bug/1281058 it's an oem priority12:12
ubot2Launchpad bug 1281058 in unity (Ubuntu) "[UIFe] The system shutdowns when multiple accounts are open" [High,In progress]12:12
andyrockand i think we can limit to bugfixing for a while12:14
andyrockno major changes in plans i suppose12:14
seb128andyrock, that one is a bit tricky as a SRU, maybe let's land a round of "easy" bugfixes first?12:15
seb128somebody is going to need to talk to the SRU team to be able to land that12:16
seb128btw did you see bug #1310970 ?12:16
ubot2Launchpad bug 1310970 in unity (Ubuntu) "Power-button alert when other users are logged in is ungrammatical" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/131097012:16
andyrockseb128, https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/130885012:17
ubot2Launchpad bug 1308850 in Unity "Dash is visible on top of the lockscreen after screen monitor auto locks" [High,In progress]12:17
seb128andyrock, yeah, that's one of those bugfixes that would be good to SRU this week ;-)12:17
seb128there is a stack12:17
seb128Trevinho has some as well12:17
andyrockseb128, #1310970 is lightdm no?12:18
seb128ChrisTownsend has https://code.launchpad.net/~townsend/unity/fix-lp1291362/+merge/21659712:18
seb128andyrock, it is, but you are using the same screen for unity in your suggested change no?12:18
andyrockseb128, yeah12:18
andyrockbut for the moment is better to retarget it12:19
seb128though mpt_'s description is a bit confusing12:20
seb128if he switched users he should be in the user B session, not on the greeter12:20
andyrockseb128, nope... because you need to unlock12:21
andyrockand indicator-sessions sends you to unity-greeter12:21
seb128andyrock, depends how you define "switch to user", to me switching user is = entering your password to log in12:21
seb128no "being on the password prompt"12:22
seb128I'm asking for details on the bug12:22
mpt_Confusing? Moi?12:24
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seb128mpt, oui, c'est rare mais ça arrive ;-)12:26
Trevinhoseb128: it's lovely that you use french to be more kind :)12:27
seb128Trevinho, ;-)12:27
mptBy “switch to user B” I meant log in as B12:27
seb128mpt, so when you do step 3 you are in the user B session (which is unlocked at the time)?12:27
mptWell, actually, that doesn’t matter for the purpose of the bug12:28
seb128andyrock, your changes to add the warning didn't land, did they?12:28
seb128mpt, well, it's weird because of that ^12:28
mptseb128, oh, I was going entirely by the screenshot12:28
seb128that explains then12:28
mptIf the warning hasn’t landed in the first place, then yay, we’re not breaking translations12:28
seb128well, unity-greeter has that string/UI atm12:29
mptThat’s Robert Ancell’s screenshot, right?12:31
mptThe text in that is fine.12:36
andyrockseb128, nope12:38
andyrocki'll update the branch12:38
andyrockbtw it's not locked12:38
andyrockbut it's the tty of lightdm/unity-greeter12:39
seb128andyrock, yeah, I know12:39
andyrockit's hard to see the difference12:39
seb128lol, I know the difference betweent the lockscreen and the greeter12:39
seb128don't worry ;-)12:39
NoNameYet_xnox(one with dots & one without dots) =))))12:40
andyrockNoNameYet_xnox, theare dots in unity locker12:40
seb128no dots on the lock? I don't pay attention to details, but I know where I land when I do an action12:40
seb128but option difference is "greeter has multiple users listed"12:40
NoNameYet_xnoxandyrock: right, either got added back or i didn't upgrade in a while. indeed they are back =)12:41
andyrockNoNameYet_xnox, it's the first thing i added when i started to wrote the lockscreen12:41
seb128andyrock, well, anyway I though you copied the exact same string used by unity-greeter ... mpt opened the bug based on your screenshot so setting it as invalid for the greeter and reassigning back to you12:41
andyrockseb128, why? btw ok but unity-greeter needs to fixed too12:43
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seb128andyrock-lunch, well, at least the first point doesn't apply to unity-greeter, https://launchpadlibrarian.net/170710017/greeter-power-button-warning.png12:44
seb128andyrock-lunch, there is no run-on sentence there, the greeter has a "." between the sentences, where you have a ","12:44
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TrevinhoNoNameYet_xnox: check you didn't disable them on greeter configurations, as lockscreen use the same schema13:35
NoNameYet_xnoxTrevinho: ah, interesting. could be.13:35
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mlankhorsthow are guest sessions spawned and when is a vt switch being done?14:39
davmor2What package do I file a bug about the new lock screen against I have a critical bug :(14:40
Laneytag lockscreen14:42
davmor2Laney: thanks14:42
seb128what's the bug?14:44
om26erwhat's the IRC name of Chad Miller ? I couldn't find 'chad'14:44
seb128Trevinho, andyrock-lunch: ^14:44
seb128om26er, qengho14:44
om26erqengho, Hi!14:44
om26erseb128, thanks14:44
qenghoom26er: hi14:44
qenghoom26er: How did you try to map my name to nick? I should fix that.14:45
davmor2seb128: if you have a password popup appear under the lockscreen it takes the focus from the lockscreen password.  You therefore put the password in the wrong box and hit return and you can't unlock the screen14:45
om26erqengho, while using chromium with a touch screen I see it can crash sometimes, I reported the bug with ubuntu-bug but it was probably reported to errors.ubuntu14:45
om26erqengho, internal directory14:45
seb128davmor2, that's a known issue, we discussed it some weeks before release14:46
Laneyit's in the release notes too14:46
ogra_pfft, who reads that14:46
qenghoom26er: Hrm, I don't think I can change that to have more than one nick. Ah well.14:46
seb128bug #130558614:46
ubot2Launchpad bug 1305586 in Unity "Lock screen is unusable when a ssh dialog has a keyboard/mouse grab" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/130558614:46
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ogra_yeah, but users only do it after filing a bug and complaining on a ML14:46
kenvandineseb128, i noticed my +upcomingwork is now empty, is that because the blueprints were all targeting 14.04?14:47
davmor2Laney, seb128: Meh, is there a fix on route?14:47
seb128kenvandine, likely yes14:47
kenvandinedo i need to re-target blueprints so unfinished stuff shows up14:47
seb128davmor2, not sure, how did you manage to open a password prompt while screen was locked? doesn't seem a frequent case to me14:47
kenvandinei thought in the past as long as the blueprint wasn't completed it stayed14:47
seb128Trevinho, did you say you were working on not locking the screen if there is an active grab?14:48
qenghoom26er: Does it try to put a bug report on Launchpad?14:48
seb128kenvandine, I'm unsure, I doubt launchpad blueprint code changed much14:48
om26erqengho, no, it just uploaded stuff and does not give me the option to report bug14:48
om26erqengho, should I give you .crash file ?14:49
qenghoom26er: sure.  File a bug manually and attach it. Assign to cmiller.14:50
davmor2seb128: I'm using evolution instead of thunderbird, it lost sync with one of the google calendars and asked me to put in the password to re authenticate, I had to login to guest out of guest an into my user and notice the google reauth box had a huge text block in it from me frantically hitting keys thinking my keyboard had died14:50
Laneyyeah, same bug14:51
om26erqengho, ok, btw the title in the .crash file hints at https://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=34204014:51
seb128well, the good news is that we have a workaround to reopen the session, and that the input doesn't go in any background dialog14:51
seb128just in another password prompt from the system14:51
om26erwell the stacktrace may just not be relevant at all.14:51
qenghoom26er: Aiee! I have seen that one in logs. That's nasty.14:54
qenghoom26er: right, the problem is elsewhere, but the stack trace may still be useful.  Thank you.14:55
davmor2seb128, ogra_: Oh that's how Laney knows about the bug it's his ;)  I've added the work around to the bug description for now, if you guys get a fix I can possibly setup a scenario where I can force the dns to stop working so sync breaks14:59
KombuchaKipHey folks. Kip from Canonical Technical Services here. Great to see everyone.14:59
om26erqengho, thanks, reported bug 131116914:59
ubot2Launchpad bug 1311169 in chromium-browser (Ubuntu) "Chromium crashed with SIGSEGV in aura::rootWindow()::CanDispatchToConsumer() [happens while using with touchscreen]" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/131116914:59
seb128KombuchaKip, hey15:00
seb128davmor2, triggering a password prompt is easy, no need to play with dns15:00
davmor2seb128: ah cool okay15:01
seb128like use ssh, and wait for the idle lock15:01
Trevinhoseb128: oh, yeah I was working on that, I've an half-working solution, but I'd love to see if I can get something better than just don't start the screensaver15:06
mlankhorstseb128: how is xserver spawning implemented?15:07
seb128check lightdm's code, I don't know15:08
seb128robert_ancell knows, maybe mterry can help you15:08
mlankhorstI'm curious about the case where a server is already spawned and a new guest session is opened15:08
mlankhorstbecause it looks like this case is not handled well atm.15:09
seb128how not handled well?15:10
mlankhorstthe screen can turn black while switching to a guest session15:11
seb128oh, it's meeting time15:30
seb128qengho, Sweetshark_gc, mlankhorst, Laney, tkamppeter__, desrt, attente, larsu, kenvandine: hey!15:30
* qengho types furiously.15:30
seb128happy after trusty week ;-)15:30
seb128or "be ready to SRU" week ;-)15:30
seb128ok, let's get started15:32
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qenghodone: fixed a few small bugs in cr: notificaions center, default window scale when gsettings not available, title bar default15:32
qenghoto-do: high-dpi menu placement. touch events on menu. horizontal scroll with touchpad. input settings.15:32
qenghoto-do: release stable security update.15:32
seb128qengho, did you see https://errors.ubuntu.com/problem/8b463e589278636b308c3a617c73a5477ec458bf ?15:34
qenghoseb128: I've seen it. Looks like it goes back to v32.15:35
Laneycheck out the release spike on the front page of errors :o15:35
seb128qengho, that's ranked 3rd on the trusty issues, maybe worth bumping in the priority list15:36
seb128qengho, thanks ;-)15:36
seb128Sweetshark_gc, hey, how are the holidays^W the conference15:37
Sweetshark_gc- bug 1296715 still15:37
Sweetshark_gc- searching eggs on easter weekend15:37
Sweetshark_gc- Hackfest preparation/coordination15:37
Sweetshark_gc- apparently I named the openbsds openssl fork: https://plus.google.com/u/0/101094190333184858950/posts/cT4T1CPcq1C (or they came to the same conclusion independantly)15:37
ubot2Launchpad bug 1296715 in libreoffice (Ubuntu) "Menu items are greyed out in Libreoffice menu." [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/129671515:37
qenghoseb128: that graph on errors.u.c has y dimension from 0.0 to 0.0.  I don't know how to interpret it.15:37
Sweetshark_gcseb128: weather is shitty. I can see a cloud there ... in the distance.15:38
seb128qengho, the graphs are buggy, the counts are not15:38
seb128Sweetshark_gc, no comment :p15:38
seb128Sweetshark_gc, thanks15:39
seb128mlankhorst, hey15:39
mlankhorstupdated t-lts-backport ppa to what has been released in trusty, preparing and testing saucy xorg-server sru, working on some hybrid graphics bugs exposed by testing15:39
mlankhorstand looked some at laney's bug, but it locks up my gpu in 10 different ways so not much progress there15:39
seb128way to go nouveau :/15:39
mlankhorstindeed :/ but some of  it appears to be a use-after-free at least15:40
mlankhorstthough I didn't get that bug a second time when i had extra debug enabled15:40
seb128k, worth fixing then15:40
seb128mlankhorst, thanks15:40
Laneywebapps on nouveau are bad because of it15:40
mlankhorstyeah but other hybrid bugs first, higher priority15:40
seb128there is also https://errors.ubuntu.com/problem/b4d152820a7299ab930424ed0010ea701032690f high on e.u.c15:41
seb128Laney, is nouveau working fine out of webapps nowadays?15:41
mlankhorstthat's probably the 'nouveau locks up, xserver crashes' bug again :P15:41
mlankhorsthm indeed15:41
Laneyother than that it works15:42
LaneyI sometimes get a weird bug where alt+arrow keys switches vt15:42
seb128k, let's not discuss free drivers and how they suck today15:42
seb128Laney, your turn ;-)15:42
Laneygood enough for daily use though15:42
* desrt hugs intel-based laptop15:42
LaneyThree day week!15:42
Laney• File a MP to add symbols to gsettings-qt15:42
Laney• Split webbrowser-app's migration scripts so that upgraders don't get Amazon re-added, remove the terrid dependency on libunity-<soname> in favour of runtime checking15:42
mlankhorstLaney: mir by any chance? :P15:42
Laney• Release work15:42
Laney∘ Push some things to -updates for touch last minute respins15:42
Laney∘ Help with release note writing/editing/formatting15:43
Laney∘ ISO testing15:43
Laney∘ Look into why ubuntu-kylin-docs wasn't getting installed (due to their hacks again, bug #1308889), propose an idea to work around the brokenness for feedback.15:43
ubot2Launchpad bug 1308889 in ubuntukylin-default-settings (Ubuntu) "ubuntu-kylin-docs was not installed by default in latest image" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/130888915:43
Laney• u-s-s: Rework the tz selection chooser to do filtering in the background (needs more work to be fully smooth).15:43
Laney• Poke a bit more at bug #1202159, still happens with trunk, debugging iz hard15:43
ubot2Launchpad bug 1202159 in nautilus (Ubuntu) "nautilus assert failure: ERROR:nautilus-bookmark.c:350:nautilus_bookmark_connect_file: assertion failed: (!nautilus_file_is_gone (bookmark->details->file))" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/120215915:43
Laney(no not mir)15:43
seb128Laney, do you plan to keep looking at that nautilus bugs (are you interested looking at others as well?)15:44
seb128we have a bunch of nautilus segfaults high ranked on the list15:44
seb128I think it would be worth asking somebody knowing gobject well to spend some days looking at nautilus15:44
* desrt looks to his left15:45
* desrt looks to his right15:45
* kenvandine looks right at desrt15:45
Laneyno plans15:45
* larsu looks down15:46
* Sweetshark_gc does the moonwalk.15:46
seb128well, I was think between larsu and desrt15:46
Laneya fine nautilus maintenance team15:46
seb128but since Laney stepped up, I don't want to change plans ;-)15:46
* desrt puts a tick under seb's name on the beer list15:46
Laneyat least seb128 and robert_ancell looked at that bug too15:46
Laneyseems half the team wants to maintain nautilus15:47
seb128well, I looked at it enough to figure out that "we need somebody to learn a bit the nautilus code, spend some days fixing those issues"15:47
seb128like we have a bunch of issues that are not trivial, 30 min hacks not knowing the code ones15:47
seb128but yeah, let's take that to after the meeting15:48
seb128Laney, thanks ;-)15:48
seb128tkamppeter, hey15:48
tkamppeter- 14.04 Release: Installed Trusty on all 3 computers15:48
tkamppeter- Replaced router by a new one due to security bug15:48
tkamppeter- cups-filters: Started work on a rastertopdf filter to make CUPS a complete emulation of an IPP Everywhere printer.15:48
tkamppeter- Bugs.15:48
seb128tkamppeter, did the updates go well?15:49
tkamppeterseb128, yes, all machines updated perfectly without any problems and without manual intervention.15:49
seb128tkamppeter, thanks15:50
mlankhorstanyone tried upgrading from one of the lts point releases?15:50
mlankhorstwith the renamed stack15:50
seb128I'm sure some people did at least during the iso testing15:50
tkamppeterseb128, my updates were all from 13.10.15:50
seb128tkamppeter, ok15:50
seb128desrt, hey, your turn ;-)15:50
desrtshort week, and not a super-productive one, code-wise15:51
desrtspent some time tracking down lots of small bugs15:51
desrtand arguing about technical stuff wrt. freedesktop specs, kdbus implementation, gmenumodel stuff, etc.15:51
Mirvmlankhorst: I updated 12.04 saucy stack to 14.04, no problems related to that part of upgrade15:51
desrtthat's mostly it15:51
seb128desrt, thanks15:51
seb128attente, hey, not sure in what tz you are and if you are up at this time?15:52
attentehey seb12815:52
seb128back to Canada? or just up in the middle of the night?15:52
desrtattente is being properly punished for leaving toronto.  he's cold while we're enjoying 15° weather here...15:52
attentei may have mis-timed the ending of canadian winter15:52
attentelast week was just getting media keys to work correctly under the lock screen, that's waiting for review, and back to debugging eclipse menus again: https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity-gtk-module/+bug/1208019, no success yet...15:53
ubot2Launchpad bug 1208019 in Unity GTK+ module "Eclipse menus doesn't show up in Saucy" [Undecided,In progress]15:53
seb128you had those working, did that regress? or is that "just" bugs/issues15:54
attenteit's a very particular case where if you switch between say a .java file and a regular text file, two of the menus don't populate any more15:54
seb128don't spend too much efforts on eclipse itself, we might just want to not use integrated menus if that's too much effort to get it working15:54
seb128hum, k15:55
attenteseb128, ok, i'll take one more look tomorrow and give up if i don't find a solution15:55
seb128well, feel free to fallback to not export the menus if you feel like it's getting too much work for one special case application15:55
seb128sounds good15:56
seb128did you get other feedback on the keyboards handling from the LTS?15:56
* kenvandine wonders how much time has been spent over the years making eclipse behave on ubuntu15:56
Laneydevelopers developers developers15:56
seb128things look good seen from my side/watching launchpad15:56
attentei'm not sure, i think we're mostly ok for a majority of users15:57
seb128out of some ibus issues (wrong layouts/"en" being used instead of the system layout)15:57
seb128happyaron is supposed to look at some of that, but he has been busy with Kylin work15:57
seb128attente, that's my impression as well15:57
seb128attente, thanks15:57
attentebut there are a whole lot of little bugs that will affect individual users and it makes them miserable15:57
seb128yeah, that's not limited to keyboard15:58
seb128we have some SRU work to do before .115:58
seb128ok, next is larsu15:58
seb128larsu, hey ;-)15:58
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larsuhey, same as desrt mostly, due to the short week15:59
larsuI got lost trying to track down the empathy bug last week15:59
larsunobody replied to my request upstream - I'd suggest just reverting the patch for now15:59
larsuI also went through some indicator bugs I have in the queue16:00
seb128I'm going to try to ping cassidy / xclaesse again for review this week16:00
larsuand helped pete figure out a hud/gmenumodel bug today16:00
larsuwhich lead to some dicsussion and an upstream bug report by desrt (thanks ;) )16:01
larsuI think that's about it16:01
seb128larsu, thanks16:01
seb128kenvandine, hey, your turn! ;-)16:01
kenvandineReviewing Content Hub/Share Service specs, preparing for 14.10 planning16:02
kenvandine  * Started to look into trusted session and how we'll implement that in content-hub.  It's too early to really start on yet, but hopefully soon.16:02
kenvandine  * Hacked on system-settings as a destination for ring tones.  I'm going to need to resurrect some old code that added passing hints on app launch to help match up the transfer with the proper handler.16:02
kenvandine EOF16:02
seb128Ken is focussed on touch work it seems ;-)16:02
kenvandinefile uploads landed :)16:03
seb128kenvandine, btw if you want to spend more time on the settings there is plenty to do16:03
kenvandinei know :)16:03
seb128we sort of didn't do that much with the LTS coming16:03
seb128kenvandine, thanks16:03
kenvandinewill do16:03
Laneynew u-s-s maintainer16:04
seb128KombuchaKip, hey, did you want to do some sort of update for the meeting? do you have any question for us?16:05
KombuchaKipseb128: I don't have any questions, but I can tell you what I'm working on. Right now I'm focused on trying to improve the Thunderbird experience for our users. There is an issue with broken printing and I believe I have managed to fix it, but the testing process takes some time because it has to work on all of the supported versions of Ubuntu we have rolled out.16:06
seb128KombuchaKip, do you have a public bug reference for the issue? let us know if you need help to get a review/land the fix16:07
seb128KombuchaKip, ok, feel free to ping us on the channel any time if you need help to land the fix or get it reviewed16:09
seb128KombuchaKip, thanks16:09
seb128so, my turn16:09
KombuchaKipseb128: Actually yes I do have a link. One sec. You guys would be great for testing the patch and would save me a lot of time.16:09
seb1283 days week here as well, the w.e wiped out most of memory of what I did before it...16:10
seb128but it's mostly "tested the trusty images and some upgrades, lot of bugs triage and following launchpad to see where we stand, what needs to be fixed in SRUs"16:10
seb128the outcome of reading bugs and online comments is that trusty is a solid release16:11
seb128great job everyone ;-)16:11
seb128there is a bit of polish to do through SRUs, but we are on a good basis there16:11
KombuchaKipseb128: Here you go. https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=82490916:11
ubot2Mozilla bug 824909 in Untriaged "can't print .eml files - print preview remains blank" [Normal,Unconfirmed]16:11
seb128KombuchaKip, thanks, I'm going to have a look after the meeting16:11
KombuchaKipseb128: If I manage to get thunderbird to link properly today, I'll post the patch. np16:11
seb128do we have any other topic to discuss/any question this week?16:12
seb128do we have a name for U yet? ;-)16:12
KombuchaKipseb128: But I have to warn you. Thunderbird needs about 8GB of RAM and a lot of disk and CPU. You can expect to not be able to use your IM / IRC client properly in the mean time if your machine is old like mine.16:12
seb128KombuchaKip, if you have issues building/testing tb maybe chrisccoulson can help you, he has been working on it for a while and probably has useful tips on how to work with it16:13
seb128or useful pointers are least16:13
seb128Laney, I didn't really think about next cycle yet ... do you want to discuss 3.12 today?16:14
Laneydoesn't have to be today16:14
Laneyjust was wondering if people had thoughts16:14
seb128I think we should give us a week to digest the release, get the first SRUs out, maybe start on Debian merges16:14
seb128my current thinking is that we should be conservative until we know where we are going16:15
seb128e.g let's not jump on any new serie yet16:15
KombuchaKipseb128: Thanks a lot. Right now it's not really an expertise issue, but mainly a hardware issue. Because I have to sign off on the patch when it's ready, I should be at least one of the people who can verify that it worked properly.16:15
KombuchaKipseb128: My next bug I'm going to be working on is a LibreOffice issue and I expect, though I'm naively optimistic, that it won't be as bad to compile as Thunderbird, but I'm thinking it may be worse because of the plethora of dependencies.16:16
tkamppeterseb128, what is the name of U. U. (14.10)?16:16
seb128KombuchaKip, ok16:16
seb128tkamppeter, we don't know yet16:16
LaneyKombuchaKip: It's way worse than most other things except maybe webkit16:16
KombuchaKipseb128: But you guys will be great to test that too when I'm ready.16:17
KombuchaKipLaney: lol, great.16:17
seb128Laney, so yeah, 3.12 ... I've the same issues than previous cycle, we need to know what to do about GtkHeaderBars16:17
seb128well, if you speak about GNOME 3.12 and not GTK only16:17
Laneyat least we got some experience in dealing with those now16:18
seb128ok, let's start thinking about those and discuss it more next week at the meeting16:19
seb128(maybe organize another meeting for that if we feel like there is too much to cover in the normal meeting)16:19
Laneyneed to look into what's new a bit more16:19
seb128my gut feeling is that we are going to need somebody to start looking at GTK 3.1216:19
seb128by experience that could take a while16:19
seb128and I want us to focus on LTS SRUs first16:20
seb128like fixing those nautilus crashers is higher priority than updating GTK16:20
xclaesseseb128, what with empathy review?16:20
seb128ok, let's call it a wrap for meeting16:20
seb128thanks everyone16:20
seb128xclaesse, did you see larsu's comment on https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=662672 ?16:20
ubot2Gnome bug 662672 in Chat "wrong count of unread messages and text missing" [Normal,New]16:20
seb128xclaesse, hey btw ;-)16:22
xclaesseseb128, didn't see, thanks for pointing it16:22
xclaessewow, going back to 2009 code... :p16:23
xclaessethat seems to be an area where things changed since then and we could have some legacy left over16:24
KombuchaKipseb128: I'll ping you when patch is uploaded. I'm trying to rebuild thunderbird again because something is broken in looking for a non-existent .dll (which makes no sense, because there are none on GNU systems).16:30
seb128KombuchaKip, how do you build it? using dpkg-buildpackage/debuild?16:31
xclaesseHmmm, empathy-chat.c seems overly complex16:32
KombuchaKipseb128: Either that, or by manually through mozconfig and ./configure --prefix ..., then make, then make install. But both ways are broken right now and I'm trying to figure out why.16:32
xclaesseit's really like  a pile of hacks accumulated over years16:32
tkamppeterqengho, how do I make Chromium opening .m3u files with vlc?16:32
seb128xclaesse, yeah :/16:33
xclaessethe comment for retrieving_backlogs is scary16:34
xclaesse"which means the user won't see any new messages (rare but16:34
xclaesse * possible), if he/she will change tab focus before the messages are16:34
xclaesse * properly shown"16:34
xclaessewondering if that's what actually happen, but instead of rare it's alwayhs16:35
seb128well, no tab involved there16:35
xclaesselol, it sets priv->can_show_pending = TRUE *after* having ackend pending messages16:36
* xclaesse feels the "how did it ever worked?"16:36
Laneygo attente16:36
Laneyxclaesse: is this going to turn into "who wrote this code and what the hell was I thinking?" in a minute? :P16:37
xclaesseah ok, all that backlog code got overly complex the day we added infinite scrollback16:37
xclaessethat's clearly what introduced that regression16:37
xclaesseI'm pretty sure the blame can be put on Cosimo Alfarano's shoulders :p16:38
xclaessejust by seeing that the file is 4580 lines long, you know that something is wrong16:39
seb128yeah, that seems quite a lot16:40
seb128even for gobject/C :p16:40
Sweetshark_gcxclaesse: 4.5KLOC wrong? is that a header file?16:46
xclaesseno, .c16:47
KombuchaKipseb128: Maybe what I can do to save everybody time is push my Thunderbird package into a PPA for testing so you don't have to go to the hassle of trying to build it yourself.16:51
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xclaesseseb128, was wondering: is there already plans for systemd in 14.10 ?17:10
seb128xclaesse, https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/core-1403-systemd-transition17:12
seb128xclaesse, that has what was discussed as first steps, not sure we have much specifics, that transition is not going to happen in one cycle or before it's ready17:12
seb128KombuchaKip, yeah, ppa are good for that sort of things17:13
KombuchaKipseb128: Totally.17:14
Sweetshark_gcand off ...17:15
xclaesseseb128, ok thanks :)17:19
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qenghotkamppeter: Er, what does "gnome-open" run?17:55
ogra_isnt that just a wrapper for xdg-open ?17:57
qenghoogra_: Er, I don't know.  $ strings `which gnome-open` |grep xdg -c    #->  018:02
qenghojibel: "desktoptouch" looks too much like "desktopcouch". You're going to give me and kenvandine heart attacks. :(18:05
* kenvandine falls over dead18:05
qenghoken needs mouth-to-mouth!18:06
* qengho dithers.18:06
davmor2if kenvandine 's wife or family see this message he was a good man who died doing what he loved18:07
xclaesseseb128, ok, empathy's #662672 is all rishi's fault18:07
kenvandinei did not love desktopcouch18:07
xclaessefedora developpers... tsss... j/k :p18:07
seb128xclaesse, thanks for investigating btw!18:07
xclaesseseb128, attached patch on https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=66267218:38
ubot2Gnome bug 662672 in Chat "wrong count of unread messages and text missing" [Normal,New]18:38
xclaesseseb128, not reviewed yet, but I think it's a good candidate for SRU in all versions of ubuntu since 201218:38
xclaesseempathy is not displaying received messages if you had <=5 messages in your backlog with that contact18:39
seb128xclaesse, \o/18:39
seb128xclaesse, I'm about to go for dinner but I'm going to try that tomorrow18:39
seb128xclaesse, yeah, my steps to reproduce (cf the bug comments) were to clean the history with the contact18:39
seb128so that seems to match what you found there18:40
xclaesseseb128, is it commit 027ccda384645f67a2d209d023c5d324d7f15715 that introduced that bug18:40
xclaesseso since empathy 3.818:41
seb128well let's fix it in the current serie, and once we get confirmation it works without side effect we can do backports to older ones18:42
tkamppeterqengho, "gnome-open ~/telekom/TelekomTV-HD.m3u" opens Rhythmbox, how can I change this, to a video player, or even to something which handles both audio and video playlists.18:45
qenghotkamppeter: Settings -> Details -> Default Applications?  There may be a better location.18:46
tkamppeterqengho, it gives me 6 categories (in reality there are many more file types) one is Music, another Video, but what is .m3u? Should not be music, should not be video, it is a playlist, suitable for both music and video.18:49
tkamppeterqengho, or are there config files which I can edit to correct that?18:50
qenghotkamppeter: the standard MIME type suggests it's audio.  "audio/x-mpegurl".18:51
KombuchaKipseb128: Are you able to build thunderbird from source package? e.g. pull-lp-source thunderbird trusty && cd thunderbird... && dpkg-buildpackage -uc -b ?18:52
tkamppeterqengho, so the "audio/" is parsed and then it is put into the "Music" category? And this is hard-coded? Or is there a way to make the /x-mpegurl parsed and made it handled as a playlist?18:53
qenghotkamppeter: strace says it looks at  $HOME/.local/share/applications/mimeapps.list18:53
qenghotkamppeter: define  audio/mpegurl=PathToYourApp .18:54
qenghoOr to the name of its .desktop file?  Yes, desktop definition, not path.18:55
qenghotkamppeter: this is out of my area of expertise. I should defer to someone else in here.18:55
tkamppeterqengho, I tried it, with vlc.desktop and /usr/bin/vlc, all to no avail, but Firefox respects these changes.18:57
tkamppeterAnyone here who knows about gnome-open?18:58
tkamppeterqengho, thank you very much for your help.18:59
tkamppeterseb128, still there?19:03
seb128tkamppeter, hey19:38
seb128KombuchaKip, I didn't try, but that should work, otherwise builders would have issue19:39
seb128chrisccoulson, ^19:39
KombuchaKipseb128: Would you like to give it a try? I am seeing a broken compile time issue that I don't think is related to my patch and an extra set of eyes would be helpful.19:40
seb128KombuchaKip, can you pastebin the build log?19:40
seb128or the error19:40
seb128but no, I can't try tonight, it's past work time here19:40
KombuchaKipseb128: I would, but I cleared the terminal already. I'll paste it when I get it again which I am expecting any minute now.19:41
seb128KombuchaKip, how do you build?19:41
KombuchaKipseb128: As in how do I specifically or how do you build a debian package from source in general?19:42
seb128well, what command did you run in that build?19:42
seb128do you try to build a deb19:42
seb128or just configure, make19:42
KombuchaKipseb128: I have tried both actually.19:43
seb128hum, weird19:43
KombuchaKipseb128: In theory, building the deb package should effectively call the build script, but staged and prefixed.19:43
seb128well, maybe chrisccoulson can help you when he's around, but he might be off for today19:43
seb128but sometimes options are different when running manually19:43
KombuchaKipseb128: It's true, but in this case all of the configure switches are summarized in a file called mozconfig.19:44
seb128k, I don't know then19:44
seb128KombuchaKip, good luck with that, I'm calling it a day now but maybe others can help you19:45
KombuchaKipseb128: No problem man. I'll get it figured out. Thanks anyways and have a good night.19:45
seb128qengho, tkamppeter: gnome-open is deprecated/shouldn't be used19:46
seb128it's part of libgnome which is deprecated since GNOME319:46
seb128you can't really count on that to be installed19:46
seb128either use gvfs-open or the xdg one19:46
tkamppeterseb128, qengho asked my for checking its behavior, is it possible that Chromium still uses it? This would be a bug in Chromium.19:55
qenghoI only cared what your MIME lookup was pointing to, tkamppeter.19:57
tkamppeterseb128, problem is that I do not know how to configure what Chromium uses to open .m3u files.19:57
qenghotkamppeter: it's xdg-open.19:57
tkamppeterqengho, seb128, "xdg-open ~/telekom/TelekomTV-HD.m3u" also opens Rhythmbox, and I have the lines "audio/x-mpegurl=vlc.desktop" and "audio/mpegurl=vlc.desktop" in my ~/.local/share/applications/mimeapps.list.20:00
seb128you can use gvfs-info on the file to know the mimetype, or use the nautilus properties dialog20:02
tkamppeterseb128, it says "standard::content-type: audio/x-mpegurl" and "standard::fast-content-type: audio/x-mpegurl".20:04
seb128tkamppeter, nothing about the handler?20:04
seb128tkamppeter, it's the same mimetype, weird that vlc is not used...20:04
tkamppeterseb128, "gvfs-info ~/telekom/TelekomTV-HD.m3u | grep -i handler" gives empty output.20:05
tkamppeterseb128, Firefox uses vlc after the change, xdg-open and Chromium not.20:05
seb128tkamppeter, what about "gvfs-mime --query audio/x-mpegurl"?20:06
tkamppeterseb128, paste.ubuntu.com/7309600/20:07
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seb128tkamppeter, what about "grep x-mpegurl ~/.local/share/appplications/*"?20:08
tkamppeterseb128, paste.ubuntu.com/7309620/20:10
seb128tkamppeter, grep audio/x-mpegurl /usr/share/applications20:11
tkamppeterseb128, this looks a little like that the personal config of the user does not have priority against the system config.20:13
tkamppeterseb128, in addition, .m3u can be audio or video playlists, even if the mime type is "audio/..." one should [perhaps call by default something which handles both audio and video, like Totem or so.20:14
seb128tkamppeter, yeah, I'm unsure, that needs more debugging, can you open a bug with an example attached to it? I can have another look tomorrow but I need to go now for today20:15
tkamppeterseb128, thanks, will do so.20:16
tkamppeterseb128, on which package?20:16
seb128tkamppeter, desktop-file-utils, we can reassign if needed20:17
tkamppeterseb128, thanks.20:17
seb128on that note, calling it a day20:17
seb128see you tomorrow20:17
robert_ancellKombuchaKip, hello20:22
KombuchaKiprobert_ancell: Hey buddy!20:23
robert_ancellKombuchaKip, how goes the bug hunting?20:23
KombuchaKiprobert_ancell: I think I've managed to fix Thunderbird, and now I'm just trying to test my patch which is a pain in the behind because Thunderbird is a royal pain to build.20:23
robert_ancellyeah, I can imagine :)20:24
KombuchaKiprobert_ancell: Speaking of which, back to it.20:24
ochosirobert_ancell: thanks a lot for your merge-request!21:53
robert_ancellochosi, np21:53
ochosiwill have to review it tomorrow, as i'm too tired now, but it's really much appreciated21:53

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