belkinsaslickymaster, are you able to go the next Doc Team's meeting? http://doodle.com/8ag48wpq3xrs3bi911:41
pleia2doing the Ubuntu Open Week session on docs in 3 minutes over in #ubuntu-classroom and #ubuntu-classroom-chat if anyone wants to come along :)16:57
* knome joins16:58
pleia2thanks knome16:59
pleia2that went well :)17:55
captineThanks a mil.  I am so glad I saw these events taking place.  Reading the information on the website is good, but getting it in this fashion is even better for the lazy like me18:01
belkinsaQuestion: It safe to edit this page https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DocumentationTeam/MeetingAgenda for the next meeting?22:20
knomebelkinsa, yes22:21
belkinsaThanks, knome.  I'm getting everything ready for the next one.22:21
knomedid you decide on the day already?22:21
belkinsaI have.22:22
belkinsaI will announce it when I get the agenda ready.22:22
belkinsaBut if you want to know early, it's May 7 @ whatever 2 PM EST is in UTC is.22:22
knomemy back feels like there is an old hard disk drive reading stuff there22:22
belkinsa7 PM London time, so 8 UTC?22:24
belkinsa6 PM* UTC22:25
belkinsaThank you.22:25
knomeEST or EDT now?22:25
belkinsaAre you having a hard time logging back into SSO for Ubuntu?22:25
knomeoh wait, that site calculates that to me22:26
knomeit's sometimes slow22:26
knomebut i haven't used any services for hours now22:26
knomemy back still vibrates in a HDD crunchy way.22:29
belkinsaDoes anyone know if petermatulis comes around here?22:35
belkinsaknome, e-mail set.22:59
knomenoticed ;)22:59
knomei have 11 emails in all folders combined.22:59
knomethat means more than 10% of the mail i have is from you23:00
belkinsaI think I have 11 too all from Ubuntu related projects23:00
knomei mean 11 *emails*, not email addresses ;)23:00
belkinsaI do too23:00
belkinsaAnd I did know what you mean23:00
knomei usually get more than that daily...23:00
belkinsaOkay, I have 12.23:00
knomebut i just did some cleanup23:01
knomebelkinsa, fixed the page a bit (lists mostly)23:19
knomeand "sever" -> "server"23:19
knome"oops" ;)23:19
belkinsaYeah, I corrected that but it seems that it didn't save23:23
belkinsaYou think this system will work?23:26
pleia2knome is an email deleter23:28
knomeyes... even more so when i don't have to be responsible of stuff now ;)23:29
* pleia2 frets23:29
knomemy wife probably wouldn't be surprised23:29
knomeshe says i'm the mr. "throw it away if you don't need it"23:30
pleia2I have the opposite husband23:30
belkinsaPackrat = know?23:30
pleia2his favorite phrase is "it could be useful" - so much now that every time he says it now we laugh23:30
pleia2knome: is anti-packrat23:31
belkinsaOh, right, sorry.23:31
* belkinsa is the same23:31
knomehehe, yeah...23:32
knomei don't want to live ascetic... but i do think modern age people have too many things they don't need.23:32
pleia2I lived a pretty gypsy experience in my 20s, so I got good at letting go, but I still like stuff23:32
belkinsaoh, is there any important things that I missed from the Ubuntu Doc Classroom session?23:32
knomelike, what do we do with all of these 20 knives23:32
pleia2belkinsa: someone came up with your same idea for a week long wiki jam, so I think we should do it this cycle :)23:33
knomeand do you *really* need the 15th set of pillow covers23:33
belkinsaSure, I heard my name called but I didn't read who asked that.23:33
knomelike, not the pillows you sleep with... the decoration ones!23:33
pleia2my husband's new strategy is "ok fine, we'll donate it to charity, but I need to do it so I can get a receipt" "why haven't you taken it in?" "we already hit our charitable donations quota for the year"23:33
knomein april...23:34
knomemy parent-in-laws are working as volunteers on a flea market... guess if they get a lot of stuff from us23:34
pleia2it's my fault, not from giving away stuff, I give away money to any cute animal who shows me those cute eyes23:35
* knome twirls to the floor, oinks and flaps eyes23:35
knomeanyway, back to the original discussion...23:37
knomei like proper, quality furniture though23:37

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