varanasibIs there a bug reporting site for ubuntu gnome?  The upgrade had several issues.02:38
holstein!bug | varanasib03:27
ubot5varanasib: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.03:27
BlitzHereHow do I make Ctrl+Alt+Delete go to system monitor? I opened up shortcuts, and set a custom shortcut to gnome-system-monitor but it isn't working10:05
BlitzHereRunning gnome-system-monitor in termila works just fine10:10
Mikerhinosthere's no environment selection on logon screen in gnome shell ? :s11:09
mgedminthere is11:13
mgedmina little circular thingy somewhere close to your username, iirc11:13
Mikerhinosdidn't saw it :s I try again thx11:15
Mikerhinosmgedmin: problem was that i'm left handed and it required a left click lol, worked, trying Enlightment E17 before installing on my sons' old PC11:20
Mikerhinosoh, have a lot of duplicated stuff in menus :s problem with multiple environments is they shoudn't "merge" it, like Gnome has its own system monitor, but if I switch to E17 or any other like XFCE, I still have Gnome system monitor in list11:26
mgedminthere are .desktop file keys to hide certain items in certain desktops, e.g. OnlyShowIn=GNOME11:27
Mikerhinoswell I'm a total noob like many users so they should popup a screen on 1st new environment launch (not only gnome) with checkmarks for their own apps, available in system settings too11:29
Mikerhinoslooks like it messed up system monitor, gnome's is a black screen, same thing for the one enlightment installed...so reboot under gnome shell, apt-get remove e17, and finger crossed that it will put my system like it was a few minutes ago lol11:39
BlitzHereOk, I have gnome throwing up "*** is ready" notifications11:55
BlitzHereWhich is really annoying11:55
BlitzHereHow do I disable it?11:56
BlitzHereWhen I double clivk to open a file, it should just open and focus should switch to the new window11:56
varanasib"Upgrade" also nuked crontabs and /etc/fstab12:25
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mgedminwhee, Ctrl+Shift+uNNNN Unicode entry is broken in 14.04!13:25
mgedminI can't seem to use it at all in xchat13:25
mgedminit half-works in other gnome apps13:25
mgedminthere are two methods: hold down ctrl+shift, press u, then without releasing ctrl+shift type the hex code and release ctrl+shift -- this is broken13:26
mgedminthe other method -- press ctrl+shift+u, release ctrl+shift, type the hex code, press enter -- works (but not in xchat-gnome)13:26
mgedminworks in xchat-gnome actually, but doesn't show the underline under the 'u', so it feels as if I"m entering actual text14:47
sandGorgonwanda the fish lives !! https://extensions.gnome.org/extension/806/wanda-the-fish/16:05
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daninozhi guys, I have a problem in ubuntu gnome, the top bar is in the middle of the screen.19:58

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