MooDoohello all05:58
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uwotmateubuntu irc ops channel ??? wtf08:30
PriceyHey uwotmate, what's up?08:31
uwotmatewhy would irc ops gather here08:32
uwotmateeither that or I'm confusing ubuntu operators "in irc" with IRCops of IRC who also use ubuntu08:33
uwotmateare you also vegetarians ?08:34
nikocannibal here08:36
uwotmatewould u eat someone from your own family ?08:40
uwotmatethat sounds unfair08:40
uwotmatesomeone's cannibal, the other one is confused08:42
uwotmatewats up with you doges08:42
Priceyuwotmate: Yes.08:43
jussiuwotmate: dude, sounds like you havent slept for a while. :D whats up? need a hand with something?08:43
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rpadovanirww, AlanBell, thanks16:39
AlanBellrpadovani: looks like nobody got to it, I will poke them again16:42
PriceyAlanBell: ubuntu/member/rpadovani for rpadovani?18:46
PiciPricey: please.18:49
PriceyPici: sorted18:51
Picithanks :)18:51
optrustyhey guys I want to know when are our irc applications read21:07
Picioptrusty: We're still working on getting some straggling IRCC members to place their votes.21:18
optrusty_thx for info21:21

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