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* apw yawns08:08
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apwbug #52604510:49
ubot2Launchpad bug 526045 in grub2 (Ubuntu) "no entry for device-mapper found" [Low,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52604510:49
NoNameYet_xnoxi guess that's what it's like to wait for merge window to open....13:34
jsalisbury## No Kernel team meeting today.  Next meeting is April 29th, 201414:26
ckingthanks jsalisbury14:27
jsalisburycking, np14:27
bjfjibel, can you verify bug #1088433 please?15:30
ubot2Launchpad bug 1088433 in linux (Ubuntu Quantal) "PERCPU: allocation failed when loading module kvm" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/108843315:30
jibelbjf, I don't have access to these machines anymore.15:37
bjfjibel, ok, guess i'll revert that patch then15:37
bjfarges`, were are you able to verify ^15:38
arges`bjf: customer never responded to verify it unforutnatley15:39
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rtgslangasek, has anyone developed a way to disable fast boot on UEFI systems ? There is a UI in Windows for it, but I'm not aware of a way to do it from Linux.17:35
infinityzequence: Were you going to do any regression testing on your lowlatency SRUs?18:06
infinityrtg: AFAIK, the way to do it is "boot Windows".18:06
infinityrtg: Given that only systems with Windows pre-installed have it enabled, that's not completely awful, though you need to remember to do it before you wipe the disk. :/18:07
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slangasekrtg: we have a grub menu option that boots you back to the firmware18:21
slangasekrtg: called 'System setup'18:21
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antarusslangasek: ohhhh you have commit access to linux-pam18:30
antarusslangasek: do you know if anyone actually implements new pam features?18:30
antarusslangasek: like..labels?18:30
antarus(instead of skip numbers?18:30
rtgslangasek, I'm not seeing that grub option. Only the installed kernel entries are in /boot/grub/grub.cfg. This is an upgrade from Quantal to Trusty, so that might have an impact.18:39
slangasekantarus: there are new features implemented from time to time, but they're generally new security features.  Has someone asked upstream for this new parser feature?18:51
slangasekrtg: the menu option comes from /etc/grub.d/30_uefi-firmware in grub-common; maybe have a look at why that script isn't doing the right thing on your system?18:51
rtgslangasek, ack18:52
rtgslangasek, well, I appear to have those files, and they are executable.19:00
slangasekrtg: "those files"?19:00
slangasekrtg: sure; so what's wrong with your /sys/firmware/efi/vars ?19:01
rtgslangasek, bunch of stuff there too19:02
rtghmm, OsIndicationsSupported doesn't exist19:03
slangasekwell, then your firmware is buggy19:03
slangasekbecause that's the interface for disabling fastboot19:03
slangasek(and the same EFI variable that grub relies on setting in order to make its menu option work)19:03
slangasekcan you file a bug against grub2 with your system details?19:03
rtgslangasek, ok, this is a tunnel mountain Tiano core reference platform. I've had it for a couple of years (I think). it came via manjo19:04
slangasekI'm not sure we can actually fix it, but we should at least document somewhere systems that have this problem19:04
slangasekhmm, and which version of the firmware do you have loaded?19:04
slangasekI guess if it's just a bad firmware load, no sense in reporting the bug against grub19:04
slangasekfwiw the strawberrymountain I have here has working OsIndicationsSupported19:05
rtgslangasek, ok, its not that big a deal. it is a legacy platform that never went into wide spread use.19:05
manjortg, I am guessing those systems were loaded with uefi 2.219:06
rtgmanjo, its the one you sent me eons ago19:06
slangasekyeah, I'm surprised fastboot is even implemented there - but it's implemented wrong19:06
slangasekfix is to upgrade the firmware19:06
rtgeasier said then done (usually)19:06
rtgI'll research it19:07
slangasekif you can find the guide for it, the firmware upgrade should be fairly straightforward19:07
slangaseksince the updates are themselves just EFI executables19:07
antarusslangasek: no, mostly just pissed on my end19:14
antarusslangasek: it looks like someone tried to make the parser do cool stuff, then gave up19:15
antarus(also I apaprently picked a bad channel to chat about this, sorry about that ;p)19:15
slangasekhmm, well, I don't think "cool" is the adjective I want attached to "parser for security-sensitive config files" :)19:16
antarusslangasek: at times I feel like pam is very much like openssl19:16
antarusimportant, but barely functional19:16
slangasekthe coding style is slightly more modern19:17
antarusslangasek: my hope is that a bunch of the 'session' stuff can move to logind or similar? it seems very bolted on ;)19:17
slangasekby at least a year or two19:17
antarusno? ;)19:17
slangasekI fervently hope not19:17
slangaseklogind is the best implementation there is of what it does; but it can keep its tentacles out of the pam sessions, kthx19:18
antarusso for example, we want to 'notify a user when someone that isn't them logs into their machine'19:19
antarusright now that is a pam module19:19
antarusbut to me that is pretty terrible19:19
antarusI guess I wish there was a better session manager ;)19:19
antarusslangasek: https://fedorahosted.org/linux-pam/ticket/30 ;)20:11
antarusit doesn't seem terrible to implement at first glance20:11
zequenceinfinity: yea, sorry - will do it tomorrow20:52
infinityzequence: Ta,20:54
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antarusslangasek: modern you say..22:00
slangasekantarus: I believe what I said was pam was at least a year or two years more modern than openssl ;)22:25
antarusI'm at least trying to write a patch! ;p22:26
antarusI was hoping to shoehorn labels masquerading as handlers, but that looks gross on initial implementation22:27

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