josepleia2: there are now broken links on the announcement, would it be good to replace them?01:45
pleia2jose: which announcement?16:05
josepleia2: release announcement16:05
pleia2oh, fix on fridge?16:06
josebeta links are mostly broken by now16:06
pleia2jose: the beta release announcement? I wouldn't go back and edit those16:14
pleia2the links always break, they're a snapshot in time :)16:14
joseno no, I mean the beta links on the final release announcement16:14
josebut well, we can deal with it :)16:15
pleia2I don't see any16:16
* pleia2 headscratch16:16
joseah, blargh, I was wrong16:18
josea commenter pointed it out and it *was* on the beta announcement16:19
josesorry for the confusion16:19
pleia2no worries16:24

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