bazhang<mtozses> farbod: use the magic word05:54
bazhangsudo ?05:54
rwwlol, ValicekB has been cycling in and out of ##fix_your_connection for a week or more now i think05:59
bazhang<Bray90820> Do parentheses work in grep07:12
bazhangcross compiler for ubuntu and android on arm?07:14
bazhangisnt that just gcc?07:14
bazhang<TeamKorea> how to create a botnet <TeamKorea> this is a hacking zone for anonymous07:43
Priceyrww: Looks like a kettle.08:31
DJonesI wonder whether its worth adding something along the lines of "Ubuntu 14.04 is due to be offered as an upgrade from 12.04 once 14.04.1 is released (which is due on 24th July 2014)" to the end of !12.0412:16
philinuxhello,  #ubuntu+1 seems to be invite only. i get Cannot join #ubuntu+1 (Channel is invite only).12:17
philinuxis it offline until uu is annouced?12:17
DJonesphilinux: The channel gets closed down once a new release is issued and then reopened when the next release starts being worked on12:18
philinuxDJones;~ cant remember that as i auto connect from xchat. never seen that message before12:18
IdleOneWe had left it open last release which is probably why you didn't remember12:19
IdleOneanyway should be any day now12:19
philinuxIdleOne;~ thanks , though i was going bonkers for a minute12:20
IdleOneoh, you probably are, but not about this :)12:20
philinuxindeed, cheers12:21
philinuxbye for now12:21
IdleOnehave a good day12:21
DJonesWonder when unified unicorn is due to be announced anyway12:23
IdleOneusually is by now12:23
IdleOnesabdfl must be on vacation.12:23
IdleOnemaybe he'll decide to skip U and go to Warty Warthog 212:24
IdleOneI assume he he going to completely ignore Ubuntu Varicose Veins12:26
IdleOnes/he he/he is/12:26
DJonesI quite like uppity ubuntu12:27
phunyguyBaahahaa @ Varicose Veins13:29
phunyguythat's hilarious13:29
Jordan_UWhy was !anyone removed again?19:41
elkyJordan_U: because people were using it based on if the word "anyone" was ever mentioned in any context ever23:37
Jordan_UI made a lot of (I believe good) use of that factoid while it existed. Interestingly, most of the comments I used it in reply to didn't actually contain the word "anyone".23:39
knome!details | Jordan_U?23:40
ubottuJordan_U?: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)23:40
rwwDJones: I agree that we need such a factoid, people keep asking about it. phunyguy was thinking the same iirc23:43
rwwDJones: was gonna make a new one for it tho23:43
Jordan_Uknome: The real problem is that they haven't actually asked any support question, though I guess telling them that their question isn't detailed enough for us to help them somewhat makes that point.23:43
knomewhat about just asking "what's up?"23:44
rwwk1l: AP--'s a repeat problem, in case you didn't notice already.23:46
rwwbest keep that one set a while23:46
k1lyeah, i was just going through the bantracker and logs to make sure23:46
IdleOneset @duration 10000d and forget23:47

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