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pittiGood morning05:20
DanChapmanGood Morning05:29
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davmor2Morning all09:59
elfymorning davmor209:59
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elfyhi balloons - welcome back - I've been working on bug 1306221 again14:52
ubot5bug 1306221 in Ubuntu Manual Tests "Upgrade testcase written poorly" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/130622114:52
balloonshey elfy . Excellent15:33
balloonsi see the mp and I'll have a look15:33
balloonselfy, so do you think the word "normal" is understandable?15:34
balloonsI realize lts and non-lts while more clear, might not be less confusing ;-)15:34
knomenormal or regular15:44
balloonsmmm.. regular might be better.. the odd thing of course is the terminal will prompt as normal and lts15:45
balloonsI just find it confusing as to what a 'normal' release is15:45
elfywhich is exactly why I said normal15:45
elfyor we'll get someone saying that the terminal echoes normal not regular15:45
elfyand as far as understandable ... given what I've seen reported - probably not - but let's aim for the highest denominator shall we :)15:47
balloonsshould we say normal (non-lts)?15:55
elfythen why not also say lts (non-normal)16:10
elfyjust think that it doesn't really matter what we put - someone will wander along and still report a bug against a package against the testcase16:11
elfyballoons: we should really say non-LTS and LTS I guess with serious head on16:13
balloonsit's the more common term16:13
balloonsI think16:13
elfyoh yea - and the other mp of mine is a brand new one for studio - they have an extra step in their installer AND removing Ubuntu One from where it appears16:14
elfyballoons: non-LTS and LTS then? wfm16:14
balloonsis knome still here?16:16
elfywhen we sync these we should also rename 1635 and 1636 so they don't get used by mistake in future (the 2 LTS testcases)16:16
balloonsor another third party willing to sway the opinion ;-)16:16
elfyI'll just go and tell slickymaster what I want him to say and then get him to post :D16:17
knome balloons no, i'm hiding16:20
balloonselfy, knome :-)16:23
balloonselfy, I'm happy with however it is worded16:23
balloonsI'll approve16:23
elfyok - so I'll go with non-LTS and LTS and push it again16:23
* balloons just approved normal,heh16:23
knomenon-LTS is meh16:24
knomenromal is better16:24
knomenormal too16:24
elfyballoons: I'll sync it then if you want16:24
balloonselfy, yep, go for it16:25
balloonsfinish the deed!16:25
elfyokey doke16:25
elfyballoons: all done for that mp then16:31
elfyI'll wait to see the other show up in tbird and sync that then16:31
knomeelfy, balloons: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QQ3GvA9dNTo16:32
elfyI could get all offtopic ...16:32
knomewell we need some after-release relaxation ;)16:33
balloonsknome, never heard of this group.. interesting16:33
knomeballoons, finnish group, already non-existing, but google for "iiro rantala" for more of the pianists stuff ;)16:34
knomeballoons, recent releases also!16:35
balloonsknome, ahh.. jazz is always nice. I like it more live though.. it really needs to be performed16:35
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knomeagreed, but i can't afford him playing here in my room all day, every day16:36
knomeand i don't have the space for the grand piano either16:36
elfyha ha ha16:36
balloonsknome, not even a baby grand?16:39
knomeballoons, maybe that... but still not enough bucks for the pianist16:39
knomebut i do happen to know he very much prefers either a specific grand piano...16:40
knome...or some really old, expensive ones16:41
balloonswell then.. I guess you shall stick to recordings :-)16:46
knomeyeah, and the occasional live gig16:46
elfynever been to a recorded gig16:46
elfyapart from The Song Remains The Same16:47
knomewell there you go ;)16:47
knomeand playback in most popular music galas etx16:47
knomethat counts as recorded gig imo...16:47
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elopioballoons: is dpm on holidays?16:58
balloonselopio, yes16:58
balloonstill tomorrow16:58
elopiook, he asked me to look at the filemanager tests, but I can't even build the project.16:59
balloonselopio, yes I had trouble as well17:00
balloonslet me catch you up elfy17:00
ubot5Launchpad bug 1308280 in Ubuntu File Manager App "Can't build with phablet-tools" [High,Confirmed]17:01
elfyhe he he - balloons catches letozaf's bug ...17:01
balloonsand https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-filemanager-app/+bug/129430117:01
ubot5Launchpad bug 1294301 in Ubuntu File Manager App "Cmake generated click doesn't work" [Critical,Confirmed]17:01
balloonselopio, ^^17:01
elopioballoons: oh, thanks.17:01
balloonsso elopio tldr, the click generated doesn't work, and what's in trunk won't build with click tools17:01
elopioI was just going to be a pita and complaint about the project not having a REAMDE :D17:01
balloonsI'm going to try again this afternoon.. if you want to have it work with click, https://code.launchpad.net/~nskaggs/ubuntu-filemanager-app/fix-click-buddy-build/+merge/21647817:02
balloonselopio, how's reminders btw? testwise?17:21
elopioballoons: I'm still can't run it on my device, so I don't really know if my last test works.17:22
elopioI was hoping dpm to fix it for me :)17:23
balloonselopio, I don't remember what I told you about reminders.. I know it's broken know with click tools, just like fm17:23
elopioand today I'm working on the account for the click scope. So I hope that will work for reminders too and add a new test tomorrow.17:23
balloonsalthough we can fix17:23
balloonssounds fine.. I'm going to work on making dpm's fixes work with both17:23
balloonsqt creator and click tools that is17:24
elopioballoons: that would be nice. I don't want to get into the click details yet.17:24
* elopio goes to get a new passport.17:47
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balloonselopio, got a minute?19:41
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elopioballoons: I'm here. Too late?23:09
knomeelopio, don't blame yourself, blame balloons:23:09
balloonselopio, well, yes and no23:09
knomeballoons, did you leave too early?23:10
balloonsknome, lol, I haven't left my chair in quite some time :)23:10
balloonselopio, I'm building reminders and trying your mp on my device right now23:10
* knome ponders if that's TMI23:10
knomeballoons, you should take a break every hour23:10
balloonsknome, fingers crossed I will soon take you up on that23:10
elopioballoons: ok, let me know how it goes.23:11
balloonselopio, my original ping was on something else but if you want to chat about problems, well I got them :-)23:11
* knome giggles23:11
elopioI got problems too.23:11
elopiotell me, maybe they are related.23:11
knomeballoons, do you want me to book a psychiatrist for you?23:11
balloonselopio, the two big thorns are https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-filemanager-app/+bug/1294301 and https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-filemanager-app/+bug/1308280.23:12
ubot5Launchpad bug 1294301 in Ubuntu File Manager App "Cmake generated click doesn't work" [Critical,Confirmed]23:12
ubot5Launchpad bug 1308280 in Ubuntu File Manager App "Can't build with phablet-tools" [High,Confirmed]23:12
balloonsbasically click-tools and qtcreator require different project layouts and manifests23:12
balloonsso fm and reminders are broken for building, except through qtcreator23:12
balloonsthat's part of your issue with reminders I believe23:13
balloonsthe things really bugging me though, is the build for file manager doesn't work.. the click won't find the plugin no matter what I do23:13
elopioballoons: ah, yes, but the problem I'm looking at now is unity showing the window in a different place and autopilot going completely nuts.23:15
balloonselopio, what are you testing?23:16
elopioballoons: unity and the toolkit.23:16
balloonsbtw, reminders failed.. I'll try again then pull the log23:16
elopioballoons: failed to build or to run?23:16
balloonselopio, it ran.. tests failed23:16
balloonsI'm running on nexus7 atm if if matters23:16
elopiook, I have mixed feelings about that. But can you tell me the steps to build and run that you are following?23:17
balloonsI built by merging lp:~nskaggs/reminders-app/cmake-build-test into your branch, which fixes cmake builds. But I see a couple small tweaks I need to make.. namely it reverted the framework defined in the manifest23:18
balloonsfixed and re-building.. I actually did the work trying to figure out why fm isn't working.. I was comparing them.. sadly that got me nothing, but since I did it, I figured I would build your mp23:23
elopiook, let me try your branch23:26
balloonsjust fyi, the changes in main.cpp are debug prints from me trying to figure out how the qml file is loading and where for fm :-)23:30
balloonselopio, ok, updated everything. 1 test still fails (the new one with url dispatcher). Might be something simple, but I'm leaving it as-is23:40
balloonsleft the log in a comment on the mp23:43
* balloons is out23:43

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