ThorondorRAOF: Thanks! I'll take a look00:11
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lotuspsychjemorning to all03:08
SteveGI was hoping some one would be able to help04:08
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dholbachgood morning07:07
JustinZ`Help! I flashed my Nexus 7 2012, it rebooted with spinning Ubuntu logo and sat there for 2-3minutes before rebooting into the bootloader.07:49
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tshirtmanJustinZ`: pretty sure the 2012 nexus 7 is not supported anymore08:32
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popeyJustinZ`: tshirtman correct.08:33
janimojamesh, hi, do you know when the libunity-scopes fixes required by Go scopes land in the archive?08:34
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jameshjanimo: sorry, missed your message.  Hopefully this week.  I hadn't pushed to get a new release out before because there were a few other pending changes in the review queue and it was only a few people interested at the time09:17
janimojamesh, and this means Go scopes do not work at all without the change currently (it was not clear from the G+ post) ?09:18
jameshjanimo: correct.  The registry doesn't realise that the scope has started up so kills the child process where the scope is running09:18
janimojamesh, thanks09:18
davmor2Morning all09:59
* ogra_ hugs dholbach for helping to turn ubuntu phone into a "zeitungskiosk"10:31
dholbachno worries :)10:31
k1l_are there some current .zip files from ubuntu-touch that can be flashed via recovery onto n4 (like the daylies from cm11).10:35
ogra_k1l_, nope10:36
k1l_hmm k10:36
ogra_k1l_, you can use rootstock-ng for a manual install from tarball and system.img file, instructions are on the mailing list10:38
k1l_ogra_: thanks, will take a look at that10:38
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dakeri am unable to get the sim card to work, getting "Unknown data technology" from the system settings log :(11:48
dakeri also tested the ofono scripts, they don't seem to work too11:48
dakerand i don't get the unlock screen to type the pin code11:49
ogra_daker, ofono errors should be in syslog ... : grep ofono /var/log/syslog11:54
dakerogra_: nothing11:56
dakerogra_: anything else i should check to get sim registred or atleast unlocked ?12:00
ogra_well, do you see ofono even run in the processlist ?12:00
ogra_(ofonod actually)12:01
dakerogra_: yes http://paste.ubuntu.com/7306513/12:08
ogra_looks fine12:08
ogra_weird that you dont have anything in syslog from the startup12:09
ogra_best is to wait for awe i guess ... he should be able to help out12:09
ogra_(not sure hw works today though)12:09
ogra_could it be that your SIM ran out of credit or some such ?12:10
dakerogra_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7306524/12:10
dakerno it's new sim card, it has been actived a few days ago12:10
ogra_and it has a PIN ?12:11
ogra_the Pin unlock should be in system settings12:11
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ogra_(iirc we dont have any popup on login for it)12:11
dakerogra_: yes i has a pin12:11
cwaynemardy, ping12:11
dakerogra_: i get nothing on sys settings12:11
mardycwayne: hi :-)12:12
ogra_under cellular12:12
mardycwayne: about a D-Bus API for authenticating? :-)12:12
cwaynemardy, :D12:12
mardycwayne: so, there is such an API, though there are no premises about its stability12:12
cwaynemardy, well, really the question is about authenticating from golang, but I understand doing it via d-bus may be the quickest way12:12
mardycwayne: but the main issue is that before authenticating, you must find out which account you want to authenticate, and for that there is no escape from using libaccounts-glib (or -qt, or the QML module)12:13
dakerogra_: https://i.imgur.com/P7uwAAC.png12:13
dakerogra_: carrier list always empty https://i.imgur.com/nyK35gQ.png12:14
mardycwayne: so, if you are going to use it, then you could as well use libsignon-glib12:14
dakerogra_: getting "Unknown data technology" from the system settings log :(12:14
ogra_you should have a "PIN" entry in the forst one12:14
cwaynemardy, ah, cool, so listing is the only thing you'd need the glib stuff for?12:14
ogra_abeato, any hint what daker could look at to get his SIM to work ?12:15
cwaynemardy, is the D-Bus API documented anywhere? or any examples of it being used for authentication?12:15
mardycwayne: there are XML files in the signond source code12:16
mardycwayne: actually, I believe they are installed in /usr/share/dbus-1/interfaces/12:16
dakerogra_: i think the ofono logs are in .cache/upstart/12:17
cwaynemardy, I saw those (except they seem to be part of signond-dev, which im not sure would be installed), but was hoping there were some examples somewhere12:17
ogra_only the ones from the upstart job12:17
* cwayne isn't the best with D-Bus API's yet12:17
ogra_ofono itself logs directly to syslog12:17
ogra_ogra@styx:~/apps/slashdot-app$ adb shell zgrep ofono /var/log/syslog.*|wc -l12:18
ogra_try grepping through the zipped ones too12:18
dakerha 281012:20
ogra_right, so you have some logs :)12:20
mardycwayne: nope, no examples12:21
mardycwayne: BTW, jamesh had exactly the same questions a few days ago12:21
mardycwayne: I think he resolved to use the glib libraries, maybe you could work together somehow?12:22
dakerogra_: how to pull them ?12:22
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abeatodaker, could you execute ofono script list_modems?12:22
abeatolist-modems, sorry12:22
ogra_daker, drop the "|wc -l" and pipe them into a file instead12:22
dakerabeato: ofono: command not found12:23
ogra_ah, abeato is around ... listen to him rather than me :)12:23
abeatoit is in /usr/share/ofono/scripts12:23
abeato# /usr/share/ofono/scripts/list-modems12:23
cwaynemardy, ah, maybe I should just wait til he's got something working and then use his example :P12:23
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dakerabeato: it's ok to link you with output ? it has nothing sensitive ?12:25
abeatodaker, no, it's fine, paste it in paste.ubuntu.com12:25
dakerabeato: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7306609/12:25
abeatodaker, so it looks like pin has not been entered yet12:26
dakerabeato: yes i don't get the unlock screen12:27
dakercarrier list always empty https://i.imgur.com/nyK35gQ.png12:27
dakerand i am getting "Unknown data technology" from the system settings log :(12:27
abeatodaker, you can go to the unlock screen in the Network menu, in the same place where you select the WiFi you connect to12:28
abeatodaker, you need to go down in the page12:28
dakerabeato: haha, who did propose this "GENIUOS" idea12:30
abeatodaker, I still wonder ;)12:31
dakerdone unlocked12:31
abeatothe design should change soon, afaik12:31
dakeri see the signal now12:31
abeatodaker, cool12:31
dakerabeato: wow it works now!12:32
dakerthanks man!12:32
abeatodaker, no problem12:33
anDixxhello how can i instal ubuntu touch13:15
anDixxon a windows tablet ?13:15
anDixxsome can help me ?13:16
pmcgowananDixx, the images depend on elements from Android for hardware drivers and the like13:17
pmcgowananDixx, there needs to be Android support and we only support ARM for now13:17
ogra_well, if it runs normal ubuntu you could try the unity8 perview session ... but thats not having any low level HW support indeed13:17
LeandeRits andixx13:19
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kirklandhowdy!  okay, two questions about Touch on my Nexus7 ... 1) I can't figure out how to lock the screen13:31
kirklandI thought it would be under security and privacy, but I don't see anything relevant there13:32
ogra_you press the power button :)13:32
tedgkirkland, I think that setting might be waiting on mterry's work on getting us to a lightdm lock screen lands.13:32
ogra_we dont actually have a lock screen atm13:33
ogra_what you see is fake13:33
mterrytedg, kirkland: correct13:33
kirklandwhoa, we don't have a lock screen?13:33
tedgogra_, It's okay kirkland has nothing to hide :-)13:33
ogra_i know ... i checked already :P13:33
* tedg forgot that ogra_ has root13:34
kirklandokay, that's a bummer;  any idea when that might land, mterry?13:34
kirklandokay, second question...  is there a swipe or qwersive keyboard option or add-on?13:35
ogra_within the next months13:35
ogra_kirkland, thats a bfiller question ... you can attach a patch too if you like :)13:35
ogra_(i dont think there is yet)13:35
tedgIf only we had someone in the company that has experience with that technology to write the patch… (*cough* kirkland *cough*)13:36
bfillerkirkland: there is not, but we have a plugin architecture such that one could be created13:36
kirklandogra_: heh :-)  well, I have some old code from 2003-2004, when I created swipe's predecessor, called QWERsive :-)  but it's written in Java, copyrighted by IBM, and probably not useful at all :-)13:36
Elleokirkland: there have been some people discussing potential implementation of swype style input for Sailfish which also uses maliit (so would be relatively easy to include in Ubuntu Touch); some sort of joint effort on that front might be good13:37
ogra_kirkland, i know ;)13:38
kirklandElleo: that would be sweet13:38
Elleoalthough that discussion also involved lots of people being rather put off by the mountain of patents involved in swype ;)13:38
kirklandogra_: alrighty, thanks guys!  I'm liking what I've seen so far, good stuff13:38
Elleopersonally I've been wanting to have a go at implementing a dasher (http://www.inference.phy.cam.ac.uk/dasher/) style maliit plugin for a while13:38
Elleocompletely failed to get around to it so far though ;)13:38
tedgkirkland, When are you guys going to have a QML Juju GUI for Ubuntu?13:39
* tedg wants to manage his servers from his phone13:39
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ogra_well, ssh works13:39
kirklandtedg: :-)13:39
Randy_Ohas anyone else had an ssh connection refused error when trying to run an QML app on their phone?13:40
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ogra_Randy_O, adb shell setprop persist.service.ssh true && adb reboot13:42
Elleokirkland: https://lists.sailfishos.org/pipermail/devel/2014-April/003922.html <-- doesn't look like much has actually happened in that direction yet though13:42
Randy_Oogra_, thanks, I'll give that a try13:43
Rienzillawhat channel should I install to my nexus 4?13:48
Rienzilla(if I want to actually try and use the device)13:48
* cwayne patiently waits til i can update to U13:49
ogra_Rienzilla, devel13:49
ogra_you can use stable ... but wont get many updates then, devel actually sees regular fixes13:51
ogra_and has about the same quality13:52
Rienzillaso, use devel until stable is actually stable (and more feature complete) :)13:55
ogra_well, stable is just a snaphot image we take at release day13:57
ogra_(a snapshot from devel)13:57
Rienzillayeah I understand13:57
ogra_and ubuntu phone is actually a rolling release on top of the ubuntu archive ... so devel gets all the new fixes13:57
Rienzillaflashing version 30213:59
Rienzillalet's see :)13:59
RienzillaI have a reason to start using this device now. My 3 year old son dropped my iphone on a concrete floor :)13:59
ogra_thats a good reason :)13:59
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Randy_Ohas anyone else had an ssh connection refused error when trying to run an QML app on their phone? I've tried persist.service.ssh true14:07
Rienzillais there auto-brightness on the nexus4?14:14
ogra_a bit hidden in the brightness settings of the settings app14:14
Rienzillaah found it14:14
ogra_mpt, ^^^thats slightly confusing btw14:15
RienzillaI find it quite difficult to navigate touch still :)14:15
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ogra_mpt, the battery indicator takes you to the battery settings but doesnt expose the autobrightness setting there14:15
ogra_(while it exposes a slider for brightness)14:15
mptThat’s true14:17
mptWe could just have a cross-reference to the Brightness panel, rather than a brightness slider14:17
mptThat would be more in line with the PC design, too14:17
Rienzillahuh... what is this about shutdown of ubuntu one services?14:21
GraknolHi, can I use CM11 instead of CM10.1 when porting, as Nexus 5 is only supported by CM11?14:23
ogra_Graknol, why do you port to N5 ? is the existing community port not working for you ?14:24
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GraknolWell, I just wondered14:24
* ogra_ thought that was one of the better working ones14:24
ogra_and the N5 can just use the existing AOSP tree ... no need for any CM14:24
GraknolPlus, I couldn't find the source for the latest from this guy http://forum.xda-developers.com/google-nexus-5/general/port-ubuntu-touch-nexus-5-t2594874?nocache=114:25
ogra_you should be able to just build away14:25
Tassadarthe source is in ubuntu repos14:25
ogra_apt-get srouce android :)14:25
Tassadarthat thread is acient14:25
Graknolohh, thought every port was custom :)14:25
ogra_since we switched to AOSP all ports inside the source can easily be built14:26
Graknolohh! I didn't see that on the porting guide14:26
Graknolnvm, found it! :D14:26
ogra_yeah, the porting guide needs love14:26
ogra_it is quite outdated14:26
GraknolThis community is simply amazing14:26
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mhall119bfiller: is what addressbook on google does contacts sync use?15:48
bfillermhall119: default one15:49
Rienzillacan I import ical or so calendars into the calendar app?15:54
ogra_i think currently only google15:55
ogra_though there might be commandline ways with syncevolution15:55
Rienzillawell a one-time import would do15:55
Rienzillafor now, that is15:55
Rienzillaand what about contacts?15:56
RienzillaI don't really feel like copying them by hand :)15:56
ogra_same thing, it uses syncevolution in the backend but is only set up for google atm15:56
Rienzillaah okay15:57
ogra_there are surelöy ways to do it manually from commandline15:57
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mhall119bfiller: hmmm, mine isn't syncing...16:08
bfillermhall119: look in ~/.cache/upstart/sync-monitor.log16:09
bfillermight have some clues16:09
Rienzillahmm, manipulating things like the ssh configuration (and, the password for the phablet user) runs into the fact that stuff is mounted readonly. Can I just remount it r/w to make changes or is there a better way?16:16
ogra_Rienzilla, yeah, you would have to switch to writable mode but lose upgradeability if you actually want to hack around system configs16:17
Rienzillaogra_: hmm, somehow I don't feel comfortable running an ssh server on my phone with a phablet/phablet login :)16:27
ogra_just unset the property then :)16:29
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MikeI have a question about Ubuntu Touch and was told to come here17:20
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popeyask away17:20
Guest43557How do i sync my music from my windows 7 laptop to the device?17:21
Guest43557Nexus 7 201317:21
ogra_it should pop up explorer like android does17:21
Guest43557It didnt17:21
ogra_hmm, it does on ubuntu17:21
* popey reboots to windows to test, hang on17:22
geniiProbably need usb drivers17:22
* ogra_ hasnt touched windows since win9517:22
popeywell, GameOS as I call it here17:22
Guest43557Win95 isn't legitimate anyway.17:22
ogra_was a while ago i admit :)17:22
Guest43557They literally stole the UI from apple OS in the early days of it17:22
popeyuhoh! you set him off!17:23
* popey boots his nexus 717:23
Guest43557Dun DUN dun17:23
Guest43557Im currently downloading CM11 so give me a few minutes to boot back to Ubuntu Touch17:24
popeyyeah, it doesn't show up properly17:24
* popey files a bug 17:24
ogra_popey, does it in android ?17:24
Guest43557And My laptop doesnt support ubuntu :D17:24
ogra_(do you know)17:24
Guest43557yes, it pops up on android17:24
popeyi have an old nexus 7 running android...17:24
ogra_thats weird, the USB device is set up identical to android17:25
popeyyou see a blank window17:25
popeyit does show up, just no folders17:25
Guest43557When in ubuntu touch it shows up on the side bar17:25
Guest43557i click it17:25
Guest43557enter the device storage17:25
Guest43557and blank17:25
ogra_cyphermox, ^^^ any idea ?17:26
ogra_so the USB device actually registers properly ... must be the mtp-server on the device then17:26
Guest43557like i said17:26
popeyi see "7.07 GB free of 12.9GB" in explorer17:26
cyphermoxwell, is this in nautilus or some other file manager?17:26
Guest43557Im downloading cm11 so gimme a bit17:26
popeyGuest43557: thanks for letting us know.17:26
popeycyphermox: windows17:26
ogra_cyphermox, win717:27
cyphermoxit' s anybody' s guess what windows does17:27
popeycop out ☻17:27
cyphermoxas mentioned, it should behave the same, but if there's some attribute windows expect that we don't expose, then it would come up empty yeah17:27
Guest43557Well it seems my laptop supports ubuntu 12.04 LTS17:28
popeyGuest43557: the other option is download android tools, and "adb push Music /home/phablet/Music"17:28
Guest43557but i dont want to go through the hassle -.-17:28
cyphermoxI'll need to dig into the Windows specs, I have them already, just may have missed something17:28
ogra_popey, that might take a century ... or two ...17:28
janimokenvandine, hi,  saw you g+ post. Can bacon2d be used with the box2d from the Ubuntu archives?17:28
ogra_depending on the amount of music17:28
cyphermoxogra_: it shouldn' t exactly be any different than with mtp...17:28
Guest4355724gbs worth? :D17:29
cyphermoxit' s all usb after all17:29
ogra_well, adb push is generally pertty slow17:29
ogra_on top of USB ...17:29
Guest43557Not really.17:29
Guest43557Well for me at least17:29
Guest43557when i rooted and unlocked my BL, adb ran like a champ17:29
ogra_i found mtp to be a lot faster transferring stuff over the same wire17:29
Guest43557does Ubuntu Touch have MTP?17:30
Guest43557MTP doesnt enable than17:30
Guest43557that seems to be the issue17:30
ogra_well, you see the device in your tree17:30
ogra_but not the contnt17:30
ogra_so we have 50% ;)17:30
Guest43557Wish i could upload pictures to show you what im seeing17:31
ogra_the USB part is fine, the mtp-server might be missing a flag17:31
ogra_i think we can imagine what you see now :)17:31
Guest43557If i install ubuntu on this laptop, would that fix it?17:31
popeythere you go.. bug 131124117:31
ubot5bug 1311241 in mtp (Ubuntu) "Folders don't show up when mounted in Windows" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/131124117:31
ogra_under ubuntu it just pops up and you can copy as you like17:32
ogra_hmm, not sure about 12.0417:32
Guest43557"Usual USB Bing Bong noise"17:32
ogra_14.04 for sure, i'm using it all day here17:32
ogra_12.04 might be to old for the desktop to have proper mtp support17:33
Guest4355714.04 isnt supported for me :(17:33
ogra_why not ?17:33
Guest43557It doesnt mount /tmp/ during install17:33
Guest43557than hangs after reboot while trying to force mount it17:34
ogra_can you boot into a live session ?17:34
ogra_that should be enough to copy your misuc :)17:34
Guest43557I click ignore, and ignore again, than it locks up17:35
ogra_ah, thats bad17:35
Guest43557But i tried to install via Wubi because it wont detect anything on the USB drive during boot17:35
* ogra_ hasnt heard about such issues, you should file a bug so it can be fixed for 14.04.117:35
Guest43557ANd yes, i enabled it in bios17:35
dobeyis wubi still supported?17:35
popeydont think so.17:36
ogra_yeah. me neither17:36
popey"Wubi is an officially supported installer for Windows XP, Vista and 7 users that allows Ubuntu to be installed and uninstalled in a safe, easy way as with any other Windows application."17:36
ogra_i think that got dropped a while ago17:36
Guest43557Ill try via ReWritable Disc17:36
Guest43557Than why include it in every ubuntu update?17:36
kenvandinejanimo, bacon2d includes qml-box2d which includes it's own snapshot of box2d17:36
popeyit's still on the cd17:36
Guest43557Burning Ubuntu 14.04 to disc17:37
Guest43557see if that makes a dif17:38
kenvandinejanimo, it uses box2d 2.3.217:38
janimokenvandine, does that not matter for deploying to touch because apps will include these in the .click package?17:38
kenvandinethey just include bacon2d17:39
janimokenvandine, I was just thinking whether it would be easier to get started developing if all was packaged :)17:39
Guest43557here's my specs17:39
Guest43557but i have a 500gb HDD17:39
kenvandinejanimo, cool... want to try out bacon2d?17:39
popeyGuest43557: should be fine.#17:39
janimokenvandine, I cloned it and ran the examples17:39
janimoafter figuring out git submodule and whatever deps were needed on ubuntu to build it17:39
kenvandineyeah, that is a little trickier :)17:40
ogra_janimo, oooh, can we expect fancy mobile games from you in the store soon ?17:40
kenvandinei guess i should updated the readme :)17:40
janimoI liked the demos, I guess most of it is due to box2d and physics engines in general being able to impress me17:40
janimoogra_, heh, if I only produced fancy new results for each technology I try out for 30 minutes :)17:40
kenvandinejanimo, so bacon2d provides much more, but we don't want to reimplement all the physics stuff17:41
janimokenvandine, makes sense since box2d is more or less state of the art I guess17:41
kenvandinealthough qml-box2d is seeing lots of churn right now17:41
janimoI saw no docs for bacons so could not really tell what else it is provided (parallax view is the one that jumps out on the website)17:41
kenvandinethe pixelsToMeters  stuff just landed, so a big change17:42
kenvandinegood for resolution independence :)17:42
kenvandineyeah, we need API docs... and there is no guarantee we won't break API for a while17:42
kenvandinealthough, i don't have a ton of free time to work on it, so probably won't break much :)17:43
kenvandinejust add to it17:43
kenvandinejanimo, do you have a device with ubuntu touch?17:43
kenvandinei can give you a click of pathwind to try out :)17:43
janimokenvandine, several :)17:44
janimokenvandine, sure please do :)17:44
janimois it open source btw?17:44
kenvandinei just haven't pushed the source anywhere yet17:45
kenvandinehopefully tonight17:45
janimook, I thought I'd also see a more realistic example than those in the dir but no hurry17:45
kenvandineif anyone else wants to try pathwind, grab the click package at that link ;)17:46
janimoand do so before the end of June :)17:46
kenvandineit still needs some tweaking17:46
kenvandinehaha :)17:46
kenvandinei reused some fixtures from the original source done for the n9, which is licensed lgpl... weird since it isn't a library :)17:48
kenvandineand the artwork is all CC17:48
kenvandinemhall119, you should grab that click too http://ubuntuone.com/5hzi3j5dw3XUiOcF1ixyWS17:50
janimokenvandine, it's working although without the charming music, this device has no working sound17:51
kenvandineah :)17:52
kenvandinethe velocity and impulses need tweaking, hard to get a good balance17:52
kenvandinei'm using units.gu from the ubuntu sdk to set the pixelsPerMeter for box2d17:52
dobeyis it possible to package UOA plug-ins as clicks yet?17:53
kenvandinewhich is much better than static17:53
kenvandinedobey, i know cwayne did a bunch of work on that17:53
kenvandinecwayne, ^^17:53
cwaynedobey, it never landed in the image, but there's an open MP for support for it17:57
dobeyoh ok17:57
dobeyi don't quite have any idea how it's going to be useful, but i'll wait to make a click of a plug-in17:58
mhall119kenvandine: is it possible to package wallpapers as clicks yet? ;)17:58
kenvandinehaha ;)17:58
kenvandineit's possible :)17:59
kenvandinebut system-settings won't find them :)17:59
t1mpjamesh_: hello18:00
dobeyhmm, but should i try to nab an N5 for cheap, or just buy one at full price from google18:01
dobeyt1mp: i expect he's asleep right now :)18:01
t1mpjamesh_: do you remember the discussion in this MR https://code.launchpad.net/~jamesh/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/albumart-dbus/+merge/212362 about moving the QML thumbnailer out of the UITK?18:01
t1mpdobey: thanks :)18:01
dobeyt1mp: e-mail might be best. he's in .au, so time zone is way off from europe/americas18:03
dobeyhrmm, or18:07
cwaynet1mp, hiya, anything for me to help test re: new headers? :)18:07
dobeyanyone know if there are any good chinese knock-offs of the N4 or N5, with same hardware but in a smaller/slimmer form factor?18:08
t1mpcwayne: nope, not right now. some stuff is coming soon, but still in the queue for landing18:09
t1mpcwayne: new tabs are in this branch https://code.launchpad.net/~tpeeters/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/30-optIn-tabsDrawer in case you are interested. You need to set your MainView.useDeprecatedToolbar to false to enable it18:10
t1mpcwayne: some other stuff needs to land before I can land that branch18:10
t1mpcwayne: I don't remember if I sent you this before, but the new header actions discussion is in this document https://docs.google.com/a/canonical.com/document/d/1wUUKtPmRmwbUELC1BUB9l0VOAwS_zAPRSCqMopUxR1c/edit#heading=h.yv1xue68vkeu18:11
cwaynet1mp, that's super helpful, thanks!  any idea when the header api is planned to be agreed upon?18:12
GraknolI get the feeling that "apt-get source android" is not sufficient, it's so tiny!18:12
GraknolDo i need to download the AOSP source too, or is it the source, im very confused :318:13
mhall119Elleo: Deep Vision things my bread and my coffee mug are "Mortar" :)18:19
ogra_Graknol, try this: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/AOSPBuild18:23
Elleomhall119: that classifier only has a fairly limited number of things its trained on, you can see the list here: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/173317971/ImageNet.words18:24
Elleoits quite a random sample of stuff, so plenty of things won't get recognised by it18:24
mhall119I know, I just found it amusing18:24
Elleoit actually produces a number of candidates, in deep vision I'm just displaying the top one; when I showed it some pictures of my narrowboat using the top two results it decided it was a "limousine canoe" which seemed pretty accurate :P18:25
Elleoit also came up with "amphibian train"18:26
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ElleoI might add a mode to show you amalgams of the top two or three results, as they can be pretty funy18:29
Graknologra_, OMG THX! you're a lifesaver :D18:30
t1mpcwayne: end of the week :)18:30
t1mpcwayne: feel free to leave comments/suggestions/questions in the document18:30
dobeymhall119: leave the bread steeped in the coffee long enough, and see what you get ;)18:32
cwaynet1mp, awesome, thanks :)18:34
cwaynet1mp, that's the main blocker for actually implementing the new headers, right?18:36
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mhall119dobey: more mortar I assume18:39
mhall119kenvandine: path wind is fun18:39
dobeymhall119: it's a time dilation analyses of the picture ;)18:40
t1mpcwayne: currently we don't really have blockers, it just takes time to land the pre-requisites, and to finish the API and do the implementation18:40
kenvandinemhall119, it has potential18:41
kenvandinei need to make it progressively get harder as it levels up18:41
kenvandineand give it a viewport so you can see when you fly off the top of the screen18:41
t1mpcwayne: the new tabs need to land, and then the back button needs to be moved to the header, and then I'll work on implementing the new actions API18:41
t1mpcwayne: and each step includes testing a lot of apps to make sure we don't break anything18:44
cwaynet1mp, understood18:44
mhall119popey: I can't open the calendar, I keep getting:18:47
mhall119qmlscene: failed to check version of file 'calendar.qml', could not open...18:47
mhall119any idea?18:47
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popeymhall119: on desktop or device?19:05
mhall119nexus 419:06
popeyodd. opens here.19:06
popeyphablet@ubuntu-phablet:~$ click list | grep calendar19:06
popeycurrent build number: 30219:07
mhall119same info for me...19:07
dduffeyanyone else having issues with google docs/hangouts?19:10
dobeydduffey: only when i have to use them. ;)19:18
* sergiusens is really disliking all the website webapps in the store19:31
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bactsergiusens: have you ever used a smartphone os before?20:03
bactsergiusens: thats what 70% of apps on other app stores are like20:03
bactthe other 30% are dull games20:04
sergiusensbact: I have; I just don't like them20:05
bactI hate the trend too20:05
ajalkaneThey're there to boost the application number in stores. No one's impressed with "Now with over 100 unique apps!". It's more impressive to boast about 100 000 apps without mentioning they're silly web/rss-feed apps :P20:06
bactquality > quantity20:07
ajalkaneI think you gots it backwards20:07
bactpersonally I don't even use much apps on android, I only have a dozen or so I use on a regular basis20:08
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janimokenvandine, can the bacon examples be run with qmlscene or any other way without a rebuild?20:44
janimokenvandine, the examples work without having run make install20:44
kenvandinejanimo, not without tweaking them so they don't use resources20:55
kenvandineyou don't need to install though20:55
janimokenvandine, so those cannot be loaded at runtime?20:55
kenvandineyou can just pass the path to the plugin20:55
kenvandinethey can, just need to change the qml20:56
kenvandineactually, i wonder if they will be found if they are in the current dir20:56
janimokenvandine, I get module "Bacon2D" is not installed when running via qmlscene, and I tried passing -I and also the QML_IMPORT_PATH var20:56
janimoshould it be build/src/imports ?20:56
kenvandinethat works for me20:57
kenvandinewith -I20:57
kenvandineit's also QML2_IMPORT_PATH20:57
kenvandinei think20:57
kenvandinebut -I should work20:57
janimokenvandine, ah QML2 . The reamde has QML_IMPORT_PATH20:58
kenvandinewhoops :)20:58
kenvandinethat's old...20:58
kenvandinein the examples, you might need to remove the ":/" from the images, etc20:59
janimokenvandine, and qmlscene -I does not have an effect20:59
janimokenvandine, well yes, Cannot open: qrc:/images/wall.jpg20:59
kenvandineqmlscene -I path/to/build/src/imports GameWindow.qml20:59
kenvandinefor example20:59
janimobut at least it has progressed20:59
janimokenvandine, ok -I works too, I had imports/Bacon2D21:01
janimoand previously I tried with import not imports . sigh. Anyway good to know the things that are supposed to work, work :)21:01
janimokenvandine, so chaning the qml to drop qrc:/ from the image name does it. But now it may break the binary version21:03
janimokenvandine, anyway thanks, nicer testing this way already21:03
kenvandineit will :)21:04
kenvandinei'd rather clean up all those examples to run with qmlscene anyway... this is leftover from quasi using their own launcher21:04
kenvandinewhich is kind of nice for setting the import path, etc21:05
kenvandinebut i'm not a fan of using qrc21:05
janimoI had only written one qml app, it had images and sounds and did not use qrc, so I guess it can be run and deployed as a click21:06
kenvandinemuch simpler21:07
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skmoewhen i run ubuntu touch on my nexus 7 grouper, the touch doesnt work. any ideas?21:49
dobeyskmoe: the system froze probably. also grouper is no longer supported by the official builds; you'll need to switch to community builds to get further updates for it21:51
mandiDevice is |tuna|22:16
luis_how install ubuntu touch on xperia x1022:23
ubot5You can find the full list of devices, official images, community images, and works in progress at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices22:39
dobey^^ mandi22:40
mandidobey: hi22:40
mandidobey: help me please about install ubuntu on my galaxy nexus i925022:41
Beldarmandi, Is the nexus rooted?22:45
mandiBeldar: yes I unloked it22:47
Beldarmandi, My mistake I was going to suggest the multirom app, but it has limited device application. This is in development so are you sure it's what you want?22:49
mandiBeldar: yes22:50
Beldarmandi, I see that phone is listed, follow the install info  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Install22:54
mandiBeldar: ubuntu-device-flash --bootstrap --device=maguro --channel=trusty it's right?23:01
Beldarmandi, Been awhile since I did it, I remember it as installing fine or needing a manual install, this was on a nexus 7 however just checking it out.23:15

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