mappanother quiet night every chan im in is quiet01:20
* diddledan yawns01:59
diddledanis it sleepytime yet?01:59
mappnot for me02:09
mappim contemplating going to tesco do my shopping02:09
mappa ) its empty so easy but b_) i cant be bothered with the 20min e/w walk02:09
* nigelb waves02:17
nigelbGood Morning!02:17
mappjust got up nigelb?:P02:20
diddledaninteresting cyber-security thing02:20
mappkeep getting stuff like tat02:21
mappuseless garbage02:21
nigelbmapp: I'm in India. It's 8am here.02:31
nigelb(woke up around 6)02:31
diddledanmapp: wtf did you get that crud from? (the binary pilot link)02:32
mappthere and back in 30mins03:06
mappsome annoying popup diddledan03:06
mappim not recommending it;p03:06
MooDoohello all05:58
nigelbMorning MooDoo06:01
nigelbHappy fake-Tuesday.06:01
nigelbproves the point, doesn't it? :)06:01
jussimorning all06:06
jussiis it just me or is chromium really messed up in 14.04 ?06:07
nigelbjussi: I heard popey talk about something similar with the latest chromium update.06:09
jussinigelb: my backspace and delete keys don't work!06:09
nigelbthat sounds fairly serious.06:11
nigelbI hope chromium isn't yet the default browser.06:11
jussiwait a sec, lets see if a restart of chromium helps...06:11
Myrttion my Chromium on 12.04 I can do Google Hangouts just fine06:12
jussiMyrtti: yeah, but on 14.04?06:12
Myrttibut if I use the normal Chrome, whateverthehell version it is, it just prompts me back to installing the plugin06:12
nigelbMy colleague, amusingly, can only do hangouts on Firefox. Doesn't work on Firefox.06:12
Myrttiover, and over, and over again06:12
nigelbMyrtti: Oh. Do you hvae the right architecture of chrome? (it happened to me with flash)06:13
nigelb64-bit flash and 32-bit browser = no workey.06:13
jussihrm, restart partially helped... it now only doesnt work *sometimes* ....06:13
Myrttijussi: sorry, I got an update last week that basically prevents my OEM laptop from upgrading to LTS06:13
Myrttiwell, new LTS06:13
nigelbjussi: wtf06:13
jussiMyrtti: that sucks.06:14
jussinigelb: yeah, weird as. everything working in chrome, so no idea whats going on06:14
Myrttijussi: I don't really mind that much actually06:14
MyrttiOEM Ubuntu means the computer works06:14
jussiwell, yeah, fair point06:15
jussiis it a dell?06:15
MyrttiDell Latitude E643006:16
MyrttiI did request XPS13 but it wasn't enterprise enough to pass the muster of the IT dept.06:16
Myrttibecause cheap is obviously a sign it won't last06:17
Myrttiit would have been so nice and light to fly with...06:18
jussiMyrtti: I hear you06:18
jussiIve an E4200 - getting a bit old in the tooth now, but still nice.06:18
Myrttinigelb: yeah, the arch matches. I heard cz<tab> had similar issues with flash plugin last week06:19
jussiflash doesnt work on my home PC either (upgraded last week) despite me reinstalling it like 15 times...06:21
MooDoomorning smittix08:08
=== xnox is now known as NoNameYet_xnox
diploMorning all08:30
dwatkinshey folks08:35
MooDoohowdy dwatkins08:41
dwatkinstoday is a good day to stay indoors08:45
jussipffft, we have blue skies and sunshine! and more than 10 degrees!08:46
nigelbsomehow jussi celebrating "more than 10 degrees" scares me a bit.08:50
jussinigelb: its april... :D08:50
nigelbjussi: My city is seeing 30+ every day :(08:51
jussinigelb: Im glad Im not there - I hate it too hot08:51
nigelbI'm only happy that there's not much humidity.08:52
czajkowskiMyrtti: I did took following the steps a few times for it to wake up and relase it had installed and a reboot later all worked09:05
czajkowskiand yes I have ct<tab> on highlight :)09:05
Myrttiwell this is basically end of May weather in Finland09:10
Myrttiit's not unheard of of getting sleet or even snow on May Day09:11
=== bashrc_ is now known as bashrc
Myrtticzajkowski: I might try that09:13
czajkowskiMyrtti: weather here has been awful most of the weekend09:17
czajkowskiFriday and SAturday weren't bad09:17
czajkowskisunday and monday bleugh09:17
* czajkowski will be in Oslo, Helsinki and now Stockholm in June 09:18
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.09:47
MooDoohello brobostigon09:48
brobostigonhello MooDoo09:49
awilkinsDid we all get a visit from the Eostre Bunny?09:50
brobostigonyes, my special dairy free chocolate.09:53
davmor2Morning all09:59
MooDoomorning davmor210:00
brobostigonmorning davmor210:01
brobostigonis there a davmor1 ?10:01
czajkowskione davmor2 is all we can handle10:01
davmor2brobostigon: there was when I first install Suse 6.3 which is where I got the nick from, Never seen the nick since though but by then I had it registered everywhere10:08
davmor2brobostigon: in fact it was suse that got me the nick, They recommended the format of fisrt 3 letter of you first and last name and a number :)10:19
davmor2so MooDoo how was your break10:20
MooDoodavmor2: mostly good thanks :D10:21
davmor2How was everyones elses Easter break?10:23
brobostigondavmor2: ah, i see. :)10:27
MooDoonot churcy for me, just chocolatey10:36
jussiMartijnVdS: ping10:38
* jussi waves vigorously :D10:41
jussiand PMs10:41
jussihei popey!10:43
LaneyHave you mooed today?10:45
jussinow I have...10:47
jussiLaney: been a long time since I had a conversation with you...10:47
davmor2Laney: Run it's a trap10:48
jussidavmor2: sssshhh!!! :P10:49
Laneyhey jussi!10:52
Laneybad davmor210:52
davmor2Laney: It's the Interwebz it's always a trap10:54
jussidavmor2: clickbait :P11:02
davmor2jussi: Trap I tell you :D  Even more so if you read the comments, then your lifeforce is sucked from you11:03
jussitrue that..11:03
jussidavmor2: I should rickroll you, just for fun... :P11:03
davmor2jussi: http://goo.gl/8YIXzU11:07
davmor2jussi: I think that is the best one I've ever seen :)11:07
jussidavmor2: yeah, I saw that one11:07
jussipretyt cool11:07
foobarrycannot login to my library to renew books :S11:31
davmor2foobarry: why?11:37
foobarrybroke last week11:42
foobarrydon't suppose IT systems people for libraries are the best11:42
davmor2foobarry: ring your local library and let them know they might not actually be aware at all11:45
davmor2foobarry: a lot of the work might be centralised with a 3rd party who are slacking off11:45
foobarryits a london wide libary system i think11:50
foobarrydoritos never seem to go stale11:58
dwatkinsit's all the wifi12:42
foobarryquiet considerig 14.04 got released recently14:09
DJonesThats a good sign, it means people aren't commenting on having issues14:22
awilkinsSo far it passes the Dear Grey Haired Old Mum test14:23
awilkinsInstalled it for mum at the weekend.14:23
awilkinsComments so far "It looks a bit more crisp and techy"14:23
awilkins(over 12.04)14:24
foobarrymy laptop touchpad is sucky :(14:24
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nigelbfoobarry: TMI.14:24
awilkinssucky, not sticky14:25
foobarryits jerky and scrool is intolerably slow14:25
foobarryand i don't understand the undocumented alps glidepoint stuffs14:25
nigelbawilkins: lol, dang.14:26
=== alan_g|tea is now known as alan_g
foobarryhow long do i have before u1 stops letting me copy files?14:33
popey"The current services will be unavailable from 1 June 2014; user content will remain available for download until 31 July, at which time it will be deleted."14:35
foobarryhaven't made a decision yet14:35
Dave2cononical providing free os and services.Who knows microsoft shutting down tomarrow and if it happens anyone going to die.14:37
Dave2some interesting comments on that post14:37
* popey hugs SyncThing14:40
foobarrytrying to get my head around olc in ldap. new config style.14:42
foobarryslapd.conf gone away14:42
DJonespopey: Do you know when the name of 14.10 is being announced?14:47
popeynot soon enough14:47
MartijnVdSUnified Ungulate14:48
directhexundulating unicorn. you heard it here first.14:54
foobarryusurping uakari14:55
Laneyululating uakari14:55
* Laney lalalala14:55
dwatkinsUbuntu 14.10 Unified Userexperience15:12
dwatkinsisn't that what all the cool kids are doing nowadays?15:12
awilkinsUltimate Umbrellabird15:15
awilkinsUgly Uguisu15:15
awilkinsUsorious Uakari15:15
Laneysomebody found the same "animals that begin with U" page as me15:16
diddledanwhat about the usula bird? the one that disappears up it's own...15:17
popeythere's a page on the wiki with speculation for every release15:19
diddledanaah google tells me it's spelt "oozlum"15:19
popeyone of the more active wiki pages we have !15:19
davmor2Unity8 Umbilical_cord is the obvious one :)15:23
popeyFSVO "Obvious"15:23
directhexUninvited Uromastyx15:29
SuperMattunshakable unicorn15:29
SuperMattunphased urchin15:30
diddledanunthinking urangutan15:30
diddledan^^^ very similar to the diddlus danus15:31
SuperMattit'll probably be unicorn15:31
diddledanunicorns aren't real though15:31
SuperMattI can understand why mark hasn't posted about the new codename yet15:31
SuperMattneither are jackalopes15:31
SuperMattso there's precedance15:32
SuperMattunderstandable unicorn15:32
diddledanunimaginable unicorn?15:33
SuperMattsurely without the new name, no work can be done15:34
SuperMattI bet someone with hovering their finger over a grep command within the repos15:34
SuperMattsed even15:35
diddledanthat's a good point, because without a name we don't have an identity or presence or guide to adhere15:35
diddledanit'll be anarchy without a name15:36
SuperMattit's anarchy enough already!15:37
bashrcstruggling to install 14.04 on a laptop.  I just get an immediate kernel panic "not syncing"16:18
diddledanbashrc: that often means it can't find the hdd17:02
diddledanor the hdd moved since installation17:02
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maps|wrkevening folks18:01
maps|wrkeveryone on 14.04 now?21:33
ali1234yeah for months21:34
ali1234i normally do a fresh install when it actually releases but i haven't got around to it yet21:34
maps|wrkdoes anyone bother running a local mirror for themselves21:40
maps|wrkguess no need ubless a lot of machines likely to be usingapt-get?21:40
maps|wrk*using apt-get21:40
daftykinsjust flew home on a jet :)21:42
maps|wrkcant access dropbox21:43
diddledanI'm leavin' on a jet plane, I don't know when I'll be back again.21:43
maps|wrkhmm this is incredibly slow21:43
maps|wrkwonder what its doing21:43
maps|wrktrying to mirror deb-i386 main21:43
maps|wrkchanged motd to include local weather..not needed but i was bored21:46
diddledanmaps|wrk: the archive is large!21:47
daftykinsi would like for a local ISP to setup a mirror21:47
maps|wrklol yea ididnt remove deb-src and it said 53gig id commented out most21:48
maps|wrkmain alone for 13.04 is 8.9gig21:48
maps|wrkso on my blazing fast connection..hours :)21:48
daftykinsmy RAID was spitting sector repair errors again after i left, so i'm gonna have to get on replacing the funky disk21:50
maps|wrkbe best to run it in a screen so i can reattach ? if i run it in the background with & how can i call it back?21:50
diddledanfg 121:50
daftykinsthe apt service? surely it's daemon-able21:50
maps|wrkwhats the diff between doing & and then callig it back and using screen?21:51
diddledanI'm not sure you can call it back once bash is terminated21:51
maps|wrkwhat could i run in bg tghen call back? tried nmap and it still jeept pumping out to stdout21:53
daftykinswhy would you run nmap other than as-and-when? :D21:54
maps|wrkjust to see if i could call it back21:54
maps|wrkcopuldnt think of anything else that would keep working21:54
maps|wrkthat always seems hard to use22:03
maps|wrkisnt it like BX?22:03
diddledanI can't work irssi22:04
diddledanI like sidebars22:04
maps|wrkyea i struggle22:04
maps|wrkespecially with multi channels in console text isnt it hard daftykins ?22:05
diddledanyeah multiple channels is the thing I have most trouble with in irssi, too22:05
daftykinsi'm a noob with it, i've got my auto join channels setup and i just dance between them with alt+#22:06
daftykinsmy first PM comes up as alt+0, then after that i start doing /win xx22:06
diddledanI've got 12 channels open across networks22:06
daftykinsbut it does me well, it lets me reattach between computer so i don't reconnect messily all the time22:06
diddledanthere's only 10 alt-able windows22:07
popeyheh 1222:07
* popey looks at his 116 irc windows22:08
popeyi should trim them22:08
diddledanthat's a fair few22:08
diddledanI'd never get any work done if I had that many open22:08
popeyi dont view them all22:08
daftykinsi don't get any work done now22:08
popeynow trimming!22:08
diddledanmaps|wrk: du -sh . just returned the size of archive.ubuntu.com at 781GB22:09
daftykinsho-lee moley.22:09
maps|wrkhow did you run that afainst a remote server22:09
maps|wrk116 windows?! over how many monitors22:09
diddledanI didn't, I ran it on my own copy which is a mirror of archive.ubuntu.com22:09
diddledanI need to fiddle with it a tad, it's nfs mounted right now >.<22:10
daftykinsdiddledan: do you consider that bad?22:11
diddledandaftykins: when the mirror is serving over the same connection the nfs is mounted, yes22:11
diddledanmeans that the maximum throughput would be about halved22:12
maps|wrklol nice diddledan  how long did it take to mirror that22:12
maps|wrkall im doing is mirroring deb-i386 main22:12
diddledanmaps|wrk: from memory nearly 12 hours22:12
maps|wrkwoah nice22:14
maps|wrkwhats your net?22:14
diddledanit's a gigabit network at hetzner22:14
maps|wrkah so not your home connectrion22:16
diddledanheh, no :-p22:16
maps|wrkstill..i'm fairly certain your nets better than my 6mbit;p22:18
daftykinsmaps|wrk: you recently switched provider didn't you? wan't it better before?22:24
maps|wrkwell, better but still awful22:26
maps|wrk6mbit with bethere..to 6mbit with sky and a constantly changing IP and lots of disconnections22:26
maps|wrkive dettached my screen copying the mirror22:29
maps|wrkwill check in an hour and see what its done:)22:29
gebbionedoes ubuntu support chmod +a ?23:01
diddledangebbione: to do what?23:03
gebbionepermission setup like sudo chmod +a "$HTTPDUSER allow delete,write,append,file_inherit,directory_inherit" app/cache app/logs23:04
diddledanI've never seen a chmod along those lines23:05
diddledanaccess control lists are managed via the setfacl utility if that's what you're after - it's in the acl-*.deb file23:08
=== Lcawte is now known as Lcawte|Away
diddledanthere's probably a bot command to fish that url out but I don't know it so I went in manually23:10
diddledan!p acl23:10
gebbioneno worries, i am following a couple of pages23:10
gebbionebut since i had never seen acl before and its usage i was curious to ask around23:10
gebbionealso i do not seem to be able to run a command like sudo setfacl -Rn -m u:"$HTTPDUSER":rwX -m u:`whoami`:rwX app/cache app/logs23:11
gebbioneit keeps saying operation not supported23:11
diddledantry splitting it23:12
diddledanput each -m in a separate command23:12
diddledanalso if your username has spaces then it'll likely b0rk23:12
gebbioneno i m using vagrant, no spaces23:13
gebbionebut even spitting the command does not work23:13
diddledanhttp://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/precise/en/man1/setfacl.1.html might help23:14
diddledanwhat's the upper-case X permission supposed to represent?23:18
diddledanexecute is lower-case "x"23:19
gebbioneThe options -M, and -X23:21
gebbione       read an ACL from a file or from standard input. The ACL entry format is23:21
gebbione       described in Section ACL ENTRIES.23:21
gebbionei m actually not sure of why the command is run that way, it is part of an instruction set to install symfony23:21
diddledanyou're not using -M OR -X. the upper-case "X" permission I'm referring to is "-m u:`whoami`:rwX"23:21
diddledanmaps|wrk: how goes?23:22
gebbionechanging the case for that x makes no difference23:23
maps|wrkso anyone able to help out ..i put a script in /usr/local/bin to basically do cowsay || fortune -- for the motd - then created a symlink ln -s for it in /etc/update-motd.d/91-welcome23:23
maps|wrkbut nothing new shows on login? created a script in /usr/local/bin called weather and made a link same way ln -s 98-weather and that shows on login23:24
diddledanmaps|wrk: wrong output channel?23:24
maps|wrkreally confused, read the manpage and it says scripts get output in order23:24
maps|wrknot sure what you mean23:24
diddledanSTDERR vs STDOUT23:25
maps|wrkall i did was call like fortune || cowsay -n23:25
maps|wrkshould go to stdout ? bash ./usr/local/bin/welcome and it shows either on stdout23:25
maps|wrki was looking at, https://www.linux.com/learn/tutorials/741573-put-a-talking-cow-in-your-linux-message-of-the-day23:26
maps|wrkcan you see if it works for you?23:26
diddledandid you use double || or single | ?23:27
diddledanremember there's a difference - you want to pipe the output of the fortune command into the cowsay command23:28
maps|wrksorry meant |23:28
maps|wrkbut it didnt work for me when logging in running the script manually worked tho23:29
maps|wrkcan you try on yours? if it works for you ..gotta be something else on my piece of junk23:32
daftykinsso what's trusty gone and done with Xorg.0.log in a live session? we booted it up on a friends laptop today whilst i was still in England23:38
diddledanmaps|wrk: it works for me23:38
maps|wrkwhat did you do exactly?23:39
diddledanmaps|wrk: I ensured to use full pathnames to the cowsay and fortune binaries (/usr/games/<wheeee>) and made sure that the file in /usr/local/bin was executable and had a #! line23:39
maps|wrk#!/bin/bash ?23:40
diddledanor at a ping /bin/dash23:40
diddledanit took a couple logins to take23:41
maps|wrkwhat did you call the file? and the link -s to what23:43
diddledancalled it /usr/local/bin/cow23:44
diddledanand linked to /etc/update-motd.d/91-cow23:44
maps|wrki messed with that file23:45
maps|wrkfailed to exec /etc/update-motd.d/10-stats: E23:45
maps|wrknow it seems to be working23:47
maps|wrkdo we have to use exec or can you just call them diddledan ?23:50
diddledanI didn't use exec23:50

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