jyopleia2: Can't have a Ubuntu party without launchpad/LoCo login fun.02:00
pleia2jyo: hah, right16:05
philipballewpleia2, We have to find a cool way to sync up our parties this Thursday or something.17:39
philipballewso me and raevol can show off all the fun we are having.17:42
philipballewkdub, you coming to the release meetup this Thursday?18:18
raevolinquiring minds want to know18:19
kdubdidn't see a ml message, but I'll try, i'll let you know yes or no tomorrow18:19
kdublife's been going full steam lately18:24
raevolkdub: in a good way?19:20
kdubraevol, oh yeah,good but busy!20:17
raevolgood :)20:29

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