Bryansteinhey zoopster 00:36
Bryansteingovatent, howdy :oD00:36
BryansteinWhat's up Capt'n...you been getting that boat in the water yet or what?00:36
Bryansteinzoopster, you've heard about Fossetcon also by now right? Call for papers is open also :oP00:37
Bryansteinzoopster, you just now hearing about it?00:38
zoopsteryep...I'm heads down in mobile these days00:38
zoopstermy boat's in the water all the time00:38
govatenthey Bryanstein !00:38
Bryansteinzoopster, you pulling in anything or just cruising?00:39
Bryansteingovatent, what's up man...been a while00:39
zoopsterbeen catching a few, but mainly just catching a buzz00:39
Bryansteinhehehe...do you ever get any good qso's out in the boat or do you not even bother with the rig?00:40
govatentThat it has. Nothing much. Work has been taking all my time from being able to do linux stuff here in town lately. Been pretty disconnected sadly 00:40
govatentany of you guys going to make the release party in deland? 00:40
Bryansteingovatent, work doesn't have anything to do with free software govatent ?00:40
zoopsterI don't bother much with it ont he boat00:40
govatentI wish. I'm currently a......*shameful* windows admin by day. 00:41
govatentThe most we use is a centos box to power att's ios MDM system inhouse 00:41
BryansteinAh...party pooper...so zoopster what can we do about getting some Canonical participation at Fossetcon?00:41
Bryansteingovatent, shame on you00:42
Bryansteingovatent, you going to Fossetcon right!00:42
Bryansteingovatent, you got a raspberry pi?00:43
govatentno. i'm running a pogo plug debian server though 00:43
BryansteinI remember that...you put the slug away and went to the plug00:44
Bryansteinfrom slug to plug00:44
Nothing_Muchanything going on this saturday?00:44
Bryansteinzoopster, I sent Jono a shout but he got all official on me...even without a Canonical sponsorship I need Ubuntu in the house in a major way..cd's, swag etc00:44
Bryansteinzoopster, submit a talk00:45
govatentNothing_Much: not sure if this is what you are refering to, but there is a release party this weekend in deland00:45
Nothing_Muchgovatent: Yeah that00:45
govatentNothing_Much: http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-us-florida/2737-ubuntu-1404-release-party/00:46
govatentBryanstein: i've been loving the pogo. this has been a pretty sweet device. 00:46
Nothing_MuchHoping I can make it00:46
govatenti'm running debian on it. it's actually where i setup irssi today 00:46
Nothing_MuchSo what's going on in here atm?00:48
BryansteinNothing_Much, we're getting caught up and I'm shamelessly plugging http://fossetcon.org 00:48
Nothing_Muchwhat's that?00:49
Bryansteingovatent, dude...I'm trying to put embedded devices into everyones hands at Fossetcon...you can get yourself some new embedded threads00:49
BryansteinNothing_Much, Free and Open Source Software Expo and Technology Conference00:49
Nothing_Muchwhere's that held at?00:50
BryansteinHappening in Orlando Sept 11-13th...check it out....00:50
BryansteinRosen Plaza Hotel off I-Drive00:50
Bryanstein$20 for 3 days00:50
Nothing_MuchI totally should, unless I move to NJ before that time00:50
Bryansteinpfff killer....and there is food00:50
BryansteinNothing_Much, hmmm NJ...what's going on out there00:50
Nothing_Muchhopefully more jobs available for me00:50
BryansteinNothing_Much, Call for papers is open too so if you speak..submit a talk :oD00:50
BryansteinNothing_Much, you a sys admin?00:51
Nothing_Muchnope, but I'd like to get into that type of stuff, but I'm not sure where to start00:51
BryansteinOh so you're wanting to get into the free and open source side of things?00:52
BryansteinRunning KDE I see00:52
Nothing_Muchbeen wanting to do that since I-00:52
Nothing_Muchstock Ubuntu :D00:53
Nothing_Muchjust Konversation00:53
Bryansteinwell you're running Konversation00:53
Nothing_Muchbecause Hexchat isn't that good00:53
Nothing_MuchQuassel was amazing but unfortunately the whole window decides to stop showing up sometimes when I launch it00:53
BryansteinSo you looked into getting any certifications Nothing_Much ?00:53
govatentBryanstein: linux certs?00:54
Bryansteingovatent, it's actually better as far as io goes than the rpi...she plug is00:54
Bryansteingovatent, yes00:54
Nothing_MuchBryanstein: honestly I really don't know anymore right now, I'm in a pretty bad situation, but anyways, yeah, ever since I got back into Ubuntu (12.04) I've been exploring more and more into it, especially now that Valve got into Linux00:54
Nothing_Muchmore into FOSS that is00:54
BryansteinNothing_Much, you mean bad situation financially?00:54
Nothing_Muchor maybe just OSS00:55
Nothing_MuchBryanstein: yeah and other stuff, emotionally00:55
Nothing_Muchhad to drop college for now00:55
Nothing_Muchbut anyways, uh..00:55
BryansteinNothing_Much, oh that's not too bad...you'll get back in there00:55
Nothing_Muchwoo! go Ubuntu!00:56
BryansteinAh...sorry to hear buddy...well if you just want a job...you can get one at Hostgator pretty sure about that...doing sysadmin00:56
BryansteinI got ummm like 5 guys on with them00:56
Nothing_MuchI'm not sure what to do as a sysadmin though00:56
BryansteinNothing_Much, be a caped crusader00:56
Bryansteinit's more fun00:57
Nothing_Muchwhat's that?00:57
BryansteinNothing_Much, lol like spider man00:57
Nothing_Muchhaha, I got Batman as the first result on google00:57
Bryansteinwell superman really but hehehe00:57
Bryansteinspider man has no cape00:57
* Bryanstein false advertiser 00:58
Nothing_Muchreliable operation of computer systems00:59
Nothing_Muchoh cool, I could try that!00:59
Bryansteinwhere did you see that at?00:59
Nothing_Muchwikipedia lol00:59
Bryansteinah don't trust wikipedia...it's all hype00:59
BryansteinSupposedly some guys randomly  changed a bunch of pages on wikipedia and their errors were fixed within less than a minute lol01:00
BryansteinThey did it just to see how long it would take01:00
Nothing_Muchhah, well wikipedia nowadays is more strict and has actual sources to where the writers get the info from01:00
BryansteinTrue...but I've seen some advertisements on there too though01:01
Bryansteinclever ads01:01
Nothing_MuchI don't have any certificates though01:04
Nothing_MuchHmm.. Is there any news for the nvidia/amd closed source drivers supporting Mir at all?01:06
Nothing_Muchor is that question suited for #ubuntu?01:08
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mhall119Nothing_Much: no news I've heard about closed-source drivers other than nVidia working on their EGL support (which will work on Mir and Wayland)17:16
Nothing_Muchoh okay good17:18
Nothing_Muchbecause from what I've heard, the Tegra K1 may be powerful enough for a superphone!17:18

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