greg-grick_h_: mispell in your post title :)04:55
mrgoodcatin what post title?05:09
greg-ghis bookie gsoc post he posted tonight05:10
greg-gor, as he typed in the title "booke"05:11
mrgoodcati didn't even notice05:12
mrgoodcatgood catch05:13
rick_h_greg-g: bah, stayed up too late writing that11:13
brouschrick_h_: Bookie is spelled wrong in the title and URL of your blog post http://blog.mitechie.com/2014/04/21/booke-meets-google-summer-of-code-2014/12:26
bookiebothttp://is.gd/MM8cmt - Booke meets Google Summer of Code 2014 | Tech Rantings from a Michigan Techie12:26
rick_h_thanks brousch updated12:27
brouschURL is probably stuck with that, eh?12:29
brouschGreat post though12:30
rick_h_cmaloney: is that one the merge at least?12:31
* rick_h_ feels stupid, never post to the internet when tired12:31
rick_h_oh and morning12:45
mrgoodcatgooooood morning campers12:50
mrgoodcatrick_h_: you can change the permalink on wordpress if you want. the old one stays working too12:53
rick_h_mrgoodcat: that's what I could not tell, if the old one would stay working12:53
cmaloneyrick_h_: That's the merged one12:53
mrgoodcatyes it does12:53
rick_h_we'll try it12:53
cmaloneyrawr rawr rawr rawr13:30
cmaloney.np squeekyhoho13:31
bookiebotsqueekyhoho's current track - Goat of Departure by The Black Dahlia Murder on Everblack13:31
cmaloneyAlso: disk-bound stuff sucks. :)13:33
* cmaloney is creating a windows 7 vm while loading a mysql database locally and upgrading his machine13:33
Havenstancemrgoodcat, zentyal will be replacing our current network server in about 5 minutes...13:34
mrgoodcatcmaloney: i feel your pain13:36
mrgoodcatthe bookie make install is not quick13:46
mrgoodcatrick_h_: i'm a bit confused by a part of the docs, but i'm not sure if it's just me or if the docs need updating14:16
bookiebothttp://is.gd/HzYGuV - Bookie Tests — Bookie 0.5.0 documentation14:17
mrgoodcatdoesn't seem to be consistent with what is actually done14:17
rick_h_mrgoodcat: yea, 4yr old docs need updating14:29
mrgoodcati'm crawling through them right now14:29
mrgoodcatcleaning up some things14:29
mrgoodcatlike how in http://docs.bmark.us/en/latest/development.html the contents list should be hierarchical. It's not apparent that the 5 items under "about JSON API" belong to "About JSON API"14:30
bookiebothttp://is.gd/GrPMDd - Development — Bookie 0.5.0 documentation14:30
mrgoodcatthat really confused me for a while14:30
mrgoodcatrick_h_: in the docs, what do you think about making the toc tree a maxdepth of 2? so it shows one level of children. I think it would make the docs easier to navigate14:45
greg-grick_h_: never post on the internet when tired? shit man, I won't be able to do any work anymore.15:17
rick_h_greg-g: :P15:18
rick_h_mrgoodcat: sounds fine to me I guess15:18
mrgoodcati think you're going to like what i've done with the docs15:18
mrgoodcatalso one more question15:18
* greg-g is going on 4.5 hours of sleep last night15:18
mrgoodcatthe admin calls, some start with /a/ some with /admin/15:18
mrgoodcatwhat is the difference and should they be separate?15:19
jrwreni think i got 11hrs of sleep last night.15:19
jrwren11hrs of sleep yesterday, and 11hrs of sleep the day before.15:19
jrwrenbeing sick SUCKS15:19
greg-gjrwren: ahh, I was about to say, you decadent bastard!15:22
greg-gjrwren: sorry you're sick, though15:22
greg-gtoday should be fun, 4.5 hours of sleep on day one of three of this all day leadership training thing15:23
jrwrendecadent? yes, excuse me while I poor fresh pidgeon blood on my toe gout15:24
brouschYou have gout?15:24
rick_h_ouch! I had that once for a weekend. Painful!15:26
jrwrenbut I don't use 16th century "remmedies"15:26
jrwrenonly a weekend? you are lucky.15:26
brouschI thought it was an old person thing15:26
jrwreni am old.15:26
rick_h_yea, had it flare up in a toe I injured as a kid and basically sat in bed for 3 days15:26
jrwrenoh, mine has never been that bad.15:27
jrwrenjust some discomfort, maybe pain at worst, but I learned to manage it.15:27
jrwrenI don't even notice it anymore15:27
rick_h_it scared the crap out of me. Having that all the time would be awful. Couldn't walk15:27
jrwrenyeah, 'cept walking through it is actually good for it.15:28
jrwrenpainful for sure15:28
greg-gI had it a while ago, it did suck, lasted a little bit but wasn't debilitating15:30
brouschDamn. I don't like the risk factors for gout. I think I hit them all, or will within 3 years15:32
jrwreni mostly removed red meat from my diet. that helped.15:33
jcastrorick_h_, wow!16:32
jcastroyou got two GSOC students?!16:32
rick_h_jcastro: woot!16:33
brouschI wonder how many you could have handled16:34
rick_h_they say 10hrs a week16:34
rick_h_so cmaloney and I will be good I think16:34
rick_h_not like I'm earning a living on bookie :P16:35
brouschcanonical would give you a paid leave of absence, I'm sure16:35
cmaloneyI think what rick_h_ means is "so sandbagger and I will be good I think". ;)16:38
cmaloneyBaked Lays: Now with 65% less fat *17:55
cmaloney* than sticking your gob in a tub of Crisco and inhaling17:56
brouschI'll kindly ask you to keep yer gob out of my Crisco bucket17:57
Havenstancewell, that server is in and running... I left the important half of the network on the old server for a day or two in order to test the uptime abilities. They will change over probably Friday but so far everythings looking good19:13
Havenstancemrgoodcat, thank you for the recommendation so far its doing everything he wanted and more.19:13
mrgoodcatglad to hear it19:14
jrwrenTIL: getattr(obj, 'function') returns a bound method19:58
jrwrensometimes python is black magic19:58
mrgoodcatjrwren: this is how i'm building the plugin system for the newest version of bookiebot20:01
mrgoodcateach plugin is a plug object and getattr() allows me to put all the callback functions in a dict so i can call plugs['command']()20:02
jrwrenmrgoodcat: cool!20:02
jrwreni'm just hacking on simplejson20:02
jrwrenbecause there is no fast json in python.20:02
mrgoodcatjson isn't too slow in python...20:03
mrgoodcatat least not in python 320:03
jrwrenoh yes it is :p20:03
jrwrendo a list of 12million dictionaries20:03
rick_h_umm, json is not a database?20:04
jrwrenbut it might be an ETL tool :p20:04
mrgoodcatsounds like you need redis20:04
jrwrenmrgoodcat: hahahaha, good one.20:04
mrgoodcatbut srsly why do you have a list of 12 million dicts?20:05
jrwrenthat is not important.20:05
mrgoodcatrick_h_: what did you think of the documentation changes? didn't really make a lot of substantial changes to the content but I find it easier to navigate this way20:05
rick_h_mrgoodcat: not looked yet, been a busy work day20:06
mrgoodcatno worries20:06
mrgoodcati have to go to school soon anyways :(20:06
cmaloneyWho's fault is that? :)20:13
mrgoodcati don't have an answer for that?20:18
jrwrenzomg, python never ceases to amaze me.20:18
jrwrenfunction calls are so expensive!20:18
mrgoodcatis that surprising?20:19
cmaloneyWhy is this surprising?20:19
cmaloneyThis isn't C.20:19
jrwreni'm used to C20:19
mrgoodcattry ruby20:19
jrwrenor C like langauges.20:19
jrwrenare funciton calls slow in Ruby too?20:19
mrgoodcat1999 times do chain.ten.million.functions20:19
cmaloneyPart of the fun of Python is everything acts like an object20:19
cmaloneyincluding methods. :)20:20
mrgoodcatyea and ruby is even more so that way20:20
mrgoodcateven keywords in ruby are objects20:20
mrgoodcatyou can override def if you want20:20
mrgoodcatnot sure why you'd want to but.....20:20
mrgoodcatyou can20:20
jrwrenwhat about literals?20:20
jrwrencan I override []20:20
mrgoodcatyou can override Array20:20
cmaloneydef def: if def == 'foo': monkeypatch. ;)20:20
jrwreni'd love to override python literals20:20
cmaloneyjrwren: Check out the Hy project20:21
jrwrenyeah... that isn't python20:21
jrwrenthat is a lisp that runs on pyhton20:21
cmaloneyIf anyone is close to making Python into a DSL it's Hy20:21
mrgoodcatin ruby even == is a method20:22
jrwrenyup, they are an interesting group of hackers.20:22
mrgoodcatit has some syntax sugar to make it easy to type20:23
cmaloneyPython is all about those clean coding techniques I learned in Mrd. Deryckre's Pascal class20:23
jrwrenhey, in c++ == is a method too :p20:23
mrgoodcatbut 1.==(1) is perfectly good ruby20:23
cmaloneyHy is about taking everything I learned in that class and turning it on its head.20:23
mrgoodcatso you can override == in the Numbers class to make 1 == 220:23
mrgoodcater Integer maybe20:23
jrwrenmrgoodcat: same with c++20:23
jrwrenalthough, in ruby it is open classes20:24
mrgoodcatit's part of the reason rails is so damn easy to use20:26
mrgoodcat"tomato".pluralize makes "tomatoes" when that isn't even remotely a part of a regular string literal20:26
jrwrenand the kids LOVE IT20:27
jrwrenits just fancy calling syntax on a pluralize(str) global function.20:27
jrwrenI like C#'s extension method approach.20:28
jrwrenIMO it makes more sense20:28
jrwrenbut I must admit I love the optional parens20:28
jrwrenaren't the commas optional too?20:28
jrwrenso i can write stuff like this20:28
mrgoodcatno. commas are req'd20:31
mrgoodcatdef add x, y20:31
mrgoodcat  x + y20:31
mrgoodcatadd 3, 1  # => 420:32
jrwrenoh, just the parens are optional20:36
jrwrenso if I write functions that only take 1 arg, ever, then I never need a comma?20:36
jrwrensounds great!20:36
mrgoodcatdef pluralize word20:37
mrgoodcat  "#{word}s20:37
mrgoodcatpluralize "tomato" # => "tomatos"20:37
mrgoodcatit's not correct but it shows the basic idea20:37
mrgoodcatalso i missed the closing "20:37
mrgoodcatdef pluralize word20:38
mrgoodcat  "#{word}s"20:38
mrgoodcatpluralize "tomato" # => "tomatos"20:38
mrgoodcatsry bout spam20:38
mrgoodcatjrwren: it is actually a really cool language. just getting your environment set up can be a pain20:40
jrwrenI've used it for only slightly more than the trivial.20:42
jrwreni've nothing against ruby.20:42
mrgoodcati was more of a rubyist than anything for a long time20:43
mrgoodcatmaybe still today20:43
jrwrenpythons "everything is an object"... "oh except builtins and cpython types and..."20:43
jrwrendrives me crazy20:43
jrwrenruby is definitely nicer there.20:44
mrgoodcatalthough i'm becoming increasingly comfortable with python, i still feel I know ruby's advanced features much better20:44
jrwrentehre are advanced features?20:44
mrgoodcatwell it makes metaprogramming pretty easy, and open classes aren't exactly the first thing you learn in any language20:45
mrgoodcator defining your own domain specific language, which is pretty much encouraged in ruby20:45
mrgoodcatalso the differences between require and include are confusing at first, as well as catch/throw vs begin/raise/rescue20:48
mrgoodcatcatch/throw is mainly used for excecution flow control where begin/raise/rescue is for exception handling20:49
jrwrensounds complex.20:50
mrgoodcatit's really not. but you did ask what the advanced features are20:50
mrgoodcatif you're interested give this a read http://rubylearning.com/blog/2011/07/12/throw-catch-raise-rescue-im-so-confused/20:52
mrgoodcattime for class20:54
mrgoodcatgood talk20:54
jrwrenhttp://rubylearning.com/blog/2011/07/12/throw-catch-raise-rescue-im-so-confused/  shows as empty response20:58
mrgoodcatit just broke apparently21:04
mrgoodcati was just looking at it21:04
mrgoodcatgoogle to the rescue http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:Hwys7iKcvKcJ:rubylearning.com/blog/2011/07/12/throw-catch-raise-rescue-im-so-confused/+&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us21:05
bookiebothttp://is.gd/2bLjR7 - Throw, Catch, Raise, Rescue… I’m so confused!21:05
mrgoodcatwhen i instantiate a python object, is there a way to make it inherit the scope of the calling class?21:46
mrgoodcatbut i don't want it to have the entire scope, prefferably it would be able to pick out certain variables21:47
jrwreninherit implies an OO inheritance model, is that what you want?22:11
jrwrensounds like you are trying ot not write much needed __init__ code :)22:12
mrgoodcatno i'm just trying to figure out a way to have all of the plugins be able to access the IRC connection23:32
mrgoodcatright now i'm passing the irc object to the call function for the plugin so it can write to the server23:33
mrgoodcatbut i wish i didn't have to23:33

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