bdukMorning all05:22
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Kiloshi spekko05:46
Spekkomore Kilos05:47
Kiloshi jabberwocky93  05:47
theblazehenhey Squirm Kilos 05:50
theblazehenand bduk 05:51
Kiloshi Squirm  bduk  theblazehen  05:51
jabberwocky93more Kilos, o/ everyone05:52
Kilosso where is the workspace switcher on 14.04 kde05:56
Kiloshi Trixar_za  05:57
Trixar_zaHi Kilos05:58
Trixar_zaOh and Morning Squirm05:58
KilosTrixar_za  kde nm sees the d-link05:58
Trixar_zaYou know that one thing we wanted to do - rewrite AOW? It's possible with the newest irclib - it comes with dcc chat handling.05:59
Trixar_zaNice Kilos05:59
Kilosb ut they still havent sorted the auto connect bug in 14.04 that started in 12.0406:00
Kilosthe nm team are kinda slack06:01
Trixar_zaOh no. They're starting to accept the misspellings of words as alternative spelling of it06:01
Trixar_zaLike their for they're06:02
Kilosthats the yanks06:02
Kilosspeel like things sound06:02
Kilosspell as well06:03
Kilosthe english again spell correct but they cant understand each other from town to town06:04
Kiloshi ThatGraemeGuy  do you see the workspace swithcher in 14.04 kde?06:11
Trixar_zaTake the fun out of cooking lobsters, why don't you? They don't actually scream because they feel little to no pain and that sound is just steam escaping their shells.06:22
SquirmI get my car today06:25
Squirm...I hope06:25
Squirmvery great06:42
ThatGraemeGuymorning all07:00
ThatGraemeGuyKilos: the what now?07:00
Kiloslol the little black window thats supposed to be next to show activity window07:01
Kilosused to have 4 blocks in it07:02
ThatGraemeGuyi'm lost07:02
Kilosyou could add workspaces there07:02
Kilosoh my07:02
ThatGraemeGuyi upgraded, maybe it only shows up on a clean config07:02
Kilosoh my goodness, i struggle with everything opening on one workspace07:03
Kilosi did a clean install07:03
Kilosgoosie will know07:03
Kilosinetpro  fix it07:04
inetprogood morning07:04
Kilosmorning inetpro  07:04
inetproKilos: what's up doc?07:04
Kilosi got 14.04 kde here and it dont show the workspace switcher07:05
* Kilos cries07:05
inetprouse Alt+Tab to switch between apps07:05
Kilosand googling dont help07:05
Kilosi wanna see the switcher07:06
Kilosalt+tab dont go to clean spaces07:06
inetprois it really necessary?07:06
Kilosso i want to open pidgin and evo on their own spaces07:07
ThatGraemeGuyyou're welcome07:07
Kilosi like apartheid07:07
inetproKilos: btw, it is called the pager in kde07:07
Kilosoh maybe thats why googling dont help07:08
inetprojust drag the page widget to your taskbar07:08
Kilosty ty ty07:08
Kilosive looked through them all looking for workspace07:08
Kilosit crashed07:10
Kiloslemme reboot and see07:12
Kilosalso muon wasnt installed as default07:12
Kilosit dont open anymore07:12
inetproMaaz: google restart kde plasma07:12
Maazinetpro: "Is there a dbus command to restart plasma? • KDE Community Forums" https://forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?f=67&t=118762 :: "[SOLVED!] Plasma Desktop Crash, KDE 4.11.02, x64 (Page 1 ..." https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=168667 :: "plasma - How to restart alt+f2 dialog in kde after xkill? - Ask Ubuntu" http://askubuntu.com/questions/307222/how-to-07:12
Maazrestart-altf2-dialog-in-kde-after-xkill :: "kde - How to restart kwin when it is hung? - Ask Ubu…07:12
Kilosit crashed gone when i tried to drag pager to taskbar07:12
inetproKilos: what is gone?07:15
Kilosit came back the panel options thing but pager is missing07:15
Kilosya groot AI!07:16
Kiloslemme reboot maybe it comes again back07:17
theblazehen13 seconds IRC lag...07:28
Kilosgot it at last. plasma-desktop kept crashing when dragging pager to panel07:43
Kilosaptitude reinstall plasma-desktop seems to have cured that after 1152kB download07:44
Kilosthanks for the help guys07:44
Kilosnow gotta try increase text size everywhere07:44
Kiloshi Vince-0  08:11
Vince-0Hi Kilos 08:12
Vince-0lekkar naweek?08:14
Vince-0I was hoping to take a drive to the Karoo for this Afrika Burn festival next week but the work says no leave08:14
theblazehenVince-0: Afrika vurn festival?08:15
theblazehenIs that similar to burning man, or totally different?08:16
KilosVince-0  arent you in durbs?08:20
magespawngood day09:19
Vince-0Yes, indeed I am in Deben09:22
Vince-0Afrika Burn is kinda like burning man, lots of burning09:22
magespawnhowdy Kilos 09:26
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Kiloshi magespawn  howsit09:26
=== Kilos is now known as howit
=== howit is now known as Kilos
magespawnidentity crisis there Kilos ?09:28
Kilosno when i started typing it typed in  the tiny windows where your nick is09:29
Kilosdo you see me as unaffiliated?09:29
Kiloshows things there magespawn  ?09:32
Kilosall good i hope09:32
magespawnahh well, everything is relative09:33
Kilosrelative to what? finances?09:33
magespawnno health this time, having a day off sick09:36
Kilosoh my then say you sick man09:38
Kiloswhat has relative got to do with it09:38
magespawnhow good everything is, nice to have a day off, but not so nice being sick and the work still waits any ways09:41
Kilosnashua mobile closing its doors and altech autopage is retrenching09:44
Kilospeeps with work must hold onto their jobs methinks09:44
magespawnwow that is big news09:45
Kiloshaha you missed the fun magespawn  09:46
Kilosthe flys mac had a microsoft moment he called it09:47
Kilosblue screen of death09:47
Kiloshellooo superfly  is that all going good again or does it happen often09:47
superflyKilos: it's fine. I doubt it'll happen again for a long time09:48
superflyeish Kilos, you really don't let go of things09:48
Kilosit was funny man and mage missed it09:48
Kiloshmm... hi theblaze1  09:49
magespawnahh well happens to us all09:52
theblaze1hey Kilos ..09:56
* Squirm looks around10:03
theblaze1hi Squirm 10:08
magespawnhi theblaze1  Squirm 10:16
theblaze1hey magespawn 10:16
Kiloshi nlsthzn  10:53
nlsthzno/ uncle Kilos 10:53
nlsthznyou given up on Steam uncle Kilos ?11:04
Kilosfor now yes nlsthzn  , did install of kde-full, methinks it was 480m gone11:20
Kilosso curbed till month end11:20
Kilosi still have it installed on the other drive11:20
Kilostheyve left some things out of kde 14.0411:21
Kiloshad to install muon to get the package manager as well11:21
Kilosand games option wasnt there either11:22
nlsthznmuon comes standard in kubuntu11:22
nlsthznif you want a good kde experience better to install kubuntu11:23
Kilosmuon update manager was here but not the package manager11:31
Kilosi tried aptitude reinstall muon and it did nothing then aptitude install muon and it fetch stuff11:32
Kilosthen only the package manager showed in the launcher11:32
Kilosthis is kubuntu 14.0411:34
nlsthznyou install ubuntu then added kde or straight installed kubuntu because muon is in kubuntu 11:37
Kiloskubuntu iso i used11:46
Kilosso pure kubuntu11:46
Kilosmaybe something went wrong with the iso download but it install lekker fast11:47
Kilosi thought they left stuff out for space11:48
Kilosbut it works fine now11:53
nlsthznvery strange... then again things go wonky in all software sometimes11:59
Kilosbut it saw the dlink modem first time11:59
nlsthznthat is cool11:59
nlsthznwas using kubuntu 14.04 until this morning, but it seems xfce serves my purposes better12:00
Kilosya but had to add a line to /etc/rc.local to get it to auto connect12:01
Kiloscarry over bug from 12.04 that hasnt been fixed yet12:01
Kilos(while :; do nmcli -t nm wwan on; sleep 1; done)&12:01
Kilosthen it connects before finished booting12:02
magespawnhey back for a bit13:51
magespawnright later all14:00
captineevening all17:00
captineanyone on the ubuntu-classroom channel?17:19
captinesome good info coming17:19
Kiloshi captine 17:30
Kiloswhat info?17:30
Kilosi see17:45
captinedifferent topics17:46
captinejuju is next, I think17:46
Kilosall way above me but ill watch and hopefully learn something17:52
captinesame most of the time17:52
captinealthough the documentation stuff and how it works has been interesting17:52
captinethe next session is on air (www.ubuntuonair.com) if you want to stream the video17:53
Kilosnope no data for that17:55
Kilosdid fat installs on 14.04 kde today17:56
captineso you a kde man18:01
Kilosi do unity and kde18:01
Kilosenjoy both18:01
Kilosbattle with lubuntu and xubuntu18:01
Kilosall the x stuff18:02
captineI am sticking with unity.19:00
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:32

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