darkelfjuggalominimec im in irc on my phone00:00
john38audictive, ok back00:00
john38Jordan_U, ok back00:00
berenddarkelfjuggalo: you want to look for lines with (EE) or (WW).00:01
john38audictive,  i am in 12.04 Try Ubuntu option ..you want me to type lsblk in terminal00:01
GhjnutCan anyone help me free up some space on my boot partition, running an ubuntu 12.04 server edition00:02
audictivejohn38: try that "lsblk" command yes00:02
GhjnutCan't run updates and not sure what I can purge00:02
minimecdarkelfjuggalo: Oh... ;) I see. The thing is, that you have to check that first... Have you checked, whether there is an alternative (flashback/fallback) desktop manager option with the graphical greeter. If you are lucky you can login to that session.00:02
darkelfjuggalothere is a lot there... ww I see 8 from top to bottom ee I see zero00:03
john38audictive, ok it says how do i pastebin again??00:03
berenddarkelfjuggalo: fatal errors will be more at the bottom00:03
berendnot every not found is fatal.00:04
darkelfjuggalominimec how do I check the fallback/flashback?00:04
Guest43787i need to run this file called "start_navicat" it type is "shell script (application/x-shellscript)" how do i run it?00:04
audictivejohn38: http://paste.ubuntu.com/00:04
darkelfjuggaloberend all ww says does not exist00:04
berendwhat's the last ww/ee ?00:05
minimecdarkelfjuggalo: Click on the 'ubuntu logo' next to the usernme on the graphical login manager.00:05
berenddarkelfjuggalo: given that it appears you are logged in on a text console, you can also try to type in: "startx"00:05
darkelfjuggalolast two ww say 'falling back to old probe method modsetting' and 'fbdev'00:05
berendthat should start X from your text console.00:06
berenddarkelfjuggalo: that sounds like can't find graphics driver.00:06
john38audictive, http://paste.ubuntu.com/7303316/00:07
minimecdarkelfjuggalo: You have indeed a problem with your GPU driver. So if you can choose 'Flashback (Metacity)'00:07
berendGuest43787: if you saved it, open terminal, and type: sh ~/Downloads/start_navicat00:07
darkelfjuggaloI did startx and I have a black screen I can do nothing on00:07
Guest43787berend thanks00:07
k1ldarkelfjuggalo: startx is a bad idea on ubuntu00:08
darkelfjuggalohow do I choose flashback(Metacity)00:08
berenddarkelfjuggalo: if it stays black, and you're not dropped back to your console, follow minimec's suggestion.00:08
k1lit does spoil the file permissions on .XAuthority. chown to you user again and then start the lightdm00:09
Bashing-omGhjnut: Sure, I'll try, shoow us -> dpkg -l | grep linux-image- | pastebinit ,  dpkg -l | grep linux-headers- | pastebinit <- will see what there is to do.00:09
minimecdarkelfjuggalo: Klick on the 'ubuntu logo' next to your username on the graphical greeter...00:09
darkelfjuggaloI had to power off because I couldn't return to my console00:09
audictivejohn38: it is interesting that it doesn't see the hdd.. have you tried Jordan_U's suggestions?00:10
john38audictive, yes i did im pastinbin right now you want to see it00:11
john38Jordan_U, here are the pastebin results of sudo parted -l  and ....sudo blkid00:12
john38Jordan_U, http://paste.ubuntu.com/7303332/00:12
darkelfjuggaloI dont see the ubuntu logo on the graphical greeter00:12
john38audictive, http://paste.ubuntu.com/7303332/00:12
minimecdarkelfjuggalo: Is there a titlebar or something on top. Check the options there...00:13
GhjnutBashing-om: Thanks! http://pastebin.com/J9rJJKZw and http://pastebin.com/jsC58Vep respectively00:14
Bashing-omGhjnut: Lookin.00:14
berenddarkelfjuggalo: you can switch between consoles with Alt+F1, Alt+F2 etc00:14
simpleirc2my connection reset00:15
simpleirc2and my name changed00:15
simpleirc2I am darkelfjuggalo00:15
d1rkp1ttHi all, can anyone tell me why searches in the search bar of firefox go through openDNS... bearing in mind that my DNS servers are NOT set to openDNS00:16
berendsimpleirc2: if you can't find the alternative window manager, try removing your /etc/X11/xorg.conf (after making a copy), if you have such a file there.00:17
audictivejohn38: sorry m8 but this is beyond me, it just seas your livecd and its loop.. can't help you..00:17
audictivejohn38: try with Jordan_U00:18
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john38audictive, ok00:18
berendd1rkp1tt: proxy server enabled?00:19
john38audictive, im going to try to boot with systemrescuecd ..do you have any experience with that00:19
d1rkp1ttberend, negative00:19
k1l!info pepperflashplugin-nonfree00:20
ubottupepperflashplugin-nonfree (source: pepperflashplugin-nonfree): Pepper Flash Player - browser plugin. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 1.3ubuntu1 (trusty), package size 9 kB, installed size 65 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)00:20
john38Jordan_U, any ideas00:22
darkelfjuggalotrying this again00:23
darkelfjuggalominimec I cannot find the ubuntu logo...closest thing to it is the power button top right corner00:24
HiddenDjinnok, i'm having issues playing full screen video on trusty00:24
Bashing-omGhjnut: Pretty diss-assiciated huh ? .. let's see what kernel you are presently booting. -> uname -a <- .00:25
darkelfjuggalominimec I do have the logo I  the version number at the bottom left but I can't click it and e name ubuntu in top left, again cant click00:25
minimecdarkelfjuggalo: Are there some other buttons next to that. You should have some options to choose the session you want. You need an internet connection... Otherwise we cannot help you.00:26
GhjnutBashing-om: Linux athlon64 3.5.0-43-generic #66-Ubuntu SMP Wed Oct 23 12:01:49 UTC 2013 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux00:26
n7uwlI had no idea that this was available till I just stumbled on it00:26
GhjnutBashing-om: I just assumed old images weren't getting cleaned up00:27
minimecdarkelfjuggalo: Easiest thing would be to do a wired connection...00:27
berenddarkelfjuggalo: move /etc/X11/xorg.conf, if you have one, out of the way.00:27
darkelfjuggalothere is the network selection top right with handicap accessibility keyboard lang battery sound clock and power00:27
darkelfjuggalomy Ethernet drivers haven't worked since I upgraded to 13.10 and I cant go anywhere to get a wired connection00:28
Bashing-omGhjnut: Ooohh, some catching up to do ! ok,, do we have operating head room to do this? -> df -h | pastbinit , df -i | pastebinit <- .00:28
berenddarkelfjuggalo: can you thether your laptop to your phone?00:29
d1rkp1ttcan someone with 14.04 please jump into firefox and type search in the URL bar... tell me what comes up?00:29
darkelfjuggaloberend how do I move that00:29
Bashing-omGhjnut: Yep, correct, a lot has not been cleaned up. We work on it.00:29
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berenddarkelfjuggalo: mv xorg.conf xorg.conf.save00:29
darkelfjuggaloas storage or camera not for web and I cant hotspot(tried 3 different apps)00:30
GhjnutBashing-om: http://pastebin.com/Mdg4NzPp00:31
darkelfjuggalomv: cannot stat 'xorg.conf': No sucj file or directory00:31
GhjnutBashing-om: Accidentally didn't put /boot on sda1 when I was initially partitioning00:31
berenddarkelfjuggalo: please type in: pwd00:31
berendwhat does that say?00:31
Bashing-omGhjnut: Lookin at Mdg4NzPp00:31
funtabled1rkp1tt, "addle search results" somethink like "sell this space"00:31
darkelfjuggalo /home/darkelfjuggalo00:32
d1rkp1ttfuntable, what search provider? whats in the URL00:32
d1rkp1tt... google, http://www.website-unavailable.com ??00:32
berenddarkelfjuggalo: you're in the wrong directory.00:33
newmemberWhen I try to log in on too the console I get punted out instantly00:33
darkelfjuggalocd to what directory?00:33
funtabled1rkp1tt, http://search/00:33
Bashing-omGhjnut: Separate /boot partitions are kinda discouraged now-a-days .. do not realy see a great benefit even server wise.00:33
berenddarkelfjuggalo: type in: sudo mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.save00:33
newmemberI logged into the rescue to try to look in the logs but nothing shows up in auth.log00:33
Busybyeskiis there anyway to make an application without fullscreen built-in fullscreen over the top panel and launcher?00:34
d1rkp1ttfuntable, whos providing the search results?00:34
d1rkp1ttfuntable, what does the page look like? openDNS or google?00:34
d1rkp1ttfuntable, or some other...00:34
darkelfjuggaloare those XLL or XII?00:34
GhjnutBashing-om: Thanks for the info, that's actually nice to know. Most guides still seem to suggest it but they're probably a bit old00:35
Bashing-omGhjnut: Boy, this might be trying ! "/dev/sda2                  229M  221M     0 100% /boot " !! -- df - i ??00:35
Jam1901Anyone familiar with setting up an smtp server?00:35
john38Jordan_U,  you there00:35
darkelfjuggaloel el or eye eye or one one?00:35
berendJam1901: see recent ars technica articles on the subject.00:36
GhjnutBashing-om: Yeah. That's why I had to come here :)00:36
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Jam1901berend, any link would save me sifting through google...00:37
CiddHey guys. Question for you if someone is free. I just tried to install v14 via a usb stick, during the install I'm getting a dirty disk or dead hardware error when installing. Tried two image writers and installed 6 times total and no dice. So, I'm back on Mint, using the same method and it worked fine. Any ideas anyone?00:37
Bashing-omGhjnut: We work on it ,, shoiw me now what the inode situation is -> df -i | pastebinit <- .. and I get to work, see what we can do.00:37
GhjnutBashing-om: Worse comes to worst, I'll just pull all my stuff to an external and restart from scratch. Looking to try out 14.04 anyway00:38
darkelfjuggaloberend no such file or directory00:38
GhjnutBashing-om: Sorry, put them both in the same paste. Here it is in a different paste http://pastebin.com/8Y5Prm6G00:39
d1rkp1ttfuntable, sorry that didnt come through I dont think00:39
Bashing-omGhjnut: There are difficult ways around that 100% capacity, just tedious keeping up with what what we move around. MUST keep the package manager happy.00:39
Bashing-omGhjnut: //sorry, did not look for what I did not expect.. I be looking at 8Y5Prm6G .00:40
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manlycodeCould someone help mewith an Ubuntu/Upstart/Digitalocean configuraiton I can't quite get right?00:42
Guest43787when i task a screenshot is comes up black any idea why?00:43
Bashing-omGhjnut: Wow, you must have done some fancy foot work making up the sda2 partition !, 100% usedage but only "1% /boot" of the inodes used ..anyway, gimme a bit to craft up a command and we see if it will fly.00:44
darkelfjuggaloberend: I've tried all combinations to make up the /etc file path you gave me it doesn't exist00:45
GhjnutBashing-om: Yeah. It was my first stab at LVM. less-than-ideal.00:47
darkelfjuggaloI am trying to cd into the directory and failing00:47
logyhello everyone,  I want to change full to linux (windows user), but I have only one main problem, I can't get ms office to work normal. I need MS office for college and other stuff. When I open it i dont have times new roman font nor some other functions and its constatly giving me an error that something is wrong with msoffice00:48
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darkelfjuggalology ubuntu comes woth libre office it works the same and saves in docx00:49
SchrodingersScatlogy: and how are you running the freedom-denying software?00:49
SchrodingersScatright, also use sane libreoffice00:50
logydark i need msoffice because my colleg requested it00:50
logyschro i use wine to install it00:50
SchrodingersScatrequest != require00:50
logysry english is not my first language00:50
Evil_CreepXubuntu 14.04 desktop running as a headless server. Trying to get sound out of the headphone jack in the back so I can have sounds play when stuff happens. Tried a lot of the stuff I found by Googling but nothing works. Sox, play, aplay, mpg321 don't make a noise. I did test my headphones and they do work.00:50
Bashing-omGhjnut: Try this -> sudo dpkg -P linux-image-3.5.0-{31,32,34,37,39,40,41,42}-generic <- for starte4rs, if that flies, 2 others comming.00:50
darkelfjuggaloyour college wont know the difference00:50
k1l!wine | logy00:51
ubottulogy: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu00:51
SchrodingersScatEvil_Creep: did you check the sound settings? maybe it's muted?00:51
Evil_CreepI tried a few different unmute commands. The Alsa ones don't seem to do anything and my server doesn't seem to have oss?00:52
SchrodingersScatseems like there should be three more to check?00:52
GhjnutBashing-om: http://pastebin.com/rXx5EGGx00:53
GhjnutBashing-om: Seems like a trail of dependencies00:54
Evil_CreepHow do I check and change which is the default sound device?00:54
minimecEvil_Creep: 'dpkg -l pulseaudio' If it is installed (ii), i would REMOVE it. On the other hand I would also check that alsa-base is installed (dpkg -l alsa-base). pulseaudio would need a session started for the user, while without pulseaudio, it should just fallback to alsa-base, I guess.00:55
john38Anybody here have any experience with Systemerescuecd for Linux???00:57
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Bashing-omGhjnut: That trail of disaster was not unexpected, just hoped for the best. lemme look at the slopyation,00:58
Evil_CreepPulseAudio and ALSA base are both installed. Remove PA?00:58
john38Anybody here have any experience with Systemerescuecd for Linux???00:59
minimecEvil_Creep: I would do so -> remove PA00:59
minimecEvil_Creep: But don't hang me on that... ;) well you can always reinstall it...01:00
RakkoI have a gigabit ethernet card and Ubuntu only ever sets it to 100Mbps. Ethtool reports failure when I try to change it. Is that likely due merely to a lack of 1000Mbit support in the Linux driver, or is there something else I'm missing?01:01
minimecEvil_Creep: Naybe 'sudo dpkg-reconfigure alsa-base' after having removed PA.01:01
Bashing-omGhjnut: Nother poke at it -> sudo dpkg -P linux-image-3.5.0-{31,32,34,37,39,40,41,42}-generic-extra <- .01:03
CoburnHi guys, could someone tell me why Avamisd-new doesn't seem to want to talk to ClamAV?01:03
john38Anybody here have any experience with Systemerescuecd for Linux???01:05
john38Anybody here have any experience with Systemerescuecd for Linux???01:07
GhjnutBashing-om: bah. http://pastebin.com/X8mT0w4V01:08
Evil_CreepK, removed PA, did sudo dpkg-reconfigure alsa-base (which had no output) and rebooted computer. mpg321 now says "Can't find a suitable libao driver. (Is device in use?)01:08
Bashing-omGhjnut: look'n at X8mT0w4V . Now that is a most curious thing indeed. ok what is now ? a new -> dpkg -l |grep linux-image | pastebinit <-.01:11
Evil_CreepALSA lib pcm.c:2239:(snd_pcm_open_noupdate) Unknown PCM default01:12
Evil_Creepplay FAIL formats: can't open output file `default': snd_pcm_open error: No such file or directory01:12
minimecEvil_Creep: sudo apt-get install alsa-utils. then you should have a tool called 'alsaconf'01:12
Evil_CreepAlready installed01:13
GhjnutBashing-om: http://pastebin.com/kTrAQ4b201:13
Evil_Creepalsaconf: command not found01:13
minimecEvil_Creep: I see that...01:13
Bashing-omGhjnut: Look'n at /kTrAQ4b2.01:13
minimecEvil_Creep: google -> keywords 'configure alsa ubuntu'01:14
minimecEvil_Creep: But I think we are getting closer, don't you think?01:15
john38Anybody here have any experience with Systemerescuecd for Linux???01:15
minimecEvil_Creep: 'sudo aplay -l' ?01:16
Evil_Creepminimec: A little, I've already spent a good chunk of my free time today googling the problem.01:16
john38I need help01:16
Evil_Creepminimec: three devices.. analog, digital, and HDMI  devices 0,1,301:16
Bashing-omGhjnut: Humm, now that is a new twist on me ! Let's try -> sudo dpkg -P linux-image-3.5.0-{31,32,34,37,39,40,41,42}-generic <-= once more .01:17
GhjnutBashing-om: http://pastebin.com/ecTiw1mT01:18
minimecEvil_Creep: So device is present. You probably just have to choose the 'analog' one as default output.. I guess you found that site ... https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting01:18
john38I got a question is it possible to reinstall Ubuntu but keep remaining files intact and access them with reinstalled ubuntu01:18
Bashing-omGhjnut: Look'n ecTiw1mT .01:19
john38like in Windows01:19
ddelrio1986Hello all!01:20
ddelrio1986I'm trying to install Ubuntu 13.10 alongside a Windows 8.1 installation but I have no option to install it alongside Windows. Any ideas?01:20
john38I got a question is it possible to reinstall Ubuntu but keep remaining files intact and access them with reinstalled ubuntu01:20
john38ddelrio1986, you must install windows first and set aside free space for ubuntu then you install ubuntu with remaining free space alongside windows for Dual boot01:22
Evil_Creepminimec: Got Alsamixer -c 0 to work all the volumes are maxed. Still don't know how to make a device default yet.01:23
Bashing-omGhjnut: Don't understand yet all I do not know about this sloyation try and let's see what the package manager tells us -> sudo apt-get purge linux-image-extra-3.5.0-32-generic .. maybe I see my error !01:23
Bray90820Is there any difference between a single and double quote in the terminal01:24
ddelrio1986john38, I've already done that. Windows 8.1 is installed and I have 250GB of unallocated space available for Ubuntu.01:24
ddelrio1986I've disabled secure boot, Intel Rapid Start, and fast boot as well.01:25
john38ddelrio1986, ubuntu should give you the option to install with remaining space01:25
Evil_Creepminimec: Hmm, Alsamixer says Card is HDA Intel PCH but the Chip is Intel CougarPoint HDMI..01:25
ddelrio1986john38, yeah I know it does but it doesn't.01:25
ddelrio1986I only have erase disk and install or something else...01:25
berenddarkelfjuggalo: it's two ones01:26
Coburndo you have a hibernation file on the windows partitions?01:26
john38ddelrio1986, well i never used 13.10 but i know 12.04 does01:26
minimecEvil_Creep: You can probably set that in /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf or something like that...01:26
ddelrio1986They both should.01:26
Coburnif you have a hiberfil.sys on the windows partition, it will refuse to do anything related to the partitions due to windows bug01:26
john38ddelrio1986, hmm thats strange01:26
berendBray90820: yes, single quote won't expand variables, double quote does.01:27
john38ddelrio1986, why dont you just install 12.04 its long term support for up to 4-5 years01:27
GhjnutBashing-om: Still no-go. http://pastebin.com/mWWU9rVN01:27
john38Anybody here have any experience with Systemerescuecd for Linux???01:27
john38I got a question is it possible to reinstall Ubuntu but keep remaining files intact and access them with reinstalled ubuntu01:27
ddelrio1986I'm doubtful that 12.04 will give the option if 13.10 is not.01:28
Bashing-omGhjnut: Look'n at /mWWU9rVN .01:28
minimecEvil_Creep: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Advanced_Linux_Sound_Architecture -> 'Set the default sound card'01:28
john38ddelrio1986, im dual booting windows 7 and 12.04 right now01:28
ddelrio1986john38, I understand that dude but something else is going on here. Probably something to do with UEFI or something that is not allowed Ubuntu to detect my Windows installation.01:29
manlycodeDoes anybody know how the boot up of a Digitalocean ubuntu box works? I need help deugging an upstart script, and I've been spinning my wheels.01:29
Bray90820berend: thanks that's really good to know01:29
john38ddelrio1986, oh thats a little over my head lol isnt that an option you have to enable or disable in BIOS01:30
ddelrio1986john38, I think I'll just manually install it to the empty space which won't allow me to boot windows. Then I'll use boot repair to allow windows to work again.01:30
ddelrio1986On some UEFI computers you can change them to work in legacy mode but on this one you can't.01:30
ddelrio1986Besides Ubuntu should work just find when installed in UEFI mode.01:30
john38ddelrio1986, by any chance are you familiar with systemrescuecd01:31
EricRabileither im blind or they took it down,01:31
whoeverhi, all, i need some help adding a network printer an epson wf352001:32
EricRabilwhere is the windows installer (wubi) on the download page? i dont see it anymore01:32
john38I got a question is it possible to reinstall Ubuntu but keep remaining files intact and access them with reinstalled ubuntu01:32
k1l_EricRabil: dont use wubi. make a real install or use a live system01:32
EricRabilwhy cant i use wubi? its worked in the past01:32
whoeveri am tring to add it  through the setting and  the window seems to look up and "force quite "01:32
EricRabili tried to do a live install as i cant find the installer,01:33
john38Anybody here have any experience with Systemerescuecd for Linux???01:33
k1l_EricRabil: because it has issues with modern windows and modern kernels01:33
EricRabilmy pc does not detect it and reboots when attempting to load in01:33
EricRabilit works with windows 801:33
EricRabilno wait01:33
EricRabilno it doesnt, i meant windows 701:33
EricRabiltypo xD01:33
EricRabilit worked for windows 7 when i last used in01:33
Evil_Creepminimec: http://pastebin.com/6g9sPv20  even directly testing the analog sound device errors.01:34
SchrodingersScatEricRabil: afaik it's being phased out because it was always not really the best solution and had some arbitrary limitations iirc01:35
john38Anybody here have any experience with Systemerescuecd for Linux???01:35
john38is it possible to reinstall Ubuntu but keep remaining files intact and access them with reinstalled ubuntu01:36
EricRabilis there any remaining download links? its the only one i know that works, i tried to use the installer and it didnt detect my current OS so i cant dual boot. i tried partitioning but my pc does not allow me to boot into the partion01:36
psusijohn38, yes01:36
john38psusi, yes to what?01:36
psusiyes you can reinstall unbuntu but keep your files intact01:36
john38psusi, i got a problem01:36
john38psusi, my ubuntu crashed and says reboot and insert boot media when ready01:37
minimecEvil_Creep: Now I have to admit that I dint't have to dig alsa configuration for years... Well in 'good old days' I had to... I still think we are getting closer, but you probably adapt you alsa-base.conf to fit your hardware.01:37
john38psusi, im trying to access system with systemrescuecd do you know anything about that01:37
EricRabilunless someone has a tutorial that can be done in 2 hours or less to dual boot ubuntu and windows, i really need wubi...01:38
psusithe ubuntu desktop install cd should be able to do anything you need though01:38
EricRabila side note: ubuntu cant detect my OS (i attempted install with flashdrive)01:38
psusiEricRabil, pop in the install cd, boot from it, choose install beside windows... wait ~20 minutes... done.01:38
john38psusi, does lucid lynx have the option to keep files01:38
EricRabilis flashdrive not a good idea?01:39
psusijohn38, don't thik so... lucid is *very* old01:39
EricRabili mean i can do a cd, its just i dont have that big of a cd atm01:39
SchrodingersScatEricRabil: hmm, thought it came on some of the iso's, but I only have back to 13.04, and I do not see it on that.  I could be remembering that completely wrong, keep that in mind01:39
EricRabilwait you're confusing me...01:40
EricRabilwhat came on some isos01:40
Bashing-omGhjnut: OK. that is good info, we can work with that. See if you can duplicate this -> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2174867 <- Post #11. Look the thread over carefully, see if you understand how to adapt your situation to that of post # 11.01:40
EricRabilare you talking about wubi or installation dual boot01:40
gshmuNon-ASCII character '\xcb' in file                                What should i do?01:40
psusiEricRabil, flash drive works too01:40
EricRabilOkay scratch off WUBI, i have one question01:40
SchrodingersScatEricRabil: i thought i remembered seeing a wubi.exe in there, as like an option for people, what do you mean download link? but yeah, do a flash drive if you can? but you said computer wouldn't boot it?01:41
john38Anybody here have any experience with Systemerescuecd for Linux???01:41
Evil_Creepminimec: I don't have anything fancy.. just a normal last year Gigabyte Intel motherboard with onboard sound.01:41
EricRabilWhy cant my installer see that I have another OS installed01:41
EricRabilmy installer is being run from a flash drive01:41
EricRabilif that says anything01:41
Evil_Creepminimec: no GPU.. just onboard video.01:41
psusiEricRabil, be more specific... the output of sudo parted -l in a terminal might be helpful ( pastebin )01:41
SchrodingersScatEricRabil: installer for what? what's the other os?01:41
EricRabilthe current os is Windows 7. i need to install a linux system, Ubuntu (cuz i love it), to run this program that currently is for mac and linux only. i want to dual boot cause im scared to switch completely. however, in the installer, it says it does not detect another operating system, so i only have the option to format my hard drive OR install to partition. i chose partition, installed partition, rebooted, but i cant find any opt01:43
EricRabilsays that the partition is in a filetype unknown01:43
GhjnutBashing-om: I'll check it out01:43
EricRabiltheres your detailed explanation to my problem :P01:43
ddelrio1986Should your swap be a logical partition?01:43
EricRabilso the question is...01:43
EricRabilwhy it no see my os01:43
psusiEricRabil, again, need more details... start with the output of sudo parted -l in a pastebin01:44
minimecEvil_Creep: So probably something like 'options snd_hda_intel index=<number>'01:44
EricRabilhow can i get to that..?01:44
psusiEricRabil, open a terminal, type "sudo parted -l" copy and paste the output to pastebin.com01:44
Bashing-omGhjnut: Look it over, if needed, we will discuss, ( there was no point in me reinventing someone else's wheel ) .01:44
EricRabili'll do my best01:45
EricRabili'll be back when done01:45
EricRabilgotta reload os01:45
psusiEricRabil, you can get on irc from the desktop cd ;)01:45
* psusi goes to pour himself another drink while waiting for this compile to finish and listening to bloodhound gang01:46
john38Can somebody help me out quick??01:46
SchrodingersScatpsusi: please be more specific01:46
Busybyeskii still have ubuntu one in my launcher and top panel after 14.04 is that intended? thought they were phasing it out01:46
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psusiSchrodingersScat, you know that because you have a double "Ss" in your spelling, you are named after a man's poo right?01:48
GhjnutBashing-om: So in a nutshell: 1.Determine current version 2. manually remove headers of preceding images 3. remove modules of those headers and boot images 4. repair 5. properly remove old kernels/headers01:48
john38I suspect that my harddrive has failed because im trying to reinstall ubuntu but the installation steps are not recognizing partitions for Mount01:48
SchrodingersScatpsusi: it can mean other things01:49
psusijohn38, open the disk utility and check the drive's SMART health status01:49
john38psusi, i cant even access the system01:49
psusijohn38, boot from the install cd01:49
john38psusi, i booted from livecd and chose "Try ubuntu" it wont recognize any previous partition or disk01:50
EricRabildont have much time before the ubuntu internet gives out01:50
EricRabilwhat do i put in the terminal?01:50
john38psusi, even after running sudopart -l in terminal01:50
EricRabilquickly, rapido!01:51
john38psusi, check this out http://paste.ubuntu.com/7303332/01:51
SchrodingersScatEricRabil: sudo parted -l01:52
psusijohn38, doesn't look good... likely the drive is totally dead... pastebin /var/log/syslog01:52
john38psusi, http://paste.ubuntu.com/7303316/.....this is after typeing ...lsblk01:53
EricRabili shall reconnect to a stronger connection01:53
johndropperwhich dir can i find my apps in?01:53
Bashing-omGhjnut: Yeah, You are running kernel .43 do not mess with it, or any of them above (44 & 48). We can hope that 'install -f' will take care of them. // make your strings up in accord with your 'dpkg -l' outputs. When done and the system is stable, there will remain some more clen up to do. We will get to that clean up .01:54
EricRabilhope that pastebin thing helps01:54
Bashing-omclen/clean *01:54
EricRabilthe 69 gb is the linux install01:55
EricRabilidk why theres two01:55
psusiEricRabil, hrm.. nothing wrong there... you are sure the installer doesn't give the option for a side by side install?01:56
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john38psusi, is there any way i can backup documents on HD maybe switch to another system might the cables be defective ....should i put hardrive in freezer?????01:56
=== Guest85373 is now known as denysonique_
psusijohn38, system doesn't seem to see it *at all*...  does your bios see it?  if not, it's either disconnected/bad cable, or completely toast and gone01:57
john38psusi, you know let me see ...i'll check BIOS01:58
Bashing-omGhjnut: In the 'dpkg -l ' output, ignore those that are marked "rc" (Removed/Config files remain) .. that is but part of the clean up !02:00
john38psusi, ok its now showing up in bios...im going to check cables02:00
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ambush276hey guys i was wondering how can i automatically execute an sh script during a deb installation02:03
johndropperhow do i uninstall an app02:03
ambush276basically im creating a deb file02:03
johndropperperf from the term02:03
ambush276and when the user clicks on the deb to install i want it to run an sh script02:03
ambush276hence i have stuf in my deb package but i want the SH to execute02:04
GhjnutBashing-om: http://pastebin.com/tSUQTyyu02:04
EricRabilhello again :F02:04
k1l_johndropper: sudo apt-get remove package02:04
ambush276is this even possible?02:04
ambush276or is it possible to run terminal commands during a deb install?02:04
k1l_ambush276: #ubuntu-app-devel or #ubuntu-motu02:05
ambush276kk thanks02:05
berendambush276: read the docs, yes, you can install02:05
GhjnutBashing-om: http://pastebin.com/9adHrPJz We're looking better02:05
k1l_there even is #ubuntu-packagin ambush27602:05
k1l_#ubuntu-packaging that is02:06
johndropperi did that but fo rsome reason it wont work02:06
ambush276kk thanks kil02:06
k1l_johndropper: sudo apt-get remove package02:06
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ElixirVitaeI can't seem to play youtube videos with Firefox or Chromium.02:07
ns5I'm try to use PROMPT_COMMAND to change the title of windows putty window, ubuntu server 12.04.4.  It does not work, any idea?02:08
ElixirVitaeAnd I tried Chrome, and it works fine.02:08
johndropperElixirvitae: Install google chrome02:08
uweHello, I'm still running 13.04, I can't find an easy way to trigger upgrade, using the software update or running do-release-upgrade both return saying no new release found02:08
ElixirVitaeWhat might be the reason?02:08
k1l_ElixirVitae: install peppflash-nonfree02:08
IriezCould someone help me implement this script into my ubuntu install?  http://askubuntu.com/questions/105266/upstart-jobs-and-init-d-scripts-not-launching02:08
Bashing-omGhjnut: Catching up, looking at /tSUQTyyu .02:09
ElixirVitaeWhat is thati k1l_?02:09
ElixirVitaeAlso, I didn't have this problem until two days ago.02:09
Iriez(and to verify its executing)02:09
k1l_uwe: make sure the update-path does not link to LTS (under updates in system settings)02:09
minimecElixirVitae: 'sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras' will install lots of codecs and also flash. For chromium there is a new 'pepperflashplugin-nonfree' for 14.04.02:09
john38psusi, damn you were right it was a loose or bad cable something boots up fine now02:09
k1l_ElixirVitae: that is the flash from google because adobe doesnt ship flash anymore02:09
ElixirVitaeI'm on 12.04, minimec02:09
k1l_ElixirVitae: its the flash that is build in chrome02:10
ElixirVitaeBut I tried with HTML5 and I still couldn't play?02:10
minimecElixirVitae: Ok. Still ubuntu-restricted-extras is available for your distro. But you said you had it working until 2 days ago. So flash is installed but not working. In that case I don't have a suggestion right now. On my 12.04 desktop flash works.02:11
EricRabilwho was i talking to earlier about my linux issue?02:13
EricRabilthe one i gave my pastebin to?02:13
ElixirVitaeVersion 57 of restricted-extras, which seems current, is installed in my system.02:13
uwek1l_, in the software update, i've made sure that the check is for "any new version", i assume this is the equivelnt, as i do not have "updates" in system settings02:14
Bashing-omGhjnut: YES ! .. looking good ! .. OK, show me a new -> dpkg -l | grep linux- <- . And I bet we are ready to start the cleanup things.02:14
k1l_uwe: yes02:14
k1l_uwe: what which version does "lsb_release -a" give you?02:14
uwei can always force upgrade by changing raring to saucy in /etc/apt/sources.list , but i dont understand why this is not being triggered02:15
johndropperhow do you install a printer in ubuntu 14.04? i click printers and nothing happens02:15
k1l_uwe: and "sudo apt-get update" and then"sudo do-release-upgrade" dont work?02:15
johndropper how do you install a printer in ubuntu 14.04? i click printers and nothing happens02:16
uwek1l_, nop !02:16
k1l_uwe: can you put that in a pastebin please?02:17
GhjnutBashing-om: Sorry, reached paste limit, i'm going to have ot post to pastie.org02:17
Evil_Creepminimec: Seems I can now play sound with sudo and hear it. But normal users still error when running sound commands.02:17
GhjnutBashing-om: http://pastie.org/909900102:18
k1l_uwe: and a "cat /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades" too, please02:18
esdei know im about to ask a LMDE question in here, and this isnt "the place for LMDE questions". but this one isn't distro-specific i dont think. I'm trying to install hexchat and i keep getting errors. about dependencies, any ideas? http://pastebin.com/5DrGKGZV02:18
uwek1l_, https://textb.org/t/sznpuhdb39/02:18
uwek1l_, last info appended to the same url02:19
minimecEvil_Creep: Well that's a start... ;) I think you can configure alsa with an '.alsarc' in the usrs /home directory. On the other hand, it could simply be, that you have to add the user to the 'audio' group in /etc/group02:20
k1l_uwe: hmm. that looks good so far. can you try to change to the main-servers instead of the local ones?02:20
Evil_Creepminimec: I've already added my main user to audio but that didn't seem to allow it to play sounds.02:21
uwesure, but if that works, thats quit alarming ...02:21
EricRabilwhoever i gave that pastebin to, i'll be back tommorow. bai02:21
Bashing-omGhjnut: Well, did not know there was alimit ! Look'n at 9099001 .02:21
johndropperI really need help guys02:22
johndroppermy printer iconwill not open so i can add a printer02:22
johndropperany help?02:22
minimecEvil_Creep: I guess it needs a small tweak in /etc/modrpobe.d/alsa-base.conf again.02:24
johndropperok dont everyone jump at once02:24
uwek1l_, sure, but if that works, thats quit alarming ... (so far it seems to be fetching stuff, that it did not in the past - This is the GUI tool this time)02:24
uwek1l_, nop, reported questioning internet connectivity, then said not updates, i'll try from the command line02:25
Bashing-omGhjnut: Let's do some clean up; 1st steps -> sudo apt-get update , sudo apt-get upgrade . If that runs well, we start removing no longer need stuff.02:25
uwek1l_, command line (apt-get update ; do-release-upgrade) behaves the same : https://textb.org/t/m27vd0envk/02:27
berendjohndropper: is there an add printer button?02:28
minimecEvil_Creep: Is there still a 'pulse' group in /etc/group? Well I would remove that one, if it exists...02:29
Evil_Creepminimec: Yay, sound works. It seems all I had to do was add my user to audio AND REBOOT.02:30
k1l_uwe: hmm. that should not be an issue at all. can you try to run a "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" just to make sure your system is fully upgraded so far (package-wise)02:30
mikeche1enif i am connected to a vpn, is there any way to access devices on the local network as well?02:30
uwek1l_, non, all 002:30
minimecEvil_Creep: I just checked that. There is no 'normal' user added to 'pulse' or 'pulse-access', but still...02:31
Evil_Creepminimec: Doesn't matter now.. PulseAudio is removed. But sound works now.02:32
k1l_uwe: ok last thing i would suggest is to remove the PPAs that error anyways. maybe that blocks something (which should not block something)02:32
minimecEvil_Creep: Congrats... ;)02:32
lewis__why  when you kill something it doesn't stay killed   it just adds another PID #02:33
k1l_lewis__: depends on what you kill02:34
lewis__network manager02:34
berendlewis__: you're killing a "child", someone is watching it and starting it again :-)02:35
=== zz_nhayashi is now known as nhayashi
lewis__ok how do i find who is watching02:35
berendlewis__: perhaps try ptree?02:37
uwek1l_, nop ; https://textb.org/t/zbzvjd5emc/02:37
lewis__ok will do02:37
berendor if we can get top or ps to display the parent id?02:37
OmegacaliburHi guys. Im about to upgrade ubuntu 12.04 to ubuntu 14.04 but was wondering would "sudo do-release-upgrade" work on desktop version or do I need to use update manager?02:38
k1l_uwe: hmmm. then i got no clue why the upgrade is blocked02:38
berendlewis__: this works: ps -eo ppid,args | grep NetworkManager02:38
berendon my system the parent id is 1.02:38
Bashing-omGhjnut: What is the situationnow ? - impatient I know - still, inquiring minds want to know .02:38
berendthat's not a process you want to kill....02:39
raparkhurstI'm sure this has been asked, but why isn't likewise-open included in ubuntu 14.04?02:39
berendOmegacalibur: can't see it making any difference, but I've always used the gui on the desktop as I usually continue working while it upgrades :-)02:39
Omegacaliburbtw for upgrading should i use terminal do-release-upgrade or should i use gui to upgrade (or does it make no difference)?02:39
Omegacaliburok thanks02:40
Omegacaliburok thanks =)02:40
berend(try that on Windows!)02:40
minimecOmegacalibur: If you do ...do-release-upgrade, disable all ppa's! Otherwise, it should work, but is not recommended.02:40
k1l_!info likewise-open02:40
ubottuPackage likewise-open does not exist in trusty02:40
Omegacaliburok il use gui to be safe02:40
uwek1l_, i'm not even sure i have much info to report a decent bug02:41
k1l_raparkhurst: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LikewiseOpen02:41
sig3579Hello all, I have a cinnamon related question and I thought this was the best place to ask. I search online and the best solution was to use dconf however I could not get it to correct the issue. My window background is black and I would like to change it. Running ubuntu 14.04 and latest cinnamon nightly. Screenshot here: http://imagebin.org/306868 Thank you in advance.02:41
k1l_sig3579: best is to ask the mint guys (or the PPA maintainer). cinnamon got removed from 14.04 repos (and debian repos aswell)02:42
raparkhurstK1l and ubotto:  Thanks for the response..  I saw that...Is it intended to be included and there wasn't time for the release or is it being phased out?02:42
k1l_raparkhurst: just read the first sentences on the link i gave you02:42
sig3579k1l:  is it coming back to the repos once its tested and stable?02:42
sig3579I asked the question there as well, waiting patiently.02:43
raparkhurstk1l_:  ah ok...thanks and sorry for the question02:43
veturi__Anybody know why i have no syslogs?02:43
k1l_sig3579: if the cinnamon devs solve the issues it could come back. but that is not happening for 14.04.02:43
GhjnutBashing-om: Everything went well: http://pastie.org/909902102:44
Bashing-omveturi__:  A minimal install ? and 'anacron' is not installed ?02:44
sig3579k1l:  thank you for the information. I have seen activity over the past few days by the ppa maintaner. Fingers crossed.02:44
Bashing-omGhjnut: Look'n at 9099021 .02:45
veturi__Bashing-om, full install of 14.04 , I remember having them in the old LTS version02:46
Bashing-omGhjnut: "The following packages have been kept back: " do: -> sudo apt-get dist-upgrade <-. We will do that cleanup at some point !02:46
johndroppercan anyone help me?02:47
johndropperi cant get software center to launch02:47
Bashing-omveturi__: Soory then, Have not encountered that one else in that minimal install situation.02:48
veturi__Bashing-om, thanks02:48
johndroppercan anyone help?02:49
ubottujohndropper: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/02:49
minimecjohndropper: That's not a bug, but a feature... ;) <- Sorry for that personal joke. Try to launch 'software-center' once in a terminal. Maybe you get some indications, why it fails...02:49
joseluis64johndropper I suggest you to not rely so much on the software center, better use synaptic02:49
joseluis64better enough use aptitude, in commandline, but very fast02:51
johndroppergotcha so no one knows02:51
ylolekna enyi kis gecik02:51
minimecjohndropper: As I told you... Launch software-center in a terminal and read the output.02:52
GhjnutBashing-om: http://pastie.org/9099031 upgraded02:52
johndropperI have uninstalled it and reinstalled with same prob02:52
Bashing-omGhjnut: Look'n at 9099031 .02:53
joseluis64johndropper do what minimec told you, open it from Terminal, you should get some important output there02:53
johndropperthis is what i get http://paste.ubuntu.com/7303995/02:53
joseluis64it looks that some dependencies are missing (cairo)02:54
joseluis64and others..02:55
minimecjohndropper: 'dpkg -l libcairo2' Do you se a (ii) next to it?02:55
johndropperyou want me to run that command?02:56
minimecjaapio: definitely ;)02:56
Bashing-omGhjnut: Great ! -> sudo apt-get autoremove , sudo apt-get clean , apt-get -f install . and the biggy -> dpkg --list |grep "^rc" | cut -d " " -f 3 | xargs sudo dpkg --purge <- .02:57
Bashing-omGhjnut: *sudo apt-get 0f install **02:58
=== sudormrf_ is now known as sudormrf
johndropperhere now http://paste.ubuntu.com/7304033/02:58
Bashing-omGhjnut: Sheesshh *sudo apt-get -f install ***02:58
johndropperminimec: ?02:59
minimecjohndropper: do you use the default ubuntu unity desktop. In that case you could simply 'sudo apt-get install --reinstall ubuntu-desktop'. That should install all missing dependencies on your desktop.02:59
minimecjohndropper: So libcairo2 is installed. Try the '--reinstall' command above if you are on ubuntu unity.03:00
fobelxhi. i have 64-bit ubuntu and want to install 32-bit compat libs for libboost_serialization. what package do i need to install?03:00
berendfobelx: usually that's automatically installed for you.03:00
berendif it comes from a repository.03:00
fobelxberend: i checked my /usr/lib32/libboost_serialization* and it isn't there.03:01
johndropperminimec: I tried that and still no work03:01
johndropperi use ubuntu 14.04 desktop03:01
berendfobelx: ah you're not installing an app, you just want to install a 32-bit lib.03:01
GhjnutBashing-om: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7304059/03:02
johndropperok guys03:03
fobelxberend: yes03:03
johndropperno worky for me03:03
ObiwantjeGuys - I need some help - I am running 14.04 on my HP Envy DV7 and it is running CRAZY hot - even on the powersave setting03:03
Obiwantje85 Celcius doin nothing03:03
johndropperObiwantje: Goodluck gettign an answer03:04
Obiwantjeit has one of those i7 procs in it03:04
Obiwantjeand single video only03:04
minimecjohndropper: ok. You could try to rename or delete the 'software-center' folder you find in '.config' in your /home/yourname directory. Like that the software-center 'thinks' that it is started the first time. maybe that helps. Otherwise I don't have some new ideas.03:04
berendfobelx: probably a better way, but what about downloading the 32-bit by hand, then install with "dpkg -i" ?03:04
minimecjohndropper: <ctrl>h in the file manager to show hidden files and directories.03:05
Bashing-omGhjnut: Look'n at m/7304059/ .03:05
fobelxberend: okay thanks i'll try it03:07
joseluis64I have another question... I installed unity with this sudo aptitude install unity, installed a lot of pacakges but I have no "Ubuntu session" in the greeter03:07
lotuspsychjemorning to all03:08
Bashing-omGhjnut: By Golly ! Now that do look good ! .. once more -> dpkg -l | grep linux-image- <- ok, are you in a position where you can reboot ?03:08
joseluis64installing gnome-session makes no difference03:09
IriezHello: I've implemented this script in this ask ubuntu thread, but i wanted to verify that its actually running on shutdown. Can someone explain to me how I can do this? Im assuming i need to remove the graphical interface so i can see what the output is at shutdown? http://askubuntu.com/questions/105266/upstart-jobs-and-init-d-scripts-not-launching03:09
GhjnutBashing-om: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7304094/03:09
GhjnutBashing-om: I can reboot, unfortunately i have irssi running in a tmux terminal on this machine03:10
=== Jan11 is now known as ON1
GhjnutBashing-om: So i'd be gone for a sec (could kick IRC on my laptop if things went awry)03:10
minimecjohndropper: I tumbled upon a possible solution. It was suggested to do 'sudo update-apt-xapian-index'. That may take a little time and your CPU will run 'high'. So don't be afraid. You are just updating an index. You will not harm the system. Maybe that helos.03:11
minimecjohndropper: ... helps.03:11
johndropperminimec: thanks for the hints and tips03:11
Bashing-omGhjnut: Look'n at /7304094/ . // I do not expect there to be a problem, but want to see you up on that latest kernel. and all well and great.03:12
nahtnamHello! I need a little bit of help. I was updating from ubuntu 12.04 to 14.04. My computer froze and I had to force restart. Now, it loads 14.04 but when I login, it just takes me back to the login screen (loop). I have a burned copy of 14.04. How can I recover everyting?03:12
minimecjohndropper: No problem.03:12
nahtnamAs well as a burned copy of 12.0403:12
lotuspsychjenahtnam: enter grub at boot, and see if you can still boot your 12.0403:13
GhjnutBashing-om: Sounds good, going for a reboot now03:13
nahtnamlotuspsychje: How do enter grub at boot (sorry, im slightly new to this)03:13
lotuspsychjenahtnam: hold shift during the boot process to enter grub03:14
nahtnamlotuspsychje: kk03:14
lotuspsychjenahtnam: then choose a previous kernel to boot03:14
nahtnamOk. Ill be back! :D03:14
Bashing-omGhjnut: Is that pretty or what ? .. clean as a whistle. All that is pending is see what kernel you reboot onto.03:14
lotuspsychjenahtnam: good luck03:14
GhjnutBashing-om: Where we're going, we don't need roads03:15
uwek1l_, just FYI https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-release-upgrader/+bug/131089103:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1310891 in ubuntu-release-upgrader (Ubuntu) "attempting to trigger upgrade from 13.04 (raring) to 13.10 (saucy) claims that No new release found" [Undecided,New]03:15
johndropperminimec: doing it now03:16
lotuspsychjesomeone knows a suX replacement i can use to run appliactions for another user?03:17
GhjnutBashing-om: Looking good03:17
GhjnutBashing-om: 3.5.0-48-generic03:18
Guest85950hi all, I just installed 14.04 and now the pkg system is broken , do i need to do a clean install to fix? I have attempted to allow it to repair itself but it didn't03:20
ghsThere is some developer Ubuntu here ?03:21
Guest85950ghs: not me but what is the issue03:21
=== NotANick_ is now known as NotANick
cfhowlettghs dev's don't generally hang out in the support channel03:21
Bashing-omGhjnut: Outstanding ! All cleaned up and perking right on along, not a care in the world !03:22
minimecGuest85950: probably not. Try 'sudo dpkg --configure -a' in a terminal.03:22
Ben64Guest85950: did you clean install 14.04? how is it "broken" ?03:23
IriezHello: I've implemented this script in this ask ubuntu thread, but i wanted to verify that its actually running on shutdown. Can someone explain to me how I can do this? Im assuming i need to remove the graphical interface so i can see what the output is at shutdown? http://askubuntu.com/questions/105266/upstart-jobs-and-init-d-scripts-not-launching03:24
fobelxanyone know where to get multiarch packages for libboost_serialization?03:24
GhjnutBashing-om: Thanks a ton, was going to try to wing it but decided to come in for reinforcements when apt didn't seem to be covering it03:24
ghsI'm with problems with the Ubuntu 14.04. Nobody still not me helped. The AskUbuntu.com too not can me help with this issue. Some said that is hardware, but, can't to be, however, the Ubuntu 12.04 works perfectly. I need of support special.03:24
GhjnutBashing-om: So how do avoid hitting this point in the future? apt-get autoremove more frequently?03:24
truth I am using 14.04 and I am trying to edit the nautilus context menu to change the "move to rubbish bin" to "delete"  I would be thankful if anyone could help or point me to a resource that could help me.03:25
Guest85950wow several reboots helped it fix its self03:25
syeekickwhere are the right click context menus in nautilus config files? 14.0403:25
sontek_Hey, I just installed ubuntu 14.04 and when I full screen terminal it goes underneath the bar on the left.  Other apps like chrome and xchat don't do this03:25
Bashing-omGhjnut: Uh huh, 2 heads are always better than one. Just remmeber where it came from, and pass it along.03:25
truth@syeekick I dont know, if I knew I could edit them no problem.03:26
Bashing-omGhjnut: Yep, 'till ya get to 13.10 + ( autoremove then removes those old kernels), just 'df -h ' some times. Keep an eye on things.03:27
=== Guest85950 is now known as whoever
syeekickanyone know?03:28
nahtnamIm back.03:29
nahtnamIt didnt work.03:29
Bashing-omGhjnut: Keep.n an eye on things -> sudo du -sx * | sort -n , du -h /<dir> | sort -nr | less <- for large directories.03:29
nahtnamI checked everything on the "Previous Version" and they all lead to 14.0403:30
nahtnamRecap of what happened. I was updating from 12.04 to 14.04. My computer froze. I had to restart. Now it boots into 14.04 and when I type in my login details, it just takes me back to the login page (loop).03:31
holsteinnahtnam: can you login as another user?03:31
nahtnamholstein: I only have 1 user03:31
syeekickwhere are the right click context menus in nautilus config files? 14.04 where the values "move to waste basket, copy etc" are held03:31
holsteinnahtnam: sure.. make one, and try it03:31
ubottusyeekick: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/03:31
nahtnamholstein: How can I make one if I cant login?03:31
Ben64nahtnam: can you get to console? CTRL+ALT+F103:31
nahtnamBen64: Ill try.03:31
nahtnamIll be back03:31
holsteinnahtnam: many ways.. i would do it from a consol.. "sudo adduser03:31
nahtnamin a min03:31
holstein!tty | nahtnam03:32
ubottunahtnam: To get to the TTY terminals 1-6, use the keystroke ctrl + alt + F1-F6 respectively (Alt+F7 will get you back to your graphical login).  To change the resolution for your TTY, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ChangeTTYResolution03:32
syeekickok :)03:32
syeekickjust thought i'd reiterate03:32
holsteinnahtnam: there is also the guest user.. if you can login as another user, then the issue is in your users config, not the system03:32
nahtnamOk, ill be back03:32
nahtnam_hey guys. loging in as another user doesn't work!03:34
nahtnam_I have 12.04 and 14.04 CDs. is it possible to recover from that?03:35
=== JCM83 is now known as tex83
holsteinnahtnam: i would just fresh install.. but please elaboarte about what "doesnt works "about the new user03:35
cfhowlettholstein elaborate?03:35
holsteincfhowlett: thanks!03:36
nahtnam_holstein:  when I login, it shows some terminal style text. then it just takes me back to the login screen.03:36
nahtnam_its too fast to read03:36
Paulus68since I'm on limited harddrive space on SSD (120 gig) I would like to find a way to backup my home on a daily base(which is perfect possible with grsync or deja dub but would also like to move all the items if the size of the folder is bigger then lests say 50 gig and if possible with a logfile03:36
holsteinnahtnam_: just backup your data, and fresh install 14.0403:36
=== nahtnam_ is now known as nahtnam
nahtnamholstein:  any other way?03:37
nahtnamthat would be my last resort.03:37
holsteinnahtnam: sure.. literally *anything* you care to try03:37
GhjnutBashing-om: (or anyone else) I'm a little leery of the do-release-upgrade, should I just hold off and do clean install?03:37
nahtnamis it possible to recover through a love cd?03:37
Paulus68Ghjnut: do a fresh install it's always better03:37
holsteinnahtnam: a fresh install takes me about 8 minutes, so, messing about eith whatever you broke interrupting the update would be my last resort03:37
holsteinnahtnam: a fresh install and back can be done with the.. cd thus, "CD recovery"03:38
holsteinnahtnam: i would try, from the terminal "sudo apt-get update" and see if any errors or messages are presented03:38
nahtnamholstein: I don't want to backup hundreds l03:38
nahtnamof gigs03:39
nahtnamwell 122 gigs03:39
johndropperI still cant get my software center to launch03:39
holsteinnahtnam: you'll lose it when the hard drive fails, so you need to back it up sometime.. might as well be now03:39
truthThanks anyway for the help guys, it's not a big deal I will just live with it.03:39
johndropperhere is what it says http://paste.ubuntu.com/7304230/    anybody got an idea here?03:40
minimecjohndropper: Sorry to hear that. I gues I cannot help you further then.03:40
nahtnamholstein:  ok. :(03:40
johndropperminimec: history is i deleted a app called cairo. when I was deleting that I deleted some files named cairo and since then software center will not lauch03:41
holsteinjohndropper: you are up to date with upgrades?03:41
holsteinjohndropper: how did you break it in relationg to cario?03:41
shawnbon206does nyone know much about the radeon driver?03:41
johndropperI have no clue03:41
holstein!ati | shawnbon20603:41
ubottushawnbon206: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto03:41
Bashing-omGhjnut: Welp, that is a personal choice. My stem is all tweaked out, set up just absolutely fine. Doing a clean install to that next release is a lot like burying my closest friend.03:41
johndropperthats what I get when I try to start software center03:42
GhjnutBashing-om: Also, thought you might want to see this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7304234/ Looks like when it ran out of space it did some mounting voodoo03:42
veturi__johndropper, you probably need that cairo module then?03:42
Paulus68_nahtnam: you have 2 possibilities either do a fresh install which you parently not quiet fond of doing or buy a second harddrive do a fresh install of ubuntu on that one and use drive where those 122 gigs are installed on as second drive03:42
Bashing-omstem/system *03:42
johndropperhow tho?03:42
johndropperveturi: how do i get that module03:42
holsteinjohndropper: id say, undo what you did.. if you removed system files03:42
veturi__johndropper, sudo apt-get install python-cairo03:42
Bashing-omGhjnut: Look'n at /7304234/ .03:42
GhjnutBashing-om: I follow, this is more of a hack-machine for trying new stuff out so it's sometimes nice to clean it out03:42
shawnbon206http://www.x.org/wiki/RadeonFeature/#index2h2 specifically which option is more likely to correct tearing in regular videos (not 3d applications)03:43
veturi__johndropper, or sudo apt-get install python3-cairo03:43
shawnbon206i already read the entire page, its still not clear which one i should try, thats why i was asking if someone had experience03:43
johndropperpython3-cairo is already the newest version03:44
Paulus68_since I'm on limited harddrive space on SSD (120 gig) I would like to find a way to backup my home on a daily base(which is perfect possible with grsync or deja dub) but would also like to move all the items if the size of the folder is bigger then lests say 50 gig and if possible with a logfile03:44
GhjnutBashing-om: Sorry, completely disregard that df. That was from my host machine (got terminals messed up)03:44
Bashing-omGhjnut: "/dev/sr0                  7.7G  7.7G     0 100% /media/ghjnut/D3C1.0.0 " ?? That is the dvd .03:44
GhjnutBashing-om: That would have been some kind of voodoo going on :D03:44
nahtnamPaulus68_: the problem is that I have MySQL DBS and I dont know where they are stored.03:44
=== Paulus68_ is now known as Paulus68
johndropperveturi: got any other ideas?03:45
minimecjohndropper: Well I guess that was the 'cairo dock'. That's why I suggested to delete the 'software-center' folder in .config. maybe the software-center was aware of that software (and saved that in the configuration), and would have been able to display additional things on the cairo-dock 'bar'. Also that's why I whated to be sure that all the dependencies are setup correctly (reinstall ubuntu-desktop).03:45
crocketHow do I find packages whose versions include "saucy"?03:46
crocketI just upgraded to trusty.03:46
Bashing-omcrocket: -> http://packages.ubuntu.com/ .03:47
crocketBashing-om, I need to search packages installed on my system.03:47
johndropperminimec: i did the first two of what you just suggested. Whats this reinstall ubuntu-desktop?03:47
minimeccrocket: All you need is available on the packages.ubuntu.com site. You can search packages and check versions...03:47
Paulus68nahtnam: if you are using mysql dbs the default location would be here /var/lib/mysql/*.*03:47
crocketminimec, I need to search packages that have "saucy" in its versions on "my system".03:47
johndropperminimec: tell me a 1 2 3 step process and i will do just that03:48
nahtnamkk thanks.03:48
crocketinstalled packages.03:48
minimecjohndropper: 'sudo apt-get install --reinstall ubuntu-desktop'03:48
johndropperminimec: so just do that now?03:48
minimecjohndropper: yes. It should fix missing dependencies for a default ubuntu installation.03:48
Bashing-omcrocket: Package manager to the rescue . Lookin for packages -> dpkg -l <package_name> <- .03:49
johndropperminimec: ok one sec03:49
silv3r_m00nhi there03:49
crocketBashing-om, dpkg -l doesn't search in version strings.03:49
silv3r_m00ni had a few ppa and 3rd party repositories added, after upgrading to ubuntu 14.04, now do i need to manually edit them to change from saucy to trusty ?03:49
kupo_how do you change them to trusty? i figured you just had to wait03:50
Bashing-omcrocket: Uhm .. there be a problem, as the system tracks by version mumber, the 'saucy' is to be human readable, I think.03:50
johndropperminimec: I did what you said just now and nothing. Here is what I get when I run software-center03:50
shawnbon206holstein http://hastebin.com/tozadihafa.coffee03:50
johndropperjustin@justin-HP:/$ software-center03:50
johndropperTraceback (most recent call last):03:51
johndropper  File "/usr/bin/software-center", line 128, in <module>03:51
johndropper    from softwarecenter.ui.gtk3.app import SoftwareCenterAppGtk303:51
johndropper  File "/usr/share/software-center/softwarecenter/ui/gtk3/app.py", line 106, in <module>03:51
unopastejohndropper you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted03:51
crocketBashing-om, How do I search local packages by version string?03:51
shawnbon206holstein: thats what the link you posted to me said to do if i wanted help from the community, it told me to run that command and paste it03:51
johndropperminimec: no go03:52
crocketHow do I find local packages that don't belong to any registered repository?03:52
johndropperminimec: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7304264/03:52
crocketI just removed some PPA repositories that contained installed packages.03:52
crocketI need to track those packages and remove them.03:53
minimecjohndropper: Again... Sorry to hear that. I am running out of ideas...03:53
johndropperminimec: was I suppose to delete the .config/software-center and then do reinstall desktop?03:53
Bashing-omcrocket: Think'n, and Nothing comes to mind. Tracking is done in '/var/lib/dpkg/status' , /var/cache/apt/archives/ , /var/lib/dpkg/info/ ...mostly.03:56
minimecjohndropper: It wount help, I guess. Reinstalling ubuntu-desktop should reinstall missing dependencies. I am surprised that this doesn't help. Reinstalling ubuntu-desktop did not reinstall additional software, right? As last option you could try to 'sudo dpkg-reconfigure software-center', but a 'reinstall' of ubuntu-desktop should have done it.03:57
shawnbon206how can i reduce tearing on videos using FOSS radeon driver? i already read the entire man page, its still not clear which one i should try, thats why i am asking if someone had experience. for example, the description for sync-to-v-blank made it sound like it was only useful for 3d applications. I dont know if video players are considered 3d applications or not?03:58
shawnbon206obviously its not crysis 3 ^03:58
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igoryonyais there any way to limit the processor usage for some program, like give it some kind of time share, not using nice with the maximum niceness, like 20, but, for example, give it a 30% of the cpu power, as possible on a virtual machine. So, for example if I my processor is 2Ghz, and I want to allocate only 600Mhz of the cycles  to FireFox, I would run firefox with that comman.04:00
=== sz0 is now known as sz0`
shawnbon206looks like vsync is already turned on04:01
Bashing-omcrocket: If you know the applications name -> cat /var/lib/dpkg/info/<application_name>.list <- gives what was installed by the package and where.04:01
shawnbon206glxgears showing 60fps04:01
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CrazyZurferhey guys.. how is nvidia optimus suppor in ubuntu 14.04? is bumblebee or nvidia prime needed?04:01
boomproCrazyZurfer: gt nvidia prime04:02
boompronot bumble04:02
boomproprime support ubuntu04:02
nahtnamHello. Im in live CD mode right now. How can I access another ubuntu partition and compress it? It says I dont have permission04:03
nahtnamI need to backup my data and save it onto another partition04:03
minimecigoryonya: Imagine four people in a car and then you want that one person is driven 60km/h and the others 120km/h... Do you think it is possible. That doesn't seem possible IMHO. BUt I might be wrong...04:04
crocketBashing-om, I don't know the application names.04:06
boomproanybody ask me, whether is anywhere ppa with php 5.4 for ubuntu 14.04 ?04:06
boomproanybody tell me, whether is anywhere ppa with php 5.4 for ubuntu 14.04 ?04:06
somsip!php5 | boompro04:06
somsip!info php5 | boompro04:06
ubottuboompro: php5 (source: php5): server-side, HTML-embedded scripting language (metapackage). In component main, is optional. Version 5.5.9+dfsg-1ubuntu4 (trusty), package size 1 kB, installed size 29 kB04:06
boomproubottu: i need 5.4 not 5.504:06
ubottuboompro: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:06
somsip!ppa | boompro (try ondrej PPA)04:07
ubottuboompro (try ondrej PPA): A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge04:07
shawnbon206how can i reduce tearing on videos using FOSS radeon driver? i already read the entire man page, its still not clear which one i should try, thats why i am asking if someone had experience. for example, the description for sync-to-v-blank made it sound like it was only useful for 3d applications. I dont know if video players are considered 3d applications or not? also i am getting this message in dmesg which04:07
shawnbon206says "radeon invalid rom contents" but when i search for this it is usually people complaining about black screen and also most of the explinations for my hardware state efi mode as the blame and nomodeset as the solution, but i'm not using efi04:07
boomprosomsip: onrej have php5.4 only 12.04 ( don't have for trusty04:07
johndropperminimec: would you be willing to teamview me and see if you can fix the prob04:08
CrazyZurferboompro: Ok.. Nvidia-Prime installed.. now what can I do to use my video card?04:08
johndropperMinimec: i can provide ssh access if youd like04:10
Paulus68I would like to check all files in a folder if they exceed 1MB to move them to a different folder how do I achieve this?04:10
=== flos|mtg is now known as flos_afk
minimecjohndropper: As I told you... I am running out of ideas... and I would never give ssh access to a stranger... ;)04:11
johndropperminimec: lol i dont care. I can kill access if i need to.04:11
boomproCrazyZurfer: sudo apt-get install nvidia-331 nvidia-settings nvidia-prime and reboot04:11
Bashing-omcrocket: Needle in a hay stack ? .. If It were me, I would run -> sudo apt-get update , sudo apt-get upgrade <- and see what the package manager hollers about; start fixing !.04:11
somsipPaulus68: example here http://stackoverflow.com/questions/22518166/bash-moving-a-group-of-files-of-a-certain-size-with-grep-awk-and-xargs04:11
boomprobefore install prime sudo apt-get purge bumblebee* bbswitch-dkms04:12
boomproCrazyZurfer: before install prime: sudo apt-get purge bumblebee* bbswitch-dkms04:13
johndropperminimec: thanks for the help04:13
CrazyZurferI think it's werid that nvidia doesn't offer fully real native support04:13
minimecjohndropper: No problem.04:14
Bashing-omPaulus68: Maybe something lije this ? -> sudo find / -type f -size +1G -exec du -h {} \; 2>/dev/null | sort -hr | head -n 10 <- .04:15
jimbersHow do I check which video driver I have installed?04:15
Paulus68Bashing-om: where the /dev/null/ is the new location ?04:16
Bashing-omjimbers: Terminal command -> sudo lshw- C display <- is one way .04:17
boomproCrazyZurfer: Yesterday I installed on Samsung RV511 <NP-RF511-S02> there forced to select which video card to use in the settings Nvidia settings04:17
johndropperI cant figure this out04:17
Paulus68Bashing-om: I'd use sudo lshw>lshw.txt04:18
jimberslubuntu@lubuntu:~$ sudo lshw- C display04:19
jimberssudo: lshw-: command not found04:19
Bashing-omPaulus68: That sequces hunts up all files greater than 1G and all advisories are sent to the bit bucket (/dev/null) the result is printed to screen.04:19
igoryonyais there any way to limit the processor usage procentagewise for some program, like firefox, for example, so I could launch that program and it will not be able to use more then, for example, 40% of the CPU speed.04:19
jimbersthats a lower case L right?04:19
bazhangjimbers, l as in list04:20
CrazyZurferboompro: that is asked when you boot or just asked once and stayed for ever?04:20
Paulus68Bashing-om: the general idea here is to find files bigger then size x and mv them to a second hd so that my ssd(of 120 gig) doesn't get to full04:21
Bashing-omPaulus68: That "lshw > lshw.txt" qould also work, with lots and lots of unwanted output.04:21
minimecjimbers: "cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | grep LoadModule" would give you the drivers used by the xserver right now.04:22
Paulus68Bashing-om: true but at least you are able to look at more comfortably then when it's scrolling over the display( or you have to pipe it offcourse)04:22
Bashing-omPaulus68: Well, I am sure some one who really knows their bash could craft it up. The above will list those files and from that you would have to manually move them.04:23
shawnbon206ok, here we go again: i am experiencing severe tearing in videos even though vsync is on (judging by the 60fps in glxgears) and power profile is on high. i had a message in dmesg which might be related, "invalid rom contents", but searching on the internet only brought up issues which strongly seemed unrelated04:24
boomproCrazyZurfer: he asks which setting to use, just enter the settings Nvidia choose and remain on the new setup, but I think that a reboot is necessary in any case to switch, even though the settings said that simply make logoff04:24
jimbersUsing  paulus68 way I got a line that says PCI (sysfs)04:24
minimecjimbers: Well that's only partly true, but it gives you a good hint.04:24
CrazyZurferboompro: okay, thanks.. i'm going to reboot now to apply changes... I'll thell you later how everything goes...04:24
boomproà ðóñè÷è åñòü? ))04:24
ghsThe Ubuntu 12.04 will be supported until when ?04:24
Bashing-omPaulus68: Run the -> sudo lshw -C display <- and see for youtself, compact and obly what you need to know in that context.04:25
Paulus68jimbers: and now you have to look for a file named lshw.txt in your home dir and open it with gedit04:25
boomproCrazyZurfer: ok04:25
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Paulus68Bashing-om: ok will do when I'm back on my linux machine thanks for the input04:25
wickedheadachecan you mount a virtual disk in ubuntu, that was / is ntfs?04:26
jimbersusing xchat is there a way to copy text? I can highlight it, but when I right click, I don't see the option of copying04:26
dastaanctrl + c04:26
Beldarjimbers, highlighting puts on the clip board to be pasted.04:26
jimbersdastaan ah, thanks04:27
jimbersOk, I found the lshw file, but I'm not sure what all this means. I'm just trying to figure out if my video driver is version number 96.43.1904:30
roastedHello friends. I have a system here that resumes immediately after going into suspend mode about 50% of the time. Has anybody seen that on 14.04?04:31
minimecroasted: That's a 'failsave' behaviour. One of your hardware compnents does not suspend correctly, so the system does not suspend. Famous candidates are... Wifi, Bluetooth, Some USB devices.04:33
roastedminimec: yeah - that's what I read. I enabled WOL on the device since, well, I wanted WOL, and now it happens...04:33
roastedminimec: then again I do have a wireless keyboard attached.04:33
roastedminimec: do you know of any fixes off the top of you rhead while I google further?04:34
minimecroasted: I would try to eliminate possibilities. Try to suspend once with bluetooth disabled, then wifi disabled, then without external devices. If it fails, check /var/log/messeges or /var/log/syslog04:36
RakkoI have a gigabit ethernet card and Ubuntu only ever sets it to 100Mbps. Ethtool reports failure when I try to change it. Is that likely due merely to a lack of 1000Mbit support in the Linux driver, or is there something else I'm missing?04:37
minimecroasted: /var/log/messages ... sorry04:37
roastedminimec: thing is, if I had to bet my life on it, it'd likely be from WOL since I just enabled it and now this started.04:37
roastedminimec: but I *want* WOL, hence the :(04:37
minimecroasted: Now you wil explain me what WOL means ;)04:38
roastedminimec: wake on lan04:38
minimecroasted: Got it ;)04:38
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rootcitrix, hii04:39
=== root is now known as Guest27493
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roastedminimec: lot of people reporting this script works well... trying it out now - http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=197829004:40
roasted....didn't work on 14.0404:42
rubikumy CRDA is set to SG (singapore) when I actually live in AU (Australia), I can set it to AU by 'iw reg AU' but it changes itself back after a while. Whats going on?04:43
uwotmateit's probably not the right channel but my keyboard loses 3 shift combinations together with few others, S-d S-f S-g S-k and S-+ . Xev for example recognizes modifier and letter but not the combination. Any help ?04:48
abhraubuntu 14.04 could not recognize ethernet over usb facility of huawei e355.any idea about solving it?here is a bug report about this - https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1309054. though it has mentioned about xubuntu 14.04, but it is true for ubuntu as well.04:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1309054 in modemmanager (Ubuntu) "huawei E355 usb router not working properly in xubuntu 14.04" [Undecided,New]04:48
wickedheadachewhy is my ubuntu not burning an iso with a dvdrw to cdrw disc?04:48
Ben64wickedheadache: could you explain that more thoroughly?04:52
wickedheadachei've been trying to burn from a dvd rw drive to a cdrw thinking it's supported04:53
wickedheadachemost don't work or tell me to enable unsafe options04:53
Ben64the image is probably bigger than the cd can hold04:54
wickedheadacheit doesn't seem to write,  at all04:55
rubiku_my CRDA is set to SG (singapore) when I actually live in AU04:55
rubiku_(Australia), I can set it to AU by 'iw reg AU' but it changes itself04:55
rubiku_back after a while. Whats going on?04:55
rubiku_I disconnected because of my bad connection sorry for asking again ;-;04:56
uwotmate my keyboard loses 3 shift combinations together with few others, S-d S-f S-g S-k and S-+ . Xev for example recognizes modifier and letter but not the combination. Any help ?04:56
uwotmatewat cud be causing this ... seriously04:57
wickedheadachebad keyboard or crap in the way04:57
uwotmatebut if it was keyboard xev wouldnt recognize shift and the letters04:58
wickedheadachethats your problem right?04:59
uwotmatei have others but lets focus on this one04:59
CrazyZurferboompro: everything worked just fine, thank you very much ;)05:10
boomproCrazyZurfer: íå çà ÷òî ))) not at all ))05:11
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KarmahackerHi all im having problem with starting gnome-session   anyone have idea where to dig?   Thank you !   WARNING: Session 'gnome-classic' runnable check failed: Child process exited with code 105:21
berendKarmahacker: /var/log/Xorg.0.log05:26
Karmahackerberend i didn't have it (05:27
Kuverawhy am i opening up links with ubuntu web browser from irc client when i have default applications set to firefox for web?05:28
Kuverais it in my irc client settings?05:29
=== zz_nhayashi is now known as nhayashi
dastaanmust be05:31
dastaanworks fine for me05:31
johndropperminimac: i fixed the prob by uninstalling ubuntu all together05:33
johndropperprob fixed and lesson leared05:33
johndropperminimac: thanks05:34
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Kuveradastaan: hmmmm05:35
Kuveradastaan: i will deal with it later must be in irc client settings or just need to restart system maybe05:36
Kuverai bet that is it05:36
Kuverai haven not rebooted since install of konversation05:37
=== Br1ghts1e is now known as br1ghts1de
KuveraUBUNTu just works.05:37
Prometeohey, 1 q pls, wha'ts the command to see channel list?05:37
Kuverathanks Canonical for 14.0405:37
rwwubottu: alis | Prometeo05:38
ubottuPrometeo: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*05:38
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Kuveraand yes i did dontate. all be it not that much. still ... i did dontate, and look foward to the next gen Ubuntu Phone. will buy the second version hopefully 2016?05:39
ubottuThe Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD05:39
mtozsesI upgraded to 14.04 yesterday, and it failed to start the X server on reboot. any ideas?05:41
KuveraUbuntu tweak works on 14.04 if you jsut point it to saucy05:41
Kuveraanyway thanks Canonical and cheers guys!05:42
mtozseshelp me guys?05:44
radioboyQHi there! After careful Googleing and face pounding my keyboard, I have been unable to find a iso for 32 bit PowerPC in the Server edition.  Do any you have a link?05:44
radioboyQVersion 10.0405:44
radioboyQthats an important part05:44
mtozsessomebody ban sbattey please05:44
farbodi have problem!!!05:45
farbodhelp me05:45
mtozsesradioboyQ: good luck. 10.04 is not supported anymore05:45
mtozsesfarbod: loose the excessive !05:45
farbodi need a good internet download manager05:46
radioboyQYeah I noticed that lol, any of you have an ISO laying around that you wouldnt mind sharing?05:46
mtozsesno, sorry05:46
Mikerhinoswtf, have a kernel update but can't get it because of a 404 error05:47
radioboyQhrm darn05:47
radioboyQWell thank you for your help05:47
farbodwich one of the internet download manager is the best?05:47
MikerhinosErr http://fr.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ trusty-updates/main linux-headers-generic amd64
Mikerhinos  404  Not Found [IP : 80]05:47
rwwMikerhinos: your update mirror probably isn't fully synced. switch to a different one or just wait a few hours05:47
farbodanswer me05:47
mtozsesfarbod: loose the attidute05:48
farbodwich one of the internet download manager is the best?05:48
rwwlose *05:48
mtozseslose, yeah05:48
mtozsesfarbod: I use jdownloader myself05:48
rwwradioboyQ: I was poking around http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ trying to find one, but that server's being ridiculously slow for some reason right now05:49
mtozses!best | farbod05:49
rwwradioboyQ: but if it exists, it'd be there, old-releases.ubuntu.com, or releases.ubuntu.com05:49
rwwradioboyQ: (depending on how supported it was when 10.04 came out)05:49
mtozsesheh, I thought this existed05:49
farbod<mtozses> is it ok?05:49
rwwmtozses: we got rid of it because it didn't tend to add anything useful05:50
farbodhow can i use aria205:50
xanguarww: you are getting rid of everything just like gnome :'(05:50
farbodhow can i use aria2?05:51
Mikerhinosrww: switched to the main server and it did the job, thx05:51
thomson21when installing ubuntu, if i have a previous install of ubuntu on my drive with my partition scheme using three partitions. when it comes to the installation type, if i select erase ubuntu 13.10 and reinstall, will that erase everything on all three partitions, keep those partitions and install ubuntu 14.04 exactly how i had ubuntu 13.10 set up with my three partitions?05:51
mtozsesI upgraded to 14.04 yesterday, and it failed to start the X server on reboot. any ideas?05:51
rigvedrypervenche: hi05:51
radioboyQYeah I was looking around on there, but the server was super slow. I guess someone is downloading all the PowerPC 10.04 ISOs right now lol05:51
radioboyQill keep looking05:51
farbodsomeone answere me05:51
rigvedrypervenche: it worked after a reboot correctly. thanks for your help!05:51
farbodanswer meeee05:52
mtozsesfarbod: use the magic word05:52
farbodwhat is it?05:52
farbodhow to use magic word?05:53
Jordan_Uthomson21: I wouldn't count on that happening.05:53
=== resoluti1ns is now known as resolutions
Prometeosup guys05:53
mtozsesfarbod: everybody has a different definition for "best". "best" is what works for you05:54
mtozsesfarbod: and the magic word is "please"05:54
rwwmtozses: I thought it was sudo05:55
mtozsesdoes anyone else have GNOME issues after upgrading to 14.04?05:55
farbodplease someone help me about witch one of the download manager is the best?05:55
Prometeoomg, long time away from mirc, and when i turn back, it's a kaoz05:55
c0deassalamu alaikum wr.wb05:55
=== c0de is now known as Guest82391
bazhangfarbod, there is not  a best. use which ever you like05:55
mtozsesrww: that's good for forcing someone to make you a sandwich05:55
rwwGuest82391: something we can help you with?05:55
farbodplease say me witch one of the download manager you use?05:56
thomson21Jordan_U: ok, so best to select the "something else" option and do it myself?05:56
rwwfarbod: firefox05:56
mtozsesfarbod: your best bet is google and compare05:56
mtozsesdoes anyone else have GNOME issues after upgrading to 14.04?05:56
radioboyQand, for my super n00b question, how do i do the fancy username in the chat? <radioboyQ>rww:  < making that happen.  I dont IRC often lol05:56
farbodwitch one of the  internet download manager you use?(not something like firefox and chrumiom)05:57
rwwradioboyQ: you just type the person's nick as shown. or on most clients you can start the nick and then press the tab key05:57
rwwradioboyQ: e.g. I just typed r<tab> then05:57
Prometeolol, i have so many questions, i have no clue where it starts05:58
rwwfarbod: don't take polls in the channel, please. If you have an actual technical support question, let's stick with that05:58
radioboyQrww ah ha?05:58
rwwradioboyQ: that works05:58
farbodplease tell me how can i use aria2?05:59
radioboyQsweet! :D05:59
radioboyQThank you!05:59
rwwfarbod: have you tried using it? did you have problems with it? if so, what?05:59
farbodyes i install it but i dont know how can i use it!!!!!06:00
radioboyQAnywho, thank you guys!06:00
farbodyes i install it but i dont know how can i use it!!!!!06:01
rwwfarbod: open terminal, run aria2c http://path.to/file/here.ext06:01
mtozsesfarbod: what don't you know how to use?06:01
Karmahackerberend  i have only syslog record  https://gist.github.com/anonymous/02a4b22ed4329c4b9a7a06:01
mtozsesI upgraded to 14.04 yesterday, and it failed to start the X server on reboot. any ideas?06:01
mtozses*sigh* brb06:02
berendKarmahacker: fatal IO error doens't look too good....06:02
berendKarmahacker: can you run other window managers?06:02
berendmtozses: /var/log/Xorg.0.log06:03
Karmahackerberend  which one ?06:03
dabblerI'm trying to upgrade from 10.04 to 12.04, but i do not want to update mysql-server to a newer version yet. Ive "held" the currently installed version in apt, but the distribution upgrade tool says it will remove that mysql-server package anyway.06:12
dabblerHow can I get it to keep its hands off that package?06:12
rwwOne of the points of update-manager is to make sure that your system stays in a consistant supported state. Mix and matching versioning from different Ubuntu versions isn't supported, so it doesn't have a facility for doing that.06:14
PrometeoIs there any chance to use mirc with Tor?06:15
rwwPrometeo: Yes, you'd need to use the Tor-SASL hidden service. Ask #freenode for help.06:16
dabblerrww: Is there a way to override it? I'm simply trying to follow the upgrade instructions for mysql-server and they may conflict with that behavior.06:18
rwwdabbler: Not that I know of, no.06:19
rwwdabbler: You could probably edit sources.list and upgrade that way, but that isn't supported here either, so you're on your own with that06:19
dabblerrww: This behavior basically means Ubuntu isn't suitable for a database server. You can't just upgrade the server version willy nilly or you'll corrupt your database.06:20
mtozsesi need help06:21
rwwdabbler: stopping the server, upgrading it, and starting it back up again isn't going to corrupt your database, unless your database engine sucks or you're doing something highly irregular06:21
dabblerrww: and I can't upgrade the db first because the more recent versions aren't in the repos for 10.0406:21
mtozsesafter upgrading to 14.04, i can't get x anymore06:22
PrometeoWhat about freednode channel? It said, that is a general support channel, but they don't do something06:22
rwwPrometeo: well, this is an Ubuntu support channel, so we don't do IRC help. It's a bit quiet in #freenode at this time of night, but that is the right place for help with freenode's Tor HS.06:23
mtozsesPrometeo: #freenode is network help channel, hence the name06:23
whynawtmehow can i tell ubuntu to stop managing a package (but leave it installed)?06:23
rwwwhynawtme: "stop managing" means what, specifically?06:24
mtozses!pin | whynawtme06:24
ubottuwhynawtme: pinning is an advanced feature that APT can use to prefer particular packages over others. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto06:24
whynawtmeit no longer shows up if a newer version is in the repos when you issue a: apt-get dist-upgrade06:24
rwwwhynawtme: yep, you're looking for pinning then. See ubottu's link.06:24
whynawtmethanks yeah this looks like what i'm looking for06:25
mtozsesrww: can you help me with my issue?06:25
rwwmtozses: nope, or I would have replied to you :)06:25
=== s7x is now known as sta7ic
dabblerrww: Okay, yes, I can upgrade mysql-server without dumping to SQL, but only between "adjacent" versions, according to mysql. I can't let it uninstall the current version unless I know the next version will be available in the repo for 12.04. I guess I'll have to check the online package index against the mysql update instructions.06:26
dabblerrww: It would be nice to be able to not have to tackle updating the OS and the database server at the same time.06:27
rwwdabbler: if mysql wants you to do something that update-manager doesn't want to do, then we're not going to support it and you'd need to talk to the mysql folks, unfortunately06:27
rwwI understand your issue, but that's how it goes in here06:28
* henry_ pins a gold star on rww06:28
rwwAll I can say is that if there are actually problems going from mysql in 10.04 to 12.04, that'd warrant a bug report against mysql-server in Launchpad.06:28
dabblerrww: alright, thanks06:29
Prometeosrry guys, is there any channel for noobs in mirc like me? I have some questions, and i havent found something in google06:36
mtozseswhen i hit alt+ctrl+f7, the last line is Starting TiMidity ALSA midi emulation06:41
=== mtozses is now known as suigeneris
igoryonyais there any way to limit the processor usage procentagewise for some program, like firefox, for example, so I could launch that program and it will not be able to use more then, for example, 40% of the CPU speed.06:43
foofoobarHi. Is it possible to let some services be startable for users which are not root?06:45
foofoobarCurrently I have to do something like "sudio service mongodb start" every time. I would like to make this service stop/startable by a normal user.06:45
syeekickis it possible to extract an .iso of ubntu to an external drive while still using a os?06:46
rwwsyeekick: which OS?06:46
suigenerissyeekick: you can use dd on linux06:47
suigeneris!dd | syeekick06:47
rwwwell yeah, but I'm assuming the answer is "Windows" :P06:47
syeekickso i dd an iso of ubntu onto an external drive i plug that drive in and its a fully fledged ubntu ready to go?06:48
AleksanderHello, how can I stop / roll back unfinished do-release-upgrade? I've stopped at downloading packages, as I've seen some of them in the unstable versions, and I'd like to roll back to 13.1006:48
syeekickready to operate06:48
mikeche1enigoryonya: check out http://cpulimit.sourceforge.net/ ?06:48
suigenerisrww: this is mtozses, the guy with the x server problem. when do you think someone who can help me would come in?06:48
rwwsyeekick: yep, assuming you're using an OS with dd. If not, there are instructions underneath the purple box on http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop06:48
rwwsuigeneris: no idea, I don't keep track of which of our regulars know what, unfortunately06:49
syeekickor is that impossible because it has to build against the hard ware06:49
=== Mars is now known as Guest43211
rwwsyeekick: it'll work fine. I dd Ubuntu to ISO frequently.06:49
Guest43211I need help06:49
rwwerm, from ISO06:49
Guest43211need help06:49
rwwAleksander: check that /etc/apt/sources.list mentions saucy and not trusty, and you should be all set. it doesn't really do much until after downloading06:49
syeekickto a usb hard drive, then you can boot from the hdd06:50
Guest43211Need help06:50
Aleksanderrww, thank you :)06:50
suigeneriswhen i hit alt+ctrl+f7, the last line is Starting TiMidity ALSA midi emulation06:50
=== Mohammad is now known as Guest64655
aguitelhow remove all kde traces and then install ubuntu ?06:51
Aleksanderaguitel, apt-get purge kde kubuntu-desktop06:51
Aleksanderaguitel, apt-get install ubuntu-desktop06:52
aguitelAleksander, i will try06:52
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=== MallowMarsy is now known as MarsyMallow
syeekickanyone installed ubuntu on a cubie truck aka cubie board 3?06:54
davidoSeems like the 14.10 upgrade repositories are a bit overloaded atm. :)06:56
rww14.04 or 14.10?06:56
rwweither way, yes :)06:56
davido14.04... sorry.06:56
davidoI assume it's nothing that waiting a day or two won't cure.06:57
slyrusany suggestions on what to do if one's nvidia drivers don't work after trusty upgrade?06:59
Nothing_Muchslyrus: You mightneed to update the drivers07:00
Nothing_MuchBecause the proprietary drivers need to be compiled every time you install a new kernel07:00
Nothing_MuchBut that's easy with the update manager07:00
sta7icslyrus: did you install proprietary drivers from nvidia beforehand?07:00
davidoEnable proprietary repos again, perhaps.07:01
slyrusNothing_Much: can I do that from apt-get?07:01
sta7icslyrus: in my experience, it depends if you used the download from nvidia website vrs repo07:01
slyrushrm... Ok. Can't remember what I did, tbh.07:02
slyrusit had been a while.07:02
Nothing_Muchslyrus: Yes you can, you just need to know what the package name for the nvidia drivers are07:02
sta7icslyrus: try it through repos first, then worst case scenario, force un-install from cmd line if you used package from nvidia itselt07:02
davidoI remember when I upgraded to 13.10 I suddenly had all sorts of wifi grief; every time my laptop went into sleep mode, resuming would fail to get the wifi going again until reboot.  Eventually a later release fixed the issue, but it makes me gunshy now.07:03
slyrusthe odd thing is that things seemed to be basically working fine after the upgrade07:03
slyrusuntil I decided to fix the dang "canberra-gtk module not found message"07:03
slyrus(ignore the misplaced quotes)07:04
slyrusafter removing the canberra-gtk packages, all of a sudden apt-get wanted to remove/update a whole mess of packages and, upon subsequent reboot, no nvidia drivers :(07:04
slyrusor no working nvidia drivers, anyway07:05
berendKarmahacker: all of them, hope it isn't your disk.07:06
ice9I need a solution to backup configuration files of different services so I can build another server/desktop same like the original one07:06
berendice9: have a look at ansible07:06
raedhello guys, How can i Mounting an Android device in Ubuntu 14.04? when i connect my note 2 i can't log to my files in ubuntu! any idea07:07
berendice9: http://docs.ansible.com/intro.html07:07
ice9berend: thanks07:07
berendice9: it's not a reply to your question, but it's how you should do these things.07:07
Paulus68I've a question concerning bash I need to have a bash script that allows me to search files > 10MB and move these files to a external HD how do I achieve this?07:08
=== zapata is now known as Guest34330
adan_hi, anyone here. do you know why my pc can't execute prebuild binary ?07:09
sta7icraed: dmesg to see what device its being mounted as (if any)07:09
berendPaulus68: man find07:09
sta7icadan_: which binary, and what error does it say07:09
adan_error is bash: ./prebuilts/gcc/linux-x86/arm/arm-linux-androideabi-4.6/bin/arm-linux-androideabi-gcc: Permission denied07:11
bazhangadan_, ubuntu arm?07:12
Bray90820Do parentheses work in grep07:12
rwwPaulus68: something along the lines of find . -type f -size +10M | xargs mv "{}" /media/external/, I think07:12
Paulus68rww: thanks07:13
berendBray90820: as part of a regular expression, yes, so use egrep/grep -r07:13
RamonaMikerhinos: i got it running, i was able to boot ubuntu from the disk drive, i just re-enabled legacy and it worked (someone told me to disable it)07:13
adan_no,  cross complier on ubunti07:13
rwwalthough that won't work with filenames with very odd characters in them, in that case investigate -print0 and its equivalent in the manpages for find and xargs07:13
adan_$ file ./prebuilts/gcc/linux-x86/arm/arm-linux-androideabi-4.6/bin/arm-linux-androideabi-gcc07:13
adan_./prebuilts/gcc/linux-x86/arm/arm-linux-androideabi-4.6/bin/arm-linux-androideabi-gcc: ELF 64-bit LSB  executable, x86-64, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked (uses shared libs), for GNU/Linux 2.6.15, BuildID[sha1]=401fe1f8fa106bcfa7fee62640d9d9749535c558, stripped07:13
bazhang#ubuntu-arm adan_07:13
sta7icPaulus68: should be lots of how to's and examples using find and xargs or exec on google07:13
MikerhinosRamona: good :)07:13
adan_the file command, says it is x86-64 executable07:14
adan_ ELF 64-bit LSB  executable, x86-64, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked (uses shared libs)07:14
Bray90820berend: then why does this not work07:14
Bray90820grep (Red|Green|Blue) password07:14
sta7icuse "07:14
sta7icand egrep07:15
Bray90820It's telling me that the ( is an unexteded token07:15
trinerokswhat are you trying to do?07:15
sta7icegrep "Red|Green|blue" password07:15
berendBray90820: I already told you what to use, and sta7ic just repeated it for you.07:15
sta7icotherwise you have to \| i think if u want to use grep07:15
Bray90820berend: ok Thanks07:16
adan_check http://www.pastebin.ca/2700559?srch=android-prebild07:16
=== basketpc is now known as jjprieto
slyruswow. this is all quite messy. what's the ELI5 version for installing the appropriate nvidia drives for trusty?07:16
berendslyrus: apt-get install nvidia ?07:16
berendelse use xorg edgers ppa07:16
adan_I don't know  why the cross complier can't be  executed?07:17
slyrusberend: nvidia 173, 180, 185, 304, 313, 319, or 331 (or 96)?07:17
slyruswhy so many versions available?07:17
berendbecause you can never have enough :-)07:18
igoryonyamikeche1en: thanx, installed, it helps, no longer will any browser put my system to a crawl :)07:18
StrangeNoisesi think because newer drivers can drop support for older cards?07:18
berendStrangeNoises: don't think so.07:18
berendObviousy older versions don't support newer cards, but nvidia keeps support for their cards for a very long time.07:18
igoryonyamikeche1en: @ least, I will use it for a while and see how it helps, thanx07:18
StrangeNoiseswell if in doubt especially on a newish card, use the newest, only consider others if there's a problem07:18
slyruswell, nvidia-current wants to install nvidia-304, which hardly seems current, but what do I know...07:19
sta7icadan_: i dont know id think sudo would work but maybe a parent dir doesnt have correct permission or sticky bit?07:19
sta7icadan_: probably something more complicated unfortunately07:20
mcnesiumafter i accidentally interrupted do-release-upgrade on my server, i did dpkg -configure -a and it finished the upgrade, but now it keeps stopping at line 18 here http://pastie.org/private/xdstkpo2sgnrhmjxlqj7xa I had it running all night, nothing happened there so i ctrl-c'd it and this is the result. any idea, whats up there? sorry for german errors07:21
mcnesiumthe error on line 19 says error at processing mdadm - how would i try to fix this?07:23
nibsi have a problem07:23
nibsi have just update my ubuntu 13.10 to 14.0407:23
nibsand when i press tab in my ssh session, it freezes07:24
nibsany help?07:24
berendnibs: you're using mdadm?07:24
berendi.e. md raid?07:24
berendremove it I suggest: apt-get remove mdadm07:25
berendthen do your dpkg configure again07:25
berendah sorry07:26
berendreplying to wrong guy07:26
adan_I  see all parent dir permission is right, but what is sticky bit ?07:26
berendmcnesium: my reply was for you, apologies.07:26
suigenerisanyone upgraded to 14.04 and failed to login to X?07:26
berendnibs: forget what I said.07:26
berendsuigeneris: heaps of people in this channel :-)07:26
mcnesiumberend: yes i do - this is a raid 1 system07:26
berendmcnesium: and crypt as well?07:27
berendhmmm, looks scary.07:27
berendyour raid array is detected? cat /proc/mdstat ?07:27
mcnesiumberend: yes, see http://pastie.org/private/nwio6zasasueq1vrdqwl7g - i have not rebooted the system yet since the interrupted do-release-upgrade07:29
slyrusreinstalled nvidia drivers and am still in low-graphics-mode. argh...07:29
berendmcnesium: hope you have a backup...07:29
berendslyrus: you rebooted I suppose?07:30
Baakohow do i uninstall teamviewer and all his dependancies?07:30
slyrusberend: yes :)07:30
mcnesiumberend: i do. think this is irreparable?07:30
berendmcnesium: weird your md raid talks about  sda2/sda3, but your crypt warning is about sda107:30
berendslyrus: try xorg edgers, perhaps newer driver works better?07:31
slyrusthat doesn't seem totally unreasonable, just completely at odds with having to explicitly remove xorg edgers (on another box) in order to upgrade to trusty in the first place07:32
berendmcnesium: it probably is, but not a problem for which I would want to give too much direction, sounds like something that can go wrong very quickly :-)07:32
berendslyrus: I suppose you don't have an /etc/X11/xorg.conf that can screw things up?07:33
slyruspossible. rerunning nvidia-xconfig now.07:33
mcnesiumberend: what do you mean, rather a broken drive than a messed up upgrade?07:33
berendand else play with nvidia-settings07:33
berendmcnesium: broken drive07:33
berendmcnesium: it's trying to install your kernel, but can't.07:34
berendso next time you boot, what would you boot?07:34
berendIt may work, may not, not sure what crypt stuff got upgraded.07:34
inpotheti need some help updateing a package when im running the livi-disk07:35
TeamNeed Help07:35
inpothetim running 12.04.1 and i need to update samba common but iw wont allow me to07:35
mcnesiumberend: so there is nothing i can do before trying to reboot?07:35
linu1hi all i try to obtain ip address for my wlan0, i used dhcp,i used "ifup wlan0"  command it shows me "Sending discover... No lease, failing" error, can you tell me what is that issues07:36
berendmcnesium: nothing I can come up with, but sure there would be things.07:36
berendthis is the last step of the process.07:36
berendso after the upgrade it installs your kernel.07:36
berendwhat if you try mdadm --configure ?07:37
slyrusoh, nvidia you're so funny. telling me I appear to be running an X server when I ssh in because your damn drivers won't run.07:37
berendhmm, the configure is obviously for dpkg07:37
TeamKoreawhere is the07:38
linu1anybody know what is the error "Sending discover... No lease, failing" in dhcp07:39
=== Vurtatoo is now known as qew
berendmcnesium: so if this is dpkg for mdadm, perhaps not the last step.07:39
mcnesiummdadm says unrecognized option '--configure'07:39
merlijn|Hi, I'm installing a new server using 14.04 - and I'm wondering how to make the ruby2.0 package the default (rather than 1.9.3 which is advertised as 1.9.1)?07:40
TeamKoreahow to create a botnet07:40
matanhow can i download a theme? i cannot download MyUnity and it is told that i need it.07:41
bazhang!ot | TeamKorea07:41
ubottuTeamKorea: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!07:41
bazhangTeamKorea, thats not supported here or on this network dont ask07:42
TeamKoreathen what channel do i have to join for hacking?07:42
bazhangTeamKorea, none07:42
afflictoAn application modified my mouse sensitivity (and acceleration) Can I reset it by restarting xinput? or maybe restarting gnome shell+07:42
TeamKoreawhy none?07:42
TeamKoreathis is a hacking zone for anonymous07:43
berendmcnesium: yeah, the --configure is coming from dpkg I think.07:44
TeamKoreaim newbie07:45
berendmatan: or download .zip and extract in /usr/share/themes or ~/.themes/07:45
berendand use unity tweak tool to select theme.07:45
TeamKoreaneed a help07:46
=== Thubo|away is now known as Thubo
=== CyberJacob is now known as CyberJacob|Away
inpothethow can i update packagese when running from live disk07:49
napcodeinpothet: you can update as usual but it won't be persistant07:50
inpothetbut it says it is the latest vesion on those packages07:50
inpothetim running the 12.04.1 lts livedisk because i need a non pea to create images from07:51
gshmuubuntu 14.04 Abnormal power 55555^^^07:52
gshmuhow to Restoration07:53
YatharthROCKI was trying to map Gnome System Monitor to a keyboard shortcut, but it wasn't working. Setting the command as `gnome-terminal -x gnome-system-monitor` did work, but left a useless terminal window open.07:59
YatharthROCKHow can I fix that? there are no command line arguments of gome-terminal to make it run without a GUI.07:59
x-osHello all! I use tinyproxy on a number of ubuntu VPSs and tinyproxy shuts itself down once or twice a day. Can anyone point me in the right direction for solving this issue?08:00
mikeche1enYatharthROCK: probably the real question is why system monitor isnt running when you execute the command directly08:00
YatharthROCKmikechelen: Yes, correct; but despite a lot of Googling, I couldn't get a straight answer.08:01
YatharthROCKThere are tons of question on AskUbuntu and some bugs on LaunchPad still left open.08:02
YatharthROCK(I'm running 14.04 LTS, which makes the bug all the more shameful for Canonical.)08:02
TeamKoreahow to disconnect to this channel?08:02
Bray90820What would this do in the terminal08:02
Bray90820grep ‘[^!?]$’ myfile08:02
qinTeamKorea: /wc08:02
YatharthROCKTeamKorea: /leave08:02
Wiz_KeeDHey guys, Dropbox is complaining about  the maximum watches etc: fs.inotify.max_user_watches = 100000, how can I have this run at each boot?08:03
YatharthROCKBray90820: Display only lines that contain anything but a ! or a ? at the end of the line.08:03
YatharthROCKmikechelen: Any ideas?08:03
Bray90820YatharthROCK: thanks08:04
=== pinnerup1Mors is now known as pinnerup|DSB
napcodeinpothet: maybe the online repositories are not activated?08:05
inpothetnapcode : runing apt-get upgarade samba and it is upgrading something08:06
napcodeWiz_KeeD: edit /etc/sysctl.conf and set fs.inotify.max_user_watches to whatever you like08:07
mikeche1enYatharthROCK: did you try usr/bin/gnome-system-monitor08:07
mikeche1enerr /usr/bin/gnome-system-monitor08:07
YatharthROCKmikechelen: Yeah, first thing I tried.08:07
YatharthROCK`gnome-terminal -e 'gnome-system-monitor &; disown; exit'` doesn't work either.08:07
mikeche1enYatharthROCK: did you find a bug report that described the issue?08:09
Wiz_KeeDthank you napcode, what is that file for actually? I see something with ipv6 tables08:09
solarshey, can anyone tellme why I don't have the cmd "bluetooth-applet"? gnome-bluetooth is installed08:09
YatharthROCKmikechelen: The bug was rather vague about short-cuts not working in general. Comments left included not using Alt keys and logging in again.08:09
napcodesysctl.conf? check wikipedia. there's an article on sysctl08:10
mikeche1enYatharthROCK: well you might want to file a bug, i dont have a clean system to try and reproduce the bug08:11
berendsolars: because it's obsolete? I don't have this program either, and still have bluetooth.08:11
mikeche1enYatharthROCK: another option might be to use a different system monitor util and see if that helps08:11
solarsberend, but is there anything like an applet? I'm trying to direct sound output to my bt headset instead of speakers08:11
YatharthROCKmikechelen: <facepalm> Using a different short-cut worked.08:11
berendsolars: yes08:11
YatharthROCKI had tried it before, but not enough apparently.08:11
solarsberend, how?08:11
berendI think it's called indicator-bluetooth-service08:12
berendin my case it just runs08:12
berenddidn't have to do anything.08:12
solarshm I don't have it08:12
berendyour headset will show up in your volume control08:12
berendi.e. sound settings.08:12
berendif not there, then yes you need to connect it08:12
berendyou have the bluetooth daemon running?08:12
YatharthROCKmikechelen: Although Settings silently fails on using Super+Esc, ccsm works just fine with it.08:12
YatharthROCKAnyway, issue resolved.08:13
solarsberend, its connected, just don't know how to redirect sound08:13
IsNotMyIpI am trying to upgrade form 12.04LTS to 14.04LTS using update manager, but it just notice me about upgrading to 12.10... What should i do?08:13
mikeche1enYatharthROCK: hmm thats some strange behavior, glad it works one way or another :)08:13
berendchoose sound settings from your sound applet08:13
berendor search for sound08:14
mikeche1enIsNotMyIp: the 12.04->14.04 update will be released in july08:14
YatharthROCKmikechelen: I think i was so convined it was the command that was in fault because using the `gnome-terminal - <command>` trick worked perfectly with xkill.08:14
DJonesIsNotMyIp: LTS to LTS updates don't normally get notified until a few months after the release has been made, its normally when the .1 release is issued, in this case 14.04.108:14
solarsberend, got it now08:14
matani cant switch workspaces with the ctrl + aly + arrow key08:14
IsNotMyIpI thought i could upgrade now >.<"08:15
=== rose is now known as Guest75796
YatharthROCKDJones: Interesting; so the first releases of LTS are not 'stable'?08:15
IsNotMyIpWell i should wait 2 months more or format my computer08:15
berendDJones: ????08:15
IsNotMyIpThanks DJones and mikeche1en08:15
berendYatharthROCK: the stable release should just pop up.08:15
mikeche1enYatharthROCK: yeah there might be some way to fiddle with the command too but sometimes its good not to get into that depth if it can be avoided08:15
PetazzHi! So I was upgrading to 14, the screen went totally black and I did a hard boot. Now when trying to boot up the system beeper goes totally crazy. What did I do wrong?08:15
clue_hmatan, you have to enable workspaces in settings>appearance>behaviour08:15
clue_hif youre on 1408:15
clue_hthen the shortcut works again08:16
mikeche1enIsNotMyIp: np, you can always choose to do 12.04->.10->13.04 etc but i recommend just waiting a couple months08:16
Guest75796W: You may want to run apt-get update to correct these problems08:16
Guest75796E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)08:16
DJonesYatharthROCK: Not so much that, just more that a lot of people with LTS releases prefer to wait before upgrading to let any additional bug fixes found during the full release use to be released08:17
IsNotMyIpmikeche1en: Yep i will wait few months :308:17
matanty :)08:17
IsNotMyIpAny opinion about new version?08:17
mikeche1eni like it, i use xubuntu tho08:17
Guest75796dpkg: error processing package puppetlabs-release (--configure):08:17
Guest75796 subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 208:17
Guest75796Errors were encountered while processing:08:17
Guest75796 puppetlabs-release08:17
PetazzWhat does it mean if the beeper on my machine goes nuts?08:18
YatharthROCKIsNotMyIp: "Subtly beautiful" is sort of its slogan.08:18
Guest75796ubunti 13.10 and 14.0408:18
clue_hPetazz, possible bios error ? does it happen on boot08:18
Petazzclue_h: It loads ubuntu already and seems that its time to show the login screen08:19
PetazzBut it gets stuck08:19
IsNotMyIpWell i Think that 12.04 now a days is a really old version U.u08:19
IsNotMyIpI should upgrade  or die08:19
YatharthROCKmikeche1en: What's with the '1' in your name?08:19
YatharthROCKAnd here's the bug link for reference: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-control-center/+bug/122473208:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1224732 in gnome-control-center (Ubuntu) "Custom keyboard shortcuts don't work" [Undecided,Confirmed]08:19
BluewolfHi all, I am about to proceed with a dual boot installation with windows and Ubuntu each on their own drive, is this site correct in helping? - http://askubuntu.com/questions/343268/how-to-use-manual-partitioning-during-installation08:20
nibsany idea why my console freezes when i press tab key?08:20
clue_hnibs, if you press tab early, that means there are many completions that are possible08:20
clue_hlike t tab lol08:21
nibsclue_h: for example cd /va [tab]08:21
nibsit freezes, there are no too many possibilities08:21
Petazzclue_h: It does display an error loading something but it goes so fast I miss it08:21
clue_hPetazz, dmesg | less to see the possible error08:23
* __HELO__ send salutations to everybody08:23
clue_hor dmesg | less | grep error08:23
Petazzclue_h: The last message is mtrr: base(0xf5000000) is not aligned on a size(0x000000) boundary08:25
PetazzAnd it does say cannot open display08:25
PetazzMaybe the upgrade process was interrupted08:25
BluewolfWhat are the partitions needed for a manual installation in Ubuntu alongside Windows 7 on separate hard drives, Swap, /, /home?08:26
clue_hPetazz, than maybe this will help https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecoveryMode08:27
YatharthROCKUbuntu 14.04 let me pipe my sound through HDMI (or at least the latest open-source drivers did). Yaay!08:28
shiroxdoing some intense calculation. The "calculation speed" seems to go down after I've locked the screen. Is this just in my imagination?08:30
berendBluewolf: nothing needed, one partition would work, and you may want two, i.e. one for / and one for swap.08:31
berendseparate home is fine too obviously.08:31
berendBluewolf: and don't pick reiserfs, just pick xfs.08:32
Bluewolfberend: Okay so its basically just those three partitions, exactly what is reiserfs and xfs?08:33
berendit's like ntfs and fat32/vfat.08:33
berendif that means anything to you.08:33
clue_hnames of file systems08:34
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berendit's a way of organising a disk.08:34
Bluewolfberend: What is the right size for those three partitions?08:39
berendBluewolf: if you don't know, please go with just 2.08:39
berendswap: size of your RAM.08:39
berendthe other as much as you can take from Windows.08:40
Bluewolfberend: I have done it before with Mint which I am moving off, this is how I set it up: Swap - 8.2GB, / - 41GB, /home - 451GB is that okay?08:41
sebastianlutterI have a 3 year old server in our office (i7, 32GB RAM) that startet with ubuntu 10.04 and now runs 13.10. I got terrible IO errors in the last three month. With high IO load the IO blocks completly. Using 4 HDDs (a root hdd, and a raid5 with luks partition on the other three). Smart shows the hdds are ok. When error appears I got in dmesg: https://dpaste.de/5GLN08:42
berendBluewolf: yep, fine.08:43
sebastianlutterI got various different stacktraces, they all have a flush process involved. The server worked well the first two years with ubuntu 10.04. What do you think is this? Controller Error? Kernel Bug? Cosmic rays? Thanks a lot08:43
Bluewolfberend: One last thing, for the / partition what should the "type of the new Partition be": Primary or Logical?08:45
Bray90820What would this comand do08:48
Bray90820grep –r “$USER$” /export/home08:48
Bluewolfberend: Do I also have to put a /boot partition in as I will be installing Windows 7 on its own drive?08:49
berendI suggest you install Windows first.08:49
berendseparate /boot is fine.08:49
TazmianAre there any php pros here?08:50
berendgive it 1GB.08:50
suigenerisokay, it's most probably with nVidia08:51
SirLagzTazmian: ##php is on freenode too08:52
TazmianSirLagz, thank you ! I was looking for it forgot the double ##08:52
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=== K[a]rtagis is now known as Kartagis
KartagisI was finally able to log in08:53
Kartagiswhich makes it an nvidia issue08:54
Bluewolfberend: Okay but does it not do it automatically, for the / partition what should the "type of the new Partition be": Primary or Logical?08:54
Kartagisalso, I have both unity and cairo-dock lol08:55
berendBluewolf: as I said, one partition would have worked too.08:55
=== Tazmian is now known as Tazmain
berendas you have only 3 or 4 partitions, it doesn't matter, you can make them all primary.08:55
Bluewolfberend: Thanks Man, if I get stuck I will find my back for help :D08:55
Bray90820What would this comand do08:57
Bray90820grep –r “$USER$” /export/home08:57
KartagisBray90820: search for $USER$ in /export/home08:57
berendBray90820: it looks wrong08:58
berendthere should be only one $08:58
Kartagisalso, what berend said08:58
Bray90820berend: it was a direct copy and paste08:58
Ben64you can look at the manual of pretty much any command by doing "man <command>" for example "man grep" will show you what grep does and what every switch does08:58
Kartagisberend: maybe the 2nd $ is for "end-of-line"?08:58
berendKartagis: true08:59
berendbut the first one would be that too :-)08:59
berendAh yes08:59
berendThe expansion probably happens first.08:59
Kartagisthe first one would indicate a env var08:59
berendI think Kartagis is right08:59
berendshell expands first, then grep sees the rest.08:59
BluewolfCould someone tell me what the difference between Primary and Logical selections during an install - Type Of The Partition?09:00
berendBluewolf: you can only have 4 primary partitions, then the disk is full.09:00
Kartagiswhat to do if 14.04 fails to start X server if there is a nvidia involved?09:00
berendA single primary partition can have a lot of logical partitions.09:00
Ben64Bluewolf: a drive using mbr can only have 4 primary partitions, you can use one primary to make extended partitions09:00
BluewolfBen64: I still don't get the use of Primary and Logical in setting up partitions?09:01
Kartagishttp://paste.debian.net/95013/ <--- what do all these mean?09:03
berendBluewolf: as you use an entire disk as I understood it, the difference is irrelevan.t09:03
Ben64Bluewolf: well if you need more than 4, you need to have logical ones09:03
htmlhow much does ubuntu server need for ram ?09:04
berendhtml: 256MB09:05
berendmore if you want to run anything on your server :-)09:05
htmlthats aal? 1/5 a gb?09:05
Bluewolfberend: Ben64: Okay so then if I am only using three - Swap, / (Root) and /home then they can/should be set to Primary rather than Logical if I am understanding right?09:05
DJones!requirements | html09:05
ubottuhtml: Hardware requirements to install, boot and comfortably use Ubuntu are listed at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements - For a !flavor with lower requirements, see !Xubuntu or !Lubuntu09:05
berendBluewolf: yes, that should work.09:05
Ben64Bluewolf: they can be primary, you could always add the 4th to be extended later if you need09:06
htmlberend,  i want to try open stack .09:06
BluewolfBen64: I doubt I will as I doubt I will have a reason to, what about the Location for the New Partition and what's its purpose?09:07
berendBluewolf: I think you would have been much better off with the automatic install option.09:08
berendThese are all questions for which you do not fully grok the answers.09:09
=== sz0` is now known as sz0
berendI.e. they are for experts, who need very particular things.09:09
berendIn your case all these things are irrelevant.09:09
berendIt doesn't matter.09:10
ruhosdHello, would it be possible that the new automatic trim command makes the whole computer freeze if it happens when data are beeeing written on the ssd?09:11
kingplusplusplease is ubuntu same as kubuntu09:11
DJoneskingplusplus: Almost, its Ubuntu with the KDE desktop environment09:11
ruhosdkingplusplus: the main difference is the graphical interface (Unity or KDE)09:11
Bluewolfberend: Truthfully speaking yes as I am not exactly an advanced user, however I am installing both Windows 7 and Ubuntu on separate hard drives and the automatic way can't assist me there. I have done this before but its been a while :D09:12
berendBluewolf: location is the sector on the hard disk. If you have an SSD, it's irrelevan.t09:13
Ben64Bluewolf: how would it not help? plug in one drive, install windows. plug in other drive, install ubuntu. plug them both in and choose which to boot when you start computer09:14
BluewolfBen64: It seems more complicated than that, Windows is in Sata Port 0 while Ubuntu is port 1, The boot loader has to go on the windows as its first?09:15
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ruhosdBluewolf: if you do like Ben64 says and have ubuntu in the default drive, a "sudo update-grub" on ubuntu would alow you to chose wich OS to boot in with grub asking at boot.09:16
Kartagishttp://paste.debian.net/95013/ <--- what do all these mean?09:17
Bluewolfruhosd: Okay I see the Logic, then if I do that what ports to I put the separate drives into Sata Port 0 or 1?09:18
ruhosdBluewolf: you can also choose in your bios which drive start first.09:19
Bluewolfruhosd: So the Port does not matter in theory?09:23
Bluewolfsystem that is09:23
Bluewolfberend: Ben64: I'm sure I can figure it out, thanks for the help.09:24
berendBluewolf: no, port doesn't matter.09:25
Bluewolfberend: Thanks09:27
rdshgHad this freeze again when copying files :s09:32
ice9which channel for ubuntu packaging?09:37
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OohashiI recently installed a new SSL certificate on my apache server and now when I do a wget command it can't resolve the domain because of SSL issues with "ERROR: certificate common name `wrong-domain.com' doesn't match requested host name `correct-domain.com'."09:43
_pinguhttp://www.vagrantbox.es/  can i use such a ubuntu daily cloud image as a normal virtual box vm withoud problems?09:43
Oohashi_pingu: I wouldn't because you should have a stable stack, daily is a moving target.09:43
Oohashi_pingu: if this is just for playing around, fine, but if it's for development, I remember using packer.io09:43
hrwI want to upgrade 13.04 on slow netbook to 14.04 release. is it safe to go directly or should I wait few extra hours and do it through 13.10?09:43
_pinguOohashi: ok, thanks09:44
Oohashi_pingu: are you using PHP?09:45
minimechrw: You cannot upgrade directly from 13.04 -> 14.04. I would consider a new fresh installation of the 14.04 LTS09:45
hrwminimec: so I should treat ubuntu even worse then ms windows installations? reinstall every release?09:45
nginx_I finally found a large force!09:46
varunendrahrw, I can't comment on how to upgrade, but be sure to have a good backup (system backup, using something like clonezilla) before you try either options. It is always recommended to do try a release in Live mode first, then do a clean install if that is not a problem.09:46
minimechrw: No not every release, only the releases between the LTS releases.09:46
varunendrahrw, Ubuntu, or Linux is worse than Windows in many aspects, if you want to focus on that :p09:47
nginx_How backed up it?09:47
mortal_pfft buy a mac09:47
weeblvarunendra: many aspects? :-)09:47
minimechrw: You can upgrade directly 'the hacker way' but if you don't know what you are doing, you are screwed, and we have to deal with your problems here on the channel. So I would not recommend it.09:48
varunendraweebl, don't want to waste time on thinking and listing since the advantages are far exceeding *for me* ;)09:48
hrwok, will check once will have a chance to put my hands there09:48
bragamob hello,I'm having a problem installing xubuntu in a hp machine.... I had installed it like I did in this machine (packard Bell), but when I start it it stays black with an underscore blinking....09:48
hrwminimec: I think that 15 years of Debian experience will be enough ;D09:49
bragamobdo you know the problem?! thanks in advance!09:49
DJones!cn | nginx_09:51
ubottunginx_: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw09:51
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humbagbragamob: there are other causes, but this is often a video card problem: http://askubuntu.com/questions/207175/what-does-nomodeset-do09:53
sonjoywhat is the usage of swap partition ?09:55
bekkssonjoy: Do you mean what it is for?09:55
ubottuswap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info09:55
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sonjoythank you ubuttu09:57
sonjoyI am having problem with hibernation on my laptop. here hibernate works but when I start the system again after hibernating my pc do not resume to previous session , it do not load previously opened programs . it just start a new session . is there any solution of this problem ?10:03
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sonjoyI am having problem with hibernation on my laptop. here hibernate works but when I start the system again after hibernating my pc do not resume to previous session , it do not load previously opened programs . it just start a new session . is there any solution of this problem ?10:10
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minimecsonjoy: Do you have a swap partition and is it bigger than your RAM?10:10
sonjoyyep I have a swap partition. and its 2 times bigger then my ram10:11
Oohashiswap? psh, who needs swap when you've got an SSD!10:12
cfhowlettsonjoy more than enough for basic swap10:12
bekksOohashi: Everyone who does not want the OOM killer in case he/she gets out of memory and everyone who wants to use hibernation.10:12
minimecsonjoy: Ok. So that's not the source of your problem.10:13
Oohashibekks: really? hibernation uses swap? I didn't realise.10:13
bekksOohashi: Yes, it does.10:13
sonjoyHow can I fix this problem ?10:13
kingplusplusplease how do i upgrade to Ubuntu 14.0410:17
bekkskingplusplus: Which ubuntu release do you have currently?10:17
kingplusplusbekks i have 13.1010:18
bekkskingplusplus: then you can use do-release-upgrade10:18
k1l_kingplusplus: run update-manager10:18
norembohello friends, my usb bluetooth device shows up under "sudo lsusb" and I can use my bluetooth keyboard, but ubuntu does not recognize it as a bt adapter. Could anyone offer some advice?10:20
ubottufrancy: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».10:21
francy 10:22
k1l_!it | francy10:23
ubottufrancy: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)10:23
minimecnorembo: That sounds like a Logitech bluetooth keyboard... If that is true, I think yuo can 'harware switch' the dongle to make it appear as a native bluetooth adapter. Press and hold the 'red button', and plug the dongle (still hold it for some seconds).10:24
norembominimec - thank you for advice. It is a Microsoft USB dongle, there does not seem to be a switch on it. Weird thing is that I am typing on a keyboard and mouse using it but it does not show up as a bt device...10:26
dom176manjaro kde10:28
noremboBus 004 Device 002: ID 045e:0745 Microsoft Corp. Nano Transceiver v1.0 for Bluetooth10:28
minimecnorembo: So I would take the information of lsusb and search the net for a solution. That's always a good start.10:29
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norembominimec - yea not much out there, but thanks anyway :(10:33
noremboI guess it's a bit much expecting a Microsoft device to work in Linux...10:33
k1l_norembo: see rfkill list if its blocked10:38
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Istalantarhi, I am trying to run a game with Wine. I have it already installed on windows, my question now is, do I have to install it again with Wine for Ubuntu or can I just move the folder an execute the .exe file ?10:39
cfhowlettsonjoy more than enough for basic swap10:40
ubottuIstalantar: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu10:40
Homely_GirlHi, I use Ubuntu 'n Chrome is my browser, I have issues with "unlock password" thingy.....can u plse direct me to some user friendly advice?10:40
cfhowlettIstalantar you have to install it via wine - and it may/not work.  see #winehq10:40
k1l_Istalantar: well, that depends heavyly on the game. please see the wine database and ask the wine specialists10:41
DJonesIstalantar: You may be better asking that in ##winehq, thats the specialist support channel for wine issues, they're probably most likely to be able to advise you10:41
Istalantarokay, thank you all10:41
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napcodeHomely_Girl: well, what's the issue with the "unlock" thingy?10:41
norembo@k1l_ thanks, so weird but it doesn't show up under rfkill list10:42
k1l_norembo: see dmesg if that device is recognized and loaded some module or smth10:42
norembo@k1l_ it shows up under dmesg, [    1.674045] usb 4-2: New USB device found, idVendor=045e, idProduct=074510:46
norembonot sure what to do with that info tho... :/10:47
benccis it possible to run 32bit php on 64bit ubuntu host?10:47
k1l_norembo: please put the whole dmesg in a pastebin10:47
bekksbencc: Why dont you run 64bit php?10:47
norembo@k1l_ thanks for having a look, pastebin is: http://pastebin.com/hFxWc0tf10:50
benccbekks: it takes more ram and I want to use a small VPS10:51
norembo@k1l_ line 680 seems to be the device10:51
bekksbencc: so your VPS only has about 32M RAM at all? :)10:51
Homely_Girlnapcode: While I'm using Chrome, if I open a new tab for e.g. it keeps popping up asking for an unlock....(I haven't memorised the whole msg), and I find it most annoying! :(10:51
benccbekks: I guess you don't know the answer. thanks10:52
napcodebencc: In the long way it'll need more RAM since you have to load all 32 bit dependencies (like libraries and stuff). 64 bit libraries are likely to be loaded already10:52
bekksbencc: The answer is: just use 64bit since you wont magically save lots of memory.10:53
drdozerhi - I just upgraded to the latest ubuntu, and now my kde session is stuck with a US layout keyboard10:54
drdozerhow do I switch it back to UK? There doesn't appear to be an option anywhere :(10:54
benccnapcode: there are languages or vms that can emulate 32bit mode. probably php can't10:54
napcodebencc: yeah most distributions are ready for 32/64 bit hybrid stuff but it won't buy you anything. if you're concerned about a few bytes of memory, install a 32 bit distro.10:56
benccnapcode: thanks10:56
fjfalconGreetings. I get pc with natty installed on it(afaic 10.10 or 11.04) trying to update it, but dont have any packages in repos.. how can i upgrade it?10:56
benccnapcode: it's X2 memory not few bits10:56
cfhowlettnapcode or lubuntu/xubuntu for an overall "lighter" experience10:56
napcodebencc: no. it's not10:56
cfhowlettfjfalcon download a supported iso, make a bootable usb/cdrom, boot, install10:57
napcodebencc: not all values or data double in size. ASCII strings are still ASCII strings (which is what php handles mostly)10:57
frivHello i just upgraded to 14.04 and after Ubuntu splash screen i just get a black screen.  Anyone know how to fix? Thanks10:58
muscadrdozer:  there is  Systemsettings /  Inputdevices10:58
napcodebencc: most (all?) still have 4 byte integers on 64 bit. floating point values have exactly the same size etc..10:58
benccnapcode: ok. I"ll check again10:58
k1l_norembo: i dont know. maybe it is a kernel bug. (https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=28912 https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1126329 ) please file a bug10:59
ubottubugzilla.kernel.org bug 28912 in Input Devices "Wireless Mobile Mouse 6000 recognised as joystick" [Normal,Reopened]10:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1126329 in linux (Ubuntu) "045e:0745 Bluetooth can not be recognized" [Medium,Expired]10:59
k1l_!bug | norembo10:59
ubottunorembo: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.10:59
foo357Hello, I have a question about Wireshark. Are the destination/source IP the true hosts, and not simply some intermediate link in the network path?11:00
JanhouseIf I want to teach about heartbleed in university and I want to get the older, vulnerable version, does Ubuntu have some archive where I can get the previous version of the openssl package?11:00
norembo@k1l_ thanks for looking into it anyway, appreciated11:00
drdozermusca, yes I am in there - oh, the configure layouts checkbox needed checking11:00
drdozermusca, but the keyboard task tray thing still says English (US)11:01
minimecfriv: Did you have some restircted GPU driver installed before the upgrade? Do you know what GPU you have? Can you read out your Xorg.0.log file with nano on the console?11:01
frivI can read tge file but where is it?11:02
frivI have nvidia drivers btw11:02
minimecfriv: does 'ls /etc/X11/xorg.conf' give you a result?11:02
minimecfriv: /var/log/Xorg.0.log11:02
ChichiHey, anyone know where to find the seed file in the mini.iso of 12.04.4?11:03
MantissaCan you set overscan in the new catalyst 14.4 beta driver? They've removed the option the simple slider that was in previous releases.11:04
=== VoidWhisperer_ is now known as VoidWhisperer
frivThere Is only xorg.conf.failsafe11:04
=== VoidWhisperer is now known as Guest78705
frivThe other file exista11:05
TazmainMantissa, there is a command line command for that, but you will have to reboot.11:05
foo357Janhouse: You can obtain various versions of OpenSSL from here: https://www.openssl.org/source/11:05
nopsledyo, wat'sup.11:06
nopsledAnyone know about CloudLinux?11:06
minimecfriv: Ok. So read the Xorg.0.log file to get some additional info.11:06
k1l_nopsled: better ask in ##linux about other distros11:06
nopsledcan't send to the channel k11_11:07
nopsledIt's just asking if they are violating the license11:07
nopsledof Linux kernel11:07
nopsledthey are selling the distro11:07
DJones!register | nopsled You probably need to register and identify your nick before you can speak in ##linux11:08
ubottunopsled You probably need to register and identify your nick before you can speak in ##linux: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode11:08
ubottuA fix for the recent OpenSSL vulnerabilities (2014-0076 & 0160) has been pushed to the Ubuntu repositories, see http://www.ubuntu.com/usn/usn-2165-1/ and http://heartbleed.com/ for more information.11:08
=== Yoda is now known as Guest8952
k1l_nopsled: for freenode issues with freenode channels please ask in #freenode . we dont support other OSs in here11:08
minimecfriv: Also 'dpkg -l nvidia*' to see which version of the nvidia driver you have installed.11:08
k1l_junka: its fixed since 7th april11:08
frivMinimec id like to paste all this info because i don't understand it11:09
frivBut in attempting to install a paste utility i see that dpkg won't install things11:09
frivPackages have unmet dependencies11:10
minimecfriv: 'sudo apt-get install pastebinit'... Then 'cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | pastebinit' Give us the link...11:10
MantissaTazmain Ah thanks I didn't know of amdconfig11:10
frivI tried already to install that but can't11:10
frivOk i'm going apt-get -f install11:11
minimecfriv: So you have no internet connection on that box right now. That's odd. Do 'dpkg -l nvidia*', to check the nvidia driver, and then for example do 'sudo dpkg-reconfigure nvidia-current'. That may do a basic xserver configuration.11:13
frivI do have an internet connection11:13
frivThere were uninstalled dependencies, now it's running11:14
frivI'm guessing this may have been the problem11:14
minimecfriv: Ok. So you should be able to install pastebinit...11:14
frivAs soon as it finishes11:14
minimecfriv: Maybe your problem is gone after that install of missing dependencies...11:15
SuperTyphi how can I remove java OpenJDK from ubuntu 12.04?11:19
Tazmainopen synaptic and remove it ?11:20
minimecSuperTyp: 'sudo apt-get purge default-jdk'11:20
SuperTypminimec: its still there11:21
SuperTypgonna try synaptic11:22
minimecSuperTyp: 'dpkg -l openjdk-*'. Verify the installed version and remove it.11:22
TenLeftFingersNautilus can't ftp in 14.04?!? Can anyone confirm this for me?11:25
minimecTechSmurf: I cannot confirm this.11:26
frivMinimec i think that apt get has fixed itself along with the desktop thanks11:29
minimecfriv: no problem11:29
tytanI just installed Google Chrome on Ubuntu 14.04 and it has different close, minimize and maximize buttons than other windows. Do you know how to unify the look?11:29
TenLeftFingersFirefox can browse this ftp location: ftp://ilovmrh01.emea.hpqcorp.net/prodlogs/dp10pro/  but nautilus' "Connect to Server" feature doesn't do anything when I add it (although sftp entries work fine).11:30
coin3dhello everyone. why does it take so long for some packages to get "updated"? for example, i mean netatalk. ubuntu still has netatalk2 in its repository, although netatalk3 is available for quite a long time now11:30
junkatytan, i think that if you go on chromes settings there is an option about theme, use system one11:30
minimectytan: see 'settings' of chromium-browser11:31
jrib!sru | coin3d11:31
ubottucoin3d: Stable Release Update information is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates11:31
tytanjunka: worked. thank you ^^11:31
TenLeftFingersSorry, wrong url. Can someone verify that they can/can't connect to this in nautilus: ftp://ftp.funet.fi/pub/standards/RFC ?11:34
SuperTypsomeone an idea on how to start unicenta on ubuntu? =)11:40
k1l_SuperTyp: like this? http://www.thefanclub.co.za/how-to/how-install-unicenta-pos-ubuntu11:45
SuperTypk1l_: I am there already thx a lot! (Y)11:47
alumno_where are you from?11:47
star_proneI have updated my xubuntu installation from 13.04 to 14.04. I have a big problem with aptana 3 which was already on my machine. it stops working and it exits w/o an error message. I had an erro message when it first happened, bun I don't have it anymore.11:47
star_pronethe error message was smth related to java jvm11:48
alumno_that is ok11:48
star_pronedid anyone else had problems with java jvm after upgrading?11:48
star_pronealumno: what exactly is ok?11:49
k1l_!ot | alumno_11:49
ubottualumno_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!11:49
junkastar_prone, #xubuntu11:51
ztanehow do I list all manually installed pkgs, the top level deps only that is11:52
ztaneI guess apt-mark showmanual11:55
ztanebut there seems to be too many11:56
cofffeebean_r eu.undernet.org12:00
XethronI'm trying out this Unity for the first time, and I'm starting to like it...12:04
XethronHowever, when working with Multiple Desktops, it seems to get quite annoying as it shows all the apps on all the desktops12:05
XethronIs there a way to change that?12:06
hdzahediexcuse me, how can i renam my external hard in ubunto 12.0412:09
inawarministerI'm in the process of installing ubuntu-desktop over my Xubuntu install12:09
inawarministerhow fucked am I?12:09
IdleOneless if you keep the language clean12:10
inawarministeroh, sorry12:10
zambawhen can one expect to get 14.04 when doing 'do-release-upgrade'?12:12
sakuli have a ultrabook samsung series 5 np530u4b-s02 model. that have amd radeon hd 7550m and intel hybrid card. i love ubuntu alot. and dont want to go back to windows :( Everytime i install ubuntu 12, 13 and the last 14.04 lts. i had the same overheating  + fast fan and fast battery drain problems. i tried nearly all the solutions on ubuntu forums and on internet. does anyone have the same problem here? and if there is please :( can you 12:12
saiarcot895zamba: If you are on 12.04, this will be after the first point release (14.04.1). This is around July.12:13
DJoneszamba: From 12.04? That normally gets offered when 14.04.1 is release (which will be around July)12:13
IdleOnezamba: 12.04 LTS will get the upgrade when 14.04.1 is released in June iirc12:13
zambai'll go with IdleOne's answer.. i liked that the best12:13
IdleOneJune or July :)12:13
DJoneszamba: 24th July https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TrustyTahr/ReleaseSchedule12:14
IdleOnethank you DJones12:14
dastaansakul: why don't you optimise it ?12:14
sakuldastaan: can u alittle bit expand it please? i am a newbie in linux12:15
dastaansakul: I'm pretty sure you will keeping both the GPUs on by default12:15
dastaansakul: and it's the root cause of major overheating and fast battery drain issue12:15
hdzahediexcuse me, how can i renam my external hard in ubunto 12.0412:15
dunnohi all. I have an application which turns off all connected monitors and turn them on again after some time. This process runs ok but after some random time I get the following error:12:16
dunnoError while setting position: X Error of failed request:   BadValue (integer parameter out of range for operation)#01212:16
dunnoOn ce I get this error, my display never wakes up anymore12:16
sakuldastaan: yes. infact i tried to remove the default amd drivers. and downloaded the proprietary drivers from amd website installed as the instructons on ubuntu official website. but not helped12:16
dastaantry this guide : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HybridGraphics12:16
dastaansince you're having an ati GPU12:16
GeorgesLeYetiI have a problem. I tried to create a openstack swift on my server. So i follow: http://docs.openstack.org/developer/swift/development_saio.html And i use the loopback path12:16
dastaanvgaswitchroo will help12:17
hdzahediexcuse me, how can i renam my external hard in ubunto 12.0412:17
sakuldastaan: thanks alot. i did the things in this guide. and now after login screen i cant see my desktop. it freezes on logon window. and inow i am using the live image to write this :)12:17
dunnodastaan, thanks. but you know what, I asked this question to here but I am running openembedded. so I don't have vgaswitchroo12:18
GeorgesLeYetibut after restarting i cannont access anymore to my ssh12:18
dastaanit works like a charm for me12:18
htmlGeorgesLeYeti,  so whats your problem?12:18
sakuldastaan:  is it normal that my cpu temps are 79-80 celcius degrees12:19
GeorgesLeYetiand when  i make ip addr show eth0 it says Device "eth0" does not exist.12:19
dastaannot at all12:19
dastaani mean technically limit is 8512:19
dastaanbut it will surely decrease life of your laptop12:19
hdzahediexcuse me, how can i renam my external hard in ubunto 12.0412:19
dastaanin my opinion12:19
sakuldastaan: i think i will sell this ultrabook. in my opinion it is designed just to run windows. not a *nix os12:20
shiroxwhat the hell.. I left a CPU-intensive application to work and locked the screen for some hours. Got back. While the screen was locked, only a few percentage of the CPU was used for that application. What's going on and how can I fix that?12:20
dastaanhdzahedi: http://askubuntu.com/questions/153129/how-to-change-drives-name12:20
htmlGeorgesLeYeti,  why are u using a loop back anyways ?12:21
dastaansakul: may be. but why give up ? did you try asking a question in ubuntu forums ?12:22
shiroxPsi-Jack: my program does 60 calculations/sec in a tight loop on a modern CPU. When the screen is locked, it goes down to 12.12:22
Noirocan someone tell me where to get lib32asound2?12:23
hatchetjackanyone knows how to get my nics changed back to eth0 and eth1 in ubuntu 14.04?12:23
GeorgesLeYetihtml: no idea :(12:23
hatchetjackseems my persistent net rules is being ignored12:23
sakuldastaan: i give up bro :) i will install it to my desktop.12:23
sakulthanks alot12:23
dastaan:) anytime12:24
GeorgesLeYetihtml: because it says for the partition: 'be sure to add another device when creating the VM'12:24
GeorgesLeYetiand i didn't have access to the creation of vm12:24
htmlwell i hope you have a backup before you tried this.12:25
htmlGeorgesLeYeti,  well i hope you have a backup before you tried this.12:25
GeorgesLeYetihtml: :'(12:26
htmlGeorgesLeYeti,  i know little about this as i have not yet gotting to installing a full open stack.12:26
Discordian93my ubuntu installation was trashd upgrading to 14.0412:26
Discordian93i had backup of aqll importnt files12:27
Discordian93and I'm now in the 10.04 livecd12:27
htmlGeorgesLeYeti,  im stuggling here to install open stack12:27
Discordian93my question is, which partition holds the previous installation of ubuntu?12:27
Discordian93which kind of partition i mean12:27
datosfresiaHola, ¿español?12:28
DJones!es | datosfresia12:28
ubottudatosfresia: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.12:28
=== Mike_______ is now known as Mike__
junkaDiscordian93, probably12:29
htmlGeorgesLeYeti,  always if possible,backup ur stuff before you start a project, and save a snapshot of it when you are successful completion12:29
tcoopmanHi, I try to install tomcat7 in ubuntu on docker. but running service tomcat7 start fails. Running wget localhost:8080 does return a valid html file. Does anyone have any idea what could be wrong?12:29
Discordian93i shouldn't touch linux-swap, right?12:29
=== mudo_ is now known as mudo
junkawhy do u do it manually?12:29
GeorgesLeYetihtml: actually it's not really a problem because i didn't make that much thing so i can restart from the begining12:30
Discordian93i have a windows instalation alongside it that i don't wanna delete12:30
htmlGeorgesLeYeti,  ok12:30
junkaDiscordian93, I believe that there is an option to install along windows..12:30
leurianhello friends12:31
junkahi friend12:31
Discordian93yeah but that's keep the crashed ubuntu installation alongside it12:31
htmltcoopman,  well do you know how to install openstack?12:31
junkathen dont touch swap12:31
TazmainGuys with ubuntu can you put the swap and home paritions on different hard drives? Like with arch ?12:32
DJonesTazmain: yes12:32
datosfresiapuppy linux español?12:32
junkai dont see why not12:32
Discordian93so i should only delete the partition that is the file system of my old ubuntu installation right?12:32
junkaDiscordian93, yes12:32
=== gnu is now known as Guest42759
Discordian93okay, thanks a lot12:32
htmlif ppl need a voip server then pm me for the mumble ip12:33
tcoopmanhtml: no, why?12:33
volkanHow can I install windows fonts?12:33
htmlTazmain,  yes. this is linux man not windows12:33
junka!windows fonts12:33
ubottuFont installation basics here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FontInstallHowto - No fonts in Flash? Install "ttf-mscorefonts-installer" (from !Multiverse), "gsfonts", and "gsfonts-x11". For the official ubuntu font, see: http://font.ubuntu.com/12:34
datosfresiapuppy linux español?12:34
htmlur welcome12:34
Tazmainhtml, lol well not sure what ubuntu can do, I know arch can , nd you can create a swap file instead of a partition in arch12:34
unknerroranyone here using irc on Android?12:36
htmlTazmain,  ubuntu is like a prepackaged os , noob frindly,also makes it easy to have faster deployments. can you say that you saved time/weekend?12:37
Tazmainunknerror, yeah I do12:37
unknerrorI mean, using irc / freenode on android smpartphone12:37
unknerrorTazmain: what app are you using?12:37
htmlyes i have done it12:37
Tazmainunknerror, andchat12:37
unknerrorI just need some recomandations | Thank You12:38
Tazmainhtml, yeah I know, used ubuntu until 12.10, then went to mint and arch. Gonna have a look at 14.0412:38
Tazmainunknerror, go check out prism-break.org12:38
htmlTazmain,  im coming for 10.04 and 10.10 ;)12:39
Tazmainhtml, you don't like unity then I assume ?12:39
unknerrorTazmain: thx! looking into it now12:39
htmlTazmain, i try arch, it was a pain to "jump" into.12:39
Tazmainhtml, yeah I know, took me 3 tries to install it the first time around, Until Iust used some common sense and the wiki12:40
skinnymg1with the arch wiki as informative as it is, it's real hard mess up using arch12:41
unknerrorhtml: If you wish "rolling" give a try to sabayon linux if you like to play and have a LOT of time to spare on your hands12:42
skinnymg1just RTFM!12:42
htmlif you are needing ubuntu please download it  with bit torrent . its faster and cheaper this want for all.12:42
Tazmainskinnymg1, that is true, the first 3 times I was using some other guides. one from a magazine. Didn't end well.12:42
htmlunknerror,  well im trying to setup a shop. so time is not all there.  if you want to led you rself to teach me or ppl in my shop, go for it. speading linux where i am.12:43
guitarnuthi guys.. I am running 12.04 LTS.. I want to upgrade my Adobe Flash to the 13.0 version.. Is this possible with or without updated my OS? So frustrating. I'm still learning.. thanks12:44
htmlguitarnut,  well you just need to find ppl that are skilled-so that means waiting  for them. also12:46
jetsaredimis there some issue with the remote desktop server on 14.04?12:46
dusf123_i have encrypted lvm /home, /, and swap and i can boot ubuntu but i have to enter my passphrase three times. i have tried encrypting the lvm partition first but after doing so i cannot create the logical volumes. do any of you know a way to boot encrypted /, /home, and swap but only having to enter the passphrase once?12:46
jetsaredimi can't seem to get vncviewer or x2vnc to connect to my 14.04 desktop12:46
guitarnuthtml i am willing to wait :) thanks .. flash is such a pain12:47
skinnymg1guitarnut, are you downloading the tarball from the website?12:47
WeetosHey there - the latest LTS version won't let me remotely connect to my machine from a vnc client running on windows - is there anything I can do to get it working again ?12:48
htmlgot a mic? what to chat (like skype )about ubuntu ?  join my chat server. just pm me for the ip.12:48
Weetosthe several VNC Clients I tested gave me "No security type supported. Server sent security types but we do not support any of their"12:49
htmlTazmain,  i think i read the wiki and then some, still didnt get it.12:50
htmlWeetos,  teamveiwer ?12:50
Tazmainhtml, I read the wiki, nd a little more, followed a video guide, but the wiki helped the most. My current setup I only used the wiki.12:50
Weetosnope, Vino on my ubuntu box, VNC on my windows machine12:51
guitarnutskinnymg1: I have the 11.2 version (which is supposedly the last update for linux).. I have tried all of the tarz yes.. no luck.12:51
htmlWeetos,  teamviewr is on all my stuff. works for me.12:51
dusf123_i have encrypted lvm /home, /, and swap and i can boot ubuntu but i have to enter my passphrase three times. i have tried encrypting the lvm partition first but after doing so i cannot create the logical volumes. do any of you know a way to boot encrypted /, /home, and swap but only having to enter the passphrase once?12:51
htmlWeetos,  teamviewr also  did you set uwf(firewall)  correctly?12:52
Weetoshtml> TeamViewer is not an option for me in this context, but thanks for the suggestion12:52
htmlWeetos,  thats what it was. ur welcome12:53
Weetoshtml> not a firewall problem, connexions are fine, the issue is really protocol related12:53
skinnymg1guitarnut, the only linux version 13 I see available is in Chrome. which is actually pepper flash, are you using firefox12:53
htmlWeetos,  did you set uwf(firewall)  correctly?12:53
=== leurian9 is now known as leurian8
=== leurian8 is now known as leurian9
htmlguitarnut,  if i remeber correctly flash will not be install on older ubutu os version past a flash version12:55
guitarnuti have been using Firefox since start up, but I downloaded Chrome last night and I still haven't gotten it to work. thanks12:55
skinnymg1guitarnut, if you have chrome installed, use it, it's version 1312:55
Greylocksguitarnut: You have to enable it. Type "chrome://plugins" in the omnibox then check the box for flash.12:56
htmlWeetos,  well have you set your routor to allow the ports and the linux firewall to do the same?12:56
guitarnutevery1, okay thank you. Greylocks.. I'll try that. ty12:56
htmlguitarnut,  googling this stuff help too.12:56
htmlgot a mic? what to chat (like skype )about ubuntu ?  join my chat server. just pm me for the ip.12:57
Komato upgrade from 14.04b2 to 14.04 i could just do a apt-get update  && apt-get -y upgrade && apt-get -y dist-upgrade && reboot ?12:57
guitarnuthtml, i know. that's a given12:57
guitarnutthanks guys12:57
ubottuKoma: If you install a development version of Ubuntu Trusty and keep up with package updates, then you will be upgraded to the official release of 14.04 when it comes out. To make sure, type « sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade » in a terminal.12:57
htmlguitarnut,  did you get it working?12:57
guitarnutGreylocks, I tried that command and still nothing. Should I re-download adobe 13.0 and try again?13:00
mikehaas763In my research I've found out that the organization behind ssh has "solutions" for ssh key discovery and management. However, I think it must be a very expensive "enterprise" level solution because I don't see a download or buy links. Is anyone aware of free ssh key discovery tools? +1 for key management and other features too.13:02
Greylocksguitarnut: it comes loaded in chrome and chromium too for that matter, but you can only use it in the browser, not system wide.13:03
guitarnutGreylocks, okay I gotya now ty13:03
Greylocksguitarnut: no problem13:04
hdzahedidastaan , i could not do as same az the adress U say13:04
hdzahediexcuse me, how can i renam my external hard in ubunto 12.0413:05
euryalehi guys13:05
=== safridzal is now known as gathotkaca
holsteinhdzahedi: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RenameUSBDrive13:05
hdzahediexcuse me, how can i renam my external hard  label in ubunto 12.0413:05
=== notrev_ is now known as notrev
holsteinhdzahedi: please be patient, and read the linnk i gave13:06
Annie18 Here some videos. I hope you like them! http://j.mp/1gAh6Jy13:06
euryaleis there a program in ubuntu to resize the partition of current disk used?13:06
hdzahediholstein,  thank13:06
ubottueuryale: gparted is a !GTK/!Gnome !GUI partitioning program. Type « sudo apt-get install gparted » in a console to install it - A GParted "live" CD is available at http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php13:06
Priceyeuryale: gparted, system-config-lvm, probably best to back everything up first, use a livecd too13:06
euryalei mean im using 500gb space for ubuntu, i wanted to resize that, so i can use the other parttion.13:06
holsteineuryale: i use gparted, from a live CD.. *never* the current disk being used.. and *always* backup first13:06
cfhowlettannie18  videos - right.  sounds legit.13:07
Weetoshtml> no FW, the machine are in the same ethernet network13:07
euryaleu guys recommend using vbox on a apu laptop?13:07
Weetoshtml> before 14.04, it worked fine using the same network topology13:08
holsteineuryale: try virtualbox.. its well supported and works as advertised.. the host should have ample resources13:08
dusf123_i have encrypted lvm /home, /, and swap and i can boot ubuntu but i have to enter my passphrase three times. i have tried encrypting the lvm partition first but after doing so i cannot create the logical volumes. do any of you know a way to boot encrypted /, /home, and swap but only having to enter the passphrase once?13:10
mave_is there a way to remove a specific package without removing all dependencies with it? Because my upgrade to 14.04 fails due to this bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apt-show-versions/+bug/130507013:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1305070 in apt-show-versions (Ubuntu) "package apt-show-versions 0.22.2 failed to install/upgrade: ErrorMessage: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 137" [Undecided,Confirmed]13:11
anDixxsomeone can help me13:13
anDixxi like to install ubuntu touch on my windows tablet13:13
ubottuanDixx: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch13:14
anDixxwhere can i download this pls ?13:14
holstein!touch | anDixx13:15
ubottuanDixx: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch13:15
OohashiIt seems Suhosin isn't included in Trusty Tahr, any reason why?13:18
cfhowlett!info suhosin13:18
ubottuPackage suhosin does not exist in trusty13:18
Oohashiit was called php5-suhosin in 12.0413:18
Oohashicfhowlett: http://packages.ubuntu.com/precise/php5-suhosin13:18
cfhowlettOohashi seen.  sorry, I've no information/answer for you.13:19
DJonesOohashi: Doesn't look like thats been around since raring13:19
Oohashihttps://launchpad.net/ubuntu/raring/+package/php5-suhosin ?13:20
DJonesOohashi: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/php-suhosin/+bug/108698413:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1086984 in php-suhosin (Ubuntu) "Should Drop php-suhosin from Ubuntu" [Critical,Fix released]13:20
Oohashithanks let me look!13:20
OohashiDJones: cfhowlett that makes sense, basically no longer maintained.13:21
cfhowlettOohashi seems like - thanks DJ_Unibob13:22
acovrigI am trying to get samba4 installed as-per http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2146198 and am getting 'Host <name> not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)' why?13:23
PythonXbmcN00bhey anyone have any luck with getting espxe running in 14.04?13:25
RoryWhat's the most appropriate way to check the integrity of a bootable Ubuntu USB flash drive without rebooting and selecting "verify" from that menu?13:25
ubottuRory: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows13:26
cfhowlettRory for the uber-careful: verify the ISO you downloaded THEN verify the boot USB.13:27
nginx_I like to ask the next vim configuration problems, how do I configure the bad13:28
ubottuText Editors: gedit (GNOME), Kate (KDE), mousepad (Xfce4) - Terminal-based: nano, vi/vim, emacs, ed - For HTML/CSS editors, see !html - For programming editors and IDE, see !code13:28
nginx_Kind of mode configured IDE, PHP development model, I do not read the tutorial13:29
euryalei downloaded the deb package for vbox and installed via terminal, but now im trying to remove it and it says package not installed, and when i opened software center to check, it is not installed, why is that? how do i remove it?13:29
JimRhow come 14.04 does not work in 64 bit ?13:29
skinofstarsJimR: i'm using 64bit13:30
* junka uses 64bit with no problems13:30
cfhowlettJimR 64 bit works fine13:30
JimRnot for me must be hardware I guess13:30
junkaJimR, r u sure you have a 64bit cpu?13:30
Rorycfhowlett: The page makes no mention of USB flash drives, which is why I asked here - I've verified with md5sum that my .iso is correct13:30
cfhowlettRory wait 113:31
RoryI assume a naive "md5sum /dev/sdb" isn't appropriate?13:31
JimRi have core i7  that ran 64bit 13.10 no problem13:31
RoryJimR: What actual problem are you experiencing?13:31
RoryApart from "does not work" ;)13:31
junkaJimR, try downloading again the iso and burn it again13:32
holsteineuryale: just insatll the repo version13:32
cfhowlettRory no no and no.  wait 113:32
euryaleyes, but the problem is i already installed it and having problem how to remove it.13:32
JimRafter a short period of time the os just locks up .... I installed via upgrade rather than an iso is this worth doing ?13:32
cfhowlettRory for "CD" substitute USB.  same process  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM#Check_the_CD13:33
holsteineuryale: remove it as the maintainer/creator of the package you obtained suggests13:33
euryaleholstein: im lost, how?13:34
cfhowletteuryale you said you installed the .deb   sudo dpkg -r debname13:34
holsteineuryale: *if* is a properly installed .deb, you should see it in any package manager.. you can try gksudo gdebi-gtk, synaptic, sudo autoremove..13:34
holsteineuryale: or what cfhowlett suggested ^13:34
euryaleok thanks cfhowlett, holstein ^_^13:36
cfhowletteuryale happy to helpp13:36
Yelueuryale, there is a uninstall.sh in the directory of virtualbox. - Maybe you want to give it a try?13:36
wdonkeygot two devices recognized as /dev/sda1 on my system (usb0 & my new hdd's partition),  how can i fix this ??13:40
Yelueuryale, made a mistake, sorry. - uninstall is only for the guest additions of virtual box13:40
holsteinwdonkey: i doubt that.. likely /dev/sda1 and /dev/sda2 or whatever13:41
MaltahlHey, im having trouble booting my ubuntu server after power got cut. It stucks on Starting up.... in grub. i have tried entering grub boot menu and clicking e and choosing quiet and clicking b. i have also tried recovery13:41
euryaleYelo: no there is none, i have looked for it. sudo dpkg -r debname worked :)13:41
wdonkeyholstein dont doubt13:41
wdonkeygot sda1 and sda2 used by two devices13:41
holsteinwdonkey: i do.. show a screenshot, or output of sudo fdisk -l13:42
wdonkeywhats a good place to paste a screen ?13:42
euryalerunning vbox on a laptop is not a good idea.13:42
Yelueuryale, look above (no uninstaller). - So, you are on xour way ... have fun ;-)13:42
holsteinwdonkey: thats one using sda1 and the other sda2. thats normal13:42
holstein!paste | wdonkey13:42
ubottuwdonkey: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.13:42
holsteineuryale: laptops are fine.. its host resources that is the question.. i use virtualbox on any capable machine.. laptop or whatever13:43
holsteineuryale: you should try installing the repo version.. takes care of installing a needed kernel module13:43
euryalemine is an apu laptop 4cores, and 4gb ram, but i think its laggy or is it because i didn't install the vbox the on the repo?13:43
wdonkeyholstein, http://paste.ubuntu.com/7307129/13:44
holsteinwdonkey: so, whats the issue? you have 2 drives sharing which of those?13:45
Yelueuryale, i7@2,6GHz, 8GB RAM => no problem to me running 2 guests: 1 small xp instance with 1GB for the "elder ones", 1 ubuntu sever 2GB RAM (full lamp flavor)13:46
wdonkeyholstein the issue is that i cant have the sda1 / sda2 hdd to be mounted apparently because htey are conflicting with usb's device name13:46
Yelueuryale, host is windos 7, 256GB ssd13:46
euryalemy laptop is only running at 2.0ghz, and just 4gb ram, maybe that's not enough.13:46
holsteineuryale: i run it on a netbook with 2gb's of ram13:46
wastyI'm looking for a feature that I don't know how to articulate. At work, I can type in a url, like "john" and I'll get redirected to a local machine. How can I do this with my ubuntu machines at home?13:47
holsteineuryale: your resources depend on what you are trying to do.. and you *can* run virtualbox there.. please try the repo version13:47
euryaleok then, i will try vbox the one on the repo :)13:47
holstein!mount > wdonkey13:47
ubottuwdonkey, please see my private message13:47
holsteinwdonkey: you can try mounting in the command line and see if you get error output13:48
trijntjeHi all, when I boot my laptop my touchpad is disabled by default. What package should I file a bug against?13:49
holsteintrijntje: disabled how? in software?13:49
trijntjeholstein: I guess, I can switch it on using the hotkey on the keyboard, but that doesnt stick between boots13:49
trijntjeFn + F713:50
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.13:50
Yelueuryale, yes try it, i've also a dell xps from 2006 running a headless ubuntu server with an guest instance of ubuntu 12.04 (lamp, owncloud) with only 4GB RAM which performs well13:50
wdonkeyholstein, i had to mkdir otherwise it wouldnt work13:50
holsteintrijntje: though, you may want to try and find someone with that hardware to confirm.. and ideally, try from a fresh install13:50
tmmunqare you sure thats not a bios setting? synaptic is the most prevalent touchpad i think13:50
Maltahlanyone that can support me with ubuntu 13.10 server on my laptop ? it wont boot after power was cut. it can only boot into grub13:51
holsteinwdonkey: you need not make a directory to mount.. you would mount, and share errors.. if you have it mounted, then it seems like you are able to mount successfully13:51
trijntjeholstein: xserver-xorg-input-synaptics it is ;)13:51
trijntjetmmunq: I haven't checked the bios, I'll try that before reporting the bug, thanks13:51
euryaleYelu: dowloading from the repo right now :) i hope to run some windows apps that i needed.13:51
holsteinMaltahl: i would be rescuing the data, and preparing for the worst.. i would try simple fsck and other recovery options if possible.. after testing the hardware maybe13:52
Yelueuryale, ;)13:52
wdonkeyholstein, i had a "mount: mount point /media/wd05 does not exist"13:52
Maltahlholstein a friend got it to boot once afterwards by entering grub boot menu, then click E and choose quiet and click B, but i tried the same and it did not work13:53
holsteinwdonkey: i think you should review the !mount documenation.. make sure you are referring to a mount point that exist.. thats probably waht you mean by "i had to mkdir".. yes, you'll need to actually have the destination in place13:54
trijntjetmmunq: theres nothing in the bios and the touchpad does work on boot for windows 713:54
wdonkeyholstein will do13:55
CaptainKnotsHow do I stop unity from duplicating the top system tray and power button across all my monitors?13:55
Maltahlnvm holstein i think its working O.o i rebooted and did not enter grub menu and now it shows ubuntu 13.10 and the 4 loading dot13:57
rafael_xubuntu movie error color help13:58
raptorHow do I set custom resolution and save it permanently13:59
raptorI cha age through xrandr but after restart Ur goes back to previous configuration14:00
DestinyAwaitson system restart my /etc/resolv.conf is getting overriden??14:01
StrangeNoisesresolvconf (look no dot)14:01
StrangeNoisesresolvconf is a tool that rewrites resolv.conf. ubuntu uses it by default now so dns is handled by a local daemon14:01
StrangeNoises(actually dnsmasq behind the scenes)14:01
StrangeNoisesit can be a bit of a pita14:02
StrangeNoisesif you're trying to do stuff outside of networkmanager14:02
DestinyAwaitshow to make the current conf persist14:02
StrangeNoises(eg: multiple openvpn connections with dns servers)14:02
=== Thubo is now known as Thubo|away
StrangeNoisesbut use networkmanager for everything it should work14:02
StrangeNoisesunless it's a bare server in which case networkmanager shouldn't be installed and you can do everything the old fashioned way14:03
DestinyAwaitsnetwork-manager is not installed. It always says14:03
StrangeNoisesi bet resolvconf is though14:03
tj1hey all, has anyone had a problem with nvidia-331 on ubuntu 14.04? specifically, everything installs fine, install steam and counter strike, launch CS, can play for a few minutes but then the screen freezes, sound keeps going, but no input works.14:03
DestinyAwaitsonly thing I want is my current configuration in /etc/resolv.conf to persist. Is there a way for doing that??14:04
StrangeNoisesis it a desktop machine or just a server?14:04
DestinyAwaitshome machine StrangeNoises14:04
StrangeNoiseswith default desktop? unity?14:05
DestinyAwaitsStrangeNoises: the problem let me first tell you its quite weird14:05
StrangeNoisesor headless?14:05
=== wickedpuppy2 is now known as motd
DestinyAwaits12.04 unity14:05
StrangeNoisesoh dunno what that did, trusty certainly handles it now as described14:05
StrangeNoisesi suspect precise did too14:06
taime1is mdadm -A safe to run in terms of data integrity?14:06
taime1trying to recover a raid1014:06
DestinyAwaitsStrangeNoises: Whenever I restart my system the only entry in the /etc/resolv.conf is nameserver
StrangeNoisesDestinyAwaits, yes, that's normal now.14:06
StrangeNoisesthere's a dnsmasq daemon there now configured by networkmanager14:06
DestinyAwaitsStrangeNoises: and most of the sites don't load correctly like the whole site cosmetic is gone when I add the entry of google dns it works for all sites14:07
StrangeNoiseshave you got your network set up in /etc/network/interfaces?14:07
DestinyAwaitsStrangeNoises: everytimes I restart my machine I have to add the dns enteries to make it work14:07
StrangeNoiseshave you got your network set up in /etc/network/interfaces?14:08
StrangeNoiseshave you got your network set up in /etc/network/interfaces?14:08
StrangeNoisesthen you probably haven't. set up your network via network manager14:08
DestinyAwaitsStrangeNoises: auto lo14:08
DestinyAwaitsiface lo inet loopback14:08
DestinyAwaitsonly these two enteries14:08
DestinyAwaitsStrangeNoises: what can be the problem?14:09
wdonkeyholstein, thank you for your help, i've resolved my issue14:09
DestinyAwaitsany idea?14:09
StrangeNoisesuse network manager. if you need to add extra dns servers because they're not being set by DHCP properly you can do so in there, in IPv4 settings -> additional dns servers14:09
StrangeNoisesthough might be better to fix the router so it sets dns properly itself14:09
DestinyAwaitsStrangeNoises: I am quite new to this can you help? Pls.14:10
=== wickedpuppy2 is now known as wickedpuppy
StrangeNoiseseg: http://strangenoises.org/~rachel/additional.png14:11
StrangeNoisesif you're in unity desktop the network manager is on the top right14:11
StrangeNoiseseither a wifi or an up/down arrow icon if on ethernet14:11
StrangeNoisesgo to edit connections and add your extra dns as shown14:11
DestinyAwaitsStrangeNoises: ok. Like I have two Dns enteries how it works? comma-seperated?14:12
StrangeNoisesyes. (and i know because i mouse-overed the field and it tells me14:12
basichashHow do I backup my current ubuntu install?14:12
StrangeNoisesso eg:,
DestinyAwaitsStrangeNoises: the field is disabled for me14:13
DestinyAwaitsits wifi14:13
StrangeNoiseswhat does method field say?14:14
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience14:14
DestinyAwaitsStrangeNoises: nothing. I am pasting a screenshot14:14
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tj1hey all, has anyone had a problem with nvidia-331 on ubuntu 14.04? specifically, everything installs fine, install steam and counter strike, launch CS, can play for a few minutes but then the screen freezes, sound keeps going, but no input works.14:16
basichashHow do I backup my current ubuntu install?14:18
basichashi need to dual boot windows with ubuntu, currently have ubuntu installed, so i need to backup my current system and then where do I go from there?14:19
DestinyAwaitsStrangeNoises: http://imgur.com/ECa4gR714:20
StrangeNoisesbasichash, heh, you don't need to dual-boot windows ;-)14:20
StrangeNoisesif you don't need gaming performance just install vmware player and install windows in vmware14:20
StrangeNoisesDestinyAwaits OK, maybe 12.04 doesn't let you do that and 14.04 does14:21
rcw2i upgraded and chrome has an issue.  i want to completely uninstall it.  What else needs to be done besides this: sudo apt-get purge chromium-browser14:22
StrangeNoisesin that case go to method and select automatic (dhcp) addresses only14:22
DestinyAwaitsStrangeNoises: So am stuck now?? No way to make just one file persist?? :(14:22
StrangeNoisesthat should then unshade those fields i think14:22
rcw2and this rm .config/chromium -rf14:22
ButtBandithiya guys14:22
rvdvDestinyAwaits: Do you already have a partition /space for windows?14:23
StrangeNoisesDestinyAwaits, getting network manager to do what you want is in the long run better than breaking it14:23
StrangeNoisesin that case go to method and select automatic (dhcp) addresses only14:23
DestinyAwaitsrvdv: yes why?14:23
StrangeNoisesrvdv, it's basichash who was asking about dualboot14:23
rvdvDestinyAwaits: Sorry :-)14:23
DestinyAwaitsrvdv: no problems.. :)14:23
DestinyAwaitsStrangeNoises: dhcp is already selected14:24
StrangeNoisesADDRESSES ONLY14:24
StrangeNoisesclick on the Method drop-down14:25
StrangeNoisesthere should be "Automatic (DHCP) addresses only"14:25
StrangeNoisesselect that one, i think it'll enable the fields14:25
rvdvbasichash: same question for you: Do you already have a partition /space for windows?14:25
ubottuThere are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning14:25
rvdvIf yes you just install windows ... reboot and install grub again from a rescues CD14:26
basichashrvdv: no, currently the drive is partitioned only for ubuntu14:26
DestinyAwaitsStrangeNoises: guess what what O selected DHCP adresses only it enabled the DNS server fields14:26
StrangeNoisesso now enter the dns servers you want14:26
StrangeNoisesand save and it should work14:26
StrangeNoisesmay need to disconnect/reconnect, not sure14:26
DestinyAwaitsok thanks.. Will let you know when I restart the system.14:26
rvdvbasichash: what exactly you want to backup? ... only config files from your home dir? ... or a list from all installed programmes?14:26
DestinyAwaitsStrangeNoises: for now the problem is already solved.. :)14:27
DestinyAwaitsStrangeNoises: Thanks a ton!14:27
ButtBanditwhat's up, thugs?14:27
cfhowlett!topic > ButtBandit14:28
ubottuButtBandit, please see my private message14:28
Randy_Ohas anyone else had an ssh connection refused error when trying to run an QML app on their phone? I've tried persist.service.ssh true14:28
StrangeNoisesDestinyAwaits, basiclly i guess your router isn't giving you a useful DNS server list. the best fix is to fix it there rather than fixing every machine on the network to override it14:28
StrangeNoisesbut assuming you can't... well, what i said is the right fix. 14.04 lets you have *additional* DNS servers to the ones supplied in DHCP; looks like 12.04 is either/or on that14:29
ButtBanditwhen i type /topic it says there are insufficient arguments for command14:29
StrangeNoisesso because your router's DNS servers are useless, we just override14:29
DestinyAwaitsStrangeNoises: Bro its only my home machine and it connects to only my laptop. I don't have anything to use. I really don't know how to fix it on the router side.. :)14:29
ice9I need a guide to build .deb package from source files14:29
cfhowlett!topic| ButtBandit14:29
ubottuButtBandit: Please read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic14:29
StrangeNoisesButtBandit, /topic is for *setting* a channel topic. you'd need to be an op for that14:30
cfhowlett /topic14:30
ButtBanditbut i had a message that says  <cfhowlett> wants you to know: Please read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic14:30
StrangeNoisesthat's true14:30
cfhowlettStrangeNoises yeah, but the factoid gives that command - error correction needed14:30
StrangeNoisesactually it ought to work14:30
Dave8503any trick to make the brightness control visible on ubuntu 14.04?14:31
StrangeNoisesmaybe server blocks it for DoS protection or something14:31
enkindleIs this a good place to ask about (probably basic) file rights issues or is there a better channel?14:31
FawzibI installed ubuntu 14.04 server, get 2 error messages on boot: "diskfilter write not supported" and "*ERROR* failed to set mode on CRT:10"14:31
cfhowlettButtBandit anyway, ask your ubuntu support question14:31
StrangeNoisesand not in private messages14:31
ButtBanditi was just on here to socialize but not sure if it is allowed14:31
cfhowlett!ot|ButtBandit see other channel14:32
ubottuButtBandit see other channel: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!14:32
StrangeNoisesit's allowed if it's on topic i guess. but basically ask and/or answer questions14:32
StrangeNoisesrelating to the topic. is a busy channel; can't come here and talk about cars or whatever14:32
ButtBanditah ok14:32
StrangeNoises(unless they're running ubuntu)14:32
ButtBanditi was just hoping to make some new friends14:32
cfhowlettButtBandit wrong channel for "friends" ButtBandit14:32
MannerManDoes anyone know when/if 14.04 DVD's will be available for purchase?14:32
euryalei cant see my shared folder in vbox, im using xp in it.14:33
ButtBanditdo u mean april 2014 mannerman14:33
StrangeNoisesgiven the decade, just download the iso and put it on a usb stick :-)14:34
cfhowlettMannerMan check with your ubuntu loco14:34
sozeze14.04 is the new LTS version of Ubuntu14:34
tj1hey all, has anyone had a problem with nvidia-331 on ubuntu 14.04? specifically, everything installs fine, install steam and counter strike, launch CS, can play for a few minutes but then the screen freezes, sound keeps going, but no input works.14:34
MannerManI was planning to order some stickers and thought it would be cool to have the official DVD's14:34
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sozezeI think it will be available in 3 weeks14:35
cfhowlettMannerMan I seem to remember reading that verified locos would have them.  failing that, burn some and use lightscribe to write artwork to the disc14:35
enkindleOk, so I have a directory with owned by www-data:www-data, a user thats in the group www-data and I've done cmod -R g+rw on said directory, yet i still cant even read the files14:35
enkindleI can only read\edit if I allow "other users" to do so14:36
basichashrvdv: basically the whole image. Combination of packages and files really14:36
ButtBanditwell i just did the biggest shit ever14:36
cfhowlettButtBandit stop now.14:36
peponeUbuntu 14.04 IPv6 multicast doesn't seems to work, bind to FF01::1:1 now returns "Invalid argument" any ideas what have changed? that used to work with 12.0414:36
ButtBanditok sorry guys14:36
Yelueuryale, did you already install the vbox guest additions?14:36
StrangeNoisesButtBandit, that's it, benefit of the doubt exhausted14:36
basichashrvdv: but surely there's a way to back up the whole image no?14:36
StrangeNoisesbasichash, sure there is; just doubtful that's what you really want to do14:37
rvdvbasichash: then you need to boot from CD i guess ... and make a HD image14:37
ButtBanditi don't want to get banned14:37
ButtBanditsorry guys14:37
ButtBanditi am new to this14:37
StrangeNoisesof the *partition* after you shrink it14:37
cfhowlettButtBandit no you are not.  and you've been warned.14:37
euryalei add a network place in xp, but i cant access the shared folder. maybe i need to reset the machine.14:37
cfhowlettbasichash surely backing up your data in /home is preferable?14:38
Yelueuryale, no need for a reset14:38
rvdvbasichash: I think this is what you are looking for http://clonezilla.org/14:38
euryalewait i'll check again if i installed the guest additions.14:38
StrangeNoisesgenerally you can back up /home and /etc with rsync or even tar, and restore those on a fresh install14:38
StrangeNoisesbut alternatively using live disk, you can shrink the partition then dd it to somewhere safe and just restore that partition back after installing windows and making sure there's a partition of the right size for your restored ubuntu14:39
StrangeNoisesbut it is a bit more involved14:39
StrangeNoisesbut can be done14:39
dwffcashi, i need some help with a nfs share in ubuntu 14.04 please. I have a raspberry pi set up to share a folder using nfs.14:39
basichashmaybe I'll just do that then. What about packages and depenencies, what's the best way of re-installing them?14:40
StrangeNoisesi'd go with backing up data and reinstalling; this is assuming it's still true that a windows install will nuke your existing partition14:40
dwffcasSince upgrading to 14.04 from 13.10 when i try and access this share through nautilus it hang and ecentually doesn't mount14:40
rvdvbasichash: This discussion also has some interesting pointers for you i think: http://askubuntu.com/questions/19901/how-to-make-a-disk-image-and-restore-from-it-later14:40
StrangeNoisesthere may actually be a way to install windows that doesn't do that14:40
dwffcasI'm using the same setting as I was in fstab that I was using in 13.10 and it would mount in less than 5 seconds but form some reason in 14.04 it wont mount14:41
StrangeNoisesbasichash, but as i mentioned earlier, unless you really need windows to run on real hardware, it may just be easier/better to run windows in a virtual machine - of which vmware player is one option, there are others14:41
MrSassyPants1x speech dispatcher removal. Fast, clean, unproblematic please.14:41
dwffcascan anybody help mw with this please?14:41
bekksdwffcas: Define "it" please then.14:41
bekksdwffcas: And show us your fstab entry as well, please.14:42
jaybehi. trying ufw; seems nice. however, it seems to have blocked me on ssh port, presumably for reconnect rate. i am on the system but can not, for the life of me, get ufw and or iptables to *show me* which IP it is indeed blocking... and how to remedy that. surprisingly, a search does not seem to help me either. any advice appreciated; thanks14:42
dwffcasas in "but form some reason in 14.04 it wont mount"14:42
basichashStrangeNoises: I would do that, though unfortunately my laptop's specs are pretty pathetic14:42
dwffcasbekks: it is the nfs bookmark in nautilus?14:42
basichashill just back up /home, thanks for all the advice everyone14:43
bekksdwffcas: then try mounting it manually, in a terminal.14:43
dwffcasbekks:   /media/folder  nfs    noauto,rw,user  0  014:43
CamiloGamalerihelp please14:43
ubottuCamiloGamaleri: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience14:44
dwffcasbekks: yeah mounting it in the terminal does it ok. but i find it curious why it doesn't mount through nautilus like it did before14:44
Yelueuryale, maybe you want to check http://www.virtualbox.org/manual/ch04.html#sharedfolders14:44
bekksdwffcas: then you have to check the logs on the nfs server.14:45
CamiloGamaleriok, i need to do a boot usb with Windows 8 in ubuntu, im using multiboot but it dosnt recognize i dont not what and i can installit becouse it dosnt appear the HDD14:45
FortestHi ALL QUESTION: Trying to manually mount a LUKS encrypted drive without the passphrase but with a correct key. Anyone got any exp. with dmsetup/cryptosetup? According to: http://tiny.cc/192pex I sould be able to manually mount the drive using the following steps(page 10: 4.5.2): losetup /dev/loop0 /data/secretfile –o ResultOfKeyBlocksTimes512 bloc14:45
Fortestkdev --getsize /dev/loop0 $Result echo 0 $Result crypt aes $KEY 0 /dev/loop0 0 | dmsetup create vol1 In my case something like: echo 0 SIZE crypt aes KEY 0 /dev/loop0 0 | sudo dmsetup create vol1 Which results in the following error:device-mapper: reload ioctl failed: Invalid argument Command failed It seems like the table info i'm feeding isn't OK14:45
Fortest. Any tips on howto debug?14:45
cfhowlett!efi| CamiloGamaleri14:46
ubottuCamiloGamaleri: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI14:46
Fawzibno ideas on these boot errors: "diskfilter write not supported" and "*ERROR* failed to set mode on CRT:10"14:46
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dwffcasbekks: i have nothing in /var/log for nfs? do i need to enable logging? How do I do that?14:46
mitalhow can I upgrade 12.04 to 14.04 ?14:48
ubottumital: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade14:49
jechadwell99i did it this afternoon by reinstallation and leaving my home partitiom untouched14:49
CamiloGamaleriwith uefi i can boot windows 8 directly from the iso on the USB?14:49
cfhowlettCamiloGamaleri properly configured YES14:49
dwffcasbekks: or is it in a different location?14:49
ubottuButtBandit: As our !guidelines say, "When helping, be helpful". If you're not familiar with the issue at hand, let someone else handle it instead of making !offtopic comments or jokes.14:50
ubottuThe guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines14:50
mitalcfhowlett, its only available from 13.10 to 14.04 .. does that mean I have to upgrade from 12.04 to 12.10 to 13.04 to 13.10 to 14.04 .. that sounds stupid14:50
mitalthe upgrade *14:51
bekksdwffcas: Are you running Ubuntu on your raspi? :)14:51
cfhowlettmital 12.04 is an LTS release.  you can upgrade directly from LTS to the next LTS so 12.04 to 14.0414:51
DJonesmital: The upgrade noormally gets offered when 14.04.1 is release (which will be around the end of July)14:51
cabbage4thmital: just an fyi, you can go LTS to LTS14:51
dwffcasbekks: raspbian14:51
euryalethats it, quitting vbox14:51
dwffcasbekks: debian basically14:51
euryaleprobably gonna dual boot.14:51
basichashHow can I download a list of all installed packages and depencies?14:52
lesshasteI just upgraded to 14.04 and sound has stopped14:52
bekksdwffcas: Then you have to ask the raspian support where to find the nfs logs.14:52
lesshasteare there steps to take to try to see what is wrong?14:52
mitalbut the 14.04 LTS  is already available for download.. but the  upgrade is not available ?14:52
cabbage4thmital you can upgrade it if you like through14:52
cabbage4thmital sudo apt-get update-manager -d14:52
jechadwell99theyll want to make sure the update is completely stable first14:52
cfhowlettmital you can either download the ISO or do a terminal based upgrade14:53
CamiloGamaleriand i have to download a 64 bits ubuntu 4 use uefi??14:53
cfhowlettCamiloGamaleri don't HAVE to but if your system will support 64, there are benefits14:53
cabbage4thnot apt-get sorry lol14:53
ButtBanditis ubuntu the fastest OS14:53
CamiloGamalerimy sistem suported but onle have 1 GB of RAM14:53
CamiloGamaleriwill work better?14:53
cabbage4thjust direct update-manager -d14:54
cfhowlettCamiloGamaleri BUT if you running 32 bit now, you have to reinstall, not upgrade, to get 64314:54
jechadwell99fastest os is probably arch14:54
dwffcasbekks: ok brb i'll ask over there. where are they located in ubuntu?14:54
cfhowlettButtBandit good question for #ubuntu-offtopic14:54
mitalcabbage4th, ok thanks :)14:54
CamiloGamaleriwhat linux recomend for mi 64 bits 1GB ram?14:55
cfhowlettCamiloGamaleri 1 gig?  lubuntu or xubuntu14:55
ubottulubuntu is Ubuntu with LXDE instead of !GNOME as desktop environment, which makes it extremely lightweight. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu - /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.14:55
ubottuXubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce as the desktop environment. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels14:56
CamiloGamaleriwhat work more faster lubuntu o xubuntu?14:56
jechadwell99lubuntu i guess14:57
cfhowlettCamiloGamaleri similar speeds - lubuntu is optimized for low specification and older hardware14:57
cabbage4thCamiloGamaleri: lubuntu.14:57
CamiloGamaleriand is the bar like ubuntu?14:57
cabbage4thLike windows xp14:57
star_proneafter upgrading to 14.04 (xubuntu distribution) an app that used to work crashes with this error message: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7307587/14:57
tj1hey all, has anyone had a problem with nvidia-331 on ubuntu 14.04? specifically, everything installs fine, install steam and counter strike, launch CS, can play for a few minutes but then the screen freezes, sound keeps going, but no input works.14:57
star_proneis it related to the upgrade?14:57
cfhowlettCamiloGamaleri bar?  no unity - lxde is the desktop environment14:57
tj1even glxgears will crash it after a few minutes14:58
CamiloGamalerithe menu of ubuntu14:58
CamiloGamaleriis goodlooking14:58
cabbage4thCamiloGamaleri: lubuntu is like windows xp14:58
johnjohn101question on why the ia32-lib was deprecated?14:58
junkathen stay with ubuntu14:58
cfhowlettCamiloGamaleri "goodlooking" is subjective ... it does work however14:58
jechadwell99aka ugly14:58
jechadwell99ia32-lib was a workaround14:59
cabbage4thI think xubuntu with 1g is fine. I ran 10.04 with 512 before and it worked fine.14:59
junkai think ubuntu is also fine15:00
star_proneany ideas about that java error?15:00
johnjohn101lubuntu looks phenominal15:00
cfhowlettCamiloGamari easy enough to try: sudo apt-get install lxde xfce415:00
junkai doubt he knows how to change DE15:01
cfhowlettCamiloGamaleri that'll get the lubuntu and xubuntu desktop environments.  choose which you want at login and check it out15:01
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StrangeNoiseslubuntu-desktop surely15:01
StrangeNoisesand xubuntu-desktop15:02
rsa_seanand 1211 not upgraded. However it has the following error "Internal Error, no file name for libsemanage1". any suggestions ??? I have tried to reinstall libsemanage-common but when I try I get into dependancy issues....15:02
rsa_seanMorning ... got an issue, I tried upgrading to 14.04 from 12.04 and now my system is out of commision ... About half way through the install X died and the keyboard mapping went crazy so I was unable to open a console to view status, I left the system over night and there was no change this morning. When I run a dpkg --configure -a , it halts because there were too many errors. So I tried apt-get insttall -fy , shows 236 upgraded, 15:02
cfhowlettStrangeNoises that brings in the apps as well - how about we samle the desktop before we download an additional 500 packages15:02
rsa_seanthis also happes to be my work desktop so I am dead in the water right now :-(15:03
Hippiewhat kinda work do u do?15:03
Hippieif udont mind me asking15:03
cfhowlettrsa_sean download the ISO, burn a USB and do a clean install15:03
CamiloGamaleriim gonna install ubuntu x6415:03
StrangeNoisescfhowlett, well, lubuntu-core maybe; just concerned if user just installs lxde they're not going to get much ubuntu-ishness15:03
kostkonrsa_sean, and? what's the problem. you just said "out of commision"15:04
cfhowlettCamiloGamaleri 1 gig of ram?  expect sub-par performance15:04
rsa_sean<cfhowlett> I was trying to avoid that if at all possible15:04
CamiloGamalericfhow wats its sub.par?15:04
BarrytheboyI really need help with something very strange?15:04
cfhowlettStrangeNoises noted15:04
rsa_sean<kostkon> No X and cannot use apt to install or remove packages15:04
StrangeNoisesthough i see there isn't an equivalent xubuntu-core15:05
OohashiCamiloGamaleri: below first class15:05
cfhowlettCamiloGamaleri 1 gig of ram is pretty darn close to the MINIMUM recommendations for ubuntu ...15:05
kostkonrsa_sean, sudo apt-get dist-upgrade  to finish the upgrade maybe15:05
Oohashiunless you've got server/headless :D15:05
cfhowlettCamiloGamaleri but lubuntu or xubuntu better than ubuntu with that same 1 gig15:05
cabbage4thBarrytheboy post your question directly. :)15:05
cabbage4thIf anyone knows the answer, he'll most likely reply.15:05
ubottuBarrytheboy: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)15:06
rsa_seankostkon, I get the same error "Internal Error, no file name for libsemanage1"15:06
CamiloGamaleriyes i dont know, i ll try xubuntu maybe15:06
kostkon!find libsemanage115:06
ubottuFound: libsemanage1, libsemanage1-dev15:06
Barrytheboywhen I press X lower case it opens my home folder I cannot type X as lower case only High Case?15:06
cfhowlettrsa_sean suggest you stop install immediately and back up essential data before you do anything else15:06
kostkonrsa_sean, clean your cache first, if you can,   sudo apt-get clean15:07
junkaCamiloGamaleri, try everything and then decide what do u want :)15:07
holsteinBarrytheboy: look at your key bindings.. you can try this as the guest user to confirm that this is not a hardware related issue15:07
Barrytheboy@holstein what is key binding and how do I check or change it15:08
fayesalHi, can you tell me what program you use to gzip the repo metadata?  I am using source control to stabilize patching within our company and I didn't want to put binary artefacts in there, but whilst bzip files are just bzip files, the gzip files don't correlate with any options to gzip I can find.15:08
holsteinBarrytheboy: "Try in configuration manager>keyboard. Second tab. Here you can assign keyboard shortcuts."15:08
rsa_seankostkon, I have to use -f to correct dependencies but after all the packages are down loaded I end up with the same error15:10
XethronWhy is 12.10 Supported and not 13.04?15:11
kostkonrsa_sean, try removing the package(s) and reinstalling it/them.  libsemanage1 and/or libsemanage1-dev15:11
StrangeNoisesfayesal, that sounds like a nightmare in the making. how about just setting a single apt mirror/proxy type server at the gateway that you can manage and every ubuntu machine inside just uses that and stays in sync that way?15:11
cfhowlettXethron 13.04 is end of life as is 12.1015:11
cfhowlettXethron DO.  retract.  12.10 is still supported15:12
fayesalStrangeNoises: because I dont' want to patch everywhere at the same time.15:12
junkabecause canonical changed the release cycle to 9 months15:12
junkano release cycle, I meant time of being supported15:13
ubottu12.10 (Quantal Quetzal) was the 17th release of Ubuntu. Download at http://releases.ubuntu.com/12.10/ - Release Notes: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/121015:14
Noirodid ubuntu unity kill workspaces?15:14
junkayou have to enable it manually15:14
NoiroT.T that's lame15:14
Noirowhy does it get disabled by default?15:14
johnjohn101junka: system settings/appearance/behavior15:15
junkayou mean Noiro15:15
cfhowlettNoiro things change - we adapt.15:15
johnjohn101Noiro: system settings/appearance/behavior15:15
DS_McGuire_Guys, has anyone got Gnome 3.12 to work on Ubuntu Gnome remix?15:16
qinjunka: thanks for reminader about 12.10 ;)15:16
cfhowlett!gnome|DS_McGuire_ ask the gnome channel15:16
ubottuDS_McGuire_ ask the gnome channel: GNOME was the default desktop environment on Ubuntu up to 10.10. To install the GNOME Shell, type [ sudo apt-get install gnome-shell ] in a !terminal. For the GNOME-based !flavor of Ubuntu, see !ubuntu-gnome15:16
junkayou mean cfhowlett15:16
=== _dv_ is now known as dv_
bipulHello, I have problem, I am unable to connect with WIFI with my ubuntu, I am using teracome modem.15:19
nucelarhi people!15:22
leurianhow are you?15:22
cabbage4thbipul: try wired connection then check additional drivers? Not sure though.15:22
=== master is now known as Guest96755
leurianwell and you?15:23
leurianwell and you?15:23
junkagood ty15:23
bipulcabbage4th, Idk but i am not able to connect eventhough i have filled correct password.15:23
leuriansorry but15:23
junkabipul, does your wifi work with the livecd?15:24
designbybeckDell Studio 17 laptop with ATI ... installed 14.04 64bit and when I reboot I get a busybox error15:25
Yelufayesal, how about 'apt-get install cron-apt' (or similar) on the clients to update on a schedule with a central apt mirror?15:25
qinDS_McGuire_: gnome3 team have one experimental ppa, if 3.12 is not there you wont probably make it.15:25
bipulI have not checked as i don't have the liveCD15:25
designbybeck"Gave up waiting for root device"15:25
cabbage4thbipul: try removing the password first to make sure. If it works.15:25
atroxmonshi Guys. I have just upgraded to 14.04. Somehow I can not get Unity to work outside KDE. Inside KDE I can get it to work as an additional layer. anybody got an idea?15:26
fayesalYelu: I want to have predictable updating where dev->qa->prod for packages.  I could simply mirror all the binaries for the metadata, I wanted something more elegant.15:26
designbybeckatroxmons, ....Unity is the DE...and KDE is it's own DE....you can't use Unity in KDE15:26
StrangeNoisesfayesal, think it better to do the same thing with apt mirrors15:27
atroxmons@designbybeck.... apperently you can...15:27
cabbage4thbipul: if it works after you removed the password, double check the wi-fi security tab: security (wep, wpa, etc). Aside from that, I've got no idea left.15:27
designbybeckatroxmons, hhmmmmm15:27
StrangeNoisesthe machines do their own updating but with synced versions because the mirrors are under your control15:27
bipulPasswords are required , not possible to delte15:28
atroxmonscan get KDE to start, unity doesn't start up on it's own15:28
StrangeNoisesatroxmons, from login screen, select unity there? how doesn't it work?15:28
gotamaHi everyone15:29
gotamaIm looking to set evolution as the default email client on ubuntu 14.0415:29
Yelufayesal, okay, i see, it's a staging thingy, so straight forward :) - Yes, elegance would be a plus, but for this requirement I got no solution for you.15:29
StrangeNoisesglutton for punishment ;-P15:29
gotamaso that every time i hit my window key for mail it opens evolution and not thunderbird15:29
fayesalStrangeNoises: I've been using mrepo and cobbler and they both suck for different reasons.  Ubuntu isn't the only distro I need to maintain.15:30
cabbage4thThat's the router's password right?  Double check your connection settings. Under the Wi-Fi security tab. Maybe your settings there doesn't match the one on your router. (router uses wep, and the setting is on wpa).15:30
gotamabut cant seem to find on google when i search "set default email client ubuntu 14.04" and the like15:30
fayesalYelu: thanks for your input :)15:30
junkagotama, remove thunderbird and install evolution from software center ;)15:30
bipulcabbage4th, yes15:30
StrangeNoisesfayesal, tbh it sounds like you're going to end up with centrally distributed system images; maybe just have user's /home on separate partitions?15:30
Yelufayesal, you are welcome15:30
kostkongotama, settings -> system info -> default apps15:30
StrangeNoisesand just rsync out the whole install15:31
cabbage4thbipul (sorry forgot to tag xD) That's the router's password right?  Double check your connection settings. Under the Wi-Fi security tab. Maybe your settings there doesn't match the one on your router. (router uses wep, and the setting is on wpa).15:31
gotamajunka, ill give that a try thanks... reason i didnt do that first cause i was aDVISED AGainst removing preinstalled apps15:31
gotamakostkon, ill try that first thanks15:31
med_is launchpad.net down? openid service down?15:32
gotamaok kostkon thanks man your advise was the best appreciate it man15:32
fayesalStrangeNoises: Thanks for your input.  I think I will just store the gzip files in the repo and be done.15:32
atroxmonsstrangenoises -> ,there is no option to do so15:32
kostkongotama, np15:32
kostkonmed_, http://isup.me/15:32
DS_McGuire_qin: I couldn't find anything telling me about getting Gnome 3.12 under ubuntu 14.0415:32
greekHi all. Is it possible to update a network interface's configuration (and restart it) via a script?15:32
StrangeNoisesatroxmons, then unity is not completely installed15:32
t3chhello all, can anyone help me fix that broken packages.. : http://pastebin.com/ifwD7N6t15:32
StrangeNoisesapt-get install ubuntu-desktop15:32
med_thanks kostkon15:32
atroxmonsany idea what I could be missing?15:33
StrangeNoises(and some dependencies thereof probably)15:33
OerHekst3ch, what are you trying to install?15:33
StrangeNoisesone of which will contain /usr/share/xsessions/ubuntu.desktop15:33
StrangeNoiseswhich gives you the option on the login screen15:34
qinDS_McGuire_: than dont try it, since slashing tarballs over apt is not really supported here.15:34
StrangeNoisesatroxmons, i could tell you which dependency just contains that file, but you should just install ubuntu-desktop. what i tell you three times is true.15:35
DS_McGuire_qin: Guess I will leave it then. Unity is pretty sweet this release anyway.15:35
qinatroxmons: one: KDE and kdm is not same, lightdm is "unity native", sudo apt-get install -f; should tell you if there is something missing15:36
g0tchadoes anyone know of something like Dreamweaver for ubuntu?15:36
=== shadyabhi is now known as abhijeetras
atroxmonsstrangenoises appaers some qt packages are missing15:36
atroxmonstwo secs15:36
cabbage4thg0tcha: aptana?15:36
t3chOerHeks, i have try to upgrade from 10.04 to 12.04 and something went wrong,, but now it looks the installation is continuing..15:36
cabbage4thNo wysiwyg like DW though.15:37
atroxmonstrying reboot... brb15:37
cabbage4thg0tcha: http://www.aptana.com/15:38
g0tchathanks cabbage4th, will check it out15:39
qing0tcha: vim? there is few linux wysiwyg html editors too15:39
rypervenchevim always :)15:39
g0tchaqin, im not good with html so a normal text editor will not do me any good :/15:39
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=== deb is now known as SSbroker
=== SSbroker is now known as deb
qing0tcha: well, I am afaid webdesing is no longer powerpoint like task, what do you want to do? in matter of complication?15:45
linageecan anyone tell me why I can trust a tahr? I don't get it.15:46
qinlinagee: who you can trust nowdays?15:47
linageeqin: who or what is more like it15:47
denysonique_How can I get to know what commands `dpkg --configure -a` is executing?15:47
atroxmons_I got it working now ~noises15:47
atroxmons_thanks for helping out15:48
atroxmons_I think it was "ubuntu-sessions" looking at the logs15:48
linageehow strange. I saw updates on trust tahr beta just about every day prior to its release. now I get nothing. is that normal?15:48
linagee(do they not want to spook the users with too many updates or something?)15:49
linagee(or is it because all the work now is being put into 14.10 Upbeat Urinal?15:50
linagee(or will it be Untamed Utonagan?)15:50
=== marcelo is now known as Guest37269
* linagee likes Unique Unicorn15:51
skinnymg1linagee, the beta is how they debug for the final release. Lots of updates and fixes in the betas.15:51
Munsterlinagee, no one knows yet, shuttleworth is in retreat atm trying to decide on another poor animal to pick on :)15:52
linageeah. must not waste the opportunity to throw Ubuntu in there. (Ubuntu starts with a U. :) )15:52
linageeUbuntu Unicorn15:52
Munsteralready been suggested numeroustimes15:53
linagee:( no original ideas15:53
Munsterlinagee, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DevelopmentCodeNames15:54
linageeUbuntu Unicorn, now with more bronies backgrounds!15:54
StrangeNoiseslinagee, i'd go for that15:55
skinnymg1pleasant platypus15:55
NoobieI am using ubuntu inside ms hyper v and able to make host-guest network ... there is a proxy running on host for internet ... everything seems to work fine inside guest but I cannot ssh .. can anyone help me ? :( ...15:55
trirnothHello all. New install of 14.04. Sharing (samba) would show shares but would not allow a connection due to permission errors despite being set to allow quest. Followed the advice at http://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/samba-in-14-04-broken/1301 to remove and reinstall. Folder Properties no longer has sharing options.15:56
trirnothPackage I'm missing for properties to show sharing?15:56
Munsterskinnymg1, has to start with a "U", it's next in the alphabet naming ptotocol for ubuntu15:56
Noobieanyone ? ...15:56
OerHeksumbratic umbrette15:57
kostkontrirnoth, in case you may missed some packages, open your dpkg.log and see what has been removed and reinstall it  you can use the system log app to open that log15:58
Munsterugly urchin15:58
Noobieplease help me :( ...15:58
* genii sips and ponders Ultra Unicorn15:58
YeluNoobie, silly question: you set up the sshd (ssh listening server)? - (also check ports, firewall on both sides)15:58
linageeah, the first word has to be an adjective? :(15:58
linageeUbuntu is adjective-y...15:59
kostkontrirnoth, also try logging out and back in, you never know15:59
StrangeNoiseslinagee, yeah i was thinking that15:59
qinYelu: sudo apt-get install openssh-server; sudo netstat -tulp; sudo vim /etc/ssh/sshd_config15:59
trirnothkostkon: Did reboot and that's when the menu item disappeared. Forgot that dpkg.log existed. Thanks for that. checking it now.16:00
quemnot too impressed by ubuntu gnome. i'm not a fan of bloated UIs, but it's a bit too featureless.16:00
Yeluqin, yes, but this is for user "Noobie" ...16:00
zubuntui installed a game via vbox in ubuntu but game giving error :S16:00
zubuntuhow can i solve this problem?16:00
Noobieany tutorial online ? or what should I googlE ?16:00
linageeis everyone with 14.04 now using nftables? :)16:00
holsteinquem: be sure you use the #ubuntu-offtopic for chat.. enjoy whatever DE you like from the default ubuntu 14.04 repositories16:00
linagee(instead of iptables)16:00
qinYelu: fist install, sshd (deamon) should start itself of: sudo service ssh start16:01
holsteinzubuntu: what game? what operating system is the guest using?16:01
YeluNoobie, https://duckduckgo.com/?q=ubuntu+setting+up+sshd16:01
=== wizonesolutions is now known as views_json
linageeYelu: lol. this is a thing. https://lmddgtfy.net/16:01
=== views_json is now known as wizonesolutions
qinYelu: I am so very sorry... and blind ;)16:01
zubuntuholstein: vbox running in ubuntu 12.04 and i installed xp via virtual box , game is Worms 3D , old game16:02
zubuntualso Caesar 3 doesnt work16:02
NoobieThanks a lot lot lot guys :) ...16:02
quemholstein: i thought ubuntu gnome was officially endorsed. :)16:02
quempity they don't seem to have an IRC channel.16:02
Yeluqin, no problem16:02
holsteinzubuntu: you'll have to address xp side errors with xp.. but, i wouldnt want to try and play games virtualized, though, you should address any 3d driver concerns16:03
OerHeksquem, there is an ubuntu gnome3 dekstop >>  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGNOME16:03
Yelulinagee, nice one :D16:03
linageexp? ugh. please let that die. :(16:03
zubuntuholstein: isnt it good idea to play pc games via virtual box ?16:03
holsteinquem: ? it is.. and feel free and ask questions about it.. and chat about it in the proper OT channel.. otherwise, use what you like16:03
trirnothkostkon: Thanks again - seeing a bunch of "status half-installed". Going to reboot and rerun apt-get's.16:03
holsteinzubuntu: it isnt a good idea to virtualize gaming.. regardless of host or guest os16:04
quemholstein: ah, ok. now i get it. :P16:04
kostkontrirnoth, ok16:04
zubuntuholstein: so how will i play pc games in ubuntu ?16:04
zubuntui dont wanna use windows :S16:04
cabbage4thzubuntu playonlinux?16:05
qinzubuntu: wine?16:05
zubuntuit sucks that i cant play games in ubuntu16:05
=== standdart is now known as romanemp
zubuntuwine and playonlinux is not good enough16:05
skinnymg1zubuntu, then go back to windows16:05
atroxmons_virtualizing means you will be running windows zubuntu16:05
zubuntusteam requires already installed games16:05
quemOerHeks holstein - i'm kind of wondering about the impact installing the gnome meta-package would have, as many gnome related packages aren't installed by default in ubuntu gnome.16:05
zubuntuatroxmons_:  i already installed virtualbox , but games dont work on it16:06
cabbage4thzubuntu: for worms? :o16:06
quemOerHeks holstein - whether it'd break the ubuntu specific integration the DE has, and so on.16:06
atroxmons_zubuntu: dual boot is easiest. if not you will have to invest in coding16:06
kostkonzubuntu, worms reloaded is on steam16:06
zubuntucabbage4th: not only worms :p16:07
zubuntui have many good games archieve in my harddisk16:07
zubuntui wanna play them16:07
zubuntuold games but fun16:07
linageeyou know, there are a lot of adjectives for U, but it seems that development codenames have to have a wacky adjective that is not used for anything else. These are the only ones in the list that fit the bill:16:07
holsteinzubuntu: i use native games, on supported hardware. do you have supported 3d graphics? and drivers installed?16:07
rypervenchezubuntu: You'll probably want to keep a Windows partition then for just playing games and then you can use Linux for everything else.16:08
linageeUnassailable, Unctuous, Uproarious16:08
cabbage4thzubuntu well, our best bet is wine with nvidia. :(16:08
zubuntuholstein: what do u mean with native games? and i didnt install 3d drivers for virtualbox i guess16:08
kostkonzubuntu, then a combination of wine/playonlinux and dosbox16:08
cabbage4thUbiquitous Unicorn.16:08
zubuntucabbage4th: i dont have nvidia graphics card and i didnt like wine :/16:08
linageecabbage4th: ubiquitous is too standard of an adjective. lol.16:08
holsteinzubuntu: linux games.. games that companies make for linux.. not games made for windows16:08
zubuntui tried to install games via wine but it didnt install16:08
linageecabbage4th: ubiquitous, almost. :)16:08
kostkonzubuntu, playonlinux is easier to use16:09
zubuntuholstein: is there any linux version of Age of Empires 2 ? :p16:09
holsteinzubuntu: wine may not work.. you were not guaranteed that from the creators of the games.. but, anyone is welcome to write anything for linux16:09
skinnymg1Uppity Uguisu for 14.1016:09
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!16:09
quemskinnymg1: you can't be serious..16:09
zubuntutgm4883: well it is a kind of ubuntu issue, dont u think ?16:09
holsteinzubuntu: ask the creators if there are age of empires for linux.. there are many games like that16:09
skinnymg1quem, of course I can16:09
kostkonzubuntu, aoe2 works fine with wine. even the new hd version16:09
holstein!info 0ad16:09
ubottu0ad (source: 0ad): Real-time strategy game of ancient warfare. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.0.15+dfsg-3 (trusty), package size 2425 kB, installed size 8743 kB (Only available for amd64; armel; armhf; i386; kfreebsd-amd64; kfreebsd-i386)16:09
tgm4883zubuntu, it's not a support question, so no16:09
fayesalYelu: StrangeNoises: I managed to reverse engineer it using zlib example zpipe.16:10
zubuntuguys i dont want to play Call of Duty - Ghosts or something16:10
zubuntui have some old games from early 2000s16:10
zubuntuit s pitty cant play with ubuntu :/16:10
Yelufayesal, this is interesting. - Thank you for sharing.16:10
kostkonzubuntu, only option is wine and dosbox then16:10
kostkonzubuntu, vms are not for games16:11
skinnymg1zubuntu, you probably can't play on windows 8 either16:11
OerHekszubuntu, wrong, "it s pitty cant play within virtualbox"\16:11
holsteinzubuntu: sure, but there is nothing about linux/ubuntu that is preventing that from happening, friend. you just were not guaranteed that it would work with linux16:11
zubuntuOerHeks: :p16:12
quemzubuntu: have you checked winedb?16:12
qinzubuntu: try #winehq16:12
zubuntui tried wine , playonlinux and vbox16:12
kostkonzubuntu, didn't try enough16:12
zubuntuwhile installing games it is giving error on wine16:13
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quemthere's a girl in #openra working on an aoe2 mod for it iirc.16:13
quembut she's only just begun.16:13
holsteinzubuntu: there can be specific tweaks needed in wine.. and, they may *not* work with wine.. wine support was not guaranteed to you16:13
majodi cant play 720p html5 videos on youtube with firefox....whats wrong?16:14
quemzubuntu: http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=application&iId=9916:14
zubuntuso they need to improve wine16:14
qinzubuntu: have you donated yet?16:14
zubuntuguys , dont u think if it is possible to play all games in linux it s super thing ?16:14
holsteinzubuntu: ? "they" cant facilitate that support.. it was not guaranteed16:14
YeluTo the gamers: If I wanted to ride, I'd take a horse - if wanted to fly I's take a plane - So just take the right tools for the right thing. - Windows for Windows games ...16:14
tgm4883Yelu, +116:15
holsteinzubuntu: *anyone* is welcome to create and release anything for linux.. its completely open.. let the software creators konw you would like a linux version16:15
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mozaHello, i have activated the full screen zoom option in ubuntu 14.04, and i want to turn it off for a while, but each time i get on the menu bar on top, gnome just shuts itself off. Any idea how to deactivate it?16:15
drezirDoes anyone notice several problems on Xubuntu 14.04? Hidden network manager, PC doest not awake after sleeping mode and laggy icons?16:15
=== pods is now known as pods28
mozaOn a more general level, the zoom is great but it seems a bit unstable.16:15
holsteinzubuntu: you have an agreement with the software creators for windows support, and you are stepping outside of that agreement, and not all options to facilitate that support will or can work16:15
=== pods28 is now known as pods
zubuntui dont think they make linux game via my request holstein :p16:16
qinYelu: well since vavle has thrown bone I feel user spoiled as Linux gamer ;)16:16
holsteinzubuntu: i have plenty, through steam16:16
zubuntuholstein: how can i use my game iso files via steam ?16:16
=== al_ is now known as Guest99000
holsteinzubuntu: ask them. and the creators of the game.. please use the #ubuntu-offtopic channel to discuss.. thanks!16:16
tgm4883zubuntu, you are complaining to the wrong people. Do you complain to Sony that "Gears of War" is only on Xbox, or do you complain to Epic Games?16:17
Yeluqin, ;)16:17
zubuntutgm4883: i dont complain.. i am looking for a solution16:18
holsteinzubuntu: it is much the same as taking an Xbox only game and asking sony for playstation support for it16:18
tgm4883zubuntu, well I believe the solution is, if it doesn't work in Wine, then use windows16:18
zubuntuyes i aware of that guys :/16:18
Yelutgm4883, +116:18
designbybeckso you when it pops up you need to upgrade from 13.04 to 13.10 before you can go to 14.04??16:18
muscatgm4883:  yes, this case is solved.16:19
OerHeksdesignbybeck, yes.16:19
fayesalzubuntu: try crossover games. https://www.codeweavers.com/products/cxgames/16:19
atroxmons_xbox games only work on xbox zubuntu. They don't work on windows, and therefore they will not work using emulators or virtualisation16:19
syeekicki thought you can do a gpu passthrough on vms and it supposed to be pretty epic for gaming16:19
qindesignbybeck: yeah, baby steps, or lileky fresh install may be faster16:19
=== arges` is now known as arges
designbybeckok thanks OerHeks  and qin16:20
zubuntumy point is, someone can make a good emulator i guess16:20
tgm4883syeekick, the overhead of running a second OS hurts16:20
zubuntuit needs good engineering16:20
geniidesignbybeck: That's the normal upgrade path, yes. It either goes LTS->LTS or else if you have interim release you need to upgrade to all the other interim releases and then to latest16:20
yossarianukwine - is NOT an emulator16:20
atroxmons_then invest in somebody to do it for you zubuntu. Free doesn't mean free ;)16:20
tgm4883it's a translation layer16:20
yossarianukas long as you have nvidia many games are actually faster in Wine than in real windows on the same pc16:20
zubuntulol atroxmons_  :p16:21
drezircrossover or cedega or wine ....these are only avaiable emulators on Linux. Cedega and Crossover are specialized on games. But trust me. I am a gamer and i have already tried that and nothing worked so well like Windows :D16:21
holsteinzubuntu: i dont think better emulators is the ideal solution when *all* of linux is open, and available to anyone to create what they like.. native code is the "best" solution16:21
yossarianuki.e call of duty 1/2 - may payne 1/2 - civ4/5 (graphics are faster and the time it takes for the CPU to have a turn is faster on Linux -> wine than on real windows)16:21
tgm4883zubuntu, seriously, ask the developer for a linux port16:21
holsteinzubuntu: you might be interested in helping with a product such as http://www.reactos.org/ which aims to be compatible with windows code16:22
tgm4883zubuntu, It can work https://twitter.com/DuvalMagic/statuses/45732149392430694416:22
zubuntutgm4883: ok i will send a mail to microsoft to make linux version of Age of Empires :p16:22
atroxmons_I'm off to school. good luck guys. ~noises, thanks for the (obvious) solution I overlooked!16:22
qindrezir: cedega still exists?16:22
yossarianukzubuntu: or just dual boot  - there are far more games for linux than time time a couple of years ago..16:23
holsteinzubuntu: other than that, the avenues for faciliating non-native code can be quite frustrating, and just that.. non-native.. meaning, your mileage may vary, and you are your own support16:23
taime1I'm trying to mount an lvm raid. I'm getting 'special device does not exist' what gives?16:23
yossarianukpersonally if I cannot run it on Linux I just don't bother.16:23
zubuntuok ok , dualboot is the best alternative now16:23
holsteinzubuntu: yes.. native code16:24
drezirqin: i think so. I only know that Cedega or Crossover has changed name16:24
zubuntuso what do u use vbox for ?16:24
Yeluzubuntu, case closed ;) (just kidding)16:24
tgm4883zubuntu, So you are complaining that AoE, a game made by an OS developer, doesn't work in Wine, which is a translation layer for Windows API calls. Gee, I wonder why Microsoft uses secret Windows API calls and breaks compatibility with Wine16:24
zubuntuYelu: lol yes it is closed :p16:24
tgm4883Lets definitely blame the Wine developers16:24
sigint88just a quick question., how do i mount an lvm2_memeber in Ubuntu16:24
zubuntutgm4883: again, i am not complaining.. just thinking loudly :p16:24
sigint88i.e so the OS can access it an r/w data16:24
drezirqin, Yes, i can see it now. From Cedega to Gametree16:24
ubuntududecan somebody help .. why am i seeing this " 29%  waiting for headers" on doing apt-get update16:25
sigint88any suggestions or cool references16:25
sigint88btw how is Trusty going?16:25
zubuntui wish there was a standart API for all games :p16:25
kostkonzubuntu, devs do listen to gamers requests. you never know http://steamcommunity.com/app/221380/discussions/0/864961721870086428/16:25
zubuntuand to make it work in every systems16:25
holsteinubuntudude: just try again.. could be a slow mirror.. could be you have added sources that are slow/bad16:25
tgm4883zubuntu, wouldn't matter. You expect Microsoft to follow standards?16:25
yossarianukzubuntu: there is a standard for all os's - its called openGL16:25
al__bonjour a tous il ya des francais dans la salle16:25
ubuntududeholstein : can you suggest some good mirrors16:26
zubuntutgm4883: like same charger adapter for all mobile phones they can make a standart maybe16:26
holsteinzubuntu: there are many such "smart" api's.. choose one and help test/maintain/promote them16:26
kostkonzubuntu, there is according to Valve, it's called sdl216:26
holsteinubuntudude: the default ones16:26
ubuntududeholstein : i added deb http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu precise main universe16:26
tgm4883zubuntu, there is a standard. Microsoft doesn't follow it16:26
holsteinubuntudude: for precise?16:26
ubuntududeyea for precise16:27
tgm4883zubuntu, Microsoft's mantra is "Embrace, Extend, Extinguish".16:27
rypervencheal__: Oui, message privé16:27
muscalinagee:   untouchable urchin?16:27
holsteinubuntudude: you shouldnt have to add anything.. try undoing what you did, and get "sudo apt-get update" working normally16:27
zubuntutgm4883:  mac os has own standart also16:27
drezirzubuntu, But if you have to have the greatest comfort then use PlayonLinux. It installs all those stuffs around the specified game itself. I have tried that and i ran Witcher 2 but sometimes textures went wrong16:27
tgm4883zubuntu, that is precisely why we have things like Silverlight16:27
tgm4883zubuntu, I don't use a Mac, but I was under the impression that it's standard is OpenGL16:28
ubuntududeholstein i will try that16:28
yossarianukzubuntu: read about the halloween documents to see why games are only on windows16:28
Yeluubuntudude, try change your mirror under settings in update manager (maybe there is a faster one)16:28
yossarianukzubuntu: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Halloween_Documents16:28
zubuntui bet commercial worries under that :p16:28
|\nabout mirrors, not sure if it checks ping16:29
tgm4883I'm not sure what that means16:29
ubuntududeyelu i have a ubuntu server so there is no UI16:29
Yeluubuntudude, oops, sorry for that :)16:29
ubuntududeholstein : tried deleting that source.list file and still see it hanging at 0%16:29
ubuntududeverified internet connectivity it is present16:30
|\nhowever, there cases when the other mirrors but chosen ones provide ability to fetch updates at higher speeds at average16:30
|\nlike, not the fastest one determined16:30
zubuntusooo how can i make restarting and changing OS faster with dual boot ? :p16:30
holsteinubuntudude: if you have messed around in there, that can likely be cuasing those isssues16:30
yossarianukzubuntu: you may be interested to read this article - shows the future for openGL looks very promising  - http://blogs.nvidia.com/blog/2014/03/20/opengl-gdc2014/16:30
zubuntuit takes time so i dont like it16:30
holsteinubuntudude: you can paste your sources file/s16:30
drezirI like Windows after updating Xubuntu on 14.04 :D16:30
zubuntuyossarianuk: how far future ? :p16:30
zubuntuhow long will we wait for that ? lol16:31
yossarianukread the article16:31
tgm4883zubuntu, you'll need to go to a Windows support channel to find out how to speed up the Windows boot16:31
yossarianuk'With OpenGL, an open, vendor-neutral standard, developers can get significantly better performance – up to 1.3 times. But with a little tuning, they can get 7 to 15 times more performance. - See more at: http://blogs.nvidia.com/blog/2014/03/20/opengl-gdc2014/#sthash.thPEF1eh.dpuf'16:31
yossarianuki.e very soon - amd/nvidia and intel working together in opengl..16:31
zubuntuyossarianuk: i dont have nvidia graphic card16:31
ubuntududeit is : deb http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu precise main universe16:31
yossarianukread the articel...16:32
zubuntuis there anything promised about intel based graphics ? :p16:32
drezirI think that the best way to speedUp Windows is to reinstall it16:32
ubuntududei deleted that line it stuck at 016:32
holsteinzubuntu: ask intel what they promise16:32
zubuntulol holstein16:33
zubuntuok lets change the topic then :p16:33
zubuntudid u all install 14.04 ?16:33
zubuntui couldnt yet :S16:33
zubuntumy net is slow to download it16:33
SchrodingersScatthe topic does not change, topic is ubuntu support16:33
tgm4883zubuntu, not a support question16:34
ubuntududeok it works now16:34
ubuntudude############################################################# ################### OFFICIAL UBUNTU REPOS ################### #############################################################  ###### Ubuntu Main Repos deb http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ precise main   ###### Ubuntu Update Repos deb http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ precise-security main  deb http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ precise-updates main16:34
zubuntuok lets change the question :p16:34
holstein!paste | ubuntudude16:35
ubottuubuntudude: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.16:35
holsteinzubuntu: feel free and use the #ubuntu-offtopic channel for chat16:35
zubuntuthey are sleeping holstein16:36
anth0nyQuestion: when I try to run a service with "sudo service jenkins start" it fails ('start: Job failed to start').  But when I run it with sudo /etc/init.d/jenkinst start, it works.  Any ideas as to why that would be?  What's the difference between the two?16:36
linageeHas anyone downloaded Upright Unicorn yet?16:37
lolmausAfter updating my Kubuntu to 14.04 i receive this in Chrome: http://i.imgur.com/W5xNjSf.png Ideas?16:38
linageeUrban Unicorn. :)16:39
JenniferB2Hi folks! I cant play mp4 files!! I am on fedora ... i have installed VLC ... WTF!? VLC used to be able to play everything ... wtf happened ... updates are evil16:41
JenniferB2how do I install all codecs so that I never experience this again, ever... hahah :P\16:41
kostkon!fedora | JenniferB216:41
ubottuJenniferB2: Other !Linux distributions besides !Ubuntu include: Debian, Mepis (using !APT); RedHat, Fedora, SUSE, Mandriva (using !RPM); Gentoo, Slackware (using other packaging systems)16:41
holsteinJenniferB2: try fedora support.. though, its likely something to do with codecs..16:41
KorkelDoes someone know how to fix the hotkeys for volume?16:42
Korkelbrithness of screen is working16:42
KorkelI it a driver problem or?16:43
zubuntuofftopic is boring :p16:43
linageeI don't get why you're suggesting fedora?16:43
KorkelIt is very hatefull now, because I can't control my sound.. how to fix?16:44
KorkelThat hotkey isn't working, ubuntu 14.0416:44
JenniferB2holstein, i know .. the fedora support is not as nice :( .. i think it has to do with codes so it is probably a generic linux issue :) ... came in here because I am used to16:44
EricRabilI decided to just wipe my harddrive and startover, i need the refresh anyway16:45
mcnesiumhere it says there will be a chainload  menu entry after installing grub-pc https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/Upgrading but i cant see it - how can i check if grub2 works?16:45
linageeKorkel: https://lmddgtfy.net/?q=ubuntu%20volume%20hotkey16:45
ubottuWhile Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.16:45
qinJenniferB2: http://releases.ubuntu.com/trusty/ubuntu-14.04-desktop-i386.iso16:46
KorkelLinagee? Google wasn't helping.16:46
linageeKorkel: I told them to duck duck go it, not googl it. :)16:46
linageeer, kostkon16:46
JenniferB2qin, haha .. i did .. but couldnt get my gtx 765m to work ... i have three screens :)16:46
KorkelBut if someone got a solution for my problem?16:46
|\nJenniferB2, http://jaisejames.wordpress.com/2012/11/30/fedora-18-missing-video-decoder-audio-decoder-codec-installing/16:47
linageeKorkel: not helping = ? have you tried anything yet?16:47
AndChat515625Hi, i tried to insrall ubuntu on an encrypted partition. Only option was allowed: use entire disk. WTF??16:47
KorkelLinagee, I googled..?16:47
qinJenniferB2: hm. that would be acctualy support question.16:47
KorkelNo idea what I must do.. google isnt helping16:47
linageeKorkel: have you tried anything like this yet? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Hotkeys/Troubleshooting16:48
|\nAndChat515625, use server or alternate image, this one is the best, if you want / be encrypted eventually and don't need anything special from dm-crypt16:48
linageeKorkel: ^found using google, so if it ends up helping, I'd ask you why you didn't try the first result on google yet...16:48
Korkellinagee: how must I do that? I'm a noob...16:48
linageeKorkel: ah. :(16:48
KorkelSo, an other idea to resolve it is welcome.16:49
linageeKorkel: I think the problem here is that you're expecting me to tell you to try some action, where to fix it, it might require reading a few steps, trying a few things, possibly trying something that doesn't work, trying other things, etc.16:50
AndChat515625K thanks. Will try to find the image16:50
KorkelLinagee? What must I try? I have no idea..?16:50
linageeKorkel: did you go to the link I posted a screenful back?16:50
|\nAndChat515625, http://torrent.ubuntu.com:6969/16:51
Korkeltroubleshooting ?16:51
KorkelYes.. but how must I do that?16:51
segfaltWhat does it mean when apt-cache depends prints a pipe character before Depends:, like  |Depends: apache2-mpm-prefork16:51
linageeKorkel: how must you do what? are you just here to waste time?16:51
|\nAndChat515625, alternate and server are using classy debian non-gui installer16:51
KorkelLinagee, if you cant help me pleas leave me alone.16:51
linageeKorkel: I gave you a link that might have an 80% chance of helping you....16:52
=== bfiller is now known as bfiller_afk
tinyminerhi everyone.   Any tips or pointers to 14.0.4 installing and booting to a blank desktop?  The stuff I googled for 12-13x doesn't seem to work and some seemed deprecated16:52
linageeKorkel: you mean how do you go to a link and read the contents? I'm honestly a bit lost on this conversation.16:53
linageeKorkel: calm the fuck down16:54
mpmcWoah, calm down people.16:54
whoeverhi all, I have 14.04 and i am experiencing intermitent, keyboard, and gui lock ups where the keyboard, or the gui is not responive at all. I this was an upgrade from 13.10, has anyone else experienced the same issue, is therer a know fix? The only way I have been able to get out is to  hard reboot16:54
SpidernetKorkel: watz the problem?16:55
KorkelMy hotkey for volume isnt working...16:55
|\nwhoever, i'd go for `apt-get purge gnome-* unity-*` and lxde, i did actually16:55
gautami can but wht do u want?16:55
KorkelAnd I want a fix for it... :s16:56
KorkelSpidernet: u got a idea?16:56
whoever|\n: is the apt-get line an exact copy paste {16:56
|\nKorkel, those hotkeys of yours, do they belong to laptop-specific ones?16:57
=== sz0 is now known as sz0`
KorkelYes. Brithness of the screen is working.16:57
|\nwhoever, it's not full line16:57
Korkel|\n: what dou you mean?16:58
briananonsubsystem for windows = runlabel for linux?16:58
|\nKorkel, i'm not sure if brightness keys are software or hardware, there are bunch of stupid laptops where some hotkeys require the driver16:58
whoever|\n: can you find me full line, unity is locked up now, and some how i can still use term16:59
tarelerulzAny of you used the chrome desktop extension?16:59
|\nwhoever, whole your desktop environment is on 7th main console by default, if you will hit ctrl+alt+f1 you'll get to real linux, ctrl+alt+f7 to fairy tale17:00
pushpopHi all, I'm trying to install ubuntu on a 5.4TB raid 5 array.  It's configured in the rad controller but for some reason the Ubuntu install doesn't see the 5.4 TB array.  Any ideas?17:00
SpidernetKorkel: just came online.. pls let me know what the problem is. probably i can help17:00
linageeis it strange to hand someone a recipe and they get upset that you're not giving them a cake?17:00
pushpopHi all, I'm trying to install ubuntu on a 5.4TB raid 5 array.  It's configured in the rad controller but for some reason the Ubuntu install doesn't see the 5.4 TB array.  Any ideas?17:01
linageepushpop: how do you mean "ubuntu doesn't see it"? have you tried dmesg?17:02
predator117just upgraded to 14.04 and no tray icons except keyboard is showing up (no network manager, no dropbox, nothing) any ideas?17:02
pushpoplinagee /dev/dm-0 is the only thing that shows up it's 1.3TB17:03
tinyminerI don't even get a tray or a launcher on 14.0.4 fresh install :-)17:03
predator117i'm using trayer17:03
briananon hi can you see me ?17:03
segfaltno, that would be awkward.17:03
linageepushpop: are there any 1.3TB devices in your system that you know of?17:03
dw1!hi | briananon17:04
linageepushpop: is this a software raid controller or a hardware one?17:04
pushpoplinagee hardware17:04
hatchetjackwant eth0 back :(17:04
somanIF trusty has gcc 4.8.2 will that version available in precise which with 4.6.3 in repos now? What it situation depends on?17:05
linageepushpop: have you looked for its specific device driver then? (which hardware raid controller?)17:05
whoever|\n: purge lxde too ? what does that have to do with unity17:05
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briananondw1 how to install lnmp stack?17:06
dw1briananon: lamp ?17:06
segfaltnginx, probably17:06
=== sz0` is now known as sz0
|\nwhoever, well, don't do anything you heard or seen until you know what you're actually doing, i myself refused to continue using unity and gnome as desktop environments in a favor of lxde, not being a fan of so-called derivatives (lubuntu xubuntu etc)17:06
dw1briananon: i like to just do sudo apt-get install apache2 mysql php17:06
pushpoplinagee it's a dell Precision T561017:07
pushpoplinagee don't have the controller modem handy17:07
briananon linux, nginix, mysql, php .17:07
segfaltpushpop:  Do you have access to the installer right now?  You can use a terminal and run lspci to get a list of hardware.17:07
dw1oh i never used nginx17:07
linageepushpop: lspci might help17:08
briananon how to install it then?17:08
pushpoplinagee ok stand by17:08
segfaltbriananon:  http://www.servermom.org/easiest-way-to-install-lamp-and-lnmp-stack-on-ubuntu/153/ Seems to have the information you need.17:08
dw1briananon: i would google http://google.com/search?q=ubuntu+install+nginx of course :)17:08
MuzerI've set up a computer to use wifi with /etc/network/interfaces. Is there a way to make it automatically attempt to reconnect if the wifi drops?17:09
briananondw1, is mariadb available on repo?17:10
pushpoplinagee INtel C600/x79 raid controller17:10
dw1briananon: i do not know17:10
segfaltbriananon:  A better question would be "How do I search the repo?", which you can do with "apt-cache search <string>"17:10
Muzeralso it doesn't help that using service to attempt to restart networking seems to utterly fail17:10
linageepushpop: is that something on your motherboard or a separate card?17:11
briananondw1, another question which is the best nle for ubunt?17:12
pushpoplinagee motherboard17:12
linageepushpop: is this on like a poweredge server or something?17:12
dw1briananon: whats nle :)17:12
pushpoplinagee Dell Precision T561017:12
briananonnon linear editor17:12
jakubohi i need help using remote desktop17:13
linageeah. not exactly a server, a "workstation", heh17:13
jakubocan anyone help me with it?17:13
Busybyeskii have set a keyboard shortcut to fullscreen the current window both in keyboard options and compiz, but it isn't taking.  any ideas as to what might be restricting that bind?17:13
dw1jakubo: did you try http://google.com/search?q=ubuntu+remote+desktop17:14
* dw1 runs away17:14
linageepushpop: C600/X79 or LSI MR9271-8i ? (looks like there are two storage controllers in that system)17:15
briananonnon linear editor for graphics, dw1.17:15
linageepushpop: (or something. I don't really know. kinda guessing.)17:15
pushpoplinagee C600/x79 is what it has17:15
dw1briananon: i dont really understand that. for graphics i use GIMP17:15
petanis it just me or there were no updates to trusty packages since last friday? o.O17:16
linageepushpop: ah ok. I got that from here: http://www.ubuntu.com/certification/hardware/201303-13193/17:16
dw1briananon: its like the linux photoshop17:16
petanI am just wondering if my sources are broken or not17:16
linageepushpop: (strangely its "certified" heh)17:16
pushpoplinagee i dont understand17:16
pushpoplinagee im stumped17:16
briananon aae kinda stuff, dw1.17:16
linageepushpop: when you do lspci, you don't see anything that says LSI, correct?17:17
=== g_byers is now known as gbyers[Away]
dw1briananon: kdenlive is popular for videos17:17
helmuthi. is there a ubuntu channel concerned with cross building?17:17
pushpoplinagee nothing with LSI17:17
dw1briananon: you can google these things :P17:17
jakubodw1: i guess i have spent far too much time looking for something and fighting windmills. it simply doesnt show a desktop. only greyish metalstructure17:17
helmutbuilding cross toolchains specifically17:17
pushpoplinagee just has the C00/X7917:18
bytefirewhere do ubuntu apps usually save application data? in Windows for example it will be something like C:\User Data\{App Name}\17:18
dw1jakubo: ahh damn... i am no expert sadly :(17:18
dw1jakubo: havent used it17:18
designbybeckbytefire, /home/username/17:18
bytefiredesignbybeck, thanks!17:18
linageepushpop: it *seems* like C600/X79 is just a software raid.17:18
designbybeckbytefire,  normally a hidden file such as .config17:18
jakuboplease can someone tell me what im doing wrong???17:18
linageepushpop: not entirely sure on that yet17:19
pushpoplinagee ahh OK17:19
designbybeckbytefire,  so you need to show your hidden files but that is mostly it I think17:19
bytefiredesignbybeck, let me try, thanks17:19
linageepushpop: if its just a software raid, there's no point in trying to find a hardware raid, might as well use linux software raid. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID17:20
linageepushpop: if you have that LSI card, I'd say hardware raid17:20
qinbytefire: dpkg -L package_name | less17:20
pushpoplinagee ok thanks thought it was hardware17:20
linageepushpop: depending on what device drivers are being loaded, you can sometimes tell that way as well.17:20
htmlboot up with the menu? atm it does not show.17:20
bytefireqin, yeahh something on those lines :)17:20
htmlhow do i get grub boot up with the menu? atm it does not show.17:20
linageepushpop: (between lsmod and lspci, not exactly user friendly utilities)17:21
qinbytefire: yeah, /usr/bin/ binalier /lib/ libraries /etc/ global configs /home/$USER user configs, more-less17:21
linageepushpop: if you do like lsmod | grep megaraid   and don't see LSI in a lspci, probably no LSI raid card in your system. :)17:22
GeoLeYetiHi. I bought a vps and i enconter some difficulties for making a partition. I read that I have to create it during the installation of my VM but this part is made by my host (I can only chose my distrib). Therefore is there anyway to resize Ubuntu and create a partition with the rest17:22
pushpoplinagee got it most helpful17:22
jakuboremmina connects with xrdp (shows unable to connect without) but shows no desktop17:23
bytefireqin, im looking for data saved by transmission-gtk, so going through the directories output by dpkg comand above17:23
htmlhow do i get grub boot up with the menu?17:23
linageepushpop: this might help. but it may or may not be worth the effort. https://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?agr=Y&DwnldID=23603&lang=eng&OSVersion=Linux*&DownloadType=17:24
qinbytefire: locate transmission; will have almost same effect; all torrented files in user defined folders (usualy ~/Download)17:25
qinhtml: hold Shift17:26
jakuboxrdp seems not to work with unity. can anyone help?17:26
htmlGRUB_DEFAULT=0 what does this do in the grub config?17:26
b0uncewhat's the difference between ubuntu and ubuntu (community edition)?17:27
bytefireqin, sounds even better. just the pain of going through every directory :) it should be fine17:28
tonyg_i'm seeing the following while doing an upgrade to 14.04 from 13.10: could not install '/var/cache/apt/archives/libpostpro52_6%3a0.git20120821-4-i386.deb' the upgrade will continue but the package may not be in a working state. please consider submitting a bug report about it.17:29
tonyg_is this a big deal?17:29
linageepushpop: weird. got me digging into this. strange stuff I haven't seen before.17:30
linageepushpop: http://en.community.dell.com/techcenter/extras/w/wiki/4491.dell-poweredge-c-how-to-deploy-ubuntu-on-c8000-with-intel-c600-storage-controller.aspx17:30
linageepushpop: I've never seen a device like this: /dev/mapper/isw_<raidcontrollerID>_<volume_name>. apparently its some sort of "fakeraid driver" or something.17:30
dowwiewhat's the latest info regarding open-vm-tools and support for vmhgfs in Ubuntu 14.04?  I've had trouble setting it up and found a lot of chatter on the subject through search17:31
StrangeNoisesyeah i think it's deprecated, not needed because the drivers are in by default17:32
ePiratHello, is it possible to use GNOME instead of Unity in ubuntu 14.04? if yes how to do this?17:32
StrangeNoisesseems to work for me though i haven't really pursued it to understand fully what they've done17:32
sontek_What is the trick to get flash with the chromium from the apt repos?   I installed pepperflashplugin-nonfree and ran --install  on it but when I check about:plugins it isn't there17:33
sontek_I'm on 14.0417:33
StrangeNoisesi think you just have to install the package and it's installed. works, but other issues with chromium atm17:34
dastaannow this is strange. Why my prnt scrn button is not working on 14.0417:34
linageepushpop: if I had your setup, I'd try for using the disks as a JBOD and software raid them in linux. doesn't seem to be a lot of advantages for the the intel C600 in doing it a different way17:34
StrangeNoisesenough that i went back to installing google-chrome-stable17:34
sontek_Yeah, I'll just go get the google chrome one instead17:35
Rainer__Hi Is there a version of the alternate installer available for 14.04?17:35
Rainer__Hi Is there a version of the alternate installer available for 14.04?17:36
Rainer__Hi Is there a version of the alternate installer available for 14.04? As i need an installer with raid functions....17:38
Dreadlishubuntu on raid17:38
fayesalNah, they haven't done an alternate since 12.1017:38
Dreadlishdo you know how bad do you want to do?17:38
fayesalRainer__: try the server one.17:38
ButtBanditWhat do u guys do for a living? Techn support, networks etc?17:38
bounce_Can anyone tell me what's the difference between the community edition and the standard one of ubuntu?17:39
Rainer__I think i could use server, but then how do i get the graphical interface/17:39
DreadlishRainer__: just install it, eh.17:39
hiodoes ubuntu only use firefox ssl certificates?17:39
StrangeNoisesRainer__: just install ubuntu-desktop17:39
DreadlishRainer__: ubuntu server has the same repos like desktop version17:39
Dreadlishit just needs installing some DE ;d17:40
Rainer__ok and in that packet (ubuntu desktop) is everthing I need?17:40
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duycuonghi everybody17:40
Rainer__i try it with my new server17:40
bytefireqin, designbybeck, found what i was looking for: transmission saves data for each torrent in a separate file inside ~/.config/transmission/resume17:41
DreadlishRainer__: why do you need graphical interface on server? :D17:41
designbybeckgood deal bytefire17:41
bytefirecreates a file with same name as torrent file but with extension .resume appended to it17:42
bytefirethe file is  a bencoded text data17:42
Rainer__because i plan to use remote desktop on it as well as use it for an x server17:42
liahimcociubaI have the following problem with 14.04: sometimes when I log in the theme seems weird, for eg https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-g3e9Wdozs1TnBPbkVVdzB6dXc/edit?usp=sharing17:42
liahimcociubaany ideas ?17:43
GoDGamaleriZioncan i install uefi with xubuntu?? or only with ubuntu?17:43
Rainer__Dreadlish: because i plan to use remote desktop on it as well as use it for an x server17:43
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haitham_barI'm stuck, my acer aspire laptop's keyboard/touchpad isn't working in any linux release, tried it in ubuntu, xubuntu, fedora, tried googling but nothing seems to help17:43
haitham_baranyone familiar with such issues?17:44
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GoDGamaleriZion can i install uefi with xubuntu?? or only with ubuntu?17:44
Busybyeskihow can i sort a directory of directories by size?  they are all the same size because they're directories but how can i get it to work recursively?17:45
ButtBanditdir /s17:45
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duycuongcrunchbang is lightweight17:45
duycuongmy English level is so bad , so hope people will help me ^^!17:47
|\nduycuong, are you asking if crunchbang distro is lightweight or not?17:49
ButtBanditHas anyone seen Dr Bob Cummings lately?17:49
Luyinhi guys, I'm getting this error when trying to connect two laptops in a local wireless network via ssh: "ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection refused". google suggests removing ~/.ssh/.known_hosts, but this file doesn't exist here. does anyone have a tip for me?17:50
ButtBanditluyin, yeah reformat and put windows 8 on there. It works.17:50
LuyinButtBandit: very useful17:51
StrangeNoisesLuyin: no dot before known_hosts17:51
* ButtBandit bows17:51
MagiobiwanLuyin, is openssh-server installed on the computer?17:51
LuyinStrangeNoises: typo, but same mistake17:51
MagiobiwanThat you're trying to SSH to17:51
MagiobiwanAnd is it running?17:51
haitham_barneed help with my laptop's (acer) keyboard, it's not working on either ubuntu, xubuntu or any other linux distro17:51
duycuong@Luyin : ssh-keygen ?17:51
LuyinMagiobiwan: do both machines need it installed? or only one?17:51
StrangeNoisesyeah connection refused means sshd isn't running17:52
StrangeNoiseson the machine you're trying to connect to17:52
Magiobiwanopenssh-server needs to be installed (and running) on the computer you're trying to connect to17:52
MagiobiwanYou need a SSH client of some sort on the computer you're connecting from17:52
Luyinhmm, if I'm trying to move a file from server1 to server2, which is the one I'm connecting to?17:52
MagiobiwanWhich computer are you on?17:53
MagiobiwanThe one you're sitting in front of and typing on is the one you're connecting FROM17:53
LuyinMagiobiwan: both running Ubuntu, server1 with 12.04 and server2 with 14.04. I want to move ~/foo from server1 to server217:53
bytefireanyone know of a bencode reader app for ubuntu?17:53
MagiobiwanThe other computer is the one you're connecting TO17:53
YeluLuyin, just install ssh server on your TARGET machine17:54
LuyinYelu: and "target" is the machine where I want to move the file TO, correct_17:54
YeluLuyin, yes ;.)17:55
MagiobiwanLuyin, how I'd do it is using scp17:55
haitham_barneed help with my laptop's (acer) keyboard & touchpad, it's not working on either ubuntu, xubuntu or any other linux distro17:56
nahtnamHey guys! I messed up my ubuntu installation yesterday. I have a windows partition. How can I backup my ubuntu data through windows (or live CD)?17:56
dastaanMagiobiwan: scp username@hostname source destination17:56
sontek_Hey, I'm setting up evolution with exchange ews and when I go to accounts and add it nothing seems to fail but the account doesn't show up in the list17:57
Magiobiwanscp /path/to/local/file user@remotehost:/path/to/remote/destination17:57
sontek_It did create this file though ./sources/1398188729.28162.23@aladdin.source17:57
LuyinMagiobiwan: I'm just using scp. I changed the command to "scp foo luyin@" (before it was server@hostname:foo), now I get a different error17:57
dastaanyes, exactly17:57
dastaanmy bad17:57
MagiobiwanWhat's the error you get now?17:58
LuyinMagiobiwan: http://pastebin.com/Cjpta0Pp17:59
MagiobiwanLuyin, have you ever connected to another server on that IP before?18:00
premkennt sich jemand hier mit apache2 aus?18:00
prembräuchte da etwas hilfe18:00
MagiobiwanTry removing known_hosts and connecting again18:00
k1l!de | prem18:00
ubottuprem: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!18:00
premoh okay no problem :D18:00
Magiobiwanheil ubottu :P18:00
LuyinMagiobiwan: I have never used scp or ssh on the 12.04 before18:00
AceFaerhello all!18:01
blazzerhi. I have a problem with the some usb ports on my laptop with xubuntu 14.04 distro (not all the time). can you point me to some workaround? lsusb doesn't recognizes the device and neither does fdisk ( i've tried with a wireless mouse and a flash drive)18:01
MagiobiwanTry SSHing to the remote computer18:01
jhutchinsLuyin: Their behavior doesn't vary among releases or distributions.18:02
AceFaerWhen I try to connect to another server by clicking Files > Connect To Server > and then I type in ssh://user@server/18:02
AceFaerit says that "this file server type is not recognized". How do i connect over ssh/sftp?18:02
jhutchinsblazzer: Maybe the ports are bad?  Are the hubs recognized?18:02
blazzerthe ports are working (tried with another live distro).18:03
MagiobiwanAceFaer, If you want to connect using sftp18:03
Magiobiwanit's sftp://user@remotehost18:03
jakubocan so help with remote desktop?18:03
blazzerhow can I see if the hubs are recognized? what should i look for?18:03
xangua!ask | jakubo18:03
ubottujakubo: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience18:03
AceFaerlet me try that, thanks Magiobiwan18:03
nahtnamHey guys! I messed up my ubuntu installation yesterday. I have a windows partition. How can I backup my ubuntu data through windows (or live CD)?18:04
jakuboi did and no one was able to answer. so its enough to know if someone had any experience...18:04
jakuboi need to remotely access a computer using rdp18:04
alerittyHello guys, I have bought a new Toshiba notebook and after installation I encounter the "reboot andselect proper boot device" problem, Someone can help me solve it?18:04
Magiobiwannahtnam, you can't through Windows unless you installed Ubuntu to something like FAT3218:04
LuyinMagiobiwan: same error code18:04
nahtnamMagiobiwan: Oh ok. Is it possible to do it through Live CD or something?18:05
jakuboand it seems to fail to show the desktop. furthermore id like to do it via www18:05
Luyinnahtnam: yes it is18:05
Magiobiwannahtnam, any LiveCD which has NTFS-3G installed already18:05
AceFaerMagiobiwan: i am still getting the same error, http://i.imgur.com/l3Wpl4Y.png18:05
blazzernahtnam: try to find a good ext3/4 file recovery for Windows18:05
jakubognome fallback workaround seems not to work. and the option below the guest session is either not working or its documentation ist utter crap!18:06
nahtnamLuyin: How? I tired, and it said "Permission Denied"18:06
Luyinnahtnam: what did you do to get this error?18:06
jakubomost tutorials are for 12.10 and below18:06
nahtnamLuyin: I booted to a live CD. Then I mounted the drive, and then I tried to compress my files.18:06
nahtnamand it said Permission Denied18:07
LuyinMagiobiwan: just to make sure I didn't miss anything: I start ssh on the remote machine, then enter "ssh user@remotemachine" on the local one, correct?18:07
Luyinnahtnam: what filesystem are you accessing?18:07
nahtnamLuyin: My ubuntu partition18:07
Luyinnahtnam: which is an ext4?18:07
nahtnamLuyin: I think so18:08
Luyinnahtnam: enter mount and see what root lies on18:08
nahtnamLuyin: ???18:08
Luyinnahtnam: err, no, forget about the part with "root"18:08
nahtnamIm confused :D18:08
Luyinnahtnam: open a terminal and enter "mount"18:09
nahtnamLuyin: In the live CD?18:09
Luyinnahtnam: yes18:09
nahtnamLuyin: Then?18:09
Luyinnahtnam: best paste the output to a pastebin and show me18:09
nahtnamLuyin: Ok, ill be back in a few minutes18:10
AceFaerDoes anyone know how to connect to sftp/ssh via Ubuntu 14.04 Files/Nautilus?18:10
AceFaerI am getting an error saying "server type not recognized" http://i.imgur.com/l3Wpl4Y.png18:10
Busybyeskii have set a keyboard shortcut to fullscreen the current window both in keyboard options and compizconfig settings manager, but it isn't taking.  any ideas as to what might be restricting that bind?18:11
LuyinMagiobiwan: I just made it via nautilus. I don't see what I've missed when trying it via terminal, though. could you give me a tip?18:11
kenetikAceFaer: Have you tried adding the port #?18:11
AceFaerkenetik: port number, good idea18:12
AceFaeri will try it18:12
jakubono desktop shows when starting rdp via remmina18:12
TJ-AceFaer: "sftp:\\" not "sftp://"18:12
TJ-AceFaer: that was a question, not a statement, by the way!18:13
kenetikTJ-: I just used '//' and it worked no problem, his screen shot shows '//'.18:13
TJ-kenetik: Yeah, I was wondering if the // was being treated 'differently'18:14
kenetikGotcha, well considering no reply from him yet, betting adding the port # worked.18:14
TJ-AceFaer: I think you need the gvfs-backends installed18:15
ButtBanditdid someone say "back ends"?18:15
hexhaxtronAnyone knows the name of that text-mode game that had words falling like mkdir, ls, man, fdisk and a person had to type them before reaching the bottom?18:15
alerittyHello guys, I bought a new Toshiba notebook and after Tahr installation I encounter the "reboot andselect proper boot device" problem, Someone can help me solve it? I cannot boot in my system18:16
reisiohexhaxtron: hrmmm18:16
reisiohexhaxtron: I'd ask #linux18:16
ifthenelseMy computer (Yoga 2 Pro) does not have an ethernet port. As a result, I need to use a Ethernet to USB plug as the wireless signal is too weak where I am. However, this Ethernet to USB is very slow--is there a way to speed it up?18:17
reisioifthenelse: how slow?18:17
ifthenelsereisio: Slow enough that spotify is not working at all, but webpages will load after a while. I am trying to do a speedtest right now.18:18
reisioah, that is slow18:18
SchrodingersScathexhaxtron: xletters?18:18
reisiobut not necessarily slower than the maximum speed the wired network allows18:18
sozezeifthenelse: the limit is not in the USB wireless, is in the motherboard bus for the USBs18:19
nahtnamI back!18:19
hexhaxtronSchrodingersScat, I'm not sure but it's similar at least.18:19
nahtnamWho was I chatting with (I forgot the username)18:19
SchrodingersScathexhaxtron: yeah, that was toward the bottom of an 'apt-cache search typing'18:19
ifthenelsesozeze: What do you mean?18:20
AceFaerTJ-: ive tried all combinations of ssh, sftp, ssh:, sftp:, ssh:\\, sftp:// and it still says the server type is not recognized18:20
sozezeI mean that the USB port must be the problem, this ethernet plugs allways work slower than the PCI ones18:20
AceFaerand i do have gvfs-backends installed, too18:20
AceFaermaybe ill re-install gvfs-backends18:21
nahtnamLuyin: Im back!18:21
reisiosozeze: yeah... except when they don't18:21
ifthenelsesozeze: So for the speed test--I am getting 2.13 mbps download and 4.28 mbps upload. The computer next to me with the ethernet cord is getting 238.82 mbps download and 599.56 mbps upload18:22
reisioifthenelse: probably should've got a small wireless router instead of an ethernet->usb adapter18:22
ifthenelsesozeze: (I'm at a university)18:22
nahtnamLuyin: When I run "Mount" I get: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/140f60fac53ce0d2385318:23
reisioifthenelse: so... the usb into the laptop is coming from where?18:23
ifthenelsereisio: What do you mean?18:23
sozezeifthenelse: do you have the mother model and the usb board model?18:23
reisioifthenelse: where does the usb cable going into the laptop come from?18:23
ifthenelsereisio: USB board model? You mean the model for the Ethernet to USB adapter? It's KY-RD970018:23
reisioifthenelse: no... where does the other end go?18:24
jhutchinsifthenelse: usb 2.0 is notoriously slow on Linux.  You can try different ports on the laptop - they're usually more than one hub built in, and sometimes one is significantly faster/slower than the other(s).18:24
reisiousb 2 is just slow everywhere, it's old18:24
reisioit's more than enough for network, though18:25
reisiowhich brings us back to his original problem :p18:25
kenetikAceFaer: So it didn't work with the port # declared?18:25
linuxlite1969guys, can we use "KMess" to live chat with other linux users? How do you do that?18:25
Luyinnahtnam: hang on.18:26
ifthenelsereisio: Where does the ethernet come from you mean?18:26
linuxlite1969or is there a live chat room that we can connect to a friend with?18:26
ObiwantjeGuys - I am having issues getting my 14.04 LTS to stop from overheating: http://i.imgur.com/GGKTwlE.png18:26
reisiolinuxlite1969: ask apt-file18:26
Obiwantjeit is a i7 HP Envy DV718:26
reisiolinuxlite1969: this one?18:26
reisioifthenelse: uhuh18:27
TJ-ifthenelse: I've read that the chipset in that model of device is 'known' to cap speed at 7Mbps18:27
Luyinnahtnam: oh I was stupid. give me "sudo blkid" pls18:27
reisio7mbps is plenty fast enough for spotify, though18:27
linuxlite1969reisio, what to you mean (new here with linux) "ask apt-file", in terminal?    and "this one" what do you mean?18:27
ifthenelsereisio: I don't know, it goes into the university ports or something18:28
ifthenelseTJ-: Is there a faster model I can purchase?18:28
reisiolinuxlite1969: apt-file is a package/command, use it, it has your answers :)18:28
=== Su7_ is now known as Su7
TJ-ifthenelse: I also read that the KY-RD9700 chipset is USB 1.1, not USB2.2, which means it is limited to a maximum (in good weather) of 11Mbps18:28
linuxlite1969o.k. thanks!18:28
reisioifthenelse: so you have multiple ethernet ports from the university, one going to your other computer, one to this usb adapter?18:28
ifthenelseTJ-: But it says USB2.0 t Fast Ethernet Adapter...18:28
reisio11mbps is more than 7...18:28
reisioifthenelse: it doesn't matter, you would not be complaining over 7mbps speeds18:29
jhutchinsifthenelse: See what speed protocol it has negotiated - sudo ethtool <device>18:29
ifthenelsereisio: Yes, but it's through "D-Link" box thingie.18:29
AceFaerkenetik: it says server type not recognized directly after i type "ssh:" or "sftp:"18:29
AceFaerkenetik: and i did try putting in port number, but still didnt work :(18:29
jhutchinsifthenelse: I am seeing multiple references to this adapter being very slow and not getting more than 7 mbs.18:30
jhutchinsYeah, probably the same things TJ- is seeing.18:30
kenetikAceFaer: Shoot me a pm, I may be able to help.18:30
ifthenelsejhutchins: So what's a good one to buy?18:31
jhutchinsifthenelse: You could research that as well as I could.18:31
jhutchinsifthenelse: I dpm18:32
ifthenelseMy friend is next to me using debian and ethernet and he's also getting 500 something mbps18:32
jhutchinsifthenelse: I don't suppose you can return it?18:32
ifthenelsejhutchins: I got it from amazon18:32
jhutchinsifthenelse: He's not using the KY-RD9700 though, is he?18:32
jhutchinsifthenelse: Amazon takes returns.18:32
reisioifthenelse: they're both through d-link switch ("box")?18:32
ifthenelsejhutchins: He is not, no. He's just using ethernet directly into his computer18:33
ifthenelsereisio: Yes18:33
reisioifthenelse: like a four port switch?18:33
ifthenelsereisio: There are 5 ports in it18:34
Luyinnahtnam: still there?18:36
reisioifthenelse: still, you might rule out the simple things to rule out first18:36
reisioifthenelse: the particular switch port, the switch itself (wall to laptop, not to switch to laptop), the particular cable, etc.18:36
jhutchinsifthenelse: See what speed protocol it has negotiated - sudo ethtool <device>18:36
ifthenelsejhutchins: How do I find the device? lsusb?18:38
Jordan_Uifthenelse: ifconfig18:38
linuxlite1969how do you use apt-file?18:39
linuxlite1969in the terminator18:39
ifthenelseis it eth0?18:39
reisiolinuxlite1969: apt-file update18:39
reisiolinuxlite1969: apt-file search foo18:39
tharkunGood $date, I have a laptop with BCM 4312 wifi chip, pciid = 14e4:4315 Where do I  look how to set it up?18:39
ifthenelsejhutchins: It says Speed: 100Mb/s18:39
reisiotharkun: "bcm" "4312" site:help.ubuntu.com18:41
riverloopDash is slower in trusty than it is in precise. Anyone experiencing the same issue?18:41
reisioriverloop: using the same graphics driver?18:41
rymate1234http://i.imgur.com/61gpACb.jpg what causes this gtk bug?18:41
Pushyi love ubuntu18:42
reisiorymate1234: probably your random 3rd party theme18:42
jhutchinsifthenelse: Apple has an adapter for about $30 that will supposedly do 1G, but that would require USB3.18:42
riverloopreisio: Using the stock graphics driver. I haven't changed any drivers. (Btw, I have intel graphics)18:42
Pushyreisio, i love ubuntu18:42
reisioPushy: gj18:42
rymate1234reisio, but my gtk theme is Ambiance....18:42
reisioriverloop: doesn't answer my question18:42
reisiorymate1234: so?18:43
ifthenelsejhutchins: Does Yoga 2 Pro have usb3? I'm guessing it dows18:43
tharkunreisio: /msg judd pciid 14e4:4315 pointed me to the right debian page.18:43
Pushyreisio, slap SSD and have windows OS  in vmware...works so fast18:43
reisiojhutchins: he can get a wireless router for $30 and circumvent the problem entirely18:43
reisioPushy: heh18:43
module000rymate1234: you're trying to use gnome-tweak-tool which isn't supported very well within unity. use unity-tweak instead18:43
reisiotharkun: hrmm?18:43
module000rymate1234: oh you're using gnome-shell, unity's theme is stepping on it18:43
riverloopreisio: Sorry, english is not my primary language.18:43
Pushyreisio, so you're the most popular here huh18:43
reisioPushy: unlikely18:44
Jordan_U!ot | Pushy18:44
ubottuPushy: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!18:44
superherointjHello. I am planning installing Ubuntu 14.04 in my new PC. But I also bought a Windows 8.1 Pro. I want to use FastBoot for booting really fast to the OS. What I am wondering is if they have fixed it already for Dual-Boot.18:44
reisiosuperherointj: 'fastboot'?18:44
reisiosuperherointj: what is it you imagine that buzzword entails?18:44
linuxlite1969So, ummm is there a messenger type thing that one can chat with a friend on another linux?18:44
superherointjYes. The mainboard provides support to some feature regarding `fastboot`. `quickboot`. something like it.18:44
reisiolinuxlite1969: pidgin18:45
linuxlite1969oh   thanks18:45
yossarianukor empathy18:45
yossarianukor kde im18:45
reisiosuperherointj: that's probably eithera huge ramdisk or just hibernation18:45
smarthi guys18:45
superherointjreisio: faster boot.18:45
reisiosuperherointj: both are supported by both OSes18:45
reisiosmart: hi18:46
Danteso does anyone know a program for ubuntu that's like microsoft visio?18:46
smartis there a way to add system sounds to lubuntu?18:46
superherointjHere they say it should be disabled: http://www.typicaltips.com/2013/02/disable-fast-startup-in-windows-8.html18:46
holsteinDante: so i dont have to google what that is, what funcitonality are you trying to address?18:46
aarobcHi! can I try mir on ubuntu 14.04 without breaking everything? Is it just the "unity8-desktop-session-mir" package?18:47
reisioDante: calligra flow18:47
PiciDante: dia, inkscape to some extent.18:47
reisioDante: and to a lesser extent: dia, one of libreoffice's things, and... something else18:47
Danteholstein: Microsoft Visio is a program that allows you to make diagrams of all sorts like database relationship models, UML designs, even Realty designs18:47
holsteinaarobc: i would test expecting testing results.. not in production or a use case requiring stability18:47
reisioaarobc: it shouldn't physically break your hardware18:47
DanteThanks reisio and Pici18:47
Jordan_Usuperherointj: "Fastboot" basically means not presenting an option to enter the boot firmware,  or even initializing the keyboard, before booting the OS. Clearly if you want to boot from an install CD/USB you're going to need to configure the boot firmware to boot from it, and also clearly if you want to have a menu that allows you to select between operating systems at boot then your keyboard will need to be initialized before ...18:48
aarobclol physically no, just curious to mess with it, just want to know that it can somewhat easily be reverted18:48
Jordan_U... either OS boots. Does that make sense?18:48
=== matteo is now known as Guest54089
reisioaarobc: yes, it's just software in a particular place, after all18:48
rompstarhey guys, I recently upgraded from 13.10 to 14.04 LTS and my php5 is broken, when I try to install:  sudo apt-get install php5 - I get dependency errors, I googled and googled and nothing worked18:49
ifthenelseOK, there are like 5 of the most highly rated Ethernet to USB adapters on Amazon--which one looks the best?18:49
reisiosuperherointj: as articulated in the link you gave, that is just an element of hibernation18:49
Pushyreisio, what do you use ubuntu for ?18:49
kenetikrompstar: What dep errors? Copy and paste the shell output to a paste bin.18:50
Pushyreisio, currently i use it..but no idea why..maybe just simple?18:50
reisioifthenelse: if you're spending more money, just get a wireless router18:50
reisioPushy: I don't, I do use GNU/Linux, though, as an OS18:50
reisiofor operating on systems18:50
Pushyreisio, yeah, but i can't do much of it...everyone use windows..and most of my work places use windows18:51
superherointjSo I should just install Windows and then ubuntu. And not care about how long it takes to boot, right? I also planning to use UEFI, is that okay?18:51
=== gbyers[Away] is now known as g_byers
ifthenelsereisio: But it's at the university and I don't own any of it...18:51
Jordan_Usuperherointj: So you can dual boot without ever disabling fastboot but it means 1: For the initial installation of Ubuntu you'll need to figure out how to configure your system to boot from CD/USB from within Windows (you can't do it at boot because you can't use boot menus without a keyboard). And 2: You'll need to configure grub or your firmware in such a way that you can change which OS will be booted by default from within ...18:51
reisioPushy: I'm not sure what that has to do with your ability to do much of it18:51
rompstarThe following packages have unmet dependencies:  libapache2-mod-php5 : Depends: php5-common (= 5.5.11+dfsg-2+deb.sury.org~trusty+2) but it is not going to be installed                        Recommends: php5-cli but it is not going to be installed E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.18:51
Jordan_U... Ubuntu and Windows (because again, you won't be able to make any choices at boot).18:51
reisiosuperherointj: you can make it boot as fast as it can, neither OS will hold you back18:51
=== mpx is now known as mpxii
nstkPushy: Ubuntu is your best bet if you can't into GNU/Linux but still want to utilize what you refer to as 'linux,' in an easy way. Yes, it won't be as efficient as Debian or Gentoo, but it's 99% of the way there and much easier to understand than anything else from your point of view. Trust me, you just have to think a little outside of the 'windows' box to get Ubuntu18:52
glumetuor you can do windows and afte rubuntu and use bootrepair18:52
ifthenelsereisio: But those are more expensive, right? On amazon I can get an ethernet adapter for 20-30 dollars. A router would be more.18:52
rompstarany ideas ?18:52
reisioifthenelse: no, they're 20-30 dollars18:52
=== gruber is now known as jsjgruber
reisioifthenelse: and incredibly more likely to not cause you such issues18:53
nstka good router is not 20-30 dollars18:53
reisioifthenelse: also no wires... you could sit far away18:53
reisionstk: he isn't making a wireless data center18:53
nstkhe also doesn't want a terrible router with a horrible interface that he has to flash18:53
ifthenelsereisio: Yeah, but if I get a low quality one then it'll be just as bad as this "low quality" ethernet adapter18:53
reisiothe very cheapest wireless router at walmart will make you wholly content18:53
reisionstk: you're being silly :p18:54
reisioifthenelse: no, it won't...18:54
Pushynstk, i'm already outside the windows18:54
superherointjRight. I don't know doing it. So for now I will just install Windows + Ubuntu. Can I install both in UEFI without issues?18:54
reisioifthenelse: a wireless router, even a dirt cheap one, will be just like your current dlink switch, only wireless...18:54
reisioifthenelse: so no usb issues18:54
Pushynstk, beside my windows never opened18:54
reisiosuperherointj: yes18:54
rompstarsorry - I am new, I pasted it to pastebin18:54
reisiosuperherointj: there's a uefi gotcha page on help.ubuntu.com if it comes up18:54
ifthenelsereisio: But it would drop every now and then, whereas ethernet would not, right? I edit files over the network18:54
reisioifthenelse: no, why would it drop...18:55
reisioit wouldn't drop unless you took the wireless device very far away from it, like 30 feet18:55
reisioor put it behind a lead wall18:55
superherointjAllright. Thank you for the help. :)18:56
reisioif you're asking if "wireless" is less reliabled than "wired", yes, it is less reliable; if you're asking if "wireless" is less reliable than your proven-to-be-a-failure wired ethernet->usb adapter, no, it is more reliable not less18:56
reisioit also won't turn your laptop into an immobile glorified thin desktop18:56
MikeRLI found another bug.18:57
reisioand you'll be able to use a wireless router with almost any number of wireless devices you might have simultaneously18:57
reisioMikeRL: gj18:57
MikeRLPrint to take a screenshot doesn't work.18:57
reisioMikeRL: prtscrn doesn't work?18:57
MikeRLreisio: Yep.18:58
MikeRLWhat I was going to ask, was what package should I file the bug under?18:58
MikeRLOr is it already known?18:59
reisioit's probably already known18:59
MikeRLAnd does it affect different keyboards?18:59
reisiobut it's a matter for X historically18:59
MikeRLFor example, does yours work?18:59
reisioprtscrn is sometimes used as the magic sysrq key18:59
reisioand when it's used for that, it doesn't typically work for ordinary prtscrn usage18:59
rompstar /msg kenetic any ideas what the problem is, I tried all kinds of commands and it still is not working18:59
reisioso there are plenty of bugs on such matters19:00
narendraj9i m new to linux, i wasn't able to connect to freenode using tor, could anybody help?19:00
ifthenelsereisio: Good point. Hmmm. So a high quality ethernet adapter is worse than a low quality router?19:00
MikeRLSo, where would I look to see if the bug has been reported?19:00
Jordan_UMikeRL: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-screenshot/+bug/129599419:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1295994 in gnome-screenshot (Ubuntu) "Unable to use Printscreen Button on Ubuntu 14.04" [Undecided,Confirmed]19:00
Ari-Yanghi, how come when I want to make rar part files on ubuntu with rar in terminal I get Error bad archive?19:00
ifthenelsereisio: How about this router: http://www.amazon.com/ZyXEL-Wireless-Pocket-Ethernet-MWR102/dp/B005WKIKA0/ref=sr_1_5?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1398192966&sr=1-519:00
reisioAri-Yang: what command?19:00
Ari-Yangreisio: rar a -v664576k /path/to/file/here/Flight of Dragons/video.mkv *19:01
reisioifthenelse: I'm having trouble considering a $20-30 ethernet->usb adapter to be high quality, particularly if it isn't working well :p19:01
Ari-Yangwhich should split the file into 649MB parts19:01
reisioifthenelse: "cheap" wireless routers satisfy almost everyone19:01
reisioifthenelse: looks fine to me19:01
Jordan_UAri-Yang: For one, you didn't escape the spaces in that file name.19:01
reisioifthenelse: you can probably get one locally for cheaper... and today19:01
MikeRLThat's different than my issue.19:02
Ari-YangJordan_U: that's not what I actually typed... I just tab the folder and file name19:02
MikeRLI can run gnome-screenshot. I noticed because ALTP+Print would work.19:02
Ari-Yangand there are no spaces in the file name19:02
reisioifthenelse: older generation models are also fine, just make sure it does wpa219:02
visitor_I have a newbie linux question.  How do you change the date format of file and dirs when you do an "ls -l" command.  Mine currently says [Apr 22 20:49] and I want it to be displayed as [2014-04-22 21:02:10]   ?19:02
ifthenelsereisio: BUT IS IT PORTABLE!??!?!?19:02
rompstardoes anyone know how to fix my php5 dependecies/broken on 14.04 lts ?  I pasted errors into pastebin19:02
MikeRLIt just seems running printscreen alone doesn't work.19:02
MikeRLAlso, what triggers show desktop?19:03
MikeRLI don't believe that works either.19:03
reisioifthenelse: a box the size of a couple decks of cards is just as portable as a cable you have to roll up, IMO19:03
MikeRLAnd sometimes CTRL+ALT+T doesn't work.19:03
reisioplus a cable that doesn't work is just dead weight :p19:03
junkarompstar, did you install php5 from ppa19:03
trismMikeRL: strangely bug 1282649 says it fixed, it is not working in an upgrade from 13.10 to 14.04 here though...but my clean install on my desktop works19:03
ubottubug 1282649 in unity-settings-daemon (Ubuntu) "Unable to make screenshot with <PrintScreen> key in Unity session in Trusty" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/128264919:03
MikeRLtrism: No I done a clean install. It isn't the same as that bug.19:04
Ari-YangJordan_U, reisio: http://paste.opensuse.org/view/raw/2400412019:04
MikeRLThe difference I mentioned above. I can actually take a screenshot.19:04
MikeRLThe shortcut ALT+Print works.19:04
MikeRLBut Print doesn19:04
ifthenelsereisio: I just realized--the ethernet adapter would be much faster though, right?19:04
MikeRL*doesn't work.19:04
tharkunIf an ubuntu url points me to a debian url How do I translate sources.list so I do not run into conflict with debian?19:05
Jordan_Utharkun: I don't understand the situation. Please give a concrete example.19:05
reisioifthenelse: a wire is theoretically going to be faster19:06
majodi have slight sound delay when skipping tracks/fast forwarding,etc,.. in any music player in trusty. about 100ms but its noticable...what can i do to solve it?19:06
reisioifthenelse: but in practice will only be negligibly so19:06
reisioas I've already said...19:06
ifthenelsereisio: I guess it could handle editing files online with vim and spotify at the same time19:07
MikeRLI know IRC is busy ATM, but do you guys understand the bug I'm running into? It's different from what you mentioned.19:07
ifthenelsereisio: Through ssh I mean19:07
Ari-Yangso am I running the command right?19:07
reisioifthenelse: wha?...19:07
kikimeter« sudo apt-get dist-upgrade » is enough to upgrade from ubuntu server 13.10 to ubuntu server 14.04 ?19:07
Jordan_Ukikimeter: No.19:08
Jordan_U!upgrade | kikimeter19:08
ubottukikimeter: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade19:08
kikimeterthank you I will read the doc19:08
k1lkikimeter: no. use do-release-upgrade19:08
reisioifthenelse: you lose bandwidth wirelessly by moving farther away from the router, or by obstructing the path from it to your wireless device19:08
reisioifthenelse: if you're in the same room, or even another room with an ordinary wall inbetween, you will not notice a loss in speed19:08
kikimeterthere is no do-release-upgrade on a server19:08
reisioifthenelse: and it will pretty much just work19:08
ifthenelsereisio: But like 120 Mbps vs 599 Mbps19:08
reisioifthenelse: it's pretty unlikely your primary connection, from the wall, is providing 120 mbps19:09
reisiolike incredibly, ridiculously unlikely19:09
Picikikimeter: yes there is. Are you sure that you are on 13.10 currently? Do you have the ubuntu-release-upgrader-core package installed?19:09
k1lkikimeter: then install the manager core thing like mentioned in the docu19:09
MikeRLreisio: You need some time to digest what I said? I can restate it. You're doing multiple things at once, so let me know when you're ready.19:10
Picikikimeter: it might be the update-manager-core package in 13.10 (the former is in trusty itself)19:10
Jordan_UAri-Yang: What is your end goal? I'm not particularly interested in studying how the proprietary rar command works to tell you if you're using it correctly, but I'm betting there is a better solution.19:10
reisioifthenelse: to put it into perspective, you only need 5mbps to reliably, smoothly _stream_ 720p video and audio19:10
kikimetercat /etc/issue19:10
kikimeterUbuntu 13.10 \n \l19:10
ifthenelsereisio: I see other people need you, so I'll leave you alone. Thank you for your help!19:10
reisioifthenelse: not only won't you get 120mbps, you wouldn't notice if you were19:10
kikimetersudo do-release-upgrade19:10
kikimetersudo: do-release-upgrade: command not found19:10
ifthenelsereisio: That's enough for me then haha19:10
Picikikimeter: then install ubuntu-release-upgrader-core and try again.19:11
Ari-YangJordan_U: nvm I added -vn command and it's workign fine19:11
reisioMikeRL: if I'm not responding to you, it's because I have nothing to say, or I didn't see a message19:11
kikimeterok thanks19:11
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
MikeRLreisio: I sent a bunch, but guess they were already buried.19:11
reisioifthenelse: so if you're having trouble with spotify, you are getting wellllllll below 5mbps19:11
reisioMikeRL: with my nick in front of them?19:11
* reisio checks log19:12
MikeRLreisio: Yes, like this. Nick, colon, space, then message.19:12
reisionope, I just looked at my log19:12
MikeRLWell, not all of them.19:12
reisioyou gotta use a person's nick to highlight them :)19:12
BeldarMikeRL, I notice you use nicks sorta randomly, if addressing another use the nick every time if you want us to answer. ;)19:12
tharkunJordan_U: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx points to https://wiki.debian.org/wl How do I make this set up to only depend on ubuntu and not debian.19:12
reisioyou can make printscreen "work" (as expected) if you want19:13
MikeRLI'm used to IRC being dead empty at times. Then I don't always do tha.19:13
reisioit's a simple pref for X, IME, and maybe remapping a shortcut, at most19:13
MikeRLOh crap. I was gonna ask how much longer is later. Oh well. I'll hang around.19:14
BeldarMikeRL, Excellent example you answered me with no nick. This nick use has several factors, none the which have to do with how busy. ;)19:14
Picitharkun: The packages listed on https://wiki.debian.org/wl should be already present in the Ubuntu repos, you shouldn't need to (and shouldn't) add any lines to your sources.list file.19:15
MikeRLBeldar: I guess I'm going too fast.19:15
MikeRLAlright, going away briefly.19:15
MikeRLBe back in ten minutes.19:16
tharkunPici: I'm kind of new to ubuntu there is no non-free part on the ubuntu repos?19:16
Picitharkun: the broadcom-sta-dkms package is in the multiverse repository on Ubuntu. at least on 12.10 and up.19:17
tharkunNVM found the right url to read now.19:18
Picitharkun: i.e. deb http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ $RELEASE multiverse .  I believe  it is enabled by default on Ubuntu releases these days.19:19
trismMikeRL: ahh figured out my problem anyway, in the upgrade I didn't have /org/gnome/settings-daemon/plugins/media-keys enabled, weird19:23
tharkunPici: I don't have access to it at the moment but will poke at it asap. Does ubuntu install openssh-server by default?19:24
Picitharkun: no. Unless, its a server install and you chose that option.19:24
MikeRLtrism: Good.19:25
tharkunPici: Thanks. I'll grab some lunch then19:25
Jordan_U!es | datosfresia19:27
ubottudatosfresia: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.19:27
dipseydoodleHello, perhaps somebody could give me a hand here, but I was wandering why I couldn19:28
dipseydoodlemove files to /var/www19:28
=== smithkm_ is now known as smithkm
k1ngDiplomatico, try chmod19:29
dipseydoodleIt keeps saying file move error: Permisions denied. I chmod 755 it and went in a sudo su19:29
dipseydoodleBut when I drag and drop the file from home to the bookmark I get that erorr19:29
k1ngdipseydoodle, private server?19:30
dipseydoodleking Yes on my Ubuntu19:30
Jordan_Udipseydoodle: Please pastebin the exact command and its complete output.19:30
dipseydoodleOh wait19:30
k1ngsudo chown yourusername:www-data -R /var/www19:30
dipseydoodleNo no no no, There were no commands. It wasn't from the command line. This is all local on my laptop19:31
k1ngdipseydoodle, http://askubuntu.com/questions/189200/getting-access-to-var-www19:31
santosk1ng:what is it?19:31
rvraghav93is is possible to clone an ubuntu partition and install the same to another [ exaclty same brand / config / model ] pc ?19:31
Jordan_Udipseydoodle: How are you trying to move the files?19:31
Jordan_Urvraghav93: Yes. And it's also possible to do the same for a different brand / config / model pc.19:32
dipseydoodleJordan_U I just draged and droped it from Home to the www folder which is bookmarked in the Files program19:32
dipseydoodleand I just did the above command and it just gave a blank line afterwards19:32
dipseydoodleI installed LAMP just a while ago, is there a bug bby chance?19:33
wolteranybody getting evolution asking for passwords at every launch?19:33
rvraghav93Jordan_U Thanks for the response :) Is there any disadvantage when compared to a fresh install ? and could you direct me to any tool / script / anything that would do this ?19:33
dipseydoodleWell thats funny19:35
dipseydoodlecp worked just fine19:35
dipseydoodleSorry bout that19:35
foobar33I'm installing a win8 usbstick installer using winusb from ubuntu repo19:36
foobar33Why does it install grub?19:36
foobar33On a win8 usbstick installer?19:36
dipseydoodleGrub is the bootloader you need this to boot the linux kernal19:37
Beldarfoobar33, That is just a fork of the MS usb loader, basically.19:37
foobar33Ye, so I don't understand why grub is here19:37
VlperXahoy, what does this mean?19:37
VlperXcat: /dev/net/tun: Operation not permitted19:37
foobar33Grub was not in the MS usb loader19:37
Beldarfoobar33, For a boot, why does it matter?19:38
foobar33It takes forever to install19:38
rvraghav93Jordan_U there ?19:38
Beldarfoobar33, grub just kicks to the install, has nothing to do with install time.19:39
sevenearthsAny1 one had experience with HFS+?19:40
Jordan_U!anyone | sevenearths19:40
YeluVlperX, probably permission denied try: sudo cat /dev/net/tun19:40
Jordan_Usevenearths: Why don't you ask your actual question and find out?19:40
BeldarJordan_U, They been editing the bot.19:41
sevenearthsI've deleted the front partition of an HFS+ volume and I want to know if I'm 'ucked (http://pasteboard.co/2khR51R5.png)19:41
foobar33Beldar, it said installing19:41
foobar33then it said done, then it said installing grub19:41
VlperXYelu, nope I ran that with root19:41
foobar33So it has been in this mode for more than 20 minutes19:41
Beldarfoobar33, Not sure how this is related, but go ahead.19:42
YeluVlperX, I see.19:42
Beldarfoobar33, Installing when, what is the context?19:42
sevenearthsI don't know anything about HFS+ and I don't want to format the front partition lest it effects the sdc2 (which has a lot of data on it)19:43
rvraghav93Jordan_U : Thanks for the response :) Is there any disadvantage when compared to a fresh install ? and could you direct me to any tool please?19:43
foobar33Been like this for ages: http://i.snag.gy/DCi0T.jpg bar is going left to right, wonder to kill it and start over19:44
Jordan_Usevenearths: Please don't swear in this channel, obfuscated or not. What exactly did you do? "deleted the front partition of an HFS+ volume" doesn't really make sense. Did you mean the first "portion"?19:44
Beldarfoobar33, It is really hard to tell what the context are in your inquiry, for example installing winusb, and loading the usb, or installing on the HD. I believe your calling the loading of the ISO as the install.19:45
sevenearthsJordan_U: (sorry for the swearing) I mean the first portion as you rightly say. 'sdc1'19:45
Beldarfoobar33, That is a pirate iso not supported here.19:46
foobar33I have a payed key19:46
Jordan_Usevenearths: 'sdc1' is indeed a partition, not a portion of a partition. What exactly did you do?19:47
Beldarfoobar33, The only thing supported on this or the ##windows channel are legit downloads period, key or not.19:47
SimonorHas anybody reported disabled pata DVD drives on 14.04?19:48
halfiehi, I have a patch for "bcmwl" package which enables it to build on 3.15-rc2. This is a DKMS package - so, how should I got about submitting the patch?19:48
sevenearthsThe HD has two portions (sdc1/sdc2). Since deleting sdc1 ubuntu won't mount sdc2. I' wondering if I can get rid of sdc1 all together without having any adverse effects on sdc219:50
SimonorHello everyone by the way.19:50
sevenearthsI don't know the hfs+<-->unallocated relationship19:51
Beldarhalfie, probably a good start, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/Patches19:52
halfieBeldar, for now, I am sending it directly to the maintainer (don't have free time this week). I will learn the proper way later on ;(19:52
bekkssevenearths: I guess you deleted much more than just that. There is no relation between HFS+ and unallocated space.19:53
Jordan_Usevenearths: The hard drive has two *partitions*. The reason that I said that your original comment, "deleted the front partition of an HFS+ Volume" , didn't make sense is that "Partition" and "Volume" mean basically the same thing, so you were saying "I deleted the first partition of my HFS+ partition". You still haven't explained exactly what you did. Please elaborate on how you "deleted sdc1" giving as much detail as possible.19:53
Simonorjust that my pata drive on some fairly aged hardware has become unable to read commercial dvds since the upgrade.19:55
=== bfiller_afk is now known as bfiller
Simonorobviously I've checked the decryption library.19:56
Jordan_USimonor: Can it read non-commercial DVDs?19:56
sevenearthsJordan_U: The drive is a Lacie drive. Originally when the drive was plugged in it mounted two volumes. I needed it to only mount the larger of the two volumes so in gparted I right clicked sdc1 a 'deleted partition'. I was originally hoping to delete sdc1 and grow sdc2 to cover the whole drive19:56
daninozhi guys, I have a problem in ubuntu gnome, the top bar is in the middle of the screen.19:57
Jordan_Usevenearths: OK, great. And while before deleting sda1 you could mount sda2, now you cannot mount sda2. Correct?19:58
sevenearthsJordan_U: There must be a relationship between hfs+ & unallocated because all my data is on unallocated and is far larger then 2.84Mb19:59
sevenearthsJordan_U: correct!19:59
ubottufufi: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».19:59
wolterpor un fallo al iniciar la base de datos NSS20:00
wolteranybody getting evolution asking for passwords at every launch?20:00
sevenearthsJordan_U: neither sdc1 or sdc2 have any flags set20:01
Martaone problem, i want to add a new user in ubuntu 13.10, but... new user window is black. Sorry and thanks.20:02
Martawhat i can to do?20:02
oli77zaopen a terminal and run "sudo adduser <username>"20:03
Jordan_Usevenearths: Please run "sudo testdisk /dev/sdc" and pastebin the output.20:03
oli77zaMarta: then "sudo passwd <username>"20:04
herbaderband please send me your password20:05
* herbaderb thanks you for your patronage20:05
sizzlewhat do you mean rvraghav93 ?20:05
Jordan_Usevenearths: It should be asking you some questions. Please don't continue until you have posted a screenshot or copied and pasted the text into http://pastebin.ubuntu.com and given the link.20:06
majodanyone else using html5 in youtube? i dont have 720p option for videos, only 360p :/20:07
Bray90820how would i search recursively for a folder20:07
=== claughin1house is now known as cl
Bray90820in the terminal that is20:08
MikeRLmajod: http://www.noobslab.com/2014/04/thingstweaks-to-do-after-install-of.html20:08
bekksBray90820: "find" searches recursively by default.20:08
MikeRLmajod: Number 15 worked for me.20:09
majodMikeRL: thanks, i will try20:09
MikeRLmajod: Because Firefox doesn't support H264 out of the box. You need H264 for watching HD for some reason on YouTube. WebM doesn't work with it.20:09
MikeRLmajod: It should work. Worked for me.20:10
majodMikeRL: weird. it worked on windows...20:10
Bray90820bekks: so if i did fond / music it would search recursively from / for the folder called music?20:10
MikeRLmajod: That's because Windows uses the OS codecs as a fallback. Linux cannot legally ship with them, I believe.20:10
rnzhello everybody ))20:10
abstrakthow likely is a dist-upgrade going to be to break my current ubuntu, or should I reinstall fresh?20:10
majodMikeRL: ok i get it. i have 720p now :) thank you very much!20:11
MikeRLmajod: But I live in the US and don't give a crapola about their ridiculous copyright laws.20:11
abstrakt(I almost always reinstall fresh, but the time required is a bit of a burden right now)20:11
abstraktthis is going from 13.10 to 14.0420:11
MikeRLmajod: Your welcome.20:11
rvraghav93sizzle Hey :) I want to clone my ubuntu 14 installation to a new machine with the same h/w config. [ same model, replaced for a defect in the trackpad ]. I wanted to know if this would be disadvantageous compared to a fresh install ?20:11
abstraktalso, when did 14.04 even get released? must've been in the past day or two?20:11
k1labstrakt: 17th aapril20:11
ubottuUbuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) was the 18th release of Ubuntu. Support ended on January 27, 2014. See !eol, !upgrade and http://ubottu.com/y/raring20:12
ubottuUbuntu 14.04 LTS (Trusty Tahr) is the current release of Ubuntu. Download at http://releases.ubuntu.com/14.04 - Read the release notes at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TrustyTahr/ReleaseNotes20:12
ubottu12.10 (Quantal Quetzal) was the 17th release of Ubuntu. Download at http://releases.ubuntu.com/12.10/ - Release Notes: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/121020:12
k1l!botspam > junka20:12
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lichteare projects on launchpad only for package creation, or do some developers use it like github, etc. ?20:13
junkawhen will find out the name of 14.10?20:13
larsadinHello, brand new ubuntu 12.04 install here, during a sudo apt-get update I am receiving: W: Failed to fetch http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/precise-backports/universe/binary-i386/Packages  404  Not Found [IP: 80]. Is this a known issue?20:14
Picijunka: when mark comes up with it.20:14
rnzanybody know howto disable rewriting /etc/X11/xorg.conf in 14.04 ?   When start X (lightdm) xorg.conf moved to xorg.conf.<date> and generated new xorg.conf with basic device sections20:14
abstraktk1l, ok thanks20:14
abstraktI suppose I'll wait a month or two for 14.04, there's nothing I know of that's particularly important that I need regarding package versions20:14
Picilichte: There are a bunch of non Ubuntu related projects on Launchpad.  (Personally, I find it kind of bulky compared to github)20:14
YeluBray90820, try this in your current folder: find . -type d -iname music20:15
Guest49186hey I am using ubuntu, I haven't used this irc in years .. how do I figure out what channels are available under ubuntu20:15
lichtePici: OK, Thanks  :)20:15
Beldar!alis | Guest4918620:16
ubottuGuest49186: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*20:16
junkaGuest49186, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList20:16
=== root_ is now known as Guest71645
abstraktGuest49186, usually with /list20:17
Piciabstrakt: thats a bad way of searching for channels on freenode.20:17
abstraktGuest49186, though you're probably in X-Chat so just go to Server -> List of channels...20:17
Bray90820Yelu:  Would that work across multipul partitions and drives on the same system20:17
Guest49186this list only begins with ubuntu ... I am looking for other topics20:17
junkathen /list is what you are looking for20:18
nahtnamHello! I messed up my ubuntu installation and I want to backup my current files before re-installing the OS. Im in Live CD mode. How can I backup my data and put it into another partition?20:18
YeluBray90820, I don't know, but let's have a try on your machine?20:19
Guest49186I just started using dd ... its amazing ... a bit slow but I love it20:19
Beldarnahtnam, what data do you want to save?20:19
nahtnamBeldar: My home folder and /var20:19
sevenearths(sorry got dis-connected)20:19
junkaGuest49186, i use it too ;)20:19
Guest49186I am trying things 2 image NTFS backup to ext420:20
k1ljunka: dont use /list on freenode20:20
k1ljunka: that will crash most clients20:20
Guest49186I am trying things using virtual box via "oracle"20:20
rnzAnybody known how to disable rewriting /etc/X11/xorg.conf in 14.04 ?   When start X (lightdm) xorg.conf moved to xorg.conf.<date> and generated new xorg.conf with basic device sections.20:20
Guest49186so far virtual box have been crashing ...20:21
MikeRLGuys, I'll be back in an hour. I need a little break from the bug hunt.20:21
Bray90820Yelu: the problem is I don't actually know where the file is located so i need to find it20:21
Guest49186I am trying 2 do that on vb b4 I try NTFS backups in real life20:21
nahtnamBeldar: When I try to compress it I get "Permission Denied"20:22
roman71nathnam: try this as root from terminal :)20:22
Beldarnahtnam, Are you compressing as that is the only option?20:22
nahtnamBeldar: Are there any other options?20:23
nahtnamroman71: How can I CD into a mounted drive through terminal?20:23
Bray90820Yelu: i ended up finding it by doing "cd f:"20:23
bekksnahtnam: cd /your/path/20:23
bekksThere are no drive letters in non-Windows.20:24
YeluBray90820, if all your partitions are mounted, you can find your files20:24
Beldarnahtnam, Trying to save a crashed upgrade this way is kinda unusual is all, not a way I have used, so I can't really help with it, I was just wondering you definition of data.20:24
nahtnamBeldar: I dont know any other way20:24
nahtnamIf I can find out how to CD into a mounted drive, I think I would be able to figure it out20:24
Beldarnahtnam, bekks cd is good info.20:25
nahtnamBeldar: But how do I chose which drive to use?20:25
roman71nahtnam: try command mount for find mounted CD into drive20:26
linuxlite1969So, Pidgin is for linux users to chat back and forth. Ummm  how does it work? I downloaded it from synaptic package, but uhhhh   does anyone know how to use it? The online manual doesn't really explain that good.20:26
nahtnamroman71: Nvm. I found it. Its /media/ubuntu20:26
Bray90820Yelu: well actually i was doing it over ssh but on the other computer the drive is mounted yes20:26
linuxlite1969just kinda new with linux20:27
Beldarlinuxlite1969, I see #pidgin maybe exact help there.20:28
linuxlite1969oh o.k. thanks20:28
nahtnamHow do I zip a whole folder in Terminal?20:28
linuxlite1969will try20:28
Beldarlinuxlite1969, No problem, just a guess here, never used the app is all.20:28
YeluBray90820, okay, so you have a remote shell an you can "ffind / -type d -iname music" => will show all your (d)irectories) with substring "music" in its name20:29
roman71nahtnam: command: zip namefile.zip -R /path/folder20:29
nahtnamroman71: Thnaks20:29
Bray90820Yelu: i actually found the folder i was looking for20:29
IriezHello: I've implemented this script in this ask ubuntu thread, but i wanted to verify that its actually running on shutdown. Can someone explain to me how I can do this? Im assuming i need to remove the graphical interface so i can see what the output is at shutdown? http://askubuntu.com/questions/105266/upstart-jobs-and-init-d-scripts-not-launching20:29
PiciYelu: no, that will show every directory that have exactly 'music' (case insensitive) as their name.20:29
YeluBray90820, victory!20:29
Bray90820but my next question is if i can mount the ssh as a drive on my system20:30
Bray90820like sshfs or something20:30
Dantehow do I find out why a software I installed from the Lubuntu software is not running when I try and open it?20:30
DanteLubuntu software center*20:30
bekksDante: Start it via terminal20:30
nahtnamI keep on getting errors saying "Zip Warning: Name not matched"20:31
nahtnamWhat does that mean?20:31
bekksnahtnam: "Warning" does mot mean "Error".20:31
nahtnambekks: Right.20:31
nahtnamYay, its working! :)20:32
YeluBray90820, maybe https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSHFS20:32
YeluPici, thank you for your hint20:33
roman71nahtnam: what do you want zip?20:35
Bray90820Yelu: thanks20:35
Bray90820Now im out gotta run20:36
YeluBray90820, Pici, better you'd take another try with find / -type d -iname "*music*" => finds all occurencies (Pici: AM I right?)20:36
* Bray90820 is out20:36
PiciYelu: yep.20:36
Bray90820Yelu: i will take a look20:36
nahtnamroman71: How can I exclude hidden folders in the zip?20:36
* Bray90820 is out20:36
YeluBray90820, Have fun ... ;-)20:36
* Bray90820 /close20:37
roman71nahtnam: if you have unzipped archieve, try inside run command ls -al20:39
nahtnamroman71: I got it. find home/ -path '*/.*' -prune -o -type f -print | zip /home/ubuntu/home.zip -@20:40
Dantewell my program started through the terminal20:40
DanteI need to learn how to get it to start that way...20:40
roman71nahtnam: ok :)20:41
Bray90820Actually i did have another unrelated question20:41
linuxlite1969Why in the hey-ho can't I get on other channels? I can't get on #linux or #Pidgen.20:41
Bray90820What's the name of the silverlight plugin20:41
=== zz_chamunks is now known as chamunks
holsteinlinuxlite1969: try /join #freenode20:42
Dantethis is going to be a real dumb question but. The installed program is located in the usr/bin folder how do I open terminal and just run it without having to physically go to the folder?20:42
=== christian is now known as Guest3772
holsteinDante: you can refer to it by path in a shortcut, or the terminal, or alt+f2, or any launcher, like synapse/kupfer20:43
Guest3772can youhelp me please20:43
Iriezprobably not20:43
Bray90820anyone know the name of the silverlight plugin20:43
Danteholstein: last time I typed in sudo ~usr/bin/program and nothing happened20:44
holsteinGuest3772: just ask.. maybe a volunteer can assist20:44
kalichromecan anyone help me with a ? about chroot environments?20:44
Iriezi've been asking a question for 2 days now and no one's bothered to answer.20:44
holsteinDante: does it need root access?20:44
MultbrelchHi all. Q: I have 10.04 64Bit and did some installation. Out of a sudden, my system font has become really tiny. Is there a font problem? How can I deal with this? Thx in advance for some hints20:44
ubottuA chroot is used to make programs believe that the directory they are running in is really the root directory. It can be used to stop programs accessing files outside of that directory, or for compiling 32bit applications in a 64bit environment - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BasicChroot20:44
Danteholstein: if it did I would have been prompted, no?20:44
holsteinDante: sudo means you are running it as root.. why?20:44
holsteinDante: dont, as a rule, unless needed.. is root needed?20:45
Danteholstein: it's not supposed to be needd20:45
holsteinDante: then, dont use sudo command20:45
Danteholstein: I went forum diving and that's what I found. What do I type in terminal if I want it to run w.o sudo access20:45
minimecBray90820: http://www.webupd8.org/2013/08/pipelight-use-silverlight-in-your-linux.html20:45
holsteinDante: just dont use sudo, friend20:45
holstein /path/to/file20:46
ubottusudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo20:46
Danteholstein: so it's just ~usr/bin/program then?20:46
holsteinDante: not sure where you are getting "~"20:46
holsteinDante: that in iteself is a location.. just use /usr/whatever20:46
Danteholstein: oh okay, thanks. :)20:47
holsteinDante: use the tab autocomplete function to be *certain* you are actually getting somewhere valid20:47
Danteholstein: will do.20:47
MultbrelchAny idea?20:49
holsteinMultbrelch: try resetting the font size, or undoing what you did that broke it.. you can also try as another user or the guest user to remove your users config from the equation20:50
Multbrelchhow can I reset the fontsize, holstein ?20:50
Multbrelchjust a keyword20:50
holsteinMultbrelch: i remember it being rather clear in the menu.. have you tried searching for it in preferences? or tried as the guest user?20:51
MultbrelchI can change the fontsize in hardware/screens but no effect, the font is too small20:52
holsteinMultbrelch: only ubuntu 10.04 server is still supported officially20:52
holsteinMultbrelch: try as another user, and report, please..20:53
Multbrelchholstein, SORRY, I meant 14.04 :)20:53
Multbrelchtyping error ...20:53
holsteinMultbrelch: try as the guest user20:53
Multbrelchand then ?20:53
holsteinMultbrelch: ? then say "the fonts are normal as the guest user" or, "the fonts are still tiny as guest user"20:54
Multbrelchdoes the guest user has a passwd?20:54
MultbrelchOkay, I will do ...20:54
holsteinMultbrelch: no password.. savings are not saved.. please try it there.. this will, as i suggested, remove your user config from the equation20:55
Multbrelchholstein, thx a lot - So I did it and: the fonts have the correct size ... what now?20:55
holsteinMultbrelch: now you know where the problem is.. as i said, in your users configuration, not the system20:56
dweezholstein: And knowing is half the battle. G.I. JOE!!!20:56
berenddoes anyone here use multiple workspaces on Trusty Tahr and does "always visible on workspace" work for you?20:56
roohhello, does somebody know if in 14.04 there is support for AMD switchable graphics without restarting?20:56
holsteinrooh: nothing about 14.04 or any linux is preventing amd from supporting it.. id just fire it up and test20:57
Multbrelchholstein, so then I redo the steps I have done before? Or is there some other way?20:57
Multbrelchholstein, BTW: the font concerns ALL windows/programs/etc.20:57
MonkeyDustskors  what are you trying?20:57
holsteinMultbrelch: http://www.webupd8.org/2012/10/how-to-reset-compiz-and-unity-in-ubuntu.html amonng other ways to reset to default20:57
roohholstein, i had some issues with it (not working), so i decided to ask20:58
Multbrelchholstein, thx, I will try and report ...20:58
skorsHi MonkeyDust, thanks for responding... wondering where my aliases on 12.04 are stored. I've checked .bashrc - that has some of them but not all of them20:58
holsteinrooh: sure.. let them know you are wishing better support. there are PPA"s that the steam community suggest that you might want to try.. the xorg edgers PPA20:58
skorsand .bash_aliases is empty20:58
roohholstein, kay thanks, will look into it :)20:59
louigiHey guys! Installed another kernel for xubuntu 12.04, but on boot grub does not show and I cannot choose which kernel to load. I have grub-pc installed, by default.21:00
roohah, one more question: i have something weird - my hibernate works fine, but suspend is not (as far as i gather from searches, the opposite is more common), any cues to where should i look to fix it?21:00
reisiolouigi: ...what does show?21:00
reisiorooh: IME one works and the other does not, but they're the same thing21:00
larsadinAnyone else seeing a 404 from the precise-backports in /etc/apt/sources.list in ubuntu 12.04 server when doing sudo apt-get update?21:00
reisiorooh: the difference is only ever in your configuration for suspend/hibernate/sleep/blah/allthesamething21:01
=== scottala1 is now known as scottalan
reisiorooh: as per the spec, they actually really _are_ all the same thing, just varying degrees21:01
roohreisio, the trouble is that hibernate takes forever to write things on the hdd,21:01
reisiorooh: get an ssd21:01
roohi need suspend to ram, because it's quicker21:01
reisiothen tell it to suspend to ram and not hibernate21:01
roohreisio, yeaaaaah :D21:02
reisiothe most comprehensive implementation, AFAIK, is still the tuxonice patchset21:02
reisiobut I haven't looked at it in a while21:02
reisiochances are Ubuntu (Debian) already has the important bits folded into their kernel21:02
skorsMonkeyDust: figured out the problem, i wanted to modify an alias that i Just made but it's not listed in my .bashrc that i made b/c i haven't logged out yet.21:02
roohthe thing is, that suspend to ram should be more easier21:02
Multbrelchholstein, unity-reset created something again strange ... I reboot and see .. btw: unity-reset couldn't finish, it is in some endless loop21:02
reisiorooh: point being, don't get caught up in the names 'suspend' and 'hibernate', just focus on making it do what you want21:02
holsteinMultbrelch: where would you like to start?21:03
MonkeyDustskors  great!21:03
holsteinMultbrelch: something created someting strange "again" ? so you have small fonts again? now different?21:03
roohreisio, so i should try to make it stuff things into ram, not on the hdd got it; off to fiddle with it21:03
Multbrelche.g., very strange font for output text in xchat ... I reboot and see, read u u soon21:04
reisiorooh: I'm just saying I wouldn't go worrying about what your GUI refers to as 'suspend' and 'hibernate', 'cause they're vague buzzwords IME21:04
reisiorooh: find the pref that says suspend to ram but not to hard disk, and that's that21:04
Lucy18 Hi! I give you some videos. I hope you like! http://j.mp/1gAh6Jy21:06
reisioLucy18: thanks baby21:06
Picithanks idoru21:06
Multbrelchholstein, so, reboot and: unity is reset21:06
MultbrelchI guess there might be some problem with compiz ...21:07
holsteinMultbrelch: not if its not present in another user, likely21:07
holsteinMultbrelch: i wouldnt start running "sudo whatever "commands you find online to "fix" unity.. or start adding/removing software to address anything.. try as the guest account, or a new user, and if things are as expected, the issue is likely in your users /home configuration21:09
Multbrelchholstein, yep, okay - To compiz: I configer compiz with 4x4 desktops and "Expo" on mouse in lower left corner and "Scale windows" on mouse on lower right corner. When I go into left corner and move windows from one desktop to another one, the system hangs sometimes => hardware reset or ctrl+alt+F1 => sudo reboot21:11
holsteinMultbrelch: id just stop doing that, and file a bug, after looking into perhaps my graphics card driver support.. but, i dont use compiz anymore21:12
Multbrelchholstein, thx for help btw ...21:14
holsteinMultbrelch: cheers.. thats what we are here for21:14
Multbrelchhehe :)21:14
ezioi keep getting a Connection timed out with localhost.ca error from sendmail in my syslog21:18
eziotwo servers21:18
eziobasic config i believe21:18
MintyHi, I turned my ubuntu 12.04 pc off on thursday and went away for the weekend. I've come back, booted it up and I get an error during boot that says "unable to mount disk drive at path/to/pc-name as not yet ready or not present". I can type s to skip the mount and then it looks like it boots normally and my files are all accessible etc. Any idea what's wrong?21:22
keeper_19_86Hi. Does anybody here know what this "reactivate HP LaserJet 1018/1020 after reloading"-Program (preinstalled on every xubuntu 14.04) is all about?21:22
holsteinkeeper_19_86: no.. but check a package manager for more information on any package21:23
holsteinkeeper_19_86: looks to me like its relating to an HP printer..21:23
keeper_19_86hostein: yeah, but i never configured one ... it was there from the beginning ...21:24
holsteinkeeper_19_86: im sorry. i didnt mean to imply you did.. im just suggesting that any more information you need should be able to be found in a package manager21:24
MintyHi, I turned my ubuntu 12.04 pc off on thursday and went away for the weekend. I've come back, booted it up and I get an error during boot that says "unable to mount disk drive at path/to/pc-name as not yet ready or not present". I can type s to skip the mount and then it looks like it boots normally and my files are all accessible etc. Any idea what's wrong?21:26
holsteinMinty: no need to repost21:27
keeper_19_86holstein: nothing to be sorry about! could you just give me one more hint, what to search for? The only thing i know right now is, that its a starter in the menu with the command "/usr/share/foo2zjs/hplj10xx_gui.tcl". I don't know what to search for in e.g. synaptic21:27
reisiounless you want reisio to see it :)21:27
holsteinMinty: i would want to (as always) make sure my data is backedup .. then, i would run a hard drive test, if it were my machine21:27
reisioMinty: it does that every time you reboot?21:27
Mintyreisio: every time since this evening yea, never had it before and all was fine when i shut it down on thursday21:28
holsteinkeeper_19_86: you said you found the package.. just look at that one21:28
=== jake is now known as Guest58710
reisiomm, neat21:28
holsteinkeeper_19_86: or are you just finding only that file in the /usr/shar and not an application?21:28
holsteinMinty: i have seen that message plenty on systems with encrypted home..21:28
Guest58710just installed ubuntu :)21:29
Mintyholstein: what does that mean?21:29
rnzAnybody known how to disable rewriting /etc/X11/xorg.conf in 14.04 ?   When start X (lightdm) xorg.conf moved to xorg.conf.<date> and generated new xorg.conf with basic device sections.21:29
keeper_19_86holstein: no i never mentioned a package... I only found this entry in my menu (from a brand new installed xubuntu 14.04) and i assumed it is a program. But since it seems very specific (to the printer type) i'm wondering what this is about21:29
Jordan_UMinty: Please pastebin your /etc/fstab.21:29
Mintyholstein: reisio by the way, i'm planning on updating to 14.04 tomorrow evening - does that change anything? should i go ahead and do that and then see if this problem still persists after?21:29
kostkonMinty, open the system log app, look in your syslog and kern.log for example for that message and paste it21:30
holsteinMinty: i would (as suggested) already have data backups, and test the drive before installing 14.0421:30
holsteinMinty: i dont see that you have a problem.. you are getting a message21:30
Mintykostkon, Jordan_U ok 1 sec, will need to reboot it21:30
reisioit's a problem if it stops his bootup, and not if it doesn't :)21:30
kostkonMinty, you don;t need to if you have rebooted recently21:31
Jordan_UMinty: When you boot, make note of (at least) the first 4 digits of the UUID that the error mentions.21:31
Guest58710hi kids21:31
Guest58710hi kids21:31
Guest58710hi kids21:31
Guest58710hi kids21:31
Guest58710hi kids21:31
Guest58710hi kids21:31
unopasteGuest58710 you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted21:31
Mintykostkon: i meant it's currently turned off, i'm on my laptop21:31
MintyJordan_U: ok will do thanks21:31
kostkonMinty, oh ok, then during boot when you get the message write it down21:32
reisioMinty: pause/break key will sometimes pause output21:33
Mintykostkon: Jordan_U ok so i've just booted now and it's taken to me to what looks like a recovery mode type option screen21:33
Mintykostkon, Jordan_U "GNU GRUB version 1.99-21ubuntu3.14"21:34
kostkonMinty, are you dual booting21:34
Mintykostkon: no21:34
Mintykostkon, Jordan_U then i have 5 options, ubuntu 3.20generic, ubuntu 3.2-generic (recovery mode), previous linux versions, memory test, another memory test21:34
Mintyi think that screens come up because i turned pc off by holding down button before mid-boot21:35
Mintyi've selected the first option which is my ubuntu system and now i'm seeing the familiar error message21:35
kostkonMinty, ok. next time use reisub21:35
ubottuIn an emergency, you may be able to shutdown cleanly and reboot by holding down Alt+PrintScreen and typing, in succession, R, E, I, S, U and B. For an explanation, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_SysRq_key21:35
Mintykostkon, Jordan_U: "The disk drive for /media/ADAM-PC is not ready yet or not present"21:35
reisionext time have a backup, and then if your fs and fsck both fail, you're still fine :p21:35
kostkonah mid-boot21:35
reisioMinty: is adam-pc listed in /etc/fstab ?21:36
Mintyreisio: i'll skip mounting and load up and check 1 sec21:36
Mintywhat's the command to dump a file to paste.ubuntu.com again?21:38
ubottupastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com21:38
Mintyreisio: paste.ubuntu.com/731017021:39
ubottuIn an emergency, you may be able to shutdown cleanly and reboot by holding down Alt+PrintScreen and typing, in succession, R, E, I, S, U and B. For an explanation, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_SysRq_key21:39
Mintyreisio: anything suspicious?21:40
reisioMinty: run 'lsblk -f', tell me if you see '5A22DB2D22DB0CBF' or 'ADAM-PC'21:40
Noiroanyone know a simple program which can clone a harddrive of multiple partitions (some are NTFS) to another harddrive exactly as-is?21:41
Mintyreisio: ok will do, i just reisub'd21:41
reisioMinty: I'm guessing you had a usb stick plugged in when you did a hard shutdown, and now it thinks it should always be there for some reason21:41
ubottuTo replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can use the !software package "apt-clone" - See also !automate21:41
beachbuddahHello folks, Happy Earth Day21:41
reisiobeachbuddah: heyo, and to you21:41
kostkonhmm nope21:41
geirhaNoiro: ddrescue from the gddrescue package21:41
beachbuddahRunning 14.04 I went to the terminal and installed tor21:41
beachbuddahty reisin21:42
beachbuddahBut of course it didn't run when I gave the command in theterm21:42
ubottuTor is a program to route connections through several servers for anonymity. It is in Ubuntu's repositories, but the Tor Project recommends using their Tor packages due to past issues with Ubuntu's. For setup info, see option (2) of https://www.torproject.org/docs/debian.html.en | To use Tor on freenode, see !tor-sasl21:42
beachbuddahso I uinstalled - via the software center - vidalia21:42
Mintyreisio: i see ADAM--PC--vg-root amongst other things21:42
Noirogeirha, will that copy alterations made to the MBR as well?21:42
Mintyreisio: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7310191/21:43
geirhaIf you tell it to copy the whole disk, then yes, that will include the MBR21:43
beachbuddahbut running vidalia gets me the message that it can't connect to tor - why?  the path in vidalia points to usr/sbin/tor..but tor isn't there21:43
beachbuddahany idea whee it might be hiding?21:43
Noiroalright cool. I just bought a new SSD because the one in my comp is too small, so I just want to fire everything over and I can expand partitions later21:44
reisioMinty: what I would do is edit /etc/fstab as root21:44
reisioMinty: comment out the /media/blah blah adam-pc line at the end (put a # at its start), and call it a day21:44
StrangeNoiseshow do you set an ubuntu laptop to use a web proxy only when it's only on a given wifi network???21:44
Mintyreisio: i have a feeling i added that a while ago deliberately, can't remember why now21:44
reisioNoiro: it's actually easier IME to duplicate partitions and then simply rsync over data21:45
StrangeNoisesi've just realised... you can't!21:45
reisioMinty: sounds like the sort of thing that happened21:45
reisioMinty: anyways, if you remember what it was for, it'll be there in a coomment21:45
reisioStrangeNoises: course you can21:45
Mintyreisio: i didn'd add anything, that was a different file - i've never touched this one21:45
StrangeNoisesie: without going to network settings and changing it when you change networks?21:46
geirhaNoiro: you can also use dd, but ddrescue can print progress (if you include -v for verbose) and it's easier to resume with it (if you abort, accidentally or otherwise)21:46
Stu|hey helpful people, after upgrade to 14.04 the other day i've had issues booting (constant reboots just before login screen), but if i go into advanced and choose recovery kernel it boots fine after selecting resume and doing nothing else, any ideas what could have screwed up?21:46
Mintyreisio: oh wait, i did, the last line in the first pastebin file is to auto give certain permissions21:46
Rhianne18 Hi! I give you some videos. I hope you like! http://bit.ly/1gAh6Jy21:46
Noiroi've got Windows and Ubuntu 14.04 running atm, and it'll be the same box, just don't want to have to redo configs21:47
geirhaNoiro: Right, both will do. ddrescue is just easier to deal with than dd.21:48
NoiroWill I need to print off documentation first or is it pretty intuitive to work out?21:48
geirhaNoiro: You should boot a live CD, like the Ubuntu 14.04 desktop CD. From there, install gddrescue if you have internet access.21:49
reisioMinty: comment the line, it will stop complaining21:49
Noirogeirha, why do I need to install gddrescue, shouldn't it be on the cd?21:50
Mintythanks all for your help21:50
Noirooh, wait, boot any boot cd and install it21:50
geirhaNoiro: Next step is to identify the harddrives. `sudo fdisk -l`  should hopefully suffice, else you could try gparted which gives you the same information in a GUI.21:50
reisioNoiro: 'dd' probably already is21:50
reisioNoiro: it can be tricky to use21:50
geirhaNoiro: dd already is, and will suffice for this, but ddrescue is not preinstalled on the live CD, but it's easy to install.21:51
NoiroI'm not the greatest with commandline, but I've played in gparted a bit21:51
reisioddrescue is more useful for, unsurprisingly, rescuing things from broken stuff21:51
geirhaNoiro: If you're currently in Ubuntu, try running   sudo fdisk -l  in a terminal it lists all your harddrives and the partitions on them21:52
rnzomg! who idiot make default override/replace xorg.conf ?!21:53
* StrangeNoises marks myself affected by, and adds a comment to, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/network-manager-applet/+bug/1288604. i'm amazed more people haven't noticed this. is no-one else using ubuntu on a laptop that's actually taken to different places?21:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1288604 in network-manager-applet (Ubuntu) "No option to set proxy for network" [Undecided,Confirmed]21:53
geirhawhat? people still use xorg.conf?21:53
JokesOnYou77Hi all21:53
SchrodingersScatrnz: thought it normally prompted you..although it seemed to prompt me more on the server upgrade..21:54
Noirogeirha, got it, but I'll probably need to put the new HDD into the comp first, haha21:54
rnzfor crossfire configuration need xorg.conf - (all question why - send to amd)21:55
geirhaNoiro: well, yes, Ubuntu isn't able to communicate with unconnected hard drives yet :)21:56
SeanFromQueensI updated to 14.04, and am now getting error symbol 'grub_term_highlight_color'21:56
reisiornz: hrmm?21:56
Noirogeirha, you think 14.10 will be able to support that? Seems like it'd be helpful. XD21:56
geirhaNoiro: Maybe 114.0421:57
SonikkuAmericaIn the year 2114 we'll be using the LCARS computer net. :P21:57
Jordan_USeanFromQueens: Do you have more than one hard drive?21:58
davejr_having an issue on ubuntu 14.04.  using disks(palimpset) to mount a partition at startup, but if I turn off the automatic mounting options, the partition fails to mount any suggestions?21:58
rnzreisio, ?21:58
mackcamhey all, I'm using a linux distro based on ubuntu 12.04LTS. periodically while browsing the web with chromium my machine completely locks up and I need to hold the power button in order to restart it. Are there any log files that I should check out immediately following this reboot? I also tried the sysrq combination I found online but that didn't work on my laptop. I'm not afraid of the terminal (use vim as primary editor) and develop software in case that h21:58
mackcamelps you target your instructions to me. Any help appreciated, thanks.21:58
JokesOnYou77I'm trying to ssh into server 1 from server 2. Server 2 only allows login with ssh keys.  I don't have an account on Server 2 but I can su to an account on Server 1 that should be able to get into Server 2 but I get rejected when I try and log into Server 2.  How can I get in?21:58
SeanFromQueens"ls" returns (hd0) (hd0,msdos6) (hd0,msdos5) and so on, and now when attemtpting to locate mod files only get "error: unknown filesystem" when listing each partition21:58
kostkonmackcam, which one. we only support ubuntu and its official derivatives here21:58
Jordan_Umackcam: This channel only supports Ubuntu proper, not derivatives. Try ##Linux, or your distribution's support channel.21:59
SeanFromQueensJordan_U: 1 HD with mutlitple partitions21:59
kostkonmackcam, you are... ok then :P21:59
Jordan_Umackcam: Was your caps lock light blinking?22:00
reisiornz: ?22:00
mackcamJordan_U: I don't believe it was. What would that indicate?22:00
bimafraHey guys, I have a qucik question for you I couldnt find an answer for anywhere: What do the "independent" repos contain? And who is responsible for them? To be found in: software & updates > other software > Independent22:00
EleanorEllisThe fan on my laptop seems to speed up and slow down for no apparent reason. How can I check it is needed and perhaps change this behaviour?22:00
Jordan_Umackcam: A kernel panic.22:01
fribHi.  I've noticed that many applications have greyed out menu options.  Is there an obvious explanation for this?22:01
mackcamJordan_U: Ah that would be an important piece of information. I'll check for that next time. Is that always the case with a kernel panic that the caps lock will blink?22:01
reisiobimafra: people with no particular Ubuntu/Debian affiliation22:01
OerHeksEleanorEllis, how do you tell "no reason"?22:02
rnzreisio, "hrmm?" -  do you have ideas, how to disable behavior of the system of recreate xorg.conf ?22:02
reisiofrib: yes, in their source22:02
reisiornz: to do what now?22:02
tgm4883OerHeks, probably via some temperature readings22:02
fribreisio, why is everything greyed out? even file manager menus are greyed out22:02
mackcamJordan_U: If there was a kernel panic could I check one of the log files under /var/log ?22:02
fayesalAny idea why trusty with a preseed doesn't seem to be pulling packages in universe?  I need nss-ldapd etc which are in universe and it never pulls the packages.22:02
=== Stu| is now known as Stu|[A]
SeanFromQueens"ls" returns (hd0) (hd0,msdos6) (hd0,msdos5) and so on, and now when attemtpting to locate mod files only get "error: unknown filesystem" when listing each partition22:02
reisiofrib: screenshot?22:03
OerHeksEleanorEllis, acpi is done by the bios, nothing softwarematic about it. speeding up/down sounds normal to me.22:03
tgm4883EleanorEllis, You could monitor the temperature sensors in the laptop. IIRC, the package is sensord (or was it lm-sensors)22:03
EleanorEllisOerHeks: I don't know if it's running for any good reason or not. It just makes a lot of noise even when nothing much is happening22:03
kostkonmackcam, check your logs in /var/log  e.g. syslog kern.log22:03
bimafrareisio: what would be examples? And from a security standpoint (paranoia level 999) is it adviceable to tick them on?22:03
Ali3nat0rHi, really weird issue with gnome panel here, stuff on my screen just mirrored itself and then it wouldn't let me take a screencap, so I took this on my phone: http://ali3nat0r.tk/shizzle/WP_20140422_002.jpg - I also couldn't get into the menu to restart, so I did a hard reset and it's back to normal now. Any idea what might have happened?22:03
bimafrareisio: Trade of is always being up to date vs. trusting the repo/source...22:03
fribreisio, screenshot automatically closes the menu before taking22:03
fribreisio, but there's not really need for a ss, the menus are greyed out22:04
reisiobimafra: mmm, well it's a matter of trust22:04
Jordan_Umackcam: Only if you have a crashkernel to fall back to, which Ubuntu doesn't by default. To enable kernel crash dumps (by basically loading two kernels at boot, one which is used for normal operation and another whose only purpose in life is to be jumped to and safely save a crashdump of the first) follow: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/CrashdumpRecipe22:04
reisiobimafra: but if those repos were _known_ to have malicious software, they would not be listed22:04
ezioi keep getting a sendmail error:22:04
ezioApr 22 06:48:08 mysite sm-mta[32052]: s3LAhstb027296: to=<root@mysite.ca>, delay=1+00:00:00, xdelay=00:00:00, mailer=esmtp, pri=12990000, relay=localhost.ca., dsn=4.0.0, stat=Deferred: Connection timed out with localhost.ca.22:04
reisiobimafra: they are merely repos by people without direct affiliation, that Canonical doesn't want to be blamed for22:04
mackcamkostkon: will do, thanks22:04
ezioit's filling up my syslog22:04
rnzreisio, When start X (lightdm) xorg.conf moved to xorg.conf.<date> and generated new xorg.conf with basic device sections. Do you know how to disable this behavior?22:04
bimafrareisio: some independent programer can alsways have a bad day22:04
reisiornz: I doubt lightdm does that22:05
reisiobimafra: yup22:05
reisiobimafra: as can some non-"independent" Canonical dev22:05
mackcamJordan_U: Could this have been the reason sysrq combination had no affect on my machine?22:05
kostkonbimafra, malicious software it's not about having a bad day22:05
mackcamJordan_U: I'll read that article, thanks for the info22:05
reisiobimafra: if you're that paranoid, just put your personal data in an encrypted container22:05
reisiobimafra: and run a filesystem integrity checker every now and then22:06
Jordan_Umackcam: No, sysrq should always work unless the kernel has completely panic'd (or otherwise stopped performing even the most basic of its tasks).22:06
tgm4883reisio, rnz it's not lightdm  https://bugs.launchpad.net/mythbuntu/+bug/130754622:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1307546 in ubuntu-drivers-common (Ubuntu) "dist-upgrade from 12.04 -> 14.04 axes /etc/X11/xorg.conf" [High,Triaged]22:07
mackcamJordan_U: okay, thanks for helping me rule that out. I'll pay closer attention to detail next time the crash occurs and in the meantime sift through the log files. I appreciate the help22:07
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fribwhy are so many menu options greyed out for various applications? ridiculous22:08
bimafrareisio: so if there is a trust issue which is always there, the question is whether I need those repos to be ticked on. Therefore, what would be examples? Audacious, mtpaint, gnome mplayer..... Such stuff? Do I loose something in terms of security if I dont tick them on?22:08
owen1after upgrading to 14.04 i don't don't see the wireless icon (HP folio ultrabook). any tips?22:09
reisiobimafra: you don't need anything until you do...22:09
reisiobimafra: I don't know mtpaint, all the rest should be in ordinary repos22:09
bimafrareisio: FYI I Just found out that this "independ" repo isnt used anymore since a few versions...22:10
Beldarfrib, This a fresh install? That is not a normal, we need some context.22:10
cyborgcygnusAnybody know a good curfew, day, time, hours, time limit software/program to add to childrens accounts to limit when they can be on their account?22:12
fribBeldar, i just recently installed 13.10 and now upgraded to 14.0422:12
Jordan_Umackcam: You're welcome.22:12
Beldarfrib, So exactly when did this grayed apps start?22:12
fribI'm not sure but I just noticed it today after upgrade, might have been there before too though22:13
SeanFromQueensafter upgrading to 14.04 laptop boots to error: symbol "grub_term_highlight_color' and LS returns (hd0) (hd0,msdos6) (hd0,msdos5)... then only returns error: unknown filesystem.22:13
tgm4883frib, what is greyed out?22:13
ubottuburlesque83: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».22:13
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fribBeldar, I can open apps fine but the menu options from the top bar are mostly greyed out, not all though22:13
fribfor example if i'm running file manager, everything in the "Edit" menu is greyed out22:14
friband in the "File" menu only "Add New Document" is enabled22:14
xdrakehi all22:15
rnztgm4883, this behavior repeated when I create new xorg.conf (by Xorg -generate, or amdconfig --initial), after restart X server, file moved... So I create config in /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d, but it not loading....22:15
reisioxdrake: ohio22:15
JokesOnYou77I'm trying to ssh into server 1 from server 2. Server 2 only allows login with ssh keys.  I don't have an account on Server 2 but I can su to an account on Server 1 that should be able to get into Server 2 but I get rejected when I try and log into Server 2.  How can I get in to Server 2?22:16
SeanFromQueensafter upgrading to 14.04 laptop boots to error: symbol "grub_term_highlight_color' and LS returns (hd0) (hd0,msdos6) (hd0,msdos5)... then only returns error: unknown filesystem.22:16
fribso any idea about these greyed out menus?22:17
rnztgm4883, xorg_fix_proprietary.py start once only...22:17
fribexcuse me how can i change desktop manager to just avoid this problem?22:18
giorgiodinapolihey guys iu die here. my ubuntu installation skips, with package retrievale failed: error unable to find block-modules something. same stick was working on another machine!!!"?=!22:19
regulat0rhey can some help me out with booting win8 and ubuntu with the bios issue ?22:19
Beldar!ask > regulat0r22:19
ubotturegulat0r, please see my private message22:19
SeanFromQueensafter upgrading to 14.04 laptop boots to error: symbol "grub_term_highlight_color' and LS returns (hd0) (hd0,msdos6) (hd0,msdos5)... then only returns error: unknown filesystem.22:20
rnztgm4883, and my system don't have "nvidia prime postrm script"....22:20
BeldarSeanFromQueens, This a dual boot if so with what?22:20
BeldarSeanFromQueens, Have you modified grub in general?22:21
SeanFromQueensBeldar: Kubuntu and Win722:21
Kevin`how can I fix this? "systemd-udevd[119]: renamed network interface eth0 to p128p1