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peetbogany exsperience here setting up ssd drives for studio?00:50
peetbognothing heard, another time then. bye00:53
coelebshow i set alsa back on after using jack?01:31
TerranceWarriorrun pulseaudio?01:43
coelebslet's see if it works01:46
TerranceWarriorgoing to bed01:47
TerranceWarriorgood night my friend01:48
cfhowlettCaveat state your issue, don't just spam across channels03:26
holsteini mean, we try and have a "looser" channel here, but, at least announce what you are linking, Caveat , and why03:26
Caveatsorry, amsg displays across multiple networks, i havent adjusted to that03:27
holsteinCaveat: no worries..03:27
holsteinCaveat: i figured it was something like that03:28
Caveati was posting a music video to the "gaming" network, not thinking how it would appear to the "linux friends" network03:28
Caveati inted for every person on both networks to see that04:03
cfhowlettCaveat please stop posting random vids here04:04
Caveathow is it that you are more easily offended than the main ubuntu channel?04:05
cfhowlettCaveat do you even read the guidelines for use of this irc?  they apply to all - even you.04:06
cfhowlettCaveat however, if you need ubuntu support, please post your questions ...04:06
Caveatthanks for your support, i am sorry i wasted space.04:07
Caveatthis community is small enough, i would say we need to feed every appetitie we find here. but rules are rules.04:08
cfhowlettCaveat #ubuntu-offtopic is perfect for off-topic discussions.04:09
Caveatgood point, thanks.04:09
tj1hey all, i am getting frequent lock ups in ubuntustudio when using the nvidia-331 driver, should i file a bug on ubuntustudio's launchpad or the nvidia driver?15:15
holsteintj1: ideally, the manufacturer/creator of the code would help15:15
holsteintj1: you can look for a bug, and try and get someone to confirm15:15
holsteintj1: i would try with the generic kernel and see if the performance isnt "better"15:16
tj1holstein: ahh yes, i did not try a different kernel15:16

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