bluesabreLogan_: #ubuntu-release...00:56
bluesabre00:25 <infinity> bluesabre: Get someone to upload it, much easier to review in the queue.00:56
bluesabre00:25 <infinity> bluesabre: (but looks fine to me)00:56
Logan_why didn't I know that was a channel? :P00:57
Unit193..Wait, you didn't? 0_o01:00
Logan_bluesabre, Unit193: I apparently was there before during the Raring cycle02:18
Logan_because it came up as scrollback when I joined02:18
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Logan_well, now I'm there again, so all is good in the world02:19
ochosimorning everyone07:54
elfyhi ochosi 07:54
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ochosiamigamagic: so some quick feedback on your patch09:20
ochosii think that it generally makes sense to distinguish between the grouped and ungrouped windows visually09:20
ochosithe idea with the label isn't too bad, how does it affect the width of the window-button?09:20
ochosiif you set up e.g. a vertical panel, does the icon get downscaled?09:21
ochosifrom my POV the ideal solution would be to have a sort of "badge" on top of the icon, like emblems in thunar09:21
ochosiwith a background color to make sure the label is always readable09:22
amigamagicochosi, yes, I could set a background color for the number09:23
amigamagicfor now I'm using the default color used for the labels09:24
amigamagicso I think it should be always visible, if the theme is not messed up09:24
ochosiyeah, but i was actually wondering if the label can't be stacked on top of the appicon09:25
amigamagicI just tried the vertical "deskbar" panel09:26
elfyochosi: that would look better imo09:26
amigamagicthe icons are scaled to accomodate the number :)09:26
amigamagicochosi, I've tried the thunar emblems feature (I didn't know it) and the emblems are placed first at the bottom right of the icon09:31
amigamagicbtw, emblems implementation is a little buggy, isn't it?09:33
amigamagicwhen I place an emblem on a file of the desktop, I will not see emblems on them. If I place an emblem inside Thunar, it will work.09:34
amigamagicAnd if I place an emblem in the desktop folder, inside a Thunar window, then you will see the emblem on the desktop too.09:35
amigamagicmmmh... it looks like on the desktop it's a bit random if you will see the emblems or not... Sometimes they will be displayed after 1 minute from your last mod!09:40
amigamagicanyway, back to my grouped number mod, me too I think that a "badge" on the icon of the taskbar would be nicer. For now I'm solving some alignment problems when you change size options for the panel. When I'm done with this mod I could try to make a "badged" version.09:46
ochosiamigamagic: sounds good to me10:15
amigamagicdo you think I should make an option to let the user choice if display the little number when you select "always" in grouping option, or it should be the "only" behaviour when you select "always"?11:29
amigamagicochosi, elfy ^^11:29
amigamagicpersonally, I think that you should always see a visual feedback when there is more than one app stacked in one group in the taskbar, but maybe someone is happy with the current behaviour (no visual feedback for the stacked icons)?11:31
ochosii think that option might be over the top11:32
ochosibut if you add one, i'd just add a separate checkbox for it11:32
ochosithat is only sensitive when grouping is chosen11:32
amigamagicok... I don't know if it's worth the effort :D11:37
ochosiyeah, me neither11:38
ochosii'd not start with making it optional11:38
ochosi*if* ppl complain, that can always be considered11:38
bluesabreochosi: any feedback on the taskbar plugin?11:46
ochosibluesabre: i've been testing it since yesterday11:59
ochosiit works ok actually11:59
ochosibut it's a bit buggy11:59
ochosiso it'd need a fixup11:59
ochosi(and a release)11:59
ochosithe default theming isn't ideal12:00
ochosithat'd have to be improved12:00
ochosiand the bug i showed you (for parole) is illustrative of a general issue in the plugin12:00
bluesabrehave you found the developer?12:00
ochosibut you can do a pretty perfect unity-like setup with the taskbar plugin12:00
ochosiwhich is nice12:00
ochosihaven't gotten in touch yet, wanna write down the issues first and create a roadmap or something12:01
ochosibut if i don't find time for that soon, i'll just try to get a hold of him as it is12:01
ochosilast commit is already a year ago, so who knows12:01
bluesabrecool, keep me posted12:01
bluesabreI tested it a while back and stopped using it because it was buggy12:01
ochosiwilld do12:02
ochosiyeah, you can easily install it from the packages Unit193 made12:02
ochosibtw, we really need to set up a common xubuntu testing PPA12:02
ochosiwhere more ppl have access, so that testing packages aren't so scattered anymore12:02
ochosinot only elfy will appreciate that12:02
* elfy would certainly appreciate that :)12:03
elfyochosi: I'm fiddling with wiki pages - shall I add it to the thursdat meeting12:04
ochosiyeah, pls do12:04
bluesabresounds good, I'll help set something up12:05
bluesabregotta run, bbl12:05
elfyochosi: ok - done that12:07
amigamagicochosi, are you testing another taskbar plugin? Maybe it's that with the pinning feature?12:23
ochosiamigamagic: yes, that's the one i'm testing12:23
amigamagicI tried it and it was a little buggy12:23
ochosiif you wanna help, you can write down the bugs you found and pastebin them12:23
ochosior we can put them on a wiki page somewhere12:24
amigamagicok, it would be nice to have icons pinnable and with the visual feedback of grouped icons... Then it could definitely replace the default one. :)12:25
ochosiyeah, or it could just be an additional plugin12:26
ochosifor now the latter seems easier12:27
amigamagicI'm finishing my mod, then I have to upload the patch somewhere so that you can try it12:28
ochosiideally create a bugreport on bugs.xfce.org and attach the patch there12:30
amigamagicok, I will do it, then I let you know12:32
elfyseem to have lost indicator-messages again13:01
knomechristoffer, hmpf, we should take it here or -offtopic ;)13:50
christofferknome, ok13:51
knomechristoffer, ooh, exciting13:51
knomewhat have they hired you for?13:51
elfyknome: if we've got meeting on Thursday - which I thought we did can you add it to the calendar14:05
amigamagichey guys, can you tell me if, in the current implementation, the icon of a grouped icon is "smaller" than the other ones? (try to set an height >= 40 pixel for the panel)14:08
elfyyes it is14:09
amigamagicok, so this is another bug I fixed14:09
amigamagicthank you elfy14:09
elfythen that really needs to be seperate imo - what happens if nothing gets done with the number in the grouping thing?14:10
amigamagicwait, I'm verifying...14:11
elfypretty sure there was a bug for that - unless it was you talking about it in here previously14:11
amigamagicoh, elfy, in my current implementation you can't choose if you want the number or not14:11
amigamagicif you select ALWAYS in the group option, then you will see the little number14:12
elfyI'm talking about icon size 14:12
elfypersonally neither affect me as I don't use the plugin at all - but *someone* was talking about icon size in the plugin recently14:13
elfythe only one I've ever heard trying to make it work like windows is you :p14:13
amigamagicin my mod, the icons are big when you select ALWAYS in the group option14:14
amigamagicI mean they have the same size as the "not grouped" one14:14
elfythe icons in window buttons plugin are smaller without your mod14:15
amigamagicbut if you select "show labels", then they will be small, as in the current implementation14:15
amigamagicyes, elfy, without my mod they are smaller when are grouped14:15
amigamagicand I don't like that...14:15
elfythey are smaller when ungrouped as well14:19
amigamagicelfy, have you selected "always" option?14:19
amigamagicand "no labels" ?14:19
elfyI've not selected anything - I don't use it :)14:19
amigamagicso, being that you don't use it, you are "remembering" how it works? :)14:21
elfythough that might be as intended behaviour14:21
elfyamigamagic: I can remember a few minutes ago 14:22
elfysmaller - and I'm not adding it to the panel again lol 14:24
ubottubugzilla.xfce.org bug 9619 in Window Buttons "Window buttons scales appicons when hiding labels" [Minor,New]14:24
amigamagicI'm surprised that from 2012-12 noone has fixed that...14:31
amigamagicmy mod fix it as a collateral consequence :D14:32
amigamagicI think I have solved the little things in my mod... Now I have to clean a little the code and I will make a patch14:33
amigamagicso you can try it (if you want) :)14:33
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* amigamagic has connection problems. Stupid wifi router!14:38
amigamagicI noticed that the taskbar plugin lacks the feature to restore all the minimized windows... There is a "maximize" contextual menu, but to me it works only for windows already restored. If they are minimized, they will keep to be minimized.14:40
amigamagicI'm always talking of grouped windows, of course14:41
amigamagicTo me it seems that the original developer didn't give much importance to the grouped icons feature, so he keep that in a sort of incomplete status.14:44
elfyseems to me that the whole thing is a non-issue tbh - but then I don't ever use it :)14:45
amigamagicelfy, if you don't use some feature, it doesn't mean no one will use it :)14:46
amigamagicand it doesn't mean it's not broken...14:46
elfywell I guess that lots of people do use it - but the absence of any bugs for it not telling them how many things are grouped says something too 14:47
elfybut anyway - I wouldn't want you to think I don't think you're doing something worthwhile :)14:47
amigamagicelfy, to me that means that a very few people use the grouped feature in xfce. But I understand that noone would use it as it is now... :)14:48
elfyI used it for a while - as grouped - but knowing how many I had grouped was of no interest to me - as I had to click it to open one of the grouped things, and as soon as I did that I could see how many there were :)14:49
elfynot really sure how useful a number is :)14:49
amigamagicand maybe xfce users are more technical guys, or they are less spoiled guys than me...14:49
elfybut - I am not going to talk about it - stop leading me on :D14:50
amigamagicmaybe I should not make this patch anymore... :D14:50
elfyha ha - you carry one - ochosi thinks it's worth your time :)14:50
knomeelfy, done15:10
amigamagicsorry guys, what's the default panel size? 30 ?15:10
nhojjumps to 34 if you touch the slider15:15
amigamagicwow, are you sure it's 24: that's pretty small to my eyes15:16
nhojI could be wrong -- seems small to me but then I increased the font size15:16
ochosiamigamagic: yes, it is 2415:39
ochosithe top panel height is pretty much the same in unity, osx and xubuntu15:40
ochosiobviously with window-grouping and hiding labels, the window buttons would become too small to be usable, so the panel size would have to be increased15:40
amigamagicat 24 pixel the number is high as the small icon itself!15:40
ochosiyup, i'm not surprised15:40
ochosias i said, that's not what the panel config is set out for15:41
amigamagicI think my mod is useful for who loves to have grouped icons with a panel high at least 32 pixel15:43
ochosii'm currently testing the taskbar plugin in a unity-like setup15:44
ochosiit's actually not too bad15:44
amigamagicI tried to launch a pinned thunar and the pinned icon did flash but no thunar was loaded...15:45
ochosiyes, i think the problem is that the plugin saves the app + argument unescaped15:45
ochosiso it ends up executing thunar $folder, instead of "thunar $folder"15:46
ochosii noticed that when i pinned parole after opening a movie15:46
ochosiyou can see in the playlist sidebar that the programme parameters are garbled up15:46
elfyknome: thanks - I'd have done the wiki - but wasn't completely sure if we were meeting this week or not15:46
knomeelfy, np15:47
knomethe meeting is in the google calendar now as well15:47
elfyhopefully enough people will pitch up to make it worthwhile - there's a fair bit on it 15:48
ochosiUnit193: yup, received mail about it21:39
Unit193Figured in case anyone didn't.21:40
ochosiyup, ty21:40

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