folkiehey. i customized my plymouth loader, but it only works when shutting down. when the computer is starting up, the default xubuntu image is shown, and the customized background is only shown if i press an arrow key (goes to text mode) and again to come back to graphical mode (returns to the customized background). how can i make the starting image to be the customized one?00:01
HiddenDjinni'm having issues playing full screen video using trusty00:24
peyamno didnt work. lightdm restart wont work00:33
cremorneHi guys, I have been using Xubuntu 14.04 beta 2 for the last 8 weeks or so, with no problems, its been working fine. I've been using Blender 2.69 for video editing which has also been working fine. Two days ago I upgraded my Xubuntu to the official 14.04 release. Now I have a serious problem in Blender. Specifically, the Camera Solve and Object Solve functions, in the movie clip editing panel, now crash instantly when I try to use them. As mentioned, it was00:40
DayofswordsHas do-release-upgrade worked for anyone on 12.04?01:37
Unit193Dayofswords: LTS releases get the update window (and option) at the first point release.01:41
Dayofswordslike 14.04.1?01:43
DayofswordsUnit193: Aren't those normal made around the next 6 month release?01:45
Dayofswords14.10 that is.01:45
Unit193July 24th01:45
Dayofswordsoh I found it https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+milestone/ubuntu-14.04.101:46
CyborgCygnusAlright I finally got round to attempting a dual boot install of xubuntu 14.04lts on my ssd. It got the the parts of the installation & failed installing the grub, I tried putting it on 3 other partitions but couldn't actually make a new one for it. I tried to put it on the Windows bootloader01:50
CyborgCygnusgot to*01:50
CyborgCygnusI stuffed that up. It got to the last stages of installation & even said installation was complete, but a pop up came up for the grub saying it had failed to install.01:51
xubuntu043Hi room, wondering if I can ask for some help for a newbie to linux...been on windows for a good 12+ years now.02:25
xubuntu043I have an old desktop PC running Win XP Home.  This machine was built in 2002.02:27
deltxubuntu043: if xubuntu doesn't run smoothly on it, you could take a look at "lubuntu"02:28
delt!lubuntu | xubuntu04302:28
ubottuxubuntu043: lubuntu is Ubuntu with LXDE instead of !GNOME as desktop environment, which makes it extremely lightweight. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu - /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.02:28
deltit's even lighter and less resource-hungry than xubuntu02:29
xubuntu043go with lubuntu vs xubuntu?02:29
xubuntu043great -- thank you!02:29
deltyou could try both =) depends what you want to do with the machine.02:29
xubuntu043work well with GNUcash?02:29
xubuntu043basically a workhorse desktop.02:29
deltyeah, i see gnucash in the repositories02:30
xubuntu043home finance software, productivity software (i.e. open office), internet browsing.  not much more I can do with this desktop.02:30
deltso that means you can install it from any ubuntu-based linux system02:30
deltdirectly from the same ubuntu repos02:31
flan_suseXF86Sleep doesn't work on 14.04.02:31
deltthere's also ubuntu studio, if you want tons of apps for audio production, video editing, etc etc.02:31
deltbut you could install most of those apps from another distribution anyways.02:32
flan_suseWhether I set it to suspend or open the calculator, XF86Sleep has no effect. Even though it registers as an input / event.02:32
xubuntu043I had found this resource and installed/tried xubuntu on a flashdrive...got a black screen after selecting "try before you install."02:32
deltxubuntu043: to dual boot it's usually a lot easier if windows is already installed first, then you install another OS02:33
xubuntu043windows is on the desktop.02:34
deltbecause when you install any version of windows, it grabs control of the master boot record and pretends it's the only "OS" in existence.02:34
xubuntu043will need to partition the drive before an install, but wanted to see if it could use the current hardware resources first.02:34
deltyeah, you can easily do that from the ubuntu install02:34
deltthere's a more advanced partition tool also, that comes on the install02:35
xubuntu043and that's with the lubuntu ISO?02:35
deltanyway i'm off to bed.. good night everyone02:35
deltyeah also02:35
xubuntu043thank you delt.  'night!02:35
deltit's basically the same installer02:35
deltgood night!02:35
xubuntu043ok cool.  wish me luck.  :-)02:35
flan_suseAnyone get XF86Sleep to work on 14.04?02:36
xubuntu043if you're still here, last question:02:36
xubuntu043my video card is a PCI slot card (mobo doesn't have a AGP slot).02:36
xubuntu043will lubuntu catch that natively?02:36
kupo_hello folks. is it safe to get rid of thunar and just use pcman?03:28
holsteinkupo_: why get rid? why not just use pcman?03:28
kupo_figure not using. why have it. if it's a big issue and would destroy my menu or panel. no biggie03:29
holsteinkupo_: why get rid of it? the few mb's of space?03:29
holsteinkupo_: if you want to get rid of it, you can.. i wouldnt though, it will likely pull out more than you think03:29
cfhowlettkupo_ agreed.  keep it, don't delete it.03:30
holsteinkupo_: and, you literally get a small-ish chunk of a larger disk back03:30
kupo_ok. i won't. not trying to mess system up right now. already done two fresh installs past day or so heh03:30
james0rI don't really get why the indicator plugin is needed.03:48
james0rI'm guessing it's to offer the same kind of tray integration as is on Unity? seems to have drawbacks though like not being able to hover for tooltips03:49
james0rand accessing Skype is 2 clicks instead of one. maybe it's more comfortable if you're coming from Unity though.03:50
kupo_you can hide certain indicators or remove it though03:50
james0ryeah i removed it entirely. i gave it a try but couldnt figure out why i would need it03:51
b4tm4nwhat is the proper way to make ip rules and ip routes persistent in xubuntu?  I've been trying to use iptables-save and iptables-restore, but it doesn't appear that my routes or rules are persisting using this method.03:52
CyborgCygnusBack, asked a question but had to leave for an appointment. I installed xubuntu 14.04 dual boot with Windows, but right at the end the grub installation failed. To even get xubuntu on the same drive as Windows I had to custom partition it as it was hidden from the first menu. I told it to put the bootloader on the same partition as the windows one & xubuntu on a new partition. What are my options for fixing this?04:08
henry_my indicator plugin is displaying the menubar for the active window, causing constant crashing of the indicator plugin04:10
henry_any idea how i can fix this?04:11
henry_CyborgCygnus, i would just re-install xubuntu,04:14
CyborgCygnushenry_, I tried that, same problem04:14
henry_boot-repair wont install so i dont know04:15
CyborgCygnushenry_, I ran a boot repair from the live usb04:15
henry_well you can manually install boot repair but that could be harmful04:15
CyborgCygnushenry_, It didn't pick up the xubuntu on the SSD partition04:15
henry_open gparted b4 trying to install. delete everything but windows and start over?04:16
CyborgCygnushenry_, Would reinstalling with a seperate partition for the grub work?04:16
henry_install grub to disk, not partition04:16
CyborgCygnushenry_, I don't know, I'll try another reinstall04:17
henry_sda = disk whereas sda1 = partition04:18
henry_My indicator plugin is displaying the menubar for the active window, causing constant crashing of the indicator plugin. Any idea how i can fix this?04:18
henry_eg: having xchat as the active window casues a crash loop unless i choose to remove the plugin04:20
abhracould anybody provide any idea to solve the problem of huawei e355 usb modem with xubuntu 14.04? https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/130905404:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1309054 in modemmanager (Ubuntu) "huawei E355 usb router not working properly in xubuntu 14.04" [Undecided,New]04:46
bazhangabhra, keep to the one channel, dont crosspost04:51
abhrabazhang, very well. i will wait for the answer in this channel then.04:54
mapphey abhra cant help ut have you tried the ubuntuforums04:56
mappoften very useful04:56
abhramapp, not for 14.04. upto 13.04 it worked by default. in 13.10, there was a solution proposed in a german ubuntu users forum. they basically deactivated the changes made in the cdc_ncm part of the kernel; the changes made post 3.8 series. their hypothesis was that the modemmanager was not showing the changes made in the kernel.04:59
LiquidRaindo-release-upgrade is not finding xubuntu 14.0405:02
LiquidRainhow can I upgrade in-place?05:02
mappwhat is it on now05:02
mappwhats the actual error05:04
LiquidRain"No new release found"05:04
LiquidRainCould be my mirror is slow05:04
abhramapp, modem manager is not showing the ethernet-over-usb at all. wifi hotspot is available but not the wired connection.05:07
LiquidRainI had to change the software update settings to notify me of any new release05:07
LiquidRainIt was set to "only long term versions".05:07
LiquidRainIsn't 14.04 an LTS?05:07
abhramapp, modem manager should show "wired connection" and one wifi hotspot. but it is only showing the hotspot,not the "wired connection" part05:08
henry_LiquidRain, sudo update-manager -d05:11
henry_it wont give you the option until 14.04.105:11
LiquidRainhenry_: same problem, it always told me "no new release found."  setting update manager to notify me of any new release fixed it.05:11
henry_well thats how i did it05:12
henry_because you wont be given the option untill 14.04.105:14
LiquidRainOK.  Well I upgraded anyway. :)05:15
bragamobhello,I'm having a problem installing xubuntu in a hp machine.... I had installed it like I did in this machine (packard Bell), but when I start it it stays black with an underscore blinking....09:47
bragamobis this normal... or you know a way to change it!09:47
bragamobthanks in advance09:48
bekks!nomodeset | bragamob09:54
ubottubragamob: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter09:54
CyborgCygnusWell after 3 install attempts the 3rd was the lucky charm for xubuntu dual booting on a ssd with windows. Holy flipping sock ducks is it quick on the SSD compared to the 500gb hdd09:58
alitahi, i installed today Xubuntu 14.04 LTS. As before i wanted to use synapse as launcher. after: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:synapse-core/ppa sudo apt-get update i get: http://ppa.launchpad.net/synapse-core/ppa/ubuntu/dists/trusty/main/binary-i386/Packages  404  Not Found is there still a good way i can install synapse? thank you for reading this.10:47
nlsthznyes you can... I installed it via a deb... one moment I see if I can find the link :)10:48
nlsthznI am sure there are others but this is what I installed from - https://code.launchpad.net/~synapse-core/+archive/testing/+build/590762210:48
nlsthznworks fine for me10:49
alitathank you!10:49
* nlsthzn is not sure if there is a better way10:49
ts14icHe-e-e-ello ^ )10:49
alitaiis this only for 64 bit systems?10:50
nlsthznah yes I have a 64-bit system... let me have a look for 32-bit...10:51
ts14icI have this small problem, when whisker menu button get's dark black, when you drag items from taskbar oO . Disabling the labels in taskbar is a workaround.., which I don't like : ) . Is there any other way? Xubuntu 14.04 Thanks : )10:51
nlsthznalita, https://launchpad.net/~synapse-core/+archive/testing/+files/synapse-dbg_0.2.99%7Ebzr520%2Bi18n%2B518%7Eubuntu14.04.1_i386.deb10:52
nlsthznsorry wrong one10:52
alitai think i found it. https://launchpad.net/~synapse-core/+archive/testing/+sourcepub/4084987/+listing-archive-extra10:52
nlsthznalita, https://launchpad.net/~synapse-core/+archive/testing/+files/synapse_0.2.99%7Ebzr520%2Bi18n%2B518%7Eubuntu14.04.1_i386.deb10:52
nlsthznthat should work10:52
alitathx a lot!10:53
nlsthznno worries , pity the official ppa doesn't work for 14.0410:53
alitayes, since i started using synapse i cannot imagine using xubuntu without it10:55
brainwashts14ic: https://bugzilla.xfce.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1065610:55
ubottubugzilla.xfce.org bug 10656 in General "Dragging a panel window button turns external panel plugin black" [Normal,New]10:55
* nlsthzn also got whisker to work with superkey so synapse has a partner in crime now :)10:56
ts14icbrainwash, gosh. I knew this bug since 12.04 oO ... If feels so at least oO.10:56
ts14icbrainwash, i mean. I already moved the panel to the top, because sound applet is misplaced because of the mpris2 stuff. And now... The two panel scheme? Again : )10:59
ts14icbrainwash, thanks.11:01
star_proneI have upgraded my xubuntu installation from 13.04 to 14.04 but now my aptana stops w/o an error message11:52
star_pronewhen it first stopped, I had an error message with something related to java jvm11:53
star_pronebut now it stops without any message11:53
star_pronedid anyone else had this problem?11:53
MopsieUKHi,  I thought I would ask here first.  I have just done a fresh install of Xubuntu 14.04.   I want to add AboutMe to the MenuLauncher under System.  I have gone to the MenuLibre menu editor, but can't figure out how to show the menu items11:54
MopsieUKDoes anyone have an idea?11:54
bluesabreMopsieUK: remove all the categories from "About Me" except "System".  This should move it from the System Settings to the System menu11:56
bluesabre(you may have to add "System" yourself)11:57
MopsieUKmmm.  I have done that and but its still not appearing in the menu.12:00
bluesabreso, like this? http://imagebin.org/30695412:04
bluesabreI'm heading out the door now, hopefully somebody else can give you a hand.12:05
MopsieUKThanks Bluesabre.  For some reason I have to logout first12:06
MopsieUKbut its working now12:06
xubuntu222Hi. Anyone here?12:31
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience12:31
xubuntu222I've got the problem, that skype is not minimized to systray in Xubuntu 14.04, anymore.12:32
xubuntu222is there anyone experiencing the same problem?12:32
xubuntu307Hi. New Xubuntu user here. Just installed 14.04 a couple of days ago. I changed my desktop wallpaper to an image in another folder using the settings GUI and now things are weird. The image has reverted to a default and I can't change it. Also right-clicking on the desktop no longer pulls up any sort of menu.13:29
ochosixubuntu770: sounds like xfdesktop crashed13:33
ochosiwrong nick13:33
ochosixubuntu307: sounds like xfdesktop crashed13:33
ochosiwhat happens when you bring up the settings dialog?13:34
christofferanyone here that knows where I can specify number of workspace rows?13:35
christofferin Xubuntu 14.0413:35
christofferI can't find the setting after re-install13:35
xubuntu307Ha. No worries "Xubuntu07" isn't exactly catchy. The settings GUI seems normal. I can select wallpapers, folders for wallpapers, etc. but there's no change when selected.13:36
ochosichristoffer: settings manager > workspaces13:36
knomehey christoffer :)13:36
christofferochosi, yea, I only have "number of workspaces" and workspace names there13:36
ochosixubuntu307: what about running "ps -A | grep xfdesktop" in the terminal13:36
christofferknome, hi, how are you?13:37
xubuntu307Just a sec...13:37
xubuntu307doesn't seem to be doing anything whatsoever13:39
knomexubuntu307, what's up?13:39
holsteinxubuntu770: just ask if you have a question, and a volunteer may be able to help13:40
xubuntu770I think I have really messed up my installation of Xubuntu - it was all going quite well, until I tried to sort out the home network.  I now have a core2 machine running 14.04 64bit, and an older machine running 32 bit, but they will not share folders or files.  I think my error was to delete Samba in an attempt to remove a windows network.  Somehow I have now got an inconsistency between my /etc/hosts and /etc/hostname fi13:41
xubuntu770les, and I still can't share folders or files!!!13:41
elfychristoffer: right click on the workspaces plugin - you can set rows there13:41
elfyproperties ...13:41
knomechristoffer, fine, still recovering from the release :)13:42
christofferelfy, workspace plugin?13:42
xubuntu307not much, Knome. Changed my wallpaper to an image in a differnet folder. Now the desktop is acting up. Can't change the image even though the settings mamger seems normal and right-clicking the desktop no longer pulls up a menu.13:42
ochosixubuntu307: please try to run "xfdesktop" from the terminal then13:43
elfychristoffer: if you want workspaces in more than 1 row - the option to change it is actually in the workspaces switcher on the panel13:44
mpmcHey folks, where can I get different themes for xfce?13:45
star_proneI have upgraded my xubuntu installation from 13.04 to 14.04 but now my aptana stops w/o an error message13:46
star_pronebut now it stops without any message13:46
star_pronedid anyone else had this problem?13:46
holsteinmpmc: http://xfce-look.org/ and many other places13:46
knomestar_prone, what is "aptana"?13:46
star_pronean ide for php13:46
knomestar_prone, where did you install it from?13:47
star_proneaptana.org I think13:47
knomestar_prone, ok, ask their support13:47
xubuntu307@Ochosi: That did it. Thank you. I guess I'll move my wallpaper images to the default backdrop folder for the time being just to be safe.13:47
star_proneI can't remember exactly, this happened an year ago13:48
star_proneohhh you genius... thanks for support13:48
knomestar_prone, we can't guarantee packages that aren't installed by default work, let alone packages aren't in the repositories13:48
christofferelfy, thanks. If I right click the workspaces in the panel I get the "settings > workspaces" but the "number of rows" only exists if I press the "workspace settings" from within the panel settings.13:48
knomestar_prone, good luck13:48
xubuntu307at least until I figure out why/if changing it caused the crash13:48
star_pronealthough java it is in the default repository13:49
ochosixubuntu307: there should be no need to do that13:49
christofferknome, aha I see. You always need some recovery time after meeting some deadline.13:49
knomestar_prone, i would bet the issue is generated by aptana, not java; otherwise all other java applications would be broken as well13:49
christofferI'm currently starting to get a bit stressed with my master thesis but I think I will be able to finish it in a few weeks13:49
ochosixubuntu307: you can go to settings manager > session and startup > session and make sure "xfdesktop" is there13:50
ochosixubuntu307: then it should get autospawned, should it die again13:50
knomechristoffer, good luck! :)13:50
knomechristoffer, and any plans after that?13:50
star_proneknome: you're probably right, don't know what to say about it13:50
christofferknome, yea, starting to work for a Norwegian company but still in Sweden ;) ...starting the 1st of september13:51
star_proneknome: apart from the fact that it worked until 3-4 hours ago when I did the upgrade and that the only error was java related13:51
elfychristoffer: you don't see Properties in the right click menu?13:51
xubuntu307okay, in that case I'll leave well-enough alone. At least I know how to restart it now. Xfdesktop isn't in my startup list, just the Xfsettingsd daemon. I'll add it now.13:52
christofferelfy, aha, my mistake ...assumed "properties" was "workspace settings" but I have them both in the right-click menu13:53
holsteinxubuntu555: just ask if you have a question , and maybe a volunteer will be able to assist..13:53
elfychristoffer: :)13:53
xubuntu555after the update skype is not showing in the systray, anymore. any trick to make it reappear?13:53
holsteinxubuntu555: you can always try asking the skype team to address it13:55
xubuntu555thet's true. thanks, anyway.13:55
xubuntu290hola ayuda porfavor14:07
xubuntu290instale la vercion 14.04 de xubuntu , pero al reproducir las peliculas se ven de color verde14:09
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.14:10
GridCubexubuntu290, si no sabes inglés pasate a #ubuntu-es y te explico14:10
xubuntu290dode pongo eso14:10
GridCubedonde estas escribiendo14:10
GridCube/j #ubuntu-es14:11
xubuntu290 ok14:11
VyrlokarHello everyone14:46
VyrlokarI do have an NVidia Optimus laptop that I'm trying to install xubuntu to, using nvidia prime. I perform the install with nomodeset as I did with previous versions of Ubuntu, but after enabling the privative nvidia driver, I reboot withnout nomodeset and it black screens14:48
VyrlokarIt's a clean install. nVidia prime was installed automatically14:49
VyrlokarI would prefer to use nVidia Prime instead of Bumblebee that I used before, as I understand that it should be officially supported, instead of being hackish like Bumblebee is14:51
star_proneknome: this is the error that causes my application to crash: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7307587/14:52
star_pronein case this is related to the upgrade14:52
fballsVyrlokar, you enabled nomodeset in grub?15:00
star_pronedoes the upgrade to 14.04 changes something related to java?15:03
fballsstar_prone, did you try updating/reinstalling java?15:05
star_pronefballs: no, I was waiting for competent suggestions15:07
star_proneshould I update/reinstall open java or the java distribution from oracle?15:08
knomestar_prone, no, it isn't15:08
knomestar_prone, it's possible that it's a version mismatch, but we still can't take the responsibility for non-default, not in repository applications breaking15:08
knomestar_prone, did you ask for support from the application developers?15:09
Vyrlokarfballs: with nomodeset, the laptop boots in low graphics mode, I used that to install. However, after installing the nVidia driver via additional drivers, I edit the grub command line to remove nomodeset, and it back screens. I can continue booting with nomodeset, but that gives me the wrong resolution, and disables the secondary screen15:10
star_proneknome: do you think I just want to waste your time? of course I have asked for support even before I wrote here. I respect your time as much as I would like others to respect mine.15:11
knomestar_prone, i don't, but there is not much we can do about it15:11
star_proneknome: it's not about that, but about making the problem known to the world in case the write person hears about it15:12
star_proneanother thing15:12
star_proneis it a good idea to install java from oracle and uninstall open java15:13
star_pronesomeone suggested that15:13
ubottuTo just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.15:13
VyrlokarAnyone else having issues with nVidia Prime after removing nomodeset? are hybrid graphics broken at the moment?15:28
xubuntu770to try to clarify for anyone who is willing / able to help;  I had the older machine running ubuntu 12:10 and had used samba to configure it to allow network sharing and printing.  I set up the core2 machine with Xubuntu when XP (whatever you say, it will be missed) became even riskier to use and was delighted to be able to choose which to boot into, and even more delighted to find I could run the xp machine virtually usin16:07
xubuntu770g oracle vmbox inside Xubuntu.  But I had problems with file sharing.  SO I decided to remove samba from everything, and start again, and it seems that at this point, I have somehow messed up my /etc/hosts and /etc/hostname files, as I tried to create a domain for the computers to work in.  I removed Samba, and then re-installed it, but I still have the old windows workgroups, and I do not have the option to "share" when I16:07
xubuntu770 right-click a folder or file.  And, every time I try to use a sudo command, the terminal tells me it cannot resolve localhost.  So I'm pretty much stuffed, baffled, and have no clue what to do next.  things I want to sort are 1  resolve sudo issue, 2 fix hosts / localhost issue, 3 file and folder sharing between machines on same network.  Any suggestions and support would be most welcome.16:07
GridCubexubuntu770, are any of your machines using windows yet? if not then you can use a different sharing approach, like ssh16:21
c3lDoes anyone else have problems with screen not lighting up on laptop after suspend. I close the lid and reopen, then it sometimes work again but I cannot change intensity.17:02
ochosic3l: it's a known issue17:06
c3lochosi, good, then its not just me. is there a bug filed on launchpad (or what is the bug tracking system?)17:07
ochosiyes there is17:07
ochosiwe're working on it17:07
ochosiit's just a bit tricky to resolve and quite a few ppl are 1) on holidays and or 2) exhausted from the release17:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1303736 in xfce4-power-manager (Ubuntu) "Black screen after login from suspend in Xubuntu 14.04" [High,Confirmed]17:09
c3lochosi, aah I see. great, thank you :)17:09
ochosino problem17:09
NRDisciplehey guys, i have a work computer running a Pentium 4 2.53Ghz .  Old Dell computer.  Geforce2GTS vid card, 2GB RAM.  Do you think Xubuntu will run fine for it?  Or should i put Lubuntu on it?17:13
knomeNRDisciple, should be no problem17:13
wrongplaceI need to edit a pdf to get rid of a text mark on each page. How can I do that?17:17
wrongplaceon each page there is a set of letters, a name17:18
wrongplaceI can select it as text17:18
knomeediting a PDF file is not really a trivial task.17:18
wrongplacethe forget it17:21
NRDisciplethanks knome17:28
NRDisciplethe fun part is getting the samsung wireless printer set up :P17:28
knomeyou can try it on the live CD17:28
knomedon't know how well samsung printers are generally supported, but good luck17:29
NRDisciplei've been researching it.. it's not a simple thing =/17:29
NRDisciplesome say the open source drivers are better, some have better times with the Samsung driver17:30
NRDisciplei'll just have to play around with it17:30
nhojI have a Brother wireless printer.  Tricky getting the printer a static ip. Simple with the xfce4 printer settings manager.17:31
NRDisciplethat's good to know.  I had some issues with cups on another wireless printer we have on the network17:32
nhojThe drivers were readily available in this case.17:32
NRDiscipleyeah i've d/l the official linux drivers for the printer and the open source drivers17:32
NRDisciplethe computer is still on XP lol17:33
NRDisciplemigrating some things.. just backed up the palm desktop info17:33
NRDiscipleand all the diagnostic software is web based17:33
NRDiscipleso i should be good to go17:33
amigamagichi guys, how to automount an ntfs drive at boot? I have to change the fstab file or is there an easier way?17:38
koegsamigamagic: fstab is the way to go17:44
haitham_barI'm stuck, my acer aspire laptop's keyboard/touchpad isn't working in any linux release, tried it in ubuntu, xubuntu, fedora, tried googling but nothing seems to help17:45
amigamagickoegs, I think so too, thanks17:46
belluhello everybody! I have a problem with sound card: xubuntu sees my sound card just at reboot, never at boot the first time...any suggestion??17:55
bellu...I have a notebook hp 2230s..17:56
elfyhaitham_bar: it might be easier to find an issue if you told us the model17:56
haitham_barit's acer aspire 5553G17:57
haitham_barhalf year ago i was running experiments on ubuntu/xubuntu, all worked fine17:58
haitham_barit's dead this time17:58
NRDisciplethe sound card is dead?17:58
elfyNRDisciple: different user - different issue17:59
elfyhaitham_bar: someone with similar issue http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=155502918:00
elfyseems a bios update/ and  or booting with acpi=off worked18:00
belluNRDisciple: if you told to me, I say you no..18:01
NRDiscipleyes elfy i know18:02
NRDiscipleand bellu... what?18:02
haitham_barwoah, thanks elfy, hope it's gona work.. one last question, is it possible to flash bios from live-cd?18:03
haitham_barim currently running on bodhi via usb-drive18:03
elfyno idea re bios I'm afraid18:03
belluNRDisciple: excuse me, I thought you was referring to me...18:04
NRDisciplenot at all18:05
NRDiscipleanyways i'll go and stop confusing people :P18:05
KolorHello. Was wondering if anyone could help me before I loose my mind.18:08
Koloryesterday I updated from Xubunduto 13.10 to 14.04 (running xfce 4.10) Since the upgrade I've had some icons go missing from the notification area (namely deluge-gtk and Dropbox.)18:08
KolorBoth item are set not set to hidden in the properties (nne are), and from what I can gather I have the correct icons in the my icon theme, it has not changed anyway. Any ideas??18:08
amigamagicit's possible to change a file owner in thunar?18:27
amigamagicI can't find the option...18:27
wrongplacesudo chown18:29
amigamagicwrongplace, I know that...18:30
amigamagicI'm asking if it is possible in thunar18:30
wrongplacesudo thunar18:30
amigamagicI tried that, but there is no option to change file owner18:31
KolorYou could write a script and add as a helper app18:31
amigamagicit's so difficult to give a simple answer, like YES or NO? :D18:31
nhojI'd go with "NO"18:32
amigamagicI would like to know just if there is a GUI approach to change a file/dir owner in thunar18:32
amigamagicKolor, thanks for the help, but your answer is not related to what I wanted to know (and btw, maybe I'm wrong but I don't think that with custom actions you can create a GUI to select which user do you want to assign to a file/dir)18:35
elfyafaik you'll not be able to change owner with thunar18:36
KolorYou can set a context menu item to right click > chown through it though18:36
amigamagicKolor, yes but then you couldn't select the user for changing the ownership18:36
amigamagicelfy, from what I've seen until now, I think there isn't such an option in thunar18:37
amigamagicmaybe this is another thing that should be added in the future18:37
amigamagicI love the philosophy "keep it small and simple", but not at the cost of the usability. I know that from the command line you could do ANYTHING, but in a modern workstation I would like to configure my pc as much as possible with a GUI. My PC is not a web-server or a database server a firewall, or similar things.18:41
elfythen use something else - maybe the people using it are happy and don't want everything changed18:45
amigamagicI don't want to use something else, I will improve what I'm using now until I'm satisfied18:47
amigamagicbecause it's funny :D18:47
* amigamagic is rebooting is PC after changing the fstab and chowned some dir, hoping its PC will not implode18:50
=== mpx is now known as mpxii
* amigamagic is not imploded (yet...)18:54
amigamagicok, I added my secondary ntfs hdd to the fstab and chowned its mount point, so that only I could access to that drive18:55
amigamagicit's strange... Everything worked on the first attempt...18:56
amigamagicwhat is the name of that tool to see the disk usage in a graphical format? Like a map of the drive?19:00
p1rohi, is there any usb monitor app/service on ubuntu?19:02
amigamagicPici, thanks, it was baobab...19:02
p1roerr xubuntu*19:03
nhojsomething like lsusb perhaps?19:03
p1ronhoj, no, something trying to access usb19:05
amigamagicplro, what exactly do yo mean? Like when you insert a pendrive?19:06
p1rosomething like that19:08
p1roill explain19:08
p1roim tryign to get usbjtag working but the app keeps trying to read the programmer, just keep restarting, asked on their forums, the owner told me thta can be happening by two apps trying to acces the programmer  at same time, that maybe there is a usb monitoring sotfware meesing around19:10
p1roi try and cant find any, this is almost a fresh install19:11
nhojplro, i looked up usbjtag -- not sure what it is.  As far as "something" accessing the device, the Filemanager might be probing to mount it.19:17
nhojpleia2, mistaking it for a storage device.  Other usb devices like wireless or sound cards may also be probed.19:18
amigamagicmaybe it should change the advanced options of thunar, related to the mounting of external devices19:19
nhojp1ro, the lsusb might report something interestin about the device but not what is accessing it.19:22
elfyp1ro: you got a link to this thing?19:22
nhojelfy, I just took a look at google  usbjtag ???19:23
elfyall I can find is some unsupported windows thing19:23
nhojconnects to a JTAG scan19:24
p1ronhoj, tells me what is the device and its conected19:24
p1roelfy, link to what?19:25
nhojp1ro, we don't seem to know anything about the device.  A web link would help.19:26
xubuntu770thanks for your reply - yes, I do have windows machines on my network19:32
nhojUSB JTAG is Windows based EJTAG tool for all MIPS core CPU.19:37
elfyp1ro: I think you'll be best trying to get help on their forums19:38
nhojp1ro, /join #usbjtag19:40
amigamagicI don't know if it happens to others, but on my workstation with an intel graphics board integrated in the CPU, the "square" that you should see when you move an icon on the desktop, is near invisible...19:46
amigamagic* near=nearly19:47
nhojintel G41 looks OK here19:47
flan_suseAnyone able to suspend with the XF86Sleep keyboard shortcut?19:48
flan_suseE.g, Fn + F1119:48
amigamagicsometimes I see only a vertical line on the left of the icon, other times I don't see anything around it19:48
p1roelfy, yes im trying treir forums19:49
p1roi wanted to clarified that there shoulnt be anything messing with the usb19:49
amigamagicsysinfo detect an "Intel Corporation Xeon E3-1200 v3/4th Gen Core Processor Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 06) (prog-if 00 [VGA controller])" but my cpu definitely is not a Xeon processor... :D19:51
counterhi, since I upgraded to 14 .04, I get some errors with with gedit, that the file .config/dconf/user Permission denied19:52
nhojamigamagic, lscpu lspci  maybe19:52
amigamagicnhoj, it gives to me info on the cpu, not the gpu19:53
counterI changed the owner once from root to my mine, but now the owner is root again ...19:53
counteris gedit over writing the file maybe with "sudo gedit .."19:54
amigamagiccounter,  you changed the owner of what?19:54
nhojamigamagic, lspci here "VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 03)19:54
nhoj00:02.1 Display controller: Intel Corporation 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 03)19:54
pjotterThe new Tahr... can it be trusted?19:55
counter"(gedit:21665): dconf-WARNING **: failed to commit changes to dconf: GDBus.Error:org.gtk.GDBus.UnmappedGError.Quark._g_2dfile_2derror_2dquark.Code2: Cannot open dconf database: Failed to open file '/home/counter/.config/dconf/user': Permission denied"19:55
amigamagicnhoj, to me that command don't tell anything on the display controller19:55
counterthe user file is root, I do not know why, this happens first time after the upgrade to 14.0419:55
amigamagicnhoj, maybe it's because my gpu is integrated in the cpu19:56
counterI changed the owner to my user back, but now the owner is root again ...19:56
counterfrom the .config/dconf/user  file19:57
elfytry either installing gksu and setting it up - or sudo -i and then running gedit then19:57
elfyor of course you could use a cli editor instead19:58
counterelfy: do you mean me?19:59
elfyyes sorry counter I did mean you19:59
counterok, so gedit overwrite the user file, but this seems to be new20:04
counterif I use "sudo -i" I can not save the gedit config?20:07
nhojamigamagic, have you tried sudo lshw?20:07
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amigamagicnhoj, from that command I have: -display      description: VGA compatible controller      product: Xeon E3-1200 v3/4th Gen Core Processor Integrated Graphics Controller20:09
nhojamigamagic, lscpu tells you the correct cpu ?20:09
elfycounter: running gui apps with sudo can sometimes cause issues - I install gksu, run gksu-properties and set that to sudo and use gksudo to run gui apps20:10
amigamagicnhoj, lshw gives to me the correct CPU name20:11
drc_Installed 14.04, no 3d Party codecs (don't ask, it won't install with that option checked)  What is the current method for installing the codecs that that option would install (if I could :) )20:11
counterok, thanks, I try20:11
amigamagiclscpu tells only that I have a Genuine Intel CPU20:11
elfydrc_: sudo apt-get install xubuntu-restricted-extras20:11
drc_danke elfy20:11
nhojamigamagic, well looks like you have genuine Xeon GPU along for the ride eh. :)20:11
drc_guess it hasn't changed in a while20:12
amigamagicbut lshw identify correctly the CPU as a Pentium G322020:12
elfydrc_: I sometimes need to get other ones20:12
amigamagicolder kernels identified my GPU as an Intel Haswell or Haskell or something like that20:12
drc_Well, so far that option has always been all I needed (in the past, that is)20:13
elfyI use clementine - sometimes need some ffmpeg thing20:13
amigamagicanyway, OpenGL applications work. It's only that grid of the desktop that is broken with current intel drivers20:14
nhojamigamagic, perhaps sysinfo is not up-to-date for the job20:14
drc_At least I can install xubuntu now...haven't been able to with any of the 14's and had a hard time with the 13's :(20:14
nhojamigamagic, if you turn the compositor off in window manager tweaks does the problem go away?20:15
elfydrc_: good :)20:15
amigamagicnhoj, yes20:15
amigamagicwith compositor off, I see correctly the grid under the icons when I move them20:15
drc_elfy: Thanks again20:16
amigamagicbut I don't want to loose the shadows under the windows... :-(20:16
amigamagicand the transparent effects...20:17
nhojamigamagic, xfce4 compositor and intell graphics seem to not get along very well20:17
nhojamigamagic, :(20:17
amigamagicnhoj, maybe I should try to compile last intel drivers20:17
amigamagic(if they exist)20:17
nhojamigamagic, I am convinced that you will try everything you can think of -- carpe diem!20:18
nhojFlucht nach vorne20:19
amigamagicnhoj anyway many thanks for your support ;)20:20
rnzHello! Anybody known how to disable rewriting /etc/X11/xorg.conf in 14.04 ?   When start X (lightdm) xorg.conf moved to xorg.conf.<date> and generated new xorg.conf with basic device sections.20:21
amigamagicnhoj, as you have suspected, I'm easily bothered by small insignificant details... :D20:21
p1rohi, im trying to disable xubuntu for asking password everytime monitor goes standby, with no luck?20:33
nhojp1ro, what have you tried?  Settings manager -> lightlocker ?20:34
xubuntu602can someone help me with a software center problem20:34
elfy!ask ! xubuntu60220:35
ubottuelfy: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)20:35
elfy!ask | xubuntu60220:35
ubottuxubuntu602: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience20:35
p1roxubuntu602, ill recommend get synaptic sudo apt-get install synaptic20:35
p1ronhoj, there i have never blank monitor or anything, but it was enable ill just have disable it20:36
xubuntu602is synaptic like software center?20:37
p1roxubuntu602, yes20:37
p1robtw why is xubuntu-es invite only?20:37
p1roxubuntu602, but you soulhd say what is your problem with sotfware center20:37
xubuntu602it simply will not function. it will open but the window remains in a blank loading state20:38
nhojp1ro, I have Enable light-locker "ON" with Auto lock the session "Never".  I wonder if you have to log and a back in to get the setting?20:39
p1roxubuntu602, how long have you waited?20:39
xubuntu602at least 10 min20:39
nhojp1ro, log out and back in20:39
p1ronhoj, let me check20:40
p1roxubuntu602, well you can update with command then check ubuntu sotfware center20:40
p1romaybe there is something wrong20:40
p1rosudo apt-get update20:40
nhojxubuntu602, Just try to describe your problem with Software Center.20:40
xubuntu602it opens a blank window and locks in a loading state20:41
p1ronhoj, well everything is off there now20:42
p1robtw what could be best driver for a old ati x200 (pc)20:43
p1roi know is no longer suported by ati drivers20:43
xubuntu602plro, i ran the update as you suggested but i still face the problem20:43
xubuntu602do you have another suggestion?20:45
keeper_19_86I don't have a real issue, but i'd be very interested in what this "reactivate HP LaserJet 1018/1020 after reloading"-"Program" (preinstalled on every xubuntu 14.04) is all about ...20:48
nhojxubuntu602, well, you could try sudo apt-get install --reinstall software-center (as there are no other suggestions --can't hurt)20:48
Poisoned_Dragonp1ro, I would just use the open source drivers for the x20020:48
keeper_19_86i googled it, but couldnt find a good answer20:49
xubuntu602nhoj,i'll do just about anything at this point, i've had this problem for months now20:49
nhojxubuntu602, lsb_release -a please20:50
xubuntu602nhoj, i don't understand20:50
nhojxubuntu602, run 'lsb_release -a'  as you said you had this problem for months -- what system are you running?20:51
elfyxubuntu602: open a terminal and then run this command software-center - then when it has finished trying to run - copy and paste the whole output to paste.ubuntu.com and then paste - give us the url you end up with20:52
xubuntu602nhoj, by system are you refering to the computer or the OS?20:53
nhojxubuntu602, os20:53
xubuntu602nhoj, 13.1020:53
nhojelfy, not clear is the command 'command software-center' ?20:54
p1roPoisoned_Dragon, well i tried edgers but i read ati ones was old also dont even install with update20:55
elfysoftware-center so that it runs in a terminal and will get more useful info than it doesn't work :)20:55
p1roxubuntu602, did you installed synaptic? also try to run ubuntu sotfware center as root20:55
nhojxubuntu602, oh, elfy wants you to run 'software center' in a terminal20:55
p1romaybe it wating for root and not asking20:56
xubuntu602plro, yes, although i have yet to open it.20:56
nhojxubuntu602, then when it has finished trying to run - copy and paste the whole output to paste.ubuntu.com and then paste - give us the url you end up with20:56
Poisoned_Dragonsometimes, the autodetect gets iffy, p1ro. So, you may have to make a conf file in your /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/ to make sure it loads the radeon drivers right.20:56
Poisoned_DragonI've had to do that for some intel chips too.20:57
p1rolet me check what is in my xconf20:57
xubuntu602nhoj, i understood what he was asking me to do but not the instructions following that, i just chose not to respond to him20:57
p1roxubuntu602, ???? why you wont respond some1 who is trying to help you ?20:57
Poisoned_DragonNo no... it's not an xorg.conf file. It's a conf file placed in /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/20:57
Poisoned_DragonUnless you have ATI or Nvidia drivers, there is no xorg.conf.20:58
louigiGuys, installed another kernel, but when rebooting, grub does not display and does not let me choose which kernel to load. What should I do to fix the situation?20:58
nhojxubuntu602, you ran the program in the terminal, correct?20:58
Poisoned_Dragonwhen you reboot, you have to press shift just after the bios logo disappears.20:58
p1roPoisoned_Dragon, ahh ok, how i can know what driver is loading ?20:58
p1roi have hardware acceleration for sure but dont know wich ones, i mean i dont know if it is edgers or the ones who come with xubuntu20:59
Poisoned_DragonIf it's x200, there is no current ATI driver for it. So, it should be ati/radeon. But, without the conf file, it may not be loading it in a way that loads the glx rendering driver.20:59
p1roxubuntu602, did you run sotfware center as root ? or with sudo ?21:00
nhojxubuntu602, when the screen stops filling with text, please and copy the data.  Open paste.ubuntu.com and paste the data there.  Then copy the url from your brower and paste it here.21:01
p1roPoisoned_Dragon, well glxgears looks fine  with sync and 400 without sync21:02
xubuntu602nhoj, i'm having diffucilty copying the whole set of text after the command, the terminal is preventing me from scrooling up21:02
nhojp1ro, don't get him more confused -- one of us at a time is bad enough eh :)21:02
p1ronhoj, haha ok sorry my bad21:03
xubuntu602plro, i'm unsure as how to run in root. i believe that runnung in sudo means to run it in the terminal, right?21:03
Poisoned_DragonSo, what's the driver issue, p1ro?21:03
nhojxubuntu602, open a fresh terminal, then select Edit and Select all.21:03
p1roPoisoned_Dragon, not issues, just wanted to know what could be best driver and how ill can check what driver is loading right now21:03
xubuntu602nhjo, do i need to run the command again?21:04
xubuntu602sorry, nhoj21:04
nhojgo for it21:05
Poisoned_DragonOh! ok. Sorry, p1ro. That's as good as it's going to get.21:05
p1rohahahah <·21:06
p1rohahahah <321:06
p1roi know i cant expect much from this, but how ill can check what driver X is loading ?21:06
p1roif it edgers or the originals21:06
Poisoned_DragonShort of getting an HD5k or better, it's radeon open drivers.21:06
Poisoned_DragonI use to know... I think it's glxinfo21:07
Poisoned_DragonYeah, HD5000 series radeon cards.21:07
xubuntu602nhoj, now that i have it copied, what do i do with it21:07
nhojxubuntu602, when the screen stops filling with text, please and copy the data.  Open paste.ubuntu.com and paste the data there.  Then copy the url from your brower and paste it here.21:07
keeper_19_86Does anybody here know what this "reactivate HP LaserJet 1018/1020 after reloading"-Program (preinstalled on every xubuntu 14.04) is all about?21:08
p1roPoisoned_Dragon, well im kinda poor right now, and here vid cards are too expensive for me right now21:08
Poisoned_DragonOh, wait...glxinfo won't tell you which driver is loaded.21:08
p1roso im stuck with this one21:08
Poisoned_DragonI understand, p1ro.21:08
Poisoned_DragonIt's not a terrible card, just not nearly new enough for AMD to care.21:09
p1rojust trying to get best of it, i dont really care how fast it cant run (i dont play video games on this pc) but i wanna it to be stable, something things become really slow i had to restart21:09
nhojxubuntu602, well done.  Now state your problem here  again and include the url (save ii someplace too)21:10
p1royeah is waiting for something, but i dont know what :D21:11
nhojxubuntu602, you said "it simply will not function. it will open but the window remains in a blank loading state" -- remember?21:14
xubuntu602nhoj, yes21:15
nhojxubuntu602, repeat that and add the url http://paste.ubuntu.com/7309946/21:15
p1rowell Poisoned_Dragon and nhoj thanks for the help21:16
p1roill add this and hang out :D anythign i could help21:16
xubuntu602i need help with a problem with the software center. when i open it it simply will not function. http://paste.ubuntu.com/7309946/21:16
xubuntu602nhoj, how's that21:16
nhojfine, now wait for a big fish to take a bite.  If not try again later.21:17
nhojxubuntu602, that is why I wanted you to save the url.21:17
xubuntu602nhoj, right21:18
nhojxubuntu602, it is beyond my knowledge to interpret it. :(21:19
xubuntu602nhoj, i hear you21:19
damiankhas anyone seen the atom editor by github?21:20
Nizumzendamiank: seen the website - saw no reason to use it in favour of something like emacs or vim though21:21
damiankNizumzen: thats why i asked21:21
damiankpeople is talking about it but i only saw it on mac..21:21
damiankyou say i should stick to vim?21:22
xubuntu602nhoj, in the mean time, how do you work synaptic21:22
Nizumzendamiank: I would21:22
damiankok, i'll take your word :)21:22
Nizumzenwell GVim rather than Vim (personally preference)21:22
damianki have gvim too21:22
nhojxubuntu602, apt-get install synaptic  and then take a look21:22
damianki use it too, but i was looking for other open source editors too21:23
damiankid like to get vim render on screen like sublime for eg. :)21:23
xubuntu602nhoj, i installed it when plro suggested that i should, but i hav no idea how to use it21:23
nhojxubuntu602, you should find in the System menu on 13.1021:24
xubuntu602nhoj, i know how to open but how to operate it21:24
nhojxubuntu602, well you can search for a package name and use a mouse to select installation or remove. Also select Reload and Mark All Upgrades and Apply -- the same as apt-get update, apt-get upgrade.21:27
nhojxubuntu602, it is a package management tool.21:27
nhojxubuntu602, for example, search for software center and click to select to reinstall it.  Same as apt-get install --reinstall software-center.21:29
xubuntu602nhoj, just software center or other installed packages21:31
nhojxubuntu602, that was just an example for an upgrade and "just software center".  So, you can do both at the same time after by then selecting Apply21:33
nhojxubuntu602, did you Reload?21:34
xubuntu602nhoj, i doesn't seem to want to let me update software-center21:34
xubuntu602or reload21:34
nhojxubuntu602, did you authenticate with a password?21:35
xubuntu602how do i do that?21:35
nhojit should ask you when it starts.  Start it again and see.21:36
p1roxubuntu602, run it as root plz21:37
xubuntu602plro, how do i do that?21:37
nhojp1ro, it should ask him to give the password21:37
xubuntu602nhoj, it did21:37
nhojjust start it from the menu in system21:37
xubuntu602nhoj, ok well that's what i did, thanks for clearing that up21:38
nhojok, if there is no update for software-center, then you can select to reinstall it.21:38
p1ronhoj, but if it run as root with no problem then we know what the issue could be21:39
p1rosotfware center save anything for user related?21:39
xubuntu602plro, you asking me21:39
nhojThere is no problem with synaptic yet p1ro21:39
xubuntu602ok it's running21:40
nhojhe is just learning how to use synaptic21:40
rnzAnybody known how to disable rewriting /etc/X11/xorg.conf in 14.04 ?   When start X (lightdm) xorg.conf moved to xorg.conf.<date> and generated new xorg.conf with basic device sections.21:40
nhojxubuntu602, what is running?  synaptic?21:40
xubuntu602nhoj, the reinstall in synaptic21:41
nhojp1ro, did you get rid of the locking screen?21:41
xubuntu602and it's still broken21:42
nhojxubuntu602, now you know how to use synaptic right?21:42
p1ronhoj, well i havent let the pc enuff time to get into stand by21:42
xubuntu602nhoj, i understand the basics21:42
nhojyes, it was just an example -- reinstalling works infrequently.21:42
p1roxubuntu602, what is still broken? synaptic or sotfware center21:42
xubuntu602plro, the software center21:43
p1robut synaptic is working fine ?21:43
p1rodod you reintall it as nhoj sugested21:43
p1rodid you tried to run sotfware center as root ?21:44
nhojp1ro, he ran software-center in a terminal:  see http://paste.ubuntu.com/7309946/21:44
xubuntu602nhoj, i have done both\21:45
p1rosame problem when you run ti as root ?21:45
p1rook let me finish my lol game21:45
nhojxubuntu602, you now have an alternative to software-center.  Enjoy.  Hopefully you will get it fixed.21:46
kupo_ // /21:47
kupo_ 21:47
kupo_  21:47
xubuntu602nhoj, well it does have an option to install lubuntu software center, but i doubt that will work21:47
kupo_sorry. my daughter got on keyboard21:48
nhojxubuntu602, I would hold off on that for now. You are probably right.21:48
xubuntu602there is a software updater window open that i didn't notice until now, mabye that has some hope21:50
nhojxubuntu602, I would be tempted to try  apt-get --purge remove software center and the apt-get install software-center.21:50
xubuntu602nhoj, well i'm up for it21:51
nhojxubuntu602, I would be tempted to try  apt-get --purge remove software-center and the apt-get install software-center.21:51
p1roxubuntu602, sudo apt-get install --reinstall python21:51
nhojnote the correction on the second try eh21:51
p1roand actually21:51
p1rosudo apt-get update21:51
xubuntu602nhoj, do i do the python reinstall before or after the purge?21:52
xubuntu602plro, i tried that when you suggested it about an hour ago21:52
nhojxubuntu602, i would hold off on python for now21:52
rnzomg! who idiot make default override/replace xorg.conf ?!21:53
nhojxubuntu602, you see you can do the same as the command line with synaptic, right?21:53
xubuntu602nhoj, ok well i'll go ahead with the purge,. the worst that can happen is i loose a broken program21:54
nhojxubuntu602, you will get it back -- probably not fixed but you will see.  Post your url with problem later anyway21:55
nhojxubuntu602, you now have synaptic as an alternative in the meantime.21:55
p1roxubuntu602, try the purge as nhoj suggesting21:56
nhojp1ro, he is learning about stuff even if it does not work eh.21:57
xubuntu602thats the bright side21:57
p1roxubuntu602, did the purge worked?22:01
p1roxubuntu602, try this: sudo apt-get clean; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get -y --reinstall install software-center22:01
xubuntu602plro, still broken. it gave me this message at the end of the reinstall: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7310272/22:02
xubuntu602plro, i can only assume that is the problem22:03
nhojxubuntu602, good, more info, but it may not mean much as some errors are not uncommon.22:05
xubuntu602i give up, how would you install .deb packages with synaptic22:06
nhojxubuntu602, maybe, File -> Add downloaded packages. :)22:08
xubuntu602i'm not good a thinking today, am i?22:09
nhojit is rather confusing really22:09
xubuntu602it won't let me click it22:11
nhojyou have to go to 'computer'  -- remember you are now root.22:12
xubuntu602i cant find 'computer' but i can find my package22:13
nhojthat doesn't seem to work either. :(  We are talking about a dowloaded deb right?22:13
nhojxubuntu602, sudo apt-get install gdebi22:13
nhojor search gdebi in synaptic22:14
xubuntu602Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?22:14
nhojyes you are running synaptic -- close it22:15
nhojor use it -- search gdebi and install with synaptic22:15
xubuntu602E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)22:16
xubuntu602never mind22:17
nhojyikes,  apt-get or synaptic?22:17
nhojcan't use both at the same time eh22:17
xubuntu602and now it doesn't recognize my password22:20
nhojWhat doesn't recognize your password?22:20
xubuntu602the GDebi installer22:21
nhojis synaptic closed?22:22
nhojI will have to leave you now.  Take a break and try some more later.22:24
xubuntu602alright. thanks for everything22:24
p1roxubuntu602, that is ur problem if im not wrong22:49
xubuntu836Hi everybody, can you hear me?! :)22:51
knomeno, can you shout louder?22:52
xubuntu836LIKE THIS YOU MEAN!22:52
xubuntu836Eh eh eh, just a joke ;)22:53
* Unit193 is awake.22:53
xubuntu836Exscuse me, I'm a nwebie, need help---22:53
xubuntu836I'm having problem installing xubuntu on my PC...maybe someone can help?!22:54
knomemaybe, if you tell us what the problem is...22:55
xubuntu836I have a XP installed, and so i woluld like to install Xubuntu in dual boot...22:55
cyborgcygnusparental control settings in xubuntu 14.04?22:55
knomecyborgcygnus, nothing installed by default22:56
cyborgcygnusknome, I've tried googling, not having much luck, gnome nanny isn't in the software centre22:56
xubuntu836But the installation window doesn't give me this option. It only say 'cancel windows' and 'other', where 'other' it's not very easy for me, and i can't manage with partitions, mount, etc, etc.22:57
xubuntu836I'm talking about the 4th picture in this guide: http://www.xpocalypse.org/help.html22:59
xubuntu602plro, sorry i was busy, but yes that is the issue23:11
Lazarguys, i have problem with upgradeing to 14.0423:35
peyamwhat is the problem?23:35
Poisoned_Dragonit found him to be unworthy. :)23:36
LazarIt's just standing still after 2 h and it says setting up x11-common (1:7.7+1ubuntu8)23:36
Poisoned_Dragongeez, would have stopped at one hour to check the install source.23:36
LazarI was trying to upgrade from 13.10 via  root shell23:37
LazarVia do-dist-upgrade or something like that23:37
Poisoned_DragonOh.. right... upgrade, not usb/dvd23:37
Poisoned_DragonI don't like doing that for non-lts to lts.23:37
LazarI could do fresh install tomorow, thats no problem at all23:37
Poisoned_DragonIt get hairy in a hurry.23:37
peyamLazar do the fresh install.23:38
Poisoned_DragonLts to lts is second best to a fresh install.23:38
LazarOk, ill start fresh tomorow, just wanted to see can anybody  help, but ok.23:38
LazarThx anyway23:38
LazarOh, one more thing23:38
LazarCan i get data via live edition?23:38
LazarI have papers for my school23:39
peyamyes. you will have internet connection23:39
peyamyes you could23:39
LazarOk, thanks.23:39
LazarIm out.23:39
endoI want to dual boot Xubuntu 14.04 with Windows 7 on the same HDD. The Xubuntu installer does not detect Windows 7. Where should I start searching for answers?23:44
peyamendo, sudo fixparts /dev/sda23:44
peyamin the terminal23:45
endothat doesn't sound like something I want to do to my disk without understanding what 'fixparts' is/does23:45
Unit193endo: Does gparted detect Windows?23:45
endoApparently not. It sees the NTFS partitions, though.23:45
peyamendo, windows loader has done something wrong and it has ignored them. fix part will change the format of the loader. and fixes the errors23:46
peyamendo, http://kurdiskingenjor.wordpress.com/2013/11/17/xubuntu-installation-doesnnt-find-my-windows-partition-n/23:46
endoSo my bootloader (from windows) is broken?23:46
Unit193endo: First of all, is this UEFI?  Secondly, I'm wondering if it didn't have "a clean shutdown", thus marked it dirty.23:47
endoUnit193: Oh, I should have mentioned. Yes, it is UEFI with legacy support (some other acronym I forget)23:47
endoI did a clean shutdown. I think I will boot Xubuntu, join here, and conduct the installation.23:48
Jok3rhey guys, does anyone know if I can install this latest version of Xubuntu in a non-pae cpu?!23:48
Unit193endo: Ah.  If it is in UEFI mode, you'll of course need the amd64 version if you don't already have it.23:48
Unit193Jok3r: Pentium M?23:48
endopeyam: That howto shows a situation where no NTFS/Windows partitions are detected. That is not my case.23:48
Unit193Boot option 'forcepae'23:48
starratsI had no problem with setting up a partition for 14.04 and win7, at the time of install of 14.04 there is a place that asks you if you want to keep the other data and it creates its own partition, i've done it 3 times already.23:48
endoUnit193: I do have the amd64 version.23:48
peyamendo, sorry.23:48
endopeyam: About what?23:49
peyamendo, so you see the win partitions in the installer?23:49
endoUnit193: What do you think about this 'fixparts' program?23:49
Jok3rUnit193: thanks man, I will try that23:49
endoYes, let me try this all over again.23:49
Unit193endo: Never used it.23:49
Unit193Jok3r: sure.23:49
xubuntu753hi, he talk spanish??23:52
xubuntu510qur tal23:53
Jok3rbien y vos?23:53
xubuntu510bien tengo una duda con la instalacion, me podes ayudar?23:54
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.23:54
Jok3rtalvez sí23:54
xubuntu510te comento instalando el xubuntu 14.04 me aparece este error Glip-Critical **-g-slice_23:56
Jok3rno lo seé como ayudarte23:57
knomexubuntu510, english only please.23:57
knomeJok3r, english only.23:57
Jok3rhaga como el bot lo dice #ubuntu-es23:57
xubuntu510o.O Gracias igual23:57
Jok3ryes sir, just redirecting that folk23:58

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