harlowjaany bugs are smoser fault sauce_ 00:50
harlowja*not mine00:50
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yjiang5smoser: hi18:24
yjiang5smoser: I'm talking with alexpilotti on the config drive format support.  alexpilotti is considering to support only iso format, but version 1 of cloud-init has only vfat format. Do you know how is the usage of cloud-init version 1?18:28
alexpilottismoser: hey there!18:28
smoseryjiang5, i'm on a call now. can read respond in 20 minutes18:28
yjiang5smoser: sure.18:29
smoserok. 19:11
smoseryjiang5, alexpilotti here now.19:12
smoserwhats the question ?19:12
smoserwhat is "version 1" ? 19:12
smoserthe config-drive-v1 ?19:12
smoseri was initially more strict on what i would take in as config drive.  i would only reaad a "full disk" and only if it was the last disk on the system.19:13
smoserand people wanted it to be more forgiving.19:13
smoseryjiang5, alexpilotti i would'nt concern myself with config-drive-v1.19:45
alexpilottismoser: my point is that multiple configdrive fs and disk formats = more support hassles19:46
alexpilottismoser: I’d like to keep only iso9660 + CD/DVD19:47
alexpilottismoser: thus deprecating vfat and raw hdd19:47
smoseri dont think it makes sense to say CD/DVD19:47
smoserits only your broken OS that cares about such things19:47
smoserthe requirement for attaching a CD in order to pass data is annoying.19:48
alexpilottismoser: so you think it’s feasible or there are still lots of images using versions of cloud-init with vfat support only or no cdrom?19:48
smoseri'd have to dig up data on what versions of cloud-init are where.19:49
smoseri really dont knwo ff the top of my head.19:49
smoserbut i really would suggest that we not require hardware toimplement a virtual CD-rom in order to implement config drive.19:49
alexpilottiafaik you added cdrom in 0.7 or 0.7.1 max19:49
alexpilottino idea for iso9660, that was wayy before I got started with OpenStack :-D19:50
smoserthink about that, you're saying new hypervisors will be required to have support for shiney circles with data on them.19:50
smoserhow does openstack create vfat at the moment?19:51
alexpilottidepends on a pragmatic point IMO: if the images out there w/o iso / cd are like 5%, I’d say let’s move on19:51
smoseryou'r suggesting lets move off of a ISO standard19:51
alexpilottias they move their shiney butts and update cloud-init :-)19:51
smoseron to a possibly patent encumbered filesystem19:52
alexpilottiISO + cd/dvd drive19:52
smoseroh. is see.19:52
smoseri say ISO + hard-disk19:52
smoseris the saner path.19:52
alexpilottihard disk is a no go on Woindows before 201219:52
smoserand you have to fix your silly operating system that thinks iso9660 filesystems can only be found on cd-roms.19:52
smoserbecause if you go the route of "iso + cd/drive"19:53
alexpilottismoser: that’s not the point: it’s the raw hdd the issue19:53
smoserthen you force all future hypervisors to implement CD roms19:53
alexpilottiwindows expects to have partitions on disks19:53
smoserso you're saying either:19:53
alexpilottismoser: aren’t they all supporting cdroms already?19:53
smosersmoser-hypervisor-2015 doesn't.19:54
smoserwhy would i implmeent a cdrom ? ide ? whats iDE ?19:54
smoserthis is 2015!19:54
alexpilottiwell smoser-nypervisor has plenty of time to look at the specs before release ;-)19:54
smoseri'm suggesting that CDroms are more arcane than filessystems on unpartitioned disks.19:54
alexpilottiI’m suggesting that plenty of people use guests OSs that don’t support unpartitioned disks19:55
alexpilottiand I’m surely not gonna tell them that openstack is not the tool for them19:55
smoseri reallydont undstand it.19:55
smoseri admit to not understanding windows19:55
smoserbut somehow, somewhere, you can open a device19:55
smoserand read data from it19:55
alexpilottiwhat we do now on 2012 is:19:56
smoserand then realize 'oh look, these bytes look like a filesystem!'19:56
alexpilottiopen the device, dd out of it on a file19:56
alexpilottimount the file (iso) as a loopback device19:56
alexpilottiread from it19:56
smoserwhy mount it as a looback ?19:56
smoserwhy "mount" at all19:56
alexpilottibecause I need to access the content19:56
smoserthere are many user space iso9660 filesystem implementations.19:56
alexpilottias I have no native tool to extract it19:57
alexpilottiI need an Apache 2 friendly tool19:57
alexpilottilib I mean19:57
alexpilottior whatever OS tool that I can bundle with cloudbase-init19:57
smosernow you're talking about personal problems19:57
alexpilottiwell not really ;-)19:57
alexpilotticloudbase-init is Apache 2 and it’s surely not getting GPLed due to a lib19:58
alexpilottianyway I didn’t really find one19:58
alexpilottiat some point I started thinking on writing an ISO lib to extract the content19:58
smoserapache2 ?19:58
smoserhow about bsdtar19:58
smoserthat good enough ?19:59
alexpilottibtw 7-zip  fails19:59
alexpilottifor some reason teh ISO images taht come out from the the iso tool used on teh server are not valid for it19:59
alexpilottiIMO due to the very small size20:00
smoserbsdtar depends on libarchive20:00
smoserlibarchive supports reading iso966020:00
smoserBSD license.20:00
alexpilottiI tested this one, no luck20:01
alexpilottibut I’m gonna do another round, they might have fixed the issues I had20:01
alexpilotticonsider that almost 2 years passed20:01
smoseri'd be surprised if it didnt work.20:02
alexpilotticonsider that 7-zip, the most popular OSS archiver on WIndows, didn’t20:02
alexpilottidoing a build now, if this works, well, problem solved20:04
alexpilotticmake is still crying for mising posix stuff, will take a bit to finish20:27
alexpilottiin the meaning: did you do anything with MaaS’s fast boot for WIndows thing since we talked last time?20:27
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yjiang5alexpilotti: smoser sorry, just back for lunch.20:57
smoseralexpilotti, i've not done anything on maas fastboot for windows, no.20:57
yjiang5alexpilotti: http://openstack.10931.n7.nabble.com/HDD-type-config-drive-and-Windows-VM-td32968.html give some interesting point that they want vfat so that the cloud-init can delete all contents for security reason .20:58
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alexpilottiyjiang5_away: well, you could wipe an ISO raw hdd as well21:02
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harlowjai've used winrar to extract iso's on windows before21:13
harlowjaguess thats not apache2 though21:13
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