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jimfriendoHey pals, am running the latest Kubuntu 14.04 and am getting the following error whenever I try to do a Git push: gnutls_handshake() failed: Illegal parameter. Apparently this is a pycurl bug and compiling it with openssl instead of gnutls fixes it. I'm not too savy with compiling though and was wondering how long it might be before we see a fix in the repositories? Anyone know if this one is a priority?02:01
roneysending an e-mail to the packager may help02:03
Picichecking launchpad for a bug report is probably a better first step02:09
GothPawis it normal to install kubuntu 14.04 via flash drive with a, what appears to  be, perfect install only to have it do some really crazy stuff a little less than 2 days later... keep getting a 'usb error -110' causing all usb devices to stop working and then a few  minutes later the screen go white. Yet here I am on the same machine via liveusb02:10
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doctorpepperwhen will kde 4.13  be available for 12.04 ?02:31
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DarthFrogdoctorpepper:  Is it being backported to 12.04?02:34
doctorpepperDarthFrog: it's actually what i am  asking ?02:35
cynicistdoctorpepper: 4.12 is and 4.13 isn't a major change so I don't see why not02:36
cynicistdoctorpepper: probably will just take a little while, opensuse still hasn't OK'd 4.13 yet, they are giving it another month I think02:37
DarthFrogSeeing as how 4.13 was only released less than a week ago, I don't think (but don't know) that back-ports are a priority now.02:39
DarthFrogkubuntu.org has no mention of 4.13.02:39
cynicistit's an odd question really, wait a month and you can upgrade to 14.0403:05
valoriewhy wait a month?03:06
valorie14.04 is excellent right now03:06
cynicistbecause 12.04 is LTS03:07
DarthFrogvalorie:  I did a fresh install of 14.04 this morning, spent the rest of the day getting things (especially MythTV) working.  Steam now works. :-)03:07
cynicistI mean you can, but in general that doesn't happen until the .1 release03:07
cynicistbut yeah I know, 14.04 is amazing03:08
valoriemyth TV is like a free DVR?03:09
cynicistall of the releases are great imo, the stability of all the DEs is top notch03:09
DarthFrogvalorie:  yes, and much more.03:09
valoriesounds very cool03:10
DarthFrogvalorie:  http://www.mythtv.org/03:10
DarthFrogthere's even a Ubuntu derivative based on it, Mythbunut.03:10
valorieI'm seeding it03:13
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valorieI read about it long before I got a DVR, and didn't really understand the concept then03:13
valorienow I can hardly bear to watch 'live' tv03:13
valorienot enough time/energy to set up such a system right now, but perhaps in the future03:14
DarthFrogMythbuntu makes it easy.03:27
valorieDarthFrog: so you say, but there is still cabling, etc.03:55
valorieperhaps once we get a big screen tv with wifi etc. I'll make the effort03:55
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yossarianukI got banned from #ubuntu  as I posted the link to the final .iso on lauch of 14.04 day08:00
yossarianukHow can I get unbanned?08:00
yossarianukit seems slightly harsh to me.)08:01
valorieyossarianuk: go to #ubuntu-ops and ask08:02
lordievaderGood morning.08:04
yossarianukthanks valorie: I personally use kubuntu anyway - but might be nice to be able to ask quiestions in #ubuntu in future08:05
yossarianukwe use ubuntu server for work also..08:06
yossarianukps - l14.04 seems pretty nice.08:06
valorieindeed, I'm liking it a lot08:07
yossarianukgood choice to go with kde 4.1308:07
silv3r_m00nhow do i open the system settings dialog as root ?08:09
silv3r_m00ni need to customise the looks of apps that run as root08:09
valoriesystemsettings can be started in the cli08:10
ubottusudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo08:11
ubottuIn KDE use « kdesudo <program> »  to run graphical applications with root privileges when you have to. Never just use "sudo"! | See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to find out why.08:11
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manolohello m8s, someone use sametime with 14.04?08:13
silv3r_m00ni changed the font size in kdesudo systemsettings but now in kdesudo dolphin the font size is not what i selected08:14
lordievadermanolo: sametime?08:14
manolosametime, the message app of ibm, comes with lotus notes suite08:15
silv3r_m00ni launch kdesudo dolphin, then i double click a text file and it says,   KDEInit could not launch '/usr/bin/kate'08:15
lordievaderAh, no wonder I haven't heard of it ;)08:15
manoloas pluggin or standalone app too08:15
valoriewhy not just do kdesudo kate08:16
valorieand open the file from there?08:16
silv3r_m00nbut first i need to check things inside dolphin and then open the required one08:16
lordievaderOr of course: kdesudo kate <file>08:16
silv3r_m00nwhy not inside dolphin, its nothing wrong08:17
valorieright, if you know the name and path08:17
silv3r_m00nname and path of kate ? dolphin doesnt know that ?08:17
valoriename/path to file08:18
valoriesilv3r_m00n: not sure why it doesn't launch08:18
manolo/usr/bin/kate   --> whereis FileYouWantToLocate does the work for you08:19
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manoloanyway: <ALT><F2> and type kdesudo kate is enough, you can browse the file in kate08:44
yossarianukluc4: it is possible.08:55
yossarianukluc4: if you have a GPT disk you can do it without EFI with a bios boot partition.08:58
yossarianukwill 14.04 stick with kde 4.13.x  or will it upgrade -> 4.14 ?09:10
yossarianuk(I assume stick with 4.13..)09:10
lordievaderWill there be a 4.14?09:12
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yossarianuklordievader: yes09:13
yossarianuklordievader: http://techbase.kde.org/Schedules/KDE4/4.14_Release_Schedule09:13
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Kaisenhello, I'm struggling a bit with mountin a HDD09:21
KaisenMaybe someone can help me09:21
KaisenI add it with the UUID and with option defaults to a subfolder in my home folder09:21
Kaisenbut as a non root users I'm not able to write to it09:22
Kaisenif I add it with the option users and noauto09:22
Kaisenit works09:22
lordievaderKaisen: Sounds like a permission issue.09:22
lordievaderKaisen: Chmod is your friend ;)09:23
KaisenBut how can I auto mount HDD that a user can write to it09:23
lordievaderAnd chown.09:23
KaisenAnd wich "folder" I should chmod?09:24
rvdvKaisen:  if you want it to automount just add it to your /etc/fstab09:25
lordievaderKaisen: Mount the partition then chmod/chown where you mounted it. But first check the permissions with 'ls -l'09:26
Kaisen@rvdv I add it to my /etc/fstab09:27
KaisenI run now chown once and now it seems to work also after a reboot09:27
KaisenDoen't know why it change the rights to the folder where fstab mount the drive09:28
Kaisenthanks for the fast help09:28
lordievaderKaisen: It doesn't change them, but the default is root:root.09:28
KaisenNow I have another one. Quassel only tell me all the time that the other side has disconnect. With XChat it works fine09:29
KaisenBut when I created the folder it was not root:root09:29
lordievaderKaisen: Depends on who created the folder ;)09:31
KaisenI created the folder as a user09:32
KaisenBut anyway I'm happy that it works now :)09:32
rethusnot one image at all are visible in the detailview of the muon10:20
rethusis this a bug in 14.0410:20
alvinrethus: Probably just a missing picture. Might be on a server.11:12
alvinDo I use ubuntu-bug  to report simple documentation bugs?11:13
BluesKaj'Morning folks11:18
rethusalvin: missing all pictures in detail11:24
rethussince upgrade to 14.0411:24
alvinrethus: I've never used Muon. Let me check.11:25
rethusi normaly use the muon for professionals or aptitude, but i thought a little feedback may be good for code-quality11:26
alvinrethus: True. And it looks like you found a bug. All pictures are missing here too.11:28
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rethus:) not that I'm proud of this, but it's nice to help improve Kubuntu11:33
alvinIt's not already reported as far as I can see.11:35
alvinKubuntu also has a new package manager, but I don't know if this is already widely known. apt11:36
lordievaderalvin: That is not new. Rather really old.11:36
lordievaderIt has finally reached version 1.0 though.11:37
alvinlordievader: You're thinking of apt-get or aptitude11:37
lordievaderalvin: Yes, apt.11:37
alvinThe apt command itself is new. It wasn't there in 13.1011:37
lordievaderAh the wrapper.11:37
lordievaderThat is the wrapper for the apt tools (apt-get, apt-cache, apt-file, etc)11:38
alvinI see. But things like apt edit-sources are new features, no?11:39
alvinOutput is also different. the level of detail in apt-cache search differs from apt search11:40
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GothPawis it normal to install kubuntu 14.04 via flash drive with a, what appears to be, perfect install only to have it do some really crazy stuff a little less than 2 days later... keep getting a 'usb error -110' causing all usb devices to stop working and then a few minutes later the screen go white. Yet here I am on the same machine via liveusb13:00
GothPawis it normal to install kubuntu 14.04 via flash drive with a, what appears to be, perfect install only to have it do some really crazy stuff a little less than 2 days later... keep getting a 'usb error -110' causing all usb devices to stop working and then a few minutes later the screen go white. Yet here I am on the same machine via liveusb13:01
natacusIs there no startup music in Kubuntu 14.04?13:05
BluesKajnatacus, dunno , I always defeat the sounds13:11
hojjatHi, I screwed my softwaresource list, where can I find the default list for kubuntu 14.0413:17
hojjatHi, any kubuntu 14.04 user here?? help13:20
BluesKajhojjat, you can regenerate your sources.list here, http://repogen.simplylinux.ch/13:22
hojjatBluesKaj: tnx. made my day.13:22
BluesKajhojjat, thank me when you know that it works :)13:23
hojjatBluesKaj: another question, do I need "source" repositories, or the "binary" repos are enough? I mean for example: Main Sources Repository!13:24
lordievaderhojjat: Source repos are not necessary. Unless you want to download the source of a package.13:26
hojjatBluesKaj: and also, what is "backports"? Do I need them??13:26
hojjatBluesKaj: I don't need to download source of any package, But I think I need "kernel source" for driver installation purpose. What do you think?13:27
lordievaderhojjat: You need the kernel-headers for that.13:29
hojjatlordievader: you're right, tnx mate.13:30
BluesKajhojjat, backports are for upgrades to kde versions and packages mostly13:32
hojjatok. tnx13:32
gregor3000what does win+D do by default and how to undo it. it seems i launched an activity or something. i have only one desktop set. when shutting down i could see previous desktop with applications still running. it might have been win+d that i pressed. i was only trying to find out if win key is recognised...13:36
lordievadergregor3000: Here it doesn't do anything.13:36
gregor3000hell what did i do ... it was like a new desktop opened but it shows only one desktop is running. the default desktop folder in upper left dissapeared13:39
gregor3000once a kid this and i found a way to undo it, but now i do not know how i did it13:39
gregor3000did this13:39
gregor3000meta+S is stop current activity13:42
lordievadergregor3000: Perhaps it switches activity? Default for this is win + tab13:49
gregor3000found it i started and switched to new activity within the desktop, swithincg back to desktop and turning off &deleting the activity solved it13:49
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GothPawInstalled 14.04 to what I thought was a perfect install as it worked wonderfully for close to 3 days, then suddenly I am getting a 'usb 1-3 cannot assign irq 6 error -110' and then a few minutes later the screen went completely off-white. Now when it boots up it acts funny/slow and repeats the same errors. I know it is not the machine as I am here on it now without issues via liveusb. Any thoughts or ideas please???14:07
erikzonspanish support please15:02
lordievader!spain | erikzon15:03
ubottuerikzon: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.15:03
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mg__Hi room... I bet I am not first asking this.... Any luck with getting Citrix ica plugin to work on Kubuntu 14.04... I have researched, read, applied tens of methods, but no luck yet...15:45
kaddihi guys... I just upgraded to 14.04 and when I boot now I get the kubuntu log during boot, but once the login screen should appear, the screen goes black. I can login on TTY but it says DISPLAY not set. Is there an easy way to fix that? Booting with an old kernel ( in my case) brings the screen back15:49
lordievaderkaddi: What command are you trying to run from the tty?15:49
kaddinone, the message appeared on login15:50
lordievaderHmm, that is odd. Do you have autostart things in ~/.profile or ~/.bashrc?15:50
kaddilemme check15:50
kaddino, not as far as I can tell, some alias, some variables, that's it15:51
kaddishopt -s checkwinsize, could that cause the message?15:52
lordievaderHmm, sounds to me that something that uses X is trying to start.15:52
kaddiwell if X could start that would be awesome :p15:53
lordievaderkaddi: Try startx.15:54
kaddiok, i'l reboot15:55
kaddilooks like I was just too impatient the first two times.. it just takes 15 seconds for the login screen to appear15:58
kaddiis there any chance of speeding that up?15:58
lordievaderI can think of ways, but those are not (K)Ubuntu ways.15:59
kaddilike what?15:59
lordievaderkaddi: Recompile X/the kernel. But that stuff is not supported here. Like I said not the (K)Ubuntu way.16:00
kaddiah.. :/ unfortunate16:00
falsobuioHello to all. I have a clean installation of Kubuntu 14.04. When i sudo update i get the following error. http://paste.kde.org/ppbzeqcky  Also, with Muon Discover, when i try to install any app i get an error that i am missing packages and muon crashes(shuts down).16:21
alkethas anyone installed teamviewer on 14.04 ?16:27
BluesKajalket, I tried it for a few mins a while back just to help wifey with her teamviewer install, but i didn't really try it out16:42
alketBluesKaj: my friends says that he installed on Ubuntu 14.04, but in kubuntu I cant16:45
BluesKajalket, from here ? http://www.teamviewer.com/en/download/linux.aspx16:47
tango__hi there :), what is the best pdf reader for kubuntu?16:51
BluesKajwhat's the problem , just click on it, I think there's a builtin installer16:52
BluesKajbeing a deb file16:52
rberg_with teamviewer you want to download the 32-Bit / 64-Bit Multiarch deb16:53
rberg_and run "apt-get -f install" after installing the deb16:54
alketthanks again16:55
alketis there a similar software like synaptics but for KDE16:56
chachanalket: there is17:06
chachanalket: muon-discover. I guessed you wanted the name17:08
BernhardShi, I can't open nor import my old (preupdate) kwallet file. Also no error is shown. How can I open it with a bit more verbosity to see the error?17:11
chachanBernhardS: running kwalletmanager from shell?17:14
BernhardSchachan: running it from shell doesn't help much: http://paste.kde.org/pl5hjjdku/jjpuo417:19
chachanBernhardS: that's sad...17:21
Linusnewbhow do I fix this samba-common dpkg prob? :)17:30
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Linusnewbno one any idea?18:00
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chachanLinusnewb: which problem?18:09
Linusnewbchachan samba-common an six other packages can't be installed cause I have no dhcp3 folder or anything else18:11
chachanLinusnewb: can you share the error please?18:12
chachanLinusnewb: did you try installing only samba-common first?18:16
chachanbtw, which language is that? :p18:17
Linusnewbchachan this was after upgrading to 14.04 LTS18:17
Linusnewbapt-get -f install same error..18:18
Linusnewbif I make apt-get install it tells me is the newest version and 7 packages not installed yet continue (Y/N)18:22
chachanLinusnewb: did you check for broken packages?18:23
chachanapt-get install -f18:23
chachanbut I believe it had to suggest it already, can you try that?18:24
Linusnewbbut I don't have the /etc/dhcp3 folder and also not any dhclient-enter.hook.d18:25
chachanLinusnewb: what about trying to install that package?, just to see if that fixes the problem18:26
chachanI mean, the dhcp one18:26
Linusnewbapt-get install dhcp3?18:27
Linusnewbdoesn't exist18:30
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andy123Linusnewb: the packet "openresolv" has file /etc/dhcp3/dhclient-enter-hooks.d/resolvconf in bunu14.0418:37
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Linusnewbandy123 that was it.. thank you... now it works..18:48
francisco__tIs there a problem with the screenshot in muon discover? All snapshots are broken19:06
poliHello all! After upgrading from 13.10 the flash plugin (flashplugin-installer) stopped working. Is this expected? I tried pepperplugin, but it isn't working as well as the old one, breaking full screens and screen refreshing.19:30
geniipoli: Have you tried reinstalling it?19:32
poligenii: yes, purging and reinstalling, no luck.19:34
geniipoli: Currently what says the result of: apt-cache policy flashplugin-installer19:34
poligenii: http://paste.kde.org/py88ip7am19:38
poliscreen refresh is  breaking even without the flash plugin19:39
geniipoli: What browser are you using?19:39
poligenii: chromium19:40
kuliKubuntu 3rd monitor is flickering even tho nvidia proprietary driver is up to date ? (GPU gtx 690)20:06
joe______gudd'n daag20:29
alketHi, I made to download zip automatically, how can I make to prompt again ?20:40
cr45h0v3r1d3are the kubuntu kde packages from the ubuntu repositories?21:11
geniiBasically... yes.21:13
cr45h0v3r1d3genii: thanks21:14
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natacusHow do i get the start up music back in kubuntu 14.04?21:55
vistakilleri dont know i have the same here21:56
vistakilleri think and in the previous version i dont have a start up music21:57
ezra-ssystem settings - applications and system notifications - manage notifications - Applications tab - Event Source: Kde workspace21:59
ezra-sthere you can set up login/logout sounds21:59
ezra-s...and many others22:00
vistakillerera-s i dont have event source there22:04
natacusvistakiller:  you need to select it ina  drop down menu22:05
vistakilleryes but i dont have something like that22:05
vistakilleri have muon, KRDC, amarok,22:05
natacusvistakiller: ezra-s well i am just after setting mine now22:05
natacusvistakiller: scroll down22:05
vistakillerOo :P ok i dont see that22:06
ezra-sit's there or you are missing something22:07
vistakilleryes it's ok22:07
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natacusI used to have a widget in my task bar, that when clicked poped up a list of all my folders and i could navigate in this pop up list of folders - anyone know what it was called?23:47
SunTsunatacus: folder view?23:52
natacusSunTsu: ahh ty!23:53

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