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wgrantcjwatson: BuildFarmJob mirrors relevant attributes of the implementations so there's one place to query for all types. The mixins handle that for you.04:03
wgrantcjwatson: Any other issues with the liveFS arc?12:06
cjwatsonwgrant: Going pretty well at the moment.  I'm battling with traversal code.12:08
cjwatsonStill need to write behaviour tests.12:08
wgrantSome complication with traversal, or just a part of the world you don't visit often?12:08
cjwatsonJust the latter.12:09
cjwatsonI think I should have something worth an initial review by the end of the week at this rate (I'm off this afternoon).12:09
cjwatsonAlso still need to write webservice-y methods for grabbing files out of the LiveFSBuild.12:10
cjwatsonBut (with the exception of whatever random traversal bug I have at the moment) I have a reasonable set of tests working, so over the hump.12:12
wgrantHappy to help with the traversal bug, if you can't work it out.12:12
cjwatsonIs there a way to get pdb to break in a traverse method called in the back end of an AppServerLayer webservice test?12:15
cjwatsonIt just hangs, so I'm obviously doing it wrong ...12:16
wgrantcjwatson: Heh, are you trying to view /builders?12:18
cjwatsonNo, /~owner/+livefs/blah12:19
wgrantThat's probably affected too12:19
wgrantNot in the existing implementations.12:19
cjwatsonWhere blah is DISTRIBUTION/DISTROSERIES/LIVEFS so the traversal is a bit complicated to start with (I'm using a cut-down version of the branchnamespace thing)12:19
wgrantBut the testbrowser respects meta refresh, so loading /builders or /builder/whatever will hang by default.12:19
wgrantOh, you mean the pdb is hanging, not the test normally?12:20
cjwatsonRight, the test normally is failing with a too-many-redirections error at the moment and I'm trying to debug it12:20
wgrantIt's a subprocess in AppServerLayer, so that indeed won't work. It's probably easier to reproduce manually on the dev appserver.12:20
cjwatsonhm, ok12:21
cjwatsonor I guess I could do the FakeLaunchpadRequest thing and test just the traversal that way, come to think of it12:21
cjwatsonbut yeah, I'll bring up a dev appserver if that fails12:22
wgrantRight, you could do that, and I think we should have more tests like that, but for debugging it's easy to do it outside the test suite12:23
cjwatsonIf I can figure out how to log in ...12:29
cjwatson(a) make run only runs on port 8085, is that right? (b) +login says the openid provider is unavailable12:29
wgrantmake run listens on several ports, but you should always access it through apache on 44312:30
wgrantIf you don't have apache set up, +login will fail when it can't talk to https://testopenid.dev/12:30
cjwatsonThat gives me an ssl_error_rx_record_too_long error12:30
wgrantSounds like you don't have mod_ssl enabled, or your LP vhost config is broken.12:31
cjwatsonOh, huh, no vhost12:32
wgrantIf you're using LXC, make sure you've run "make LISTEN_ADDRESS=* install" and then restarted apache12:32
cjwatsonMuch better, thanks12:34
cjwatsonNo luck getting lp-shell to get an oauth token though.  Trying the more lightweight test approach12:43
wgrantHm, should work fine with LP_DISABLE_SSL_CERTIFICATE_VALIDATIOn12:44
cjwatson(I copied and pasted the URL into firefox on my host, but the token doesn't seem to be recognised inside the LXC guest)12:44
cjwatsonYeah, I used that12:44
wgrantI usually run lp-shell on the host, but it shouldn't matter.12:44
cjwatsonThat seemed to get a bit further, but it got an ECONNREFUSED trying to send mail12:47
wgrantAh yes12:47
wgrantThat will break unless you have an MTA installed12:47
wgrantInstall a local-only postfix in the container and restart lp-shell12:47
cjwatsonAh, brilliant, that works now12:49
cjwatsonJust in time for me to EOD - will investigate more tomorrow12:55
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