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balorWhat do I put in my debian/changelog to build on multiple distributions (saucy, precise, etc...)?  I've tried 'unstable' -- the standard Debian way.12:52
wgrantbalor: It's not possible for a single upload to build on multiple releases. unstable (aka. sid) is a single Debian release.12:54
wgrantIf it really needs to build separately for each series, you'll need a different version number for each (often by appending ~ubuntuYY.MM.1)12:54
wgrantBut in many cases binaries built for an old series will continue to function on a newer one, so you can just copy them.12:54
balorwgrant, So I should target the oldest distro the binary is known to work on?  How do my users then use my ppa on, say, Raring if I've build for Saucy?12:57
baloractually, that should be the other way around.  Build for raring (older) using on saucy (newer)12:58
wgrantbalor: You'll see a "Copy packages" link on your PPA's page. Usually you'd copy from older to newer, which will generally work unless there's been an ABI break somewhere.12:58
balorI don't see "copy package" anywhere.12:59
* balor did follow those instructions before asking here12:59
wgrantYou might need to click "View package details" first.13:00
balorI have13:00
balorI'd imagine this is a dumb-user problem.13:00
wgrantThere should be a "Copy packages" link on the right.13:01
wgrantWhich page are you on?13:01
balorwgrant, I'm on https://launchpad.net/~a-j-delaney/+archive/gubbins-ppa/+packages which is my PPA13:02
wgrantbalor: There's a "Copy packages" link on the right hand side, near the top.13:02
wgrantUnless you're not logged in.13:02
balorstupid users!13:03
balorwgrant, thanks13:03
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replaceafillanyone knows if there's a problem with launchpad bug email and yahoo.com addresses?22:31
replaceafilli haven't received bug updates i make since last week22:32
cjwatsonCould well be Yahoo's DMARC policy change22:36
cjwatsone.g. http://www.ietf.org/mail-archive/web/ietf/current/msg87153.html22:36
cjwatsonPerhaps use a provider that doesn't think it's appropriate to break this sort of thing with no meaningful notice to the internet community22:37
replaceafillcjwatson, ah thanks, i'll try to set up an alternative email then23:36
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