danuxi have lubuntu 14.04  boot usb key , can i upgrade my existing 13.10 to 14.04 with it ?02:49
a_muva__open terminal and enter: sudo do-release-upgrade02:58
danuxa_muva__:  this pc i am going to upgrade dont have internet03:00
a_muva__back up your home dir first. insert 14.04 cd and I think there is an option to upgrade only.03:04
danuxthanks a_muva__03:14
MaxFrameslubuntu rocks09:44
MaxFrameswhy does the power manager applet say "power adapter not connected, battery charging"? (the adapter is connected)10:45
MaxFrames"the magic battery"... uses cosmic energy to charge? :P10:46
viktor_can somebody help me pls? i can't find out how to make sylpheed store message locally11:26
viktor_anybody even here?11:27
Meerkatviktor_, use POP3 instead of IMAP11:34
viktor_meerkat, there has to be a way to do both, no?11:35
Meerkatnot that I know of. Have you used another email client that could do this?11:39
viktor_meerkat, on regular ubuntu i used thunderbird, it wasn't set to store locally with IMAP4 by default, but was very easy to archieve12:10
Meerkatviktor_, How did you get it working with Thunderbird? Thunderbird is available to install in lubuntu as well if you'd rather use that.12:13
viktor_Meerkat, i've just downloaded my inbox and that's stored offline. i checked "spool" in the receiving tab, but not sure if my new mail now get stored as well12:16
viktor_Meerkat, don't remember how i did it in thunderbird, long time ago. just changed something in the settings i believe. thnks for the tip, if i have more problems i will probably install thunderbird12:17
viktor_Meerkat, but i like the simplicity of sylpheed. and i'm actually just using lubuntu for a while since circumstances force me to use an older computer12:18
viktor_Meerkat, geting fond of it though12:18
urielvigilantI upgraded to Lubuntu 14.04 from Lubuntu 13.10 , the wi fi got internet, but i dont see the icon wireless manager on right downside corner of screen as usual ? how to put it on again ?12:44
urielvigilantafter upgraded from lubuntu 13.10 to 14.04 wifi does work with internet, but i cant see the icon to manage wireles networks . how to fix it ?12:54
urielvigilantcode4fun monitor network state , is this one ?13:11
urielvigilantnetwork manager, i have it , but... it is different from the old one13:12
UrielVigilantThere are any disadvantages to use Lubuntu 14.04 updated from 13.1017:46
gQuigshi there... was wondering if the plans for 14.10 including removing consolekit?18:30
gQuigsjust was testing the new systemd ppa, and it breaks lxde/lxsession: http://www.piware.de/2014/04/booting-ubuntu-with-systemd-test-packages-available/18:30
gQuigsI couldn't find a bug, but would be happy to report one...18:30
ianorlinI think launchpad isn't the place to report bugs with ppa but to contact the ppa maintainer18:41
gQuigsianorlin: it's the staging/testing ppa for ubuntu moving to systemd...18:56
gQuigsianorlin: consolekit is deprecated and lxde/lxsession still uses it is the bug18:57
Unit193gQuigs: Yeah, bit strange isn't it?  Might want to check lxqt and see if they've switched over.19:09
gQuigsUnit193: awesome, the daily builds don't depend on it19:54
Unit193Already?  Huh.19:55
comics_ideesis new version lubuntu released?19:59
wxl!isitout ! comics_idees19:59
ubottuwxl: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)19:59
wxloh sheesh19:59
wxl!isitout | comics_idees19:59
ubottucomics_idees: Yes, it's out! Download at http://www.ubuntu.com/download | Release announcement at https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-announce/2014-April/000182.html19:59
* genii feeds wxl more caffeine20:00
comics_ideesI need caffeine too20:00
comics_ideesif I type  in terminal update will it be ok? or it needs clean install?20:01
* genii slides comics_idees a large mug of coffee also20:01
wxlcomics_idees: sudo do-release-upgrade20:02
MajBI downloaded and installed 14.04 last Friday and have been super happy.  Only a couple of glitches which were easily fixed.20:13
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